Job Cuts, Falling Markets, Drones, and Darkness

[Publishing in sections due to power issues due to storms in East Texas ongoing.  Which are kind of fun.  See the Around the Ranch action.)

Quite the stew!  Not much point in playing the market, just yet.  There is some risk – as we explained in the Peoplenomics report Wednesday – of an upside surprise. But the trend is…well…is gravity a hint?

Not that fundamentals justify a rally.  As go general assets, so go stocks.  Gold is down again, so the Dollar is up.  That means fewer dollars to “buy an index” and that means (refer to the gravity remark)…

As I started on this morning’s column, the rain was still coming down and there was more than 2 1/2 inches in the gauge. More on this in ATR (last part of the column).

So far overnight (it’s just before 2AM right now) the Hang Seng popped a modest 0.38 percent rally.  So my friend, The Economic Fractalist gets to take a “victory lap” for correctly calling for an Asian bottom October 5th.  With it, the Nikkei 225 was up 1.8 percent, as well.

It’s too early to do a modeling run on the future.  For now, we’re just sipping coffee in the rain.  Not interested in hauling the genset out to the transfer switch.  Besides, with the genset making power (and noise) how would we tell when the lights were back on?

Kind of like a mirror of an old episode of Runh Silnet, Run Deep – the classic WWII submarine move – we wait for sunlight before the solar panels surface and we charge the batteries again.

Periscope Depth

Challenger, Gray, and Christmas reports their monthly job cuts tally today.

A little Bidenomics drum roll, please?

Email header: Challenger Report: YTD Job Cut Announcements Up 198% From 2022

Job Cuts Fall From August, Up 58% Over Same Month Last Year; Q3 Cuts Up 92% From Q3 2022

CHICAGO, October 5, 2023 – U.S.-based employers announced 47,457 cuts in September, down 37% from the 75,151 cuts announced in August. It is up 58% from the 29,989 announced in the same month one year prior, according to a report released Thursday from global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

Despite the drop, September’s total marks the eighth time this year when cuts were higher than the corresponding month a year earlier.

Federal numbers tomorrow. International trade in an hour.

Having Kissed the Trend Line…

Our (up most of the night) early read of the market tells us we came down and then rallied up to the “kiss the line” part overnight.  In the early futures this morning, we’ve set up the roll to drop lower from here.  Yet, remember, this is not investment advice.  Since there’s no investing anymore, anyway, – it’s all Gambling!  (Where’s the FTC’s truth in advertising people when we need ’em?)

We shall see – after a nice nap. Bitcoin was rallying earlier but gold was still down and the rest of the world was a stir-fry.

Say, says our Houston Bureau, here’s one to watch: UK’s Metro Bank shares suspended multiple times after plunging more than 25% (

Biden’s Wall Con

Not bad – 20-years late, facing several states of pissed-loff borders, not to mention the self-righteous pricks in “sanctuary cities” who didn’t really want busloads of illegals showing up… Here comes SloJoe‘s headless henchmen putting this gem in the Federal Register:

Determination Pursuant to Section 102 of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996, As Amended
AGENCY: Office of the Secretary, (DHS).
ACTION: Notice of determination.
SUMMARY: The Secretary of Homeland Security has determined, pursuant to law, that it is necessary to waive certain laws, regulations, and other legal requirements in order to ensure the expeditious construction of barriers and roads in the vicinity of the international land border in Starr County, Texas.”

This is such a tiny piece of the problem it boggles the mind.  Yet, somehow symptomatic of the lazy-liberal approach to scamming the electorate with false representation of genuine action.  (Who was rope-a-dope of the Oval on this two, three, even 10-years ago?  Nowhere?)

Yet here’s the (spinning) in the mainstream headlines as Biden administration waives 26 federal laws to allow border wall construction in South Texas | AP News.  Only leaves how much undone?

Donald Trump’s reaction? “I’m always right…”  The anti border people’s reaction is predictable ‘Horrific Step Backwards’: Biden Admin Waives Protections to Speed Border Wall Construction (  Border for Ukraine, but not Texas?  Again, hep a brother out? Lap dogs of the leach class.

Yet democrat tradition says you never finish a g.d. thing during your term.  You beat it now like a horse “Let me come back and finish the job.” The same sour swill voters have been following from this clown posse since Roosevelt.

But you notice he’s not backing off on opening the borders to Venezuelans and others who will fit right into the radical leftist agenda?  Yep, talk about of both sides of their mouths, this party. They’re here to help – while bending you over.

One more Biden note: We know the kid (Hunter) is rotten, but what about “Man’s best friend?” Biden’s Dog Commander Removed From White House After Biting Incidents. Again, the nut falls not far from the…uh….

And speaking of the dem’s and their money bundler (which is all but totally buried by the lamestream): Disgraced crypto king pleads ‘good faith’ in US fraud trial ( Watch him skate? Friends in high places? Bets?

News or Sewage Treatment?

(All has such a familiar odor lately, doesn’t it?)

