Mean America, Cold America – Waits on Housing

A toot’s day benediction from Mr. Tired and Cranky who has been up all night working.

We have been telling anyone who will listen that a lot of “us plain taxpayers” are mighty pissed that the clown posse on Capitol Pill can’t seem to get their heads out of their butts when spending OUR money.  (Unsurprisingly, this didn’t change overnight.)

The current reigning example of DC Means Stupid is this impeaching Donald Trump.  What a crock. Spendy, too. Waist of money – and the only purpose served seems to be to fill up the daily void on the front page of the NY Times.  While given dimocrat big wigs ego strokes.  Derr Times whose digital front page here seems to STILL be coasting on totally irrelevant pseudo-news about Trump.

Pathetic excuse for a rag, they do have some Pulitzer prize types around.  Which is not necessarily a good thing, since Joe Pulitzer was a yellow journalist in NYC.  Battling with Wm. Randolph Worst.  Paper’s aspiring to more yellow, are they?

Con’s-grease, Pissing-away public money on a departed president is all about two things.  Keeping Donald off the Ballot in 2024.  And taking away his presidential retirement and perks.

Would Melania still get to keep her $20K of pension if Donald was ‘peached?  We’ll have to call Dial a Blood-Sucking Divorce Attorney (DBSDA) later today and ask.

Mean-spirited, foul-selling behavior…the kind of thing the Washington Crook’s Cabal does well.

Unlike passing the $1,400 balance for people beggared by Covid.  Which just don’t seem to matter.  Egomania does this kind of thing, though.

Schemer?  Peloser?  I call them this because even the President  – Joe Biden – says the Dumbs don’t have the votes.  Still, leadershills get their face time and Gotham left-of-right’s get satiated.  Maybe Biden isn’t slow.  Maybe he’s still trying to be honest with himself in a herd of bandits…Anything you say can and will be used against you…

While these pocket-liners, sucking on the public teat, go after Trump, ignoring the real needs of America, only a few people make the time to pick up the phone and call their turds-in-sitting to say “Hey!  Listen butthead….where’s my dough?”

I shouldn’t get so upset:  Fake news, fake government, fake consensus.  Yeah, there’s a reason we self-isolate from frigging idiocy.

Hell with 72 nearly here, I’m so old now, I remember back to when breast implants was the only big “fakes problem” in the world.

Yessir.  This is progress, is it not?

The Daily Riot

[A half dozen years back, we published columns under the masthead The Daily Bomber.  We note the progress in human events now has opened the door to publishing The Daily Riot… At this rate, we should begin publishing the D.C. Commie in 2022…]

“Come on Man!”  We can just sense the hypocrisy as “Biden administration calls on Russia to free jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny as well as pro-democracy protesters.”  While we impeach Trump?  Laughable…

Dutch police clashed with anti-lockdown protesters in a couple of cities overnight.  (We keep waiting for them to have a break in the “finger in the dike” case…)

India police clashed with demonstrators as a ‘tractor rally’.  Like happens with governments around the world, when India announced “reforms” for agriculture, the bottom line was farmers would get screwed.  And they don’t seem to be interested in being subs…

Been another clash along the India-China border, too.  Don’t look now, but I’m surprised to find a real news item like this in you know which paper.  Accident?  More likely ran out of Trump bashes for the day…  China, by-the-by, called it fake news.  How could it be?  I mean in the NYT, right?  Hmm…

(We’re really on a roll now, aren’t we?  Earlier we were on a bagel.  And before that, we were loafing…[“This is the Bun police!  Put down your mouse!])

OK, end of the short print run of the Daily Riot.  We’ll have another uprising any minute, so stick around.

Quick – Get the A.I. Up!

Yes.  Let’s see how repeated phrases are being embedded in the sheep-for-brains peeps, Bo…

Digital attack dogs are optimized on dem ‘ol money-pissers and backing up the Twit Censors as we point the tools at awful bet search agendizer:

Keyword used to program sheep today?  BASELESS.

