Job Cuts Soar – Modern Plague Spreads

Breaking:  Challenger Jobs Cuts soar to an 11-month high:

Job cuts announced by U.S.-based employers jumped 106%, from December’s total of 32,843 to 67,735, the highest monthly total since February 2019, according to a report released Thursday from global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

Last month’s total is 27.8% higher than the 52,988 cuts announced in the same month last year. It is the highest total since February 2019, when employers announced 76,835 cuts.

Technology companies led in announced job cuts last month with 13,869, 1,828.9% higher than the 719 cuts announced in that sector in December 2019 and 2,073.4% higher than the 638 cuts from Technology firms announced in the same month last year. Technology companies cut 64,166 jobs in 2019, compared to 14,230 in 2018.

“We have seen large Technology companies shed workers as they pivot to new products or services. In some cases, long-standing, bellwether companies are reducing bureaucracy and removing layers of management to become nimbler,” said Andrew Challenger, Vice President of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

Although the ADP number Wednesday was up big (+291,000) the Challenger data today casts some doubt on the unemployment rate outlook in tomorrow’s federal Job Report.

Productivity and Costs Data

Labor Department numbers just out on productivity (which we can improve by turning off web access at work, but that would be abuse in today’s world, lol…)

“Nonfarm business sector labor productivity increased 1.4 percent in the fourth quarter of 2019, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today, as output increased 2.5 percent and hours worked increased 1.1 percent. (All quarterly percent changes in this release are seasonally adjusted annual rates.) From the fourth quarter of 2018 to the fourth quarter of 2019, productivity increased 1.8 percent, reflecting a 2.7-percent increase in output and a 0.9-percent increase in hours worked.

All of which fits the happy-talk on Blah Street.  But the real schiznit around here is manufacturing data sucked:

Manufacturing sector labor productivity decreased 1.2 percent in the fourth quarter of 2019, as output decreased 1.0 percent and hours worked increased 0.2 percent. Total manufacturing sector productivity declined 0.7 percent over the last four quarters, as output decreased 1.2 percent and hours worked
decreased 0.5 percent.

Don’t tell the bulls, though:  Dow futures were up over a hundred points with an hour to the open.

Yes, Still President.  D’uh

OK, president Trump was acquitted. Despite this – and with no apologies for on-going bashing and far more column-inches for critics and “sources” than to the administration – we see the  NY FishWrap has a new buzz phrase to feed ‘Mercia’s two-bit digital revolutionaries.  I’d refer you to “In Trump Country, the Resistance Meets the Steel Curtain” for a modest admission that being anti-Trump is “...getting harder to sustain...”  A horrible spin on the Iron Curtain, dont’cha think?

Except for Mitt Romney – sealing his own fate as a  former senator from Utah by venting his RINO spleen –  actual republicans (as opposed to those in name only), voted down the sham impeachment effort last night.

Still to come are results of U.S. Attorney John Durham’s grand jury which is still investigating how the illegal surveillance of Donald Trump was not only wrangled through the FBI, but then glossed-over in the Inspector General’s report.

Meantime, little media attention was paid to Durham’s appointment of a new chief criminal depute in late January (Sarah Karwan) who we expect will be coming up to speed quickly as the grand jury continues.

From a “news judgment” perspective, our openly skeptical view of assertions and allegations against Trump has proven right.  Since my old “news nose knows news” I expect around April, or so, we might see a perp-walk which could include former and current FBI officials and – who knows? – maybe some leftover Obamanista loyalists.

Time will tell, but the digital revolutionaries have gotten it wrong so far although we don’t expect the paper tigers to change their stripes any time soon.  Let’s find something else to obstruct…that’s how they roll.

If I had an unlimited budget, I’d park a reporter on the steps out front of where the grand jury is sitting…because that’s how things were done back in the day.  Not particularly economical, though – and in part this type of change in news economics is why we’ve seen journalism degenerate into a press-release-driven shell of a once honorable profession.  Oy-vey.

Modern Plague Stats

More (or less) officially today, we roll with 28,344 confirmed cases and with 565 dead along with 1,339* “recovered.”  That asterisk is there because we really have no idea what’s left in the bodies of people who were infected and are now symptom-free.  But could they have after-effects that linger for decades?  (Think herpes, right?)  We won’t know that for (wait for it)  decades.

