Another Polarizing Television Fiasco – Buc’s Drive Stox

Welcome to another in our series of idiotic time (and taxpayer money-wasters) from the mean-spirited Congress.

Which will gavel in today to another distraction to keep Amerizuela fired-up so as to avoid the plebes asking questions.  Like “Where the F is our stimulus checks?”

Much more important that getting bills beat-back, roof over the head, or food on the table, is the democrat drive to keep Donald Trump from holding office again.

Yessir:  Country survived four years of him, already.  Besides, now that both parties are figuring out “fine-tuning controls of vote counting” the playing field is bound to be nearly equal again.

That’s what dems are afraid of.

Throwing open borders, giving China more tax breaks, and blaming the Trump administration for anything (and everything) that goes wrong…

If you want to squander your life, watching a Schemer (who is now cozying up to the radial lefties in the party, figures the NY Times) and a Peloser (about to use a Trump voter claim to prevent another republican woman from taking her house seat), have fun.  We got real things to think about.  A diet of hypocrisy from the Cyclops in your hand ain’t our cuppa tea.

If the rest of media was honest, a lot of mainstream would be focused on D.C. demonstrations of antifa and BLM:  BLM and Antifa march in DC, threaten to ‘burn down’ Washington.  But you won’t here about it in American “double-standard media.”

Don’t mind the hypocrisy, just have another blue pill

Bucs Boost Stocks

Who cares how much the Brandy bunch won by:  The Wall Street “Super Bowl Indicator” (background here) says that since the NFC won, we are not on the verge of a Bear Market.  Dow futures were up over 100 early with similar gains seen in the S&P and the Techies.

I don’t know about you, but when a “sporting contest” becomes seriously lop-sided, interest wanes and the hunt for the clicker begins.

It’s Good for Markets, Though

As we explained to our subscribers this weekend, the Bears have a real (and terrible) problem now.

Sure, there’s a chance of a “left field event” (meteor impact, yada, yada) but with the market hitting fresh all-time highs last week, we can wait until at least mid April (and actually beyond) before getting too nervous (Congress and Biden, aside).

Back in the blow-down following the 1929 stock market bubble top (Sept. 3, 1929), the market was moving down until October 29 – when the bottom fell out.  Two axioms to work on going forward:

  • Markets don’t crash from all-time-highs (generally)
  • Crashes are generally 2-months after a significant high.

As a result, Bulls could have the field until mid-April.  And, if we can put in a massive rally in coming weeks, the rest of the year could line up as a “Sell in May” decline (a macro wave 1 down) followed by a summer rally till late August (fed by more pseudo-money being “made-up”).  And then a mega wave 3 crash down in late fall.

We shall see, but not from a position of fear.

Ahead, Weekly

Hangovers on Wall St. today should see some back and forth:  Good because of the Bucs, bad because of the Kabuki played by the fools on the hill.

Tomorrow NFIB Small Business Optimism will be out.  In last week’s ADP report, medium-sized businesses (50-499 employees) was the warmest part of a sickly job scene.  Think of that as a scene-setter for the NFIB data.

Wednesday, the Consumer Price Index is coming.  We do our own, saving a couple of our grocery slips.  The experienced rate of inflation is always a galaxy-distant from what GovSpeak argues.

Thursday will be useful:  new jobless claims and the Fed balance sheet and money-printing festival report.  Good week to take Friday off.

Believe me, the thought has crossed our minds.

Things Worth Knowing

Since Elaine (awaiting hip replacement) and I (see “wine receiver” article from Sunday) are in great pain, we keep kicking around this Delt-8 THC which is going into the higher-end CBD products.  And if you read the story “Marijuana concentrate sales up 40% as more consumers turn to the product category” maybe senior people killing pain is a reason.

Covid Credit Claims:  We kind it curious that since inauguration day, the daily case increase in CV-19 had dropped by about 28% – and in a suspiciously linear way.  Could it be that the dynamics of the disease were politicized?  (Oh! Perish the thought!)  Still, with Trump facing impeachment, we find it strange that Biden team says it sees first signs of improvement in fight against pandemic.  Someone ought to teach them statistics.  Trend’s been obvious for a while, now.