People in Washington DC who took apart the American Civil Defense system (no, FEMA doesn’t do shelters) have allowed the U.S. to go unprotected against the growing Russian and Chinese military threats.  (Go Brandon!)  Stories like FEMA activated in the US: Russia conducts nationwide nuclear war exercise for the first time – Simultaneous alert in Moscow and Washington scream to us “Odds of War are rising as odds of Peace fall.”

We totally understand that Thousands of Kaiser Permanente workers strike over ‘unsafe staffing levels’. Where we get lost is seeing how a strike – which takes even more help of the wards and floors, doesn’t exacerbate the unsafe staffing levels.  Wanna hep a brother out and explain that for us?

You WANT to get a ticket on the way to (or from) work today! Powerball jackpot jumps to $1.4 billion | Fortune. A win and I could retire to a nice life of philanthropy.  (To me….lol)

Around the Ranch: A Clockwork Outage

Both Elaine and I were (marginally) awake at 1:19 AM when the power went off.  There was more noise going on outside from the squall line and associated thunder and lightning that you would believe.  Like the Tet Offensive or living in Ukraine, here lately.

Unlike the last Big Outage, though, we still had ground line comms through this one.  So, instead of waiting for the MagicJack line over Starlink, we were able to use Elaine’s laptop in the house and the phone (battery backup, UPS batteries were replaced all over this summer – preventative maintenance pays off!).

With our outage called in about 1:20 AM, there came the fork in the road:  To sleep or to rise?

Another stroke of luck made the call for me. (No way was Elaine out of bed for more than a cursory inspection of the house.).

We brew up coffee every other day.  Because there’s a 40 oz. Thermos that keeps almost a whole pot (less 1.5 cups) civilized-tasting for 36 hours.  Yesterday’s coffee was still hot.  So half a cup of that was poured while I pondered next moves.

No point in wheeling out the generator  – but building a gen-shed has moved way up the Project List now.  If it had been down to simply open gen-shed, turn key, throw transfer switch, it might have been viable to await Alexa at 4 AM and call it good.

But since it was pouring down rain, I took the hint and decided a shave and shower were in order.

Honestly, there’s no different functionally showering by flashlight compared to the near-surgical lighting levels when the power’s on.

With the outage reported, some coffee onboarded, and plenty of power in the office from that battery-backed-up solar system we put in back in 2008, we were good to go.

Other than review the odd straggler’s comment, listening to the rain on the metal office roof, and comparing satellite speeds up and down during the heaviest bouts of rain, everything has run on rails this time.

With the power outage called in early (helps to have phones up!) we don’t expect anything other than power coming back promptly.

Anti-Aging Ideas

Have an avocado with some thyme on it?  Two papers might be taken that way.   Let’s all work on Oxindole and Benzoxazinone Alkaloids from the Seeds of Persea americana (Avocado) and Their SIRT1 Stimulatory Activity – PubMed (

The other paper is Exploring the Traditional Uses of Thymbra capitata Infusion in Algarve (Portugal): Anti-Inflammatory, Wound Healing, and Anti-Aging – PubMed (

What? You don’t have a chem lab in your home to deconstruct the avocado seed?  Didn’t you watch Breaking Bad?

Drone Adventures

A couple of short drone flights served as warm-ups with the new Potensic Atom SE drone we picked out. The SE has only one camera adjustment in flight – it’s the look ahead/look down adjustment.  They do have the non- SE version out, which has the traditional 3-axis gimbals, but honestly, I really prefer the “tilted horizon” that comes with single-axis camera.

The GPS is exceptional, but where I ran into a problem (took some brainwork to figure it out) was that the drone would keep cycling back into “calibration mode.”

OK,. if you don’t have a drone license (I transitioned to UAVs from ASEL with 1,000+ hours PIC time, transcons, yada-yada), before you fly the drone wants to be moved this way (around the horizontal axis) and that (being the vertical) so the electronics “knows where up” is.

Problem – at least for now we’re thinking it was the problem – is that we were trying to calibrate within 20-feet of multiple wi-fi wireless machines.  I’ve got a ticket in for their support people.  When I took down the Starlink router (6-feet from the controller) it did link up, though there was another wireless router inside the office, so 10-feet tops.

The Atom has a very nice controller, except….  An old man at 74 really needs to plan ahead if you’re planning to use a drone on a phone.  The cheapo (Android 13 10.1″) was too big to fit in the controller-joystick holder.  Though it’s a graceful design if you have a smaller phone.  As it was, I have a longer (2-foot) cable coming because the controller-to-phone cable was marginal with the phone precariously held/balanced outside the holder.

Last, but not least, I didn’t get any (sharable) footage because I’d skipped the camera control for recording video.  (*Button, upper left on the controller).  Too focused on flight controls due to the old “Aviate, navigate, communicate” drilled in deeply flying the full-sized jobbies. Ground school forgot to cover “cinemate” in the pilot training back when…

Suck is fast though.  Will zip at up to 35-miles an hour, but it’s a bear on a cheap phone (read: low nits and not sunlight useful).  Which is why we are now looking for a 1000 nit phone so we can get more outdoor use out of it.

