Market “Crash-Up” – J. Powell as R. Mugabe

A group of investors ought to be formed to sue the hell out of the Federal Reserve for price-fixing.  Because, near as we can figure it, that’s just what they’re engaged in.  Making up money and distorting markets.

I can’t think of a single provision under the Constitution law that permiting goverment a right to distort finance.  (Cleverly, I notice they didn’t ask…they just DID. )

To me, it smells and has all the hallmarks of consumer fraud.  However, so let’s focus on how their Crash-Up is working.

Before we launch, however, there are three axioms of economic reality you need to keep firmly in mind:

  1. “Don’t Fight the Fed”  As stated by the late Marty Zweig.
  2. “Inflation is  not  prices going up – it’s the value of your money going  down…”  Some whack job named Ure.
  3. “It may be necessary to use methods other than constitutional ones.” – Late Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe.  The father of Making Up Money – also sold as “modern monetary theory” which distills down to “OMG are people stupid…let’s roll with that…”

Und zo?

The Dow futures are up more than 700 points this morning – and we are (for now) leaving the track of 1929.  The U.S. Fed is conspicuously papering over the chasm and so, in resorting to extreme (just under hyper-inflation) finance it will  appear that America is not sinking into a Second Great Depression.

But pay close attention to your lifestyle.  Because the recent rise is gold holds a bitter truth – as does the Federal Reserve’s own H.6 money stocks report out last night after the close:

This is the highest inflation rate I’ve ever seen.  Given a year at this rate, even without any adjustments for cost of goods sold, this would jack the price of a $30,000 auto up to $35-thousand and change within a year .  That $5.39 half-gallon of organic milk?  $6.33 in a year.  Or more…

You’re Being Played

We’re pretty clear that the path we are trending towatrd is the same one undertaken by Mexico in the mid-1990’s when that country was having the same problems – unable to meet their foreign debt.  Mexico, too,  devalued their money and by slipping the decimal point three places.  Result?  Their “national debt” went from over 100% of GDP to 1/10 of one percent of GDP – and so the cycle of economic illusions could be continued.

Yet, it wasn’t magic.  The working class in Mexico got hammered.  The rich – seeing how it would work – either got rich (oil, silver, and other resource – hard asset –  plays) or they threw-in with the cartels. Either way, the rich got richer. But the regular people, who might have had 1000 peso’s saved woke up one morning to one Nuevo Peso.  Sandersfied, we call it…

The exits were blocked for people who wanted to use the devaluation personally.  Big, Mean governments don;t like it when little people want to keep up with the fraudsters.

Truth be told, cutting dead capital pools down isn’t all bad, except savings gets destroyed.  Screw of the bondholders.

As a result, at the time of devaluation in Mexico, all previous contracts and debts were rolled over at the same rate.  Debt holders who were previously owed $10,000  old pesos were now still owed N$ 10.  The ones getting screwed were the national debt holders.

“On January 1, 1993, the Bank of Mexico introduced a new currency, the nuevo peso (“new peso”, or MXN), written “N$” followed by the numerical amount. One new peso, or N$1.00, was equal to 1000 of the obsolete MXP pesos.

On January 1, 1996, the modifier nuevo was dropped from the name, and new coins and banknotes – identical in every respect to the 1993 issue, with the exception of the now absent word “nuevo” – were put into circulation. The ISO 4217 code, however, remained unchanged as MXN.

Thanks to the stability of the Mexican economy and the growth in foreign investment, the Mexican peso is now among the 15 most traded currency units.”

The academic question is whether faith in the debt-logged U.S. dollar will remain.  Because it is no longer a U.S. Dollar – it’s all Federal Reserve Notes and that’s a scandal for another day’s recounting.

Our point this morning?  Devaluation of the U.S. debt is looming large.  We lioke hard assets best.  Paid-for land and such.

In Asia, both Japan and China own significant amounts of U.S. debt (a little over a trillion each).  Their thinking was that the U.S. taxpayer was a good risk. Joke’s on them, at this rate.

What’s no joke is the financial basis of the U.S. where J. Powell and colleagues at the U.S. Fed have gone near-enough crazy creating money out of “thin air.”  Out print collapse is Game On.

The nightmare – for the rest of the world – is that if the U.S. drops its dollar with a Mexico-like move, instead of Asia getting what is essentially 2-3% of U.S. tax-squeezing’s, they could get less.

So our bottom line is not to predict any such dire outcomes, but to reassure you that economic games with the “underlying purchasing power of money” are in play.  And since pension funds and Richy Rich types are in the game, and we little people are not, it’s a safe bet that a crooked outcome is in our future.

Which then gets us to the most serious of the Robert Mugabe quotes:

Our votes must go together with our guns. After all, any vote we shall have, shall have been the product of the gun. The gun which produces the vote should remain its security officer – its guarantor. The people’s votes and the people’s guns are always inseparable twins.”

Mugabe was a master of inflation – the trillion dollar Z-bucks paper the office here.  Yet, they serve – along with a few “old pesos” that governments – once detached from The People – serve only one thing well.


The American Restart Debate

I wrote-up the “post-pandemic restart problem” for you.  In a February 18th column earlier this year (“Markets: Xi’s Terrible Virus Quandary”) I explained the problem this way and I’ve marked it up so you can see we’ve gone to “Markets:  Trump’s Terrible Virus Quandary:”  Search and replace function news, here we go…

“You don’t want to be the President of China the U.S. this week.  Xi Jinping Donald Trump is walking the edge of a razor with his country.

IF he lets everyone in quarantine go back to work this next week, he will save exports, diminish global supply chain impacts and keep the global economy from imploding.

BUT if everyone goes back to work – and we already know the quarantines are not long-enough based on video leaks – THEN Xi Trump will face an even BIGGER problem when the back-to-work crowd begins spreading the disease like wildfire.

ADDING to the mess, Apple is already out with lower revenue guidance because cell phone sales are cratering in China the U.S. due to product delays.

We hate to mention it, but how long does the virus remain active on surfaces of goods (and packaging)?  This is one data point where the CDC guidance has been woefully lacking.  (4/17 note – the guidance is still weak…)

My consigliere pointed out three weeks back (or longer) while governments are putting on the “happy-face” and telling people not to worry, behind the scenes it has been apparent to us that utter panic is afoot….”

