5W Friday: Work, Wuhan, Witness, and Woo-Woo

The W’s have it this morning.  Yeah – It’s a real cluster-something down at the far end of the alphabet…

1W: Work

The Labor Department is just out with:

Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 225,000 in January, and the unemployment rate was little changed at 3.6 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Notable job gains occurred in construction, in health care, and in transportation and warehousing.

Now, let’s drill down a bit.  Because the total number of people working is actually down a bit.  Because despite the happy-talk, the absolute number of people working is highlighted here:

IoW 89,000 fewer people working in January than in December, right?

Now, let’s see how the CES Birth-Death Model looked:

It took away 2.8 million jobs for the year and 145,000 for the month.

So, maybe this is why stock futures are pointing to a slightly lower open.  Also, one of the key economic reports out of Germany today cratered, so global growth may not be as robust as previously thought.

NY Fed Repo Depot to the rescue!  $42.75-billion in repo’s this morning and check them about 1:20 PM Eastern to see if they goose things going into the weekend.

2W:  Wuhan

31,638 cases are acknowledged by China.  And deaths of 638.

But keep an eye on what is coming out of experts.  Look for the common thread in “Coronavirus Infections are Massively Underreported, Warns Hong Kong Academic.”   And in “Data suggests virus infections under-reported, exaggerating fatality rate.”  When coupled with “China Underreporting True Scale of Deadly Virus Outbreak, Expert Says” from a Harvard doc, the picture continues to darken.

Oh, and yes, they are still ChiComs,  under-studies of Stalin, perhaps, as Citizen Journalists Who Exposed Beijing’s Lies In Wuhan Have Suddenly Vanished.  Of course, anyone can dissent.  Once.

3W: Witnessing

Democrats, unable to honestly and correctly count caucus results in Iowa are demonstrating they also don’t know a damn thing about the Constitution and the legal concept of “double jeopardy.”  The concept ain’t that hard:  Once acquitted of a charge, you can’t be tried on it again, eh, Kafka?

Unless, of course, you don’t have anything else to sell, and that gets us to Schiff-Show-II (originally sold as “Impeachment 2.0” which was part of the Nightmare on K-Street series):  “Schiff says Bolton refused to submit sworn affidavit on Ukraine dealings...”

Under this flimsy pretext, the demagogues in congress (toss Mittens in, too) will make another run at impeaching Trump, just to they can say “Still under investigation” come election time.  Double jeopardy problem?  Did I, or did I not, tell you the lefties use law, but don’t grok the underlying concepts?

What the dumbocrats are after (other than Bolton’s self-interest in hyping his book) isn’t really a violation of double jeopardy.  With no law-school time, it looks more to me like a violation of “collateral estoppel” which Wiki’s out this way:

“One summary is that, “once a court has decided an issue of fact or law necessary to its judgment, that decision … preclude[s] relitigation of the issue in a suit on a different cause of action involving a party to the first case”.[1] The rationale behind issue preclusion is the prevention of legal harassment and the prevention of overuse or abuse of judicial resources.”

Since the issue is “Ukraine” and that’s been litigated, it appears plain that dems are – as uaual – way off base.  We have to ask: How long before a bar association wisens-up to Schiff’s lack of (you fill in the blank here) conduct.  I like the word “ethical” myself.

We’re thinking the democrats are like a broken Timex:  They may keep on ticking, but being broken, they don’t give us reliable or useful information.  Which is why they’re in politics, not science, I suppose.

4/5 W:  Woo-Woo

Been a while since I have mentioned my “other life” but a most remarkable dream sequence rolled-by on the “other side” last night that deserves some thought.

First, for those who don’t know (perhaps being new readers):  I (for whatever reason) live a “double life.”

I have a great wife, life, and prospects during the “waking state.”  But, as outlined in my book  Psychocartography (which is about mapping your personal dream-spaces), for accomplished lucid-dreamers, life in  The Dreams Realms is so utterly  real  in every detail, it’s like living a second life.

