Data Drives Week, Another Tesla?

We keep trying to “keep it short” but there are so many “moving pieces” in the world today that it could be difficult.

Picking up where we left off with Peoplenomics Saturday, we face the specter of what we’ve penciled in as “World War Everywhere.”

The big contexts are:

  • How the U.S. will cope with Covid.  (Is it a bioweapon?)
  • How will Russia cope with Navalny?
  • And how will World cope with Dominant China?
  • Last, is there a ‘Modern Day Tesla” in  sight?

While these are the moving pieces that will “determine Big Future” we still have a tremendous pressure at the “Money Level.”

Keeping Finance in Perspective

Again, lots of moving pieces:

  • From this link, you should be able to find the current CFNAI (Chicago Fed National Activity Indicator) when updated.
  • Tomorrow is a kind of “market bikini day” – since we will have a “two-piece” edition with the Case-Shiller Housing data.
  • Wednesday – while going deep in our ChartPack into the formation of long-term market peaks – there will be Durable goods in the morning.
  • Wednesday afternoon, we expect the Fed (this is meeting week) will announce “No change!” but down in the fine-print, tea leaf readers of Fed policy will find something, we’re sure.
  • Thursday’s trifecta is GDP, trade, and jobless filings.
  • Friday, things like Employment Costs and then a Disney-like Personal Income report.

Also, along in here, we’ll have a slew of earnings reports and these are often entertaining.

Because in the crooked market we’re in – where investors only “make money” in most stocks if sold to a Greater Fool for more money than they paid – the key story-teller’s cadence is set by “Earnings.”

Which is laughable:  If the earnings don’t pass-back to the people who put up the money for the Billionaire Boys Club, who gives a sh*t, right?  Ah, but people know there’s always a Greater Fool.

Nowhere has this been more provable than with crypto-currencies.

I’m sure you saw the recent comments of incoming Treasury Sec. Janet Yellen – who (as we predicted) – would start dropping hints that non-government crypto’s have risk.  And hinting (as we read it) that the government will not be compelled to let Bitcoin (or anything else) earn some kind of official exchange rate.

Econ 101:  When a Treasury Secretary calls something a “particular problem” we don’t – oh, you know – rush out and buy it!  That is was holding in the low $33,000s this morning proves – along with lottery ticket sales – that innumeracy runs America.  And, whoever counts votes.

Bubble Trouble

For those who have not studied MacKay on Popular Delusions, The Wall Street Journal offers something suspiciously Urban-sounding“If It Looks Like a Bubble and Swims Like a Bubble…  Several parallels between the dot-com bubble and today’s stock market are strong.

Dandy article, but certainly not for everyone.  Maybe tech is to blame?  That’s because – when we spend so much time clicking and tapping – we are evolving into something of a Second Egyptian high culture:  Quickly moving from reading to iconography.

We’d dig deeper *(this is fertile…hmm…or was that fetid stuff…) but we hold some clicks to be self-evident.  And moving consciousness into occipital lobes means maybe we should offer an economic comic strip instead.

Or, charts like:

It all promises to be wildly entertaining.  Though the sell-off Friday maybe an early version of our “end of month sell-off”  it’s possible because next month is a “shorty.”

Who’s On Top?

Well, it ain’t the U.S. says data showing that China has been the largest global recipient of foreign direct investment.  Along the same lines, the CNBC piece on how China is positioning to become the world’s “Indispensable Economy” is worth some study, too.

Not to put too fine a point on this, but if you click over the the Port of Los Angeles website, you’ll see INBOUND cargo was up 23.39% in 2020.  With Long Beach data, too, on the subscriber side.

The mental flip-flop goes something like this:  We know president Buy’ed ‘Em will be opening up borders.  We know tech needs low paid workers.  So, with easy infiltration, and low-paid workers, tell me all how this ends happily?

Watch Taiwan!

