14 thoughts on “Details: The ‘29 Comparison”

  1. Question: Pete and Repeat walk into a bar. Pete walks out. Who’s left?

    The answer is the U.S.-China trade war. Duh…

  2. KISS Principle: URE INDEX 30,666. Push the sell button. Sort of Cramer like. George, you should email Jim Cramer at CNBC your 1929 chart & ask his opinion. He may put It on Mad Money.

    • Hell, no!
      Cramer would ‘appropriate’ it, use it as his own, and George wouldn’t even get the $40.00. Plus Jim has the connections to overcome the copyright.
      It would also screw Georges paying subscribers.

  3. Has anyone noticed in retirement the greatest expense is Dental. I guess teeth go first. It keeps the dentists at full employment & is an outlet for all the free money we earned in the market. Money in motion is what makes our economy steam forward.

    • That’s a great question NC….
      I would say medical..lawyers.. if your healthy enough to survive till you join a long term nursing facility ..
      There are pros and cons to it..unless your super wealthy you’ll leave with a couple of boxes of assorted crap a few photos and memories ..


      In the end It all goes to Medical and lawyers..you can prepay your internment.
      If you start early enough you can give it away.. pay off a childs house or school loans..

  4. Whatever the problem, the biggest problem that matters is our monetary system, IMHO. It’s interesting to note, that only one year after the FED was created, WW1 had started.

    From my investigations WW1 could have never been executed w/o easy money!!! The same applied to subsequent wars. We have to return to some sort of “Gold standard discipline,” or it will matter little whom you elect for POTUS or Congress.

    My advice, re-read Adam Smith “Wealth of Nations” and try to act accordindly.

  5. “CBS story here says much of what we’ve been saying for years about the battle over the future of retailing. The future of the American mall.”

    Meh… Mel Simon has already made his billions.

    “Similar concerns in the NY Post story here about the lack of shopping frenzy in NYC at anchor stores like Macy’s.”

    I haven’t seen packed parking lots in Maul(sic) versions of Saks, Macy’s, Carson’s, Bloomingdales (or Sears or Penney’s FTM) in several years. The caché to a Macy’s, Saks, etc. is in shopping the parent store, not some satellite store used as a mall anchor in Podunk. Going to Marshal Fields and Carson Pirie Scott in Chi-Town or Hudson’s in Detroit was pretty special, too. Going to their modern-day iterations, not so much. ‘Thing is, once you’ve been to the parent one time, the fascination is gone and the hassles of shopping NYC (or Philly, Detroit, or Chicago) don’t justify a return trip, unless you’re looking for a photo-op (or celeb photo-bomb) in some gossip rag…

  6. I think a 10 .. maybe 15%+ short term correction in the near term is quite likely as this market is running on fumes, tweets and repo injections of funny $$. Then maybe a decent bounce to re-test the latest high in SPX of 3150 into the spring (May) and then the big suck-out and the bottom of primary 4 around SPX 2000 will play out over late summer heading into the 2020 (s)election. You think tptb gonna let DJT skate in to a second term with a smoking hot market ?? Come on George .. your time machine needs a tune up.

  7. Every once in a while I run across an article drawing a comparison between current economics and the long depression of the 1870’s. I’m not sure how you would do a comparison chart of something like that. Bond markets and robber barons seem to figure into that analogy. Any insights you can share G_____ ?

  8. commission and fees on EVERY single stock bought or sold…..who profits not the ira/401k holder…..funny $$$ to banksters who bid up /down the stocks….’wash ,rinse’,repeat…daily….Dump coming ….then up again….same ‘suckers”’pay the price…UNLESS………Ure be chillin’ ahead of the ‘lemmings’

  9. It is no surprise financial institutions see the working public as “milk cows.” Sad part is, the public allows it to happen! If you have seen the movie, “Tucker, The Man and His Dream” there is a very pertinent scene where Tucker says to a politician “First Time I have SEEN a politician with hands in his own pocket.” (The politician stood with both hands in his pocket when ‘Tucker’ said that) And so it goes!

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