Knockdown: Lifestyles a’ Changing

An obituary this morning, to the good old days with a silver living. It’s a look at bunkering and how, while the uber-rich may think it’ll save their butts, I thinking it won’t…

The problem for the rich – and even for crooks – is that both classes became overly dependent on paper money, a service economy, personal greed, avarice, and social media.

Bad moves, all the way around, as we see it.

But where does it lead? 

A question we will endeavor to sketch out after the usual smattering of headlines, our virus spread estimates,  and that unbeatable ChartPack,

After those, off we go on this morning’s “great Safari.”  To be browsers – as it were – of the wreckage piling up in the corners of every-day Life…

That signpost up ahead?  Retail Sales…

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83 thoughts on “Knockdown: Lifestyles a’ Changing”

  1. “bad statistics dont fly around here” they soar! Yellowstream…

    National Bureau of Economic Research and Lancet: If unemployment hits 32% – some 77,000 Americans are likely to die from Suicide and Drug Overdose because of Layoffs.

    CDC – top 10 Causes of DEATH -USA -2019

    #8 Daily Diabetes Death -229 x 365days=83K

    #9 Daily Drug Deaths -192 x 365days=70k

    #10 Daily FLU Deaths – 152 x 365days = 55k

    How many DEATHS from The Rona?? How many Deaths In US ? Rate of Increase?

    DSF! (disingenuous statistical fraud) ooohhh be scared, BE VERY SCARED!.

    * Official Death Count Numbers = Spiked – evidence of “spiking” from ALL over the country.

    ECD can make numbers and Statistics say ANYTHING I wish – Pharmaceutical companies employ literally thousand of Statisticians to do just that..


    G – even the surgeon general Jerome Adams Ditched the Models created by CDC and WHO backed by Gates(ofhell), and Forced on US by fauci.

    * TRUMP ordered the Change to Real Time Data.

    WHO/CDC/Gates(ofhell) Models have been horrifically inaccurate – catastrophically so..

    FIRE FAUCI – nah not just fired – this evil lil goblin NEEDS to be – Tried and Convicted for Gross Incompetence – For Harm he is doing and Harm he has done!

    Creepy Joe Bribem – “believe every women” re: blasey-ford/kavenaugh debacle – cept when its young lady U SEXUALLY ASSUALTED.

    Perhaps just send this subhuman POS to socialist demoncrat utopia for “fiscal conservatives” = San Francisco, where according to mr. Rufo/city journal – the DeCarceration of Inmates from city jails, DeCriminalization and DePolicing policies have worked wonders for “equality for everybody” in the city by the bay. They will even provide him with his own tent, generous, no?

    U will Remain locked down(forever) – and will be happy about it.
    U will be provided a Universal Income- cause the Robots took 60% of avail jobs.
    U will Eat Prepackaged processed Food. U will ‘Work” on a Computer all day.
    U will happily Receive Ure Universal Vaccine

    One World ! Ruled By ONE Government that will protect U and keep U safe from ALL threats. and U WILL all pray at ONE church/religion.


    • George,
      Why are you Not redacting Eastcoast deplorable?
      Dr. Fauci is a national Treasure and is the only reason why we will beat this pandemic.

      The Pandemic is not fake news. The crap he is saying is dangerous, unstable and full of deviant lies. This is what happens when people don’t have a life. People in my sphere are trying to save the world and goons like him are trying to destroy it. This is typical of the abnormal and bizarre Trump World we live in.

      The World Health Organization warned Trump on January 10th. Technical guidance notes and briefings by top WHO officials warned of potential human-to-human transmission and made clear that there was a threat of catching the disease through water droplets and contaminated surfaces, based on the experience of earlier coronavirus outbreaks, such as Sars and Mers.

      Then…Nearly a month after the WHO declaration, Trump tweeted: “The coronavirus is very much under control in the USA”, adding that the WHO had “been working hard and very smart”. Hmmmm. Praise one day…blame game the next…that sounds about right in Trumps alternate reality. Now Trump is looking for a scapegoat because of HIS OWN 45 Day inaction in February and early March and blaming WHO…Because, that is what Trump does. Blames others.

      Eastcoast talks of everyone that doesn’t agree with his pathetic world a POS, when it’s obvious it takes one to know one…except in his case, he is one and idolizes a POTUS that is one. Birds of a feather flock together.

    • I thought the virus was a hoax and be over in like a week or 2? Wasn’t that the opinion of the idiot in the whitehouse. And now the ass is stealing NEEDED medical supplies from the STATES. That is criminal especially for us who have family risking their lives to help the sick

  2. I woke up this morning at 430am. Got my coffee and a smoke to check the news. About 5 minutes after I got on the web, I turned it off and did a big sigh….. stripped down to my underware put on some music, cranked it up loud and dance in the living room by myself, in my underware, laughed and shook off all that negative stuff.

    I looked over and in the condo accross from me an older lady in her 70’s was sitting on her deck, with her cat having a smoke and I put on my sweats and went out side. She smiled and said, Good morning! I said Good morning. She said you are absolutely right! I said about what??? She got up and went and put on some music, turned it up loud and started dancing in her living room.

    This is the song she played:

    I bust out laughing. Then I went to go back in and get in the shower. She yells hey! I said yeah, She yells thank you! blew me a kiss. I went and got in the shower.

    We are still alive, we ain’t dead yet. The world ain’t over yet. Might as well dance.

    Have a great day.

    • Dear Mark, You obviously haven’t been paying attention. While you may not outwardly call those who disagree with YOU a POS, that’s what you consider anyone who believes our duly-elected and beloved President Trump will be leading us out of this OVER-hyped situation. If you really looked, you would find that Trump was on this since January when he stopped flights from China and was called a xenophobe…probably by people like you.