More immersive than iMAX, as sensory as breakfast, and consistent in every detail, if you give yourself permission for it to be so.

Occasionally, the content comes with prophetic “vision” content – but that’s somewhat rare.  More common are dreams about the “next [ or other] worlds.”  In our favorite, Elaine and I continue to adventure together.  We live in a condominium in a development in scenic mountains (“ Le Nieuw”).  There’s a hotel with live music and a big horseshoe-shaped bar, where Elaine and I go for drinks and music.

I have a red bi-biplane, a German shepherd. Elaine still looks stunning – like she’s 30.   I’m back around 40.  Our “mapped dream world” seems to be a (phase conjugate) away from the waking state.  Life-force, as I’ve learned, like polarization of light, is a matter of phasing.  So much so, that when flying the bi-plane in The Realms, I try to stay away from the ghostly looking aircraft coming into Arrival City’s airport.  There can, under certain conditions, be “phase interactions” with disastrous results. Makes for a careful pilot.  In all, amazingly cool. Incredible physics, and a surprising logical consistency.

I don’t talk much about what “goes on over there”  – despite visiting most night – because so much of it has to do with my personal development, growth, and learning.

Still, now and then (like last night), one of the adventures is terribly compelling and so useful in shaping waking-state thought,  that it bears mentioning over here in (a column this like) – on the waking side of Life.

Enough background: In the interest of time, I will keep this short and skip right to mid-dream.

Elaine and I were with another couple, slightly older than us, and the male figure was about 50-years old, his wife 40-something.

He was an RF engineer of some type and obviously expert in his field.  We spent most of the afternoon hiking gentle rolling hills with low brush,up a quarter mile, or so, along an ocean coast.  Every 3/4-mile, or so, there would be a modest bluff (or headland) and it was these we focused on.

We worked out way north (remember, dreams are usually 90 or 180-degrees off compared to waking-state directions), looking for high points which would offer good cell tower coverage.

Because we were putting in 4-5 foot tall red tripods with flashing strobe lights on them.  I somehow knew these would be where a following crew would later install devices on towers that would function similarly to cell towers seen in the waking-world.

We’d wrapped up our  survey and tripod-planing work.  Must have been around 5 PM, and hiked back to our base of operations.  On a turn-off from the ocean-front highway was a large camping trailer, and by “large” I mean on the order of 35-feet – maybe 40-feet – long.  It was pulled by what seemed a 3/4-scale futuristic Kenworth looking truck.  Candy apple red.  Imagine a cross between a Dodge Ram Diesel, Kenworth T-6, and gone over by Chuck Barris.  Hell of a rig.

No one felt much like eating.  Food in Dream Realms is optional.

We were given our choice of three small bedrooms and Elaine and I chose the one of the right, toward the front of the trailer.  The RF engineer’s wife chose the one to the left, rearward,for them.

Curiously, though, the Engineer announced he wasn’t going to turn-in, just yet.

“We have to get this project done quickly,…so while you all rest, I’m going to move us about 3-hours up the coast so we can get an early start tomorrow morning….”

This piqued my curiosity a good bit, so I asked “Why the big rush on this project?  Won’t the towers wait?”

His answer knocked me back:

“I don’t know if anyone explained this to you, but let me explain why our work is so important.

Over here – in The Dream Realms – things used to be simple.  For thousands of years, when people went to sleep, the Realms they went to had natural lighting.  Sun came up and it got light.  Sun set, it got dark.  Simple.

Over time, though, technology started to emerge.  Oil lamps came first, but then came electric lights.  And that changed what people needed to experience in The Dream Realms.

Crews were dispatched across the entire AltiVerse to put in what would be the waking-world’s equivalent of electric lighting.

Nowadays, since everyone who is “coming over” has a large part of their mental space devoted to their phones, we are run ning an operation in both worlds – Waking and Dream Realms – to provide for this new technology.

We’re in a hurry out here getting the tower sites ready so when people “come over” they will have access to a familiar “friend” – their cellphone avatars.  Alexa, Siri, and so forth.

