New America? Check the Rearview

Wherein we “look ahead in the rearview” with a unique historical guidepost system most people don’t think about. Not saying that we are going back to the “past-Ure” but if you’re wondering what will need doing in the “Post-Tech world” business ideas abound.

Which will be grist for the brain after an assortment of headlines and our stunningly interesting ChartPack.

Stunningly?  Did the man say “Stunningly?”  Well, sure – but it’s no more over-hype than much of what the media is saying all-around.  Ad revenue is dying because the old America is passing from view.

Where we’re going?  I’m thinking 1948…

No Podcast Today.  Yes, Pod 18 is missing in actionSeems the studio PC has not been on the internet in a month or two and because of that (not being able to talk to some mother ship somewhere) the machine decided not to boot up today.

The case for Linux builds as survivable computing…

After pissing-away 2-hours (until 6:25 AM) getting Win-10 to work again, I stumbled upon one of those Big Cosmic Truths of Prepping:  Ask yourself (or Microsoft) is their OS will keep working for an indefinite period of time?

Adding insult to injury, when I got the PC working (barely) I discovered that I had to change my Microsoft account on that PC…  We may be only one driver update from calamity.

Which means when I got over to the office, I had to change that account to the new password.  And,  to top it off, I can’t use my old unhackable password (*15 characters of everything, upper, low, special chrs, numbers, and so on) because I had used it before.

Well, about here I was running out of time and brain cells so what we have is a delay of podcast 18 until next weekend…

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99 thoughts on “New America? Check the Rearview”

  1. Trump Presidential Rating Conclusion: Sorry Trumpites, with coronavirus, Trump has cemented his status as just another Swampite dressed as “Your Savior in The Shroud of Turin”. What has he done as President…NOTHING. Trump is just a Republican Obama with a legal birth certificate. This does not validate Mark’s Looney tune Trump comments which were made only because Hillary lost. If you didn’t vote for Trump or Hillary in 2016 & complain about Trump, you are a hyprocrite.

    You know I am right.

    • NC,
      I didn’t vote for Hillary. I am a Republican….but I wasted a vote and wrote in John Kasich. I have said that over 50 times on this site. That doesn’t make me a Hypocrite either. Both choices were absolutely awful. It was a lose lose election.

      That said…I am glad you are finally coming around. You have no idea how swampy really Trump is. He is the a living sequel of Tiger King…called Swamp King.

    • I agree, unless he does something amazing like after his re-election, should that come about, he could dissolve the fed and go back to the gold standard. But first we have to repatriate our gold that was stolen from the people.

      • Steve: My guess is that unless Trump gets a Republican House & Senate, he will do nothing in an additional 4 years. Even if he does get a Republican House & Senate, will he squander the opportunity like he did in his 1st 2 years? Don’t know, Trump is a loose cannon, but he is being led on a leash by someone, just like Obama was. I Don’t believe Trump is as independent as he makes himself out to be. His manipulation of the bankruptcy laws while a businessman made him a poor choice for individual investors. Year’s ago, I researched some of his stock offerings & ran away in the other direction.

    • George,
      You said…” Are there structural limits to our world where voluntary simplicity is rewarded and complexity is punished?”

      There are regional structural limits. In places like New York, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Boston and a sliver of Chicago and Dallas, there are no limits and complexity is a mantra that is rewarded daily.

      In rural and blue collar America, simplicity is a mantra, because there is no market or taste there for complexity. It’s supposed to be a balance, but a certain person has made it a political tool for division.

      On Babel…We are in the middle of a mini Babel redux…we HAVE been physically separated and divided during this pandemic. The thing is…technology can’t stop the virtual connection we have with one another. A client of mine at Google’s AI division said that this SIP has been a breakthrough beta test for massive real time virtual connections of real time video/voice Translations. This brings us even closer together into a one world culture and economy. While there are a few glitches to work out..the exponential increased use of video conferences has allowed them to “plug in” their technology to a greater audience to recognize dialectics, speech patterns and more to seamlessly conduct virtual conferences in real time regardless of language.

    • You are right. He seems to have squandered his first term shining himself on. I am greatly disappointed and he had me going for a minute.
      He is definitely being controlled by someone. He is a billionaire and that means he is subject to the money changers. Unless he doesn’t care about his fortune, which we all know better than that. I think we are basically cattle being herded to some end of some evil plan which just tightens down our enslavement.
      Blessings NC.

    • Maybe you should try running a foot race sometime as all the spectators along the course constantly rush out shoving and attempting to trip you up. Then you read in the race re-cap being reported that your performance was not as promised and even dismal. Trump has been experiencing such interference and well coordinated attacks since before his inauguration in ’16.

  2. “Hold on to a few close friends, family, and loved ones.”

    when I got sick….. It took me down hard.. worked day and night for most of my life. I worked hours that were unheard of all with a goal in mind. I worked jobs that many would shy away from. I worked jobs that The television show the dirtiest jobs in America wouldn’t touch. I worked so many part time and day labor jobs that I can not even tell you how many or where.. from a wide variety of area’s..
    What I didn’t see coming was the affects that it has on the human body..

    When I got sick.. ” Hold on to a few close friends, family, and loved ones.” was what I discovered to the the truth of life.. the gold the silver the number on a piece of paper that will and could be used for toilet paper.. the crap you buy because you think its important.. has no importance what so ever..
    in the end.. your crap is tossed or sold off for pennies on the dollar.. as in depressions and times of old.. we already know that gold or silver or platinum hold little value.. hell look at today and toilet paper sales compared to gold.. if you have a package of charmin.. and an ounce of gold what would go first..
    in the end we give all of what we hold dearest to whomever will take it to stay alive for a little bit longer.. the medical facilities and the lawyers take it all.. and we leave with a couple of assorted boxes of crap.. a few photo’s .. and the memories of what we stood for..
    I took care of a very very VERY influential woman once.. she tossed friendship to the skids.. it was MONEY.. got to have that MONEY.. and she didn’t care who she stepped get that number.. I took care of her for several years.. no visitors, No friends visiting.. she had a dog.. she was in horrible pain.. all the time.. she Left and went to her next adventure.. and like always I went to her funeral because she was one of those I took care of..
    Who was there.. a bouquet from the Dog on the casket.. Myself.. and the Priest.. One Nun.. no one at all.. it was as sad a funeral as the one where a sailor was buried at Sea.. the Numbers were gone.. divied up by lawyers.. she through her life away for a damned number.. that in the end didn’t get her a damned thing.. the people she knew only used her for her influence.. when the time came.. where she could have use a kind word.. it was over..