      • @ Nancy

        Mark is all [redacted: personal attacks not encouraged. Here’s a hint for all: If we could just stat on the point and be done with politics…we could cope with the real bloodsport stuff – making money! – g]

      • OMG…. He didn’t stop flight from China. You aren’t paying attention! This is from the conservative leaning Washington Times..not Post. BTW, everyone knows this! Why is there still ignorance out there on the truth!!!

        …At no time through the course of this awful period have flights even once been halted between either China and the U.S. or Europe — including even Italy — and the United States.

        The Trump administration did impose travel restrictions between China and the U.S., and later Europe and the U.S., but both actions have loopholes large enough to fly a 777 through. In the case of China, on Jan. 31 — weeks after it was known that the coronavirus was a serious problem — the administration restricted travel for “foreign nationals who had been in China in the last 14 days.”
        That means that Americans — just as capable as carrying and transmitting a contagious viral infection as foreigners — had free passage between China and the U.S. And so daily flights between China and the U.S. continued. (And yes, even these limited restrictions were slammed as being too punitive at the time.)

        The Trump administration’s alleged Europe travel ban, announced to much fanfare earlier this month, is similarly weak. It too exempts Americans from any restrictions whatsoever, and the screening that returning Americans have been subjected to at airports has been laughably weak. Passengers have been given a form to fill out (which many travelers have reported aren’t even being collected), waved through immigration, and then simply urged to self-quarantine. It’s like the honor system, but for containing a deadly pandemic.

      • d
        Check this out……

        Love the image.. probably wouldn’t destroy it.. but.. an ounce of .999 pure silver for ten bucks..and less… good buy either way.. for shizts and giggles or for the silver..

      • Sorry d…. I was looking at a bullion but the price being shown was for a plated coin.. they aren’t selling silver for less than silver prices.. :-(

        I might just get one of the trillion dollar coins though just for the fun of it..

    • This is the song she should have played:

      “Silly boy ya self-destroyer. Paranoia, the destroyer” ;-)

    • went straight away and playing it now. Good tune. Sometimes you just gotta have a bit of fun and shake off the dirty world. Thanks have a good one

  3. On the topic of bunkers, I would stay away from them. Remember that guy who built bunkers all over Germany and at Omaha Beach? Those bunkers became targets.

    As for low key prepping George, I remember your own blog! You mentioned that when you first moved to your present location you were greeted by a fire crew, who had just put out a fire. The lesson I learned from your post is that you might as well get to know your neighbours.

    • Zeta Talk says the bunkers will be tombs as the earth shifts, slides, rocks and rolls, and the volcanos go off, and everything goes bump in the dark red nights. Plus, the workers will escape if they can and leave the rich to fend for themselves.

    • I just watch some movie last night about a guy and his wife who built an underground bunker and a plane hit his house and they thought it was a nuclear bomb in LA. So went down for 35 years and came out to find a different world. Their son went out to find a woman and discovered there never was a nuclear Bomb. Lol.

      It was a funny movie.

      • Blast from the Past. Yup, funny flick. Saw it years ago. The behaviors and actions of Brendan Fraser’s character would be a nice reprieve from the mess of today… all I have to do is look to my nieces and nephews and shake my head. My wife and are doing our best to raise our own children better. The current pandemic seem to be bearing this out for us.

  4. “NOW you’d be talking about a population of people who could all move forward together. Complimentary skills and ability to learn from one-another. No TV, but story night? Skill night? Radio night? Astronomy night? All easy to envision. ”

    Oh my.. you must be talking about the dancing rabbit eco village… a step back to the simplicity of life.. if I was younger and could talk the wife into moving.. there I would be.. when my storm shelter is done… (dam I should have done it when I had college kids to supply the labor) I am giving them my compressed earth block press to them…

    I still say the Amish.. or some other coloney.. they have learned to live in harmony together towards the survival of the colony..simplicity, harmony….

    Its all about the money.. hasn’t anyone figured out yet .. that the dollar is toasting .. the dollar was in serious shape before.. we are in uncharted territory here at the moment.. Its hard to imagine what will happen in the near future..

    My thoughts on bunkers.. TOMB’s… nuclear bomb.. how long is half life.. volcano.. lets say Yellowstone.. great great great great grandkids would be around… big planet sized asteroid or planet x.. the atmosphere is gone..
    I do believe in storm shelters for a temporary protection against mother nature..
    I have been in some of the bunkers.. big beautiful and cost a ton of money but pretty much worthless. obviously I am not a fan….

    • I don’t know.. but I think he will go down as one of the best presidents of our time.
      Unless he shoves the country back into motion to soon then takes the stance that it has to be his way.. then he will go down as the one closley related to NERO and his actions..
      I feel his pain to.. his whole business is in personal services and it is shut down.. most of the worlds one percent ars weeing the bell ringing the opposite direction.. instead of every time it dings they are making a million it will be every time it dings they are loosing a million.. the fear is intense.. what do I do.. I was worth a billion dollars now I am worth five hundred million.. then two.. the faster they can get the velocity of the dollar moving again the better.. the problems are huge.. millions of people that have lost jobs won’t be able to get those jobs back.. millions of small business owners the same thing.. they cannot pay their rents or their expenses either.. tossing a cumb to them was the same as saying.. let them eat cake..
      so .. what do you do.. you can still go large and in charge.. be hated and keep it all safe.. reboot with all the data in place..or let it crumble which is what I see happening in this present state..
      we are in uncharted territory.. and from here it is a coin flip as to what happens..
      after the weimer depression.. the people hated the affluent so much that they voted in Adolph.. that same scenario happened in almost every society where people lost their way..