Flavor of Business is Changing:  Americans are hatching many new businesses, confounding expectations.  Which isn’t that confounding (if you have a room temp, or higher, IQ…):  Sit 50-million people in front of home computers and there are bound to be many new ways found to monetize something.  Isn’t everything a business model?

Speaking of Budgets:  Seasoned Citizens, take note:  Democrats set to introduce bill that provides $3,600 per child for some families: report. We don’t have a problem with children getting dough (they cost, OMG do they ever…).  But say, left-leaning party on the verge of communism, wouldn’t that be AGE DISCRIMINATION?  (Only a backwoods reprobate like me would be so foul as to recall the Equal Protection Clause.

Crypto Madness:  I can hear the bitcoin nazi touting me already:  “German Regulators Seize $60 Million In Bitcoin But Don’t Have The Password.”

Bitcoin this morning was at a nearly equal level to last month’s highs.  Anyone besides old four-eyes thinking “double top” formation?

Shift Workers Beware:  We knew from previous studies that women who did shift work *(and too much light while sleeping) have an elevated risk of some cancers (breast, going from memory – something I’d remember as a repro…).  Well, here comes another warning:  “Study links exposure to nighttime artificial lights with elevated thyroid cancer risk.”

Food at Home:  Oh boy, I wish I’d come up with this one to weasel money out of government: “Plant science startup receives NSF funding to advance in-home greenhouse technologies.”  Come on, are we the only ones who follow all the hard word the home-grown weed people have already done?  Lights, watering, fertilizers, hydroponics, seed hybridizing, fans and air handling… Who are these people, again?  Anyone who can’t figure out dishwasher-sized “grow boxes”  needs to be introduced to gummies…

OK, write when you get rich,

35 thoughts on “Another Polarizing Television Fiasco – Buc’s Drive Stox”

  1. Holy Crap G man!

    take the dam trade..buybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybbuybuy THE BREAKOUT!

    Alwayz BUY the breakout above old All Time High – it is one of the most successful trades a HUman can put on – and watch the $$ roll in.

    Bitcoin, Stocks …one of my fav Entry points is the Breakout above ATH.

    F – the Moon, we be going to Marz!
    – besides with those massive nuclear generators breaking down – the frequency quarantine is weakening – leading too greater lucid dreaming amongst all populations, Stargates should start Re- Activating, why before U know it – peeps will be discussing Qi/Aether – rather than quantum jaberwocky.

    BBBBBitcoin! To the bombed out red planet baby!

  2. George, after reading ” “Study links exposure to nighttime artificial lights with elevated thyroid cancer risk,” it made me reflect on H.G. Welles’ story of the Time Machine.
    It was the ‘MORLOCKS’ that lived in the dark and dangerous blue lighted underground world while those nice, naive, ELOI spent all their time frolicking in the opposite environment of outdoors and sunshine-after a good night of sleep.
    Maybe Welles was only observing the drivers of the human condition way before the artificial lighting of our blue light emitting, LED lit, world.
    Could be a good argument there for just turning OFF the lights and hitting the sack without that last bit of exposure to the blue light cyclops disturbing one’s sleep and dreams…

    • Red LED nightlights including one in the bathroom seem to be OK for sleeping. That way you can find your way if you must without turning on the main lights.

      I really dislike clocks and other displays with a green or blue LED display. There are red LED displays and they used to be common. Today they’re much more rare, but still available.

      • Hi, Mike,

        TPTB KNOW that green and blue BOTHER people, bother their eyes, and make it through the eyelids when closed. That’s why everything has gone to green and blue.

  3. I am always amused by people talking about ‘covid trends.’ So, how could you have trends for a virus that had never been isolated (hence, no virus), and laboratory testing based on a PCR procedure that even the corrupt WHO states is very inaccurate as many false ‘positives’ are produced.

    What ‘trends’ would these be? I have noticed a higher percentage of ‘true covid believers’ here on this site as opposed to say Zero Hedge, although ZH does have many paid trolls.

    • I suspect age is the biggest factor. Seems to be the biggest differentiator in mindset, in my observations.