Despite all the hoarding and all the hype, and all the checks (loans against tax refunds to come) not a hell of a lot has changed since mid February.

The taxpayer screw-job comes in April 2021, safely after the elections.  Suckah’s!!!

Yet another “Quick!  Look surprised!!!”

The Stupid “Peak Debate”

Is the problem gone?  Nope.  And I have to whole-heartedly agree with conservative talk show host Dr. Michael Savage who (unlike the spring breakers and the political hacks on the right who see the pandemic as a political hoax) when he calls out the  misleading noise from the right.  The  New York Times syndicated story in the  Chicago Trib over here gets it refreshingly right.

Now, let’s see whether going back yet makes sense when we look at the data, OK?

You make the call – to me?  Still looks like the spread rate is too high.  But let’s see what the non-medical, non-statistical, political class is trying to make of this, shall we?  Meanwhile…

Says in the  NYT “Coronavirus Live Updates: As N.Y. Extends Shutdown, Trump Tells Governors to ‘Call Your Own Shots’.”

And “Wuhan officials have revised the city’s coronavirus death toll up by 50%.”

Meanwhile, we ought  to sail through 2.2 -million cases later on today.  And in terms of our outlook?

The “social distrancing” moves have moved the  “run out of people point” out to mid-September.  And while there’s little evidence for “equal midpointing” that would place the  length of Wave 1 at 8-months, so the midpoint would be four month, so middle of May…but only valid if the reopening is done on a reasonable basis and people keep up distancing.  Otherwise, seems clear that restarting too fast or without due caution turns into the incept point for Wave 2…

Dow futures are still up 700 points at  click-time.  With the impacts  of the virus, collapse of economic fundamentals and no certainty on reopenings, we sense that Chairman Mugabe-Powell has a fair shot….until someone besides us notices the dollar is on fire.

WSe’ll cherck testosterone *(and IQ) levels right before the close.  Holding over the weekend smells like a fool’s game…especially if the Fed runs out of ink.

Tough choice to ponder:  Paper products:  Allocate for T.P., Masks, or Money?

Write when you get rich (and well),






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  1. The IMF is becoming more prominent and in the news every day. This is sort of tracking along with Jim Rickards and his story that the IMF will issue SDR’s to every country and based on a currency formula the US dollar could be hit by as much as I can recall an 80% devaluation worst case – It also moves along the lines of an article I had read and can’t recall where that the only folks in a position to survive this mess financially are those worth at least $20mm to begin with ……..will be interesting as to how this all plays out ….. incredible mess. the CDC flu season estimates btw for 10/19 thru 4/2020. 39,000 to 56,000 flu illness’s, 18,000 to 26,000 flu medical visits, 410,000 to 740,000 flu hospitalizations 24,000 to 62,000 flu deaths. caveats etc etc. now at 33,000 virus deaths………

  2. Thanks for keeping this message clarified. “Is the problem gone? Nope.” I have to turn Rush off daily because of his continued barrage of comments that the risk is low and is overblown by a cabal looking to crash our form of government. There are no good decisions here for political leaders and is far beyond their competency. I have no issue if people think they should be allowed to resume movement, just lets be honest with the risk and have people make personal decisions. I believe we should be free and freedom of movement is a very base part of being a free human. I would like to see a simple message, that sure you can go out, but if you get the infection, you must pay the first 5000$ in costs if you seek medical care. You cannot sue anyone else for your condition, you make a personal decision to re-enter the public realm, you own your own safety and you take on some level of the impact. If you don’t think your employer methods are safe enough, then don’t go and find some other employer that tries harder. Make a decision to protect yourself and family, don’t rely on others to do it for you.

    • With all due respect most people need to get out and about to make a living and most folks don’t have the $5,000 let alone $500

    • Agreed – let people assume their own risk. Btw, your comment about – ‘you must pay the first 5000$ in costs if you seek medical care. ‘ Well, many. private medical plans already have deductibles of $2500 – $5000. That’s why I chose to cancel my medical plan with my current employer. I could not see paying almost $5000/yr for single coverage AND having a $2500 deductible on top of that. I refuse to be shaken down.

      Also, I have learned (as any bright person has) to disregard lots of doom porn in the news. But, he are my unfiltered, direct observations from my place here in FL. I have a pretty extensive network of family, extended family, friends, work collegues, and neighbors here in Central FL. I don’t know ANYONE who has the ‘virus’ nor have I even heard of anyone actually having even a bad cold this winter/spring. Yea, I am sure that we can find sick people, but this idea that we are ALL vulnerable does not hold water. So, where are all the body bags in my area? I talk to my neighbors when I walk everyday. My neighborhood has its own Facebook page (my wife monitors this). Why am I not hearing about scores of ‘virus’ deaths everyday. What I do see are hundreds of shuttered businesses and lots of economic devastation. THAT is very visible to me.

      The saddest thing I have ever scene is a nation asked to give up its very life blood (economic activity) for something that will certainly not do anything near the devastation to lives and livelihood.

      • So hold your FL medical services accountable for lying about their numbers? – Perhaps they are making up FL numbers of infected (0.1% of population) and the current death rate of those infected (3%). Hey I get it, I don’t want to see economies crashed either. Again perhaps we as a people need to accept a 3 – 5% death rate and move forward and live with this until/if there is some kind of vaccine. It is hard for me to imagine all these states and countries lying about their infection and death rates. Certainly in Atlanta at least where I live, I have nurses in my extended family and they are crazy with the work and with taking the personal risk with the infected and the process around keeping the infected isolated from the other parts of the hospitals.

    • You list me when you said you had to turn OFF Rush. Why was Rush on in the first place? Junior college and high school drop-outs…literally…like him, Hannity and Beck are a poor source of news. Do your research. Look who has the cred before you make them your source of information. There are plenty of conservative Ivy League, Stanford, Duke, Northwestern, AND Private University media types that can provide you with a profusion of intellectual banter…rather than the numbskull anger vomit coming out of Rush’s mouth.