    • Very clever Mark – find an article in a popular left wing rag and have it say what you feel to disparage our president. Whether or not you choose it – he IS our president for the rest of this year, at least. His job is not only to manage this crisis as well as possible, but it’s to maintain confidence in the economy to the extent possible. The velocity of money has been declining to unheard of levels even before this crisis became apparent. Since the “lockdown”, people are spending what they can to get what they can while they can. That velocity is critically low and we do need to increase it or there will be no economy. If there’s no economy, there will be no production and people will be hurting even more so. Catering the the rich and overpaid in the Bay Area is great work if you can get it and keep it, but for the rest of us, we need to find ways to wriggle through this mess. Encouraging confidence while trying to solve the problem is critical. I’d much rather have the current president than any other we’ve had this century – by far. BTW, I don’t agree with all that he’s done, and IMHO, the two clowns – Gates and Fauci need to be seriously investigated by a special prosecutor for various crimes – both medical and business related.

  5. I keeps eeing them peepol round dat interwebs mentiOnin dat MMT dUd.

    May-aps I they be withfused bout its meanIn G?

    MI MMT be, aye sperience me myracle havin to due wit monee thys hebdomad.

    May haps, they in neighbor hud and not be know in?

    Bean whILe sINce I used thys scrIPt G.

    The othersay I may loose me brain. Lol

    lATEr G.

    • Found a Tiki Totem in the Walmart parking lot this mornin. Just laying there. Looked it up and its Hawian Tiki God of Monee. I’m not big on totems. Pretty interesting to find one just layin there in the parking lot tho. Wat tha heck. Cant hurt to ave une.

      It’s a stone one. Pretty heavy. Probably bout 20 lbs. They dont sell it at Walmart. Broght em ome and put im on da porch. Lol

      He needs a cancle. Get one on Friday.

  6. The financial news this week is better than I had feared and apparently a lot worse than the high-rollers of the Street were anticipating. Prechter thinks the big top is in. If he is correct, then get a firm grip on the retainer bar, ’cause the coaster will be pulling negative g’s shortly.

    My guess is that some of the increases in retail food statistics just comes from people shifting buying food from commercial restaurants to retail grocery stores, plus a little stocking up. Once the freezer and cabinets are stocked, how many people are going to start filling up closets and the garage, other than G____’s readers?

    The only scenarios which consistently favor a bunker are a major nuclear exchange and a tornado. For social commentary on bunkering to avoid biohazards, refer to the “Masque of the Red Death” by EA Poe.

    All the partisans are in deep trouble.

    Stimulus checks are hitting direct deposit this week.

    G___’s bug statistics are looking better this week. I hope the little virus guys are paying attention. We haven’t seen any resurgence coming off the holiday that I have detected.

  7. that Italian mathematics bloke was good .. um .. as we said .. um .. well its a damn ornery one now this 3.. down under guy talking American !!!!years of association .. and you all take your mega c .. had a pharmacist tell me id get sick from vitamins .. she said get a vaccine .. I said no way babe , and end up a vege like u .

    • There’s a lot of human veggies running around, I do swear that those VAXcinnerations makes peoples dumb. (In the manner of No Eyes.)

      In honor of No Eyes: When asked about the stock market. “Oh, that Fall like Big Tree in Forest.”

      “Some peoples, so dumb.”

      For the newbies on the blog: Buy ASAP, books written by Mary Summer Rain: “Spirit Song.” “Phoenix Rising.” “Daybreak.”

      • dam no eyes… I loved Phoenix Rising.. and Daybreak.. now I have to add them to my reread list and read them again.. thanks for reminding me….

  8. Let’s revisit the “Bunker” subject for a minute, as (IMHEO), the column and the comments sort of turned into a strawman and then wandered off the rails. (IMHEO = Experienced)

    Step 1 in a bunker is: WHAT are you building the bunker for? “Investments” are beyond the scope of Ure-ban Survival and Peoplenomics. “Personal Use” is more appropriate to this community. But back to the questions of What (and why): The answer should be along the lines of getting your family and loved ones through a SERIES of catastrophic events that accompany periodic cycles such as a Grand Solar Minimum (GSM).

    Note that a GSM regularly includes such features as an economic collapse, famine, pandemic, civil unrest-revolution-war, and then extreme weather events to play with. Not a big deal if you study cycles and know what to prepare for. Otherwise, Fear Porn and Gloom & Doom types not welcome in this conversation please. I said please!

    Once you’ve done your homework, the answers are “intuitively obvious, even to the most casual observer.” The solution is equally obvious: You won’t survive the decade long manifestation cycle by attempting to live above ground. (The weather extremes preclude that). Consequently, the ideas & discussion about 40 acre farms are OBE.

    If you can’t survive the decade by living above ground, then you need to design your below ground living facilities based upon personal preference, budget, and other such metrics. For some it will be a wine (& THC!) cellar. Others a big, fully equipped basement and game room. For the serious students of millennial history that covers 400-1,000 year cycle events such as GSMs and comet/meteor/asteroid impacts, it will be something a little more robust. Like a bunker or monolithic dome. Bunkers are for billionaires .

    Step 2: Now we have a rational, well studied, and intelligent answer to the What & Why question. Then it is a matter of going through the design & building process (including permits), and then equipping it with your preferred food, supplies, equipment, etc.

    Speaking from experience, it was surprisingly easy, and surprisingly inexpensive. Please read that twice so I don’t have to repeat it!

    I live in an 1800 Sq Ft house with family (grandkids) and 3 puppies. I designed and built a 4,000 sq ft monolithic dome, knowing I would have a few human additions when the worst of the cycle events manifest. And yes, the dome is underground.

    If anyone is interested, I can discuss more about excavation, engineering design, costs, permits, construction methods, and so on. The short answer on cost is a very robust underground facility can be built from scratch for about $5,000 per person. Compare that with what you spend on a car, or per year on food & entertainment.

