Food: The “Second Horseman?”

You are welcome to be skeptical, but 2-1/2 months ago I told you we were going hog-wild on  gardening this year and it was driven by the Wuhan Pandemic.

So, let’s see how Ure’s outlook has been on this, alright?  Specifically, from our Feb. 2, 2020 column  “Seeds and Ozone” what was I telling you?

“Two purchases as we continue to spread-out our pandemic prepping.

The first:  30-thousand non-GMO heritage veggie seeds,  34-varieties.  Fresher food, easier to pick and eat than go to the store and gamble.

Another Pandemic Prep?  Picked up another Ozone generator.  This is a super high-output unit.

To be sure, ozone generators are not well-understood by most people.  There are two primary types:  Ozone generation by light (UV-C) and by high voltage electrical discharge.”

Now, 2-1/2 months later notice Seed sellers can’t keep up as Americans grow their own food.

In retrospect, we not only called the  food angle of the pandemic right, but we have our seedlings up and the second batch about to start germination.  Because if you want to eat continuously, you need to plant continuously.  Much different than simple “row-cropping” where you plant a gazillion and then store what you can.  This concept is continuous harvest and saving as you go.

Well,, good luck finding seeds now.  And, for that matter, good luck finding meat.

What you WILL find are plenty of stories (monetizations) about food.  Some examples for your dining and dancing pleasure?

I line this headlines up, some 2-1/2-months after we told you “It’s coming…” in order to explain (for the terminally-slow of wit) why we  detest the self-righteous and deluded Mainstream Media.  The ponder for the first cup this morning goes something like this:  “Where were all this high-dollar jack-off’s when answers were more actionable?

The second wave of  vomitus coverage come from the lack of “tying it all together” because – as we say over and over…  “What turns a recession into a Depression is a good shortage…”  (With credit to master of Elliott waves Robin Landry for summarizing it so succinctly…)

Need some proof of the adjacency of the present economy to utter collapse?  A pin-perfect replay of 1929?  Our most recent 1929 Replay headline on point is probably  in  their piece “Dumped Milk, Smashed Eggs, Plowed Vegetables:  Food Waste of the Pandemic.”

We’ll soon-enough be Replaying 1929 more openly.

But, the academically-interesting point  is that the specifics of each Depression is often a  scramble of ones before it.  It wasn’t until 1933 that the Milk War economics was specifically brought to the American public.

But, the fact is, there was trouble in the fields already – even before the `919 blow-off top.  For example, there was the 1928 Cantaloupe Strike.  Next came the 1930 Imperial Valley Lettuce Strike, and following this, the 1931 Santa Clara Cannery Strike.

Is there an economic point to this?  Jah! Natrulich!   Several, in fact.

  1. Great Depressions have a major Food component .  
  2. The food supply workers have been historically underpaid.  This ranges from the farmers to field workers to  the cannery/freezing outfit, to distributors…
  3. As a result of pernicious financialization, we are about to witness the collapse of “corporate farming.”

CCF:  Collapse of Corporate Farming

The seed of collapse were sown when – due to financialization – farmers began to view their equity positions in farm land as “wasted because it’s capital are rest.”  Therefore, to “recapture the capital and put it to work” what had once been a tradition of “free & clear” family farms morphed into a gigantic patchwork of corporations each attempting to be more profitable than the other.

And it worked great, too.  For the last 20- years, for example, the fraction of your income spent on food could never be lower:

Well, you can see the dynamic, right?  As the “food at home cost less” people began to get lazier and lazier – eating out more and more.

And these forces combined”  Taking equity out of land which made it subject to interest rate fluctuation, excessive competition lowering prices to almost break-even, and the creation of the massive financialization called the “hospitality industry” all MIGHT have lasted a while longer.

Except, of course, food workers want more money, farmers want to own their own future (and that means the underlying dirt), and Americans are driving up prices for anything edible with panic buying realizing – belatedly – that the “virtuous cycle” of falling food prices is over and done-with.

When seen in this perspective, the situation paints a terrible picture for fisacally aware humans:

  1. If we go back to 1960’s levels – where food (all types) – demanded 17 percent of household income…based on current pricing around 10 percent, this means we can predict that within 3-4 years, food prices will be 70% higher.
  2. This translates a $5.39 container of organic milk to $9.16 although locally  doubling of food prices will occur.
  3. We can also predict, with some certainty now thanks to a lock-down of most restaurants, a major expansion in the amount of food bneing redirected from “institutional packaging” (for nursing homes and restaurants, and the military) to end-consumer goods.
  4. This will lead to a demand spike for food workers in grocery stores.  That’s because, in the lower of the charts, you’ll see how “dinner out” was a very  special event in the 1960’s.  We’re going there,  This means the traditional grocery store inventory in a typical city will be moving BOTH its tradition “at-home” categories, but will also have to increase throughput in order to meet the hunger of all those people who previously were eating “meals out” because of convenience.
  5. Once you get “bigger grocery store turnover” and “closing restaurants” into your head, realize that these shifts – apparent and obvious when you think about them – will “back-up” to the producers because in the food-handling business, decisions aren’t made on “experimentally obvious.”  Instead, they will be  experientially based (order flow, fulfillment, and pull-through).  Which means things will get much worse before they get “back to normal” – that is, if you can imagine a NORMAL with few restaurants (survivors will be pricey) and virtually no nightlife.  All of which will combine into a collapse in the entertainment industry and, oh yea, not sure I’d be holding gambling stocks, unless you have a good line on when casino’s will reopen and what the daily handle will be as food and rent are going to wreck what once was…
  6. Oh…and what will happen to corporate farmers?  Well, since they don’t want to operate at a loss, they will likely screw whatever farm operators and workers into the ground.  Strikes will come, we will see a resurgence in the Union Movement, too, because….