It will help those with less understanding a helping hand adapting to learning that their souls are independent of their waking, sleeping, life-or-death phase-states.  5G over there will feed, with some congruence, into tyhe systems here…”

I thought it over for a few minutes.  Didn’t seem unreasonable.  After all, how would people in “time before fire” have anything conceptualized other than a naturally-set sunrise and sunset to operate between… Yes, it made sense. It also made me wonder what a non-tech dream space would be like.

But there was one thing that wasn’t making sense as I thought it all through:

“Why such urgency?  We’re working like hell to get this done as a breakneck speed like this…why?

“Because, George, the AltiVerses all need to be complete in the next year or two.”

“OK, why is that?”

“Because we are expecting a huge inflow of new arrivals.”



Needless to say, that was pretty shocking.  Intuitively, I knew it wasn’t Wuhan.  Something else…bigger, Hugely bigger. Big enough to transition billions into The Realms.  A mass awakening or do we blow ourselves up in the end, as our financializations begin to serially implode?

I woke up debating whether to share this adventure.  But, like the old saying goes, we like to “Err on the Side of Action.”

I hope this explains why I don’t write as much about woo-woo as I used-to.  There’s big work being done on both waking and dream-world sides. Work to prepare for what’s to come.

Work we all know…work we don’t want to face.

Work that’s coming, regardless.

Write when you get rich,


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    • We all know how it works.. the same thing with Fukushima catastrophic event.. butter over the situation toss a little cinnamon sugar on to.. it still was toast.. and still ongoing.. the true situation is hushed up give lower numbers to stop outright panic and chaos..
      Can you imagine how many people all running around screaming out of desperation..
      There will be signs of the times..what was the post on stews site.. http://www.theageofdesolation.com
      Nostradamus predicted a pandemic..its right in the timeline of events to.. even the locusts and starvation..

  1. “the demagogues in congress (toss Mittens in, too) will make another run at impeaching Trump, just to they can say “Still under investigation”



    My wife just asked me why I was sad and crying…..I said.. I GET TO HEAR THIS CRAP ANOTHER TEN MONTHS.. day and night no let up…. three plus years was bad enough.. now more to come… …..GMAFB…. I can hear the news already.. we start the evening news with the unending corruption of Donald Trump trying to accomplish what he campaigned for….

    • Save your money and drop cable or whatever brings that tripe into your home. We have nothing more than streaming services in the house besides regular Internet and we can pick and choose what we subject ourselves to. I barely check out Fox online any more since they have new masters. Thinking about subscribing to Glen Beck, though, but I’m still a little mad at him for not going with Trump before his election given the other choice. I’m more interested in the financial aspects of this storm coming our way rather than the political. That ship sailed long ago … but I still vote!

  2. George, maybe we should find out why China’s next door neighbour North Korea, unlike other countries within 1500 hundred miles, has managed to avoid a case of Coronavirus OR NOT.

  3. Ethics! U talking Ethics and Rep Adam Schiff in the same sentence?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Come on Homey – not only does that traitorous piece of schiff have NO ETHICS – he Acts and Speaks with absolutely NO Morals. To this deplorable ethics is like thinking about cheating – Morals is actually physically Cheating.

    Dude luv the tales from the realms, some day U might want to venture into Hyperspace –

    Entities out there can provide totally New, Never before heard of or considered information – goes both ways the info sharing..
    Taking Shamanic dose of Peyote is one On Ramp to the “Hyperspace Highway”. Dangerous in that some minds cannot handle “dying” when your mind disconnects from our shared reality – and it takes about a month to get your head back right – but hey U only live..a couple hundred thousands times – U just dont remember cause that All info was violently stripped from “U” prior to coming back – yet again.