How about we ding Bing, just to confirm?  Oh-oh:  Different agenda:

The “Deal making skills” is about Biden’s sales pitch for his stimulus plan.  Which the dims are much too busy to deal with compared to the After-Bash which God knows we want to hear MOAR about.  fmtt.

Creds to Bing News with a high linguistical density than awful bet’s search whizzy, tho.


Any signs of human intelligence on Earth?  [Hint:  Don’t make a big bet!]

US exploring new bases in Saudi Arabia amid Iran tensions.”  Yep – Trump had to go so we could get back to war-making.  Yessir.

Dimmocrat voters (*and leadership)_ still don’t understand the hypocrisy seen in herdlines like California lifts stay-home order, allowing restaurants to reopen.  WTF?  Biden hasn’t had time to find the men’s room and its a fricken miracle, I tell’s ya!  (As one reader notes, the linear equation to solve the reduced case reports wasn’t that hard to back engineer, either.  Such are some of the big dogs…who aren’t sheep.  Won’t save poochie and kitty from a jab…big money in pet products, including shots.  In fact? We’ll be doing a patent app later today on a deworming, heartworm and Covid food additive for Zeus the Cat…)

Weathering Heights

Winter storms target Midwest, Northeast and the Southwest, with travel conditions becoming hazardous.  Winter, maybe?

And off to the right of Texas, ‘Large and extremely dangerous tornado’ rips through Birmingham area.

(Just sitting here pondering: How many lawmakers would need to STFU to reverse climate change from all their hot air, huh?)

Triple Bubble, Double Trouble?

Ure’s unruly and may seem a bit “dis-coherent” today.  Been up since 1 AM working on Peoplenomics for tomorrow (which is coherent, lol).

AND been eyeing the slam of the Hang Seng last night.

See, amid reports “China Asset-Bubble Warning Threatens Stock Frenzy in Hong Kong” we also have to admit that a 2.55% decline in one overnight is a fair bit.  That would be like the (bubblicious) Dow dropping 800 points, roughly.

The G20 has closed ranks, pumping the globe up and the Dow futures up 61 after being down 150 when I got up.

BTC is watching from $31,662…with me holding out for lower (in the PN target range numbers for subscribers, even though we don’t play with phony money.  Which we define as “Can be turned at Wal-Mart for Choice Prime Rib Roast.”).

Off to give a quick tune across the ham bands and then do the second report as the Housing numbers cross.  Look for that about 8:15 Central.  Or, when Mickey’s had is pointing at the Kremlin if you’re in Foolifornia.

Elaine and I went to “hip surgery school” Monday.  Only confirmed what everyone I know has always said.  “She’s way hipper than you, dad…”


Write when you get rich or the drugs kick in,

39 thoughts on “Mean America, Cold America – Waits on Housing”

  1. Yo Der Kommissar,

    What chu talking bout Deiter?
    You can “spend” Ure Bitcoin in wallyworld for choice/prime prime rib roast all day -everyday, if so inclined.
    Who the F would ever spend their Bitcoin on a prime rib roast?
    – those things grow on hooves all over the place, BTC on the other hand is extremely scarce and getting scarcer by the year.

    Looks as though Amerzuela is spinning down drain,faster than ever..

    “TURNING and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.” -Yeates

    20 million moar votes than Obumma..bwahahahahaha

    BOHICA Slaves!

    911 conditioned U to Give Away Ure Rights, now they got U right were they want U – SCARED – to even show Ure Face/Smile, let alone gather with loved ones and or friends.

    $$$ – we can just buy anything – and watch it rise – thanks 2 all that stimmy money in robinhooders hands..Go GME, BB, SENS,CIDM! wee this is getting easier by the week – Go Janet Go Janet Go Janet Dammit Janet wheres my Stim$ ?

  2. A good friend owns a restaurant. He was busing tables when
    a young man saw him and thought he was just a busboy.
    The man told him that he has been on unemployment
    for 4 years and it was like winning the lottery.
    YOU, should quit your job TOO !

