Markets Waiting for Santa (Us too!)

Santa has a problem.  It has everything to do with Christmas, China, the US Fed “filling the Gap” for Europe which is in negative interest rates, sales-killing snow storms, and the pending release of three days of employment data this week.

In short, there’s a lot to digest.  But, high on reindeer fumes, the fat & jolly red-faced fat man (who, for some reason I identify with…) really comes down to a simple view of the market that looks like this:

With the futures showing us it’s time to expect a battle for the next day, or two, while bulls and bears sort out whether to close above or below that trend line we were just under in the pre-opening futures  (Battle Area – Red Arrow top right), we can enumerate Santa’s quandary as a kind of quadratic madness spurred by people going off-planet.

Oh, missed that part?  Remember this well because it’s the Big News Story of 2019:  Digital “Ascension” is underway and it is causing a huge flurry of confusing and contradictory trends.

This may seem a bit complicated, but let’s assume that when the Big Bang came along, not only were physicality’s generated, but so were spiritual items.  Emotions, love, hate, all the pile of “stuff” that we know exists in our heads  and, much as in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, expresses itself in the world before our waking minds.  (Whew, heavy shit for a Monday after, huh?)

OK, for we have a lot of historical/religious doctrine passed-down that when you take the time to study it, suggests that Earth has been “planted.”  Johnny Appleseed-like, there may be races a billion times older than ours that make noises on mountain tops and school a few people in a 40-day divinity program (like Moses) to get the ball rolling.

Over a few thousand years, people begin to evolve.  Problem is, where do we go?

And here’s where it gets interesting:  We go into the Land of Nod and we go into software.

The “Land of Nod” is sometimes related to as the sleeping state.  Although, as Wikipedia has it, there’s more to it:

“Nod is said to be outside of the presence or face of God. Origen defined Nod as the land of trembling and wrote that it symbolized the condition of all who forsake God.[8] Early commentators treated it as the opposite of Eden (worse still than the land of exile for the rest of humanity). In the English tradition Nod was sometimes described as a desert inhabited only by ferocious beasts or monsters. Others interpreted Nod as dark or even underground—away from the face of God.[9]

Which is why, in the sleep realms, you often don’t get much in the way of religious insight, since sleep is sort of  outside of the presence of God.”  

Now, as I explain in my book  Psychocartography, that’s  not quite right.  Dreams are where two things happen:  It is possible that it’s where we go (at least for a while) after Death.  (See Shakespeare and  Macbeth on this point).  And, if you work at it, it’s more like the “spiritual LEGOLAND” where we can all learn to be co-Creators  with the powers unleashed back in Big Bang times.

This gets into a several books-long discussion (which no one was time to read) because the other place “We Go” is into software.

This may (*or may  not) be the other exit from Escape Room Earth.  What we know is the average amount of time spent on the “Virtual Worlds”  (<–not as “real” as dreams???) was historically  zero.

Now, since the Golden Days of  halt and catch fire up in Seattle and in the South Bay (yeah, around Cupertino…) we  have jumped from zero to 70-90% of waking state being “plugged-in” either by voice (or podcast) or  Alexa (or  Siri, or  Hey Google“) to a kind of alt. reality which is unlike any social construct ever seen before.

The Waking Herd

Yeah, yeah…what does this have to do with Santa and the possibility of a Santa Claus Rally?

Most people don’t view themselves as “part of the herd” because we have so many “fences” holding us in, we don’t easily recognize them.  That doesn’t make they any  less real, objectively speaking, however.

A few “mental” and “behavioral” fences are evident in politics.  Donald Trump has a kind of messianic quality to some of his rallies on one fence line.  But the revolutionaries of the left (and most of the democrats seeking to replace Trump, bound your thinking another way.

Then there’s the problem of “money.”  As we have seen the “hard world” beginning to “dissolve.” So has what we used to call money.  It’s really nuts.