  4. More on Walking and Stepping safety

    Yesterday I talked about self-reminding as a way to avoid accidents.

    Saying “Graceful and sure footed” while walking or getting into/out of a shower or tub makes you concentrate on what you are doing. Same thing when walking especially on ice or any slippery surfaces.

    When you think about it, the amount of time that most of us spend on these activities is a small percentage of our 24 hours. The extra effort it takes to chant a safety phrase is time well spent. when you think of the alternative.



  5. ” if you read the story “Marijuana concentrate sales up 40% as more consumers turn to the product category” maybe senior people killing pain is a reason.”

    If you read the studies done.. that stuff is awesome.. does exactly the same thing that opioids does and without the hazardous side affects and addiction issues… I personally would rather take that than the other… so give me tylenol green and call it good
    the studies done on the affects it has on cancer is enough to convince anyone as well.. we just don’t hear enough about those things.. just what those that want more want us to know… they have a diet pill made from it as well.. amazing things.. thousands of pages and all positive.. those few negative issues are negative already and the people that have those are already addicted to other substances… its what seven out of a half million that have those issues.. give me a break.. legalize it regulate it.. if they consume and drive then give them the same treatment a drinking and driving person gets…

    • LOOTB, I agree that pain and mobility are an (oldster’s!!) most pressing problem ;-(

      No one posting here will have a voice in politics and/or the management of the monetary system

      • “No one posting here will have a voice in politics and/or the management of the monetary system”

        I know ; – ( I always had faith in our voting and system.. this year it has all been dashed to the ground…
        an election that by all indications was rigged and manipulated with a huge percentage points of voters that were not even registered to vote… a child of the President that had a laptop filled with horrendous actions then to boot even personally posted video’s so deviant that it would shock the average. All being deemed acceptable and hidden from view, then gets a book deal to boot making millions more..All deviant activities were covered over as if they just tossed a rug over the issue to make it hidden and non existant.. then state officials that do not agree with the way the people voted on issues just wipe them out and say no I won’t allow that and shut it down…It is a very SAD day for America..the next thing we will see is free speach will be eliminated.. books will be burned because of the message they teach…war because someone wants more..Here is a hint.. there is never enough for those that want..
        I won’t waste my time voting anymore it and the American way of life and spirit is broken…..

  6. “since inauguration day, the daily case increase in CV-19 had dropped by about 28% – and in a suspiciously linear way.”

    I hear ya ….And can Hear Mark bragging already… it will all go down in history as the miracle of miracles.. in less than two weeks he cured Covid and fixed all the things in the country that were needing to be fixed……. He raised his cane and said let my people lead.. and the waters of the Potomac parted leading the path open… LOL LOL LOL…
    But who knows.. he is one of the two best of the best that this country had to offer us…and in all truth can he do any worse with all the decades of decadence and double dealing of our past legislators.. so far he hasn’t done anything worse than any of the past administrations but then he has only been in office a couple of weeks.. lets give him a chance we don’t have to many other choices…

    • HE(the old dude in the White House) will never get us to Mars in my lifetime unless he recognizes the genius of Elon Musk and let’s him lead! Likewise with life choices – those of us who wish to take our chances need everyone to get out of our way. Stop regulating and just advise if they must do something. It’s never ethical to regulate “for your own good”!

  7. During Romeny’s presidential run he stated “Corporations are people, my friend,”

    60,933,504 folks supported Romney’s statement by later voting for him in the 2012 presidential election.

    American Airlines got a bailout check and is sharing with their kids (employees). We all deserve checks equal to the average salary of American Airlines employees.

    Alaska Airlines will be buying new Boeing aircraft with their bailout check. We all deserve a check for free transportation.

    Trump got the steel industry free tariffs. Our labor should be subsidized in the same way, $15.00 minimum wage is a start – buy direct check. Work 40 hours, get an additional free $600.00 a week subsidy to fluff the pillow with.

    Student loans will be forgiven. Apply for school loans now, get the checks and wait for forgiveness. And why not? The school pensions will be bailed out. We deserve 50K just like all of those “people”.

