Market Divergences – Expectations Dim

Right out of the chute today,  a nod to the National Federation of Independent Business.  Which issued a not-so-happy outlook today:  “The net percent of owners expecting better business conditions falls 55 points in 4 months.”

Additional Details:

“WASHINGTON, D.C. (Feb. 9, 2021) – The NFIB Small Business Optimism Index declined in January to 95.0, down 0.9 from December and three points below the 47-year average of 98. Owners expecting better business conditions over the next six months declined seven points to a net negative 23%, the lowest level since November 2013. The net percent of owners expecting better business conditions has fallen 55 points over the past four months.

“As Congress debates another stimulus package, small employers welcome any additional relief that will provide a powerful fiscal boost as their expectations for the future are uncertain,” said NFIB Chief Economist Bill Dunkelberg. “The COVID-19 pandemic continues to dictate how small businesses operate and owners are worried about future business conditions and sales.”

Drilling into it a bit:

Key findings include:

  • Four of the 10 Index components declined, two improved, and four were unchanged.
  • The NFIB Uncertainty Index decreased 2 points to 80.
  • Sales expectations for the next three months declined 2 points to a net negative 6%.
  • Earnings trends over the past three months declined 2 points to a net negative 16% reporting higher earnings compared to the prior period.

As we’ve discussed many times:  The business picture is weakening and the amount of money being created out of “thin air” is evidence of “the U.S. Plan to Avoid Depression.”

Simply, a Big Data view shows a semi-collapsed economy with normalcy bias preventing social recognition.  That’s fed by simply “making up money”.  But at some point, Bubbles always break.  The hard part is when.

After the data, Dow futures were down 50-ish.  Pretty normal-looking backing and filling in a rally mode.

Financial Hype

Where to begin?  We have an economy still “down” from CV-19.  However, with reports of the disease dropping dramatically, we can’t help but wonder “Has the data collection process been hijacked?”

Because when you look at the Johns Hopkins daily cases since the Inauguration, we can’t help but notice something akin to a linear decline which doesn’t seem quite natural:

Pardon the pen-wobble but you can see this decline is looking most un-natural.  Spawning headlines like Covid Cases Lowest Since October” which leads to the chart here.

With AstraZeneca’s rollout on hold, J&J work slow, too, places like South Africa not only don’t have a plan but could now become a kind of global agar dish for variants.  Marvey!

I’ve kicked the decline around with a couple of docs I know.  One, who runs a large national medical organization, has had the virus twice.  He dealt with it with hydroxychloroquine, realizing the drug was downplayed because it’s a generic now.

You may not frequent law firm blogs, but last summer there was a great discussion in The Lancet’s Retracted COVID-19 Study And What It Says About Treating a New Disease: Part I.  His suspicions that the disease is more about power and money than good medicine has that “ring” to it.

But, another doc told me the statistical data may simply be the result of less testing being done (after the inauguration???).  Still, we haven’t seen any convincing data on claims that nasal swabs are used to spread variants.

Fake news, fake medicine, where does it end?

Well, contrary to the rational expectation:

Bubble On, Dudes

Bitcoin had pulled back to $45,000 after topping $48,000.  At least, tulips could be fried.

MarketWatch lays it out in “Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq end at records, powered by stimulus hopes and energy sector gains.

Democrats in D.C.. (Fools on the Hill) are trying to roll a $1,400 per person stimulus bill into something that could be passed.  As we correctly forecast last fall, 1) Don’t expect another stimulus check before the election [easily nailed that one!] and 2) Not until spring, if then.

