Bounces and Dependencies

We continue to evolve a “soft science” of waveform similarities. But getting this part of the present market decline has been enjoyable so far.

One of my great joys in Life is being able to pay lots of income tax.  Not because Elaine can’t spend better than Congress. But because it means we are making enough that it’s all good.

Our topic selection this morning deals with “where next” and in this regard, the answer is “down, silly!”  The issue is not which train station, but which set of tracks to get there.

See, in our work on Futuring, one of the joys of a deep realization of the Many Worlds Interpretation MWI of quantum mechanics is that yes, the Future is constantly dividing and branching.  But, what most don’t realize is that there is a similar (if not equal) rejoining of branches.

Thus, one of the mechanisms of successful long-term predictors (like G.A. Stewart‘s work on Nostradamus quatrains) is that both the divergences/splits are comprehended, but so are the rejoins.

It’s in seeing this (at a deep, emotional level) that gives us an appreciation for the cyclicity behind history.  That is, Everything Under the Sun has been attempted (more or less).  Just not launched from present moment.

This means when you next experience a Mandela Effect moment, stop and ask yourself “Is this a break to a new timeline, or is it a rejoin of a previous line – one where Nelson Mandela did NOT die in jail. And where Jiffy peanut butter was not Jif.”

Sticky problems, these.  And that’s even before we get to the ChartPack!

So bean up, pahdnah and let’s ride. The ADP numbers have just crossed!

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48 thoughts on “Bounces and Dependencies”

    • Need to actually put up one of my antennas … LOL.
      Work seems to get in the way of FUN.

      Hemmed in by the city so haven’t taken the time to actually do the work necessary to get an antenna up with all the structures and trees around me, the rig is thus in a box “protected” from getting dusty! (see I plan ahead!) If I can get my 857D (will all the extras) back from my older son, who let his license lapse I may actually get a working rig working from the camper before I get one working from home. Will probably be over to see him this weekend so will ask again, and this time since I will be at his house … that is assuming he still has it and hasn’t given it to one of his friends (which he does with stuff at times).

    • I did the convert from your EDT to UTC in my previous post. Listened 40 and 80 at the appointed times, but no joy. Didn’t expect much from propagation as I’m six hours ahead of you. But you never know. On 40m I have talked to my antipode in S. Africa during grey line times.

  1. Good column today Mr. Ure.

    Now you have got me to thinking about getting rid of
    too much “stuff” Pam and I have accumulated over the years, and yes, we must begin to prioritize our projects to what is important at this time, in this moment.
    I would also like to try to remember what it was that I was so interested and passionate about before life told me that I must go out and make a living.
    Thanks for the nudge !

  2. A rising general price level is baked into the cake.

    UAW labor want a 40% raise. Local news tells us if the UAW doesn’t get the raise car prices will go up because of scarcity. News doesn’t mention higher labor cost driving price higher. All roads lead to higher car prices. Higher prices will demand more credit, expansion of the money supply using credit, inflation.

    Yesterday the news made a breakthrough indicating some people might buy foreign cars since the UAW is on strike as the answer to scarcity. News never connected “Chrysler” is foreign.

    Recall the beginning of the year when the Social Security crowd scored that great raise. Did anyone print their $AMZN list for a Q4 price level comparison?

    By 2030 national debt will be $50,000,000,000,000, easy or the system will be reordered.

    High prices aren’t all bad. It’s easy to do the math per. A pack of smokes is $10.00. .50 cent a ciggy.

    “A typical smoker will take 10 puffs on a cigarette over the roughly 5 minutes that the cigarette is lit.”

    Blowing nickles.

  3. Strangeness came on the wings of a signal last night G.

    No not the Volga frequency for conscripted christians=(jew slaves) to call for 3 hotz and a cot @149.200

    Turned off the boob tube last night, after watching some post game interviews with the PhightinPhils last night, with remote control.
    Walked into the Kitchen & popped some dark chocolate, handful of mightymans, with a glass puresleep and oatmilk. Quick glance at security center console – blue lights indicating steady status – 11:15 PM & all is good @ Casa BCN.
    Lightly awoken at 3:30 – roll over in bed and notice a faint light under coming in under door. Rather groggily figure musta left a light on in kitchen, roll over, fall back asleep. Back up at 4:30 to take a wicked whiz, and mosey my tired ass out into hallway to see about that F#%$*&! light.
    Weird ass info screen is playing on TV – with like bulletin board type info and time, AGAIN. I picked up remote, point at tv and press On/Off. Turns off fine..WT.. ?