    True story

    • I worked for the county.. x wife had to have same day surgery and we didn’t have insurance.. ( quite a long story) the cost of the surgery was ten times that of someone with insurance..
      They harassed me calling every hour on the hour and called my boss as well as his in laws.. degrading as hell.. i went to askmy boss if I could get help..nope.. I made 25 dollars to much.. if I lived in a dumpster or under a bridge..there was help..but even that indigent assistance has parameters.. if you get assistance in one area it’s taken away in another area..
      Now if your a refugee then the spigots are opened. Even there there are specific parameters and limitations..
      I worked the debt off..for the surgery..3 full time and 1 part time job… hell year..
      No matter what you hear theres no free ride.
      Those that i have let stay in our spare bedroom. Will tell you how great their life was.. the one I liked from the can man was. I did it to see how they
      In the end It was a cold lonely life with a lot of going hungry that he had.

    • The other thing to consider Perry.. if you make minimum part time or live off of the spare change you panhandle off of the street.
      Your living in a box or Dumpster.
      You don’t have a car payment, there isn’t a mortgage, no insurance or utilities.. you live in a box. No phone,cable.. your whole life is a box or under a bridge.
      600.00 would look like a million..
      Without obligations or responsibilities where your daily life is basic a little can go along way..

  3. As long as republicans are cool with Biden/Harris sending antifa, BLM and the rest of their supporters to storm the capital to keep the 2024 election from being certified and are fine with Biden calling up governors and secretaries of state to “find” biden votes or else…than i’m fine with no impeachment of trump. I guess republicans are cool with US congresspeople and senators having to duck and cover under furniture in the capital for the world to see. And republicans will be cool with Biden supporters smashing capital windows and crawling through like burglars to terrorize legislators and staff. “Hang Mike Pence.” Sauce for the goose as they say.

  4. “Keeping Donald off the Ballot in 2024.:

    If only Trump had four more years….

    “Been up since 1 AM” Get more sleep. Trump is a dead end.

    • “Get more sleep. Trump is a dead end.”

      I wish someone would tell that to MSM news reporting. Its sickening to listen to it. Prime time television programming is sliding it into their scripts and Kate night is worse than MSM news..
      Thank God for Netflix and prime..even there just try to find non violent family programming..
      I can’t even begin to tell you how much I think about dropping my expensive cable..especially when every channel you turn it to has the same negative harping..

  5. Alleged Mafia Daughter Pelosi has changed the narrative AGAIN stating that Trump led an insurrection. Just another lie from a crazy old lady. The same lady that flew her family around on Air Force jets until Trump stopped it. The same lady that had her junket to Europe on Air Force Jets stopped by Trump. The same lady whose father was in Congress and mayor of Baltimore and was a constant companion of Baltimore mafioso Benjamin “Benny Tratta” Magliano. JFK wanted it investigated, but J. Edgar Hoover covered it up because he hated Kennedy so much. Sound familiar? IThe House of Representatives is now controlled by a bunch of Buffoons, including a lot of Republicans in there like Kevin McCarthy. Ditto the Senate. And Double Ditto the White House.

    It was one protest by disenfranchised voters from all over the country that were demonstrating against documented voter fraud and a rigged election regardless of what Georgie Steppy nop olis and all the other media commies say. There were 281 documented ANTIFA and BLM protests last year. Federal, State, and Local officers were injured, Federal, and local buildings were destroyed, and countless people injured and killed. The Democrats from Pelosi and Shumer on down supported these insurrections, and are not saying anything about the recent attacks on City Halls in Washington and Oregon.
    There is proof that busloads of ANTIFA and BLM infiltrated insurrectionists were leading and agitating the violent march into the Capitol with the doors opened by police even though Trump called for a peaceful march in his D.C. speech prior to the Capitol march. Pelosi doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what really matters to the people.

    And another two-faced backstabbing con job, Mitch “the Turtle” McConnell the RINO married to the Creepy Chinese Commie shipping magnate’s daughter—I promise we will spend whatever it takes to get rid of your pompous lying ass in 6 years…if the Devil doesn’t call you back to hell first. After 50+ years of voting Republican and contributing a lot of $$ to numerous candidates, I am done. Patriot Party…yeah let’s go. Or better yet—Texas secession. These SOBs are going to take the country down and all elections are going to be rigged. Biden had more troops at his inauguration than citizens. Sound like Venezuela? If they can steal the Presidency, they can steal it all in the future.