March 21 will bring Spring…so 39-days to get money into your bank, or Ure will notch another one for logical thinking processes…

A.I. Tuesday

Let’s see how search engines are out to program us today, shall we?  On the “big G stands for Goodness” we see the full-Trump slam is rolling on with:

Which means, near as we can figure that:

  • Nothing has replaced Trump as a news media eye-magnet and monetization – yet.
  • Example:  The NY Times front page this morning was impeach, impeach, impeach, GOP militia, conservative media, Fox defending in its $2.7 billion voting machine case, and oh yeah, and…
  • The WHO (who we trust very little) is now repeating China’s claim that CV-19 didn’t come from their lab.  The WHO can only go on what China allows them to see, so it’s like cops trying to find a killer…who’s doling out evidence in just a certain way…  (with apologies to Red Jon in the TV show The Mentalist).

The B news search results are reminding us that there’s been a passing in the music world:

Which brings up “The Supremes’ Mary Wilson Dead at 76: Diana Ross and Berry Gordy Pay Tribute.”  Great singer!

So much for A.I.  Next stop?

The Feeds

Which include:

Last look at the futures (Dow -58) and so – a column under 1,000 words.  How refreshing, huh?

Report on Elaine’s surgery coming Thursday…charts only on the Peoplenomics side tomorrow, but those are just interesting as hell.

Write when you get rich,

41 thoughts on “Market Divergences – Expectations Dim”

  1. ‘Pardon the pen-wobble but you can see this decline is looking most un-natural……. ‘

    Could it be, could it be…that there is just something unnatural about the entire ‘pandemic.’ Keep searching. The obvious answer is there, but since I am a good guy, I will truncate the research for you. It was all a scam to begin with because they never had an isolated virus AND they used a PCR lab procedure that when run on very high cycles would give them a ‘positive’ test given that any RNA fragment captured could be ‘assumed’ to be part of the covid 19 ‘virus.’

    You see how that works – nice and tidy and you get Anthony Fauci to verify it – after all, he is America’s top infectious disease ‘expert.’

    • Uh huh. My first thought when this media driven pandemic came onto the scene last January 2020 was, they hate Trump so much they’ll destroy the global economy to destroy his bragging rights and re- election. Yes, the deep staters, the WHO, John Hopkins et al, the IMF, the WEF and China’s global domination tour are that evil and power driven. Fauci is nothing but a shill for big pharma and whoever flatters his ego to get the “expert” message they want.

      • I’m a Microsoft partner. Me and some of my colleagues talked about how they had an entire marketing campaign complete with partner communication and materials about remote workers, etc right out of the gate when things were supposed to still be “temporary”. We noticed corporations like McD’s were quick to have pandemic info on their cups, etc. at a time when all this was supposed to be over quickly. Huge corporations that can’t just turn on a dime invested so heavily and implemented so timely for something… temporary.

  2. So basically wave analysis is now useless in a subsidized market? The crash will come when the rich have offloaded enough of their holdings that they don’t care anymore and will want to return to interest rate income.

  3. “As Congress debates another stimulus package, small employers welcome any additional relief that will provide a powerful fiscal boost as their expectations for the future are uncertain,”

    Here is a Hint… they won’t get enough.. sure they delayed the huge eviction.. but those people are still on the list to be booted out..

    People are thousands and thousands behind… on everything… the fourteen hundred is just a drop in the barrel.. right now the fourteen hundred will just put a little water on the table.. the changes that will be made will still come.. remember the farm crisis…same thing then just didn’t affect as many people as this time..

  4. Dr Fauci in a 2008 article said mask cause bacterial pneumonia and were the major cause of death during the Spanish flu.
    just scroll done a little or hit the “content” button in the link
    just WHO is the enemy and has been lying to US, come on sheeple

  5. Glad the Sahara dust is going elsewhere now. We had red skies out here in the West many times over the past few years.

    I hope a lot of your report is basically tongue in cheek to keep from being Captain Obvious. If it’s NOT obvious to people without an agenda the Fools In Charge are trying to disassemble this country as fast as possible then they’re high as a kite. See Tucker’s interview with Sheriff A.J. Louderback as he “claims Biden has ‘defunded ICE by memorandum'” – The Left will do everything to destroy any and all conservative strongholds remaining in Amerika.