    • All through the Covid-19 situation.. countries have been doing this.. its nothing new.. is a new situation brewing.. possible but doubtful..
      but my guess is the reason for the movment by the larger countries is due to our weakened state and as a precaution in case someone else see’s our current weakened situation and decides to act on it..move military equipment and men as a strategic move for the possible event of someone acting on our weakened country..

    • Rocket Mike, if it was a deliberate bio-weapons attack, why was the outbreak also in Wuhan? The “accident thru carelessness” seems more plausible.

      • The propagation data favors a point breach of containment somewhere near the exit door of the Wuhan P4 lab. Accidental containment breach is by far the most plausible explanation for the initial incident.
        But what the CCP did afterward cannot be dismissed as accidental. The CCP took every step possible to ensure that the entire world was caught up in the Chinese engineered virus outbreak. Whether there was only academic intent or cold blooded military weaponizing of the virus makes little difference. It was the actions taken after the breach that constitute a war crime and genocide. That US money, technology, and WHO are all involved explains why no one has been held accountable. I’m looking for accountability from all, no excuses.

      • November 2019. I haven’t seen anything to indicate an earlier breach, at least not one which propagated.

      • I am totally with you Robert….. we study and develop these ultra scary things as a deterant.. I am totally on the it walked out on someones shoe or sleeve by mistake.. the fact that one of the top put out a warning for everyone that cost them their life is answer enough..
        Either way its out now we deal with it..

    • Carpet bombers have both significant advantages and serious limitations. One of said limitations being they’re slow and lumbering, which makes them great for target practice but lousy first-strike weapons.

  3. I have been having problems with Windows 10 upgrades intermittently. Despite one of my computers having had the full Pro OS upgrade, it periodically stops allowing upgrades, and acts like it the license isn’t in effect. It is the back-up computer, so it isn’t being run every week. I actually had to call in for MS support, and got a real live person on the phone, who did something on their end, and the computer started working again. It broke again, and by doggedly winding my way through online support menus over and over, I was able to get it to work again with the automated support.

    Keeping a functional Linux computer as a back-up looks to be necessity. Monopolies don’t last forever. I suspect that the MS founders have tired of their role as the front line PC OS monopoly, and are concentrating on being public asses, and back room smart asses.

    I will acknowledge that the current MS Windows 10, when accompanied by the same sort of software apps that I also can run on Debian Linux, is about as good as gets, when it isn’t being crippled by greedy bean counters trolling for victims.

    Summary- I like MS OS, but I try to maintain similar software on a Debian Linux machine, for the long run.

    • I’ve done a few rounds with Win 10 pro 64k and my best advice is make sure you have current restore points, burn a disc image and a recovery disc.
      It’s great when it works; sucks when it doesn’t. But if you’re prepared you can work around it.
      I also have a Microsoft Ads account running campaigns for my clients, and all the sudden MS decided to launch a 3rd party security app, so I had to get into the email address used for login to find and enter a code. Well, I had neglected to update the login email used on the account and no longer was a verizon subscriber, so I thought I couldn’t get into that email account. Called MS support and they verified that the “3rd party security” was a bug but were clueless how to work around it.
      Bottom line, I was locked out of the account for a week until I decided to try getting into the old account. Believe it or not, my password still worked (kudos to Verizon), I was able to view and enter the security code and first thing I did was change the email to my outlook box (which I should always have access to).
      Seems to me MS isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    • “The case for Linux builds as survivable computing…”

      I have been wondering how long George will put up with the Micro-Shaft stuff. When digital HDTV servers for commercial television operations began to show up at the station, the early ones were Microsquash O/S. They were buggy and unreliable for 24/7 TV operations. Then the better manufacturers went to custom Linux systems. These WORKED…. and kept on working, without the annoying and unpredictable crashes.

      • ” Then the better manufacturers went to custom Linux systems. These WORKED…. and kept on working”

        This was also the advantage of Apple computers. Jobs developed MAC-OS from UNIX, with a couple teaspoons of NeXT thrown in. It was UNIX-based until Microsoft bailed Apple out and began writing MAC-OSX and Apple proggies in the early 2000s. IIRC OSX is LINUX-based, still, I can’t help but think it ought to be as bloated and buggy as native M$ product. The fact it’s not means M$ programmers CAN write good code, they just choose not to…

  4. In the early days of digital video editing, I had an expensive and very comprehensive professional program demand an update — or it would NOT continue working.
    (I was a full-paid ligit official registered user-owner.)

    Bastards. Things were slower then, and it took quite a while,

    I lost a client.

    These things – software and computers –are NOT to be trusted!

  5. With all the war preps, like the million reserves called up, continuity in place, bombers coming home…

    George, what day is tomorrow? Time for another Sunday that will live in infamy?

    Remember it’s April 19 here while it’s April 20 in China. Both days are a problem with sickos.

  6. This latest big update on W10 is shoddy work at best from the MS crowd. I’ve had to revert my wife’s PC at work back to prior-update condition several times to the point I was wondering if we were going to get the OS back at all. Apparently there is a driver in there somewhere that goes sideways in the update. All that would happen is we’d get a black screen with the cursor in the middle of it and the hdd activity light occasionally flashing but nothing else. When we moved her desktop home it tried to update itself again (M$ is adamant that you HAVE to do the damned updates now days, no questions or objections allowed other than postponing it for a month) which landed us in the same situation once again. What got us over the hump, though, was going in and eliminating PXE boot on the NIC and only allowing booting from the hdd. After that it came up and has been working fine ever since. We’ll see what happens when it goes back to the office.

