The W’s have it this morning.  Yeah – It’s a real cluster-something down at the far end of the alphabet…

1W: Work

The Labor Department is just out with:

Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 225,000 in January, and the unemployment rate was little changed at 3.6 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Notable job gains occurred in construction, in health care, and in transportation and warehousing.

Now, let’s drill down a bit.  Because the total number of people working is actually down a bit.  Because despite the happy-talk, the absolute number of people working is highlighted here:

IoW 89,000 fewer people working in January than in December, right?

Now, let’s see how the CES Birth-Death Model looked:

It took away 2.8 million jobs for the year and 145,000 for the month.

So, maybe this is why stock futures are pointing to a slightly lower open.  Also, one of the key economic reports out of Germany today cratered, so global growth may not be as robust as previously thought.

NY Fed Repo Depot to the rescue!  $42.75-billion in repo’s this morning and check them about 1:20 PM Eastern to see if they goose things going into the weekend.

2W:  Wuhan

31,638 cases are acknowledged by China.  And deaths of 638.

But keep an eye on what is coming out of experts.  Look for the common thread in “Coronavirus Infections are Massively Underreported, Warns Hong Kong Academic.”   And in “Data suggests virus infections under-reported, exaggerating fatality rate.”  When coupled with “China Underreporting True Scale of Deadly Virus Outbreak, Expert Says” from a Harvard doc, the picture continues to darken.

Oh, and yes, they are still ChiComs,  under-studies of Stalin, perhaps, as Citizen Journalists Who Exposed Beijing’s Lies In Wuhan Have Suddenly Vanished.  Of course, anyone can dissent.  Once.

3W: Witnessing

Democrats, unable to honestly and correctly count caucus results in Iowa are demonstrating they also don’t know a damn thing about the Constitution and the legal concept of “double jeopardy.”  The concept ain’t that hard:  Once acquitted of a charge, you can’t be tried on it again, eh, Kafka?

Unless, of course, you don’t have anything else to sell, and that gets us to Schiff-Show-II (originally sold as “Impeachment 2.0” which was part of the Nightmare on K-Street series):  “Schiff says Bolton refused to submit sworn affidavit on Ukraine dealings...”

Under this flimsy pretext, the demagogues in congress (toss Mittens in, too) will make another run at impeaching Trump, just to they can say “Still under investigation” come election time.  Double jeopardy problem?  Did I, or did I not, tell you the lefties use law, but don’t grok the underlying concepts?

What the dumbocrats are after (other than Bolton’s self-interest in hyping his book) isn’t really a violation of double jeopardy.  With no law-school time, it looks more to me like a violation of “collateral estoppel” which Wiki’s out this way:

“One summary is that, “once a court has decided an issue of fact or law necessary to its judgment, that decision … preclude[s] relitigation of the issue in a suit on a different cause of action involving a party to the first case”.[1] The rationale behind issue preclusion is the prevention of legal harassment and the prevention of overuse or abuse of judicial resources.”

Since the issue is “Ukraine” and that’s been litigated, it appears plain that dems are – as uaual – way off base.  We have to ask: How long before a bar association wisens-up to Schiff’s lack of (you fill in the blank here) conduct.  I like the word “ethical” myself.

We’re thinking the democrats are like a broken Timex:  They may keep on ticking, but being broken, they don’t give us reliable or useful information.  Which is why they’re in politics, not science, I suppose.

4/5 W:  Woo-Woo

Been a while since I have mentioned my “other life” but a most remarkable dream sequence rolled-by on the “other side” last night that deserves some thought.

First, for those who don’t know (perhaps being new readers):  I (for whatever reason) live a “double life.”

I have a great wife, life, and prospects during the “waking state.”  But, as outlined in my book  Psychocartography (which is about mapping your personal dream-spaces), for accomplished lucid-dreamers, life in  The Dreams Realms is so utterly  real  in every detail, it’s like living a second life.

More immersive than iMAX, as sensory as breakfast, and consistent in every detail, if you give yourself permission for it to be so.

Occasionally, the content comes with prophetic “vision” content – but that’s somewhat rare.  More common are dreams about the “next [ or other] worlds.”  In our favorite, Elaine and I continue to adventure together.  We live in a condominium in a development in scenic mountains (“ Le Nieuw”).  There’s a hotel with live music and a big horseshoe-shaped bar, where Elaine and I go for drinks and music.