    But, I have to wonder, do they know it really doesn’t matter anyway? Suspicious 0bservers’ post today describes the changes that are overtaking our solar system as the planets’ rotation speeds take a jump, new storms on Jupiter and Neptune appear, and other stars close by show their reactions to the galactic wave as it makes it 12,000 year pass by known – Perhaps we’ll wake up soon to see that D.C. is void of almost all politicians as they head to their respective D.U.M.B.s. The book series “One Second After” may turn out to be more fact than fiction sooner than we think.

    Dangit! I knew I should have dug that bunker a long time ago!

    • “as they head to their respective D.U.M.B.s. ”

      The question is.. when is the appropriate time to head to the D.U.M.B.s if you are two thousand miles away from one… you have to know a good three days before … if there is anything that comes up.. you don’t make it.. sure in DC they are all over to get in… in some of the strangest places.. but COG has them all traveling to different areas… and seriously.. when are they in DC.. very rarely..
      in other countries.. they have prepared for the people.. I think because they know that like myself.. I have read a lot of books on welding but I am not a welder.. you need someone that works with it daily and hourly.. when I built cabinets.. the boss was great at managing a cabinet shop. but when he went to build them LOL we had to tear them apart and rebuild them because he didn’t have a clue what he was doing.. or he had set behind a desk to long..
      as far as the farm.. there isn’t any activity going on.. except for the stocking of it in 2011 there is rarely anyone around.. once in a while they do a check of it.. but it is void of life..

      • The funny thing is a D.U.M.B. would be the LAST place I’d want to be in and not just for the company I’d be keeping. You’re either going to be plastered on the walls of that thing, buried in rubble and supplies or submerged. I’ll take my chances out in the open.

      • “The funny thing is a D.U.M.B. would be the LAST place I’d want to be”

        Me to Bill…. I think We are probably one of the only countries that doesn’t prepare for the people.. those doing the job.. we prepare just for the few at the top..
        I have always thought since the opposition already know where all of these are.. that they would use the same tactics that the USA does . It would be exactly what henry kissinger said…. when the big one goes down.. let those self important ones go down into the dumbs, the ultimate separation from the issues at hand… then the opposition comes in as the saviors after the conflict.. we do that all the time .. blast the hell out of a country.. then we come in as the nice guy and rebuild their country while leaving our country to decay.. That is obvious since we spend a fraction here of the funds that are decided to be used in a budget then send the rest off to some other country all the time.. what was it ole Henry said.”Today American’s would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful.”..but instead of UN it could be Russian or Chinese etc.. we are already selling our main corporations, our industrial complexes our ports of entry etc.. It really wouldn’t take that much at this point for them to walk in and say hey we are here to help… come on over we have a job for you.. we can rebuild your schools and your marketing your hospitals.. bring peace back to your neighborhoods so you can walk down the sidewalk in safety .. rebuild your roads.. all while those with their self importance are down below.. then secretly seal up the entrances and air exchanges.. all while looking like the nice guy to the people of the USA left behind the people on top would never immense as these things are.. claustrophobia and cabin fever would eventually set in ..

  6. Mystical Math in Oregon:
    In Oregon we count both positive and presumed positive as positive counts. This means that we have no idea what our real case count is and as far as I can tell there is never going back and adjusting those when those presumptive cases are proven negative. Also not all presumptive people counted are actually given a test. I know this as my neighbor’s son had COVID and his parents were not given tests but counted as presumptive positives. My belief is that now that Biden is president there is probably a push to make sure to only count actual positive tests.

    • As a retired criminologist I am suspicious of crime statistics. Only two are worth a damn: homicide (bodies can be counted) and car theft (have to report to police for insurance payout). All the others depend on reporting behavior. Similarly, case counts in covid mean very little. Deaths are a much better measure of prevalence, albeit typically up to a month after infection. And that assumes that deaths are properly classified. They may not be but there are much better odds of accuracy there than on testing.