    I’ve viscerally HATED W8 and 10 since their debut which is why I’m clinging to W7 on this PC with everything I’ve got until it becomes totally unusable. To add insult to injury you can’t actually BUY Office-anything from M$ any more, or Adobe, or any other brand that I can think of. You RENT it from them. Yes, George – EVERYTHING is a business model designed to extract every danged digi-dollar out of you it can. I hate the thought of going Linux in any way whatsoever because there’s no way I can feel safe in any way with a wide-open OS like that. Not that W7 is any safer but I don’t think my anti-viral software supports Linux not to mention the fact that the wanna-be Open Office software even approaches the refinement of M$’s Office products like Word. I haven’t seen it for at least 10 years, though.

    • Open source software is continually vetted by the army of geeks around the world. If something’s really off, it’s far more likely to get caught than within a closed system like M$. The best thing about Linux is that it was never written as a bu$iness model.

      I generally use Win7 and bought another machine with Win8.1 already on it. That machine has not been on the net for several years and still works fine. I disable several services on all my machines to prevent M$ access and unwanted updates. Yes, I have firewalls in place and run occasional anti-malware software, but generally, I’ve not had problems with such things. Worn mechanicals, dirt and the evolving net-apps are the real problem. I do plan to move more of my daily ops to Linux – just to stay sharp.

      OpenOffice is no longer updated so it’s limited for modern use. The LibreOffice fork is up to date and I’ve found it to be as useful as Word, without all the stupid licensing issues. It’s also available for Linux. Now that the word “meeting” has become defacto Zoom, it’s nice to know that the Zoom app is available on Linux too.

      One of the biggest annoyances on any platform is that small, fast browsers that can handle a couple of hundred open tabs are becoming dated, and more and more websites refuse to function on them. I’ve yet to see a “modern” fast browser that can run in relative stealth – without sending your entire configuration to random websites. There has to be a better engine than blink, gecko and webkit. All modern browsers want to keep pages active even in the background. That should be a toggle function in the browser for each page. IMHO, javascript should never be used more than necessary – ideally not at all for a simple page. Yet another pet peeve is that many sites insist on having staged loading from multiple outside sites including Facebook, Google and Twitter, even though such things do nothing for the utility of the page. To avoid this is very tiresome using NoScript – enabling only one site at a time to gain functionality. The above named sites have no business being called from a page not hosted by them.

      • The main reason I’m not enthusiastic about Linux is one of the guys I worked with toward the end of my time in that field (MUCH younger than I) was totally in love with it to the point he was trying to convince everyone on the network to go over to it and use the Open Office program as a cost saving measure. He barely survived that suggestion with his life intact. He was always downloading and trying new software from the, I forget the main download site that vets the software titles back then, but if he crashed his laptop once he crashed it a dozen times while I was working with him and he still wanted everyone to go over to, I think it was Ubuntu if not any one of a half dozen other flavors of Linux.

        No thanks, give me something that works so I don’t have to resurrect it and find out some kid in his parents’ basement just downloaded my entire hdd and bank account information. I’d rather the entire World revert back to the 50s where we could get along without computers which is what several “seers” and remote views are saying lately. Chalk it up to me being an old Boomer but simplicity brings the bliss I crave.

      • As an addendum to my answer to you NM Mike – one program this guy DID get was a phone system program that really worked very well. So much so that I was very impressed with it and suggested it to others after I left that group. Can’t remember its name, sorry to say, but that was one program out of I don’t remember how many that actually worked in that Linux world and didn’t require constant diddling with to keep it alive or trying to eat other programs on the server for lunch.

        I realize M$’s days may be numbered but putting a network together that I could turn my back on and walk away from and pretty much know would be working when I came back to it vs. Novell that all the other people (college edumacated types) were touting back then made my life a lot easier than those that liked anything other than M$. It’s old history, I know, but I never understood the need to complicate one’s life because everyone else you craved respect from did it that way.

      • Bill, the thing to consider is: If your hardware and software do what you need done, there’s never a reason to jack with it. *NIX is many times more robust that Windows, many times less-likely to crash, lockup, or suffer incapacitating memory leaks, and thanks to the latest few generations of the kernel and GUI, is as nice (or nicer) to look at and easy to navigate as Windows.

        If you access the Internet through a gateway, router, or modem which features a firewall, you are already running LINUX. 100% of those devices run on a stripped-down LINUX OS. I was one of the alphatesters for that firewall.

        My suggestion: Grab a copy of Debian (at ) and give it a shot. You don’t even have to install. The “live” version (what it becomes when you install the download to a DVD or thumbdrive) will boot your computer into the OS and let you try it out. You can’t save data, but you can d/l and install Opera, Tor, or Chrome (if you like them better than Mozilla) and go surfing. Everything you can do in Windows, you can do in LINUX. Don’t let the names of programs or folders blow you away, or you’ll get discouraged before you have a chance to find out whether you, and it, are compatible.

        p.s. Screw the kid evangelical. 20 years ago, *NIX was for geeks. Not so much, any more…

      • Sounds like what I did with Ubuntu for a while until I didn’t need it any more. I booted from a CD, if I remember correctly, and did use it to rescue XP when it crashed for some reason several times since you could browse the hdd and add and remove files. I guess one of these days I’ll have to take a look at Debian but it’s kind of like my kids getting excited about the mix-and-match ARs when I treasure my Garand and long for a M1A. Tryin’ not to let the Old Man in … but he’s sneaky…

      • “Sounds like what I did with Ubuntu for a while”

        Ubuntu was my first jump from Red Hat. It was a revelation. Debian is as easy as Ubuntu but more-powerful, and you can get purpose-built distros.

