Housing Awaits, Picket Line Con, Wrestling Woo

Plus, we also have our “After Action” report on the odd cluster of calamities that showed up here this week: power down, phones down, heavy rains…Then there’s the market which is still falling apart.  Target-rich reading environment while we await Housing which will be along shortly.

Calamity Pain

We will have a look at the Housing numbers which will post about half an hour after this report today.

But there are two Big Picture views of the market which is on the verge of dropping down to the ghosted yellow large “3” down which is just gathering steam.

As you can tell, we are likely (but this is NEVER FINANCIAL ADVICE!) headed down to first penetrating the lower rising trend channel, going slightly below it, rising back to the trend channel, kissing it,  and then utterly collapsing into year-end.

What Could Go Wrong?

CorpGov media having to admit how much they have gotten wrong would be a general label for what’s coming.

Maybe it will be an admission about collusion to vax with Big Pharma, maybe the Hunter investigation ropes in dad.  Or perhaps the multiplying fronts of World War 3 will engulf us.  It’s hard saying.  Sometimes it’s better to just scan the headlines and see where future trends converge down the road.

For example, we sense the agenda-driven neocons trying to light up a second front (Armenia) in order to take Russian military pressure off Ukraine until more American arms arrive.  Just two problems, though: V.Putin’s “bombshell” plan for the Caucasus: “The next war will threaten the existence of Armenia – It will be saved only through reunification with Russia” say Russians.

The other problem being Major Russian operation in Kharkiv: They bomb the Tank Factory & the Industrial Zone – 900 square meters weapons depots are on fire.

Why football matters, you say?  What the media fails to grok is a fundamental rule of football.  Don’t have to be a Lou Tice or a Vince Lombardi to know that when the ground game ain’t working, you go to the air game.

And that’s when WW3 gets very real.  For now, it’s only a growing statistical probability…

Relax, sit back, and enjoy the show.

“Show? What show?”

The Picket Line Con

American voters are unbelievably stupid. It’s late in Bread and Circuses, so listen up.

This morning you could also sense the panic of the corporate-government media as The Drudge Report pimped BIDEN TO WALK PICKET LINE BATTLE FOR WORKING-CLASS.

This was linked to a CNN story (and we all know what CNN stands for, right?) UAW President Fain to join President Biden on the picket line Tuesday in Michigan | CNN Business.

Check me on this, but has Biden ever held a real working job?  Union? Not since law school?  I don’t consider law school or lording over fellow politicians’ work.  (I take after Machiavelli, perhaps?)  Let alone “battle for the working class.  GMAFB.

If the man was a  REALLY a friend of the working class, his 40+ years of political grifting and glad-handing would have delivered some real relief:

  • We would have an actual southern border.  Living in Texas as we do, we’re going to send even more of the dimocrat imports to those Sanctuary Cities.  Ya’ll want illegals, you can have ’em.  We have done our share, thanks.
  • We would have a single-rate income tax for everyone making over $20,000 a year of (what would it take?) 20 percent?  No deductions.  Rate for over 67 or under $20,000?  Zero. Instead? 87,000 more “agents”?
  • We would not piss money and resources into foreign wars like the Ukraine meat grinder without a vote by Congress – and let’s make that a super-majority while we’re at it.

No, the way we figure it, ANYONE but Biden in ’24.  Sorry.  But watch the gewgaws and fawning in primetime.  The PowersThatVax want you to lap it up and vote like you’re told.  Or they will just make sureyou do. Following?

There is Reason #1 that our Peoplenomics report tomorrow is The Vicious Consumer.  The bullshit is becoming palpable.

Speaking of B.S.

As we discussed yesterday, our voice services on the old twisted pair wires out here in the woods have been down since Friday of last week.  No one showed up, or called (how could they?) for the BrigthtSpeed service appointment Monday.  Instead, there’s now a note on our voice line test that they have an outage that should be resolved by Friday.