OK, why the Atom?  Main thing was it’s one of the few drones that has it’s own video AND control link at the /RF level.  See, most drones simply “pair up” with a phone over your existing wi-fi connection.  Problem with this is that while it’s fine close-in, remember we have 30-acres to patrol (hunting season is just around the corner) and that means minimum 2,000 foot range with some path loss for tree absorption.

This drone happens to claim a 4KM /2 1/2 mile range – impressive stuff – and it’s small enough there’s no way, short of a shoulder-mounted Hubble Telescope that you could fly keeping the drone in sight which is what the FAA requires in the regs.  Yeah, fine theory that in the world of FPV flyers.

Why a drone? What Now?  All fair questions.

But as I admitted on Peoplenomics Wednesday, I have a new HF radio antenna design (which I’m also working on in the dark this morning) that needs to be tested.

Higher is almost always better in antenna matters, and with G2 sucked back into the six-figure world and up north somewhere, the only reasonable way to get antennas over  trees is Kevlar fishing line (50 pound test) which the drone will carry over any of our tallest trees allowing me to place things exactly where desired.  Then use that line to haul up 800 pound paracord…and now we’re getting somewhere.

One of these days, I will get some footage of that whole process because it really makes it easy as a ham radio (addict) to get antennas well into the sky where they can work well.

On that note, back to working on my new antenna. Because there’s always more modeling to be done.

Write when you get rich (and the lights come back)

69 thoughts on “Job Cuts, Falling Markets, Drones, and Darkness”

  1. Had a good rain shower last night. Worst of it went around me, I think. Comms and electrics stayed on. I slept through all of it.
    I noticed that my comms are pulling down around 30 watts for the past week, instead of closer to the 40 watts they have been running. I have maybe 10-12 hrs or better back-up on the microwave link, without an external generator. The microwave transceiver, the router, the fan-less firewall server, the wi-fi box and the Jack are all on their own power station. Not sure if I have the switch connected. I use the wi-fi when power is down, anyway. If the microwave or the cell tower stay up, I can communicate at least half a day before having to reroute power cords. I need some extra drop cords for outages.

  2. Hey Midnight Rider,

    An important inquiry of the urban survival community; has anyone else been experiencing Hermaphrodations/Hermaphroditing since the Emergency Alert Signal was broadcast yesterday? please reply below.

    Around 2:00pm yesterday I threw my Iphone in the fireproof file cabinet, and waited out the alert. Pull phone out of drawer 3:00 or so, turn it back on, and the dam Alert starts sounding – quickly hit silence button, but it was too late. I was so unerved by the alert – that I unwittingly drank some Fabuloso cleaner thinking it was coolaid drink.

    Whats a modern Man to do ? So I called the emergency alert center to find out what could be done. Just like EVERYTHING else in us govmint, they were absolutely useless, no help what so ever. See Attached -

    • I know of several phones that did not get the alert. – and some who got singular and multiple alerts. Weird but I’m not gonna put much thought into it.

        • Here’s the EBS mistake of the 70’s when Cheyenne mtn sent the wrong message on the teletype. I was on-air at a little AM/FM that was supposed to sign off during such emergencies…and I shut her down! WOWO up the road was a P1 and stayed on…you can almost hear the sweat as the announcer is waiting for the “flash”!!!

      • I turned off my cellphone in the morning before the test and turned it back on about an hour after the test. There was no indication at all of there ever having been a test. Not a beep, message, ring, or anything else. I don’t need to be joined at the hip to some federal agency! I only have the cell for occasional use, and I happened have it with me at the time.

  3. “Besides, with the genset making power (and noise) how would we tell when the lights were back on?”

    Turn off the mains. Run a wire from the input load (hot) wire (before the mains) to a switch or CB. Output of the switch connects to a light bulb with the neutral wire connecting back to the input of the mains.
    Operation: When the power goes off turn your mains Off. Turn the light bulb switch to On. Turn your genset on to supply your house. When electricity is restored the light bulb will illuminate indicating Shore Power has been restored. Turn the genset Off and disconnect it from your house. Turn your mains On and the light bulb switch to Off.
    According to code? Hell no, but it works!


    • I agree, though I’d use two small bulbs(LEDs), one from each hot leg to neutral. I’d definitely have a breaker for each leg though, or the wiring could turn into a fuse.

      I trust that you already have voltmeters reading each leg to neutral when the main is on.

  4. Good morning George. Another fine post. It is always fun to read about your life adventures. If everyone would look at life the way you do they would be much better off.
    I am a bit late this year on my deer season preps. The main one is reviewing the surveillance cameras. Next is the annual visit to two adjoining neighbors who have problems with respecting fence lines. One to the east is nice enough but he has a problem with all the so called family who show up each season for the beer bust. The other to the south is another issue. This one seems to invite everyone recently released from prison or drug rehab. He gets the reminder of what livestock is present and that we also have working dogs including 2 new ones who seem to be more interested in protecting Diana. I simply remind him if any stock or working animals are harmed his run down single wide trailer, no offense intended, will be my first stop.
    Yesterday I received four blaze orange vests for the dogs. When Diana gets home this afternoon she will help me get them installed on the boys. The Tactical Night Vision goggles also arrived. $400.00 smackers, don’t tell Diana. I intend to use them for night driving but I think I’ll start by testing them in the quad in the east pasture. Don’t tell my insurance agent please. Been a long time so I’ll also need some range time.
    Time for eggs, grits and fresh jalapeno salsa.
    Stay safe. 73