      • Hold your horses, Mark. Yes, Rush did not graduate college – but he was not a H.S. or J.C. Dropout. He left SE Missouri State U. (NOT a junior college, btw) to pursue a radio career. A few others who did not graduate college include Bill Gates , Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Mark Zuckerberg, Ralph Lauren, Coco Chanel, James Cameron, Richard Branson, Wolfgang Puck and Ted Turner. They did just fine. I have two Master Degrees and all of these folks managed far more success and influence than I ever did, but then I chose to serve in the USAF for my first career. After I retired from the AF, I was hired by a major Eastern technical university, surrounded daily by PhDs in various IT related fields for the past 20 years. Most of these folks couldn’t find their way out of a wet paper bag. But they unquestionably knew their defined technical areas of expertise. Their scope and influence was focused. Rush took on a broader area of interest – politics. He was inducted into the Hall of Famous Missourians and recently awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. What exactly have you done that matches his creds? If you are better than Rush, then do better than Rush! Put up, or shut up!

      • My radio (yeh that old thing) only picks up a few talk radio stations, so I have it on for some background noise during my business day. My work laptop has all internet streaming blocked and I dont really care that much about setting something else up in my room that can internet stream. I don’t look for them for news, but entertainment, and political opinion, just background banter, but even with those limitations I normally accept, I had to turn him off.

      • That’s pretty rich advice there, Mark. Especially with your daily quotes from the almighty Huffington Post, Politico, and Mediaite, the home of “fake news”. And you didn’t mention Tucker Carlson, are you calling him a “poor source of news”? Who do you recommend, Rachel Madcow?

    • Things to consider about health care costs: The cost of supplements to PREVENT infection (COVID-19) is about $60. That’s Lypospheric Vitamin C, Zinc, and Selenium. Optional and encouraged supplements: C60, Monolaurin, Vit D, Chaga Mushrooms (etc).

      The cost to CURE infection is about $200 for a Vitamin C IV drip (Myers Cocktail). I don’t know what the cost of Hydroxychloroqine and a Z-Pak (with Zinc) costs today, but it is relatively inexpensive from what I read. Note that in both cases, the CURE rate is holding steady at 100%, with zero deaths and zero need to strap on a ventilator. Well, these costs were from just before sunrise this morning, so Inflation might boost the numbers by a couple of bucks.

      Note for those who haven’t updated your knowledge base in a decade or so: The absolute BIGGEST HEALTH THREAT you’ll face in 2020? Easy to answer, and consistent with multiple independent sources & types of data (ie evidence):

      1) Taking a Corona Virus (COVID-19) Test
      2) Taking a Corona Virus Vaccine

      No time for lies, gossip, rumor, propaganda, or conspiracy theories (etc). Just look at the history and forensic evidence, and let the facts tell the story. The recommendation is specific to health threats, not necessarily personal safety. That’s another conversation.

      JoeDish that was excellent and profound advice: “Make a decision to protect yourself and family, don’t rely on others to do it for you.” That is the purpose behind my researched based comments above about Prevention and Cure protocols.

      We live in a different world now, which is to say the paradigm has changed. It would be wise to jettison the “programming” from the old one and rapidly develop your knowledge base of the new paradigm. Translated, you want to listen and read and study the comments by our esteemed industry captains such as Bill Gates, Dr Fauci (et al): They are attempting to enslave and control you with their technological advances. LoL – and they are not the least bit subtle about it!

  3. Gee George
    Powell has only been doing what your heart throb Donald has been demanding of him.

  4. “I can’t think of a single provision under the Constitution law that permiting goverment a right to distort finance.”

    ??????? I have a question on this one.. Wouldn’t the Congress have to amend the Federal Reserve Act?..Or would they have to make provisions that proof of collateral for any new funds and actions be shown?.. right now our money is just a piece of paper or number on a piece of paper and its not secured by anything at all..
    I am not even sure if any of the present day owners are even citizens of our country… I haven’t really read much about it but from the way I understood it.. they are pretty much allowed to do what they want to do when they want to do it…..

  5. FEAR NO MORE… the threat of Covid-19 and the bottom line on our accounts in free fall is over.. Soon it will be business as usual for all the states.. the nation is officially back in business… The velocity of Cash will return… god bless the numbers bow to the Neon Gods and all that we truly cherish….. we shall see the bottom line of our statements start to go up once again..

  6. Good morning George,

    First the qualifiers. I am not a doctor or a virologist. I am a long ago retired chemist/microbiologist who sits here in social isolation reading your daily blog among others and pondering a world seemingly gone mad with poor science and dangerous politicians.

    Like you, I have a consigliere/friend in my chosen profession that I continue to bounce ideas back and forth with. He in turn is still very much connected to the world of microbiology and those actively pursuing answers to the current Coronavirus.

    Here are a couple of thoughts from dialogue yesterday. A combination of my words and his.

    (1) The case for social distancing and facemasks.

    A factor that has probably not received enough attention is viral dose. Even though the virus is a biological agent and not a chemical agent, degree of exposure (dose) still makes a difference. I suspect that in those cases where front-line workers have been struck down by the disease, such as the case of the doctor in China who was one of the first to identify the disease and subsequently died from it, the exposures were very large, e.g. a patient coughing adjacent to a doctor or nurse who did not have protective equipment. Once the virus gets into the body, there’s a race between the replication of the virus and the response of the immune system. It makes a big difference whether the invader is 100 viral particles or 100,000,000. With a larger viral dose, the virus gets a big head start in the race and the immune system may become overwhelmed. If this is true, then even moderate efforts to control the spread, such as wearing ordinary face masks, may be a lot more effective than had initially been thought.

    (2) The questionable case for spread by surface contact

    Especially in the early days of the pandemic, and even now, there was great public concern about so-called “fomite” transmission of the virus – infection being spread from contact with doorknobs or cash-point key-pads. I don’t think there is any evidence that this has actually happened, even if it is theoretically possible. The viral RNA may persist for some time on solid surfaces but that does not mean that infectious viral particles are present. In fact, the experience with SARS in Toronto in 2003 did not indicate that any significant fomite transmission occurred. Put another way, when you see road kill on the highway, the outline of he dead animal is highly visible but the animal cannot bite you.