But the kicker here is my trouble ticket was closed.  Pissing you-know-who off.  Reason #2 for The Vicious Consumer.

Oh, the outage note when I ran the troubleshooter today says “Expected repair date September 29.”  Which is a whole week.  Yes, we will knock off 25% of the bill and go to small claims over this crap.  Ridiculous.

But again, the political con-job in D.C. could easily mandate that ALL federally regulated companies (which telcos are — in theory) have to auto-credit for lost service time.  They won’t – because there is too much money to be made in the Kabuki/Con that passes as “solidarity with working people.”

They don’t work.  The correct word-choice is RULE.

Back to point, anyone with half a digital brain knows because multiple homes in a close geo area are involved, the problem is likely a voice-mux board down the road from us.  (I could point out where the equipment site is for them.)

Way back at age 19, one of my (on remote site in Alaska) jobs was maintaining a local secure phone system which served the base.  Ever work on a phone in a weapons storage area (of the sort that glow)?  You have vivid recall of how phones work.

Why now – more than half a century later, a stupid old man in the woods can say “Swap out the voice mux card in that equipment cabinet” and likely be dead right about it, is a testament to the rollover from rising Great America into the invaded and soon to be picked-over carcass of a once good idea.

Headlines to Help?

Naw. Here comes the morning string of ODS (other depressing shit) so hang on boo…we’s on it!

How do they know it wasn’t Rum? US Condemns Reported Molotov Cocktail Attack on Cuban Embassy | The Epoch Times.

Drop by the Quickmart: Wednesday’s Powerball jackpot ranks as its fourth-largest (scrippsnews.com).  Send 10 percent as a tip if you hit. OK, 5 percent then.  ONE?

Need MORE Brinksmanship?  US government shutdown poses risk for country’s credit: Moody’s.  Um, lemme see: We’re already $33 trillion upside down, how do you screw that up any more?  Ah…we have faith in the system.

Another Brink to watch?  Garcetti says India, Pakistan need to resolve issue after US diplomat’s secret visit to PoK. Decoder is Garcetti is ambassador to India for us.  Too many U.S. ambassadors “helping” as we figure it.  Let’s face it, it’s a multipower world now and Pakistan is in China’s new supply chain. Always fighting the last war, are we?  Times have changed and the future is all about supply chains and resources.  Food, water. Not ideology.  Once upon a time now, but the Petri dish is full of 8-billion amoebas.

New Brink?  Besides the water mess in Nawlins?  Philippines diver removes Beijing’s floating barrier in the South China Sea.  New front in WW3 looms over resources in the South China Sea.

Nawlin’s reference a bit too vague for you?  Let’s have a drink and talk about it, dept:  New Orleans braces for drinking water emergency from drought-stricken Mississippi River. You do have a dehydrated water kit, right?

Around the Ranch: Herring Knife Woo-woo

Busy as hell Monday.  We had 3-inches of rain overnight so the burn ban was off.  So, between no power and no phones, I also did some rubbish burning.  Even put another 2 TB of SSD into our main work computer.  It’s up to 64 GB with 6 TB of storage, now.

Between lugging around the generator and propane for it (and hooking it all up, the disassembling and re-storing everything, I was so tired last night I fell asleep in my chair with the TV on.  Elaine didn’t even wake me for dinner.  Figuring I’d had a hard day, but this is where the woo-woo begins.

I awoke at 11:30 PM to a Youtube video of an old white-bearded fellow (on the right) and a younger guy on the left, talking about how “wrestling is more real than life, believe it or not…”

And the example used was a couple of preteens arguing over whether Superman could beat Mighty Mouse in a fight.  The punchline was?  “Of course, Superman would win – Mighty Mouse is only a cartoon character, after all!”

It was grandly illustrative of how crazy humans really are. We will defend our version of Reality, even if it is crazy.