OK, the OTHER numbers making headlines are the ones that were put up on the Chinese website TENCENT last weekend.  Which, according to a Taiwanese report, showed 24,589 dead among 154,023 infected.

Since the Wuhan virus is still growing (using either set of numbers) we continue skeptical of “containment” talk as more speculative than statistical.  The happy-talk in the markets seems to us very much over-blown.

Free Money!!!

$76.75-billion worth of market-gas from the NY Fed Repo Depot.  We figured the market would pull back Wednesday, but they added more than $4-billion in an afternoon  infusion Wednesday.  Tisk, tisk….

But, Seriously, Let’s Talk Famine

While Business Insider shows some photo’s of how ugly a locust plague in Africa can be, we also note the plague is heading East.

Pakistan is now suffering its worst locust infestation in 20-years.  And ever-so-keen to “never let a good crisis go to waste” the purveyors of Global Government at the UN wrap it up as a result of “Climate Change.” GMAFB.

The climate change you really ought to be worrying about is the forward data predictions about sunspots.  The Sun is in what looks likely to turn into an extended cooling period now.  And if it persists, the climate change artists will have to do another flip to see global taxation schemes to low IQ people.

Repeat after me:  Climate has changed throughout Earth’s history and we somehow all got here without “global authorities” and without “global taxes.”  Come to think of it, we also had climate change prior to (mostly wrong) computer models and self-important “climate scientists.”

See here: I run a solar powered (since 2008) website and operate a tree farm, and write about runaway financialization so I try to “walk the talk.”  Climate is people driven not so much because of fossil fuel use, but because we have too many people.  We are cutting down everything to replant edibles.

You can thank competing religions whose growth models are based on out-screwing competitors.  More people – more converts = more dough.  Everything is a business model! Meantime, we keep cutting down forests.  Ever see burning in the Amazon?

All the climate-change crap is like bacteria in a dish of agar trying to tax one-another to buy the very last bit of food and spawn a survivor.  The real problem is too much bacteria and too little agar.  Come on, it’s not that hard, is it?  OK, apparently, it is.  We have more brain-damaged people than I thought.

An Apology to Iowa

In the past week, I have cast the Iowa caucuses as a statewide IQ contest.  While the results were not confidence inspiring, Buttigieg is better that the Bernunist, any day.  And since Biden didn’t get a single delegate, either, nor did Cashberg…perhaps – just maybe –  maybe Iowa’s not a total loss, after all.

Trends and “Told-Yah’s”

Remember when I said, on word of Rush Limbaugh having advanced cancer, how you’d be able to spot good people with style and bad people with none by how they handle coverage?  See how you judge this CBS piece: “Rush Limbaugh now has a Presidential Medal of Freedom. Here are just 20 of the outrageous things he’s said.

In our “don’t try this at home” file: Breathing may change your mind about free will.

Ukraine cuts Crimea water? Crimea’s Capital Faces Water Shortage, Plans Daily Shutoffs.

And China To Slash Tariffs On Some U.S. Imports By 50%.  Which means (no whining by the online mob, please) guess who’s trade war is working…

Pigs and potatoes on the horizon…gotta bulk up for tomorrow’s column…

Write when you get rich,

49 thoughts on “Job Cuts Soar – Modern Plague Spreads”

  1. Yo G – how about you passing some of that market gaz my way?
    Public service notice to Urb Surv community – the Coot went LONG the market w/small downside hedge. Still Bullish the market – should we open next week higher than this weeks opening & coot will be Raging Bull – for now pretty darn Bullish.

    Tesla looks toppy here with about 9% more upside before a pullback to maybe $500 area. $1000 Price is big, important and difficult barrier to overcome.
    Now if you had bot this puppy back in 2010 at the $18 per share IPO price U would be sitting pretty. Last time this stock broke out 400% from its Consolidation Channel – this time the Consolidation Channel is twice as long in Duration – so we can assume Half the % rise in price during current my tired eyes this looks like about 9% more upside – all systems go from an T.A. standpoint. From a Trading standpoint – BUYBUYBUY!