  7. College Debt relief. Simply voters voting themselves money from the public Treasury. We know that function will cause the failure of any democracy, cause the mob of takers will never be satisfied. On great way to help with the education debt, is have the colleges required to have some skin in the game. If someone gets a loan for your school, you are required to accept 25% of the risk. So if someone borrows 10,000, the loan provider gives 7500 and the school funds the remaining 2500, to be paid only after client payments are collected. If the person does not pay, the school also suffers. The school needs to ensure they are providing useful skills to qualified people borrowing money. Otherwise for the school the only important item is people in seats. We need more focus from the schools on client success, if public loans/payments are used.

  8. Well universe brought you into my memory for some reason. I found you a very long time ago—you lead me to Clif—not sure if you guys work together anymore—Clif is kind-of pissed off because of the ?blue? chicken. Just another follow the money story.

    I’ll come back and read your opinion for a while. There could be a lot to write about. Right now—-about all we have is a box filled with ????? marks & guesses. I deleted all my bookmarks of the Hope—ium guys—that leaves just a few—I even got rid of the online news guys—with nothing to talk about—they talk about nothing—over and over.

    My #1 bookmark is jsnip4. Most of the stuff he talks about is crypto –( I don’t even do crypto at all )- he has his own version of woo woo ( also a friend of Clif & Brix ) —and if there is something that happen in the day—he will tell you.

    Anyway, nice to see you & yours are still kicking the dirt from the top –( Texas wasn’t it )-

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  9. $1400 stimulus bill went from 1st priority to a dangling carrot with unpalatable agenda items attached. Stalling for March passage is optimistic unless a more attractive, easily passed issue comes along to carry the pork. Repugnicans don’t see a problem and Democraps are making more $$ than they ever have, so no hurry.

    Meantime, when not working the NYT crossword, dems are showing they are willing to pursue baseless claims anytime it suits. Everything Trump said is recorded, they just need to file a foi at mainstream media to release it; that is all the evidence they have…zero.

    The most interesting part is how unarmed bombs get sprinkled around a high security area before a presidential speech. How? Who?

  10. Hi George,

    I agree with your statement that the drop in “cases” does seem un-natural. Makes you wonder that’s for sure.

    I was in the Omaha area awhile back and heard a Dr. on a local radio program discussing Covid 19 and found her to be really interesting and knowledgeable so I looked her up and she has a website. Her name is Dr. Lee Merritt. On her website there is a video of her giving a talk on the whole Covid 19 issues that I think is very good. I though I would add the link in case you or any of your readers would like to watch. I will warn you though that it is almost an hour long. Here is the link if you would like to watch the video:

    • I sent her video to an elderly friend the other day. He’d been poo-pooing the whole “the vaccine is a danger” meme but couldn’t counter what Dr. Merritt had to say. My friend was a pharmaceutical salesman all his life….

  11. Unnatural decline & Spring checks

    1. Ure there’s more to the exponential.

    It’s a type of flu and like any flu or epidemic it begins slowly, then increases, then goes ballistic (exponential). Reaches its peak, like the market, and follows the same trendline in reverse, down. Exactly what is happening now and has happened over centuries.

    2. Regarding the ‘stimulus’ checks we may think Congresscritters and Biden are stupid, but they are far from it; they are very cunning.

    Note the control plan:

    The virus has already begun its inevitable and very natural decline and like any flu, over the summer months will essentially be gone. Ergo, people will be out and about at the same time they will have gotten their $1,400 payola. Happy days!

    And they will excitedly applaud the new prez for all the vaccinations claiming they are the reason for the decline and good times.

    But, vaccinations have little to do with it.

    Look at the below actual CV-91 MN data. Who should get the vaccination? Almost no one under age 70. Everyone over 70.

    IOW, by now the U.S. should have been on the road with very few daily deaths. And everything open to those under 70 or vaccinated.

    BTW, oh and what’s a few unemployed if it elects a president? What’s another several million illegal aliens and their brethren if it elects a president?