After enjoying this repartee for a while, I went to turn off the teevee.  Oh-oh.  You know the feeling: The remote which had been on the arm of the chair probably fell down between the side and cushion. No remote!

Elaine, meantime, had woken for a pit stop and wandered into the living room.

“I can’t find the remote dear, have you seen it?”

For the next couple of minutes, she crawled around on the floor looking under the chair and suddenly she exclaimed “Look what I found!”

It was Pappy’s legendary Herring Knife.  So named because it was the knife I’d used when learning to cut a proper herring “plug” to use while “mooching” on Elliott Bay in Seattle in the early to mid 50s.

I’d been looking for it nearly six-months.  And in the middle of a TV talk about the nature of Reality and not being able to turn off the TV, it was found by Elaine.

As I held the knife. I walked into the kitchen.

There on the green tile counter the TV remote had materialized.  Neither of us can remember putting it there.  But with the long-lost family knife back safely in hand, the remote had come out of hiding and life could continue.

Until Today (Woo-Woo #2)

As if that wasn’t enough, this being Tuesday, it’s garbage day. Sun wasn’t even up yet.

As I headed over to the house to get the last bags, I happened to notice something really odd about the sunscreen over the lean-to greenhouse directly over the spot where I’d put in those Electroculture wound rods three or four weeks back (Article on our electroculture experiments was here if you missed it.)  I ran and grabbed the camera and popped open the flash.

Because EXACTLY over the greenhouse, at the end where the experiments are running, I notice this:

This is also right above where the Hawaii pepper seeds are growing…so a coincidence or what?

Obviously, a round-looking hole in the shade cloth is a coincidence, right?

Wrestling as Reality, a missing knife recovered, and this morning a somewhat too circular hole as a coincidence.

Updated: Elaine, when showed the “hole picture” this morning said “You know, when I look at the shade cloth there’s a big “10” on the left.  Which is funny because the studio has a tin roof…get it?

Yeah, I, err…um…hmm….

You have to look forward to every day of Life.  Just when you think “It can’t get any weirder…”  Yes it does.

Write when you get rich,

George@Ure.net   (BRB with the housing figures)

37 thoughts on “Housing Awaits, Picket Line Con, Wrestling Woo”

  1. HOT peppers,,, were there any burnt edges to the shade cloth? :-)
    Cosmic Hot Pepper Death Ray. a fire vortex has been emitted

    Yup, I got blue mylar film on my tinfoil hat
    just like a capacitor, I made for TRW Cap Div for a few months way back in 73,,, assy line monkey,,, want to touch my leads? Zap

    reality, sometimes is unexplainable by my lack of knowledge, but some call it majic

    • “This is also right above where the Hawaii pepper seeds are growing…so a coincidence or what?”

      Yeah, obviously those Hawaiian peppers wanted more sun! So they went and got it! Powerful little buggers, I’m telling ya, George. ;-)

  2. “We would have a single-rate income tax for everyone making over $20,000 a year of (what would it take?) 20 percent? No deductions. Rate for over 67 or under $20,000? Zero. Instead? 87,000 more “agents”?
    We would not piss money and resources into foreign wars like the Ukraine meat grinder without a vote by Congress – and let’s make that a super-majority while we’re at it.”

    AMEN to that…….

    As far as the powerball.. well I can guarantee you I won’t win.. LOL LOL Money isn’t the thrust of my life and I would do stupid crap with it.. like get this young paralyzed woman a real exoskeleton and build a cancer clinic..( you would shit if you knew how many get turned away from treatments and care because of money.. we have the best medical system in the world if you can afford it.. ) I would put up mobile clinics to to get to the remote regions as well.. pay for my family ancestors to the lewis and Clark pipeline and the water school.
    Do you know how many people a win like that could touch lightning to their lives.. give out gift catalogues to kids in cancer wings.. so they can buy their families gifts and feel like they are more than a burden.. the shriners hospital.. st. Jude, the college researching the Kanzas cancer treatment.. phew the list is huge.. but heck how much does and old man need.. just enough to pay the bills and do the right thing with the rest..
    a number means nothing to me.. the lives that a number could help does..