      • In case you did not notice. ALL 32 liberal run cities will get funding in this relief bill to not only rebuild but send out money to people who have not worked for almost a year to pay ALL of their BACK RENT owed. The people that really got NO help in the last year, were the Mom and Pop sole proprietors; they could not deduct rent (first requirements did not allow this), had no employees so could not get any PPE, got NO help with sales taxes or property taxes. Basically, they were left to hang out to dry. IF they could not pay their landlord, they lost their leases….see, you can kick out and close down a business for non-payment of rent, not a person in a house or apartment. The 2nd round excludes them, too, UNLESS they want to get a Small Business Loan!!! Why would a small business put themselves in DEBT to save themselves, when the whole world got or is going to get FREE MONEY?

    • what do you want to bet that the ones that get school loan forgiveness will only be a certain few… and the rest will be tossed under the bus… why go to school if you can’t make enough in wages to pay the cost of the loans.. My grand daughters parents were giving her guff about why she chose the courses she did when her passion is in another area.. I had to speak up for her and said because her passion won’t pay the bills.. but what she is going to school for will.. go for the money making job and keep the other as a side line hobby career..
      its not what you know.. but who you know and the paper you care to hang on the wall..

      • That depends on the field. A competent mechanic with business skills and a work ethic will always make it. A competent physician without a license will find no employment, unless he’s a sales guy for a pharma company.

  8. “Bitcoin this morning was at a nearly equal level to last month’s highs. Anyone besides old four-eyes thinking “double top” formation?”

    Now — that could be a powerful warning, IMHO.

    • “Tight Trailing Stops” is what is needed in the Cryptoverse these days… of course that means trading in some of the funds or companies publicly traded, not BTC of its relatives directly.

      I’ve been stopped out a few times – once on the same day – but the rides have overall been nicely profitable.

      Trailing stops let you enjoy the view without worrying about the coaster track conditions on the dips. Zero-commish broker & an IRA account keeps the costs low. not investing more than can be lost is mandatory, obviously.

  9. Buying indoor growing equipment in Texas will have the Man crawling up your pants leg looking for seizure revenue. I don’t particularly like working or traveling where my life may depend on a dopehead equipment or vehicle operators; but otherwise, the war on America has been overplayed for non-narcotic offenses by revenuers. Maybe Biden will tone it down a notch.

  10. ““Marijuana concentrate sales up 40% as more consumers turn to the product category” maybe senior people killing pain is a reason.”

    Indeed, more of — senior people killing pain — and less about politics. One you could change for the better — but not politics, IMHO.

    • Yup.. Politics.. I know I won’t be voting for or against anything anymore.. what good is it.. if you have fifty percent more vote than are registered to vote.. and things voted in on a state level then have them tossed out because those running the show don’t want them to be in .. so seriously what difference does it make if you vote or not if what we vote for doesn’t make any difference if it is an issue that those in power disapprove of….

  11. Interesting tour of D.C. Found out where Kamala is staying – Blair house, not Number One Observatory Circle. An Avenger Missile battery is next door … OR they must be having some renovations on the VP mansion … I guess. ;-) Also found out what the structure across the street from the White House is. It’s a Press booth for inaugurations. They’re taking it down now. Also, car jackings seem to be a major industry around there.

    The place has changed a lot since I walked through it back in ’79 or ’80. Found 3 20’s stuck to the wet sidewalk on the way back to the car which paid for my stay that night on the way to Grotton.

  12. Comrades,

    It’s a fine sxign of the times to be out buccaneering about the high C’s of Capitalism while the wealthiest of the 1% do a Whodini.

    What’s old is new! There’s some strange geometry happenings in The West nowadays. Permit me some idle postulations of the Veblen Class and see if they might fit into Ure Theorems. May we start with the Climate Czar rousted last week from his henhouse by a Fox report. The Czar we were reminded had taken a private Gulfstream jet to Iceland in 2019 to accept a “green” award. By coinkydoink it seems, The Czarina’s Foundation operated a like-jet type under a Flying Squirrel, LLC banner. Surely it would be nuts to think that The Don got gored with that trip invoice? What would your family think?