    Where is the $2000 for the people the slime buckets in Congress promised? They could have passed that legislation to provide money and help the people in one day, rather than spending time trying to Impeach someone that is not even in office. Trump missed the opportunity when Pelosi said she wanted to hand out $2000 last summer when he should have said “Great idea Nancy, I want to make it $3000”.

    Rather than help the people who you Democrats have stolen the votes from again and again and again to get into Congress and now the White House, they spend their time in Congress creating false narratives, lies, and vengeance. Pelosi and the Dim o crats keep people from working with their phony COVID lockdowns knowing that $600 will barely buy a months’ worth of groceries for 2 people with the phony inflation numbers lying about the price of groceries. Another Con because although they show prices may not be going up by 15%, but the products people buy are getting smaller and smaller example: coffee ½ the size, and in other areas, the quality keeps going down example: steak…. Prime to Choice to Select for the same price over time. Pelosi, Shumer and most of Congress now represent the worst of America! Even the Supreme Court Chief Justice is refusing to participate in their latest charade, and he hates Trump.

    The great Ponzi scheme is going to implode by 2023 accelerated by Billions in handouts to illegals to buy votes. It is getting ready to go straight down the flusher in a big way with the liars that are now leading this country making decisions in the first two weeks in power that will have lifetime consequences. You can only play Ponzi for so long even if you own the printing press.

    • The essential items that use to be loss leaders is what’s going up the fastest.
      I use to budget 3.00 a meal and .75 cents a snack… per person..
      This year we had to increase that to 4.00 per meal and 1.50 per snack three snacks a day..
      Heaven help us if theres a drought

    • Got some Crypto? Get some Silver in divisible amounts. Got some Silver? Get some Crypto. And do stock critical replacement consumable parts for major tech that you rely upon, car [brakes, filters, plugs, lamps] and genset etc. get a couple photo voltaic panels, inverter charger and some uni strut [kindorf] for mounting. A backup fresh water source. All good to have around for Grid down. [not a question of if but when]. And some popcorn for popping.

  6. “Con’s-grease, Pissing-away public money on a departed president is all about two things. Keeping Donald off the Ballot in 2024. And taking away his presidential retirement and perks”

    The deluge of negative news reports has increased as well..( if it could ever get worse)
    But if you look at the daily trump spin. The spin has it that the failing economy, foreign all his fault.. so if we end up in a war the future history books will have the reasons for it as an after effect to his failed administration.
    Congress is still sending money to everyone but the american taxpayers. Opening our borders for illegals to openly come her with open arms.. many news stories from othe countries are about a gathering of future residents.
    All of this while a third of the homeowners are waiting to be evicted and many more near bankruptcy.
    Where I am curious.. is during all those peaceful gatherings of Antifa and BLM where the Democrats were pushing support on tv.. can the victims of those gatherings sue members of the congress for damages and loss of life because they were supported and encouraged statements on television..

    Heres a msn to be admired…

    Quit teaching your children to hate. No matter what your ethnic culture.. if you let the gangs in the street,a game or television raise your children then you’ll have what we have today..I grew up poor.. but we never realized that we were poor…

  7. “The Bun Police”…? You made me laugh. You’re determined to exercise my damaged gut, one way or the other, aren’t you? :-)

  8. Cheer Up G, Survivalites – it is alwayz darkest before the dawn/Great Dao.

    Brief review of recent Game playand moves made..
    2018 – Executive Order – for a Cyper Force -tasked with monitoring Election Fraud – Everything from last Election was Captured and Recorded – EVERYTHING
    Why not disclosed U ask? -think Chess/ D5
    – The Sicilian Defense ( acting aggressive from a defensive position) .
    Who was/is Stephen Miller (snake eater)? with Norquist coming in on the 12/10/20 Executive Order – regards Military Succession.