We’ll look a bit more at the dynamics of this in “ Knockdown – our report tomorrow.  Provacative questions in there like “Is the whole category “gender monetization” really an “essential industry?”  The mind reels…wait, or is the coffee just too strong…

Import Export Prices

Dow futures were up 342 points before the import and export price data was released by the Labor Department a few minutes back:


The price index for U.S. imports declined 2.3 percent in March, the largest monthly drop since import prices fell 3.2 percent in January 2015. The March decline followed a 0.7-percent decrease in February and 0.2-percent advances in each of the 3 months prior to that. Import prices also fell on a 12-month basis, declining 4.1 percent from March 2019 to March 2020. The decrease was the largest over-the-year drop since the index fell 4.7 percent for the 12 months ended June 2016. (See table 1.)

Fuel Imports: Import fuel prices fell 26.8 percent in March, after decreasing 9.0 percent in February. The March decline, led by a 27.4-percent drop in petroleum prices, was the largest decrease in import fuel prices since the index fell 27.8 percent in November 2008. The decline in petroleum prices followed an 8.8-percent drop the previous month. Natural gas prices also fell in March, decreasing 16.5 percent, after declining 14.0 percent in February and 12.2 percent in January. Import fuel prices fell 36.2 percent over the past year; lower petroleum prices and natural gas prices both contributed to the decline.


Prices for U.S. exports declined 1.6 percent in March, after falling 1.1 percent in February and rising 0.6 percent in January. The March decrease was the largest monthly drop in export prices since the index declined 1.7 percent in January 2015. Decreasing prices for both nonagricultural exports and agricultural exports contributed to the March drop. U.S. export prices fell 3.6 percent for the year ended in March, the largest 12-month decrease since a 4.5-percent decline from May 2015 to May 2016.

Want a chart, too?  (Got ’em on sale 3 for 1 this morning… )

Can’t speak for you, but to me, it looks like we’ve been spoiling for this kind of decline since October of ’19.  

After the data, Dow futures were up 350, but we will snooze so long as intraday highs of last Thursday aren’t breached.  Retail and such tomorrow. So maybe this is a “buy the rumor” day…time will tell.

On the Disease Front

Two-million cases globally today or tomorrow.  1.934-million cases worldwide at click-time.

Good article on ProMed about cases and transmission in China, South Korea and high spread countries.

Around the Ranch

“Green-up” hasn’t happened in the Cascade Mountains west of Wenatchee, Washington, yet.  So, between aid runs to check-up on Covid possibles, son George 2 was busy this week with his first small forest fire of the season.  If you look, you can see the helo water bucket in the upper right.  And do notice the steepness of slope – real cardio, this stuff.

Remnants of the fire line lower left-center and the bucket – upper right – didn’t capture too well off the video.  But that’s something to think about:  Fire season this year…

Lucky possum last night:  Been bother the cats and digging holes around the storage building, sdo much as I respect life, his string of pardons has about run out.  Lasst night, three rounds of light b ird shot to give him the idea he should run like hell and never look back.  Tonight, or tomorrow, we will move up the shot size, but with regrets.

Neighbor called wondering if there were explosions going on up here.  A delightful conversation followed about Remington versus Mossberg parts swapping.

Off to deal with the troublesome lawn tractor…have a great “shut-in”

Write when you get rich,

86 thoughts on “Food: The “Second Horseman?””

    • This is what scares me more than most things is what if some of these smug, well connected, moneyed, megalomaniacal people that have moved out to our small town suddenly pop up with some kind of “commission” from some government entity and it all starts to go “Jericho” on us.

    • This video is rather inflammatory, rather than stating her reality clearly and succinctly. It provides absolutely no useful advice on what to do going forward. Yes, fear is like the alarm going off, but after you’ve heard it you need to silence the damn noise so you can put out the fire. The rather harsh and nasty voice in this video provides absolutely no solution to the perceived problem nor calms the listener to the point that he can function. In short, it’s fear porn designed to raise one’s level of cortisol.

      It’s quite possible that she’s right, but the presentation is not helpful at all.

      • “It’s quite possible that she’s right”

        We’re already seeing it — not at the hand of FedGov, but via Gubernatorial initiatives. The Mid-Atlantic States formed a loose co-op yesterday, and WA/OR/CA are talking seriously about doing the same.

      • Thanks NM Mike! Very good point. A solution should be presented. Plus everyone knows Arazona would go with Californa. When California falls into the Ocean everyone in Arizona would have beach front property. Them Sun Devils got a Trident for a reason.

      • “When California falls into the Ocean everyone in Arizona would have beach front property.”

        Bob Denver bought huge swaths of Eastern Cali and Western Aridzona with his residuals from Gilligan’s Island. When asked, he told people he was buying “beachfront…”

    • “Guessing what’s next at this point?” Well, there are plenty of clues to go with the observations, critical thinking, rampant speculation, conspiracy theories, whistle blower leaks, psychic forecasts, prophecy, and rabbit hole research.

      Wander around your County today and maybe tomorrow, and look at all the roads that cross any sort of internal to the USA border. County border, State border, etc. Field reports current through this morning (NM/TX) say there are road blocks and check points going up EVERYWHERE. Event the little podunk Forest Service roads that cross County/State borders have civilian contractors setting up facilities today.