Note from warhammer this morning:

“Should anyone really feign shock or dismay over this move by Xi?  Strap in, boys and girls, severe turbulence ahead…. Chinese warplanes enter Taiwan airspace…”

Not like we haven’t said “in the early days of Biden, right?

Propaganda for the Apparatchik

With a big snowstorm moving into the mid-section this week, and with a first in 50-years heavy snowfall in East Texas this year, you may be getting rusty on what all the climate hype has been about?  We have the answer for your rust problem!  Galvanizing As in “Virtual summit seeks to galvanize climate change adaptation.”   Propaganda so shallow it would embarrass Goebbels.

Let’s look at another campaign, shall we?

Since the Dems trashed and bashed “Make America Great Again” we find it laughable there’s no real positioning statement attached to president Biden’s next clap-trap about American manufacturing.  “Biden set to strengthen ‘buy American’ push” say the reports.  Give this guy a pen and he goes nuts with it, lol.

Communist Woes

Tacoma, once a bedroom community of Seattle, was hit with a riot last night after a police officer was blocked by a crowd.  The communist uprising is very specific that this is not rioting.  That term is reserved for conservatives.

Instead (and this is rich) “Tacoma Protesters Smash Jail Windows After Police Officer Drives Through Crowd.”  Very suspicious it’s not called a riot.

In another example, when the mayor of once quiet Bellingham, Wa. had to be evacuated because of demonstrators, again, no use of the term riot.

Not sure what the press is on, but mental acuity seems to have done a quick fade out.

Meantime, communist uprisings have come to Russia as Russia Opens Criminal Cases in Navalny Protests – Monitor.  All of this is part of the World War Everywhere and all enabled by Social Media.

How much of this is driven by lockdown madness?  Reading this article hints that’s what’s driving it.  But, as we explained for subscribers, that kind of mental sloth only plays until you see how NuWar (digital, 2021 release) works.

If you’re still sending money to Social Media by putting free content for them to remarket (and you’re not getting paid for it) you’re a damn idiot.  But, hey, don’t help out locally, right?  Me! Me! Me!

See where Facebook revenue is still “flourishing?

Social media is just a step on the road to Internet Licensing, so give it time.

That’s what Tech would really like:  Banning online free speech by small sites (like Urban) and requiring a government “content origination” license with all kinds of thought control built-in.  But, you likely figured this out without our help?  Hopefully!

Is a “Second Tesla” About?

Dr. Salvatore Pais.  Wikipedia entry.  Read some of his paper titles:

If you are not-yet dot-connecting?

Go read the WarZone article on TheDrive  The Secretive Inventor Of The Navy’s Bizarre ‘UFO Patents’ Finally Talks:  Dr. Salvatore Pais has finally spoken to The War Zone concerning his seemingly out of this world patents filed on behalf of the U.S. Navy.”

Reducing gravity?  Sounds like it might have an impact, oh, you know, on everything?

Side of Woo with That?

When did Nicholas Tesla die?  Supposedly… January 7, 1943.  So on normal reincarnation scheduling it wouldn’t fit…but I don’t have a handbook or user manual on that.

So here’s the woo-woo concept – and we’ve talked about this concept before.

Suppose there is something like reincarnation.

All kinds of literature about when “famous personas” seem to “come around again.”

I’m not saying that this fellow is Tesla.  We don’t know his date of birth, so it’s hard to figure out when he was born – because from that, we might work back and see who – in physics – might have died in that 1-6 year window when the persona might be inclined to rerun.

Me?  Well, looking at the pictures (few) the only Big Name physicist who might fit would be Dr. Edward Teller.   But that would make the mysterious Pais very young, indeed, since Teller passed in 2003.  So not a second Teller.

But what about Richard Feynman?  Passed in 1988…which might fit if Pais was born in 1990, or so.  But he’d have to have done a breakthrough paper age 2.

Keep an eye out for his D.O.B. and send it along if you find it… Ure curious, right?

Write when you get rich,

32 thoughts on “Data Drives Week, Another Tesla?”