    What did his glorious orangeness Authorize in March 2020 ? – The Stafford Act and Declared a major disaster – still in effect.+
    how many troops still in District of Corruption?
    Who is Godfather 3 ?
    Benny the Fish Head or is that cloven hooved?
    Black outs, reported fleets of blacked out vans rolling in out of Vatican lately, 43 Bishops succumbing to covert19 plandemic, Leanardo Satellite involved Domminion/Sytl/DVD-CIA electronic vote rig in frankfurt where Gina got caught up&injured.

    Power will be Returned to the People – all over the Globe – maybe think positive thoughts for our Military –

    • You blindly followed Trump and I know people that got it straight from God that Trump would be inaugurated this year.

      Regrettably, God doesn’t f*ck to that degree…so maybe, uh…people are full-a- you know…stuff Hank used to be full-a…

      • Year ain’t over yet George, but yeah it’s a pipe dream. But for now we’ll just keep huffing on that pipe. It somehow makes it feel better even though we all know we’re basically fkd. Oh well, praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. Blessings

      • Well, one thing’s for sure George – Trump DID win in a big way and if the story behind the Act of 1871 is true this could, very well, turn out to be an historic year. I keep telling my hunters they need to use a blind and wait for the deer to show up, not drive around and shop like they’re in a mall so they can’t complain when they don’t get one each season but we still charge them their lease fee. Same thing for prosecuting a war. Wait till the enemy is most vulnerable and don’t make a sound until he is. This administration will blow itself up, most likely, and you and I can thank God above that we’re in a state, so far, that will not allow the anti-Constitutional garbage that Bribem is pumping out to come through if they can at all help it. We may love ’em to death but we aren’t Aussies.

  9. “only a few people make the time to pick up the phone and call their turds-in-sitting to say “Hey! Listen butthead….where’s my dough?”

    Lol. They need to write a letter.. a phone call is similar to an email..delete.. but a written letter….

    If you had fifty thousand write a simple letter mail it to everyone in congress all sides both houses..
    Two weeks.. there would be massive changes..if that didn’t work then the next two weeks another group write a letter to everyone in congress every day.. no threatening gestures,no damage,no one hurt.. a simple I wish you would work on this..
    You’ve been to the zoo..have a handful of peanuts and watch the monkeys go would be the same thing..

      • “so why in God’s name would they read a letter?”
        EXACTLY….they Don’t and will give you a thousand reasons why they don’t have to. Heck they laughed Rand Paul off the floor with his read the Bill’s act…
        But 50,000 latter’s think about it for a minute.. to each member of con gress every day.
        30 to 40 million letters a day..
        That’s seventeen delivery trucks or 2 semi trailers a day per congressman. You’ve been to the beltway.. it would take 4 farmboys a day to unload and toss the mail.. or twenty city boys or 40 federal workers…
        Congressmen aren’t even in DC except for a few days a year. You have 1400 semi trailers a day going to the capital. Every day.. now that’s news.. someone on staff will open one of them.. trust me.. that kind of news would make them take notice.. want to get them to act on abortion that they have been tabling for fifty plus years.. done.. no more I’m uour huckleberry if you vote me in…
        To dispose of it.. hire more delivery people hire more men to unload trailers.. more garbage people.
        Now you’ve seen traffic in DC.. 1400 semi trailers headed to the docks at the Capital..
        A simple letter.. a note asking them to take a look at an issue.. I dont care how much money or how good the sexual partner they get you.. or where they are going to send you for a vacation give your kid an education or rub your sack . the voice of the people would be noticed..
        Just look what chaos a few extra ballots made.
        A simple written letter.. a note a simple request to look into an issue.

      • It’s the same reason why the people that write the Bill’s write t as em so big and with so many variable directions.. refer to blah blah blah section six line four. Rather than a bill written in simple language that can be understood instantly.. by making it confusing and large it’s easier to add things other than what the bill is for..

      • If you wanted to make it really interesting make it so they have to sign for the letter

      • Maybe if the mailman couldn’t get the pile in anything they could carry up the stairs it might get their attention.