From exchangeable for  specie, money had devolved into a stew made up of “Federal Reserve” prom notes, virtual slop with no barriers to entry, almost incomprehensible numbers of financial instruments,  and credit.  Oh, my God!  Credit, credit, debt, debt…and compounding Interest coming out our ears, you see.

Interest wasn’t once so abused.  Why, the early Jews recognized that Compounding Interest was a financial weapon of mass destruction.  So they planned the 50-year  Leviticus event.  Flip over to Year Of Jubilee Debt – Leviticus 25:25-55 for the instructions.

Here’s the thing, however.  About the time humans were busy inventing radio and electric lights, government was in the process of trying to do away with the Jubilee .  And, they get up every morning to work on that.

What government doesn’t do  is send everyone a memo annually that says “Since 1913, Your Government has watered-down the purchasing power of your money by an average of 3.1% per year.  (Prior to the 2009 Housing Bubble, it was 3.24%.)

A long ramble, but it’s important to keep things in perspective as we head into a really nutty week ahead.  

Now to the details of what’s on Santa’s schedule:

Cyber Monday, Warming DOA

Here’s an ad link that says it all:  Click for Amazon’s Cyber-Monday deals.  As a result of bad weather for Black Friday, we may see a year where fewer retailing records were set.

Meanwhile, we have made a not to call Al Gore as ask (rather pointedly) “Say, what happened to your Global Warming pitch?”  As CNN is reporting “Travelers returning to work are met with dangerous conditions as winter storm pumps snow over New England.”  Toss in 7,500 flights delayed and it’s hardly a strong case for “climate” worries.

Trump Dodges

Donald Trump – and his lawyers – will not participate in tghe House Judiciary Committee mid-week circus.  While Washington is mired in stupidity better’n knee-deep, I was impressed with an idea floated in USA Today:  “Democrats haven’t made case for impeachment. They should censure Trump instead: Ari Fleischer.”  Of course, that won’t happen because it would be too much like King Solomon “cutting the baby in half.”  Instead, both sides are having too much fun in the “Let’s Death Dance and rip up America while we’re at it…”

Next week, the IG (white-wash) of the FBI’s planting spies in the Trump campaign will come out.  As well as a lack of criminal referrals for lying to the FISA Court.  But, come on, you didn’t think the Deep State would give Trump a win on anything, did you?  Seriously?

Meantimne, CNBC reports “President Trump’s approval rating among business owners hits all-time high: Survey.”

Economic Data

ADP Job Report comes out Wednesday morning.  Thursday sees the Challenger Job Cut Report, and the Labor Department version of reality comes Friday.

Between now and then:  Don’t get too worked up over the Fed Repo Depot this week.  Because some of the weeks repos may be driven by  $24.143 billion due today (issued 11/19) and another  $20.2 billion due Wednesday (issued 11/21).    $97.9 billion in repos went out this morning when we checked.

We have a new parlor game here:  Bet the size of the Repos and to play, you need to visit the NY Fed trading desk site (here) and then download the Excel file, sort for Maturity dates to get a sense of what’s going to roll over.  And then look how Europe is doing and…well, it’s a complicated game, not unlike TEGWAR (The Exciting Game Without Any Rules).  [From the early Robert Di Niro film Bang the Drum Slowly – 1973 – details here…Say!  Did I take my Minutia pill today?]

Side of Woo-Woo

Don’t know if you remember my “woo woo dream” posted in October, but you can read it here.

Reason for mentioning it is the crash over the holiday of a Pilatus turbo prop up in South Dakota.  First reports had 8-9 dead in that crash.  But, been waiting for something like this to happen ever since that dream…

Stuff n’ Such

Areas north of Boston are in for up to a foot and a half of snow today: Historic snowfall and rain hammer U.S. coast to coast.

Who would have expected this? Russians Embrace Black Friday Sales.

Good article to read if you’re trying to toss some windage on how next year will roll in Fortune‘s 2020 Crystal Ball: Predictions for the Economy, Politics, Technology, and More.