    I think that the overwhelming route of spread of the infection has been direct person-to-person contact, such as within families, at care homes where people are in continuing close contact, and in hospitals, especially with front line health care individuals working on the front line.

    Sorry this is so long but I hope it contributes in some way to an understanding of this virus which is very dangerous and life changing. I know you probably have other contributors on this site that are more qualified than me and I would respect any opinions they have to offer.

    Thanks again George for providing this forum. I appreciate it.

    Bob in Canada (BIC)

  7. George,
    Great post. I’ve been discussing this with a circle of like minded folks. My way of phrasing was “Did we paper over the deflation of the depression, and move quickly into hyperinflation?”I’m sitting in cash now, and look forward to this weekends Peoplenomics.

  8. For years I have expected the dollar to be devalued.. Amount 10%.. If you look at what spending cash you have, the cards are the largest amount. Savings accounts . Then paper in your wallet.. Last, the change in the car, All of them, with the exception of change , are toast. The latter .such an insignificant amount, that its watering down has been factored out, allowing it to gain a purchasing power equal to ten times the face value.. After reading this morning’s report(provided by an exceptional guy), I am going to take some pain killers , and wander over to the bank and stock up on quarters and halves.. They spend just as well in “normal times”.. Who knows, There is a chance my half baked economic idea may actually work? By the way, once people find the added value of metal, coins will vanish, and prices will be adjusted upward to facilitate paper only prices .. This should provide a magnificent boost to the GDP numbers.. Thanks for the heads up George.. I didn’t realize how close my “one of these days “events could be

  9. Let me make sure my short-term memory is still working. Last week we have the largest one week rise in the Dow since 1938. Also the largest one week rise in the S&P since October 1974. Economic news was that good??? If I remember correctly last week, Record unemployment claims in a two week period, 22 million people filing for unemployment in a two week period, millions of businesses shut down and many will never re-open all the small business loans are gone. The banks are getting billions out of the allocation of funds in “processing fees”. Using Fractional Reserve Banking ( has a great illustration), banks can use a multiplier of 10 and turn those “fees” into 100s of billions more. Disney announces they are paying a dividend rather than keeping 42,000+ employees on the payroll. People are running around with masks that couldn’t stop pollen much less a smaller virus. Insanity is totally the norm now.

    It keeps getting better…..also last week, The Fed announces another $2.3 Trillion in play money out of the air. According to Danielle DiMartino of Quill Intelligence, appearing on Fox Business the Fed is now using that money for playing in all markets by creating off balance sheet entries at the U.S. Treasury. Yep, the Fed has now played in CMOs, Munis, AAA Corporates, and funneled money by the Billions to their banks to play the stock and derivatives markets. Markets are moved by made up air money created not by work and sweat of millions of Americans, but by some idiot clicking a computer and creating Trillions of Air Money that has totally distorted all markets.

    You can now throw out the window all Fundamental Analysis, Tech nical Analysis, Historical Analysis, and Futures Analysis because the Fed and all the Crooked Investment Banking firms that can now call themselves Banks so they can get free money at the Fed to play the markets can move markets up or down at a whim. Little guys like us pay their freight. Markets have evolved into an overgrown Ponzi scheme thanks to THE Fed. They are killing forever parts of the economy….farmers, oil business, restaurants/bars, mom and pops, retail all for an overblown case of the flu supposedly created by the Communist Chinese who want to destroy the rest of the world. And SOME of the medical community is starting to realize the medicine is worst than the disease. Google Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD…

    • Yes, agreed, if not an original manufactured collapse of America, definitely has morphed into a “never letting a good opportunity to cause chaos to go to waste.”

      I’m with the thought that this is leading to the collapse of the dollar, and the long-heralded and anticipated dropping the dollar as the world reserve currency: what you are witnessing is the looting of the country. In order for it to work, it has to bankrupt the Little Guy.

    • Hi George. I’ve been reading your site for nearly two decades with nary a comment till now. Background: I began my “education” at a US military service academy (engineering), spent some years as a military pilot with service in the 1991 desert debacle, and later a fine vacation spot on the horn of Africa.
      From thence to work for FedGov on a variety of things, some of which would keep the average American awake with night sweats, except some is proprietary and some is classified and I’m not interested in doing prison time. Semi-confinement at home is encroachment enough for freedoms I earned under fire. Freedoms which, it appears, most Americans simply cannot THROW AWAY fast enough, or with enough vigor. You’ll recall 2001 with its attendant mountain of lies and “new normals.” And yes, there are many veterans out here watching in STUNNED AMAZEMENT. None of my friends died for this kind of non-questioning, irrational, blind absurdity.
      While I won’t claim expertise on the medical aspect of all this, you can find some serious food for thought (to include some interesting background on our good friend Fauci) from world-class epidemiologists, MIT-trained scientists, and a variety of medical professionals at
      Myself, I take everything with the requisite grain or few of salt. File it away as a data point, see how successive data points increase or decrease its viability. Most of us don’t remotely understand the concept of making physical matter from energy; how can any of us claim to “know” what really goes on behind closed-door meetings?
      My politics? None. I’m a recovering Republican with an instinctive sense of who’s lying. Thus, no politics.
      My continuing education has involved several stacks of books, historical/geopolitical, religious history, science/tech, etc. Many of which have been purged from public libraries over the past few years.
      To my point: your readers clearly see the danger to the average person. Lost jobs, the “H” word, just-in-time-for-failure supply systems (and yes, we suffered with that during deployments as well. Do you know how fast desert sand can chew up fins in a turbine engine?)
      So please forbear if this goes seemingly off-topic; it’s in parallel to many posts Andy has made. It’s not about making money, it’s about the vast majority who are about to lose it all. Because to extrapolate into the near future is to court nervous collapse, and people are going to need the kind of signposts that are given by no institution in our society. Including, unfortunately, Ure’s truly.
      Some people will cling to their delusions until the bitter end. Because, as Ure often points out, although history may not exactly repeat itself, it sure does rhyme.
      For the days ahead, some insight from the only truth available in our world:
      Isa10.1-14. Fait accompli. We should soon enough learn who was ultimately behind the global economic collapse.
      Why God is allowing all this to happen: Isa42.13-25.
      Word to the wise: Amos5.1-13.
      You’d hope that God’s people would have spent their lock-up time reading God’s word for understanding, rather than making videos for “entertainment” about their CoronaHair.
      Why the Sheeple around you are marching in lock-step to their own destruction: IIThes2.3,11.
      Right now our nation’s food supply is being deliberately destroyed by people in & “around” the FedGov. Milk poured down drains at dairies, acres of produce plowed under or left to rot in fields. Now the FDA is attempting to commandeer farm produce to route it directly to food banks — cuz the restaurants aren’t coming back, folks. Where this is headed: Hos7.1-8.12.
      So. Read or not, forward or not, believe or not. God’s Word will stand.
      Agape to all.