    • East coast,
      Substitute Schiff for Trump and that’s how the rest of us feel…and we are all at an impasse…Except Schiff is at least sounds and speaks with intelligence and can pronounce words…I am not saying he one of the good guys…he has his own agenda I am sure…

      Trump on the other hand is as dumb as a crate of hammers…so to the rest of us, he is guilty by virtue of his vitriol and stupidity. I mean come on…speaking smack at a National Prayer breakfast. Has he no shame? I am not sure Pence is any better…he is like an Ed McMahon character that says “Yes” a lot and nods his head…But I would rather have that than the dufus in charge.

      • “that’s how the rest of us feel”

        Please don’t try to speak for the rest of us! We are more than capable of having our own opinions. A poll would probably show that you are in a minority. Maybe it would be more productive if you went and policed some of the street litter in your area!! I’m sue the tourist would appreciate it.

      • Schiff is not my guy. Please…Typical of you Trump supporters to make stupid assumption comments like that…

        But Schiff is Einstein, Gandhi and Mother Theresa compared to the doltish and evil and Trump.

      • Mark, do yourself and the rest of us a favor and investigate this Sh*t, er Schiff you speak of. You DO realize he’s best friends with Ed Buck, one of his and Hitiary’s best donors, and suspect in a murder investigation of 2 black men who died in his apartment after being shot up with meth, don’t you? Oh that’s just rumor you say? Read it and smarten up: https://www.npr.org/2019/09/18/761858659/democratic-fundraiser-ed-buck-is-arrested-after-a-third-man-ods-in-bucks-apartme


      • Peddling Assaninity…that’s what marXsie does, he comes on here, and constantly peddles this alternative universe under his own opinion but trying to act like millions think just like him. No way, even the liberals we know, don’t talk like marXsie.

      • @MARX

        “Except Schiff is at least sounds and speaks with intelligence and can pronounce words”


      • Rocket, Mickey, darrel, etc,

        If I am not the majority, then how do you explain that we have a booming economy, `record stock market, lowest unemployment in history and yet…Trump has 49% approval rating…and that’s from a conservative poll. That’s because…
        1. Nobody actually is dumb enough to give him credit.
        2. They hate his delivery and style.
        3. The 2018 elections were a sign if greater things to come in terms of sending the GOP a message…Which is sad…My GOP has lost it’s way. It’s not the GOP of old…it’s a dumbed down version that is reminiscent of a entitled party frat at a mediocre university. And Trump just won the chugging contest. Now that’s leadership!

      • “how do you explain that we have a booming economy, `record stock market, lowest unemployment in history”

        Tabletop NOODLE economics Mark….. put a cooked noodle on a table top.. pour water on it so it has water under it.. you can push that noodle across the table.. but as the money dries up.. that noodle receives friction and will start to bind and crumbe.. the more water that is poured on the table top the longer that noodle can be moved.. the federal reserve is chunking gallons of water on the economy to keep it from crumbling.. Now.. those at the manufacturing level.. if they keep having products imported.. that is like taking a paper towel and putting it on the water on the table.. the more paper towels the dryer the table becomes.. so the more water has to be dumped on the table to keep it floating..
        Tariff’s and stopping the rapid influx of illegal refugees will keep some of that water on the table.. but not enough if those with the power to keep that water on their own tables keep wiping it off..
        take a look at the charts.. you will see that there was a huge spike in the market..
        I can’t see where it can do anything at all but fall.. prices have finally gotten to the point where they are not maintainable at the present wages.. what was a minimum wage job in the seventies should be thirty dollars an hour now.. and economic trends have outpaced income..
        at the top this isn’t noticable because you live in a completely different world.. but at the bottom all of us are worried about it.. what is keeping that going is the money that is being dumped on everyone in the way of plastic..
        even that has its limits.. and we are at the tipping point.. but then like everything else this is only my opinion..
        The president has done one heck of a job keeping the laborers needs in the works of trying to get something done.. and he has been attacked and bullied since before he got into office…I sure wouldn’t have stayed in office.. I would have caved a long time ago.. you just can’t see what he has done.. because you are at a different level in the economic spectrum.. but when you do see the fall.. it won’t be a gradual decline like those at the bottom see.. it will be one massive what the hell just happened moment.. and it is coming.. our interest on the past debts of our nation are growing to the level that they are an entitiy of their own.. upside down sideways.. the interest is going to kill us.. and is.. next years budget .. phew.. maybe double or tripple this years.. just because of the interest..