“Moron the ‘Morrow”

Whew!  Much swirling between the ears.  My consigliere  who’s been visiting over the holiday flies out tomorrow.  But, between not  getting time to work on the time machine project , we still got a few ham radio projects finished (SDR radios, digital modes, some slow-scan TV, and even the completion of the Beverage receive antenna array.  Toss in turkey leftovers and it’s been a grand visit for Elaine and me.

Write when you get rich,

39 thoughts on “Markets Waiting for Santa (Us too!)”

  1. George,

    ” suggests that Earth has been “planted.”

    Here’s a link to a video that can get you to a new pay for it streaming video by Linda Moulton Howe on alien structures in Antarctica. I have been following this and there seems to be fire where there is smoke and there is some strange smoke at the south pole. Price: about $15.
    Skip the over priced latte at Star Bucks and watch the video.

    “It is possible that it’s where we go (at least for a while) after Death.”

    “Is There Life after Death? Fifty Years of Research at UVA”

    A surprisingly honest presentation of the facts!

    “a Pilatus turbo prop up in South Dakota.”

    For all you airplane admirer’s here’s a video of a B-29 engine start up and running on a test stand. Very impressive night run. No mufflers!

  2. I just met with one of my agents very early this morning briefly for coffee. She just returned from southern Florida visiting her ailing father. One of the things he wanted to see was Trump at a rally in Sunrise, Florida. Although she is sickened by all things Trump, she also is a good daughter and her fathers illness is leading to other complications and she thought it could cheer him up.

    George…The reason for my comment is based on your comment…”Donald Trump has a kind of messianic quality to some of his rallies on one fence line”

    My agent told me that is really NOT the case. The world of Trump rallies is a step into a world that is the complete opposite of our world out on the coasts. She is very social and approachable, she got to know all of the surrounding people near her dad in the arena. She asked them why they support Trump and why they were there. She was surprised to learn that most were there mostly for the raucous nature of the event itself. She said some of the people were drunk and a scent of marijuana was prevalent…Several told her that going to a Trump rally was like a World Wrestling Or MME event. Many said it was just a spectacle that they couldn’t miss. Oh, there were many that thought Trump was the chosen one, but there were many that don’t take him seriously and we’re just there for the laughs.

    My agents take on what Trump said? She said it was like a surreal reality show theater. Ninety percent of what he said was just total lies. And, the rest of what Trump says is just a rambling mess of anti-consciousness. And yes, he did make her laugh on a few occasions.

    The thing is…most people knew it was all a show…it’s like a comedian talking about his relationship with his wife…yeah, it’s funny…and may be based on a tiny bit of truth, but you know deep down it’s an exaggeration of his marriage…otherwise they wouldn’t be married. But to many, it’s great entertainment…just like a WWE event… You know it’s not real wrestling, but the choreography and the characters involved keep people entertained. The funny thing is, Trump loves WWE and recently just attended an event…Coincidence?

    • This post proves that Mark should be banned for 5 years. More second hand info slamming Trump. Every liberal “heard something” negative about Trump which automatically becomes the truth according to the likes of Mark, Barbie & the rest of the liberal misfits. Barbie just saw & heard what she wanted to. Probably if you talked to Barbie’s father, the story would be 180% different. Facts or the truth has no place in Barbie’s tiny mind when Trump is involved. I am sure she is a fine agent although.

      Trump is an excellent speaker & doesn’t need a teleprompter like Obama. Bidden just rambles on & no one knows what he is saying. The Dems have provided more than suffient actions showing they are destroying the American Republic, so Trump has no incentive to lie, the Dems have cooked their own goose.

    • @MARKZ

      Just talking to your agent friend who was at a 20000 people event…and she talked to a few around her…and YOU come away with “My agents take on what Trump said? She said it was like a surreal reality show theater. Ninety percent of what he said was just total lies. And, the rest of what Trump says is just a rambling mess of anti-consciousness. And yes, he did make her laugh on a few occasions.”