    • Don’t forget to add to the list the massive 33% rise in the Oil Price (WTIC) yesterday. I call those sorts of moves a “boost & juice” or BJ for short .

      Your observation: “They are killing forever parts of the economy….farmers, oil business, restaurants/bars, mom and pops, retail all for an overblown case of the flu…” is dead accurate! However, I’ll again bring up the paradigm issue, as it gives you much greater peace of mind to KNOW what is going on when you see these sorts of things in the news.

      The killing of the economy is a correct description, but it wasn’t because of the flu. We would have had the same sort of economic destruction with any of the other events in the playbook such as getting a war going in Syria or with Iran (etc). The Economic Destruction is INTENTIONAL, which is to say it will continue along with the destruction of the value of the dollar – which is a well described observation in today’s column as well as the comments.

      The purpose of the economic and dollar destruction is to be able to install a one-world government and global banking system by about next summer. Again, just read the literature and listen to the captains of industry that are setting these plans in motion. They’ve been “advertising” it for over 100 years, and now they are setting it in motion.

      The flu was just a “Course of Action” out of the Playbook, when several other attempts over the past year to get a war cranked up didn’t work. From research, I think the decision was made to go with COVID-19 around July 2019, which is when most of the triggering events were set in motion (July – Oct 2019).

      No worries, we’ll have our war probably before the Summer is up. Meanwhile, observe – but don’t listen – to the political & economic leaders (Captains of Industry) when we open the country back up over the next month or two. It WILL NOT be to restore the economy! If you buy that poppycock you will be in a world of hurt.

      They will open the country back up as part of the plan to hammer us with another level of economic and social destruction. Very obvious strategy in play to anyone that can think critically or has (military) combat experience. This is a “Preparation of the Battlefield” move to get the next installment going of a one-world government.

      Nobody would be more surprised or delighted than me if my analysis was wrong. Unfortunately, it has bee fairly accurate for a number of years. YMMV.

  10. Peter Eliades StockMarket Cycles has been running a promotion
    for months on youtube for a market projection software he is

    I have followed the work since October.
    There have been some fantastic calls that influenced some trades.

  11. “dont fight the fed” NSG…um I mean NSS!

    Instead let us embrace the treasury/fed, and DRIVE the DOLLAR DOWN. “down down in a burning ring of fire”.-J.Cash

    – and if one more “financial genius” tries to foist the DeFlation argument – my head will pop off and explode!

    BUYBUYBUYBUYBUYBUY whatever ETF’s the fed is buying to “Stabilize” Price Fixing/Price Controls.
    Wracking my feeble memory for any instance in history where Price Controls/Price Fixing ever worked..Some short term success, but cant recall any long term instances where it worked out.

    Still Short the Market..and getting shorter..

    Its all FAKE and or Inverted – the numbers out China&USA !

    Coot looks to places where they have experienced runaway INFLATION in the last several years – Venezuela..they peeps were hoarding coins months before the whole thing imploded –

    looks like the precious metal “stackers” are soonly going to get their long sought after exponential price increases – unfortunately it comes with severe economic consequences.

    “Run on for long time
    Run on for long time
    Sooner or later God’ll cut U down
    Sooner or later God’ll cut U down
    …workin in the dark against your fellow man
    But as sure as the Creators made black & white
    Whats Done the Dark Will Be Brought to LIGHT!” -Johnny Cash

  12. “We hate to mention it, but how long does the virus remain active on surfaces of goods ”

    I got a call a couple of weeks ago .. inquiring how we were doing and what my thoughts were…. they are very successful .. and has a lot of impute from varying sources.. anyway.. the conversation was about the cdc and a cruise liner.. the cruise liner was disinfected and sanitized from top to bottom and let sit for a month.. they went back in after a month and took samples to test..
    The results were that the samples all showed that the virus was not only still alive but very active on surfaces.. so.. the papers can say what they want.. if they say it is only active for ten minutes.. so what.. I for one will believe the information that I have heard…
    I Truly do understand the urgency to get the economy moving.. they went with option 2 for christs sake.. and the view from the top seeing the numbers shrink daily has got to be terrifying.. once worth a billion now worth half of that and falling like a rock off of the empire state building.. the panic from renters and banks wanting the money for the loans they have given the credit cards and the utility companies.. sheesh the list is long.. the lack of products to sell and the closing of businesses right and left.. the price of fuel dropping as well.. its down to a price I haven’t seen since the eighties.. how many hundreds of millions were the profits per day before..
    If its to soon.. the Katrina Moment.. its good that he shifted the blame to the governors of the states though.. that way he can use plausible denyability for opening them up to soon..
    Luckily I am at the bottom.. I don’t see the free fall that those on top do.. so it makes it easier.. I only have to be concerned over the ability to keep my budget in order.. which is a daily juggle anyway..

    • LOOTB

      “the conversation was about the cdc and a cruise liner.. the cruise liner was disinfected and sanitized from top to bottom and let sit for a month.. they went back in after a month and took samples to test..
      The results were that the samples all showed that the virus was not only still alive but very active on surfaces.. so.. the papers can say what they want.. if they say it is only active for ten minutes.. so what.. I for one will believe the information that I have heard…”

      Please don’t believe all the information that you hear. There is no shortage of bad information around right now.

      The fact is that a virus, unlike bacteria, cannot survive on a surface for very long. It is a parasitic creature and needs a host to survive. The longer it is away from a host, the less infective it is. That is why it is so dangerous when someone with the virus sneezes or coughs in your face. The inhaled viral load is strong and active and goes directly into your system. It attaches and begins reproducing to survive.