    Obviously not financial advice – just wild musings of a “jungle trader” who by the by likes trading TESLA better than BTC’s – Dont SHORT either one!

  2. Why do you think productivity in mfg. is down? They have the best robots and software. Mfg is always lean anyway, perhaps so lean that a bit of change throws the numbers off? Could be this is due to disruptive technology, it takes time to adopt it.

  3. “the illegal surveillance of Donald Trump was not only wrangled through the FBI, but then glossed-over in the Inspector General’s report.”

    Who .. truly is in control over the alphabet organizations and what means.. we all use to think they were for our safety and the protection of the weak and innocent….Yet we have all read stories about how they are being used to get things for the wealthy.. seen how fast they can bury an investigation and put out enough fires to make it look as if it never was..

    As for Iowa…..the state town hall.. He killed his chances at the town hall … he should have come out and said the opposite.. I don’t know what all transpired there as far as I know there wasn’t any criminal activity going on..I am positive that the investigations that are being made will exhonorate my son and myself from any wrong doings… and left it at that..

    we have all had those questions.. then call a citizen where he is trying to gain support a liar when he himself bragged on national television about how he man handled them there to do their bidding by withholding a billion dollars worth of aid….–dj2-CY

    they may be a little backwards but they are just country farm boys and girls.. and biden is a politician paid to lie .. working in a city that is so well known for being absolutely corrupted and manipulated by the puppeteers and then demonstrating actions that indicate that they all possibly be hiding something .. I am sure that the question passed by everyone.. just what can they all be hiding that is worse than what we already have thrown in our faces daily..

  4. Even though we are ruled by humans with a god complex who believe themselves to be above it all, the forces of nature apply to all creatures that live on this planet. If human society doesn’t wise up fast and change, we shall reap the consequences which will be awful. It could even mean extinction for us. The planet will keep going, and maybe someday, a better species than us will appear.

    • ” If human society doesn’t wise up fast and change, we shall reap the consequences which will be awful.”

      Not “human society” but each one of us! I doubt anyone cares ;-((.

  5. Hi George!

    Besides avoiding the public, washing one’s hands etc and wiping surfaces off to help prevent catching the new plague.

    It looks like there might be somethings that ppl can do during cold|flu season that can help boost one’s immune system or relieve symptoms. Ppl will have to do the research themselves on this as well as the dosage.

    Olive leaf extract
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin D

    Colloidal silver in a vaporizer to help w infection

    To help prevent a cytokine storm, a situation where a person can drown in their own fluid, an adequate level of B6. Nicotine (patches/pills) also interferes with Cytokines.

    You probably have a lot of other health care types in your audience. I know of some PhD/MD/RN types that do this.

    I had a dream before this out break about a side effect on vaccines. It caused a wasting disease. Could it be related to the outbreak and pending subsequent vaccine or exiting ones? Don’t know.

    I do know that fetal tissue is put in vaccines. Why? To change a person’s DNA? To set us up for immune problems? Big pharma likes its supply of customers – patient pharming.

  6. Time Travel – George have you never heard of Steven Gibbs?

    Steven Gibbs created the HDR or Hyper Dimesional Resonator in 1985. A device that according to him has the ability to send people physically through time. This HDR / Hyper Dimesional Resonator is according to Steven Gibbs a time machine that can be used to allow physical time travel both to the past and the future.

    Although this may seem a bit much, He explains how this process is accomplished in his time travel reports. Using the HDR Steven Gibbs claims to have made 10,000 time travel jumps.

  7. George,

    You know I am not a Climate Change believer…but, I may have misread you, but you left out some important points on our eco-system.

    I have always said it’s about pollution. Pollution isn’t just about smoke stacks spewing particulates into the air..It’s about run-off into our water ways, plastic islands in the oceans, mounds of garbage being bulldozed over and buried into our earth. And the biggest polluter of all…the depletion of mother nature’s “Lungs” …our forests.