      YOUR account is what really is like a WWE event..also it just makes ME laugh…at you…

      • I saw the speech. It’s on You tube and if you think that anything Trumps said was truthful, coherent, and the mark of a great speaker, son, I can’t help your chronic disease.

        You and the rest of the people that commented are the most delusional people on planet earth. I feel very sorry for you all. You ARE the victims of Trumps and Fox’s Digital Mob. They seized your brains and are holding them captive in their propaganda machine.

      • I wonder MARK… I see the point your are coming from.. but it surprises me non the less..
        What will you be thinking the day you feel compelled to leap from the top of the once mighty empire you have built after the Idol’s you bow down to have caused your empire to crumble.
        Or you could start chanting to the gods that the idol’s have chosen…..

        You might as well start packing it in paper sacks and dropping it all at doorsteps now before it is all gone or worth nothing only enough to buy a loaf of bread and cheese..

    • “there were many that thought Trump was the chosen one”

      Unfortunately I never thought that..
      But lined up against the rest of the best that America has to offer.. he was the best choice. Hes sincere whether or not it is income driven and of all of the rest he has the clout to go to to toe..

  3. I do imagine, from time to time, how someone who lived 3000-odd years ago would describe a vision of our times. Electricity. Radio. Television. Telephone. Internet. Air travel. Space travel. Submarines. Cybernetics. Atomic weapons. Nuclear power. Automobiles. One can go on and on.

    Now, imagine one of us, here today, having a dream of somewhere around 3000 years from today, assuming we (or universe) don’t vaporize ourselves. Could we do such a vision justice? So I give the ‘prophets’ of old a ton of credit for putting into words crazy visions of technologies they never experienced nor ever could have imagined.

    • In 2007 I attended a two day Remote Viewing course with Ed Dames in Las Vegas. My goal was to determine if it actually works. I can report that it does! Of the ten targets we worked I was able to express aspects of each target. One target in particular was very accurate.

      This proved to me that the technique worked and has been turned into a technology by the military. It also turns out almost anyone can do it.

      I believe the ‘prophets’ of old were using Remote Viewing as their tool. They didn’t call it Remote Viewing. They just had visions.

      By the way Warhammer you should investigate the goings on in Antarctica. The Air Force seems to have a big part in operations there.

      • Rocket: We’re you able to use remote viewing for lottery, casino, sports betting, or stock market profits?

        I have absolutely 0% psychic ability so I may not be a good remote viewing candidate.

      • When I was in the service they had a project to test sleep deprivation and work.. anyway there was a bunch of us from all branches of the military we went through a series of classes to learn the basically meditating whole body relaxation.. then kept a log for three months..
        It wasnt anything wild or crazy and later on I used the techniques I had learned to basically work day and night..
        We hate funny is Ed Dames was the guy that taught us the meditation techniques to relax.
        There wasnt ever anything about seeing stuff or predicting things though..

    • I’ve heard this theory before from reliable source.
      Permit me to also include the technological possibility of time travel in this formula. Perhaps prophets of old had some wine, olives, and bread with people from the future.
      Additionally, dreams no matter how old, cannot be discounted. I dreamt of Weimaraner dogs guarding over shoes a month or so back. A man from Denmark videoed a theory shortly around that time of FF’S leaving shoes behind as a calling card (real time). He predicted a series of FF’s in about 5 cities/areas at once. He was ‘off’ on his timing.
      Well it may not have been exact but T-day weekend there were enough stabbings (more than guns now) to ring a bell- London, Paris, Mexico City, Russia, and other such areas.
      I am also reminded of variables to the pot of woo woo, aliens, and techno wars to influence our present/future and make markets go nuts; that may be participation in NM. Dulce to be exact.