        Example (for George):

        “it’s kind of like my kids getting excited about the mix-and-match ARs when I treasure my Garand”

        Ditto. Don’t really care about the M1A. I prefer the 30-06 over the .308 round unless I’m hunting pop bottles at 400yds…

    • I stopped playing the Microsoft game with Win7. I simply grew tired of being an unpaid Microsoft alphatester.

      With RE. Microsoft:

      Every DOS layer just worked. The trick was finding a way to balance available system memory, extended memory, and expanded memory, to get programs to run. Programs in Windows sometimes required extra space for TSRs, some DOS programs required a virtual RAMdisk or stub… Gee, I miss 16bit systems (not!)

      However, every Windows (I started with 1.0) had an issue:

      The Microsoft distribution worked as-advertised and was lean, fast, and efficient (considering the limitations of its release design.) Every update (patch) slugged the system. Nearly every upgrade slugged the system, too (the only one I can think of which didn’t was Win98SE, which was genuinely cleaner and faster than Win98.) With that said, I periodically reloaded Win3.11, Win98, and WinXP because Microsoft’s patches would eventually render the computer too slow to function. XP64 (it was actually stripped W2k3AS) and Win2KAS never required one. M$ was battling Apache for daemon (server) market and didn’t jack with their server platforms until they’d actually betatested the patches.

      Win7 just works. The couple hundred patches M$ has pushed into my computer have not killed the OS, and while their drag has slowed the machine noticeably (but not seriously), they have not killed it.

      Debian can be configured to look and act just like Windows. Unfortunately, it can not be configured to suck as hard…

      • I always got a chuckle out of microsoft.. they will bring out a new windows program that Microsoft products won’t work with LOL LOL…
        Microsoft drivers show uncompatible.. it use to drive me nuts.. spent a lot of money on one microsoft program that I still have in hopes they will put a fix in it so I can use the program again.. so far no luck.. but think it would be better to use the disks as drink coasters..

      • I went from W 3.x to XP and NT to Server 8, I think, when I was getting paid for it but realized the game that was being played when I went to get the “certifications”. Not one of the courses I went through were based on an ACTUAL live product. Every one of them were based on Betas so when you got to the real thing everything was a new game and the same went for the “how – to” books I relied on, too. People that were shelling out the big bucks for their education were getting just that – an education in getting played. I didn’t know whether to laugh or pity the guy that went end-to-end on the Novell certification course, made great scores and all, but when he went to set his network up the danged thing would never stay working from one day to the next. It’s enough to make you want to get back to Roll-a-dex and library card files. We all put in a lot more hours than we ever got paid for!

  7. Hey Mr Narrator – U havent seen a piece of the coots ass laying around anywhere out there in East Texas boonies have U?

    Seems the Market ripped a piece of coots’ ass off yesterday! The other side of Trading balance sheet more than covered – but the coot is lil butt hurt non the less. Did not stop coot from taking a another Short position in the ‘Spooz”for next week!

    One of my “etched in stone” hard and fast rules of investing&trading is; When underlying Asset has reached a 33% Change in Value – I MUST – Sell 30% of Position/at least – NO MATTA WHAT.
    This strategy keeps coot from violating T.Vays rule #3 of Trading:

    #3) Dont let Profitable Trade become a Losing Trade – EVER
    – Ure emotions will KILL Ure profit potential.

    Hardest part of the above is Selling % of Position for a Profit – and watching the “sold” position continue to appreciate. Hard discipline to master – but U soon learn U can Re-Enter position at higher Price to capture more anticipated Price appreciation – AFTER having Booked Ure profits. Same on the downside- watching % of Position Sold continue to Drop..wishing U had sold more, dammit!

    Futuring for the coot involves Re-Loading Ammo, Woodmizer Project and a Copper Cladding Business idea – Copper is VERY ANTI-VIRAL – future in there somewhere – as it has a LONG history of anti-viral Uses in Ancient times – today still cant find live Virus on copper handrails in grand central station/nyc – wonder why that is…?

    Got Copper?

  8. Ha! I am now a peoplenomics subscriber. Been a while. Spend Ure $20 wisely. You can get ureself 200 packages of roman noodles at the wall mart for Ure new found grasshopper friends when they arrive. Wax on, wax off. Aye digress.

    Speaking of casino’s,

    while U.S. weekly intermodal volume was 213,777 containers and trailers, down 20 percent compared to 2019.

    Member what I said, when I see 777 anywhere on a slot machine. Rail cars as slots? U betcha. Just like punches on a IBM mainframe program card. I cash out and walk away. Dats my clue I dont want to over stay my welcome. If I stay in the casino after i see that 777 number?? The great spirit of the Casino starts to think I’m funiture and takes all my winnings back. ***not trading advice. Ure free to loose all your money if you like. That is the beauty of mezmerizing greed and free will.

    Anyway. I’m off to get another gold fish for Cheeto my girlfriend. so she has someone to talk too.

    It’s a waylon Jennings kinda day. It seems the The devil went down to Georgia.

    Funny I have been matching occurence references in popular, known and unpopular and most unknown prophecies. Alot of it tracks back two or 3 know ancient sources. To see what I’m missing.

    Aiet Yo, Duces!

    • Oops Charlie Danniels. Went to Georgia. Waylon wrote the Dukes of Hazard Theme song.

      I got my Charlie and Waylon backwards. Huh. *shrugs.

      I guess it’s the Dukes hazard. good thing we got that one figured right. Lol

    • Maybe this is it instead of the Dukes song.

      This came on the radio. Lol

      It’s a little game I play when I turn on my tunes, to see if I can estimate the 7th song that comes on. Sometimes I get the artist’s right and not the song and some times I get the song but not the arist. Sometimes I get them both right. It’s like 45 min “feel” into the future test to hone my abilities. sometimes I’m wrong all together. Just a little game I play that keeps me ahead of things. I’m up to 7 out of 10 times I know what song is gonna play seven songs later. So most of the time if anyones gonna be mischevious I see it 45 min in advance and can step aside so I dont step in dog sh!t.

