Virus, Rate of Rise, Housing Starts

To the point this morning because much work remains to be done in  the garden today.  And we were busy as hell yesterday – more on that toward the end of this morning’s note.

First Up:  Housing Starts

Is there an economy left?  Well, sure…especially in big “coop-dweller” markets:

  • Building Permits  Privately?owned housing units authorized by building permits in March were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,353,000.   This is 6.8 percent (±1.1 percent) below the revised February rate of 1,452,000, but is 5.0 percent (±2.4 percent) above the  March 2019 rate of 1,288,000.
  • Housing Starts  Privately?owned housing starts in March were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,216,000.  This is 22.3 percent (±12.2  percent) below the revised February estimate of 1,564,000, but is 1.4 percent (±12.7 percent)* above the March 2019 rate of  1,199,000.
  • Housing Completions  Privately?owned housing completions in March were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,227,000.  This is 6.1 percent  (±12.0 percent)* below the revised February estimate of 1,307,000 and is 9.0 percent (±12.4 percent)* below the March 2019  rate of 1,348,000.

We look forward to seeing how the Case-Shiller numbers look in a couple of weeks.

Then toss in new unemployment claims: US weekly claims total 5.245 million as 22 million jobs have been lost due to coronavirus.”  Chair-straightening day here on the Titanic.

Why, It’s The Kiss of ’29

This is more for  Peoplenomics subscribers than anything:  But our line-up with 1929 has our Aggregate Index “kissing the 1929 track” for the first time since Feb. 19th so it will be instructive to see how the next several days roll…

The green  circle is where the market was set to open based on early futures prices.  No, we make no claims that there is a technical reason to revisit the November of 1929 period.

But, if we were to, the trading session today (in our work) lines up with the trading on October 22, 1929.  Before the Big Crash back then, but definitely close.

In fact, on our “line up day” in 1929, says Wikipedia: “”The present decline is a healthy reaction, which probably has overrun itself. There is nothing alarming about it”, National City Bank chairman Charles E. Mitchell said about recent losses in the stock market. “In a market like this fundamentals are the things to look for, and if you can show me anything wrong with the situation generally, then I will be concerned.”[59]

Meraning?  Don’t be surprised if someone says something wholly absurd about how there’s not a Depression pending today…

While it’s fine to remain hopeful of a positive outcome, the warning signs just keep flashing now that the IMF is warning about things like global recession with a chance of Depression.  And CNBC is rolling with stories like “The economic data is even worse than Wall Street feared: ‘The economy is clearly in ruins here’.”

What’s more, the news – if you rely on  data less than hype and do periodic checks of keyword search interest on Google’s Trend Lab – looks like we’re in about the same position we were in the fall of 2008:

See the odd thing about how this search played out last mini-depression?

In the Housing collapse the data showed the public queries spiked and we in a downtrend already before the market hit is low in March 2009:

Sure as hell, someone is going to challenge me:  “Ure saying the Google Trends data was  dropping when the market bottomed???  Like search  knows the fu ture?”  Well, duh…of course!

Yellow is when the Dow and S&P were bottoming.

When Google Trends was bottoming before the July 2009 bump (“OMG We’ll lose the lake house!“) April May of  2009 would have been a 11-YEAR ENTRY in the long wave.  (Do I have to do all Ure thinking for you?)

This is why Big Data = Big Money...pretty simple and obvious.  However, unless you’re a sick puppy like that guy I saw in the mirror this morning, you probably won’t piss-away 3-4 hours a day thinking about data sets, retrieving gazillions of .CSV files and making charts and applying Elliott and regression channels…when you could be watching soaps or tending baby Kush plants under the grow lights…

But, there it is.

Mr. Mirth Continues:

Here; take this cynicism pill with me:

City pension troubles looking out there, are they?  A thought prompted by noticing how the Las Vegas mayor demands end to Nevada coronavirus lockdown.