    • 3,000 years ago would be 1,000 B.C. How would a person from that time come to grips with modern racial diversity, trans-world and trans-continental? Nordics seeing Greeks and vice versa? How about how commonplace healthy men over 6 feet tall are now, and tall women, or how about shorter 300 pound people? Healthy farm animals, preponderance of pets. How would someone from 1,000 B.C. react to a grocery store? (S)he probably would starve to death outside of a grocery store because (s)he would not recognize 99% of the stuff inside as food, to include the fruits and vegetables. Paper, plastic, cardboard boxes?

      Which is better, 1,000 B.C. wine or ale, or the modern stuff?

      It would probably be extremely overwhelming for him or her and us. While our visitor might be a wise one from his or her period, we might view the person as a dullard. I can’t see the world in 5,000 A.D. being more complex.

      As for us, at some point, we peak and start devolving. I suspect 1,000 years from now, everything will be spartan for efficiency sake, or we would all be living like it was 1,000 B.C. again. (See Hubbard’s “Battlefield Earth”)

      And who are the prophets and where are their prophecies for the future? I keep looking for Edgar Cayce’s but can never find them for public consumption. Any others? Do corporations hire clairvoyants?

      On a different topic, I wonder if refined sugar was addicting during the Middle Ages…

      • When I think of 5000bc I think of Noah.. now my thought always goes to the fact that he built a big boat in the middle of the high plains.. it just didnt pop up it took years to build..
        I totally get the kids helping yo build it.. heck my kids fear my new projects lol.. hey I think moms calling lol
        But consider the passerby residents..
        You know him building the boat was the neighborhood joke.. hey Noah hows the boat .. kind of looks like rain..
        What were they thinking..
        I think of nostradamus he had to hide his predictions because he was afraid to be put to death horribly.
        Similarly Ben Franklin and his experimenting with dead bodies.. it was just a wild tale till they dug up his basement a few years ago.. suspected him of being a serial killer..
        My realative that abandoned his family to run around the hes a hero but back then he subjected his family to possible death..what was his thought.
        From stories my great great uncle told me..I often wondered if there wasnt some argument over a certain maiden and it got out of hand. Not certain if DNA would show after this many years but have been curious if he had somehow been involved..I would love to find out.. what would they think seeing how we have made what they all sacrificed for into a joke.

    • Mark knock off the b******* if you don’t have a video that shows what you’re talkin about ,go sit in the corner

  4. 100 Toaster series coming back or is it on hold due to more pressing matters? Thank you so much for the work you do. It has helped me quite a bit in learning about the real world and staying alert. Also knowing what really matters and what doesn’t. Thank you!

  5. “Since 1913, Your Government has watered-down the purchasing power of your money by an average of 3.1% per year. (Prior to the 2009 Housing Bubble, it was 3.24%.)”

    And not one of the perpeTRAITORS is being hanged, drawn and quartered. What an amazing business ;-(.

  6. Is it true there’s only 3.1 trillion in gold and silver and is that significative to france, and the price of rubys’ or stock market equities

    • Bryce.. I have been considering a new currency backed by peanuts.. my guess is theres more of them than gold. And if not..we’ll just plant more

  7. Mark because they were tight with the president doesn’t mean they were drunk ,any Outsider including you I would think so but if you had a party or a person that you attended and you acted in a wild way we would all think you’re drunk and on marijuana or some wow drugs to, we will call you and all the people that you are associated with a Saratoga,Schuylesville attempting an American revolution

    • I agree with your description of what has happened to the middle class – Can anyone tell me exactly what he has done to reverse that condition – other than feel good platitudes and HOPE. The stock market performance does not affect these folks ……. I come from that demographic and when I go home to see my pals there is NO demonstrable change in their condition. NONE. ZIP NADA. Anyone have the tally of the Billions we have received from the tariffs? Any accounting whatsoever?