      I play little games like this all day. To test my abilities. strengthen them. 45 may not seem like much. But it can save your life. You can address the problem before you are in trouble. Just one of the little things I do.

  9. Always figured that I would go full circle and be making a living cooking again…..skill sets, always skill sets.

  10. Good work again as usual! A couple of things you brought up were very interesting, derivatives being the first I have been very keen on that black hole of money for a long time and it’s effect on global finance what I really found interesting was it’s dependence on that obsolete worthless stuff they call gold. 2) This rally in the markets, where is it coming from? China, they are borrowing money like it was going out of style from the IMF and WMF and buying US stocks like there is no tomorrow hoping to gain control of tec. that they want! 3) Liked the YP add for sharpening and such that brings us to todays trivia question how do you sharpen a file?

  11. As I told George 10 years ago, if your time is worth anything, Apple computers and phones are more than cost effective. And if you just gotta have that window$ program, you can run it in virtual box, a free product. You can migrate your entire windoze box onto a Mac and run it in a window concurrently with macOS. You can then back up your virtual machine, and when Microshaft makes your system go tits up, you can restore that previous OS at the push of a button in minutes.

    Using Apple products is just like expatriation. If you haven’t personally checked it out by vacationing in one of the top 5 locations for expatriation, what you think about expatriation (or Apple) is what someone wants you to think about it, and that person does not have your best interests at heart.

    I just upgraded my 8 year old Mac mini with the seventh new iteration of the operating system. I now refer most friends Mac and iPhone problems to my wife, and personally work with only the most tech phobic users with their problems.

    That’s how it looks from Ecuador, 11 years out, where during this shutdown we take daily walks along the river in our eternal summer weather. My wife just purchased our weeks food at an open market for $60. Took two of us to carry it home.

    • Apple Computers +1

      I had enough of M$ and crappy computers it can installed on ten years ago.

      My 2009 MacBook Pro is still humming away. I did upgrade the memory and install a 500gb SSD. She’s also had a new battery twice.

      I also have a Mac mini from 2011.

      And Best Buy had a pretty good sale a year ago so the pivot man in my lineup is a 2018 15″ MacBook Pro. She has two monitors and the native display going.

      Funny thing is I am a software engineer so for money I have to program on win 10 box.

      Mac is a Unix based OS. No virus software. And the hardware is a step above. Also, don’t get bent over the table every time a the new latest and greatest comes around.

      While they aren’t upgradable anymore I still give them a “Highly recommended”.

  12. Last week’s Podcast: I forgot to mention, Gaye Levy was a smash hit. I especially liked her insights on government pensioneers & Teachers.

  13. I just got one of those big wave of Dejavu damn put me on one knee, I got the thought, “why are you buying a gold fish when you know it’s the end of the world?!!! How come you dont tell everyone? You are acting like it’s not the end of the world!!!!”

    Well, that is above my pay grade. All these people are Gods children not mine. They wouldnt believe me anyway. plus I’m kinda into gold fish right now. I’m trying to learn the language of Goldfish. May come in handy in the next adventure.

    I’m kinda on a walk about. Checkin things out. And Get out of my head! Go bother someone else. These waves of Dejavu are kicking my ass. I’m way ready to be done with those.

    Have a good day.

    • P.S. The world has ended many times. Saving is not my job. I’m not that big of deal. Or I atleast try to remember that.

      4/19 is the day Einstein defected to the US back in 1943 if I remember right. 4/20 is Hitler and Bob Marleys birthday. Guess we should know which path Humanity choose to follow then. One love and 3 little birds or the 4th richt and fema ovens for evryone. that be the day I have peged as the point of no return.

      I prefer Bob and I and I. But it’s up to them. I’m going to get a gold fish. Lol

      • 4/20 – Its National Smoke a Doobie Day- Amen.

        Needs to get our priorities straight around here..

        Chillin like a Villain!

      • ED, hold my beer while I roll another doobie for my cataract.

        Wait is that the speck or plank? Nah man dats a lid! 3 fingers!


    • “Silly boy you got so much to live for
      So much to aim for, so much to try for

      You blowing it all with paranoia

      You’re so insecure you self-destroyer,”

      (It;s part of a very applicable song.)

      • As the Old Chinese Farmer said in the Zen Fable, “how do you know this is bad fortune?”

        Eye, just wanna be right size. I’m not on the path to self destruction. I do that time to time to because it’s good to wash the crud off. I’m on the path of God discovery.

        Just because its winter doesnt mean Spring ain’t around the corner. Is winter any more alive or dead than spring? Is winter anymore evil or good than spring? Is winter anymore True or False than Spring? Is winter anymore right or left than spring? Is winter anymore older or younger than Spring?

        Nope! Both seasons have all the dualities in them and yet are not bound by them. How much greater than the seas0ns are we that pass through all 4 of them many “times”?

        Man is a Phoenix, he sets his life on fire only to return from the ashes a new creation.

        Thanks for Ure words mr chicken and the heart beats and breathes you spent to give them. I will consider them at length today.

        Audios amigos.

      • Bo: The Kinks used the same music & tempo in their hit song “You really Got Me” in their Destroyer song.

  14. Virus death estimates now down to 60,000+. If the Treasury can deposit a check into your account the Treasury can take all the money from your account. It looks like the dispersal of the SBA PPP funds aren’t necessarily going to those who need it – good example Shake Shack and now Bank Officers can make claims ……… Where is the oversight ……..

  15. All this talk of “re-opening” the economy, yet a client has just received a $500,000 flooring contract for a pop-up hospital outside Nashville. Why are we building a 135,000 sq ft temporary hospital when we are “winning?”

    Because we aren’t winning.

    We are about to see a pivot: open the economy in exchange for letting the virus run its course. 2 million dead old, sick people in exchange for economic and social collapse that would kill 15 million. Whatever the numbers, that’s the argument. And it’s a good one.

    The pivot is coming.

    Remember you heard it here first.