      If a surface has been thoroughly disinfected, there is really no way for the virus to survive as an active material. I suspect that the tests you mention might have been taken in an area that was re-infected from virus that had recently left a host. It is also possible that the viral RNA is present and detectible but infectious viral particles are not present.

      It is really important to try and sort through the good and bad science right now. It is a scary time and people shouldn’t misplace their concern.

      The odds of getting COVID-19 are many magnitudes greater from direct contact with an infected individual (host) than from a hard surface. That said, proper hand washing is always a good thing whether to remove viruses or harmful bacteria (that can live without a host as long as they have food).

      Hope this is helpful.

      • Thanks BIC… I truly do appreciate that information..
        I was having fears that maybe it was all riding on a spore and with so much going on and hearing so much.. I am doubting everything trying to be cautious..

      • BIC: TFO! (Time Out please). Your information was no doubt accurate, but your underlying assumption was incorrect. Back to square one. I’ll believe EVIDENCE any day over theories and opinions. The EVIDENCE suggested that after 27 days COVID-19 was still contagious. Which confirms data from dozens and dozens of sources: That it is a bioweapon, and not just a virus!

        Intelligence reports going back 10 years indicated a bioweapon was going to be released in 2020. 3 Years ago Dr Fauci said it was coming in 2020. Mr Gates said the same thing, with just a little too much enthusiasm and that wicked little Dr Strangelove giggle. Whistleblowers (4) leaked information in 2019 that a bioweapon attack was imminent. Field Reports from China in late Dec and early Jan showed the CCP reacting to a bioweapon with jackbooted containment measures. Publicly available information in early January described exactly how the bioweapon was released from Wuhan – and who was behind it. LoL, yes the information was quickly scrubbed.

        Early descriptions of the COVID-19 characteristics with two primary kill vectors (Flu vs bioweapon) emerged from the autopsy reports from dozens of hospitals, starting in Washington State. All of the autopsy descriptions described something that the doctors “had never seen before,” where the primary kill mechanism was cardiac arrest – after the patient’s capillaries exploded, leading to rapid organ failure followed by cardiac arrest.

        And on and on with the evidence! You have to be a media shill or big pharma minion to NOT see very clear evidence of a bioweapon payload carried by the Corona Virus. Likewise, that’s why the infection and death statistics are so confusing. Which appears to be a deliberate strategy to avoid highlighting the unique bioweapon characteristics.

        As previously described, the prevention and cure measures are readily available and quite inexpensive. But only if you are not a media shill or big pharma minion! I KNOW they work, as I described previously on this forum where I was the recipient of two separate bioweapon attacks about 29 years ago in Iraq. Vitamin C by IV was what kept me vertical and at room temperature.

    • “its good that he shifted the blame to the governors of the states though”

      He didn’t have a choice. Mr. Trump is not only the most-investigated politician in history, he’s the most closely-watched, because the Dems desperately need for him to screw up something — anything — to give them a chance in heII of a productive Election.

      Trump’s comment TOD that he ran the show because he was da Prez, is Constitutional overreach. He saved it by turning his “open for business” initiative into one of an advisory capacity rather than an imperial dictate. To paraphrase what I said a few weeks ago: “In a pandemic, the Governors of the several States have considerably more power than the President.” The President can give a date certain, before which the Governors can not act, but he can not give a date certain upon which they MUST act. That is, and has always been, the province of the Governors. ALSO, the Governors can not issue an imperial dictate regarding their State, because the final authority rests with the Health Department or Coroner’s Office of each County, within each State. i.e. Cuomo can open up New York, but the Kings, Richmond, and Queens County Coroner OR Health Department can keep residential NYC on lockdown, irrespective anything Cuomo OR de Blasio says…

    • 978 to go now george. If they want. 6 to 8 days in yellow. I’m back in love after that publicity disaster last June . Yep love George the only bloke who understood rayard kipling. If sits above me everyday.

  13. Looking out OTB,
    You said…”its good that he (Trump) shifted the blame to the governors of the states though.. that way he can use plausible denyability for opening them up to soon..”

    And this is the mark of a leader? President Blame Game needs to give us plausible solutions and action plans…not cowardice deflection. Another reason to hate this POTUS.

    • “And this is the mark of a leader? ”

      UNFORTUNATELY MARK……. Its the actions of someone that worships their bottom line more than they do the publics safety..Everyone here already knew that the way to go was large and in charge right out of the gate.. option 1… but I am sure there was the thought that the velocity of money would continue..
      If all of a sudden your seeing the bottom line dropping like a rock.. and the numbers that your cherishing are going smaller and smaller every day.. the whole company that took decades to build not turning a dime yet all the daily expenses keep moving forward millions of people all out of work with jobs ( we are a service oriented country) that will never see those jobs come back…. its totally a panic move and just like the child that took the cookie out of the cookie jar.. its my sisters fault.. by letting the governors assume that liability..
      I would have let it sit let the CDC and the WHO do thier job and get this thing under control leave it to the people that know.. go large option one allow only essential personell and do the script and rations..everyone retaines their jobs the interests and late fees all stuck right where it was when it all happened.. open the spigots of utilities..( those actions are written in the guidelines to by design.. ) then let the professionals do their jobs..
      When the USA shut down there were just a few people infected.. now its hovering close to seven digits..
      totaly a panic move.. get the velocity of money moving.. our country no longer builds we consume.. and as you see toilet paper move to the point of being more valueable to any other asset you have.. that has got to be a huge image buster for sure..
      If it can still be contained then things will work out.. but the gambling odds are that it will go like a californial forest fire..
      If it does.. then it will put our president in close proximity to NERO
      in the end it is all about the number at the bottom of the sheet sent out by the quote.. (“Motto: Everything is a Business Model!”)