    Separately, further confusion ensues at the the Great Circular Table of Life overseen by The Oracle of Omaha. Slices of pii have new measure. Yea, did the brethren not hear The Oracle teach that his Offspring would seek their own fortune in life, and not suckle upon the Accounts of The Profit? Yet, in the good books of the SEC, specifically in the publicly available Schedule 13D/A forms of the past 5 years, one can clearly see the truth that Daddy has faithfully topped up each of the Childrens’ foundations with Class B share stock sufficient at casual glance to suggest a sum total $ value in the ten figures. Curiously, the said foundations have not been foe to leftist causes, nor arguably above siding with campaigns that if successful might increase costs for Daddy’s competitors. Amazingly, one of these tax-free foundations has “paused” giving and greets donor requests with a blank, white screen.

    • Really LOVE your posts, some I cannot decipher, this one I got. Yes, the old friendly grate grannypa, the one who stated his secretary paid more taxes than him, and what did he do? Lobby to change it? Use ALL of his influence to help the poor POOR people? Open up a corporation in her name so she could bill him, write off her car, part of her house (cause she works for him 24/7), deduct her meals, get reimbursement for mileage, etc., ? Nope, same ole same ole, in his WHOLE life what did this paid for ora-creackle do for anyone but himself, his family and his supposed investors? Oh, yeah, don’t tell me. Right now, What “I” see up there is a LIBERAL SIDE SHOW, like at the once wonderful Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus.

      We got creeps, perverts, freaks, liars spinning yarns, cheaters, pedophiles, hair sniffers, lifers with the circus, pay to play, catch and release, hide the $2,000 stimulus money under a cup, hard-wired acts, launder the money tents, bring in people from all over the world and leave the national hire-ees without jobs, we got stiffs, tall guys, short gals, lard people, bean pole people, we got plastic surgery diminished people, we got real men and women, and we got men that are women and women that are men, and many that don’t know who they are, but wait, they are all headed to the military to ‘beef’ it up, we got victims, and we got pushers that close the deals. We got elephants and camels, and giraffes and goats and sheep, and we got one bull, and we got TWO bears (can you guess who they are?). We got a Chinese Dragon, too! Diversity! Gosh, who said the circus went out of business. It’s the FIFTH ACT of the take down of America. Bush #1, Clinton, Bush #2, Obama #1, and Biden (Obama #2).

  13. Im just gonna keep this super simple and to the point. I just completely deleted every fckn app off my phone. I got 3 new track phones with differernt state numbers on them.

    I spent the last 12 days or so doing a minimum of 6 hour meditations. Every time I’m getting back a Zombie appocolyps denarii from vaccine #3. With the combo pack. I understand now why I can’t get the Covid. Becuase I already have been inoculated back when I was in the military several times from getting Milaria and shit like that. I couldnt figure it out. Then it came to me when I was in meditation why the CDC chick said I couldn’t get it. I mean warhammer will tell ya. I did 4 med tours, I have 5 Southwest Asia Service medals and shit load of other ones. and been through the Suez canal 11 times. Every single time they have all of us out on the hanger bay and a dozen pecker checkers would go past ya each with a vaccine gun and stab ya in the arm. Get a dozen vaccines all at once. Everyone did. Sometimes 3 or 4 times on a med cruise especially when ya went to Africa, Bahrain, India, israel, Turkey dubia etc etc. I thought it was a genetic thing. I’m sure now it’s just because Ive been inculcated for everything from Milaria to Echoli.

    Anyway, I’m bouncing. I have a UPS box in store 4 towns away for a mailing address, before that I had a california address, an Alaska address, an Idaho address and a Seattle address that I never lived at for 3 years. Lol I havent had plates on my car in over 6 months. They have cameras everywhere. You can pay cash for trip permits. I sometimes leave one of my phones in some ones car and they take off to another state. And I call them and say I left my other phone in your car. Or I must put it in your suit case when you went back to Michigan.

