Santa has a problem.  It has everything to do with Christmas, China, the US Fed “filling the Gap” for Europe which is in negative interest rates, sales-killing snow storms, and the pending release of three days of employment data this week.

In short, there’s a lot to digest.  But, high on reindeer fumes, the fat & jolly red-faced fat man (who, for some reason I identify with…) really comes down to a simple view of the market that looks like this:

With the futures showing us it’s time to expect a battle for the next day, or two, while bulls and bears sort out whether to close above or below that trend line we were just under in the pre-opening futures  (Battle Area – Red Arrow top right), we can enumerate Santa’s quandary as a kind of quadratic madness spurred by people going off-planet.

Oh, missed that part?  Remember this well because it’s the Big News Story of 2019:  Digital “Ascension” is underway and it is causing a huge flurry of confusing and contradictory trends.

This may seem a bit complicated, but let’s assume that when the Big Bang came along, not only were physicality’s generated, but so were spiritual items.  Emotions, love, hate, all the pile of “stuff” that we know exists in our heads  and, much as in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, expresses itself in the world before our waking minds.  (Whew, heavy shit for a Monday after, huh?)

OK, for we have a lot of historical/religious doctrine passed-down that when you take the time to study it, suggests that Earth has been “planted.”  Johnny Appleseed-like, there may be races a billion times older than ours that make noises on mountain tops and school a few people in a 40-day divinity program (like Moses) to get the ball rolling.

Over a few thousand years, people begin to evolve.  Problem is, where do we go?

And here’s where it gets interesting:  We go into the Land of Nod and we go into software.

The “Land of Nod” is sometimes related to as the sleeping state.  Although, as Wikipedia has it, there’s more to it:

“Nod is said to be outside of the presence or face of God. Origen defined Nod as the land of trembling and wrote that it symbolized the condition of all who forsake God.[8] Early commentators treated it as the opposite of Eden (worse still than the land of exile for the rest of humanity). In the English tradition Nod was sometimes described as a desert inhabited only by ferocious beasts or monsters. Others interpreted Nod as dark or even underground—away from the face of God.[9]

Which is why, in the sleep realms, you often don’t get much in the way of religious insight, since sleep is sort of  outside of the presence of God.”  

Now, as I explain in my book  Psychocartography, that’s  not quite right.  Dreams are where two things happen:  It is possible that it’s where we go (at least for a while) after Death.  (See Shakespeare and  Macbeth on this point).  And, if you work at it, it’s more like the “spiritual LEGOLAND” where we can all learn to be co-Creators  with the powers unleashed back in Big Bang times.

This gets into a several books-long discussion (which no one was time to read) because the other place “We Go” is into software.

This may (*or may  not) be the other exit from Escape Room Earth.  What we know is the average amount of time spent on the “Virtual Worlds”  (<–not as “real” as dreams???) was historically  zero.

Now, since the Golden Days of  halt and catch fire up in Seattle and in the South Bay (yeah, around Cupertino…) we  have jumped from zero to 70-90% of waking state being “plugged-in” either by voice (or podcast) or  Alexa (or  Siri, or  Hey Google“) to a kind of alt. reality which is unlike any social construct ever seen before.

The Waking Herd

Yeah, yeah…what does this have to do with Santa and the possibility of a Santa Claus Rally?

Most people don’t view themselves as “part of the herd” because we have so many “fences” holding us in, we don’t easily recognize them.  That doesn’t make they any  less real, objectively speaking, however.

A few “mental” and “behavioral” fences are evident in politics.  Donald Trump has a kind of messianic quality to some of his rallies on one fence line.  But the revolutionaries of the left (and most of the democrats seeking to replace Trump, bound your thinking another way.

Then there’s the problem of “money.”  As we have seen the “hard world” beginning to “dissolve.” So has what we used to call money.  It’s really nuts.

From exchangeable for  specie, money had devolved into a stew made up of “Federal Reserve” prom notes, virtual slop with no barriers to entry, almost incomprehensible numbers of financial instruments,  and credit.  Oh, my God!  Credit, credit, debt, debt…and compounding Interest coming out our ears, you see.