  1. George

    “A Hybrid craft using an inertial mass modification device. AIAA Space Forum 2017-5343. American Institute of Aeronautics and ”

    Sounds a lot like the Inertial Dampeners used in the Star Trek series.

    “China is positioning to become the world’s “Indispensable Economy” is worth some study, too.”

    Only if we keep buying all the crap they ship to us! Stop feeding the snake and it dies.

  2. According to the White Pages, Salvatore Cezar Pais is in his 50’s. It’s an unusual name, so this is likely the one. Also, the fact that his MS thesis at Case Western Reserve University was written in 1993 (Wikipedia) would place him in that age group.

  3. Not sure about re-incarnation, but the number of true innovators the world produces seems to be very limited. There are a lot of people (compared to innovators) that are able to take innovations and create value from those (entrepreneurs). Someone like Musk seems to be is the very definition of an entrepreneur. He is able to take existing ideas and convert into a product. Even Bezos taking the VM innovations that were relatively common, and creating an infrastructure to run his company and seeing how cost effective that model was, he was able to package and sell as AWS, and changing how the world consumes compute resources.

    It also seems many of the innovators also either are not very good entrepreneurs or that kind of work just doesn’t interest them. Is best for the world when those two kinds of people meet and are able to help each other where each can focus on the work they both are very effective.

    • I think that the reason for that is innovation usually is accompanied by necessity.
      If your doing a job and a specific tool is needed and your funds are short. you make one to do the job more efficiently with what what you have laying around.
      Rarely do the people with these home shop made innovations have the funds to see it to market..
      Nicholas Tesla is such a man.. he had atoned of great ideas.. he just didn’t have the money.

  4. didnt read a thing . just like to ask george and any other senior economic gurus . do they really understand bonds ? really ? really ? who created all these lies about some non functioning yield and yield curve ? inversions ? please give me a break . even for a depraved simple australian /sicilian i tell yah this is the greatest scam to ever , i mean ever hit markets . wake up before you loose it all and fast

  5. I don’t know who tipped you off…but the induced propulsion is not a second Tesla…it IS TESLA. Developed at SpaceX for Mars travel…and experiments being conducted in their Reno area giga factory …for now…But, the reason Musk is building a German factory is to use their scientists to perfect this technology.

    • Nichola Tesla was a very brilliant man.. and his magnetic flux propulsion unit was and is top notch if you ask me. Like most of his innovations it was thought about long before it was needed…. but I don’t think he was alive when Space X was envisioned..
      there were some other papers of his I read years ago when I was a kid.. but can’t find them online now…
      I had used a nail to make an ion drive for a school project when I was what nine or ten .. using what I had read.. same principle just changed slightly..

  6. Salvatore Cezar Pais was born in Romania on 9/7/67. Hope that helps you out George! De-calcify that pineal gland yet?

  7. From Hyperspace:
    Salvatore Cezar Pais was born in Romania on September 7, 1967. He immigrated with his mother to the United States in 1981 and since then has become a prominent scientist and engineer. Previous to his current city of Callaway (MD), he lived in East Elmhurst (NY) and Cleveland (OH).

  8. China has the hyper sonic weapons. The entire carrier group is obsolete and sitting ducks.

    Biden could go either way on a sunk carrier group. “C’mon, man! We can’t risk the entire world for a few thousand souls….” Vs total war.

    Speaking of content.

    “Google says it will have no choice but to make Google Search unavailable in Australia if the government succeeds in implementing its new media code, which will force big tech companies to pay for Australian news content.

    In a massive escalation of its opposition, Google Australia and New Zealand managing director Mel Silva said the trillion-dollar US firm would no longer allow Australians to use its search engine if the government enacted the news media bargaining code as proposed.”

    • “could go either way ”

      What do you buy for 1 m a year?