  5. Periscope depth ? Hea .

    Our super fantastic Spetznaz refer to this as lock-out depth. Which of course is of no consequence as we use inter-model sea carriers for majority of our stealth operations in CONUS. False bottom Frieghters & Cargo Ships. Who you think is going organize and control the red&brown “wolfpacks” roaming Ure country, looking for prime real estate and “fat” communities/community centers to plunder and subjugate .
    But firstly we plan on softening up the playing field, just a tad.
    Let me introduce to you the one and only Burevestnik, our latest nuclear powered(read that agian). We are talking indefinite range, can bypass ANY obstacles. Affectionately know as the SSCX-9-Skyfall.

    Skyfall – Now where have you heard that before..

    Will the british isles go boom on our current timeline ? Not too likely as Turdturdigan is still standing – he got waxed in old time line, but on current time, clownsinaction MISSED.


    So no worries MotherRussia – things are looking UP!
    red Headed stepchild America ? stick a fork in it – I think Ure done.

    “..its the Moose quarterbacking for RKM U. Nastasha we stop 4threichWEF!”

  6. “ Where we get lost is seeing how a strike – which takes even more help of the wards and floors, doesn’t exacerbate the unsafe staffing levels.”

    When the staff walks out, corporate and administration level employees are basically forced to get off their asses and come out of their comfy offices to work the floor. They are also forced to call Staffing Agencies to temporarily fill nursing and other technical positions … and this is quite expensive,- more expensive than what the Staff were getting paid.

    All positions MUST be filled or they will get a “IJ” (imminent jeopardy) label from State Inspectors, who are without a doubt on site. With an IJ Label, residents may be sent to “safer” facilities, there’s no reimbursement from state medical and no new patients are taken in …. And a hefty $ Fine for each day the IJ is imposed.

    The patients/residents are not neglected.

  7. For the record…

    I don’t consider the reent HF radio test a failure.
    I think it’s a non-event.

    The frequencies were clear enough, and propagation was mostly normal — not poor or great.

    …just nobody hooked up.


    In a Real Event, where the connection might be useful, some things will be terribly true that aren’t. Yet.

    First, no Great Event is happening. (Duh!) People’s motivation — even desperation — would be a LOT higher.

    Secondly, there were/are no widespread power outages or large disruptions. Things, currently, are good: All is well.

    There aren’t all that many hams among us: it’s only a couple of dozen. Not a big sample space.

    People don’t like “drills.” They save their energy and resources for an actual need.

    So for those reasons, maybe we try again one day; and for now consider the thing as still available, should the ballon go up suddenly in the future.

    7.299 LSB by day, 3.999 LSB by night.

    Comments or other reports would be appreciated.

    – 73 –

    • I agree..the test was what they already do once a month..
      I thought the way I read it that they would make an announcement in the event of an attack ..blah blah blah..then there would be a rush of everyone that has put getting a few things together would rush to buy buy buy..
      there wasn’t traffic at the shopping centers etc. was exactly how it would be on a normal shopping day..

    • True – there are a limited number of Hams in this community. I’ve considered getting a license, but there are many higher priorities. This summer was about improving water and power for me. I’d suggest that there may be many listeners who don’t have a license and just listen, though I admit that I’m not a big communicator and don’t have any kind of rig connected yet. I do value intelligence though, and I like your idea for communication. If listeners were to receive info on your channels, how would you know, unless they commented here?

      • If you plan on getting radio gear set up, best to get ahead of it now if you are new to it. Some of it can be a steep learning curve, not something to fumble with if the balloon goes up.

        • Agreed, but on living life, it’s aviate, navigate and communicate – in that order. This year was rather challenging already. I have a receiver and an electronics background. I even have a tower from a former property owner. Eventually I’ll get more stuff, if that’s in the cards. Storing and protecting what you already have is much more important than getting more stuff, no matter how important it is.

  8. George,

    Current working fractal series models:

    Each trading day provides new observable real data for the Asset/Debt Macroeconomic system which can then be compared to testable working models. The underlying trend lines define the fractal time-based self-organizing 3 phase or 4 phase individual fractal series – from the low of the first day (or time unit; hours, days, weeks, months, years) to the low of the last day (or time unit) of the series.

    The Hang Seng Index with its 17 trading holidays has been the world’s worst performing (large) index for the last decade with the 10/2022 low below its 10/2011 low and current valuation of only about 60% above its 2009 low.

    The BSE of India is the best performing Index (and grossly overvalued) with its recent 14 Sept 2023 high about 750% above its 2009 low.

    The DAX is an intermediate performer and about 200% above its 2009 low.

    The DAX (use GDAXI) appears to be undergoing a four phase fractal decline starting 18 August of 6/14/13/5 of 10 day fractal series with a subfractal (3) 13 day lower peak on 29 Sept ending 12 October. The 10 day subfractal (4) mathematically would reasonably be a 2/4 of 5/5 day decay series with tomorrow (Friday) expected to be a significant decline.