  4. Thirty years ago I was assigned to teach a one-time course on international prison systems. The key question was, “Is anyone doing corrections better than the USA?” I found that the recidivism rate for China was approximately 1/10 that of the USA. One can expect different results given authoritarian policing, different family systems, etc. But a factor of 10? Since then I have mistrusted all data coming out of China, whether it be on economic development, birth rates, or treatment of minorities. There is absolutely no reason to accept coronavirus statistics at face value. They could be right, but most likely they are not. By the way, I have visited China twice, including one visit that included Tibet. What I heard from guides (e.g. “The Dali Lama is on vacation out of the country.) further increased my paranoia about any Chinese government “information.” Anything you think you know about China has to be triangulated, i.e. verified by multiple sources including non-governmental sources and on-the-ground observation.

    • Repeat offenders in China have their organs removed & sold, & they are never heard from again. Others are sent to slave camps & never heard from again. So 1/10th of the US rate may be correct.

      In China, you are encouraged to confess & thereby receive less harsh treatment. As Stalin said, “Show me the man & I will show you the crime.”

    • MarcR
      This is why you have a tremendous influx of Chinese here on the west coast. Their proficiency in Math, computer science and engineering are unprecedented…it’s not their education, it’s what they are forced to do with that education and the suppression and financial ceilings they have to adhere to that causes them to move here.

      I have many Chinese friends, colleagues and clients…They all come here for way more freedom and better financial opportunities. They understand the lock that the Chinese government has on their access to information, opportunity, growth and news too. They are very astute and aware of their their home land and first generation immigrants here are at first, very distrustful as a result.

      But, it doesn’t take long for them to figure out how things work here on the west coast. They assimilate quickly and are much happier, richer and a big part of our tremendous economic growth. This inclusiveness is why places like Seattle, Portland, the Bay Area, L.A Area, and San Diego are their cities of choice.

      And other than to visit family, (occasionally) most don’t ever want to go back.

      • You know, if the democrats and republicans had invested in their own country, we could still have a more Ameri-centric workforce. I’d support a bill promising no foreign-worker related corp write-offx for Tech. Teach their asses to hire American’s – first and foremost.

      • George, I am heavily invested in STEM education at the grade school level here. It is something I am passionate about not only for regular students but for at risk youth and I donate to help the gender gap by encouraging young women to embrace STEM. It won’t solve the nations problem, but making STEM cool and putting them in the same pedestal that we do athletes is paramount to the Overall health of our country. I raised two collegiate athletes and while they are very successful in their careers today, if I had to do it over again, I would have put more emphasis on STEM competitions on them rather than travel ball tournaments.

        That’s how you build a country. Through brains, not brawn.

      • Taking a class – out of 22, I am the only WHITE Citizen person. Everyone else is from somewhere else: S. Korea, China, India, Mexico, Columbia, Honduras, Russia (yes, got picked in a lottery), Ghana, Japan, AND they are ALL RECEIVING A FREE EDUCATION. I was amazed at the SELL OUT of OUR OWN AMERICAN CITIZEN YOUTH who are racking up thousands to get an education so they can COMPETE with a non-citizen who got a FREE EDUCATION. That’s what George means by IF our own country had invested in our OWN citizens. Same with bringing in all the brown people to make babies and disenfranchise the citizens so they can’t afford to make babies. Same with bringing all the brown men in to take the lower rung jobs, and the brown men into take the STEM jobs. THIS GLOBALISM IS A WICKED HELL HOLE!!! Now you know how they are transforming and NEWLY TERRAFORMING (TERROR-FORMING) AMERICA.