    And I been doing this for ohhh 2-3 years now. I didn’t know why at first. This was back way before the elections at the end of having my 10 year thought about things. I also have a car stashed in a storage unit and it’s not titled in my name and has no computer in it. Its fully stocked and I have a few places where I stashed 300 gallons of gas with stabull its a plane jane beater older car. It just runs really well. Nothing to notice. I also know of 6 places on the west coast Google Earth can’t Satilite, where there is no power, no cell service for 20 miles an there is people up there living off the grid and have been for a long time.

    Incase you haven’t noticed yet. Big Tech is running the US and world now not the government. And Facebook just announced that anyone taking smack about the vaccine? They will make the list and their posts will be removed.

    Now I personally know 3 people who got the Vaccine who had the Rona before. And they got so sick after the second vaccine shot, one of them said she wished for hours she would just die. She was dry heaving for 4 days and had migrans super bad for 12 hours at a time. Since the second vaccine shot??? She has completely lost all sense of smell and taste. She it is the weirdest thing Andy. As soon as the brutal migrain head aches stopped? My sense of smell and taste vanished. I can’t taste any food or smell anything. You could take a big fat dump next to me and I wouldnt smell it at all.

    Everything I see in my mediation says we are looking at a Zombie appocolyps senario. You might think im nuts. I don’t give a single shit if ya believe me or not. I have questioned it and ran the data a hundred thousand different ways and that is what I see.

    So, I’m locked, stocked and ready to roll at a moment’s notice. And ain’t nobody gonna be able to track me unless I want them too. I didnt even know why I was doing all that stuff until now. I just was doing it because I was lead too in some weird way. I’m completely sober and of sound mind. I will have a year sober on thursday. I’m not freaking out. I’m not hysterical. I just know there is a great possibility this is gonna go down in the next year. So, I’m ready to roll.

    Just like I saw them blackouts. And everything else I saw before it happened and ya all called me skitsophrenic or batshit crazy. Until it happend. Then ya didn’t say a word about it.

    I was gonna do all this big shit with my website etc etc. And youtube channel etc. I may do a few more writings. However, I’m telling ya now. Before first one goes nuts and shit really bad? I will gone a month completely off grid without a trace before that happens.

    So ya know. Ya can’t say someone didn’t tell ya. Why do ya think they have that wall around the capitol and a bunch of armed guards. So when the shit hits bad? They can all escape in the tunnels underneath while the peons at the wall get mailed and die fighting off the hordes of blood thirsty lunaitics.

    Sometimes it’s good to just listen.

    Y’all stay safe out there.

    • Dude – the walls are for keeping the “blood thirsty lunatics” in the dam capitol. All the barbed wire is facing IN.

      It will be the freq/energy waves impacting spaceship Earth, and resulting gob smacked “zombies”. U can see the wave moving thru solar system – and heading towards Earth – ever get that feeling someone/something is “bidening” up behind U? Splitsies the lines of time will…

      R. U. a hardshell?

  14. Don’t ya know they got a 12 story building under that place? And tunnels that lead out. Shit it ain’t like it’s a secret. Even Dan Brown the Davinci Code book dude wrote about it in another one of his books.

    If that shit was a real deal senrio? A real threat and them politicans were really afraid for their lives???? They would have hit the elevators and dropped 10 floors under the place and nobody would have ever got to them. That whole thing was a staged event to get people do what they wanted them to do.

    Which was build a barrier fence around the place and get a bunch of troops in there to be a line of defense. And well so they could do a little “construction” which was for a wall and so they could take some stuff out of there without anyone noticing. Just like they did in 9-11 and took all that golf bullion out.

    Facts, Yo!

    The more ya know.

    Yeah Andy is nuts. I’m sure that is it. Good luck with that thought. I hope it keeps the “zombies” or stark raving mad fkers who are in a rage from getting to ya.

    The only thing I don’t know is if they are slow moving “zombie” type people or
    Fastt moving.. I thought long about this. The fast moving ones would be more exciting and fun.

    Yippee! Run for your life!!! Mind blowing revelations as you run, “Now All my problems are Luxiory problems$” before this.