  3. Hmm.. ranging “shot” – getting the DEWs calibrated for next attack..nah just a cowinkydink. Sure and Im Harvey the big white rabbit.

    PTV = 4th Reich-WEF-EuroReich = Knowledge and Understanding.

    ISBE operation manual – Preface: ISBE definition; Is for Purpose of Being..WE is all ISBE’s.

    Avoiding the Death Traps. Ch1, Pg 1
    DeathTraps are management tool for Inventory Control/Population Control/ISBE capture and control (ReIncarnation-bwhahah)

    DeathTraps are seeded ALL OVER GALAXY, not just Earth..You, Me, We aint That special.

    #1 way for Avoiding DeathTraps after physical death/crossover is DISCLOSURE prior 2.

    Ure personal disclosure and acceptance of the possibilities. Rescues by friendlies doesn’t Work (BTDT), as it looks and feels like an Abduction to the Soul in question. If you have Understanding going into Ure transition (Death) you can be rescued.

    DISCLOSURE – accept and understand. This is way to prepare mind/spirit for crossover in Death. You can be Rescued after death & prior to being attracted by the “light” by the “disclosed”.

    * Blue tarp/shade cloth..cmon man.
    ** Anyone seen the “new” john kerry – what happened to big ole eye bags and wrinkles – new babyass guy, is as bad as clown playing the zombie senator from PA.
    Is anyone a Real character anymore in district of corruption ?
    *** Woobles be picking up in frequency as we cross over into the “FALL”. October should to be Woobelistic..kinda orgasmic, but woobly.

    *** Its MAGIC – YOU have been disclosed! bwahahahaahah

    Love ya – Fckrs.

  4. Everything happens for a reason. Ain’t no such thing as coincidences. Really glad Elaine found your knife. Again, ain’t no coincidence. You two are meant to be together.
    A while back I found my grandfathers Barlow he had given me when I was a kid. I hadn’t seen it for years, pre retirement actually and had looked everywhere for it. Found it in the top of the big roll away where all, the sockets are or most of them anyway. I didn’t even own the roll away back when it went missing. How Woo Woo is that?

    Stay safe. 73

  5. While Biden stridin’ on the UAW picket lines has good optics, specifically with regard to the the labor rank and file, we might expect this unprecedented maneuver to result in big business throwing big, big money at GOP candidates next year. Biden has chosen sides. The battle lines have been drawn.

    Joe’s strike hike also overlooks the irony of Biden’s green initiatives (e.g electric vehicles, less oil productionj) resulting in retooled plants, less union jobs, less cars and a lot less petro products being produced and sold. So essentially Biden is showing solidarity with the very rank and file his economic policies are financially stabbing in the back! And they love him for it. Now THAT’S Machiavellian!!!!!

  6. “As I headed over to the house to get the last bags, I happened to notice something really odd about the sunscreen over the lean-to greenhouse directly over the spot where I’d put in those Electroculture ”

    so and easy answer to the woo woo two….. Now I am no expert just some moron in the wastelands that has an inquisitive mind.. but the explanation I would tell my kids or grandkids about such a thing is it is a high order electro photo bleaching……the same principle is used in erasing tatoos, chameleons etc…tatoos using laser and projected electrical wave forms..
    your low voltage enough and it has been working that the electro maginetic waves and the sunlight bleached the whole or changed the colors of the pigments used.. Hmmm.. let me see try putting the negative test wire to the ground then hold the positive up around the outside of your probes.. you should see a spike in voltage in the air.. probably minute.. but there should be something.. similar to reading the electrical charge created by a leaf.. it is someplace around five thousanths of a volt give or take depending on the sunlight that aids the photosynthisis of the root to make sure all sections of the tree get the proper amount of energy it needs to grow.. OH MY I ALMOST gave my fifty year old rant about the grid again LOL LOL LOL LOL. solar towers at every substation and hand out solar backup systems to every home owner willing to install them LOL LOL LOL be the tree ..
    similar to a chameleon..