      • Globalism Sucks-
        What you are describing is the way I remember it being at certain colleges at the university four decades ago. There is nothing new in American universities catering to subsidized foreign nationals paying cash for their education, while American youth are encouraged to become Federal debt slaves.
        I spend much too much of my waking hours answering hostile, less-than-astute questions from young foreign nationals with chips on their shoulders the size of redwoods. Many of these young professionals are sons and daughters of foreign elites.
        Welcome to my world.

      • Mark – regarding your support of “women in STEM” – you might want to rethink things a bit. Women in STEM have massive resources available to them – FAR more than men in STEM or elsewhere – especially those American men who wish to get qualified and have opportunities for scholarships and internships. While I’m partial to women(they’re prettier), the imbalance in support is ridiculous. 72% of college students are women and they have access to “women’s centers” and feminist centers that encourage them as a group, along with massive indoctrination and external empowerment. There are entire buildings on campus dedicated to women! Not so for men. It’s sometimes possible for male students to join female groups such as W-ACS if they “identify as female”, but they’re not really welcome and barely tolerated. Such groups provide information and opportunities not available elsewhere. Even trying to start a group such as M-ACS would be met with sarcastic mirth rather than help.

        I’m personally in favor of being color and gender blind in STEM – we need the best and brightest without regard to what they look like(presuming they’re properly dressed and clean). Yes, if their accents are unintelligible, they should get extra help to remedy this so that they can communicate verbally. Other than that – women and selected minorities have had 60 years of extra help and extra credit. IMHO, we are in a world where we can and should all live by the same rules. That means stopping all this extra sex and race based favoritism along with eliminating ALL bias. Ratio’s here don’t matter – competence does.

      • “presuming they’re properly dressed”

        NM MIKE… I find that its amazing what appearance has on someones opinions so I find that a little funny but oh so true…..


        I will never forget wanting to take a graphics class LOL…. but they wouldn’t let me take it at george washington university because it was a class only offered to the juniors and seniors.. so I had to take a test.. went in and the professor.. basically from my appearance said.. maybe you should take the books home and study before you attempt to take the exams because.. ( he didn’t think I could do it obviously LOL) .. I told him to forget me taking the books home and just took the test.. and then got the class.. he had the most shocked look on his face when he told me I could take the class.. he said.. have you ever thought about going to school.. LOL.. well one my spelling his horrible and sentence structure and then there was the money…. forget it I didn’t have the money and would never have passed the classes on sentence structures.. LOL…..
        yet we all do it all the time.. we judge people by their appearance.. or the paper they hang on the wall..

  5. Good morning. I just wanted to share I dream that I had about two nights ago. When I went to bed I set my dream intention and specifically asked my late husband to come to me in my dreams if things were going to get increasing bad for humanity due to the coronavirus. I asked him to not come to my dreams if things were going to be ok. Well, to my surprise he did come to me in my dreams. I was excited to see him (I forgot while dreaming what my set intention was–see him things are going to get worse; not see him things are going to be ok). I didn’t ask him anything about the coronavirus. I remember saying it has been 5 years and I asked him what it was like to pass away and he said “I went to sleep in one place and woke up in another”. I then went on to say that no one was going to believe that he was back and he agreed with me and smiled. I am a novice at setting intentions for dreams and I was not able to focus on the task at hand because as his wife it was just so good to see him. Anyway, I just wanted to share this for what it is worth (or not worth). Thank you.

  6. George,

    That’s quite an interesting note from the woo-woo realms. I don’t know about the rest of you, but with the mess here, there are days that I wouldn’t mind a permanent change of scenery.

  7. Billions crossing over, huh George? What’s the waiting area like for that side’s Ellis Island? Hope it’s brighter than it was portrayed in Beetlejuice. Personally I think we all cycle from one side to the other time and again working on our development. But if Earth is going to be less habitable I hope there’s space to get away from the crowds over there. Could your dream be a possible preview to Ben Davidson’s mini nova of the Sun?