    Each of these have consequences. Smoke stacks and cars do affect our air quality, which can have an affect on our immune systems…water run-off has the same affect…how many water cleansing chemicals are we ingesting in our drinking water, the fish we eat and all of the food sources that need water to survive because of everything we dump into our rivers, streams and oceans. The mounds of a garbage we bulldoze into the earth at garbage dumping sites are Nirvana for rodents and other pests that carry disease…and our air quality continues to deteriorate at exponentially rapid rates because we keep on cutting down the trees that need to replace the increased carbon that is spewed into the air by machines and 9 billion people.

    And we wonder how we are prone to diseases and “pandemics” ..Our bodies do evolve and can adapt, but at this present rate of bad stewardship of Mother Earth, we can’t adapt fast enough and we are reaching a point of no return…and Mother Earth …itself a living organism of sorts of intertwined eco-systems and life is suffering and is being thrown off balance.

    And…the thing is we can help reverse it by doing the little things…fossil fuels are part of it…For a year and a half, I have not driven a gas powered vehicle and believe me , it’s a better and far more fun way to travel. More should adopt that method of driving. Did you see the Super Bowl ads from Audi, GM and VW? More EV commercials than gas powered.

    There are hundreds of thousands of EV’s on the west coast and it’s making a difference, since most of our electric production is clean and only 2% comes from coal. I have solar and a storage battery system as do tens of thousands of other. California has a new law that went into affect January 1 that all new single family homes must have solar installed…and consumers love that. It’s about time…with all of the sun we have it makes so much sense. OEM perks in houses like built in HDMI, charging ports for electronic devices, NEST systems, other smart technology and solar just make sense and help us become better stewards of our planet.

    Now after all of this…How did you do contradict yourself? You didn’t…I click-baited you. I Just wanted you to read this…You and I are on the same page when it comes to pollution and it’s consequences. Have a good weekend!

  8. My my George but the countries in a flux no one seems to know what’s coming down next,everyone’s emotions and happy talk are replacing common sense, as the media is already counting those hundreds of millions that they will rake in off the dog and pony show known as the U.S. elections, where 53% of the people don’t feel that this type of system works any longer up from 29%.

    See another trucking company bit the dust (KLM and its sister companies) citing lack of freight and low freight rates, that’s the second one this year to add to the 635 last year which tells me that the economy has ground to a standstill.

    Don’t know about the tariffs as we never knew what was in the first agreement so its hard to make any judgement without knowing the facts.Talking about the speech, a poster over on the MoonofAlabama site posted that they should have framed that speech “that it was seldom you got to read the suicide note before the suicide” and I guess that says it all being well stated.!!!

    • “53% of the people don’t feel that this type of system works any longer up from 29%.”

      That’s because you need “intelligent voters” to make the system operate successfully, and there is a lack of them, unfortunately.

  9. George,

    -Even though he fought openly for smokers’ rights, am sorry Rush has advanced cancer from smoking, and hope that medical science can save him, despite his open ridicule of science. He, of course, has the right to kill himself, but to inflict that on all the rest of us? Really? And for what? For ratings. Completely irresponsible.

    -Don’t get it, but Conservatives just seem to revel in bad judgment and incompetence. And then think they’re so cutesy wutsey doing it. Very Homer Simpson-esque, without any of his endearing qualities.

    -I mean, to go against 97% of all published (reputable) scientists on climate change with ‘evidence’ from their backyard? To take down the stabilizing force against Iran in the Middle East (Saddam), and then to give Iraq to Iran, and to put $8 trillion on the national debt doing it? Wow. To put another $8 trillion on the national debt from the Great Recession flowing from their deregulation mantra? To add $5 trillion to the national debt from tax cuts for the rich starting with Reagan who tripled the national debt? Even the latest $2 trillion in tax cuts fizzled out quickly, leaving us with stock buybacks and anemic 2.1% growth.

    -A pretty embarrassing track record for conservatives.

    Best, Mike.

    • What I am about to say is harsh….but first…I too am sorry that Rush has lung cancer…I want every human on earth to live a long and prosperous life. I hope too that the very science he condemned, finds a cure for his ailment…and hopefully this new lease on life will change his views on life. That’s the spiritual prayer I have for him.