Meantime, ZeroHedge reports Lockdown-Backlash Begins: Angry Crowd Surrounds Capitol, Demands Michigan Governor Reopen Economy.

HR Strangeness afoot, too: Amid medical protective gear shortage, nurses are suspended for refusing coronavirus care without N95 masks.  Label these CV19 Mercy Suspensions…

US Dept. of V-hype:Elon Musk Claims Ventilator Donations Arrived At Hospitals, Governor’s Office Says They Didn’t.”

And this ought to be easy: EasyJet to leave middle plane seats empty.

Trumperian Statistics Class

Trump says U.S. has passed coronavirus peak.  Sorry, we’d like a more medical opinion, thanks.  However, here’s what our rate-of-change study argues and it gives some creds (not enough, though) to the T-Claim:

No question about it, the growth rate is coming down.  But past the peak?  Can we, like, get back to you on that?  Last thing we need is to go back prematurely and set fire to our own Wave Two.

Elsewhere in politics, we can’t help but point out another  CNN half-right “Analysis: Biden has a young voter problem.”  The other half is Biden has an old voter problem.  Also has a problem with voters who can spell Burisma...True, NY Governor Factime isn’t any better…another “Select the least-worst choice” election looms.  On paper ballots…

Around the Ranch

Several notes from the Outback may be of interest, especially if you are coping with a 900-square foot homfice.

Neighbor up the hill  – an outstanding mechanic by training – came down and put the new driver-belt on the mower Wednesday.  (A round of red-riding followed.  Yard looks like a golf course.  No greens feels, just gas and oil…

While he was here, Super Mechanic’s dad (next tree farm over) came by.  And while I showed off my Gunfighters Inc. Kenai center of chest holster, he showed me his latest “home defense unit” – made by Bond Arms over in Granbury, Texas.

What makes his B.A. “derringer” so cool is that Bond Arms has a unique interchangeable barrel system.  So when traveling, for example, around his property, he can attach the 45-long round/.410-gauge shotgun barrels (it’s an over-under derringer frame).  Great snake gun.  But for other adventures, a 9 MM Ruger barrel might be better.  Or, even an over/under .22 long rifle barrel.  All you do to change ’em around is break, remove pin, and on  goes the new barrel.  Pretty damn slick, I gotta say.  Choices of grips and all, naturally.

As soon (or eventually when) I finish getting the shop squared around, I may put in for a permit to build a silencer.  Surprisingly, many states to allow them, including Texas.  But, it’s in the making of them where the headaches begin, though isn’t rocketry or marketry.

Lemme see, next up the deliveries came by.  One driver telling me “Yeah, George, we’re moving more packages now than over Christmas...”  Just so – on of Elaine’s b-day gifts (begins with Celestron) was delayed.  FedEx and UPS may be the future, huh?

Next visitor was the neighbor from yonder over the creek.  He brought a a dozen and a half eggs and some home-made masks…all much appreciated because it keeps us on the one-trip to town schedule and no getting out of the car…He picked up his pair of neighborhood radios…so the defense net is up.

Made a dandy point about CV-19 locally:  Seems the prison populations aren’t included in the reporting of county-level virus, even for a facility which is  in a particular county.  Sure ‘nuf:  “TDCJ’s Beto Unit in Palestine has 97 confirmed COVID-19 cases among inmates.”  6 in the “county proper.”

Which seems to be telling us:  Even  though we were among the last places to get the virus in quantity, the bugs are here and since the TDJC people live in the community, we will be extending our  “voluntary simplicity” into the foreseeable future.

Sheesh.  With 6 cases now in the county “officially” we’re in reality up into the low 100-range…which sucks.

Pass the bleach and write when you get rich…”Who was that  masked man?”