      My “guess” is that we are about to see a lot more travel restrictions. The Lockdown type. Previous analysis showed it would kick in sometime between the 16th and 26th. Still looks to be a reasonably good timeline.

      Also, I ventured into a dedicated Seed Store in a nearby town, thinking they would probably be closed and considered non-essential. Nope, open for business and selling dozens of varieties of seeds. By the packet, pound, or kilo – but I didn’t try a pallet. I picked up a few pounds of my favorite vegetable seeds and took ’em home and vacuum sealed them.

      George, we still have an open request from myself and Ray to run a primer on data transmission via Ham Radio. Keep that one on the list please? Might need that feature on the next lockdown that comes our way.

      • RBI, you shared super valuable info! To function well, I need to be able to travel by road freely around both states you mentioned. State border restrictions really concern me. Please continue to advise if you see anything more. Today I’ll be crossing several county lines and if I see anything of note, I’ll post. There is a push for NM to reclassify some businesses here as essential. There’s also a business model in fear, and that confuses those who need to know what’s really of concern vs. fear porn. We shall see.

      • RBI – Investigate ‘WINLINK’ for ham radio. Used on HF bands, you can pass email data to anyone who logs in to key server stations. Many local Hawaii hams are taking it up here and learning how to use it

      • That is exactly why I said, walk the Rail lines RBI. It may take you longer..but nobody will be out on them rail lines walking.

        Learn to speak FTRA, trust me it is a whole nother language. Please note: *** turn your location off on yout phone when you are walking rail lines. Best to put it on airplane mode, turn it off and then, wrap it up in aluminum foil, place it in a bag.

        **A really good add to your prep stuff items is a Drone with a camera. Something small and quiet. That has a screen on the controler and uses an SD card, to record. *** the best scout and paremiter check. Maybe get a night vision camera on it too. You would be able to keep a good 200 foot perimeter. **** remember if a prowler with a knife is 15 feet from you and you have a gun, not drawn and in the “T cup”. He is way way way too close and can close the gap and stab you in under 2 seconds! They rant all day about scocial distancing but not alot of people know about keeping a bad guy at a distance. And dont lead with your gun like they do in the movies. Keep it in tight. its always a good reminder to pay attention to shadows. If ya dont see someone their shadow will tell you where they are.

        Great comment Runs Batted In.

        *actually George mentioned the Rail lines a while back and a Rail Bike. You can get these Rail bikes with a two stroke motor. Pretty cool stuff. I like it because He is right about it being the safter road to travel by foot.

        There is rail lines that were made in 1812 that nobody runs a train on and havent for 100 years. Ain’t nobody gonna be out on them, safe travel through the Rockies.

        P.S. dont hid with your back against the wall in the house. #7 bird shot can shoot through drywall. Lol. Im sure you know this. It’s just a good reminder for everyone. Even me.

      • “Learn to speak FTRA”

        FTRA is the “language of hobos” — real ones, not the homeless people documented in the news. The vagaries of their language are adaptations, or as Louis L’Amour put it: “The language stands up and does tricks…”

        “turn your location off on your phone when you are walking rail lines.”

        Pull the battery, put both phone and battery in a Ziploc bag…

        “if a prowler with a knife is 15 feet from you…
        …He is way way way too close”

        And your perimeter defense sux.

    • Chuck…Hmmm. That was an interesting video. Maybe this is why the talk of secessionists here in California have risen again….right around Easter.

      Is this why a Trump switched from saying that the states are responsible for their own SIP responses to saying “I, not the Governors have the total power on deciding… when states re-open… ”?

      I think [redact machine]

      I am just so glad I live in a self sustaining state. We control the food, ports, technology, economic wealth, intellectual capital, communications, entertainment for the rest of the country. And we have zero debt and a pretty huge multi-billion dollar budget surplus. Our success? We do the opposite of what Trump does…maybe the rest of the country should too.

    • The points about FEMA are correct — The rest of the commentary is fear porn. The Trump quotes are taken ‘WAY out of context, and are accordingly irrelevant.

      Please stop letting assholes tell y’all how to think.

      For more actual info, simply go to and read.

      I have heard EOTW fear porn spun regarding EO 11921, for every President since GHW. It has not been abused, not even by Obama, who had less regard for the Constitution than any seated National politician, ever.

      Read the facts, not the porn…

  1. That’s because, in the lower of the charts, you’ll see how “dinner out” was a very special event in the 1960’s.

    Yes, it sure was. I remember those events as a kid. It consisted of going out for pizza to a NY restaurant that had no name. Only a neon light in the window that said “Italian Restaurant.”

    • I remember getting dressed up in my Sunday best and going to places like Lum’s, Zuyder (Zyder?) Zee and some Italian places. Occasionally I’ll catch the scent of that particular type of bread stick and it’ll carry me back to those days. Mom and Dad weren’t making that much so it was a real treat but taking my little brother who was still in diapers was a big risk. Baby sitters made pretty good money back then. Heck, I still remember going out with the extended family in Denver and ordering “Mountain Oysters” in one of the restaurants up there. Mom almost fainted but I ate ’em all – chicken fried.

    • Ah yes, ‘dining out’ in the 60’s. We had two choices – the old walkup McDonalds (eat in your car or drive home and eat) or a local ‘sit down’ Chinese Restaurant called ‘Seagerts’ which was for special occasions like birthdays. Yes, we ate junk food way back in the 60’s. I don’t eat it anymore, but junk food was very common in the 60’s and 70’s.