      But, despite the sad news, for now… he is not worthy of the Medal of Freedom. I can’t put him in the same category as Buckminster Fuller, Frank Gerry, Andrew Wyatt, Georgia O’Keefe, Norman Rockwell, Martha Graham, Walt Disney, Steven Speilberg, T.S Eliot, James Michener, Aaron Copeland, Peter Drucker, Sam Walton, Gordon Moore, Admiral Hyman G Rickover, Chief Justice Earl Warren, and his media counterparts…Edward R Murrow, Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley, Paul Harvey and Lowell Thomas. There are so many more that actually changed the world…not angered it .

      You can honor him in other ways, but just like Trump has disgraced the Office of the Presidency, this award taints the legitimacy of this medal. Hell, baseball has more scruples by refusing the HOF to Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire and Curt Schilling…and baseball is still somewhat of a mess.

      Rush is part of the hate in America…an entertainer that stirs it up for financial gain in the same vain as a choreographed WWE wrestler. I really hope he gets better…We don’t wish ill will on anyone…but Mike brings up a good point…the very thing he advocated, is killing him now. It’s as if he knew and wanted to bring the whole world down with him…Just like Trump’s doing now.

    • Mike,

      Spending is controlled by Congressional appropriation and you say “Reagan tripled the debt”? Dems controlled the House Reagan’s entire 8 years. Ever hear of “free” healthcare, “free” college, student loan forgiveness, green new deal? Who is promising that spending and what will it add to the debt? Ever hear of the Muslim Brotherhood or Arab Spring? Not exactly stabilizing forces in the M-E. Who took out Qaddafi?

      Be careful calling others incompetent.

  10. The USA had in 2018/2019 flu season alone 61,000 deaths from the flu virus with 45 Million infected and 810,000 of these people were hospitalized.

    So, for China to achieve equality, they need to have to have 255 Million infections in China alone, with over 4 Million hospitalized and with over 305,000 deaths.
    (remember we take our flu internationally too, but we don’t headline ours, hope China doesn’t headline our home made pandemics)

    So, only be worried about getting stuck in a quarantine in your travels.

  11. If Epstein could suicide himself and have all evidence go missing – I’ll be absolutely surprised if anybody is convicted – prolly slap on the hands shuffle the deck at the agencies and forward….. 60mm not quarantined and people believe the phony numbers coming out of China – more hospitals being built …….let’s see if they really go back to work. Someone noticed the F1 grand Prix in April has been cancelled why do that if they are getting the all clear to return to work next week. The rubber has to meet the road at some time – FED still in utter panic………

    • ” I’ll be absolutely surprised if anybody is convicted – ”

      It’s already ancient history . Vanished in the touch of the delete button..

  12. For those interested in the saga of the Boeing 737 MAX, here’s a rather fascinating video – especially for pilots and those with some aeronautical knowledge:

    There’s little reason to watch the video other than to see pretty airplanes, but the 40 minute audio track has an interview with a long time 737 pilot who details the history of the aircraft through its many stages of evolution. He feels that the last two were really stretching the abilities of the airframe and “old tech” design. Remember that the 737-200 had turbojets right under the wings. Points not detailed in the news are that if the electric trim is run to near full down position in the MAX and pilots are trying to hold altitude, the aerodynamic forces on the tailplane are such that manual movement of that control surface at all is impossible! With MCAS and electric trim re-engaged, the system would attempt to run to an even more nose down trim. This was apparently a known problem. The audio is definitely worth the time to listen to – many details I never knew about the design evolution are mentioned. When watching the video, you can easily imagine how lift from the large compressor nacelles on the new engines that are located so far forward of the aerodynamic center will cause an exponential increase in pitch moment with increasing angle of attack! THAT’s the reason for the MCAS system! It’s not a near linear effect that pilots could easily handle. Apparently the trim range and authority on this aircraft exceeds that of the elevators.

    • I am sure that when the final crash report comes out it will be shown that it was because of what you noted, once MACS system trim asjustment has run the trim to near the full nose down position it is physically impossible for the pilots to use the manual trim wheel to trim the elevators back up because the forces are too great, the Eithiopian Air pilots turned the system back on so as to activate the hydraulic powered trim system so as try to be able to trim the airplane back up. (in the 737 MAX when turn off MACS you also turn off power assisted trim system – a Boeing design “FEATURE”) Alas, when they did that it turned the MACS system back on and they still couldn’t move the elevator trim, thus the plane flew into the ground.