    Stupid is as stupid does – TV crap in middle of night is plain STUPID. Seems its moar Mind OVER MATTER – if I dont Mind, It dont Matter. So f the woobles, they seem to be like “bad benefits” = painful “shit” that improves Ure overall Health and Wellbeing(Body&Mind) – a Qigong phenom. Just wish I could recall what I was doing in dreamworld prior to waking up to light under door..oh well.
    * Phone goes into faraday cage(microwave) tomorrow bout 2:00pm EST.jss

    So its only Oct 4th – Phightins go again tonight, highlighting the the massive income/economy displacements happening around the communist states of america. Standing Room only seats last night were fetching $120 and up on stubhub, lower level/ground level seats at the other wild card games could be had for under $50 bucks – lower level. Is this an economic thing a popularity thing, or both. This at least explains why Philly sports fans travel better than any other cities sports fans..Philly Phans are absolutely NUTZ.

    *FU genslur/SEC – see what it is to be a Winner..Crypto-Ripple -

  4. I certainly understand your reasoning behind moving content to Peoplenomics and reducing your daily Urban activity. Only so many hours per day and all. I get it. But for me it is an important part of my daily breakfast routine.
    Since you asked for suggestions, I think, have you considered running repeats of previous posts a couple days per week?
    Just a thought.
    stay safe. 77

  5. Trader G,

    Quick note regards Nat Gas.
    My data suggests a breakout is occurring today in UNG. Today’s candle is/will be confirmation of this breakout, as long as it stays above descending trend line.

    At same time 50 dma is set cross up and over the 200 dma..bbbbBREAKOUT time.
    Coot is ready to ring register on the previously highlighted Oct 7 calls (Oct6th exp.) – tiered to % gains. 30 % up – 30 percent comes off forth and so on till original nut is covered. The rest is gravy, and is best savored slowly.

    Oil/Silver/Gold look like they are on Sale today..hmmmm


  6. Most definitely, Yes. In your anti-aging quest have you looked into the alleged benefits of Methylene Blue?

  7. It never was about the financial ‘stuff’., but I needed the financial ‘stuff’ to set-up and improve the personal health and survival prep ‘stuff’.
    …, so, yeah – we all need more ‘stuff’., but selective and refined, purposeful ‘stuff’.

  8. I know for a fact that we have changed time streams.. While in college I moved around a lot and lived at various locations. I have pictures of the places which I lived, proof of the Fraternity I belonged to. Years ago I went back to Boone, and lo and behold some of the houses I lived in were not there. I asked some local and they told me that those places I was looking for never existed. And to boot, the fraternity which I belonged no longer was on the campus and my participation in it had disappeared.

    • Know I’m getting old when I found out my elementary and jr. high school is now designated a National Historic Site. (Built 1913) My high school has been mostly demolished and the part left is now the city hall.

      • My grade school became a La Raza encampment in the 70s. None of my Jewish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Black friends could remember any such radical racial endorsements to other races. See why I avoid Seattle like a pox?

        This is because equity is not equality. It’s “gimme yo shit:

      • They ripped down my old 1890’s grade school … built as the HS in the 1890’s. Beautiful brick and stone exterior 3 story building with a bell tower on top. They tried but couldn’t figure out a way to make it safe so it could be repurposed but being timber and frame construction with wooden floors and staircases throughout they couldn’t make the numbers work. It would have had to have been totally gutted and rebuilt like the White House was in the late 1940’s early 1950’s Eveybody was sad to see it go.

        Always interesting to go back to where your roots are and see what has changed, and what hasn’t. Some is better, some is MUCH worse, but in the US change is always a big part of the game of life. We are not a static society with a static infrastructure, never have been.

  9. Doanld Trump will be nominated for “Speaker of the House”. He won’t get it., but that is funny..,

  10. I got three impending national doom alerts on the cell phone, but they were in Spanish, so why worry.

      • Verbatim response from Samsung service:

        I am really sorry,

        We have lots of such complaints today also

        I believe the issue is an error from the authority

        I am very sorry your came in Spanish language

        Though the alert is just a test. Nothing worry about

        I am sorry once again.