    • I actually remember going to a pizza place with my family when I was a kid – Mario’s if I remember right. The guy was making pizzas in plain sight. He’d lay out all the stuff on it and toss it way up in the air and spin it around before putting it in the oven. No modern pizza place does that! For the most part, it seems that modern restaurants are selling a lot of sizzle(that I really don’t care about) and precious little steak. The only thing I can appreciate is the waitress.

      I rarely go to restaurants today, so I never miss them. If/when I do, it’s only for the benefit of whomever I’m with. To me, it’s just a lower grade and more expensive food than my normal meals at home.

    • It was McDonalds or BK for me — very rare and only on long trips. The first time I ever went to a sit-down restaurant, I was about 7-8. We came to town. Dad had a meeting or jury duty or something. He got delayed, Mom and I took a bus (my first) to the Big Boy. When we left, we took a taxi back to where my Dad was (also my first taxi ride.)

      The second time I was in a sit-down restaurant, I was also in College.

      My folks went through the Depression on the East Coast. They didn’t p!ss away anything…

  2. G. ; right on about food & seeds, as seen here in the northern PA woods. Seeds mostly algone. seems like the seed stocks for stores this yr. was 50% less than last yr. tried to buy a leaf rake at the local wallll mite, was told no , garden ctr. closed indef. ??? I have 40+ yrs. retail grocery exp…Expect Massive food shortages soon! most all meat packing houses r closed…the # of grocery whse’s in the U.S. is down over 50%, due to just in time inv. management.. Most re supply of food stuffs [dry] is nearing the end… no money in whse’n food…used to be 30-40 years ago… GOD help us ALL… peace&love to all

    • Yeah, ‘been wanting to ask “Out of work Steve” about that…

      Michigan’s “Governor” just made it illegal for garden stores and garden centers in box stores to be open, because their products are “nonessential.” This after essentially (but not in-fact) declaring martial law a couple days ago. I personally don’t think Wayne County residents should be going to their cabins in Huron County at this point in time, but… Governments do not have the power to quarantine healthy people, and the State/Federal Governments lack the power, except under martial law, to quarantine anyone. In the United States, the power to quarantine is reserved for County health officials…

      BTW, not a Whitmer fan. IIRC her entire gubernatorial platform was to turn Michigan from a “medical marijuana State” to a “recreational marijuana State.” I don’t have a problem with this policy, but she had no other substance to her campaign, or so-far to her term, and has demonstrated clear symptoms of being a blithering idiot, during the CV crisis…

  3. Food problems in Europe.too.

    Farmers in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the UK and other parts of Western Europe have come to rely on huge numbers of cheap labor from Eastern Europe, North Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Now, those workers are either no longer able to make it to the farms or are choosing to stay with their families in their home countries.

    This is leading to an “alarming” shortage of farmhands, warns the EU in an as yet unpublished report. The report blames the shortage on two main factors:

  4. It was only 2 months ago that NYC’s Soda Jerk was denigrating farmers.Trump needs to pound that issue this fall.

  5. If I read YOU right — we bring it all about ourselves ;-(( with our (collective!) action?! What’s so sad about US humans is when one realizes that the majority will never ever learn, regardless of YOUR best efforts. I’m glad my time will be limited because of age.

  6. I once had friends who we socialized a lot with. I tried to warn them about the difficulties to come. I must have been too insistent since I was basically “unfriended” and ostracized from all the socializing because I was “too negative”. The three responses I heard most often from them were, “They would never let that happen” (I guess “they” are the gubberment), “I’ll worry about it if it happens”, and “I’ll just come over to your place”. (I told them they could only send over their women.) So, to steal a phrase from the advertising world…. Can you hear me now?

    • Lol lol.. I’m right with you Les..

      A lot of my friends are of a higher edjumication.. many razzed me because of how I am.. many did the eye roll…lol lol..
      NOT ANYMORE…. I have had many know they regretted their actions and wished they had been more attentive to my rambling..
      They will come around..

  7. Dude George,

    Might I suggest the “Pennsyltucky Way” when dealing with possums and tractors?

    Round this neck of the woods..we would STOMP the Possum and Shoot the troublesome Tractor.

    Ure really dialing up the fear factor again this AM. Surprised U didnt reference the great 1918 buggy whip rebellion – protesting gas powered autos reminds me of the Ure 2019 Bitcoin Protest.
    Ure right in bed with marks’ I mean demoncratic news media stoking the fear from catching Chi Com Lung AIDS.
    Fuaci & Birx have their heads so far the hilarions ass as to be unrecognizable – wonder how much longer they can hold the Illusion together?

    The Rona Pyschdemic – dont think for yourself, U MUST take our word!

    We will tell you how to live, we will tell you what to do and how treat if U get infected.

    Do Not Look at Wikipedia..”it is illegal” -C. Coumo
    Do Not Even Mention ZINC
    Do Not Even Mention Vitamin C – after all this is not about Public so much as it is about CONTROL!
    IF U get Infected – under no Circumstanes are U to be told about HydroxyChloroquine.

    U WILL BE UNDER CONTROL..Assimilate!

  8. this area around 23880 is where jack Nicholson mights start yelling in court to tom cruise

  9. and actually they are starting to look downright rude and dodgy .. give us a break .. the world is hurting .. turn your robots down

  10. Hunger and lack of food choice will bring new found respect for farmers and the food distribution network!!

  11. ““dinner out” was a very special event”


    A glaring difference between then and now is the single/dual income households. With only one income people couldn’t “afford” to eat out often.

    Restaurants had to roll out the red carpet and kiss ass to get the $ becasue mom was keeping the restaurant $ to stay in-home.