    Just a polite reminder: As a byproduct of my engineering background, due diligence, and very in depth studies, I am absolutely certain the Corona Virus is NOT a one-off event. Rather, it is the early phase of a cascading series of events that precede a GSM. Likewise, it has almost nothing to do with left-right politics or self important puppets that promote agendas. They only serve as distractions that somewhat aggravate the situation (and human suffering) as events unfold. It would be wise to totally ignore ALL of them.

    • Consider me interested. I’ve been in the “quonset camp” for years because making a buried box a sturdy box would be breathtakingly expensive, if it could be done at all, and I assumed a dome, although robust, would be even more-expensive.

      Bear in-mind, I’m more the “underground house” type than I am the “survive Yellowstone and own the World” type (see my post, below…) Precepts and concepts should still apply…

  9. “As you can see, the technical mortality rate (outcomes = cases cured plus cases dead) is still over 20%. The happy-talk crowd is trying to peddle an absurdly low number and sorry, bad statistics don’t fly well around here.”

    ‘Thing is, “worldwide” statistics are useless, unless one is using the J-H virus tracker to scare da sheeple. The U.S. or Germany, or Canada may have an eventual mortality rate under 1%, while an Indonesia may see 10% and Calcutta or Rio, if (when) CV-19 reaches the slums — Oh Man! I can see those slums hitting 60-70% mortality.

    The danger of CV-19 is it is incredibly, unbelievably contagious — the heII of CV-19 is the utter randomness of its effect on its victim.

    I liken CV-19 to playing “Russian roulette” with a .22 magnum revolver that’s carrying a live magnum H-P, .22 long rifle, .22 short, short blank, crimped blank, and a single empty chamber. When you get infected, you must take a spin…

  10. “We also continue to lose respect for The Drudge Report which figures the most important story of the day is Donald Trump wanting his signature on the virus checks.”

    Understand, Drudge is an agglomerator. He was labeled “right wing” because his initial claim to fame was he found the “blue dress scandal” where it had been hid, and brought it into the mainstream of awareness. Drudge isn’t conservative, he’s not liberal, his website is simply a source, hence the linkage to “entertainment” and “infotainment” articles. Drudge’s real value is in his links to other websites.

    Infowars is an agglomerator (if you stay away from Jones’ video feed) and a good one, so are RT, Newsmax, CNS, and a bunch of others. RT doesn’t originate anything Western; they just link up to it (and yes, RT and Infowars are sources too. RT’s “source journalism” WRT Western or U.S.-centric news is State propaganda [they are, after all, the propaganda arm of ITAR-TASS.] Their Western “News” is repops of Western news articles. Infowars’ originals are rare, written principally by PJW {who’s vids are mostly funny as heck} and many are more Brit-centric…)

  11. “Which is why we live apart and while technically competent, we’ve come to appreciate the joys of voluntary simplicity.”


  12. $2,400 payday today. A week ago, Trump said HELL will visit us virus wise over the next 2 weeks. Never happened. Now it’s over. Can you say SCAM. As I said then, if this happens, Trump is part of the problem. He is no better than the swamp. Trump is controlled by the Deep State. Amen. Just like he did nothing in his first 2 years with a Republican House & Senate. Wake up folks, you are doomed. Unless Jesus returns, there is no savior. There is too much money involved for the in crowd’s pockets to let the peons get in the way.

  13. um avoid goldies . the luv of my life .. including wife daughters and cat. its red button time again !!!! that damn USD .. wheres that cocaine larry cocaine kudlow .. he king dollar boy .. god knows what he is on .. he got the brains of a 5g zombie.. the goldies be back real soon .. stay tuned

    Total cases: 530 (13 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 41
    Honolulu County: 369
    Kaua’i County: 21
    Maui County: 92
    Pending: 1
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 6
    Required Hospitalization: 45
    Hawaii deaths: 9
    Released from Isolation: 359
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, April 15, 2020

    Masks now required for store entry or public presence everywhere here. We had a cluster of cases at McDonalds in Kona where 7 workers tested positive. One worker passed it on to 7 more family members at home. Scary illustration of how it can spread with neglect.

  15. Why would anyone (outside government) want a bunker?

    ISTM a “bunker” is a waste. There’s probably about 4mln people in CONUS who could afford to build one, and a small fraction of a percent of those who could actually survive in one.

    I much favor the idea of an underground house. Having virtually no heating or cooling expense and a highly-controllable approach seems a better option… and it’s useful, because it would be an actual home whose roof is a tillable garden space. A root cellar would be a dandy option, but not for defense.

    In an anarchistic SHTF breakdown, the best defense is “invisibility.” If/when the best defense breaks down or becomes untenable, the second-best is mobility and offense. There’s never been a fortress which couldn’t be breached. A self-contained force can NOT long hold a static defensive position, no matter how well it’s built. Once breached, they can only fight a rear-guard until they escape or are cornered.

    I don’t care if a group, living in a concrete tube, has a bank-vault door on their crib. If I were a starving anarchist and found such a place, I’d ignore the door and dig into its side, then blow a hole and shoot everything that moved — might toss in a smoke grenade to hasten the process. The one I saw on TV the other day, with the heavy-gauge steel flat door leading to a 20 foot stairwell? Walk around until you find the emergency hatch, then work the door:

    A cutting torch or a little thermite followed by a couple grenades should soften it up. Keep it between yourself and the escape hatch. Keep a rifle trained on the hatch to take out the Rambo wannabee when he tries to sneak out, and you’re automatically keeping the door in-view. Now where would an anarchist get a torch and some grenades? Any NG Armory. Grenades and thermite? He could either make or steal them. Thermite can be had from any sporting goods store or an abandoned railroad worksite (track crews use it to both cut and weld rails, which are molybdenum steel and extremely dense & hard.)

    So, again I ask: Why would anyone want a bunker?