39 thoughts on “Virus, Rate of Rise, Housing Starts”

  1. “HR Strangeness afoot, too: Amid medical protective gear shortage, nurses are suspended for refusing coronavirus care without N95 masks. Label these CV19 Mercy Suspensions…”

    Thats not that unusual… LOL… there was a period where we didn’t have gloves.. I wore the same pair.. but washed really good and sanitized in between.. someone said.. oh my you are wearing the same gloves.. I said absolutely.. but they are clean… back in the pre gloves days.. there was only one pair.. in the dirty utility room and they were those honking big black gloves.. I will never forget my first explosion LOL..LOL… this patient had an eruption it was everywhere.. and when I say everywhere I mean everywhere.. I went to get the face shield and those big black gloves and the booties the works.. I get back and this other aid was there hands and elbows deep cleaning….. I said you didn’t put gloves on.. the response was.. when youve done this as long as I have you get use to it… LATER .. during lunch break.. I was eating my lunch and having a cup of jo and this same aid made a casual comment.. dam I have washed my hands a dozen times and they still smell like shizt.. I said.. just for your information.. thats probably not chocolate under your nails.. LOL LOL LOL LOL…
    Now were I work is in pretty good area.. we have top notch healthcare and some pretty sharp guys and gal’s working in it.. and they up till now have required everyone to work no matter what sick well bad weather isn’t an excuse.. ( I visited with an old coworker..two days ago she said they are now pulling in staff from whereever they can.. it is a rarity but a full shift.. she is sharp as a tack.. her job at the bottom where I was)
    God I would love to see those kush plants..

  2. Here are a few gardening hacks I came across courtesy of You Tube:
    If you do not have seeds, go there and search “Grow vegetables from scraps”. Lots of vegetables you get from the store will regenerate into the full plant from the parts you would normally cut off and throw away.
    Need a place to grow them? Search “grow in bag of soil”. Basically, get a bag of potting soil, take it out to the patio or yard, poke a dozen or so holes in one side for drainage, flip it over and cut out the top. Instant two foot by three foot raised bed. Put it on the lid of a clear plastic storage container and use the container itself as a removable mini greenhouse as needed.

    • If you want more offers for seeds than you could possibly ever want, sign up on the mailing lists of the seed catalog companies and you’ll get a catalog every two weeks. Burgess, Four Seasons Nursery, Gurneys, High Mowing, and Southern Exposure Seed Exchange are just a few of the catalogs that will fill your mailbox and make your mailman just love you.
      Best regards…

  3. ”Who was that masked man?”

    I have bad allergies.. last winter I walked into the bank with my normal keep the dam dust and cold out of my lungs mask on.. and the banker even though everyone knew who I was.. etc.. said you have to take that mask off.. the bank doesn’t like anyone walking in with a mask on.. I had to make a deposit the last time through drive up.. LOL LOL
    even though the office is closed to anyone coming in everyone inside was wearing a mask..
    do you need bleach george.. let me know I will whip up a chlorination cell for you..chlorine bleach is one of the easiest things you can make..

  4. In the shop this morning I turned on the TV after knockingsome dust and mud dauber nests off its enclosure to see if I could find some youtube guidance on replacing a seal on an old baler. Instead I get sidewonked into watching some so-called news for a few minutes. It would appear that some of these guvs, presumably dems, may be getting a little power happy with their SAH orders. The video seen in MI yesterday of folks protesting in a snow shower waving their flags but for the most part many seemed to be just there for the optics dancing around in the street and mugging for their cameras.

    Yes, the natives may be getting restles but watch out this summer when it gets hot and the free food starts running short.

    We started locking the gates months ago.


    • “The video seen in MI yesterday of folks protesting in a snow shower waving their flags but for the most part many seemed to be just there for the optics dancing around in the street and mugging for their cameras.”

      In marches past I had read someplace the ones starting the thing were being paid to start them. I wonder.
      It may just be another false flag

  5. “Whats the problem? Torpedoes?? Dam the Torpedoes, 4 Bells Capt. Drayton, Go Ahead Ure, Full Speed” -Farragut

    Buying any DIPs on Precious Miners & Streamers near month – then Roll to May/June with Profits, banking 20% of gain in equity balance.