    The weak Hang Seng Index appears to be following (2) three phase fractal decay series starting 20 Aug 2023 of 5/10/12 days followed by a 25 September 3/5 of 6/5-6 days ending 12 October or 13 October with expected day subfractal (2) 6 day low tomorrow.

    A double bottom or lower low is expected in November 2023 and a final lower low in 2024-2025.

    • George 1416

      Current model for 29 Sept 2/10/5 of 10 day decay series:

      Final day 4 valuation growth of 2/4 of5/5 day fractal decay series:
      Use SPX 30 minute fractal units:

      Start: 1400 3 Oct
      6/15/8 as of 1416 of 9-12 to peak valuation or final lower high (30 minute fractal units)

        • George,

          … and the Nikkei is a trading day behind the SPX with two trading holidays in September (vice the SPX’s one holiday). As of Friday’s trading and from the Nikkei’s 17 August low a four phase 6/12/15/5 of 10 day fractal series can be modeled ending 13 October, a session after the SPX 12 October low. Friday’s trading is day 4 of a 2/4 of 5/5 day three phase fractal decay series.

    • Re: India –
      Has anyone been watching Peter Zeihan? According to him in one of his latest video interviews India is about the only country out there that is, for the moment, sitting in the catbird seat given its demographics and dependency on resources. Its about as close to self-sufficient as a country can get. China on the other hand, is about to turn into a black hole of economic failure due to internal ossification that will probably take it out before the end of this decade.

      Haven’t seen a video yet about the movement of entire groups of people into the U.S. and Europe, though. That dynamic wasn’t addressed in the videos I’ve seen yet.

  9. “FEMA Alert”

    I was listening to Howard Stern on the radio back in 2001 when he identified the 911 attack. He was going on, “Where’s the alerts? Where’s the alerts.”

    Modern history, fires in Hawaii and the alert was disabled.

    “allowed the U.S. to go unprotected ”

    Place some chit-marks in the other column

    We’ve still got GM and the supply chain. Concrete bunkers or cars.
    Teamster pension bailouts. They ate our buckets of potatoes.
    Won the Cold War (overlook the illusion that the CW went hot) and enjoy school bussing where COPS run from shooters.
    Add yer own.

  10. Following on from Roger of Phoenix’s last post…

    Ure said:
    “At some macro level, the Future is intended and voted into being by the GMC (global mass consciousness).”

    In other words, if my thoughts ultimately create my experiences, then if I constantly expect doom and gloom, that is what I would bring into my life.

    I know George’s website is all about trying to predict the future, but perhaps we should all change our thinking to expect a bright and prosperous future, instead of expecting a stock market crash and burn and a third world war.

    That’s the danger of prediction. When a prediction, whatever it might be, is put out there, thanks to the web it will be seen by millions. The prediction enters the minds of millions, with each mind exerting its influence to make the prediction come true.

    Perhaps this is why movie makers seem to be able to predict events. In fact, they are only planting ideas into people’s minds, and the power of these collective minds brings about the predicted event. Mind programming = future programming!

    Nostradamus’ outlook on life must have been dire, for he seems to have only predicted doom, gloom and constant strife for his future.

    So yes, by all means predict a stock market crash. But let us believe this leads to a new, fairer financial system, prosperity for all, elimination of the bad actors and no more wars! We can do this!

  11. “McCarthy was ousted from the speakership in a historic vote yesterday. Hours later, he announced he won’t try to reclaim the position. It is the first time in U.S. history that a speaker of the House has been voted out of office.” their passed that he snuck crap in the spending bill for Ukraine before they bored on it……SO ARE THEY ANGRY..OR JUST ASHAMED THAT ONCE AGAIN THEY FAILED TO DO THEIR JOB AND READ THE DAMNED THING..
    that’s what gets me..they don’t have a foggy clue on what they vote on.. they read the one condensed paragrap.. ( I don’t they even do that..I personally believe that they are to busy scratching their balls and ass to read even that)
    so seriously why are they upset with McCarthy.. They are the ones that failed to do THEIR jobs.. did they really think as bad Joe’s dementia is..he still has sixty years of how Gov’t works in congress..
    I use to read that crap it was a hoot to read some of the shizt they put in it..always wondered if a guy could get a bill sponsored that would have the usa send them a few grand a month lol lol lol they wouldnt ever know it they aren’t in dc long enough to even care..they should punch a timeclock..but then that won’t ever happen..

    • What I don’t understand is, why wasn’t this part of History taught in class …

      “No constitutional Congress has existed since March 27, 1861, when 7 southern states walked out of the House, leaving it without a quorum for adjourning, and without calling a time and a date to reconvene. This act ended Congress in accordance with Sine Die (without day).

      What masquerades as
      Congress today actually functions under the authority of the President acting in his capacity as
      Commander in-Chief of the
      Armed Forces under emergency war powers rule.

      Americans have been under totalitarian rule by virtue of presidential executive orders under emergency war powers since March 27, 1861.
      12 U.S.C. 95(a) (b)

      Emergency powers are the means by which the Military Legislative Democracy has overtaken our organic
      Constitutional Republic.