      And we all knew that the past solution to a collapsed economy is war.. it creates jobs .. but… whose economy would it strengthen..
      We need th o quit sending cash to other countries and work on our own for s while..4/5 of our budget is for everyone else while our country shudders

  9. NBC should put out a sitcom about the new administration:The Chairman and Mrs.Emhoff.Or how about Mr.Alzheimer’s and the Anchor Baby?

  10. “Very suspicious it’s not called a riot.”

    I think that’s because a RIOT is a negative term.
    They used negative terms so much during the trump administration that it just isnt right to use those negative terms at the beginning of the Biden administration.
    Give it all a positive outlook instead of a negative one..
    Have you noticed that whenever they show the new administration that they are also using positive subliminal messages as well.. not like the Trump administration.. even during positive news coverage, every single one had negative messages going on in the background..

  11. Based on these patents Salvatore Cezar Pais is the single most intelligent person that ever lived. I’m a bit sceptical. Actually, I’m a lot sceptical.

    Let’s talk about great inventions, first the unknown inventors:

    The hammer
    The knife
    Cooking food
    The spear
    The wheel
    The house
    The water well

    It is very likely these inventions were made by one or more people:

    Metallurgy first bronze then iron

    Things we know were invented by more than one person:

    Archimedes (observed piezoelectric crystals), Ben Franklin, Tesla ( alternating current , Tesla coils) Edison’s company

    The lightbulb Claude Neon, Tomas Alva Edison

    The phone ( two people)

    The car: Rudolf Diesel, Daimler (investor) Karl Benz ( Mercedes Benz )
    Henry Ford (assembly line)

    Airplane two people ( the Wright Brothers)

    Sonar, the only invention made by a committee, originally called ASDIC

    DNA two people

    The transistor Bell Labs

    People who invented more than one thing in different disciplines:

    Archimedes: the water pump, observed piezoelectric crystals, mathematician

    Leonardo DaVinci: artist, scientist inventor.

    So what about Salvatore Cezar Pais?

    Room Temperature Superconductors:

    Room temperature superconductors are the holy grail of of electric power generation. What’s interesting about the ceramic superconductor is that it relies on piezoelectric crystals and that means the crystals have to be vibrated somehow, probably using sound waves. So this guy would have to know about: making ceramics, making crystals, electrical engineering, stereo systems. If he uses a vibrating device instead of sound then mechanical engineering.

    But wait there’s more!

    In order to develop a ceramic superconductor he would have to think way outside the box in a multidisciplinary way in engineering as it was taught in the 1980s. In other words all those things where taught in engineering but as separate courses of study. Frankly, this guy deserves a Nobel prize for this invention alone.

    But wait there’s more!!

    Compact Fusion Reactors: Applied physics, and he would have to have access to restricted controlled materials, unless he distilled them out of sea water in his basement:

    But wait there’s more!!!

    Did you actually read the patent for the High frequency gravitational wave generator propulsion system? It’s a “peer reviewed” “intergalactic” propulsion system, in other words a star drive. This guy has peers? Who, Archimedes? DaVinci? Who else comes close?

    But wait there’s more!!!!!!

    The star drive isn’t powered by fusion or anything like it. It’s powered by Zero Point energy. What is ZPE? Damed if I know. Do you?

    No wonder this guy is kept under wraps. He probably has an higher security detail than Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin. Salvatore Cezar Pais is without a doubt the single most important person on this planet.

    My guess: Most likely, Salvator Cezar Pais is what is called “a legend”, a man who never was, who is used to hide the identities of various people who made these secret technologies.

    Less likely he is a brilliant engineer who was hired to reverse engineer the craft that crashed at Roswell, in which case he also deserves the highest level of security because of what he knows.

    Or least likely he is a real inventor of absolutely extraordinary talent.

    Finally, I would ask you to think about the implications of the following statements. Based upon the patents as written:

    1) The world has a room temperature superconductor, that can be produced by any advanced country as of now. Which means all existing hydro generation is now obsolete. When installed, existing power generation plants are about to become much more efficient. For governments that have signed the Paris Climate treaty this is a game changer.