    With two incomes people are forced to eat out. A part of the second wage now goes to the low-quality $5.00 pizza joint to feed the mouths in a timely manner.

    People love to chase their tails.

  12. It must be our still partially ag based local economy around here but I’m not seeing a shortage of vegetable seeds here in the Western half of Texas. The seed stands are still pretty well stocked so I’m going to pick up a few bags of fresher seeds for things like Corn, Okra, peppers, and perhaps tomatoes. I’ve had a stash of them for a while but I’d bet most of them have lost their viability. Pinto beans we always have and they’re super easy to grow. They’re so much more rich in flavor than regular green beans when cooked in their pods. Probably any other dried bean you can buy would work the same, too.

    George, do you ever let your plants go to seed for next year’s crops?

    What I’m wanting to know is how pests are going to be countered if the usual pesticides are no longer available? I can imagine every bug in our part of the World descending on everyone’s gardens, let alone creepy crawlies I’ll have to sweep the garden for before the family goes in to tend it when it comes to that. As you can tell I’ve never had a good relationship with anything green, which is probably why I raise brown goats.

  13. Years ago, we considered buying a farm.

    I ran the numbers and was astounded at the price of the land. 3 – 5x what it should be.

    Not much has changed; today, good Iowa farmland will cost $7,000 or more per acre. Then why would anyone spend $400 – $700 per acre to grow corn when corn sells for $350?

    See .

    Subsidies. Illegal aliens and mass immigration. Coops’. Rural banking systems. Insurance. Etc.

    The Census will shift money from Red states to those Blue states with high legal and illegal immigration. It provides them more money and power -think sanctuary cities and states.

    Cheap food means cheap restaurants (and more legal and illegal immigration) and people eating out. School lunches vs mom & peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

    Helping to reverse the trends, higher food prices will benefit people and the economy.

    • “good Iowa farmland will cost $7,000 or more per acre. Then why would anyone spend $400 – $700 per acre to grow corn when corn sells for $350?”

      First, you work an angle. WRT corn, instead of buying that $4/lb “Roundup-Ready” hybridized and genetically-modified crap, buy an heirloom corn. The yield will only be about 70% as high, but you can also save & plant the kernels to grow corn in subsequent years — ‘cuz it’s a natural strain or hybrid, and the kernels are not sterile.

      Second, you work a market: Greater than 97% of all corn grown in the U.S. and Canada is GM. That means nonGMO corn is a scarce commodity and should be priced accordingly. I’d trust a million mom & pop farmers who said (with or without that $1000 USDA cert) they were growing nonGMO before I’d trust one ConAgra…

      NonGMO seed is generally between $26 and $54 per hundred pounds (depending on time of year.) The last time I priced “Roundup-Ready” (GM) corn, it was running a cheeseburger over $380/cwt.

      I’m guessing desirability for nonGMO corn (and soybeans, which are over 99% GM) will rise substantially, post CV-19, because the locked-in sleepy sheepies are beginning to pay attention to what they eat. Product and market are both ripe…

  14. Meat packing plant in Sioux Falls in shut down now. Turns out over 500 hog growers sell to them. No holding facilities for hogs ready to go to market. Explosion of virus cases at the plant and fear it will spread across the city. Turns out the workers there are mostly Hispanic and Nepalese and there have been both cultural and language problems with the instructions on how to deal with the virus. Between this work force and our migrant labor for agriculture and its unsettled problems, look out. So much for being more isolated in rural America. Glad I live 90 miles away.

  15. We are not suddenly feeding more people. The food *supply* is not strained. The food distribution system is strained. That’s different. There is plenty of food, but it’s in the wrong system.

    As everyone stayed home, they stopped going out to eat. The retail store system is strained, but there is still plenty of food in the restaurant distribution system. The problem is that it’s stuck there. Food sources and supplies don’t integrate with each other. At all. Kroger doesn’t buy from Cisco.

    Here in the Dallas area, I’m seeing many restaurants advertise “food packs” with the basics: milk, eggs, flour, sugar, chicken, beef, veggies, etc in a a box. They have ample access to food, and they are figuring out a way to get it into the hands of the people.

    Food banks get their food from the retail system: stores and warehouses donate their goods that are about to expire. Because more people are buying store food, the food banks are struggling.

    Somebody needs to figure out a way to get the food out of the commercial system and into the stores.

    • @CPA Prepper

      FEMA already has a solution to the ‘food shortage’ problem…they are waiting in the wings….along with the …Vaccination crew….gotta get one to use the other…coming soon..

  16. Hey George, A few thoughts first your pest problems, try some electric fencing you can get some really nice solar powered units for 80 to100 bucks, here in AZ if you don’t have them you will not have a garden the javalina will wipe it out in no time and e-fence is a must around the bee hives. And the best part is they are on duty 24-7! 2)This virus in retrospect I think it has been around for more that a year, last winter we had a round of everybody getting sick with cold flu like start with a dry cough that lasted a long time after the sniffles were gone, strange. 3) With food shortages I think you are going to see poaching and cattle rusling blow through the roof

    • Sh!t I actually have hope for [redacted] and Humanity. I am absolutely impressed by [redacted]. First time ever! I hate politics and I dont care who is president. At all.

      Basically in what apears like a huge power grab at face value.

      [redacted] just told the states he was in charge of everything and all the Governors lashed back at him. At first glance it looks like [redacted] is an Egomaniac from hell.

      But if you really think about this. By declaring a National Emergency, FEMA superceded the President and Congress. They became the law of the Land. What [redacted] just did was He told all the states, I’m in charge and you all have to do what I say. **note, [redacted] no longer in charge. He declared “national emergency.” The head of Fema is now in charge, constitutional rights have been suspended, under the National Emergency rules which state we are Now under Martial law, not constitutional law.

      By doing so. All the Governors stood up and basically said, “F you [redacted]! I’m in charge and I will do what’s best for my state. The Federal doesnt make the Rules in my state! We do!!”

      BOOM! The Corpratocracy Elite in DC and FEMA just hard Checked the boards by Carlson brothers from slapshot.


      That was a Brilliant Move!

      Yes I just made up a word “Corpratocracy” hahaha.

      Wow!!!! That was awesome! Made my morning. [redacted] just gave the states all their power back. Because they all been serving the federal government and not taking action at the state level for their people. Its also puts any civil war talk back on the local government not on the federal government or president.

      Brilliant move! Well played Mr. [redacted].
      – – –
      Excuse the [redacted]’s but we are trying to lower the Mark triggers, lol – g

      • Also, now nobody can blame [redacted] for the Corona Virus stats. now it’s all the Governors fault. Hahahahhahahahaha

        Wow! That Dude is smart!!!! Or he has one hell of a smart friend talking to him!

        I ain’t impressed by much and that very much impressed me. I got huge smile from that.

      • Andy, seems overly convoluted, but I see where you are going. Perhaps more directly, if the President claims authority to reopen the nation, and the States oppose it and delay removing the stay at home orders, the resulting economic fallout shifts from the Federal level to the States.

      • I see a control freak with a severe personality disorder and god complex – I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he declared Marshall Law and doesn’t allow the states to re-open especially since they haven’t fully looted the country might even call off the election if under Marshall Law. 2018-19 flu season saw something in the neighborhood of 650,000 hospitalizations and 61,000 deaths. so far I think something in the neighborhood of 550,000 have tested positive and 23,000 deaths – now granted we aren’t entirely through this whole thing yet but given where we are we had to close down the country and bail out the top 10% while you get $1,200. Open your eyes – display some common sense. Now we have a depression waiting for us in the wings….

      • Bit of reality here Clawsy: Per CDC:
        “CDC estimates that the burden of illness during the 2018–2019 season included an estimated 35.5 million people getting sick with influenza, 16.5 million people going to a health care provider for their illness, 490,600 hospitalizations, and 34,200 deaths from influenza (Table 1). ”

        US deaths from cv19 worldwide is climbing, but 478,000 have already been seen by healthcare workers in NY alone.

        Notwithstanding, there is thatr Depression and devaluation comting…

      • Hey CJ, I am definitely “overly convoluted.” Good call. Thank you! My girlfriend says the same thing. I think.

        I started dating a Gold fish today because, quite frankly, i need a break from Women. I named her Chica Cheeto.

        I address her as Chica Cheeto Cha Cha Cha. We are taking things slow. I was dating a potted plant I affectionately named Alisha. She is hangs out alot on the deck of the condo. Great Gal. Doesnt talk much, a serious sun worshiper, loves to be pretty. Kinda a bit extravagant approach to life. Her favorite flower is the Daisy. More of a ballroom dancing kinda gall.
        Im a bit more of a dress down kinda fella. She is all Alisha doesnt know about Chica Cheeto yet Cha. Cha. Cha.

        I know, I know CK, I’m a total slut! Progress not perfection they say. So let’s keep this between us. I’m keeping Ms. Cheeto in the kitchen area.

        Chica Cheeto has been doing some backwards swimming stuff and showing off. I dont know. I’m trying to take things slow. It’s new. She did say, “blub blub blub bubble bubble” which I took that for you mu sexy man are overly convoluted”

        So it must be true. I will work on that. Oh fyi: Chica Cheeto is a big fan of [Redacted]. She is a dyed in the wool Republican and Capitalist. why wouldnt she be. She was a feeder fish that I rescued. To her this place is the land of pleanty. Perspective I guess.

        Cha. Cha. Cha.

      • “hard Checked the boards by Carlson brothers from slapshot.”

        I went to a boxing match once, and a hockey game broke out!

      • “Excuse the [redacted]’s but we are trying to lower the Mark triggers, lol – g”

        Now that there is some funny stuff…

  17. At mini ranchet city south of Fort Worth, random (Practice and Inebriated) gun fire happening almost every night now. Job losses and temporary/permanent layoffs impacting everyone. Lowes and Home Depot limiting entry. Everyone is on edge. Planted garden, still working but planning on layoff anytime. Everyone is barbecuing, and burning trash, must be allot of spring cleaning. Riets are a bargain right now, are we at a bottom? Is another devastating leg down coming? Incrementing in buying stocks on way down, like CIM, MFA, and ZNGA. Have my one silver coin and bullets, just in case! Have been doing side gun-smithing in my machine shop too. Good articles on Robin Landry’s site George!

  18. George,
    The Conservatives invented a new form of capitalism: Big Debt (MMT), Socializing losses via MMT and Privatizing profits.
    1. Farmbelt permanently on welfare. Oil soon to join.
    2. Airlines spent $45 billion on buybacks and now want a $54 billion bailout.
    3. Ditto the rest of Corporate America (excepting Warren Buffett).
    4. If we provide workers of inefficient industries with substantial and lengthy unemployment insurance (thus maintaining macro demand) and retraining to reenter an efficient industry, there is no need to spend quintuple the price to buck the invisible hand. No need to insulate the Ownership Class (owning 83% of everything) from risk taking.
    Best, Mike.

    • Redacting happens when people ignore my pleas to stop connecting politics with public health.
      One will cure you, one will kill you.

      Moreover, as you already know, this site is about money, finance, and living six months in the future to avoid being run down by things like viruses.

      • “This is proof democracy doesn’t work,” said political analyst, Willard Bradley. “People are given this absolutely impossible choice and told they have to pick. I mean everyone loves Donald Trump, but we’re also in complete awe of Joe Biden. Yet we have to pick one. It’s like being asked to pick between sunshine and the laughter of babies.”

    • Nobody redacted George…??

      It is also not fascist. Please don’t use words of whose meanings you lack comprehension.

      BTW George,

      “One will cure you, one will kill you.”

      you didn’t identify which was which…

    • I have said this before on this list. Without George’s mediation of this comments section the website comments would devolve into flamewars (if you don’t know the word Google it) and die. Flamewars are great spectator sport but always lead to the death of the list. This is no assertion. It’s fact. I’ve see it. I think George deserves a round of applause for his hard work at keeping us on track!


    “All powers and authorities possessed by the President, any other officer or employee of the Federal Government, or any executive agency, as defined in section 105 of title 5, as a result of the existence of any declaration of national emergency in effect on September 14, 1976, are terminated two years from September 14, 1976. Such termination shall not affect—

    (1) any action taken or proceeding pending not finally concluded or determined on such date;

    (2) any action or proceeding based on any act committed prior to such date; or

    (3) any rights or duties that matured or penalties that were incurred prior to such date.'m

  20. Why are you all eulogizing restaurants? My wife and I ate out at least three times a week pre-SIP and we are still “Eating Out”…take out style three times a week. We love where we live. We love the dozens of “small town Main streets that each community has from San Francisco to San Jose on the West side of the Bay and Berkeley to Livermore on the East side of SF Bay. Main streets in Burlingame, San Mateo, San Carlos, Menlo Park, Palo Alto and others near where I live have hundreds of restaurants that give the community a sense of pride and cohesiveness. Therefore…three times a week…my wife and I order out from those restaurants. And I have created The Take-Out Team, challenging other residents to do the same. One such restaurant even offered to give my meal to me for free for all I have done…I refused…and then tripled my tip to show how much his business meant to me. Because, when all of this is over, I want my favorite Main Street establishments back to normal.

    • “then tripled my tip to show how much his business meant to me.”

      Amen Mark.. you would be surprised at how many people don’t have a clue that it’s the tips that the servers depend on for survival..
      I give OSTips all the time..and am usually the highest hear that someone else is doing that warms my heart.. it’s even better coming from someone in your social class.. people in the upper social structure of society is on average the worst tippers .
      Thank you for doing that..

  21. In Thailand a regular market like United States grocery store had 10 food vendors plus seats in inside front of store. Each vendor had 10 foot wide counter.

    Same in Philippines. A Costco type store had ten vendor with each had ten foot wide counter plus seats inside store..

  22. “Ozone generation by light (UV-C) and by high voltage electrical discharge.”

    I personally prefer the high voltage electrical discharge.. and I have plenty of them.. two of the high voltage units for the air one for the water.. but I have extra’s on hand..
    they pay for themselves to.. buy one for the laundry.. you really don’t need detergent.. you can pour some in a dish and use it to wipe up the counter.. once its degassed it goes back to normal but hey.. what can I say.. it is what it is.. for the drinking water.. I have it used both ways.. ultraviolet and high voltage discharge.. then it goes through a structuring chamber.( really I doubt it makes any the wild it does because oxygen is mixed in) then into a degassing chamber.. of course my filtration system is in there to..
    I ozone every room in the house twice a week.. ( make sure your pets and you are not in the room when you do a total ozone treatment.. ozone will attack sensitive tissues like lung tissue the same way that hydrogen peroxide goes after a bacterial infection)
    I had a professor and some students come by from MIT Cal Tech and BYU and virginia tech and I think there was another school to but just don’t remember which one…. to put up some solar panels for me.. there was one young lady she had a filtration bottle.. I told her I doubted she would need that.. then showed the kids my filtration system.. I personally believe that its the cleanest water in the state.. but haven’t really tested it..
    Seeds.. I have a small seed vault..

  23. lmao slopeofhope beat you to the punch! the mention of [redacted]
    was made verboten in the comments last week!
    new creative substitutes are appearing there daily.
    not sure why it took either of you so long.:lol:

  24. A company once asked my opinion on what I would do to keep pests away from their remote wells.. anyway.. they had a lot of animals that just by being themselves would destroy the fences and the components.. anyway.. rather than destroy the animals or do something to hurt them.. I suggested they make the area unapealing to them.. the animal having a free reign on where he can go will naturally not enter an area where they don’t feel comfortable being..
    sort of like a white man walking in bright colored clothing into the HOOD.. you get that uneasy feeling like.. man I am in the wrong area and will more than likely turn your butt around and walk away..

    Hoont Solar Powered Motion Activated Ultrasonic with Flashing Strobe Outdoor

    depending on how big of an area.. you may need two to four of them.. then mount them on a fence or a post , tree or stake.. recharge them during the day if they aren’t in a sunny area.. or let the sun recharge them during the day..

    what my father did.. was he planted a garden just for them in another area of the yard.. picked out the stuff they liked and then put up a small two foot high fence to remind them that it was his garden.. my whole life he bitched and moaned about the rabbits and racoons and not once did any of them bother his garden at all.. every wednesday he would stop by the store and get the garden trimmings and even in the winter time he fed those animals.. I do the same thing.. except I would caution getting sugar beets millet wheat etc…. dam things took off and about destroyed my strawberry patch..

  25. On the possum. They eat ticks by the ton.. They also provided a lot of meals during the Depression. Road kill.. In fact, one almost destroyed a relatives car.. It “played possum”, and was tossed into the back seat where it woke, a bit madder than hell.. Driver lost control.. I prefer the little guy over the ticks

    • WB,

      “On the possum.”

      You’re right. Possums go where the food is. Rabies in the possum is low. The possum can double as an emergency protein packet.

      Some people find woodpeckers annoying. They ping it with a pellet. Two, three years go by and the tree dies because of bugs.

    • “On the possum. They eat ticks by the ton..”

      That’s a little misleading. They eat ticks that they find on themselves during grooming. In tick-dense areas, they may acquire up to 5,000 ticks over the course of a season, and yes, they pick the ticks off of themselves and swallow them. Not like they go out looking for ticks to eat.

  26. I don’t see any shortage of meat, but I DO see a shortage of affordable meat. With that said, should one choose to venture into the supermarket chaos early in the day, I’d not be surprised if they found $12-$25 steaks being clearanced at $4-$5 with a “prepare today” label affixed… Stores would formerly hold their price because writing the meat off and pitching it in the dumpster made them more money than selling it at near-cost because it wasn’t moving. This has always offended me. I abhor waste, and believe there’s a special place in He11 for people who kill an animal and waste its sacrifice.

  27. “Where were all this high-dollar jack-off’s when answers were more actionable?”

    Right where they are, now. I hate the “word” “normalcy” because unlike Warren Harding, I can actually pronounce “normality,” but said self-flagellaters suffer from “normalcy bias.” They have never seen hunger, never seen want WRT any necessity, and lack the ability to comprehend a situation where food, shelter, and clothing would ever become scarce or nonexistent for them.

    The U.S. had a terrible farm year in 2019. We’re only one of a number of the world’s “breadbaskets,” but we are a really important one, and not the only one to have a suck harvest. With that said, when farmers worldwide cut back on their production, say, from a pandemic, we’re not going to be sending shiploads of grain to feed the starving Ethiopians, because we won’t have enough to feed the starving New Yorkers.

  28. I have no problem with farmers actually paying a living wage for labor. WE ARE ALREADY PAYING IT. That 99 cent head of lettuce costs about $11, once the drag the illegals make on the American taxpayer is figured in. I’m all for paying Americans a proper wage to pick lettuce (tomatoes, melons, etc.) and ending the subsidies we give to illegal aliens. The cost would be less and the “border crisis” would cease to exist.

  29. If it were not for present day politics and TV we probably would have never even known about our so called “pandemic” ;-(.

    You’d think it would affect at least 1/4 of 1 percent of the world’s population?! No, it’s 100% less — in other words, it will not solve our egregious population problem, IMHO. If one goes into detail it looks more like B/S in caps.

    • I have said this before on this list. Without George’s mediation of this comments section the website comments would devolve into flamewars (if you don’t know the word Google it) and die. Flamewars are great spectator sport but always lead to the death of the list. This is no assertion. It’s fact. I’ve see it. I think George deserves a round of applause for his hard work at keeping us on track!

  30. Yep I go so far back with George that I remember his garden that recycled even insects so well designed. George the garden designer of century

    Total cases: 517 (13 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 41
    Honolulu County: 358
    Kaua’i County: 21
    Maui County: 88
    Pending: 3
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 6
    Required Hospitalization: 45
    Hawaii deaths: 9
    Released from Isolation: 333
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, April 14, 2020

    Masks now required for store entry or public presence everywhere here. Graph looks like we might have passed the peak, but not out of the woods yet.

  32. I have a developed backyard lawn and rototillering it would be very difficult. Weeding the thing would be impossible.

    I’ll make a simple, raised yard garden in full sunlight. For me a raised garden will be easiest to create and maintain.

    I have some spare 2″x6″x8′-0″ boards and concrete deck block.

    I’m setting six boards on edge in an 8′-0″ x 16′-0″ in rectangle fashion. This will make a 128 sq ft space with a 4′-0″ reach from the sides.

    On the “outside” of the garden rectangle will be the deck block as reinforcement for the boards. The “inside” I’ll back fill with the 6″ (dept of boards) of topsoil, about 3 yards. No fasteners. If the shortages become clear by May/June I’ll expand the garden rectangles and plant more.

    Since this garden is razed I may line the inside, sides with plastic garbage bags to help keep moisture in.

    I am also considering digging up the grass – like sod – and moving it before setting up the rectangles. I can then go deeper with the topsoil.

    I have another area in my yard that I’ve already dug up. I’m considering planting potatoes there. However, the former owners of this place had a backyard in ground pool. As I was digging I think I may have hit an exhaust pipe for a pool heater. I stopped digging.

    Now I’m concerned about contamination. I know, “Soil test”. But three feet next to the dirt I test could be where the carcinogenic chemical spill took place.

    “100 square feet per person is needed for a fresh eating garden, and about 200 square feet per person if you want to can food for year round use. For square foot gardening you need as little as 16 square feet per person for fresh eating and about 32 square feet per person to have enough for preserving!”

    Standard disclaimers.

  33. The “dairy thing” is utterly offensive. Dairy farmers are dumping milk, because they have to produce or their cows will “dry up.” Stores nearly everywhere are limiting milk purchases. Talk about textbook cognitive dissonance! Where is the logic or reason behind this?

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