      On December 6, 1868, the 14th amendment was proclaimed to be ratified, even though it was not. The 14th amendment is a constructive Cestui Que Trust. It is a private, Roman Catholic, ecclesiastical trust law creature. A public, charitable trust designed to bring every corporate franchise, called “citizen of the United States Inc.,” into an inseparable partnership with the United States, Inc.

      Thus, they make two entities out of one, with all power inherent in the government, rather than in the People. A Citizen of the United States is civilly dead, operating as a co-trustee of the public charitable trust, the constructive Cestui Que Vie Trust of the United States, Inc. under the 14th Amendment.
      Hence the ALL-CAPS name.“

      I think if it were taught (mentioned) in class, we might know what we’re dealing with a lot better. But maybe that’s the point of not.

    • every child is taught in school that members of congress spends long hard hours a day .. reading the bills they vote on. discussing them and debating the contents in the bills.
      to make a decision reflecting the needs and desires of the people they represent..
      the multi party system to place enough variables of thought so as not to have just one opinion making all the decisions equal representation for all social classes..what we have is a congress and administration that don’t have a clue what the people experience and opened up the only for me group where everything is just for them..
      that’s what made Trump a good president..he actually listened to the people and worked for the people..not some foreigner that wants us to go to war for them so they can take what they desire..

  12. dam auto correct..
    So they passed a spending bill that had provisions snuck into it to provide billions more of aid to Ukraine

  13. I threw my phone in a fariday pouch , still on. Brought it out a couple of hours later ,nothing.

      • My granddaughter turned her’s off for school but got no notification when she turned it back on at home. Mine still had the notice in memory until I deleted it a moment ago but I received it only once.

  14. So, if, for example, there were nukes going off and the EBS sent an alert. Where would people go? LOL. People should be checking now with their municipalities on Fallout shelters locations. I bet they will be surprised. Are there any designated shelters left? Are these shelters stocked? Ah no.

    • “Head for the sewers!”
      When Hawaii had the false ‘Missile Alert’ I remember the image of a man who had pried off a manhole cover in the street. He and young daughter were sitting on the edge of the manhole, waiting to jump in at the first flash.

    • the USA and UK didn’t make any provisions for the citizens..
      only for a select few.
      I read someplace .. in one of the think tanks posts that the assumption is 80 thousand possibly more elite fighting special forces soldiers have been allowed to cross into our country.
      whether this assumption is true or not is still up for ddebate.. only time will say for sure..
      I did notice when I went to pick up meds at the va the guy was telling me that they are changing the supplying to a centralized distribution center so that supplies can be sent more rapidly to areas that need it faster… hmm makes guess is that as far as i knowthey are getting ready for something..what we won’t ever know until it happens. if there is an event horizon no one will know until it happens. preparing your family and yourselves is totally up to you.
      those that have places set aside hundreds of miles from where they live in a secluded location well well our forefathers averaged 20 miles a day walking..
      having a shelter well there again what’s the half life..

    • If I recall correctly the time between launch detection and missile strike is a very few hours. If you are anywhere close to a ground zero point what will a warning matter? Back in the day Civil Defense published a survival manual with a device you could use to determine survivability distance from ground zero depending on the size of the device. I don’t know if such still exists but at my age and location I am not inclined to do the research. One of the lessons of the Dresden bombing in WW II is that bomb shelters can become crematorium ovens. The weapons used were only standard incendiary bombs not thermonuclear.

      • Actually now the time between launch detection and blast is down to 20-35 minutes……technology gets better every year.

      • the time between when a Soviet missile would rise above the horizon and be detected and when it would reach its target in the US was only 10 to 25 minutes.
        by the time they announce it maybe 2 minutes.. or even 1..
        we were shoved to the bunkers in the seventies and my boss said then that a congressman warned a friend of his in NYC and the guy was across town and wouldn’t have made it if it had been a real deal.. I was told that there wasn’t any plan to notify the people..the reason they gave was mass panic and chaos ..
        even for those invited.. they have to know at least 24 hours before an event horizon..

  15. every child is taught in school that members of congress spends long hard hours a day .. reading the bills they vote on. discussing them and debating the contents in the bills.
    to make a decision reflecting the needs and desires of the people they represent..
    the multi party system to place enough variables of thought so as not to have just one opinion making all the decisions equal representation for all social classes..what we have is a congress and administration that don’t have a clue what the people experience and opened up the only for me group where everything is just for them..
    that’s what made Trump a good president..he actually listened to the people and worked for the people..not some foreigner that wants us to go to war for them so they can take what they desire..