      Why the two items, MACS and the Elevator Trim hydraulic assist system, were NOT on separate systems, the combining of the two by Boeing and considered a “FEATURE” by them, is beyond my comprehension. The FAA was also clearly incompetent at not call this issue a problem during their certification process even if the FAA at the time did not fully understand the full nature of the MACS system itself.

      Boeing’s arrogance in it’s design process and attempt to short circuit a full review of their design process for the plane afterwards during it’s certification are the underlying causes of the accidents imo, but the FAA also missed this glaring issue apparently without even noticing it.

      Sadly it took TWO plane crashes, not just one, before foreign licensing agencies revoked the plane’s certification, and even then the FAA still held onto the position that the plane was safe to fly.

      A housecleaning at Boeing AND a housecleaning at the FAA are both in order imo.

      • Sadly, many times in engineering, design defects and oversights get renamed as “features” so as to not break the budget. Any engineering change is expensive and time consuming. Much more so in critical areas such as aeronautics and anything military. Often, these things are merely nuisances, but in some cases such as this one, it’s a critical safety issue.

  13. George, according to G.A. Stewart the corona virus is no joke.

    “The Masters of The Game signal their intent in elaborate rituals. It seems to be part of the rules of the game. Part of that ritual is the choice of dates for Social Engineering events. Many of the regular readers of my research know that I have pointed to dates with the number combination 3-1-1.”

    “On 1/31/2020, it was revealed that segments of the Chinese Coronavirus’ RNA appear to be similar to HIV, the AIDS virus. The Chinese Coronavirus is clearly a weapon, and the virus was certainly released in December 2019.”

    • Electricity can be passed a variety of ways..magnetic resonance through the air. Over the wires solar electricity is generated at close to. The infrared frequency.
      Solar power from space or space based panels would have to be in the form of concentration.. converting it and sending it as a beam to a receptor.. this can be achieved on earth to.. using solar concentrator.. the issue is heat..and a way to keep the cells at an operable level. That to isnt a real difficult issue in my thoughts..
      Even my solar panels at home generate at night..

      The one I would like to see.. and even now cant hary believe it is a friend was doing a revision show in Japan years ago and the subject was could enough power be generated at night to fry a steak lol lol..
      I want to finish one of my projects a solar grill.. I already did the solar beer freezer. Anyway I am just rambling on..
      Space solar tbe energy wavelength has to be close to iiinfra. And concentrators ..

  14. Rumours swirl after President Xi Jinping disappears as coronavirus rapidly spreads

    The President hasn’t been seen in public in several days and missed his regular media appearances – but Chinese social media users speculating about his whereabouts are being censored

    I wondered when some mainstream press somewhere (obviously not China) would notice this. Xi has actually been in isolation for 7 days and some change, as of this post. This is significant because the Chinese “fearless Leader” makes daily appearances for Xinhua and/or People’s Daily photo-ops, and appears live on CCTV several times per week. The Chicoms throw their leader in front of the cameras like that because it fosters a sense of omnipresence to the masses and encourages a form of idol-worship of said leader.

    I can’t see the Chicoms abandoning their favorite domestic psy-op, so something’s definitely up. I wonder if he contracted the bug…?

    • Good call Ray. As the Worlds largest landowner and the opulence that’s the Vatican, it would be the “Christian” thing to do to practice what they preach…The rich and powerful like to act altruistic…To feel good about themselves…at least until it starts to affect their pocketbooks.

      • They often practice what they preach, Mark. They just simply do not have the moral right to impose their doctrine, or the harebrained ideas of their leadership on those of us to whom they do not preach, nor does a Pope have a divine ability or right to rewrite either God’s Word or established Church doctrine.