    SHORT this market – got SHORTER @ yesterdays interday bounce – Very Short.

    US Mint announced they are Closed for business, joining majority of Govt mints worldwide.

    The CME in US HAS NOT PHYSICAL METAL – None, LBMA in GB is not trading/making markets, artificial volumes being posted.

    Get Ure popcorn ready for this CLUSTERFRAUD to blowup ala roman candle style..whaddya mean U dont have my bought and Payed for Gold in Ure vault?

    Precious Metals – if Ure dont hold it in Ure big meaty sweaty palms – Ure dont own It .

    coot keeps checking his bank accts – Nothing! Cmon Malignancy wheres the FREE money??

    Did someone say – “here come the Frogs” ????

  6. Holy KrackatoeA Gman!

    Markets are on the snide again, but Bitcoin is rising – like the son! Can U say Decouple from S&P finally..

    Like our glorious President TRUMP has TOTAL CONTROL of ALL GOVERNMENT, FINANCE, BUSINESS and the Citizenry of our once greater nation – so too Bitcoin is TOTALLY De – Centralized!

    Where do U think the the Financial Re-Set is going – Gold? Nerp, Silver – possibly.

    1-World Digital Coin Currency..wait for will be along shortly – and U can bet Ure Britches IT WILL BE CENTRALIZED – and CONTROLLED by the same evil bloodsuckers that control the Central Banks. “futures so bright I gotta wear shades”-Timbuk3

    As Always..No Bitcoin 4 U!

    • “The present decline is a healthy reaction, which probably has overrun itself. There is nothing alarming about it.” Is that code for “I believe I can fly”?

      You know there is a difference between a mechanic and a magician. there is a difference between a magician and a wizard.

      Ya see a mechanic went to school and got an instructor to learned how to fix stuff based on book knowledge and parts available.

      A magician know hows to find problems intuitively and fix them onTop of book knowledge and instruction with parts available.

      A wizard and I know one, can fix something broke inspite of book knowledge,instruction, available parts, and (this is key) Improve and make something that better than the part that broke.

      My buddy is a wizard. I got a lawn tractor (kubota ) when my had my acres about 8 years ago. Brand new. I road it around with mower attachment and it died. I called the place I got it. They sent out a mechanic. He couldn’t figure it out. So we called Kubota. We were on the phone for 45 min tryin to figure out what the hell and my buddy the wizard shows up. He yells from the porch what up man! I yell new tractor is F’d. He comes down says hmmm. Runs back up to his car grasp a solenoid from 1992 Audi, some wires, a 20 amp fuse and comes back down. I said what ya got there? He waves his arm for us to back away and fronts. 10 minutes later he says, fire it up! I got on the seat and turned the key and sUre as shinola she fired right up. I said what was the problem. He says that puter firm ware chip is cheep and said a bunch of technical stuff I didnt understand. I said what? What the hell did you just say?? How ya figure that out? He says, You gonna mow so we go shooting or you gonna sit there like a big dummy? I said I’m mowing. When I got done and grabbed my guns I came out and he put an Audi sticker on my tractor. I laughed. he said. Seems fitting.

      He had never worked on a Kubota in his life. That is a wizard.

      What you got there George is not a mechanic. You got a wizard. They are really rare these days.


    • “Where do U think the the Financial Re-Set is going – ”


      Cant eat bit Coin, cant wipe with it. It won’t clean under your fingernails or wipe your nose..

  7. So if we have passed the peak of infectiousness then why the Bill Gates/Big Pharma gestapo vaccinations ?? Perhaps Mr Mengele/Gates has an alterior motive ?? Digital Certificates for Corona Virus to allow people to move around or be employed ?? This should bring every American to their feet and into the streets. To hell with these elitists !!