  16. The Biden Administration and the Federal Reserve both have stated that they don’t see a recession coming.
    36 corporate CEO’s see an 83% chance of a recession – starting early next year.
    There is a lot of happy-talk on the “Resilient Consumer”. How the “Buy a lot of crap – you really don’t need” American has been spending like there is no problem with the economy – and has kept the economy rolling along., and out of a recession. But there is a very large “Black Hole” in all that gotta-have-it spending. Credit card debt and defaults are at historic levels. Americans aren’t spending., they are charging., and that can end – very abruptly as the interest rates and payments start to pile up. One economist stated that the average household [ whatever “average” is.] are spending just over 23% of their income making credit card payments. That is also a record.
    Surprised to see oil go below $85 a barrel – but a quick glance at the energy boards and you can see that the demand for gasoline has been steadily declining for a couple of months – world wide. People can’t afford it and are cutting back.
    How does this guy keep his job ! The CEO of Fundstat is being praised this morning for his optimistic forecast on the market. Predicting a major rally is setting up and he expects the S&P500 to hit a record high by the end of the year. His three major predictions so far this year have not only been wrong – but just the opposite has happened. Yet people are still listening to him. How can I get a multi-million dollar a year job like that ??

    • “The Biden Administration and the Federal Reserve both have stated that they don’t see a recession coming.
      36 corporate CEO’s see an 83% chance of a recession – starting early next year.”

      The corporate CEOs don’t own the mainstream news sources; The Biden Administration does.

      It wouldn’t matter if we were in 1929 redux, and bread lines were forming in every city with a population over 10k. The Administration will indulge in happy talk, the MSM will echo it, and a majority of Americans will believe their misfortune is both transitory, and theirs alone, irrespective the line standing in front of them at the Baptist soup kitchen.

      • Prosperity is always just around the corner (but out of sight) with the bipartisan looters.
        I think we are already in the 1929 redux, with the Fed propping up the speculators with free money to cover margin calls from that bottomless purse. Liquidity they calls it. Helicopter money which never makes it below the penthouse suites.

  17. Yo G-

    Its all about that GAS – that natural gas that keeps youse warm in da Winter – talk about clean burning, oh babybaby.
    Das coot posted Long UNG Oct 7(10/6 exp.) Calls as his vehicle of choice for taking advantage of mis pricing mistake in commodity markets, last week& earlier this week.

    Not sure where all these peoples think their Gas is going to come from this Winter, but a big clue is NOT FROM Russia..duh-oooh!
    Someone say Nordstream ?
    Genius operation aimed at hurting Russia ? or one of the stupidest moves ever made in a armed conflict.
    Personally think the later, but hey Im not the guy that sacrificed our(USA) blood & treasure going into a country full of primitive, religious retards, or the guy who completely SHIT the bed pulling em out.. 20 years later, after accomplishing LESS than Nothing.

    As of 1:30 PM those above referenced Calls are trading at $0.45 per. Coots avg cost ? – $0.15 per. .45-.15 = .30/.15 = 200%
    All together now.. WOOT WOOT!

    Man does coot luv it when a plan comes together – Hello Rum Drinks and Island Girls -wootwoot!


  18. The U.S. poverty rate saw its largest one-year increase in history. 12.4% of Americans now live in poverty. Child poverty also more than doubled last year to 12.4% from 5.2% the year before. More than 38 million people now live below the poverty level. And that is the “official “numbers from the government., and they are also last year’s statistics. So, you know it is more than that.

    • Income poverty and actual poverty are not always the same thing. They can be greatly divergent. Those with low income may well be retired and have great assets, or not. Some people are naturally self-reliant and just build what they need out of junk. Others spend their time with the TV set, the bottle, and Bon-Bons. I’m inclined to believe there are far too many of the latter, and that the statistics roughly reflect reality, but that’s not always the case, nor always the way to bet.

    • That’s bunk, and another example of the Administration, having fun with numbers. We do not qualitatively measure poverty (or lack thereof) in this country, nor do we measure wealth. What the gummint wonks do is draw a Bell curve and divide it into 1/6ths. The poverty level in the USofA is ALWAYS 16.66666666666666667% of the population.* The fact the vast majority of this “bottom 1/6th” have cars, cellphones, multiple TVs, and vices which cost money is beside the point — So’s the fact that the average burden to taxpayers, of the bottom 1/6th of this lower 1/6th is over $21,000 per year, and increases as a person’s or family’s situation approaches that line on the Bell curve.

      *The curve segmentation is 1/6-poor, 1/6-working poor, or LMC, 2/6 middle class, 1/6 UMC, 1/6 wealthy. Grab any finance or Econ book from 60+ years ago, before our society began to be infected with political correctness disease, and you’ll see the curve and its associated chart.

      Whenever you hear an Administration official, or a pundit say something like: “The poverty level among school children in [such and such an area] is nearly 17%…” remember the Bell curve, and understand that this is a meaningless statement, designed to evoke an emotional response, usually as a ploy to extort money from the listener…

  19. George, had a woo moment this morning. More of a snippet than a dream. Had Fox Business on and it showed the Dow down 3800 points. Next thing I know my wife woke me up while getting ready for work. Very strange as my return to waking consciousness seemed to try to drag the event into actual time…

  20. Interesting column. Lots of topics and info. One thing I’m interested in is the drone. It looks like something that could operate well here with the sometimes high and often gusty winds.