        Answer to Ure question:

        ‘Cause Samsung sez everything is OK.

        In the event this had been a real emergency, Samsung would have had to tell me, not that half-wit crew of beltway sociopaths cowering in their luxury bunker spas. Time for change.

  11. Statistics recently released by the CBP show there were nearly 45,500 encounters with Chinese nationals in the 11 months to August, compared to almost 28,000 for the 2022 fiscal year, which runs from October to September.
    “We know that China is using everything that they have, every bit of espionage, to spy on our military and our high technology,” said Rebecca Grant, Ph.D., a national security analyst at IRIS Independent Research. “And we know China’s government is not our friend, so this dramatic upswing, I think it could definitely present a potential national security risk.”
    “I’m 99 percent certain that at least a little bit of this is [the] Chinese military infiltrating for reasons harmful to our national security,” Grant said. “Is it one person, is it a hundred, is it a thousand—we don’t know, and we don’t know where they are all going, but the fact that we have to ask this question is just outrageous.”

    • We can thank millie and the african austin for not protecting us. And don’t make the excuse that they don’t have the power ,because pedo joe is in charge. millie was willing to stop what he thought President Trump was going to do .

    • I was not kidding when I referenced the Chicom invasion. Nobody knows how many. Estimates range from 10,000 to around 80,000, and most people from whose whispers I glean information say they are suspected to all be SpecOps.

      In the lead-up to the Iraq War, we inserted 5000 Marines, nearly all of them into Baghdad. They were forward intel operators. This leads me to believe that if China has 20,000 or fewer operators in the U.S. they’re running intel ops, but if there are significantly more, they’re preparing clandestine kinetic ops.

      • I had a crazy dream a while back.. I had set up the table to make corn puffs.. by the local hall a little girl was there asking if she could have sprinkle on hers .. the line behind her there were soldiers with different uniforms on laughing and patiently waiting their turn to get some..

  12. Can’t trust what we read on the internet. Nothing.

    Roy T. Richter, former NYPD union head, dies by suicide at 56.

    “Former NYPD union boss and respected attorney Roy T. Richter was found dead by suicide at his Westchester home Wednesday, law enforcement sources confirmed.”

    I have a friend that knew him for 15 years. He spoke to Richter on Sunday, no indication of anything wrong. According to the article he was found dead at home. My friend tells me it’s not true. His body was found in a baseball field.

  13. Well, the national cellphone alert came and went. No bombs went off. No zombies in the streets. Just a couple more conspiracy theories flushed down the memory hole.

  14. I wasn’t in the Big Casino today – just wasn’t too positive on the direction – looks as though no one else was either until the last hour or so. Up 80., then back to below zero., then rally through the afternoon – had I been playing along – I could have made a couple good trades.., but I didn’t feel like sitting their wondering and guess.

  15. “”driving in the rearview mirror” problem”

    That is a problem. Everything we perceive is the past.

    The successful gunfighter probably has a brain moving a few clock cycles faster than her opponent. This makes perception happen sooner and the message to pull being sent just a few Planck times faster, for the win.

    We’re all in different parts of the same moment.

    Ideally we want to integrate our brains with the computer/Internet and remove the time everyone else is wasting by looking at screens perceiving. Not to mention video cards and refresh rates.

    Connecting to the Internet is the atomic clocks for our minds.

    The folk first connected will trade the fastest.

  16. On tackling the cognitive problem. Try adding tart Black Cherry Juice to your regimen if you haven’t already. Had forgotten about this, but I’m getting back on it. There’s a bottle chilling in the fridge and more’s on the list for the next grocery run. It’s also helpful in avoiding/treating UIs.
    Besides, it tastes so good!

  17. Radar looks as if you’re missing most of the rain we’re getting. I dumped the rain gauge when it hit 4.5″ this afternoon, because it looks like we may get that much more tonight.

  18. The additional 2.3″ overnight brought the total to 6.8″ for this system. The overnight storms also included a power outage from around 0200 to 0700. I got up at 0420 and called in the report, let the dog out and back in, then tried to sleep in the recliner. No such luck.

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