    Biden and his Democrat Troops will be awarded high honors when they had nothing to do with it. They out witted the public.

    Remember, it’s not the virus that wrecked the service oriented economy, it’s the politics. All that was necessary was to keep those 65 and over out of the loop.

    And unlike the falsehoods the media and uninformed promote, increasing infections is the only way to get past this. Talk widespread immunity.

    In Minnesota 1 – 2,000,000 need to catch it; Texas, 10,000,000. Almost none of them will die.

    I posted the following awhile back, but it needs repeating. Today, the numbers are larger but the % show little change. The actual experience vividly shows how benign Covid-19 actually is for all but a few people.

    ….Minnesota Data December 23, 2020: Deaths & Cases

    … Age………. Cases………Deaths….% Cases…% Deaths..Deaths % of Cases
    ….0 – 4………8,046…………..1…………1.9%………0.0%………..0.0%
    ..5 – 19…….73,773…………..0………..17.5%……..0.0%………..0.0%
    20 – 29…….77,652…………..9………..18.5%……..0.2%………..0.0%
    30 – 39…….66,322…………29………..15.8%……..0.6%………..0.0%
    40 – 49…….58,380…………65………..13.9%……..1.3%………..0.1%
    50 – 59…….57,964……….210………..13.8%……..4.2%………..0.4%
    60 – 69…….40,139……….549………….2.9%…….10.9%……….1.4%
    70 – 100+…38,159…….4,187…………1.0%…….82.9%………11.0%
    …..Total… 420,435……5,050………………………………………….1.2%

  12. College debt relief- I am one of the college graduates that only paid $75 a semester in student fees in the 70’s. (There was a protest when the fees increased $25) No tuition fees. My problem with college debt relief is the total amount. A lot of today’s loans were for more than tuition. Room and board should not be forgiven. We had to work to pay for room and board.

    • “A lot of today’s loans were for more than tuition. ”

      As an education has gotten more demanding as time and technology progress has advanced… what I learned in school isn’t what they are learning in school today.. in HS they are learning what college kids learned thirty years ago.. and the cost of living has increased as well.. back in the seventies rent was fifty bucks a month on the hills a home was two hundred a month.. your electricity was for use only.. so it wasn’t uncommon to have a five dollar charge.. today just to be hooked up to the grid is sixty bucks here.
      full coverage car insurance was what was it.. I am thinking it was 120.00 for six months and health insurance was a given.. you worked anywhere part time full time anytime you had it as a benefit.. times have progressed education has advanced… and costs have exploded.. so has interest rates..
      when I worked health care you could get a nursing degree for a couple of thousand todays kid will spend fifty grand for the same education.. and a lot of it was on the job training..I wanted to be a histologist.. it fascinated me.. but by the time I found an opening.. they had changed and you no longer were taught on the job but had to spend ten grand to get a paper saying they could teach you the job they expected from you..
      I am all for education to be promoted to anyone willing to learn.. right now it is geared to keep the social classes separated

  13. I think there are two valid assumptions about the decline in positive tests. One is right.

    If it’s manipulation of the data to produce a rapid decline in cases:
    This is for the economy, and possibly political reasons. Plenty of evidence for this, starting with the linear dive that began on January 6, ahem.

    If it’s purely natural outgrowth of vaccines and countermeasures, or other natural reasons:
    There is a chance we’re seeing herd immunity here.
    Or the result of mutations.
    Or everyone who is going to get tested already has, and any new tests are only given to people who actually get sick and go to the doctor. (this is happening in places like India)

    The second option is most likely. I’m sorry but conspiracies are usually not real and natural events played out over a sample size of billions are always subject to natural forces, the rule of large numbers, etc.

    Also the second is likely because the AI cannot stoke such high levels of fear and clickbait forever. The AI will present a reality that is most interesting, and you will be more likely to click on it. The election is over, fear is waning. Spring is coming, hope is interesting. Stories of herd immunity were in the “fear” column prior, and will soon be accepted in the “hope” column.