I have a red bi-biplane, a German shepherd. Elaine still looks stunning – like she’s 30.   I’m back around 40.  Our “mapped dream world” seems to be a (phase conjugate) away from the waking state.  Life-force, as I’ve learned, like polarization of light, is a matter of phasing.  So much so, that when flying the bi-plane in The Realms, I try to stay away from the ghostly looking aircraft coming into Arrival City’s airport.  There can, under certain conditions, be “phase interactions” with disastrous results. Makes for a careful pilot.  In all, amazingly cool. Incredible physics, and a surprising logical consistency.

I don’t talk much about what “goes on over there”  – despite visiting most night – because so much of it has to do with my personal development, growth, and learning.

Still, now and then (like last night), one of the adventures is terribly compelling and so useful in shaping waking-state thought,  that it bears mentioning over here in (a column this like) – on the waking side of Life.

Enough background: In the interest of time, I will keep this short and skip right to mid-dream.

Elaine and I were with another couple, slightly older than us, and the male figure was about 50-years old, his wife 40-something.

He was an RF engineer of some type and obviously expert in his field.  We spent most of the afternoon hiking gentle rolling hills with low brush,up a quarter mile, or so, along an ocean coast.  Every 3/4-mile, or so, there would be a modest bluff (or headland) and it was these we focused on.

We worked out way north (remember, dreams are usually 90 or 180-degrees off compared to waking-state directions), looking for high points which would offer good cell tower coverage.

Because we were putting in 4-5 foot tall red tripods with flashing strobe lights on them.  I somehow knew these would be where a following crew would later install devices on towers that would function similarly to cell towers seen in the waking-world.

We’d wrapped up our  survey and tripod-planing work.  Must have been around 5 PM, and hiked back to our base of operations.  On a turn-off from the ocean-front highway was a large camping trailer, and by “large” I mean on the order of 35-feet – maybe 40-feet – long.  It was pulled by what seemed a 3/4-scale futuristic Kenworth looking truck.  Candy apple red.  Imagine a cross between a Dodge Ram Diesel, Kenworth T-6, and gone over by Chuck Barris.  Hell of a rig.

No one felt much like eating.  Food in Dream Realms is optional.

We were given our choice of three small bedrooms and Elaine and I chose the one of the right, toward the front of the trailer.  The RF engineer’s wife chose the one to the left, rearward,for them.

Curiously, though, the Engineer announced he wasn’t going to turn-in, just yet.

“We have to get this project done quickly,…so while you all rest, I’m going to move us about 3-hours up the coast so we can get an early start tomorrow morning….”

This piqued my curiosity a good bit, so I asked “Why the big rush on this project?  Won’t the towers wait?”

His answer knocked me back:

“I don’t know if anyone explained this to you, but let me explain why our work is so important.

Over here – in The Dream Realms – things used to be simple.  For thousands of years, when people went to sleep, the Realms they went to had natural lighting.  Sun came up and it got light.  Sun set, it got dark.  Simple.

Over time, though, technology started to emerge.  Oil lamps came first, but then came electric lights.  And that changed what people needed to experience in The Dream Realms.

Crews were dispatched across the entire AltiVerse to put in what would be the waking-world’s equivalent of electric lighting.

Nowadays, since everyone who is “coming over” has a large part of their mental space devoted to their phones, we are run ning an operation in both worlds – Waking and Dream Realms – to provide for this new technology.

We’re in a hurry out here getting the tower sites ready so when people “come over” they will have access to a familiar “friend” – their cellphone avatars.  Alexa, Siri, and so forth.

It will help those with less understanding a helping hand adapting to learning that their souls are independent of their waking, sleeping, life-or-death phase-states.  5G over there will feed, with some congruence, into tyhe systems here…”

I thought it over for a few minutes.  Didn’t seem unreasonable.  After all, how would people in “time before fire” have anything conceptualized other than a naturally-set sunrise and sunset to operate between… Yes, it made sense. It also made me wonder what a non-tech dream space would be like.

But there was one thing that wasn’t making sense as I thought it all through:

“Why such urgency?  We’re working like hell to get this done as a breakneck speed like this…why?

“Because, George, the AltiVerses all need to be complete in the next year or two.”

“OK, why is that?”

“Because we are expecting a huge inflow of new arrivals.”



Needless to say, that was pretty shocking.  Intuitively, I knew it wasn’t Wuhan.  Something else…bigger, Hugely bigger. Big enough to transition billions into The Realms.  A mass awakening or do we blow ourselves up in the end, as our financializations begin to serially implode?

I woke up debating whether to share this adventure.  But, like the old saying goes, we like to “Err on the Side of Action.”

I hope this explains why I don’t write as much about woo-woo as I used-to.  There’s big work being done on both waking and dream-world sides. Work to prepare for what’s to come.

Work we all know…work we don’t want to face.

Work that’s coming, regardless.

Write when you get rich,