    2)The USA has fusion, now. Which makes all current power generation obsolete.

    3) The USA has the technology to travel to the another star system in this galaxy right now. Today.

    4) The USA has some sort of energy called ZPE that is capable of powering intergalactic star travel.

    • Every kid who has binge watched Stargate episodes knows what a Zero Point Module (ZPM) is. It’s a thing the size of a football that makes stuff go. You old guys are behind the times.
      I’m still holding out for the ZPHVAC or ZPSUV. You can have the flying saucers. The grass is always greener on the other side of the universe.

      • True, but in that show the writers never wrote an episode where SG1 actually discovered the factory where the ZPM was made. If only……..

  12. The johns hopkins derived linear chart at informationisbeautiful continues to show a nearly straight line decline in the 7 day average of new cases, from the Jan 6 to present time frame.

    Couple that with the fact that the covid death counters disappeared from all the news channels screens and sites some time ago, post election.

    I think the “long dark winter” is just here to make us feel bad now, and super thankful to the new leaders later. When you can see in fact that COVID was being deemphasized in the media and now the actual data appears manipulated. Almost 3 weeks of linear decline is not possible on a chart like that without a little help.

    What is your bet on where the markets go in April when the sun comes out and they start talking about these wonderful results from masks, distancing, vaccines, and new leaders? (when in fact all these improvements began around Thanksgiving time when the wave started to break)

  13. On the Bitcoin thing George, and block chain tech in general. I think that what we are (finally) witnessing, is the use of computing technology to increase corporate efficiencies, rationalize Corporate office space requirements and layoff more American workers. Except… In this case… It’s that the Bankers and Wall Street Wonks are worried about their own practices now working against them. The use of block chain to “unlock shareholder value” suddenly levels the playing field, as they [the bankers and wall street wonks] are no longer necessary and replaced by a function call to a restful API somewhere in the cloud space. They’ve been looking at this for a long, long, time. But what really has me curious is all the attention Etherium DOESNT get in the headlines relative to some of the other I flyers.

    Remember Rest of World considers Crypto Currency as a form of: Money.

  14. Salvatore Pais received his PhD from Case Western in 1999. Average age for PhD is probably around 30 +-2, so figure his likely DOB was in 1969 or so. He could be somewhat older, but it’s unlikely that he’s younger. Notably, the first cited paper (SAE) listed his position as Graduate Research Assistant at Case Western, so it’s likely that he was 22 or 23 at the time(1991).

  15. Comrades,

    Apparently a democrat under-30 and Davos speaker behind FiscalNote has purchased FactSquared. Do celebrate as Margaret moves out of Mom and Pop’s basement to be closer to the 1% that matter. Perhaps an IPO can follow as a coin toss to hordes that follow.

    Apparently Margaret had curated and analyzed the last 44 years of Mr. Trump’s pronouncements. Of course the past four years of tweets must have been absolute gold. Perhaps since the demise of his Twitter account his link from the Freeba dot se homepage now leads to a blank screen. I’mpeachy with that, you?

    Do not despair as the new incumbent has as much and more data to be loaded on the site as his developing homepage promises with an “honest” welcome. Hunters don’t be in a blind with the influença virus.

    Would love to chat more, but must Renren for now!

    By the way, awesome coinkydoink from the Inaugural Jan. 20th as the Mr. Biden took the oath 12 minutes early before noon coinciding with the NYT storyline dropping that Mr. Trump had exited Air Force One an hour before and was no longer president. They didn’t note if the proverbial door bumped him on the way out.

  16. I’ll tell yah now on Australia Day . Australia is a 3rd world sheethole down the Schute . Run by facists. Some ridiculous idea of expensive houses and exponential debt . Patriotism the last bastion of tyranny . Not here for me

  17. yellow dog still going down the sewer like markets .. all that printing and still less than 2011 . you blokes should give up the storytelling . massive deflation . storytelling clowns

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