    What that means is herd immunity and mutations appeared right before our eyes and we didn’t notice, too busy being feared-up about cheeto hitler and the viking hat putsch.

    Why is herd immunity likely? Because we have no idea just how many people have actually had it. Why is mutation likely? Because viruses tend to mutate to be less deadly, that allows more transmission. Less deadly means less likely to go to the doctor and get tested.

    • Glenn Beck had a good monologue last week about “conspiracy theories”. After going back and forth on truth and fiction it came down to the simple fact that they had an unsettling tendency to come true over time.

      • Has Glenn Beck mentioned lately that his job is to get you to listen to all the ads? That’s one hell of a conspiracy. Pretending to hand out information in exchange for the ratings/revenue you provide by watching ads.

        Did Glenn mention any of these so called true conspiracies by name? I’m assuming he mentioned those that involve the entire global population, millions of victims and also millions of perpetrators. I mean, for COVID to be a conspiracy, and for Glenn to say conspiracies come true, you’d have to believe that millions of people are perpetrating it, starting with doctors and nurses, and I’m assuming all the millions of “fake victims” that only had the flu or a cold, and all the other stories of fraud here.

        So what are these conspiracies* that are comparable to COVID and convince Glenn Beck that it’s safer to believe in unicorns?

        *Is this one of them?

        “One day Henny-penny was picking up corn in the rickyard when—whack!—an acorn hit her upon the head. “Goodness gracious me!” said Henny-penny, “the sky’s a-going to fall; I must go and tell the King….”

      • I’m so glad your life is so boring that nothing is left to wonder and mystery any more. You’ve got it all figured out and Uncle Joe’s gonna take care of us all. There were no votes stolen, just our imagination because everyone thought Joe had it in the bag so they stayed home and mailed their ballots in instead of going to his rallies. Poor ol’ Trump just had to drag people to his rallies and then he lost by juuuuust enough to put Joe over the top … and those Election Commission people in Aridzona are just honest people working for the people when they defy the state senate’s subpoenas. And now we’ve got Congress Critters that wouldn’t dare think of going outside the lines of our Constitution and doing something like impeaching a past president. Waco and Ruby Ridge were just friendly welfare visits that went bad and, Oh! Epstine killed himself with paper sheets. Occam’s Razor. And let’s just forget about the Kennedy boyz and Martin. Ancient History in the fossil record.

        “Q” may be a total psy-op and Lt. Gen. McInerney must be demented but given 8 years of Obama’s Socialism, aristocratic attitude, destruction of our health care system, Cash for Clunkers debacle and embarrassing our country in front of other nations, Bush’s “weapons of mass destruction” lies and the “Patriot” Act, Clinton’s giving Most Favored Nation status to China along with the technology to make their missiles fly just like ours, WHO in their RIGHT mind would think anything was amiss? Let’s just evolve past the respect for our Founders and the blood shed ever since then to preserve a nation their documents created and people have clamored to come to when the rest of the World has gone to heck. That’s so … 1960s? Eisenhower was just tired after two terms and WWII so he didn’t know what he was talking about regarding the Military-Industrial Complex.

        Right. There are no conspiracies. Everyone from D.C. to your local government is honest as the day is long and have your best interests in mind from the moment they wake up in the morning and you’re the last thing on their minds when they lay their heads down after a hard day of legislating just for you! Damn, I can’t wait till I’m in my upper 70s and think the whole world is just full of roses.

      • It was late last night. I totally forgot about 9/11 being an inside job. Twin Towers had no physical reason to mushroom down like that nor Building 7 do a pancake collapse. I challenge you to direct me to a photo of ANY part of an airliner at the Pentagon site. It was most likely a missile according to military brass.

        How abut OK City? James Corbett made a very good case that McVeigh is still around. Inside job from the Dept. of Dirty Tricks just warming up?

  14. George, I feel your pain. The market makes no historical sense, except the worse it gets, the more money gets pumped in, and the more it sloshes into stocks and assets. So, with a tip of the hat to you, the depression gets monetized, and the Middle Class continues to shrink while the Top 10% continues to thrive.

    Who’s to say we can’t go on like this for another 30 years — at least? The only collapse came in 2008, albeit there due to the R’s ‘deregulation’ flub. (Tough decade for poor W, who also stubbed our toe in Iraq, and $8 trillion on the national debt, a broken Middle East and a re-invigorated Iran later — oh, you’ve lived the last 40 years of conservative incompetence.)

    Reagan taught us how to play the national debt game, having tripled it by cutting (overwhelmingly) the Rich’s taxes, and there’s no going back in sight. Best, Mike.

  15. The “where’s mine?” syndrome, also known as moral dilemma, runs deep in all of the government’s current relief efforts. There is a lot of angst among the East coast crowd who earn too much money but are still facing economic hardships because of the cost of living. It all started with the $10K cap on SALT deductions. Probably a lot more “new Republicans” coming along soon… Also probably a lot of layoffs as businesses shift work to less expensive employees (i.e., entry positions requiring college degrees but paid minimum wage). The movie is the message — time to watch Hunger Games, again.

  16. Ya know George, ya will have to forgive getting off topic. I used to have this mentor before came on the scene back before I was Casino inspector. He worked for big blue for 35 years. Did alot of top secret shit for the Cia back durring Vietnam etc. He way High up on the Mason Food Chain, had a special decoder ring. Them high up Mason dudes are all ciphers and codes.

    On the topic of, Angels and Demons,

    Remember Dan Brown wrote a book that sequel to the DaVinci code with the same name. And I found that code written within it. That there is a Church called Saint George that sits at a place called High Cliff? And bunch of other codes written in plane site within it and posted that stuff Bot Forum numero uno? That Mentor of mine said, how did ya see that code within the book. I met him at a McDonald’s and showed him the code. He promptly told me not to tell anyone else and invited me to dinner at the Masonic temple. I went. But I didn’t join. They were all sad about that. Even gave me a tour of the inner Sanctuary.

    That dude passed a 10 years ago. He was a big survival dude. Willed me an HK 91, pre-ban in his will. He knew people who live perumph Nevada that worked at Area 51. And saved my ass from when I hacked into the FBI data base and got the GPS locations for Haliburton Fema contacts up on the mountains of Colorado that ya could only get there by train. Those dudes fried my router firm were, set the damn thing on fire and I had a black hawk fly over my house that day and a bunch of black Suv’s with Mr Smith from matrix looking dudes come to my house. He made a phone call and they just said, I dont know who you know. But you are a lucky dude. Don’t do that again. I just said yes sir and that was that. The Comcast router people said I never seen a firm were chip melt like that when I got it replaced. A bunch of the Comcast techs just stood there scratching their head.

    Anyway, that dude told me back then that the real location for the Arch of the Covenant is on the 12 floor below the white house in a vault. And the US would never go down as a country until it was moved from there. I forgot all about that until my morning meditation today. He said that’s why them monuments and all the roads in DC flow the way they do. Its all a geometrical system of code. Channeling power from the Arch of the Covenant. Same system Solomon used back in his Day.

    I saw an article saying that the place was believed to be kept on Africa. Got raided and the priest who guarded it got killed a month back and that the Arch was stolen. Except the Africa nation that was rumored to have it? They never were a place of power. And every nation who has had the Arch of the covenant has been unstoppable.

    I read an ancient writing in cune form that says the Arch was originally the mechanism that they erected the tower of Babble with.

    Got me wondering if what he said was true and while the capital raid was happening. They snuck the Arch of the Covenant out of the 12th basement floor of the white house while every one was watching one hand the other hidden one was doing something else. A grand distraction.

    I cant say forsure it was there. I never been to the Whitehouse let alone the basement floors.

    He could have been lying. Idk, He never lied about anything else. Always told me the truth no matter what I asked him. He just told me I was special and very much wanted me to become a Mason. He said you see things that nobody sees in a long time especially without being a Mason already.

    Which I declined. Even bated me with a Government job working for IBM and introduced me to a bunch of super smart old tech guys. Some who worked at nasa and did contract work for the
    Nsa. One actually gave me the NSA hand book. Which says, “There is no such thing as coincidence” all Mason dudes.

    I dont know why that popped in my mind. But it did and I figured it would be good to share with the rest of the class. I think im going back to being an on the streets Minister. I was a Street Minister for 4 years in my late 20’s. Extending the hand of God to the Homless. Lots of miracles done back then. And I keeps me on a really low profile and makes it easy for me run to the mountains at a moments notice. I got my tunic in my car now. Just incase.

    I sure hope to God, im wrong about all that. I thought long and hard about saying anything. The thought was so absurd to me at first.

    The Truth is sometimes abrasive. When you living in a world of perversion and deceit? The Truth is often a bludge. It’s offensive and sounds rediculous at first. Doesn’t make it any less true.

    Cue: ~ I am the Highway ~
    Audio Slave

    F*ck YouTube too! Lol

    Feed your head!

    Peace out!

    Clique 116!

    Andy aka The Doorman, The Causmic Chickenbunny, 0 and bunch of other names. Lol

  17. “… the amount of money being created out of “thin air” is evidence of “the U.S. Plan to Avoid Depression.””

    Wouldn’t it be advantageous if our government would plan on having this “Depression” and
    rather instruct folks “how to live with it?”

    I’ve lived through the “Great Depression” and know that it could be done. If governments only know two ways to handle a Depression by printing excess money and/or war then the question pops up: Who need government?

    • “Who need government?”

      I think… WE do….
      I think there is a fine line that should be followed….in the city you can already see the effects in neighborhoods where there is limited law enforcement.. people are afraid to even walk down the sidewalk or look their neighbor in the eye for fear that they might offend them or heaven forbid you walk into the wrong neighborhood.. little kids being shot while playing in the local parks or going to school.. schools that look like prisons instead of institutions for higher learning..
      So in my opinion.. WE DO… : -/

  18. need a bigger shovel george to throw the horse sheet gibberish down the veges throats . crash fool .. you and your trading crap. what a joke. and insert gold and sheetcoin as well . biggest new world plant ever . george

  19. Sheetco is using the piece of horse dung muskrat to ramp gold to !!!! ! We want our big depression party 2 they say !!! Muskrat piece of sheet . 1600 years to pay for a Tesla share on earnings . Gggrrreeeeedddd . Grease em up George . Ramp ramp ramp

  20. Decline in Virus Cases:

    In my state 10% of the population has now been diagnosed at some point in time with Covid 19. Obviously not every case is diagnosed, how many aren’t? Early on the CDC said there were 8 cases for every diagnosed one … which I thought was WAY too high. Personally I favor something in the 1:1 or 1:2 range.

    In the 1:2 range that means a full 30% of my state has already had the virus. Add in the 8% who have had now at least one shot for 38% and you are starting to get up into the lower area of Herd Immunity range!! THAT is why the case counts are dropping so fast imo, Herd Immunity is kicking in!!

    (here the shots went first to the most vulnerable – 80+, then 75+, then 70+, now 65+ … 85% of all deaths in my state have been those 65 or older, 55% those 80 or older, everyone 80 or older who wants to be is now innoculated fwiw)

    YEP … once herd immunity kicks in the numbers of infections should start to fall of the cliff, followed next by number hospitalized and then lastly by number dying (the delayed effect we all know about).

    By about Memorial Day the original version of the virus and the GB version of the virus will be mostly conquered – at least when it comes to serious outcomes. It remains to be seen about S. Africa and Brazil versions … but those should also be conquered by Labor Day.

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