    Or as it says in the bible, “When you see the Abamination that causes desolation, in the place it should not be?” (*Reader note: a group of Zombie dead persons running around mauling other people in a blood Thirsty rage at the white house is a fine example of an Abamination. Just a little FYI.) Uhem, Don’t even go back into the house for your tunic dummy! If ya have a tunic. It well advised, You head to the mountains and make hay gettin there. Like Vin Diesel fast and the Furious fast. Not paul walker, he blew his motor and well he died. Something like that.

    Any way. Where were we. Oh yeah “The fast moving ones would be more exciting and fun.”

    Except when ya get a bloody beat down. The slow moving ones seems boring. But you would have a better chance of survival if they are slower moving.

    Let’s hope.

    And lets hope I’m wrong. Interesting to note that saying about “Human Beings are the Religion of Angels.” I heard and later found out John Cusack said in a tweet back in 2013?

    Its in a movie called “Cell” based off a book written by Steven King about a bunch of nano bots that got placed in humans from a vaccine, and then one day a signal is sent out to every cell phone in the world on the governments emergency broad cast system that activates those nano bots that people got in them from taking the vaccine for big pandemic. And they all the people who have cell phones and got the vaccine? instantly turn into fast moving zombies. After all the carnage in the book, they become mindless workers bees. Like borge. Contoled by the nano bots via cell signal. By somebody smart. No hereos in that one. Everyone turns. So the story goes. I don’t think I will be sticking around if that is the case to find out. Lol. I will be lonnnnnng gone away from that scene.

    06/13 could be the big day. Keeps coming. Up as a date. 06/13/2021. The big day. But that could mean something else. Idk

    Strange that I would have a voice say “Human beings are the Religion of Angles” in my ear at the beach and find out some actor said it in a tweet the find out it’s in a steven king book about that shit I just wrote.

    F*ck if I was ever gonna be wrong about any of my predictions??!!!! I sure hope it can be wrong about this one. Atleast slow moving “zombies” or nano possessed savages please. I hate running. Lol

    So I sure hope I’m wrong about my read on this. And I could just be Zombie Banks. But I dont think it is. Im pretty sure it’s real blood Thirsty raging zombie type people. Alot of them. Bunches. Bunches. Whole bunches.

    Good luck and shit

  15. Why do ya gotta shoot Zombies in the dome? The brain can’t work without a heart running blood to it. Unless thr primal part of the mind is encrusted by a cluster of nano bots. Working like a crystal Cmos chip. Now a Cmos will fire the whole system and even give juice to the key board, fans, the whole tower and the perty lights and even give a BSOD. (Blue screen of Death) without the Is even running..

    But the brain can run on nano tech. Me thinks. Thats why ya gotta hit the zombies in the sinus cavity. Right in the forehead in the movies.

    Say isn’t that where they put the q-tip to check for Covid? Better clean that areas off so the nano tech cab better adhere.
    Remember Folks The New York Times announced to Man Kind that IBM could code at the atomic level 9 years ago. They coded “Big Blue” on 12 atoms.

    Wonder how many atoms make up a vaccine shot? Couple hundred trillion molecules?

    Like I said, that is what I was shown in a 6 hour deep Meditation over a dozen times. And every time I thought, nah that can’t be right! No way that is right. That can’t be it. No way. And every time it came back same thing. Raging zomby savages.

    So I honestly hope im wrong. I’d rather get a bunch of money and go off to bora bora and forget that whole thing. And we could all have a good laugh at how I was way off on that one and thank God! Yah. Know?

    Seems the better. I been trying for a long time to manifest something else.

    • OK. I will acknowledge that this is a bit off the beaten path, but let’s list your Clues:
      1. Captain Tripps on 06/13/2021 with ultra-fast propagation.
      2. Zombies.
      3. 3rd Vaccine.
      I’ve seen movies made with less plot development. Let’s do some more development:
      1. Is the “3rd vaccine” live or killed? Live vaccines can potentially be contagious if things go very very wrong. There are historical precedents.
      2. Are the zombies supernatural, or are they just suffering from a bad case of the reds? OMG, slow, whining zombies would be the worst.
      3. Location, location, location of ground zero.
      I know this is all very real to you, but you need more Clues to make this plausible to your readers.

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