    • Ray, you bring up a really good point, and at the same time identify a rather glaring knowledge deficiency by the majority of the people discussing bunkers. But yes, its primary purpose is to serve as an underground house. Or spare bedroom (storm shelter) if you don’t want to go that big.

      The glaring knowledge deficiency about “bunkers” is based on an over abundance of opinions and beliefs, and a deficiency of facts. Probably from watching too many TV shows about billionaires and their bunkers! Even the ideas expressed elsewhere in this column seem to be way off the mark about costs and reasons for owning a bunker, underground house, basement, storm shelter, or whatever you want to call it.

      My first effort at a storm shelter was to build a house with a very robust basement. 12″ walls and all the trimmings. 3 months after it was finished, we had a forest fire burn through and touch my fence on 3 sides of my home. Not a good feeling! We had to evacuate, and watched our neighborhood burn from a hotel a mile away.

      Within 6 months we also had a freak storm of 28 degrees below zero (F), followed shortly after that with 110 mph winds. We quickly realized that a basement would be woefully inadequate for existing weather conditions, not to mention what was expected in the near future with a Grand Solar Minimum.

      The end result after much study was to build an underground home using an engineering design of a monolithic dome. Like you indicated, the indoor temperature swing is about 2-3 degrees year around so I don’t have to heat or cool it. Powered by solar panels, and I do have vegetation growing on top!

      We’ll save the SHTF “defense” for another day, as that is a whole different conversation. My original purpose in posting was to get the idea across of how easy and inexpensive it was to build an “underground home” – that the majority of George’s readers and subscribers could easily afford.

      What it boils down to isn’t really money. It is your priorities on how you wish to spend your resources. If/when it becomes important enough, people will find that an underground shelter might be a really good idea.

      • Going from memory here (always risky) didn’t you use a blow-up air form for the concrete/gunnite?

        What do you figure a 3,000 foot monolithic would cost to put up these days? Nothing exotic, and with gravel/French drains, south-facing….I keep thinking about one here.

        My criticism of underground is tempered by reality of how man y cataclysms humans have survived through in caves. I’m not talking about the “obvious target” big bomb bay door missile silo crowd… what you’re talking about is more reasonable and well engineered, no doubt…

      • I figure “bunkertalk” is mostly a combination of “keeping up with the Jonses” and reading too much fear porn, and that the vast majority of the people who’re susceptible to this blather have never been threatened, let alone in a firefight (outside of not being able to separate fantasy and reality in a movie theater.)

        Few know that when Stockholm and Oslo were tiny villages, Kiev was a teeming Viking metropolis. Fewer still know that the Royal residents of the “impenetrable” fortress of Constantinople (just down a river or three from Kiev) paid the Vikings literally tons of gold and gems, to not attack and sack their city.

        No matter how fancy your tin can is, if faced with a patient adversary, you can’t store enough food to outwait him, so being a “practical prepper,” I see no reason to waste the resources required to build a shelter-fortress. ISTM a storm/root cellar is much more useful and practical and much cheaper to construct.

        “Within 6 months we also had a freak storm of 28 degrees below zero (F), followed shortly after that with 110 mph winds. ”

        You built on Mt. Washington…?

      • George, with excavation and equipment purchases, you can figure in round numbers about half the cost of an equivalent home. But yes, that’s a top of the line Shot Crete unit with 12″ thick walls and dual layer rebar. French drains included! In my neck of the woods, it worked out to about 50 bucks a square foot. But we bought all the big gear, such as a concrete pump and a back hoe and dirt grizzly. I could recover some of those costs, but I kind of like the toys and “Yard Art.”

        The State Inspector was quite impressed with the end product. He pulled out a notebook and gave me a “Certificate of Occupancy,” which was a pleasant surprise.

        I do recommend you put it on the highest terrain you can, so that everything (water, sewage, etc) rolls downhill like a normal home. Lots of engineering obstacles to overcome if you have to pump everything uphill.

        The vendor we used for the custom air form (balloon) was Monolithic.Org, right there in the Italy Waxahachie area. Their customer service was so-so, but with constant nagging, we managed to get most everything we paid for.

        Smith Engineering (ABQ) did our load & structural analysis.

  16. “This the solution. I just want to make a phone call…”

    To add to your phone complexity anecdote: Has anyone besides me noticed our methods and means of communication have increased immensely in complexity and decreased severely in efficiency?

    • Yes; for example, the Southwestern Bell/AT&T home phone. Used to be guaranteed to work ALL the time, even through earthquakes, floods, etc. Now, it’s only as good as the battery pack down the street. Internet phone: When the internet is down; no phone. Cell phones: we all know their limitations when cell phone towers are out; now, they are designed to ‘track’ all activity….but someone has already relayed how to stop that. Of course, the best way to stop the tracking of the cell phone is to do what Andy does, put it on a rig to somewhere else, or just leave it at home when you break “Q” uarantine. Take cash for gas for the car, and get out of Dodge and go have a good time.

      Ain’t No Stopping Us Now:

      Partial Lyrics from,

      Now, are you all ready?
      Are y’all ready?
      Now we gonna do it with the fever
      Yeah, Come on
      Ain’t no stoppin’ us now
      We’re on the move (yeah-ee-a, yeah-ee-a)
      Ain’t no stoppin’ us now
      We’ve got the groove
      Spice Girls, check it out
      There’ve been so many things that have held us down
      But now it looks like things are finally comin’ around, yeah
      I know we’ve got a long long way to go, yeah
      And where we’ll end up
      I don’t know
      But we won’t let nothing hold us back
      We gonna get ourselves together
      We gonna polish up our act, yeah
      And if you’ve ever been held down before
      I know that you refuse to be held down any more, yeah yeah
      Don’t you let nothing, nothing
      Nothing stand in your way
      And all we gonna do
      I want you to listen, listen (That’s right)
      To every word I say
      Every word I say about it
      Ain’t no stoppin’ us now
      We’re on the move
      (You said it, we’ve got the groove)
      Ain’t no stoppin’ us now
      We’ve got the groove (Whoo-hoo-oo-oo Whoo-hoo-oo)
      Ain’t no stoppin’ us now
      We’re on the move
      (We’ve got the groove)
      Ain’t no stoppin’ us now
      We’ve got the groove (Yeah)
      Look, Lemme tell you this
      I know you know someone who’s got a negative vibe (Euhh)
      And if your tryin to make it they only push you aside
      They really don’t have nowhere to go
      Ask ’em where they’re going
      They don’t know
      But we won’t let nothing hold us back
      We gonna get ourselves together, come on
      We gonna polish up our act, yeah
      And if you’ve ever been held down before
      I know that you refuse to be held down any more, Oh oh oh