        To be fair, the Catholic Church does many thousands of charitable projects every year, costing many billions of dollars, and that’s a wonderful thing. Where this honks me off is: The Marxist in the Vatican would dare to tell “rich” (or ANY) non-Catholic people they should pay a GLOBAL tax, simply because they’re “rich,” whatever that means. The average income, worldwide, is about $1.60/hr (and this includes the Buffett crowd — those who make between $1000 and $10mln per minute, or more.) Does the Pope consider anyone whose income is higher than a buck-sixty to be “rich?” It’s obvious he doesn’t consider the $100bln+/wk the Church takes in, in tithes, as a global tax.

        Class envy is a vice and (I’d assume, since it is a form of “envy”) a sin which has no beneficial component to any part of any society. That a “Pope” is publicly engaging in this sin, the only use or benefit of which is to drive an immoral political agenda is unconscionable, and IMO deserving of excommunication.

        No respect for the current Pontiff — losing respect for the [world’s largest] organization that’d pick a dishonest commie as its leader.

  15. Get Ready For Impeachment 2.0: House Dems To Subpoena Bolton After Senate’s Refusal

    Now, the Democrats are hoping to take a mulligan – just like Biden and Buttigieg now that Bernie Sanders was robbed in Iowa. And instead of limiting the testimony to Ukraine, they’re jonesing to let Bolton talk about anything and everything that’s weighing on his mind (though he might want to hold off on some spoilers for the sake of book sales).

    Zerohedge is actually starting to become a news source. Tyler must be getting bored with his doomporn followers, and is broadening his reading…

    I thought at the time Pelosi announced the impeachment inquiry, that since it was obviously groundless, the Dems might try “impeachment” twice.

    I suppose “impeachment” beats actually doing ANYTHING… :rolleyes

    • “I suppose “impeachment” beats actually doing ANYTHING… :rolleyes”

      OTFLMAO….. Yeah I know.. really who would notice right .. seriously they have had thirty years of not doing anything what would ten more months make LOL..As long as they still have ten months to share the wisdom they have with us on the president… LOL LOL

  16. I have a favor/request to ask
    They say a picture is worth a thousand words
    Please construct 2 charts
    1st one with a approximate Dec 15 start date showing normal progression of pandemic growth/spread.

    2nd chart use reported numbers from China showing growth/spread

    These are things I am trying to determine
    We could probably estimate a mean
    Do the China reported numbers look random or appear to have a pattern
    Are the reported numbers going parabolic???
    I am sure you could add more wisdom

    Link to article about 33 year old Doctor reporting and dying from virus

  17. One hopes all had their fill of SoUp. Time for birds of a feather to fly the coup to the left coast; and the Oscar goes to…

    Belated Happy Ukrainian New Year as well as a nod to an outstanding January coinkydoink. On the same day that President Putin turned the supply taps back on to fuel-starved refineries in landlocked Belarus, the EU sent emissaries with good tidings of relaxed visa entry requirements and promises to Belarus of improved access to the EU bloc. The European Commission website has the details noted under a page entitled “neighborhood-enlargement”. Mr. Rogers would be so pleased to see everyone playing nicely in the ‘hood.

    • “Silence the doctors, and send the victims to the Camps.”

      Its just My Opinion but.. the way I see it is In the USA there is some forgiveness for an OOPS.. in china.. there isn’t.. sad to say that they would kill someone that has the brains to fix the situation.. as far as the camps..
      We to have them here.. and a few years ago FEMA had all counties buy a mobile crematorium as an emergency vehicle as well.. well at least here they did….
      You will know for sure when they tossed their hands up.. to stop a plague like that you have to stop social interaction…if it was a weapon sent to us.. well heck.. how much of our stuff is made there.. they could send it on the face masks, gloves or any number of products we buy even our food…. it isn’t a blanket but gets just as close and personal…. in my opinion it is just another reason to keep most of your products production at home..

      • I generally agree here. I’m not aware of my county having a mobile crematorium, though any redneck worth the name could whip one up out of scrap in a day and mount it on a trailer. Not pretty but it would get the job done.

        We definitely need to have the ability to produce at least essential supplies at home. Offshoring beyond that minimum can become a business decision. Even China doesn’t have the ability to produce PPE for the entire world in a month. The combination of JIT inventory(which I’ve always hated) and the current virus will certainly provide challenge. Let’s see what American(and other) ingenuity can do about it!

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