      • Unfortunately.. the president isn’t a polished politician.. ( you don’t see any of the usual politicians on tv giving speeches now either no nasty nancy spouting insults lately.. its refreshingly quiet.. guess she is letting him hang himself with the virus) He is a businessman and as a businessman he is seeing his company go down the toilet.. the bigger you are the harder the fall is..
        I totally understand the panic to.. I remember the first time I was caught in the financial death spiral.. I was terrified… and it started over an electric bill and a thirty seven dollar coffee pot… when it ended it cost me just under five grand..
        Now I am not the brightest bulb in the pack but I am not the dimmest either.. and I was terrified to death..
        My guess is he has been in the death spiral before like many of us.. ( he has a few bankruptcies ) but he has been able to recover and rebuild and now see’s this as the ultimate and like the vast majority of us.. he’s to dam old to start over.. his kids its probably their first shot at the death spiral..
        so he is making the panic move to try and save what is left…

    • Give it a break, Mark! The states have not been equally hit with CV, so a one-size-fits-all plan for re-opening would be ridiculous. EACH state requires its own unique determination as to what will be the best way to return to normal. And any governor worth his/her salt (which excludes the MI governor) would be the best person to make that determination. A governor should know the needs of the state down to the county level or lower, whereas the feds rarely do and it would take them forever to assess such needs. You’d rant against Trump if he had done the opposite and had told the governors they had to follow federal guidelines only. You are the poster boy of TDS!

    • Mark,
      Have you considered that POTUS might have received some advice to step back from the closure issue because such orders are clearly unconstitutional. Any one with a modicum of common sense would stand aside and let the governors step in their own cow pies. Should be good spectator sport. Finally, please drop the hate thing. It’s like farting on an elevator.

    • Mark…With all your bitching and hatred why don’t you try to run the country if you think you can (even remotely) do better?

    • “T.P., Masks, or Money?”

      Is that the 2020 version of what we told people back in the day,

      “Ass, cash or grass”

      nobody rides for free?


      ShO Mii da monee!

      • Andy…. I am almost positive that one of those on the A,C,or G list can be gotten with a roll of charmin Ultra soft… LOL LOL LOL..

  14. There’s a link on the top of Drudge today that tells of a study linking vigorous regular cardiovascular exercise to fighting this Wuhan virus.So what do the Nazicrats do?They close the gyms.

    I just finished a 3 mile walk-no mask,of course-and I feel great at 70.

    Why should normal people be penalized for people who refused to quit smoking after the 1964 Surgeon General Report?

    • Tom,
      Why do you need a gym to work out? You can run or do in home, TV workouts. Did you know that jumping rope, planks, sit-ups and lunges for 30-45 minutes is all you need to remain in top physical condition. Add some weights and you have a total body workout.

      Gyms will need to be re-defined post pandemic. Most are a petri dish of germs anyway.

      • “Why do you need a gym to work out? You can run or do in home, TV workouts.”

        Did you know that you cannot donate a piece of gym equipment to any thrift shop…
        The reason..
        Everyone buys one with the thought of working out at home.. then they find out that hangers will hang on them and the piece of equipemtn ends up in a shed garage or with clothes hanging off of it..
        the same with a gym.. people buy a membership they go hard and strong for a few weeks.. then the vast majority drop away.. leaving the gym for those that truly want to work out..
        the fact that you are in poximity to another with similar goals sparks the competitive side of human nature.. and you stick with your exercise goals longer..and with better quality of equipment..
        I use to love going just to see the ladies and by working out try to look eighteen again..( not going to happen eat the damned cake and enjoy life).. they to compete.. by seeing who can wear the least or show off the most …

      • Oh I forgot.. they can’t sell them and the cost of disposal of gym equipment adds up.. that is why thrift shops don’t take them..

    • Q drop 3957

      When Does the Non-Disclosure Agreement Expire Regarding Drudge Report Sale to Foreign Entity?
      14 Apr 2020 – 2:36:22 PM
      When does NDA expire re: DrudgeR sale to foreign entity?
      Think 2020_P election +1.
      [removal [blackout] coming of pro_POTUS accounts]
      Win by any means necessary.
      All assets will be deployed this election.
      Sleepers [Pro] will shift position [Nay].
      [Paul Ryan_Fox]
      just a FYI about Drudge

  15. None dare call it stagflation!

    Is it a dirty word?

    We survived the ’70’s, and some will survive this decade. I can definitely see a surge in buying virtually anything available before prices go up due to little new product. Too much money chasing too few resources. We’ve heard it all before – we even had a swine flu, though not a honeybadger virus.

    We live in interesting times. The social distancing protocols will prolong this economic and social pain beyond anything most people can imagine. There’s some merit to just letting it rip, along with a real downside. I expect that the enforcement will get more draconian as the natives get more restless. I do wish it was otherwise. As long as the food stores stay full enough, the overseers can probably keep their jobs.

  16. There is no reason to hate our president, or anyone else. We are commanded to “love our neighbor as ourselves”, no matter how loathsome they may be.
    It’s a hard bridge to cross, but it starts by not bashing someone or blaspheming them with harsh words. It accomplishes nothing but stirring up anger and resentment. We already have enough of that.
    It’s easy to critique someone when we haven’t been in their shoes. I don’t trust anyone that is a billionaire and wants a crappy job of public servitude. Why would anyone want that unless it’s to enrich themselves. True service does not exist in our current government. Or in any of the current governments globally.
    Hopefully, this event, whether manufactured or natural; will result in some sort of positive change for the small folks like myself. But I wouldn’t count on it.
    Until the LORD comes and rules we will never be free from the avarice and hubris of men that weasel their way into our graces and use them to enrich themselves at our expense.
    Truthfully, GOD help us all as this unfolds.

  17. It is a damn fine day!!!!,@Markie hates, the still your President Trump, the best since JFK
    Mark loves the UN UNESCO WHO and 1 world government ran by Satanists
    The more he wines,,the more I WIN BIGGLY,,keep crying mark so I can do the happy dance,
    I get sad when Mark does not post , to let us know how much he hates
    but what do you expect from a guy that worships $$$$$$$$$atan
    The LOVE of money is the root of all evil
    Mark ,,,I remember you going to Central America and encouraging the migrant INVASION caravans,,acts of a traitor and a Romney supporter
    (Pierre Delecto: Mitt Romney’s secret online alter-ego for eight years)
    Thank You GOD for sending US President Trump!!!
    wait until he adjornes CONgress, and lookout. The new Marshall has guns and knows how to use them
    Mark,, this is a Storm that you and your idols can not stop, like a tidal wave,,it has already happened, just has not come ashore yet,,,oh look have far the ocean is receding,, I have never seen that before,, why are all the MAGA guys standing on the mountain tops?
    cause we been reading Q posts for 3 yrs now, they even have a link for CEOs resigning, big change in those who steer many corporations many pages,,rats leaving the ships
    I actually go outside and say out loud THANK YOU GOD , I never dreamed that I would witness this epic change in our world
    Nobody ever said taking down a 6,000 year old death cult that eats, rapes, and murders children would be easy.