    • I always got a chuckle out of microsoft.. they will bring out a new windows program that Microsoft products won’t work with LOL LOL…
      Microsoft drivers show uncompatible.. it use to drive me nuts.. spent a lot of money on one microsoft program that I still have in hopes they will put a fix in it so I can use the program again.. so far no luck.. but think it would be better to use the disks as drink coasters..

    • “We are about to see a pivot: open the economy in exchange for letting the virus run its course. 2 million dead old, sick people in exchange for economic and social collapse that would kill 15 million.”

      My Father use to have a saying… be careful what you wish for…..

      I think Opening the economy back up is STUPID at this point.. but hey.. it is what it is.. I understand why though to.. Our administration are businessmen.. they worked hard to build a corporation that earns them lots of money..
      the money dried up.. the airports.. where they handle hundreds of cars is only handling fifty..airplane rides non existant.. resorts stand empty.. shopping malls little traffic.. we buy.. and we sell.. if you close the place up.. you still have to maintain it.. if you keep it open you need the money movement to justify the expenses.. if the movement isn’t there your paying good money for nothing.. millions of workers out of a job.. the odds of these jobs coming back in one rush little to non existant.. a billionaire now worth what half of what it was.. and dropping..
      I went to an amusment park once and was floating around the lazy river when I seen the maintenance worker all upset.. we got talking and he said.. I absolutely hate that ride.. what ride he pointed to the big roller coaster.. seems the cars would jump track on one of the hills and the cars would be pointing down. his job was to crawl up and release the safety break off.. they carted a couple people that day by ambulance.. that is where we are.. we are at the top of the hill and looking straight down.. the cart has jumped the track.. for those on top the view has to be a terrifying experience.. its rare that they get to see what the guy at the bottom see regularly.. the people at the bottom are seeing the opposite.. the view going up is stalled and everyone if freaking out about how they will survive this economic turmoil..
      So yes I get it.. but by getting the economy back in swing we are looking at the opposite.. the what if.. what if the virus takes off like a wildfire.. we cannot deal with the sick now.. can you imagine it ten times worse a hundred times worse.. so like my father said.. be careful what you wish for.. you might just get it..
      Let the WHO and the CDC do their jobs.. put out the fires.. at this point I don’t know if going large and in charge would do it.. my guess is it would bring out nasty nancy and the rest to complain about that action sort of like securing the borders from illegals.. LOL

  16. I figure all OS backdoors must be upgraded too. The latest must be of the revolving mode. Hold onto your hats. Ai will modify our custom tailored news and mess with our personal reality. After all it’s goal is to interface with the human “algorithym”and constantly modify.
    I just have to remember to take a deep breath at stop signs.
    Do you see what I see? Or is it monkey see-monkey do?
    Ah, “livin’ in the land of virtual reality”! So much for Mike Pompeo’s “live exercise”. So much for 3 second delays. And the WHO is being played here…?

    • “I figure all OS backdoors must be upgraded too.”

      Naw, they just install or hardcode it in the BIOS chip as a “hidden feature.” That way, OS is irrelevant, and no virus software can find it without a continuous port monitor. This is why Huawei is such a bad idea for the security-conscious (not that there are any good choices, any more…)

  17. I couldn’t avoid going to Wally World this morning, for the first time in more than a month. I broke out a P100 mask for the occasion. Both doors were open, and they had a guy with a tablet counting people coming and going for floor balance.

    I would say 50 – 75% of employees and patrons had on some sort of mask. I noticed the bandits with improvised cloth masks jaws dropping under their mask when they saw me with the upscale primo 3m filter media. I was lucky I didn’t get mugged in the fresh produce area. Prepping has gone lower mainstream.

    I bought a package of TP. Whoo-hooh, let the good times roll.

    • Hahahaha! It’s my youngest daughters birthday soon. I got her a card and I put some folded TP on the card and said, “future down payment on a house.”

      • OTFLMAO….. LOL …. I love the way you think Andy… LOL LOL LOL LOL…

        I had given some thought to taking some gold leaf I have and putting a small band around the edge of a tp square.. or making some tp with gold leaf in it as a joke.. LOL LOL LOL LOL..
        I did one once where I cut just a sliver off of a hundred dollar bill so the hundred showed then taped it in the card so that showed out the edge.. and said that was what I had left after paying for the cake.. LOL LOL LOL LOL….

      • your a ladys man andy.. you should just carry a package of Charmin ultra soft around just to see how many gorgeous young ladies want to snuggle up with you.. of course.. they would only be after the charmin LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL….

        that song reminds me of my father.. I remember the year he worked like a fiend digging in a septic system so he could have a indoor toilet.. everyone razzed him at the old gas station coffee hour.. because only rich folks had indoor toilets…. LOL LOL LOL LOL… how water my mom heated water on the wood stove and we had a bath tub that hung on the outside of the house..

  18. Run the numbers in your state and county on how many people die every year on a normal year, then look at the covid 19 numbers,????

  19. The “CRY” has gone out…did U hear it? No ?

    Surely U have felt it..
    Rutrow G,

    B52’s Elephant Walk on Guam two/three days ago – look it up – today those same B52’s are at Minot AFB in ND. whatwhat?

    Now why oh why would U remove Ure heavy bombers from a forward operating base?..maybe because they B vulnerable to quick strike/first attack ala medium range missiles from…xi I dont know?

    Like Nellie said..Its gettin hot in here..

  20. Speaking of monkeys and candy as I am on my cell phone eating some “Good and Pleanty”. I best git for a while. I may have a job in Miami for me soon. I wonder if I will make it around the globe a full trip by 2022. That is the plan. Back home to grabbing gears and chewing up Rock on my jungest sweet 16. Until we meet again my fellow Americans and that Ecuador refugee, I best let go of that piece and take my hand out of the Vase, lest get bopped in the head by the hunters and shipped off to a zoo or worse some teriyaki place in Hong Kong with the doggies and cats.

    Catch ya on the flip side.

    Infinitely NOW!