    • We are no where near peak of infectiousness. The quarantines have masked the natural spread of this beast. We humans don’t build up heard immunity until 80% of the population has had the virus and fought it off (maybe, data is not clear if immunity is gained) or received a working vaccination. Looking at the charts… we are around 0.2% of confirmed cases per 1M of citizens. The current expectation is this virus does not have a summer trough, as many countries (Equador) are having fast spreading infections during their summer. The world has changed, the sooner we accept that at least for the next year we need to figure out other ways to work, play, eat if we don’t want 3-5% of our entire population dead, and a far higher percent of those with permanent organ damage. This PhD at peak prosperity has been accurate at every step at the progression of this virus since January. For gods sake plant a garden. You don’t want you or your desired friends or family to go through fighting this thing off and perhaps living with the extensive long term damage this thing does.

  8. ” I may put in for a permit to build a silencer.”

    Careful you are going to scare all the democrats.

    Technically you should call it a “suppresser”. It is by no means silent.

    We wear hearing protection when we shoot them here.

    Even if we are shooting subsonic ammo.

    • Since I think you said some years ago, George, that you have a combination milling machine and lathe the easiest thing to do is make an adapter from the barrel to an oil filter that doesn’t get too much in the way of your sight picture. Works just as well or better than a big buck “can”.

  9. Hi George, I work at an AFB with Civil Service and private contractors on maintaining aircraft in a very large bldg. Hundreds of us work there and in close proximity with each other. Back in Jan and Feb the flu went around and we all got the bug and got well. Since then no one has gotten sick. This is in Ut. I travel to So Cal in Orange County and other areas in Ca. for the Defence Co. I work for and its the same thing. No one is sick. They all got the bug in Jan and Feb and nothing since then. Unless one is old, sick, has a compromised immune system, or underlying problems it’s just the regular flu bug. This thing is so over blown. No one that I know or talk to is buying this anymore. It’s over. I am still waiting for the millions of deaths that your chart had. When is this supposed to happen? I am not being sarcastic we just don’t see it.

    • I think you’re onto something. I live in the I.E. and my personal experience was back on Sunday 2/16. I went to the gym, then had the energy to do some landscaping on the front yard. A couple of hours later I felt like a ton of bricks had dropped on my chest, hard to breathe and my temp spiked up to 101.8. I felt like I was gonna die. My body ached all over. So crawled in bed after some soup for dinner, and I didn’t take any fever reducers because I wanted it to spike. It did overnight and the next morning I was feeling better, by lunchtime I was back to about 60%. Steadily got better and by the following day I was back in good shape.
      Since then I had a sinus flareup, but that was after working at the polls on Super Tues & the worker next to me said his allergies were acting up, because his nose was constantly running. I felt sorry for him because it had to be an embarrassment. Anyhoo, about 2 days later I too had terrible sinus probs that lasted about a week.
      But other than that, nothing unusual. And I don’t get the flu shot; last time I did I got the flu and was out for a week.

      • I live in Maryland and work at a large military base in the area. I had a flu shot this year and I exercise every day. Back in late Feb or early March, I experienced fatigue for about two weeks, kept forcing myself to exercise even though I just wanted to sleep. I figured I was fighting off a cold or something, used my usual supplements, black elderberry, vitamins, etc. I finally “came down” with sinus issues that made my head feel like exploding for about two weeks. I did not go to the doctor of course, but used mucinex and sudafed together for about a week to relieve the pressure and pain. I know other coworkers had similar issues. Seems like this is something that a lot of us have already been exposed to.

  10. “Meantime, ZeroHedge reports Lockdown-Backlash Begins: Angry Crowd Surrounds Capitol, Demands Michigan Governor Reopen Economy.”

    Tyler done outdid hisself on this one…

    Whitmer did not issue a SiP order, she issued a “Do not leave your house for any reason whatsoever, except to buy food or seek medical attention” order — this, after shutting down every place in Michigan where a person could buy seed or fertilizer.

    Beshear, in Kentucky, issued an order that’s nearly as draconian. Y’all will hear about him, next.