    • I’m also one of those that will hardly ever remember his dreams. They barely stick with me for a few seconds after I wake up since the first thing that hits my mind is the “To Do” list for the day. For the few that do I’ve told myself time and again to write them down but I’ve yet to do it.

      One of my all-time favorite old TV shows I’ve been going through on YouTube is “One Step Beyond”. There are many different YT channels that carry the episodes. One episode made my jaw hit the table when I realized what it was about. Psilocybin mushrooms – on a public television show from either 1959 or ’60! The claim was that they produced enhanced results in clairvoyance and ESP. Must have been before the big push to demonize recreational drugs of all kinds – other than “Reefer Madness”. I’ve been reading and seeing a lot of videos (Joe Rogan especially) where the research into this and similar psychedelic drugs has gained a lot of interest over the past decade or more and wondered if this would be a way to go “One Step Beyond” in the search for lucent dreams such as you have George.


  8. George

    “I try to stay away from the ghostly looking aircraft coming into Arrival City’s airport.”

    Good! You don’t want to crash into an Astral Plane. You might end up being a permanent resident early.

    ” Intuitively, I knew it wasn’t Wuhan. Something else…bigger, Hugely bigger.”

    Perhaps it could be a Solar event like a huge flare that happens when the Sun finally wakes up from it’s current minimum output state. Mini nova type flares have been observed on G type stars like our sun. Very scary to think what such a flare would do to the earth. There have been Remote Viewers who claim such an event is coming our way. Knowing that RV is for real I think there is a grain of truth in their reports.

    Happy birthday in advance junior! I turn 71 Saturday.

    • Aquariums! I beat you guys by months. Happy Birthdays though. This decade does look like a bit more of a challenge than the last one. We got our three score and ten and still want more.

      I haven’t done the RV thing though I have experienced some of realm type things. I’ve not yet managed to map the territory or know much of anything, though I do know and feel that lots of work needs to be done in a short amount of time. I just have very little guidance here and don’t know the priorities. Obviously being prepared – at least a little – for Wuhan type events does matter. Whatever the big thing down the road may be is totally unknown to me. The implications of George’s dream are not comfortable at all. How do you put your affairs in order if the institutions and people you rely on may not be available when needed?

      The stories from China reveal many people just disappearing – dying and being reduced to ashes at a crematorium. If/when their heirs are able to access the locale, how will such things ever sort out? Land, houses, effects, bank accounts, etc? All anyone would know is that the people disappeared.

    • I agree! There are too many prophecies of a Niburu event, from ancient times to the present, to write it off as a crackpot theory. Aside from the prophecies, here are other indicators:
      – Loads of circumstantial evidence for its existence, including an acknowledgement by Dr. Robert Harrington, former chief astronomer of the U.S. Naval Observatory, who acquired a mysteriously sudden case of fatal cancer shortly before he was going to be televised explaining his findings.
      – Historical accounts of cataclysmic events of the type Niburu is expected to cause
      – Current foreboding and wildly erratic earth changes
      – Extravagant preparations being made by governments and elites for SOME type of disaster

      I’ve elaborated on each of the above points in private correspondence, but it was several pages long, so I won’t post it here. Considering that Niburu will supposedly cause a pole/crustal shift, here’s an appropriate quote from Plato in Politicus:

      “At certain periods the universe has its present circular motion, and at other periods it revolves in the reverse direction. There is at that time great destruction of animals in general, and only a small part of the human race survives.”

  9. The oldest baby boomers are turning 74 in 2020, so perhaps the woo woo engineer meant the “bulge” in the demographics when he said “billions”. Or could be “the change” the alien hybrids all say they’re anticipating.

    Personally I had an impressive dream last night. It was some sorta “family reunion” but I didn’t recognize any members of my current family. Seemed like I was in Florida and I borrowed a Sting Ray model Corvette from what seemed a bro-in-law, then drove to a hotel, parked the car in the parking garage, and went to my room. Woke up to a tremendous storm with hurricane-force winds, thunder & lightning; felt like the building was coming down. It was enough to bring me back to this side, so I opened an eye and saw my wife beside me..funny thing was the storm continued for just a bit afterward. I’m seeing more & more “blending” of the two worlds…how ’bout the rest of you?