  7. “Back to point, anyone with half a digital brain knows because multiple homes in a close geo area are involved, the problem is likely a voice-mux board down the road from us. (I could point out where the equipment site is for them.)”

    Well, deer season is almost upon us. Could the mux board have become an impromptu target to sight in some kid’s deer rifle? Or maybe someone put a set of horns on top of it and … well, that’s all it takes for some people to try a shot. That goes under the heading of “Some People are Idiots” that you mentioned.

  8. Yesterday did not have the dead-cat bounce I was expecting. It was pretty damn feeble., so I jumped in at the close. The NASDAQ100 is down over 1 percent this morning – doing pretty good.., Dow is down over 270.., S&P is down over 1 %.., and the Euro is below 107 – currently at 1.0576 [ had a commodities futures trader, who deals in millions like I do with 50 % off grocery coupons – that the magic number right now is 1.07 on the Euro – below that, and we are making money.]
    Maybe it’s because of my past, but I always look forward to the next day – even if I know it’s gonna be a hard work day. When I swing my legs out from under the covers, and put my feet on the floor – I smile. Like Steve McQueen said as he was floating away on his raft of coconuts – in Papillion – “I’m still here, you bastards ! “

  9. wrt my “Internet IP Phone” comments of Saturday

    Magic Jack is currently offering a 5 year renewal plan special (you can add it anytime if you have a phone line through them – ou get 1 year of service when you buy their device) for $150 total. That works out to just $30/year, (don’t know if sales tax is added to that).

    For a home phone that included voice mail and 911 service that is (imo) great pricing versus AT&T which was up to mid $40’s/PER MONTH (over $550/yr) when I cancelled my line. (it will also send voice mails to your email if you want)

    The disadvantages to Magic Jack are it is ONLY UP when your internet is up since it requires an internet connection and it also requires your router to be working and power for the Magic Jack device.

    I added a computer backup power supply to power both my router and the Magic Jack device in case of power failure. Ma Bell’s wired phones would generally still work in a power failure … not so Magic Jack unless you added power backup protection yourself. For saving over $500/year I figured I could spend ONCE the $100 it cost for a battery backup device.

    The other disadvantage to Magic Jack is that there are certain 800 numbers you can NOT call into and a few mostly remote exchanges you can NOT call into (has to do with FCC regulatory pricing issues that carry over from the 1930’s). If that happens then just use your cell phone. (I have NEVER had that happen fwiw).

    fwiw the Magic Jack device will NOT power multiple phones in your house … it is small and low powered, and because of that two phones max is what it will power. Solution? Just get wireless phones. I personally like the Panasonic phone that have an actual wired base unit that plugs into the Magic Jack device plus two wireless remotes (about $90 on Amazon) … MUCH better than the ATT and other competitor units imo. (what I personally use and what I bought for my son’s house and for another friend).

    Anyway … sorry to bore everyone, but still a believer in having a regular phone around the house with 911 service. available. For $30/year it is a virtual no-brainer imo.

    • I use a wireless phone with the Jack; however, you want to keep a spare hardwired phone for emergencies as well. I have my router, Jack, firewall server, microwave link, and wi-fi box all tied into a little power station I am using as a UPS. All of them pull less than 40 watts, so I have more than 10 hours before I need to get power from another source, which is within extension cord range. The weak link is on the other end with the cell and microwave transceivers several miles away.
      Apparently the local power company has made changes to put cell towers and maybe my microwave provider up higher in the emergency power food chain. Before, my electricity would be on and the cell phone tower and microwave would both drop together ( they are miles apart in different directions) and stay off for the duration. More recently, when my power goes down, comms stay on. Still no substitute for satellite comms, but for routine outages, it seems to suffice.