      • CLAWSY…DJT.. has been trying to get more manufacturers to hire american’s.. Congress has been trying since before he got into office to convince us that we don’t want to have the changes that are needed.. they have been bombarding us up to a hundred times an hour on how we should hate the changes we wanted in the first place..
        So DJT is a little arrogant and narcissistic.. the fact that he is trying to make changes that will secure his fortune instead of going down the yellow river road of the puppetteers going down the drain that are trying to distroy our country dissolve the currency that we use and cause a depression and possibilities of a war ( war usually rebuilds a country through manufacturing.. in the world of reach out and touch someone hell is coming our way fast) that will go down in the legends of the world as one of the most iconic and devistation of the planet.. ( that is if the human race can survive)
        in my lifetime he has done more than any other president to date.. notice how caustic it gets when you start opening the swamp.. take the latest.. Ukraine.. and the money skimming skeems..lost 21 trillion of black murkey swamp water money.. There is very little the average person can do but vote.. from what I have read policies have already been put in place to stop anyone from changing their future plans.. ( I personally doubt that voting would make any difference either since I truly believe that the puppeteers have corrupted the voting process so that it to is in their control) even those that should be looking out for our best interests have been boughten and policies in place to replace them if they don’t follow the mandated changes..
        we have all been given our place in the Arkinsas mouse trap…

  8. What has been missing lately in the news.
    1. Bigfoot – I haven’t heard of any new sightings or missing people.
    2. UFO’s & Alien Abductions – nothing afoot
    3. Andy – he must be off on a new adventure.

  9. Santa came early this year & brought me a book on “Passing Your Amateur Radio Technician Class Test” & a Baofeng UV-5R EX. I am charging the battery as I speak.

  10. Dam… had the closest thing to a nightmare last night…
    A friend of mines sister has a drug addiction and because of funds has a huge waiting period before it will be available for them to get the help they needed. They asked if there was anything I could do to speed up the process.. well by crackie I can so I hobble my fat azz over for coffee.. no problems old man we’ll make sure they get the help expedited. Then during coffee we started to visit about another facility.. one we depend on for our income.. he use to be a bean counter and was talking about how he couldn’t fathom why they charged so much.. gave me the figure..2200.00 a month… I said you do realize that’s not even minimum wage for one person 8 hours a day. Three shifts ..
    So all night all I could think of is how they can possibly stay open for business. If anything happens building wise it could be a nightmare..

    • Update….got the text.. the young lady reached out..the ball is moving..
      Several states away they fast tracked that you young lady.. shes going to get the treatment she needs asap..the way the text sounded tomorrow she’ll be admitted..
      I just pray it takes. The fact that she is asking for help is a good sign..

  11. told yah !!! brace yourself !!! santa aint coming !! here come da horn guy !!! ozzie dollar commodity based currency!!! aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa .. da lies are up !! defationary depression .. inflationary depression? bah humbug

  12. Regarding “suggests that earth was planted”…..consider if you will the theories of panspermia and directed panspermia as put forward by Francis Crick in his 1981 book titled, “Life Itself, it’s Origin and Nature”. Crick, of the Nobel winning “Watson and Crick” team who co-discovered the human DNA double helix, was a life long atheist, but by the end of his life’s work studying DNA decided DNA was too complex to have arisen by chance and chemical accident, and searched for an alternate means by which earth life DNA in all it’s forms could have occurred. His book explores the idea of life forms sent intentionally to earth, (directed panspermia) from an advanced extraterrestrial civilization. He decided the odds of life on earth arising due only to chance chemical reactions alone was akin to the odds of a tornado tearing through a junkyard and accidentally assembling a 747 airliner. Ironically, despite his atheist views, at the end of his career and life, realized an off world kick start to “seeding” life on earth was needed, and wrote this book late in his life, clearly avoiding a religious explanation. However, religious explanations for life on earth and Panspermia theories are not very far apart.

    • You should watch the movie “Promethius” which addresses Crick’s suspicions. The aliens are called “Builders”.

  13. Land of Nod … Ascension … Crystal Ball … Prophets of Old … Big Bang … Hmmm … I seem to remember G___’s friend Andy tossing out a mid-December date for a dark swan of biblical fury.

    The most damning accusation I ever recall anyone making to my face was “you remember everything”.

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