    Does it require cell service and/or towers to operate? Obviously, the cellphone is needed for a camera display, but can it operate headless, without a cellphone, or with one that has no active service? If the range is a couple of miles, what signals are sent and received and on what wavelengths/frequencies? Can it operate if the GPS system fails or is inactivated using operator guidance alone? Does it transmit video directly and/or store it on board?

    Unfortunately, these questions are not easy to find detailed info on, or perhaps I’m just looking in all the wrong places.

    • Mike, my drones are made by DJI. They require a cellphone for live video streaming. I STILL don’t know whether they phone home in real time, because I have yet to fly one in a place where cell service doesn’t exist. I treat them as if they do, because I’m a suspicious SOB and know what the tech CAN be used for. With that said:

      “Does it require cell service and/or towers to operate?”


      “but can it operate headless, without a cellphone, or with one that has no active service?”

      Again, dunno. DJI made a turnkey controller, but it cost several hundred dollars and lacked some of the gofasters which the cellphone controller provides.

      “If the range is a couple of miles, what signals are sent and received and on what wavelengths/frequencies?”

      I also don’t know, but assume the freqs are limited by the cellphone’s capability.

      “Can it operate if the GPS system fails”

      Maybe. All but the cheapest quadcopters have internal GPS which provides a “go home” feature. This feature precisely (within a couple inches) locates the drone on takeoff, and returns it to that spot, either when the “go home” button is pushed, or when the battery runs low on juice.

      “or is inactivated using operator guidance alone?”

      Perhaps. I haven’t hacked mine, so I don’t know if GPS even CAN be manually disabled. I would assume a (H)EMP that would kill GPS would also kill the drone.

      “Does it transmit video directly and/or store it on board?”

      Both. My drones accept MicroSD cards, but also transmit back to my cellphone. The camera is 3-axis Gimbled, is gyroscopically stabilized, and is PTZ controllable with the handset, by using the cellphone as a viewfinder. I can’t imagine being able to use the cam in a worthwhile manner, without a viewfinder. You simply don’t know what you’re shooting, unless you can see what you’re shooting…

      One of my drones is a Mavic Mini. It has a 2-mile ceiling and 2.7-mile range. It’ll cruise 31 minutes and tops out @ 42mph. The camera is a Hassleblad knock-off: 12Mp, f2.8, ISO 100-3200, with a 4sec-1/8000sec shutter for stills, and does 2k HD video… See

      ( )

      for full specs.

      It will do absolutely amazing things, yet is very primitive by today’s standards. It has been out of production for over five years. New ones are much fancier. It is also the size of the palm of my hand, and at 249 grams, requires no license. Its biggest drawback is it doesn’t play nice in a breeze. Because it is so tiny, it is only completely controllable in about a 7kt or less, of wind…

      The DJI “Mini series” are considered the ideal “starter drones” because of their price and ease of flight (and the fact they don’t require a license.) A Mini like mine in excellent condition and including DJI’s “Fly-more Kit” (extra batteries, props, shields, zip case, etc.) is around $200-$250 on eBay. I’d guess a Mini-3 PRO (their latest) is probably in the $1100 range with a Fly-More Kit.

      • Thanks Ray. I did have a chance to fly a Mini once. It belongs to a friend. It was fun. That got me somewhat interested, and the unit George mentioned seems like a winner. I want to avoid the licensed level since I only want it to watch my property and get video. The winds here are significant, but not constant. I’m considering getting a part 103 ultralight too, but I have to consider the wind and elevation factors here. Licenses and their upkeep are a bit of a drag when you’re always trying to do too much.

        • Unlike the DJI which shares (limited range) wireless, the separate Potensic architecture gives 4 km range. Under optimal, but where you are, maybe so. I have a wifi drone and very limited range for chasing down trespassers and the like.

        • ” I’m considering getting a part 103 ultralight too”

          They’re great fun to fly, but unless you enjoy flying backwards, don’t fly in greater than 15 knot surface winds. Winds aloft are always stronger than surface winds. It’s pucker-inducing when you’re trying to get back to the field and find yourself over the same tree for 5 minutes or more.

        • The problem is, you’re going to have to go the license route to get a drone that’ll put up with wind. DJI’s current balls-out drone costs more than a VW, but has a >7mi range and will ride out a 40kt wind. When I was looking for an upgrade, the $2k-$4k range seemed like the “sweet spot,” but my principal desire is for a photo drone, not a surveillance drone. Unless you need to read the buttons on the lapel of an intruder, ISTM a Mini would be an adequate surveillance device on a calm day. It is not very loud (it’s about as loud as an active, but not struggling CPU cooler fan), and from a mile up (well within its range) it would probably be both silent and invisible to ground invaders. Unfortunately, at altitude, even on a calm day, wind becomes an issue, so…

        • BTW, if you read a little on the ‘Net, you’ll come across the Urepeein drone community. There’s a bunch of ’em who remote-blog and they take their photo-drones seriously. Not my cup of China Black, but a fun read nonetheless…

  21. The drone is a beauty. But lacking a forest of ‘antenna supports’ as I do, I really don’t have a ham antenna use for it. And the Volcano Ranch is small enough that I can surveil it from my back window. Maybe I could train it to chase away the feral cats that roam at night?

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