    Phew.. and opening the country up for business as usual…
    When we closed the country up there were just a few with the virus.

    I knew the pressure over the loss of the velocity of money would be great.. figured picking option 2 would leave the pressure from the velocity on everyone. Especially for those on top..those on top would see the change quicker than the guy at the bottom.
    But if the country is opened to soon the numbers on the graphs will ramp up. Right now the numbers are dropping..
    Interesting times

  18. Hey George, you remember when I told you about Atlas shrugged the 3 part movie series. In episode number 2 the chick is on the train becasue there was a collision between two trains previously and an explosion.

    Anyway when the chick gets on the train it says on the walls of a storage warehouse as she is looking out the window it is written in graffiti.

    11/19-19. The End of the Word.

    It’s just for a split second. I sent you a note and posted it I think in January of 2019.

    I just remembered that today when I had another strong case of Dejavu and thinkinabout Comet Atlas.. it was tanker of fuel that runs into an old train carrying food and collapsed a mountain. Right there for about 3 seconds as she is looking out the window in the back ground it says 11/19 -19 The End of the world. Atlas Shrugs the Movie episode 2.

    Isnt that when the Corona Virus started??? 11/19

    I will see if I can find the email I sent ya about it.

    • “I will see if I can find the email I sent ya about it.”

      Why would that be sooo important to you? ;-) Aren’t you sure when “you made the point!” Don’t you think GU has enough information?

      • So I can see the date and remember what I wrote. I looked in the patterns within the words I write/right and how application of those words and patterns are to today in the shift of the collective understanding in the world around me. Not sure if that makes sense or not. And yes! I do know I’m weird. I had forgot that the actor who plays president in that movie was a dead ringer for Joe Biden.

        I read my words alot. It looks like at first glance that I am self centered. it has nothing g to do with that.

        Ya see, I meditate alot. I often drift in an out of meditation throughout the day. When something I wrote in the past begins to occur I go back and look at what my subconscious mind is telling me as much a s my consciousness is. I don’t know of that is a really good explanation but it makes sense to me. I have a super super good memory. Still, even then I miss stuff from time to time. Lol

        I am, human. Lol

      • The date I sent it was may 25th. What i wrote was a military train hits an old civilian train, the result was an explosion and the collapse of a mountain.

        I guess its importance is that the date written we may see the language resurface on its anniversary.

        I had a “time traveler” talk to me yesterday on another forum.

        He said in not so many words to the effect you are like John Connor from the Terminator series.

        Do I believe that? No, that is crazy talk. Lol. I do believe that consciousness can travel time because consciousness is faster than light. I can picture a place in my mind and be there instantly if I have been there before.

        Fyi: I don’t wanna be any of that. I just wanna be a regular dude. I’m here for the chicks, chips and dip. Lol

        Anyway. I have to go kick my ass aka workout. Lol.

        See ya.

      • Yes, consciousness IS faster than the speed of light. WHY everyone doesn’t know this already, I do not know.

        The link is immediate when connected.

        Consciousness can and will travel.

        Consciousness never dies.

        Consciousness is not the mind.

        Consciousness resides in the brain, but it is not the brain.

        Consciousness reincarnates.

    • Andy, when you first posted that note months back, I re-rented the DVD to have a look-see. Now you can watch all three movies for free on YouTube. Do a stop action at 1:33:06 to see it’s actually

      “10-289 is the end”, referencing a previously mentioned government edict.

      PS…You can eliminate ALL YT ADS on Chrome with

      makes video watching a bit less visually destructive :)
      (some front-loaded ad vids actually start by showing an error you have to wait thru)

      • I tried to screen shot it.

        It says 10 -28 9 the end of the world. Each slat between the doors is green so it looks like it says 10-29-19 the end of the world because tree he slats between the doors are the same color as the graphite

  19. Just in time for this year’s growing season:

    Invasion of the killer hornets!

    Asian giant hornet alert: Lower Mainland residents asked to look out for bee-killing invader

    The B.C. Ministry of Agriculture is asking Lower Mainland residents near the Canada-U.S. border to be on the lookout for a terrifyingly large invading hornet this spring.

    The Asian giant hornet, a honeybee-killing predator about twice as large as native B.C. hornets, was discovered for the first time in the province last August in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.

    A Giant Hornet Has Invaded Washington State, And It’s Hungry For Honeybees

    The sucker is about the size of a hummingbird, not terribly aggressive toward humans, but lives to eat honeybees.

    Did I hear someone say “famine…?”

  20. In the movie it’s a Military train that hits a Civilian train head on and Civilian train is carrying fuel. The whole mountain implodes. 

    That’s why Dagney who is in charge of the rail tracks go to check it out. 

    It clearly says on the wherehouse walls in graffiti “11/19-19 The end of the world.”

    “And the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls”? 

    Atlas shrugged and Comet Atlas?

    First case of Corona Virus is on 11/19/19..

    Maybe that mountain is the World economy???

    I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. lol

    Never mind.