      • When we were kids , A few of us talking about the legislation that no one read , use to joke around about how hard it would be to hire one of those firms that write the crap that Congress doesn’t consider worthy enough to read. To slip on a clause to have them approve sending 500 bucks a week to each of us… lol lol we send a trillion a year away and toss what is it five million on some countries leaders front porch every month would they miss a couple thousand a month.. lol lol lol..

      • …why in God’s name would they read a letter?
        1 it’s easier to read a (brief) letter than a law
        2 in spite of what your perception is, they don’t get that many letters, especially on a timely issue. they would love to vote on something and say it was what was demanded by the wisest or a plurality and not their bias or even their party especially if they were leaning that direction anyway.
        3 they have staff to distill the gist and pass it on
        4 they absolutely will not throw away your contact info. it will be saved for the junk mail fund raising stage especially if they vote as you desired.

        Why letter gets rejected:
        1 not famous, rich OR IN THEIR CONSTITUENCY.
        2 stupid writing, or impolite
        3 fringe issue
        4 mass form letter from a group. it has to be original or from a bonafide leader of the organization. memer mobs also get a reduction in value
        5 your issue is not currently up for debate or vote

        There you go. You bunch of loonies now have 10 times more voice than you had before if you follow the rules.

      • “they absolutely will not throw away your contact info. it will be saved for the junk mail fund raising stage especially if they vote as you desired.”

        Lol lol that is so true DR.. I once asked a senator a question.. what he sent was a huge box of crap to read that didn’thave a thing to do with the question I asked.. a few weeks later I get another box of crap to read. I think he didn’t have a clue and figured I wouldnt read the shizt they sent…so being a smart azz was the best option his aids had.

    • So, what if we don’t have $27,500 laying around to blow on postage (or am I the only one who knows people who’d only mail a letter like that if it were post-paid…)?

      • Lol true.. good point and I doubt anyone would do that anyway.its to much like boycotting a product to prove a point. You know everyone dont spend a dime for anything for a two week period.. . but 2500.00 in postage per person would be cheaper than taking a week off of work and driving there to cause a ruckus that scares those living there. By writing a letter theres no threat or violent actions a simple request to look into an issue of concern. No national guard called in, or tear gas etc..
        … and I’m pretty sure bulk postage mail is dumped off the sorter..
        my mother was buried in mail to help animal’s.. the post office had an option where they would file 13 all mail without first class postage .her mail dropped down to just a few letters a week..everything else was file 13 right off the assembly line..

  10. George,
    Although I wouldn’t wish “tired and cranky” on you as a permanent condition, it certainly made for an entertaining column today! It may even have surpassed my day’s quota for humor. Thanks!

  11. West Texas Horse Sense:
    Makes perfect sense. And the rot and the lies permeate so deeply and are so obvious and in your face, that your current “Regime”, (I will admit there is a sense of schadenfreude about me using that phrase here), will do as all Regimes do in such situations. War abroad either real or simulated and war at home, for real. The Homelander Boys can dust of their fusion centers and a new Jack Bauer, played this time by Jussie Smollett, can take down an endless succession of dastardly insurrectionist plots.
    Oh wait, I think ive seen that episode.
    But seriously you are most definitely not in Kansas any longer Dorothy. But then neither is anyone, no matter where they live.

  12. Almost “off topic”:

    And off to the right of Texas, ‘Large and extremely dangerous tornado’ rips through Birmingham area.

    (Just sitting here pondering: How many lawmakers would need to STFU to reverse climate change from all their hot air, huh?)

    The tornado was just north of Bham, only two mountains away. It seems the weather reporters don’t/can’t read a topo map. Mountains make a BIG difference of where any weather anomoly is,
    Bham has a Dim_ocrap mayor, BTW. Is it possible the two are related? As to the other thought, throw ’em all out. We need some cooling here.

  13. “Sleepless same as was I” as Yoda would say. Went down at my usual 2300 hrs and woke up rather abruptly at 0030 hrs. Finally gave up at 0200 hrs and got up. Don’t know, but something just didn’t feel copacetic. So the grouchy old A$$hole tuned around some of hte bands for a bit then lit a fire in the shop stove and hung out there most of the day.

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