    Oh well, back to work ,got to fix my wood chipper and go buy some pepper and tomato plants,, should be my best garden yet and better next year

  18. COINS…? spell it out for me please.

    More valuable because they won’t be re-printed like paper dollars will? Or because of the value of the metal (which is hardly worth anything)?

    I don’t quite get how they could increase in value while paper dollars go down.

    Can someone explain please.

    • Well ya see, Coins are a special number and only the special people have them. Gold has been of value since dawn of antiquity and both are measured In value by people off a base of paper that everyone collectively agrees is worth X amount of crap you can fit in a 8X4 storage unit.

      Think of it like this:

      In the casino of life, you have slot machines, table games and Bingo. Here on Urbansurvival we have like a bus load of people who are in a great debate about tickets, chips and vouchers to what is the better way to spend your life heart beats and breaths to accumulate. Some are licking the windows and atleast half are wearing helmets. There is alot of talk like ” slot machines are more fun! They have bonus rounds and stuff” , and another says, “I got six new dobbers! Even a purple one too with a gold wrapper. I won my grand baby’s a new stuffed squirl out of crane machine last week in the lobby” or, “I played craps, had a crown in the rocks and this hot little 28 year old blonde thinks I’m cute!” All of them read alot of books like, how to count cards and such.

      The reality is everyone no matter what they are playing is making their way slowly to the all ya can eat Buffett and the Buses last stop is Gamblers anonymous.

      That is how I figure it. It is fun to watch time to time though.

    • Yes -Both.

      Hard Assets – become more valuable as fiat currency becomes worth less and less and less.

      Printed Paper becomes…TP?

      US Coinage USED To contain – Silver, Nickel, Copper, Zinc.

      No more Silver!

      US coins – they are a “sandwich” of metals today – NO SILVER is contained in US coins anymore – they are Cupro/Nickel – with Pennies being Zinc with very thin copper cladding.

      No more solid copper Pennies, No More Silver in Coins . Wonder why that is….

    • Guy,
      Pre-1964 US minted coins contained 90% silver and are worth .715% of the face value in today’s market. Today’s market is going bye bye so who knows what they will be worth in the near future when fiat currency becomes valueless and nobody wants to take it for goods and services.
      At that point anyone with silver coins and not current US worthless coins; will have the supposed power to trade for wherewithal from any fine folks willing to accept them as a retainer of value.
      Keeping in mind that in and of itself, money is worth nothing. The only value or power of money is in consistent trade of goods and services. Bartering also works well if the terms are agreed upon and upheld by both parties. Unfortunately, the current members of our society do not hold integrity and accountability as a high value of worth.
      So if you can find any, try to acquire some “junk” silver. It’s called junk because it was thrown out by the US gubmint and replaced with junk. But silver is the poor mans gold. Not everybody has 2K for an ounce of gold but nearly everybody can afford an ounce of silver for less than $20. I say gold is 2K even though spot price on Kitco is under $1700 because nobody in their right mind will part with the physical gold for less than that amount.
      It’s almost too late to get real physical gold and silver. Soon it will be the haves and the have nots. Best of wishes to you.

    Total cases: 553 (12 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 44
    Honolulu County: 380
    Kaua’i County: 21
    Maui County: 102
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 6
    Required Hospitalization: 48
    Hawaii deaths: 9
    Released from Isolation: 390
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, April 17, 2020

  20. Daily aspirin to prevent heart disease may kill ( set up for unkimited cost dialysis in hidden centers) 5 percent plus and growing at every cardiologist recomended usage..

  21. Speaking of devalued currency… Has anybody else but me noticed that the ATMs, which used to be stocked only with 20s, are now stocked with 50s?

    I will grant you, I haven’t tried the pre-programmed $60 withdrawl option yet, nor do I use ATMs other than my banks’. So YMMV.

    I mean, in anticipation, I pulled a few zeros worth of FRNs out for supplemental household emergency cash before the NYS shutdown happened. I figured there was a chance that something might happen resembling the scene at the Bailey Savings & Loan on George Bailey’s wedding day (“It’s a Wonderful Life” (1946), for the benighted among us).

    Then the bank lobbies closed their doors, so it was off to the ATMs for the weekly spending currency while we can… and Lo, there were 50s. That’s one way of trying to make sure the machines don’t run out too soon. They hope.

    OTOH, Wegmans (see Wikipedia again) has had the 30-packs of TP in stock the last 3 times I’ve been there, so, some things seem to be loosening up, despite Emperor Andy extending our sentence by a month.

  22. Sorry Boss. I ain’t been around much. I was talking to mining guy I used to work with today and I mentioned I was having some feelers, he says, you went down to California and get your self one of them woman tackle box’s installed? I laughed and so no! I dont know what ya got on ya but dont come back with that sh!t!!! That is worse than the Corona virus.!!! You might need a box of tampons and a snapchat app.


    So. I’m sorry I’ve been in California for a while. I’m gonna be Andy again.

    See ya in the morning.

    • I just rubbed some dirt on it, got Kentucky fried chicken napkin and duck tape over it and I’m all better now.

      I catch all you princesses in the morning bout 4am. Someones gotta let rooster know it’s time to get busy.

      If we are men. We best start acting like it.

  23. A group of private bankers setting the price of money ( interest rates) has always been the mother of all price fixing schemes. We all learned that price fixing is a bad thing ….apparently UNLESS it is practiced on the most fundamental unit of economic activity aka the time value of money. The most complex and perfect hoax ever perpetrated.

    The FED is apparently buying equities. The disconnect between wall street and main street is becoming more dangerous every day.

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