    These two have essentially issued de facto martial law proclamations (without formally declaring Martial Law), and that’s why Michiganders were out in the snow yesterday. One of the Lansing organizers explicitly stated the protesters were not from any particular political demographic, that there were conservatives, liberals, and even anarchists present, and while some may have “pet views” on other issues, they were all present to protest Whitmer’s unlawful overreach.

    And so, I’ll repeat:

    It is against the law in every State in the Union, to quarantine healthy people. Neither the Federal Government, nor any State’s government has the legal authority to quarantine anyone. This authority rests with County or Township authorities, specifically “Health Departments” or (in a few really sparse areas) the County’s ME or Coroner’s Office.

    A SiP “order” is legally “a suggestion,” unless it comes after a declaration of martial law. A State’s Government can “lend itself” this authority, via a formal Declaration of Martial Law. I’m not sure the Federal Government can give itself this power under any circumstance (although it’s a moot point, since during a national emergency D.C. can pressure any State into compliance.) This doesn’t mean a State or Federal authority wouldn’t take this power, only that the doing of such would be illegal…

    The folks in Michigan were protesting because Whitmer’s “order” is draconian and all-encompassing, not because she made a “soft & fuzzy” order like the governors of Ohio or Indiana, of FTM New York or Cali. Michigan is interesting. Once you get 20-30 miles outside a major metropolitan area, you begin seeing signs which state:

    “No Trespassing
    Violators will be shot on sight”

    and if you ask the local Sheriff, (s)he will tell you: “Believe it. If you have business with {*****} you call ahead and have them meet you at the gate… If you need the phone number I’ll give it to you… and please do this. I don’t need the paperwork.”

    …and yes, that is an actual quote from an actual conversation I had with a Michigan Sheriff.

  11. There will never be a working vaccine for COVID. I kept thinking about this.  Common cold and flu are coronaviruses.  Why are there no working vaccines for them?  Annual flu vaccine is for ONE STRAIN ONLY… and so it is a differing mutation that everyone catches even if they had the shot. Well, apparently the COVID-19 also mutates… precluding any good vaccine results.

    Scientists Discover Alarming Coronavirus Mutation That Could Render Vaccine Useless

    I don’t see any good way out of all this except to catch a case of COVID and build your own immunity… if you can.  There are blood antibody tests now becoming available that tell if you have had the disease.  Like it or not… this documentation of your health will become your new ‘passport’ in the future.

    Still… I’m keeping up my Selenium intake.

  12. “pair of neighborhood radios” — which brand & model did you choose? Neighbors want to do the same thing in our valley, but would like to see what your research selected. Thanks.

  13. Well, Mr. Ure, I disagree with your Covid-19 analysis. Sounds like you believe the medical bureaucrats, and my impression of them is that they are primarily fronts for the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to enjoying controlling people.

    I have read a number of opinions on this issue, including epidemiologists, medical doctors, immunologists, etc. Many of them are of the opinion that the peak of this was back in the third week of March. For those professionals that do *not* work for the government at any level, they are almost unanimous in their opinions that the so-called lockdowns have done nothing positive and are counter productive. The ultimate death rate from the economic impacts, and social isolation forced upon people, will dwarf any damage done by Covid-19.

    • Agreed. The more I read about it, the more fake a “crisis” this becomes. Yes, people are getting sick and some are dying, but the deaths reported as being from COVID-19 are vastly overstated because the CDC wants deaths from any cause to be listed as a CV death if the person also had CV, even when CV was only a secondary condition. It’s becoming apparent that Dr. Fauci and the CDC are running a scam.