    • Oh and incase ya didnt quitr hear the song or “tone” running in the background the theme song for the first half of 2020 is Gimme Shelter by the Rolling stones.


      And dont forget, I can hit a bottle cap with a Springfield Armory Tactical at a hundred with out using my sites. I ran 5000 rounds through mine. Only had one jakes which was made on my dillan RL550C. Why Springfield and not glock??? Ohh about 80 years of military and live war testing. It is the longest running battle found pistol of the Military and well. “Nothing says I love you like a .45”

      Time to read and not have an opinI0n.

    Total cases: 574 (21 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 61
    Honolulu County: 382
    Kaua’i County: 21
    Maui County: 104
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 6
    Required Hospitalization: 51
    Hawaii deaths: 9
    Released from Isolation: 410
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, April 18, 2020

    Apparently we are not doing such a good job of ‘social distancing’ on this Big Island of Hawaii County.

  22. “motor vehicles and parts, down 15,521 carloads, to 2,185”

    Impressive… If my math is right that’s an 87.7% drop off!

    “With that as (twisted) foreplay, let’s see how the attempt to slaughter the bears went, mindful that part of the run on Wall St. MAY have been helped along by one of the big meat packers of beef shutting down operations this week…”

    Yeah, kinda sux when our beef, pork, and poultry processors are damn’ near all foreign-owned, both Smithfield (Chinese) and Swift’s Premium (Brazilian) have had a multitude of issues, and JBF (Swift’s parent) is literally run by gangsters (not that Smithfield isn’t. The ChiCom government ain’t exactly schoolgirls…)

  23. George,

    If you don not already own a copy, I would suggest getting the latest edition of “Machinery’s Handbook”. If you plan to do any metal working in the post-collapse world, this book can prove very valuable.

    Having worked in industry for some 35 years before returning to the farm, I have done everything from design engineering to supervision of plant maintenance. Another great source for reference material (if you can get it) are industrial catalogues. I still have several old Dodge gear or Reliance electric & drive references that are more than applicable today. Electrical & electronics catalogues/manuals are also useful. In short, anything that you can get in print that covers things that were made is of value.

    I may have been an Engineer by education, but I took my lessons of growing up on the farm to heart. You had better know how to fix anything yourself. That means welding (all types), machining, sheet metal working, etc. Know how to re-purpose items to some other use. And by all means, if the budget allows; when you fix something, always buy an extra spare part or two for the same repair. The lesson was that the dealer is always closed when the equipment breaks down.

    I have a list of other reference books that I am still out to procure ASAP. Hopefully, I will get them before everything goes to “Hell in an Hand basket”.

  24. Look, if you put your head to the train track you can hear if the train is coming. The sound on the track is “Gimme shelter”. Vaccine it’s just a shot away. Love sister? Its just a kiss away. Hitler or Marley, speck or plank, cataracts and doobies.

    Why do Arabs wear Veils? Everyone on the planet is following Sheit law right now.

    Paranoid? War pigs, black sabbath? Nah I’m way ahead of the game. You pick up what I’m putting down?? Ok good. See ya.

  25. Look by midnight tomorrow night every single person on this planet will have cast there vote. Wether they think so or not. Marley or Hitler, Gia or Material stuff, love or death, spirituality or materialism etc. Etc.

    Like WH said. Now is really good gine to pray.

    What will humanity choose??? I dont know. That is above my pay grade. I do have hope. I’m praying alot. I will be back in 4 months ish.

  26. Dear Global Citizen,

    Welcome to their “One World: Together at Home”. It’s flooding through on all the msm networks; a viral stream blinding to the mind. Thank you U.N., thank you Mr. Xi for pictures from the motherland, thank you Nancy, thank you Bill and Melinda. Alfalfa says “hi” to Lucifer V.

    Jimmy, Stephen, Jimmy – WHO are you?

    Mr. Ure, it’s been an interesting revisit to your 8/2/19 vivid dream account. Seems they got within 2 days of being able to call the outbreak over. Paging Mr. King to Script Triage, Paging Mr. King to Script Triage…

  27. ” they will bring out a new windows program that Microsoft products won’t work with”

    LOOB, that is by design. It is the primo example of “planned obsolescence” in the computer world.

    Understand, from the 1980s to mid ’90s Apple was a major player, as were x86 (Microsoft) computers running LINUX (principally Red Hat at that time.) Bill Gates was neither a programming genius nor a computer genius (although he’s pretty damn’ good at both.) He is a marketing genius. In 1996, Win95 replaced Windows 3.1 as the “most pirated software in the world.” Microsoft allowed Win3, Win95, and Win98 to be pirated by anyone who wanted to steal it.

    This was by design.

    I paid $6 for a “$395” copy of Win95 or 98 (Dell, Gateway, Micron, Compaq, and the other major builders paid, I believe $3.40) but $17 for a “$649” copy of Office or $7 for Works (Office Lite.)

    Microsoft built Office/Word to be so convenient that it would replace Wordstar and Wordperfect in business and legal offices. Once they secured these markets, they “adjusted” (principally Word) to be not-backwards-compatible with documents produced by older versions of the software, thus requiring everybody to buy the “new, upgraded version.” Beginning with WindowsXP and Office2003, Microsoft’s flagship products became much, much harder to steal.


    I stopped building computers in 2003, but Office2000 was the last version of Microsoft Office I ever foist on my customers, because there was no excuse for the “incompatibility trick.” That was just a dirty, money grab, and I refused to screw my customers by forcing them into it.

    “Wintel” (Windows computers running Intel chipset architecture) boxes surpassed 95% of the entire PC market in the late ’90s, destroying Apple to the point Microsoft had to “rescue and save it” to avoid antitrust issues.

    This is why Apple computers are Intel chipset-based, CISC architecture now, instead of the Motorola 68*-based RISC architecture, why MAC operating systems are now LINUX-based instead of UNIX-based, and why they’re written by Microsoft instead of “in-house” by Apple.