Interest wasn’t once so abused.  Why, the early Jews recognized that Compounding Interest was a financial weapon of mass destruction.  So they planned the 50-year  Leviticus event.  Flip over to Year Of Jubilee Debt – Leviticus 25:25-55 for the instructions.

Here’s the thing, however.  About the time humans were busy inventing radio and electric lights, government was in the process of trying to do away with the Jubilee .  And, they get up every morning to work on that.

What government doesn’t do  is send everyone a memo annually that says “Since 1913, Your Government has watered-down the purchasing power of your money by an average of 3.1% per year.  (Prior to the 2009 Housing Bubble, it was 3.24%.)

A long ramble, but it’s important to keep things in perspective as we head into a really nutty week ahead.  

Now to the details of what’s on Santa’s schedule:

Cyber Monday, Warming DOA

Here’s an ad link that says it all:  Click for Amazon’s Cyber-Monday deals.  As a result of bad weather for Black Friday, we may see a year where fewer retailing records were set.

Meanwhile, we have made a not to call Al Gore as ask (rather pointedly) “Say, what happened to your Global Warming pitch?”  As CNN is reporting “Travelers returning to work are met with dangerous conditions as winter storm pumps snow over New England.”  Toss in 7,500 flights delayed and it’s hardly a strong case for “climate” worries.

Trump Dodges

Donald Trump – and his lawyers – will not participate in tghe House Judiciary Committee mid-week circus.  While Washington is mired in stupidity better’n knee-deep, I was impressed with an idea floated in USA Today:  “Democrats haven’t made case for impeachment. They should censure Trump instead: Ari Fleischer.”  Of course, that won’t happen because it would be too much like King Solomon “cutting the baby in half.”  Instead, both sides are having too much fun in the “Let’s Death Dance and rip up America while we’re at it…”

Next week, the IG (white-wash) of the FBI’s planting spies in the Trump campaign will come out.  As well as a lack of criminal referrals for lying to the FISA Court.  But, come on, you didn’t think the Deep State would give Trump a win on anything, did you?  Seriously?

Meantimne, CNBC reports “President Trump’s approval rating among business owners hits all-time high: Survey.”

Economic Data

ADP Job Report comes out Wednesday morning.  Thursday sees the Challenger Job Cut Report, and the Labor Department version of reality comes Friday.

Between now and then:  Don’t get too worked up over the Fed Repo Depot this week.  Because some of the weeks repos may be driven by  $24.143 billion due today (issued 11/19) and another  $20.2 billion due Wednesday (issued 11/21).    $97.9 billion in repos went out this morning when we checked.

We have a new parlor game here:  Bet the size of the Repos and to play, you need to visit the NY Fed trading desk site (here) and then download the Excel file, sort for Maturity dates to get a sense of what’s going to roll over.  And then look how Europe is doing and…well, it’s a complicated game, not unlike TEGWAR (The Exciting Game Without Any Rules).  [From the early Robert Di Niro film Bang the Drum Slowly – 1973 – details here…Say!  Did I take my Minutia pill today?]

Side of Woo-Woo

Don’t know if you remember my “woo woo dream” posted in October, but you can read it here.

Reason for mentioning it is the crash over the holiday of a Pilatus turbo prop up in South Dakota.  First reports had 8-9 dead in that crash.  But, been waiting for something like this to happen ever since that dream…

Stuff n’ Such

Areas north of Boston are in for up to a foot and a half of snow today: Historic snowfall and rain hammer U.S. coast to coast.

Who would have expected this? Russians Embrace Black Friday Sales.

Good article to read if you’re trying to toss some windage on how next year will roll in Fortune‘s 2020 Crystal Ball: Predictions for the Economy, Politics, Technology, and More.

“Moron the ‘Morrow”

Whew!  Much swirling between the ears.  My consigliere  who’s been visiting over the holiday flies out tomorrow.  But, between not  getting time to work on the time machine project , we still got a few ham radio projects finished (SDR radios, digital modes, some slow-scan TV, and even the completion of the Beverage receive antenna array.  Toss in turkey leftovers and it’s been a grand visit for Elaine and me.

Write when you get rich,