    • I know where it’s at! The dude in the Second movie who is the President of the USA looks like a dead ringer for Joe Biden. I forgot about all that.

      Maybe the smart people will start disappearing soon. Lol. I hope I’m smart enough. Hahah

  21. Hmmm. Aviation has gotten complicated and complex. So my question is how much change will there be? What is the essential part of aviation or is it going to completely.go away? I hate the idea but I also understand what’s up. I got the gist though. Though if I may ask, what is looking to go away and what might remain? Holding my nickel here, what is essential of it is at all? Great report as always, I just want to know if I can stay in aviation or if I need to radically change my sails. Thanks Mr. Ure!

    • PS: This did help some in clarification though I would kill for some specifics because you have been around the block of aviation more times than I have. I’m still wet behind the ears if you will. You have seen a lot of it and that’s what I’m interested in. The experience. Is the cockpit going to stay? How? How about work at airports? Aircraft manufacturers staying? Will airplanes go away completely? GA? Private Jets? Airshows? Airlines? Air Cargo? Ramp Ops? Etc.

      What’s it going to.look like? How does things change for me and everyone? I guess I just need some light as I feel like I’m in the trees, at night, with no light or night vision trying to navigate lol.

      Seriously, thank you for your time and effort here and elsewhere! I hope we can talk together again soon!

      • The problem with aviation isn’t the flying. That part is simple. The macro problem of flying is “freedom” in the sense that when we had our plane, Elaine and I could waked up an make a decision at breakfast “Hey, let’s fly over to Vicksburg Mississippi and have lun ch as casino and gamble for a few hours and come home…”
        The complexity is huge now. Just in the time we werse flying, ADSB (live tracklng, all flights with 30-miles of major cities) came along. And, after 9-11, flying the SIFRA (Washington DC Spoecicial Flight Rules Area – and yes, I’m qualified) became required.

        There’s a pattern here: That is: Once the basic technology becomes reliable, here come regulations. For our own good – mostly…
        But d this means in any “new” technology, the information content goes way up…

        As for trimming sails? Wow – a long discussion there. MY son g2 has been wondering, too, since he’s got both fixed wing and rotary experience *(not enough to license, but can land either in a pinch) but he’s had to dial back to firefighter/emt/paramedic because those will be harder to roboticise…

      • Thanks Mr. Ure! That clarifies a lot!!! Now i can see some of the cogs in the wheel of oh sheet! I would say though maybe some coffee and Skype and a discussion on trimming the sails? I have a few ideas but would like the older wiser person to tell me of I’m a goober or not.

  22. Possible Chinese Nuclear Testing Stirs U.S. Concern
    Beijing might secretly be conducting small nuclear tests at its Lop Nur site, report says

    China might be secretly conducting nuclear tests with very low explosive power despite Beijing’s assertions that it is strictly adhering to an international accord banning all nuclear tests, according to a new arms-control report to be made public by the State Department.

    As if there aren’t enough issues floating around right now…

  23. Science be damned: Artist David Hockney says smokers are immune to coronavirus

    David Hockney wants you to fight COVID-19 — with a flaming cancer stick…

    …But now the Brit is making a more bizarre splash by claiming that lighting up actually protects against the coronavirus.

    I’ve actually read the Chinese study the Post cites. Cliff’s Notes version: Cigarette smoking discourages virus infestation and mitigates the virus, should the smoker become infected. Marijuana smoking enhances virus infestation and may tend to make the effects of the virus worse.

    Go figure… and LOOB, don’t shoot the messenger. ;-)

    • Nicotine can mitigate cytokine storming to a degree, but the virus has many and diverse effects that we’re only beginning to appreciate. See the youtube channel “Peak Prosperity” for details.

      Tobacco also contains a cocktail of MAO inhibitors that can spike dopamine(along with the dopamine receptor enhancement from nicotine). This combination is largely why smoking is addictive in many people. I don’t use nicotine in any form but keep nicotine patches available for emergencies. Use sparingly as they can be dangerous in excess – especially if you’re not a smoker..

  24. An article from The Atlantic that’s actually worth reading:

    Unlicensed Haircuts Are Only the Beginning
    Amid a pandemic, states are cutting back the red tape that kept health-care workers out.

    …As the nation’s economy and health-care system struggle to adjust to the pandemic, more and more states are reexamining some of their oldest occupational and business regulations—rules that, although couched as protecting consumers, do far more to limit competition.

    Sherman doesn’t have the balls to give Mr. Trump credit for initiating this policy on a Federal level, but everyone who’s paid attention knows this, and everyone who hasn’t, never will…

  25. Swedish Virus Deaths Top 1,000, Fueling Criticism Over Strategy

    Sweden just passed a grim milestone, as Scandinavia’s biggest economy reported more than 1,000 deaths from Covid-19…

    …In all, 1,033 Swedes have died from Covid-19, official figures showed on Tuesday. Though still well below fatality rates in Italy and the U.K., it’s far worse than in any of the Nordic countries with which Sweden usually compares itself. The Swedish mortality rate is almost 10 times higher than in Finland, more than four times higher than in Norway, and twice Denmark’s.

  26. i am not surprised by the tone so far in majority of comments in this group .. its like look lets all love hell and satan .. its all we know and its really warm weather and hes an evil dude but hey that’s good 2..and lets just play more bizzaro economics and policies and heck it will all be stars and stripes and apple pie

    • Lol. God judges a man or woman by his or her heart. HE know more than you and I combined.

      Remember the Sun. The Sun speaks light, warmth and life to all creation. The Sun doesnt say, “No light for you because you were an ass on Urbansurvival today.” The sun doesnt say no warmth for you becasue you told a white lie today.” The Sun doesnt say, “No life for you because you were a wrong in your judgement of others today”. The Sun just shines Unconditional light, warmth and life to all creation. It doesn’t Judge by Human standards, measure or methods.