  28. @Ray, et al “macOS-from-Linux“ peeps: I’ve been a Linux user since I bought my first copy of “Red Hat 8“(RHT, not RHEL) in a box off-the-shelf at a CompUSA store back ’round 2003’ish. A frustrated WinTel user as soon as Win95 started replacing Win3.11 Workgroups in 1994’ish. And, finally, I cut my teeth on TRS-80(I & III)’s and Apple ][+ & //e(rev.B w/ 128k upgrade card)’s in 1980’ish. Some time off for recreational mind-expanding drug use, music appreciation and other general character-building activities which—without the Internet, were not as interesting to do with computers in the late 80’s, early 90’s.

    All of which is to, hopefully, give some street-cred to my correction for all on the board here about the true origins of “macOS X“.

    “macOS X“ is actually based on “BSDFreeBSD“(which is _not_Linux
    Darwin, the system on which Apple’s Mac OS X is built, is a derivative of 4.4BSD-Lite2 and FreeBSD, [ which are _not_Linux ] and notes that 4.4BSD is the last release that Berkeley was involved with.



    The heritage of what would become macOS had originated at NeXT, a company founded by Steve Jobs following his departure from Apple in 1985. There, the Unix-like NeXTSTEP operating system was developed, and then launched in 1989. The kernel of NeXTSTEP is based upon the Mach kernel, which was originally developed at Carnegie Mellon University, with additional kernel layers and low-level user space code derived from parts of BSD. Its graphical user interface was built on top of an object-oriented GUI toolkit using the Objective-C programming language.

    Throughout the early 1990s, Apple had tried to create a “next-generation” OS to succeed its classic Mac OS through the Taligent, Copland and Gershwin projects, but all of them were eventually abandoned.[17] This led Apple to purchase NeXT in 1996, allowing NeXTSTEP, then called OPENSTEP, to serve as the basis for Apple’s next generation operating system.[18] This purchase also led to Steve Jobs returning to Apple as an interim, and then the permanent CEO, shepherding the transformation of the programmer-friendly OPENSTEP into a system that would be adopted by Apple’s primary market of home users and creative professionals. The project was first code named “Rhapsody” and then officially named Mac OS X.[19][20]

    Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard is an Open Brand UNIX 03 registered product on the Intel platform. It was also the first BSD-based OS to receive UNIX 03 certification.[13][201]



    P.S. I might add that most of the problems with early versions of Linux were due to patent-encumbered hardware and driver API’s which had to be reverse engineered by under-payed and underappreciated volunteers or the lucky few on corporate payrolls. Linux, itself(the kernel), has _always_ been more secure, reliable and cost-effective(i.e. Good+Fast+Cheap) than Windows as evidenced by the mind-boggling _uptimes_ that Linux severs(you know … the ones that the entire Internet ran on for most of its early and continuing years!) would achieve, some counting their times between reboots in _years_!

    Windows has never been _better_ than Linux in any 1-to-1 comparison, just more popular. Kind of like comparing station wagons or minivans to Hummer’s or other troop-type carrier vehicles. That’s to say: Linux has always been and likely always will be a better performant, versatile and resilient operating system in comparison to Windows.

    So Chris, … what the heck makes all of that possible and true?

    Thanks for asking and the answer is: the FL/OSS Free(to examine) Liberty(respecting) / Open Source Software development model.

    Anyone who thinks that buying a car with the hood welded shut and only manufacturer-allowed repair access(i.e. Windows et al Microsoft proprietary software) is *safer* than using an FL/OSS alternative(which can be and is constantly being examined by peers and anyone who cares to look) is so unaware of what they are unaware of, that truly: Ignorance is Bliss!

    Thanks for reading and I leave you with these two humor-laced old say’n’s ’round the Geek caves:

    1. “Sell services, don’t lease secrets”

    2. “The box said: Requires Windows 95 or better, so I installed Linux”


      • That, Sir … was an excellent series and I relished each new episode with great anticipation.

        We are seeing our protagonist(s) further their acting careers, too!

    • “I cut my teeth on TRS-80”

      I cut mine on an IBM 370/60, then a DEC-10.

      ‘Was utterly thrilled when I discovered the TRS-80’s OS would accept my “IBM Extended Basic” straight-up.

      “most of the problems with early versions of Linux were due to patent-encumbered hardware and driver API’s”

      I also don’t miss the days of searching for hours or days, to locate a driver for a certain card, to make it play in a given computer’s back yard. The worst I can recall was a customer who insisted on a specific sound card. It took me 23 hours of dedicated search time to locate drivers for DOS and LINUX, to make that card function properly. I could’ve written one faster, ‘cept I also couldn’t find the tech specs on the card…

      “…is so unaware of what they are unaware of, that truly: Ignorance is Bliss!”

      Be nice. Most ppl born after 1990 don’t even realize there’s an alternative to Winblows. They hop on the “hype train” with all their buds, ’cause everybody’s doing it, and have no idea where it’s going
      (nor, that Apple ever built anything besides a cellphone…)

      Welcome aboard, sailor…

      • Hi Ray. Was hoping you would bite!

        Wow! What I would give to play with a 370/60 or DEC in the wild! I’m sure there are decent emulators around, but we both know … t’aint nothing like the real thing.

        I don’t miss the old “ISA“ slots w/ their IRQ+port assignments, manually. PnP … not!

        Wasn’t meaning to be snarky. I just cringe when anybody makes the argument that Windows is safer/better/etc. than those open/exposed *nix type systems. *sigh*

        BTW: I was using those TRaSh-80’s in the broom closet at my 5th grade school while all the other kiddos went out to the playground. It was an either/or back then. I couldn’t believe that I could save my progs on a cassette tape.

        The school got the ][+’s the next year and I was “peek“’n and “poke“’n registers in no time. The beauty of an OS in ROM chips!

        I couldn’t wait to get next month’s magazines with progs I could type in and all. 5 1/4″ floppies were so fun to hole-punch on the opposite side in order to get double-sided use!

        Thanks for the greeting!

      • