No Column Today *(for a while)

The adventure of Elaine’s hip surgery takes priority over…well….everything.

So because we are up to so-deep in medical issues, 11please excuse missing a day.

As of click time:  Dow futures were up about  100.  Big winner in markets was the Hang Seng overnight.

And  our cherry on top is Bitcoin, which was quoted this morning $46,280.

Periodic updates to follow including perhaps more this morning.

Prayers appreciated,

George & Elaine

47 thoughts on “No Column Today *(for a while)”

  1. Even voices of opposing political/religious views, will join in unison, wishing Ure and Lady E all the best.

  2. All the best, now you can make hippie jokes once she’s out.
    Here’s to walking without pain again!

  3. Go Elaine ! break a leg…

    Sending positive NRG/thoughts Ure way for a uncomplicated, speedy recovery.

    Shout out the Redditors this AM – 4 calling all Pot Stocks ! Hot dam baby! U dont think a dyed in wool wild eyed gambler who luvs smoking lighting – would ever invest in one of his fav pastimes?? U would bee correct sir!
    Every time I go to the dispensary I am asking questions regards big sellers/favorites/whats hot/what are people doing -methods/brands/retailers.

    Not to mention the shopping experience in marijuana Dispensaries is always a really nice, friendly ,social place where everyone is in a good mood – freaking awesome – wonder why ?
    So who is the manufacturer of E’s new hip ball &socket ? Tell a guy U dont now…
    geeze models dont cha know.

  4. Prayers, hopes and wishes for the best possible result for Elaine, both emotionally and physically! Take care of Ureself as best you can too – especially after the adventure last weekend.

    We all care, regardless of our differences.

  5. May the Source of all guide the hands of the surgeon as he operates and may He grant Elaine a complete healing in body, mind and soul.

  6. I know that no two operations are the same.
    However I would like to pass on the following
    I had full replacement hip surgery Dec 12. ( All new to me . I am an original equipment kind of person who had a hip fracture while cycling)

    Everything works as normal right now. No physio but stiffness which will eventually go away.

    Three things ( based on my opinion)

    1. Don’t take pain medication unless you have pain. Hospitals do love their opioids.
    I had to fight at the hospital to reduce drug intake. Despite what they say I believe the less pain relief the faster the healing.

    2. Crutches and walkers are at a certain point necessary. However in my case (in not too long a time) migrating to trekking poles paid huge dividends for me. This is what I have

    I believe at a certain point crutches and walkers cause limping. Recovery is better (for me) with trekking poles. Much easier to start real (non jerky) walking

    3. Follow the booklet post surgery to the letter: They will give you a booklet of exercises. You need to exceed what they ask and do at least three times a day. George you will be busy as therapist and YOU WILL NOT be doing as much writing. Either that or a slow recovery. (my wife became chief therapist and saint)

    Tell E. These medical practitioners really know their stuff.

    Its a difficult but worthwhile journey

  7. I hope you don’t find the time to read this — but in case you do:

    Best wishes and real prayers for an optimum outcome.
    I can agree, pain medication does slow recovery.

    Recovery is a Bitch — but there is no choice.

    Be careful, deliberate, thoughtful, and take time to work things out and move things along. Rushing things causes accidents and a panicky atmosphere. Let it all take the time it needs. Don’t over-do at any stage.

    Be free of walkers and canes as soon as possible. It’s easy to get addicted. Once dependent, it’s hard to break.

    Maintain an even strain.

    Screw the column. We’ll wait patiently. You have all of our support.


    1) GOOD
    2) FAST
    3) CHEAP

    You may select any TWO, but ONLY two for any one event.



  8. Best to both of you, especially Elaine. Put each other first and the rest will take care of itself. Besides, I am sure you both have stubborn streaks and now is the time when that will be helpful. And yes to the suggestion of trekking poles, if nothing else they are good for the moral as they are cool and a little old cane is not. I can say that after my knee replacement. Best………….Mary

  9. George,

    Prayers for you and Elaine. Hip replacement today is so much advanced over just a few years ago. Younger golfing buddy of mine has a mother in mid 80’s that had hip replacement not too long ago. She is fully recovered and back at work in the family hardware store/HVAC contracting business. She said therapy sped up her recovery.
    Hope all goes better than best.

  10. George,
    Prayers sent to you and Elaine. Apply your experimental knowledge of nutrition,light, and positive thoughts to help heal your wife and self. Godspeed.

  11. Prayers and Golden Healing Light being sent Elaine’s way. Will also ask for some extra angelic watch and protection as well.

  12. George-
    Prayers and best Wishes especially for Elaine and also for you.
    And may she have a speedy and pain free recovery.

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