      The sun doesnt care if you are a pagan, christian, jew, atheist, Muslim or heathen .

      How much Greater is Gods uncoditiomal love who made the Sun, the Earth and its inhabitants??

      We choose our own prisons and chains. As I said a while back.

      The ego isnt real. It is an imaginary entity. Like your shadow, albeit it is a siloutte of you it is not real. It’s simply the absence of light. A convient scapegoat for indetermanent ignorance.

      Shall we worship the sun? No! We dont worship creation. it is only one example of many that we choose to ignore and be blind too of Gods unconditonal love. Which surpasses our understanding.

      The Kingdom of Heaven is within you and all around you. Even plasma aka the Aether, aka “the fifth element” in gas state is all around you and within you. How much greater is the Kingdom of Heaven.

      • Love is a singularity. Love is a force! Love is a miracle. A disruption in the primordial pond which created ripples and affected everything in existence.

        Perhaps instead of passing judgment upon comment section of Urbansurvival and its tones? Align your tone to that of the undercurrent and ripples of love. Because because because! Because of the wonderful things it does!

        It would be a great disservice to your self and others if you failed to love in your assesment of the tones.

        Rememeber the first spititual awakening is all about mirrors my friend. Everyone, situations and circumstances are all reflections of something that is in us in some shape or form. The second spritual awakening is all about windows. Beyond me I see. We take what we want and we leave what we dont from lessons in the house of mirrors. We begin to serve in ways we never could imagine before. Here in the house of windows we get glimpses of what life is like beyond our capacity of self. Here we we find the miracle we have been always wanting we have become. The third spiritual awakening is doors, the forth is cross roads, the fifth is the Divine Compass and the 6th creation of Man.

        Not mortal man and in man created by man. Man created by God. Here in the 6th awakening we create Man in Gods image not man in man image. Its the narrow path few choose to follow.

        This is not new age mumbo jumbo. I dont subscribe to A course in Miracles either.

        I’m in the 5th Spiritual Awakening. Remember what it says, God put Adam to sleep in the Garden of Eden. We have to move through this process sometimes through many many lifetimes before we truly awake. When we judge others even the underlining tone?? We are still in the house of mirrors. Because when God looked on all his creation??? He saw that it was Good. Not some good and some bad. Lol. Or a crap shoot on Urbansurvival.

        Jesus said, “be careful of the yeast of the Pharasis. They look down on everyone from their religion while ignoring the sun beating down on their bald spot and the ones they judged”

        Like Columbus landing, “we have discovered a great land.” The Indians, “we have discovered our white brothers” and seagulls above them said, “Mine! Mine! Mine!”


        Hope you the best in life in your search to find your self. Truly do.

      • “Hope you the best in life in your search to find your self.”

        Did YOU ever try? Just asking — no reply needed, because too many are trying already on the tele. Ha,ha,ha,ha!

      • “God judges a man or woman by his or her heart. HE know more than you and I combined.”

        LOL, and HE selected YOU to shine a light on this? Bless your heart to shine some light on this phenomenum.

      • @ Bolshavic. Nah man. I’m just a 6’2 220 lb dude who does 1000 push ups a day and talks to Bumble bees and lady bugs. I only squish people when they pick on the little guys.

        I had a guy the other day threaten me and I said Listen if your the dude to put me out? I hope you finish the job. I been dead 11 times, shot, stabbed you name it. I been waiting for ya. Please! If your not up to the task???

        Well you got a whole handful of big white dude all over you. So, if you down with getting bloody in the dirt? Let’s do it.

        He looked at me with fear in his eyes. So I said. I will pray for ya. Have a great day got in my car and left.

        One thing is forsure. God has got his hand on me. Ain’t no doubt about that my friend. I ain’t afraid to die. I already did it 11 times this life alone. Not many wrestle with death once and walk away with their life. I have eleven times. Have a good day.

      • @ Anonymous.

        “There is no try. There is do and not do.” Yoda

        If you are not man enough to put a name your words?? You dont much matter do ya. You a chicken?? Because there is 10,000 chickens running around with no names and the all end up in McDonalds happy meals for children with real names.

        Look dude. I’m heavy hall construction Truck driver that works up in the mines. When I was up there working. I seen BIG grown men fight almost every day and by the end of their shift they would be friends again. Because we move millions of tons of rock,curse, get grease and diesel, dirt, dust and run down mountain sides with 200 foot straight drop off cliff on one side at 105,500 lbs doing 70 mph. by the end of the day. Nobody tone really matters much anymore. Ya nomsayin?

        If you wanna thrash around in your lawn chair with mustard on your tank? Get on it. But be a real man and atleast use your name. Atleast use a symbol. Here is my name. Send me a friend request on Facebook. lol.

        Oops I dont have a facebook.

      • Ya see, the problem with a guy like me is. I’m very big, very fast, very strong physically. I mean I was benching 400 lbs and deadlifting 605 at 49 years old, a year ago. Plus I can run 5 miles straight with a 25 lb weight vest on. George knows. on Top of that I have a 186 IQ. On Top of that I spend 2- 3 hours a day in meditation and prayer. On top of that, I spent 20 years studying religions, estoic arts, magic etc. On top of that i have been in probably 120 physical fights in my life. On top of that, I have a photographic memory and have read over 15,000 books, On top of that I think outside the box. On top of that I dont care about money, rewards, crowns or trophies.
        That’s Gods buisness. On top of that I’m super intuitive.

        But these are the real kickers.
        I dont hardly ever sleep. I dont stay dead. Ie I dont die. I also ain’t afraid of death infact I’d like to be done here.

        God made me that way! That’s the real kicker!

        So, this little light of mine. I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine. Let it shine, let it shine

        I will pray for ya.

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