    • U do have a Celly, right?

      How else you gonna control the hordes of zombies – when they come a groaning and moaning for Ure tasty body parts ?
      Always at least 72 “deadalive” in horde at any given time, so we talking 144 shots – thats like 5 clips – they dont move too fast, but still..thats alot of shooting. Seems would be alot easier to Swipe, and Tap the “Disable” app.


      • You’ve obviously not seen “Train to Busan”! Korean zombies are really fast. Humans are no match for them unless you’re armed and ready.

      • Lol lol .. I know,A Ranger spent decades and decades in one skirmish or another..Highly decorated and now retired and refused to Carrey a NUG..( GUN ) he wanted no part of weapons ever again.
        now though he’s started to carry one..he asked if I wanted one.. lol I said seriously do you think I could hurt anyone.. lol he laughed and said no need he already knew that and he and his family and a bunch of his friends are planning on heading to my place if the shtf lol
        I said bring your own air mattresses and blankets..

  10. The Conference Board, a business research group, said Tuesday that its “consumer confidence index” fell to 103 in September from 108.7 in August. Analysts were expecting a smaller decrease, to a reading of 105.
    Most troubling was the decline in the index measuring future expectations, which tumbled to 73.7 in September from 83.3 in August. Readings below 80 for future expectations historically signal a recession within a year.

  11. The Federal Trade Commission and 17 state attorneys general filed a sweeping antitrust lawsuit against Amazon Tuesday, a long-awaited move that seeks to bar the company from allegedly abusing its powers to raise prices for shoppers and levy high fees against businesses that sell on its platform.

    The lawsuit, filed in Western Washington district court, [ Seattle] marks a historic political test of one of the world’s most influential companies — as well as the regulators who have promised for years to rein in its allegedly monopolistic practices.

    Monopolistic practices – had to look that up. .
    A monopolistic market is a theoretical condition that describes a market where only one company may offer products and services to the public. A monopolistic market is the opposite of a competitive market, in which an infinite number of firms operate.
    The FTC does not consider Amazon a ‘monopoly’, – even though they control over 50% of the consumer market place. There are alternatives.
    So.., even though one government agency does not consider Amazon a monopoly., they are being sued for monopolistic practices.

  12. Is there any charring on the edge of your shade cloth?
    A little H2 and pure 02 derived from electrolysis will burn about as hot as hot gets. Add to the list of reasons to keep up home insurance- Onsite Inventor.

  13. For a couple of days one company., a mega-corporation, has been making noises and being quoted in numerous financial articles. “The Gods have spoken.,” kind of vibe.
    So., I got to thinking and looking – Blackrock, the largest financial firm on Wall Street [ and government politics] – their stock is down 13% this year and down 32 % from their high just last year.
    If they are so good., and supposed to be doing so great – then why has their stock price been slashed by a third in value? Not a very good track record., in my view.
    Compare it to other financial houses? Sure., but that is not what I am referring to. I am talking about ‘them’. If they are so damn good right now, then their stock price should reflect that – not dropping.

    • Laughable. While I put another $160 in the lunch money fund for the day. I daresay you are many times that for the day?

      People don’t recognize the gods, I guess.

      • $1,180 today. Options / Puts – three winners., one loser / $60.00
        I have been questioning Blackrock for a few weeks now.., it seems I should simply ignore them quite a while.
        They don’t have the track record I need / want right now.

    • They are the principal entity that’s purchasing single family residences in CONUS. When last I heard, their portfolio numbered in excess of 1.2 million houses.

      Then Mr Biden introduced the American public to something they hadn’t seen in 35 years — rampant inflation.

      Then the interest rates went up.