      The CDC has had a tainted reputation for years because of its revolving door policy with Big Pharma. And now it’s coming out that Fauci is closely involved with the Gates Foundation, the Clinton Foundation, WHO, the CDC, Big Pharma and other organizations and people whose goal is depopulation, mandatory vaccines, global government, and obscene profits. Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates (who is NOT a medical expert) have hyped this to the hilt, convincing governments that the only solution is to lock down most of the world’s population and destroy their own economies. It’s a sure way to keep the plebs from organizing to protest the theft of their wages and business profits. I’m not even close to being an economist, but I have to wonder where all the money has gone that would otherwise still be circulating in a normal economy. Employers and employees no longer have it, so who does have it? Or has it just not yet been printed out of thin air?

      Dr. Fauci is the perfect front man for all these criminals. He has the scientific creds to obfuscate their crimes, and he in turn is likely flattered (and paid) beyond reason that they have entrusted such power to him.

      For a good analysis of the situation, watch Dr. Shiva at

  14. I took this from this comment from this article’s comment section:

    April 9, 2020 @ 9:33 am

    We have all heard the saying “follow the money”. And I believe it possible to understand what is happening based on this.

    Here is what I am seeing:

    1. Gold prices began to rise midway last year after being flat for several years.
    2. Yuan exchange rates did the very same thing in relation to the USD.
    3. Insiders sold their holdings on the stock exchange prior to the Trump announcement.
    4. Several hundred CEO insiders went into retirement prior to the crash.

    Conclusion: They knew.

    Now what is really happening.

    This has been discussed for several decades now that the USD is no longer a viable currency for the world’s default. Wealth is being transferred to China so that the yuan will emerge and replace the USD.

    Chinese media and ZOG media have been working in conjunction to create a flu panic.

    This explains why we have lost our jobs and been ordered to stay at home to prevent civil unrest during the wealth transfer. Government no longer cares if we work or not.”

  15. yep George nails it again .. all facts .. but the kiss of 29!! if we avoid that the Italian fibonnacci will look to a big pash later .. and he will introduce his mate soon to the swamp and the evil sith lords and darths .. his name is macavelli ..he takes no prisoners

  16. It looks like today’s Covid-19 infection numbers are well below the numbers projected by G____ on Saturday, but mortality is going the other direction, and the technical mortality isn’t getting any better.

    A lot of people who got H1N1 cases in the first quarter, but had a flu shot, have convinced themselves it was Covid-19 (without being tested), and that Covid-19 is just run of the mill flu. That is normalcy bias at work. Normalcy bias is one of those things which is potentially very lethal.

    Do what you have to stay employed, but don’t let your guard down. Supply your own PPE if you have to. I have heard a lot of things suggested for improvised filter media for masks, and some of it might work. I want a n99+ sugar skull mask, and a Walking Dead logo windbreaker.

    Don’t expect this to end slowly, or to be back to business as usual on the first try. If your employer allows you to continue to work from home, take advantage of it and stay wary.

  17. “McConnell Dismisses Trump’s Call to Adjourn Congress to Make Federal Appointments While the Constitution says that the president “may, on extraordinary Occasions . . . in Case of Disagreement between them” adjourn Congress, it has never been invoked by a president before, and its scope is unknown relative to federal appointments during pro-forma sessions. ”

    HMMM… maybe congress should go back and re-read some of that crap that they passed that they didn’t read….. if a country bumpkin with no training gets an interpretation of a whole lot of what can be done out of the shizt that they passed into law that maybe they didn’t quite know they voted in…if pushed it could possibly get interesting..of course its all in the interpretation of the shizt they voted in and didn’t read..

  18. Gosh George, I dont know how ya keep up with all these comments.

    I’m gonna cut my word count down significantly. It’s like reading 3 or 4 books a day. Haha

  19. We are going to have to get up to at least 33 million people in United States unemployed to get close to where it was in 1929 because we have over 330 million people in United States back in 1932 at the highest point of the depression there were 12 million people laid off and it was only a hundred 24 million people in the country at that time

  20. days like today on wall street .. Friday april 17 show you why America is finished.. this is a disgrace .. have your little jokes at the expense of the normal good guys .. some force or being is watching and will send more on a greater scale .. oh and by the way just makes the job easier

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