    • This is creepy! I rarely remember my dreams (nor do I try), but with you and George both relating that you had dreams portending destruction last night, I suddenly remembered also awakening last night right after a dream of two high-rises collapsing.Must be time to build a bunker!

    • I watched that whole thing the other night. It’s incredible he could keep track of the entire story as he went along. No wonder it takes so long to investigate these things.

      • It sure makes sense to Bill as to why old spooky and the democrats get so touchy on this issue. No wonder they tried to shift the blame so demandingly.. as big as that is.. and as nasty as it sounds it may be the only the tip of an iceberg on how deep or how high it actually goes and how much money was milked out of the american laborers for their illgotten gains….And it all started in a city that is already well known to be filled with corruption that it would shock every american worker even when though we all know that city is known as the devils den of immoral activities and corrupt business tactics… scary is the word for it..and it will all be forgotten once the skillful govt. organizations associated with burying the statistics on their imoral activities are done in a month or two. they will figure out a way to bring up something else and focus on that slight of hand.. forget about that look over hear thing…. it will be not heard of again.. ancient history of a non event.. all vanished with the click of the delete button..
        I am really glad he went off on the old farmer when he did making his son and himself look guilty as hell.. he could have been the next administration coming in…. at this point I am so dissapointed with the whole bunch and fed up.. I personally won’t vote for any body already holding office.. of course the same old crap will get voted in.. but at least I will give it my check mark..

      • of course we will never know if any of it is true or not since the investigation was a non event…. I am sure it has all been put behind everyone…

  10. Fwiw, the sun has reoccurring micronovas every 12,000 years, give or take a bit of time each side of that number. We are currently closing in on that since the last one. So, yes, when our star goes off again, billions would die.

  11. das fuhrer her Donald is back strong .. das faderland is strong in union speech .. commander musk , bezos , gates , Zuckerberg are powerful .. ussa is world leader forever

  12. i tell yah though its a real good show they put on USSA .. all their websites, politicians , media , gold bulls , economic gurus , astrology , movies .. yep its one big steaming pile of that just keeps on going .. happy days das faderland , jobs , big paypackets .. costs 50 billion a day for das FED to run but who cares ..

  13. OK. So if you are assisting your alt-friends in running comm operations across realms, what is your alt-web address in this frame of reference? Alt-email? No rest for the alt-….
    Are you sure that wasn’t alt-Andy punking you ?

  14. So, did anybody notice the writeup of the galaxy which just “up and disappeared” a few days ago? I didn’t read it — just saw the headline, because I was ferreting out 2019-nCoV info, but apparently a neighboring galaxy, substantially larger than the Milky Way, went -=poof=- the other day…

    • And Betelgeuse is starting to dim, down 25% or so in the past few months or year making people wonder if it’s about to go nova. Reminds me of the Arthur C. Clarke short story “The 9 Billion Names of God”. “The stars were going out.”

      • “The 9 Billion Names of God”

        another great old story.. thanks bill for reminding me of it.. I will put it on my re read list for this week to..

  15. I was sort of stunned tonight on the evening news. They brought up the corona virus and the fears that people have of it.. their description of it .. was don’t worry about it.. it is only like a really bad cold..Nothing to worry about..

    • For some, that may be true. Others won’t be so lucky.

      Plan on high variability in nature. It’s the nature of nature.

  16. George
    A thought about the transitioning: Why is it necessarily bad?
    Maybe the billions become enlightened to the dream realms as you have and start visiting regularly.
    Why is that not the impression you got?

  17. my wife passed two years ago ,and has visited three times so far.
    she said she was going to marry me again.

  18. George, do you remember the dream I told you about? In Alaska, on the shoreline, building something “urgently” for something that was coming? People in various plain uniforms with hard hats and bull horns, keeping us away. You instantly reminded me of that with this one.

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