      I shouldn’t be surprised if BlackRock’s liabilities sheet would give a healthy Millennial a coronary…

  14. Today, the Fed is quietly losing a fortune and committing taxpayers to repay billions of dollars in new Fed-incurred debt because the Fed’s losses and associated indebtedness are not currently reported in the federal budget or debt statistics.
    By Sept. 30, the end of the 2023 federal fiscal year, the Fed will have spent about $110 billion to cover cash losses. A $110 billion loss is big by any standard, and yet the mystique surrounding the Fed’s money printing power has led many to dismiss the importance of these losses.., and the Fed’s losses will continue accumulating at about $2.5 billion per week as long as interest rates remain at current levels.
    For most of its history, the Federal Reserve made operating profits and remitted them to the U.S. Treasury. Fed remittances reduced federal expenditures and net federal budget interest outlays. However, Federal Reserve operating losses are not treated symmetrically in federal budget accounting conventions, in part perhaps because no one likely ever imagined that the Federal Reserve system would lose money, let alone lose over $100 billion in a single year.

    • You ever wonder why everyday guys like us who trade this market can be wildly right and officialdom so ridiculously wrong? Not to gloat, but playing the short side of this implosion is the easiest money in years, yet people are still reeling with disbelief.

      Was this the whole plan and woke stupidity and gender confusion just a ploy to add-in the final two jiggers of stupid on the way into another Depression? Just boggles the mind…

      • I believo,,, the plan is to bankrupt the corporation dba
        return the diamonds
        return to the previous , cheated on agreement
        The United States of America
        word on the street from Dr Jan Halper-Hays, 600 airplanes used to transport,,, I wonder if “MonkeyWorks” has knowledge of these said planes?
        Dr Jan recommend for reading, the fictional work
        ‘Double Crossfire’
        by A. J. Tata

        all wars are by the bankers, and they absolutely detest returning stollen goods, they hold/held.
        I don’t know, but I am full of hop’em,,,

        found my missing binoculars, I have been looking for a week,,, in plain sight on my shooting bench
        today. I feel that I am just blind and mentally over looked them, but then again, I have had crap happen that no one can explain
        Marboro reds tall in a box were involved in my woo woo. And that was long before Andy talked about his habit using them. Oh, they were not mine, but I knew who’s,,, the bar maid’s

        my concern is the Federal Reserve notes in my 401k
        what balance of notes to precious metal do I gamble with,,, it all is a gamble

  15. Maybe we should start a “dead pool” and take bets on when Wall Street types start jumping out of windows.

  16. “Not to gloat, but playing the short side of this implosion is the easiest money in years, yet people are still reeling with disbelief.”
    That is such a true statement. It does fog my brain just a wee bit – I don’t understand it at all. Even the large financial houses are all a twitter and constantly making wrong moves and opposite statements – deliberately? To what end? They are losing clients by making such bad recommendations and ‘false’ statements.
    It is not rocket science – just a bit of math and jargon understanding. But just this morning StanleyMorgan stated they expect the S&P500 to move up 29% in the next few months. That would be a new record high.
    I am making money on my R.O.G. .., are they?
    Return-On-Gambling – R.O.I. is no longer on my availability list.

  17. I detest remotes for anything unless there’s an overriding reason for using one. TV doesn’t count. My personal choice would be to epoxy the remote to the TV itself. Failing that, an alternative might be to put it on a ziptie leash attached to the TV.

    Since I don’t have a working TV, just computers, that problem does not apply here.

  18. “https://www.foxnews.com/politics/newsoms-longtime-ties-hunter-biden-emerge-after-justifies-business-deals-direct-email”

    In case anyone wondered…

  19. So, how does a little outfit like the CDC control the media and the economy? They bring in the media paymasters and regulation exempt manipulators:


    Also note that it was the State Department who facilitated bringing in Rev 2 Covid from China, with hapless military subcontractors spreading that most lethal variant all over the country from hastily constructed quarantine facilities. One million died in this country, and dangerous unproven vaccines foisted on the public. Murderous @ss clown freaks are still running a cover-up with Ure tax dollars.

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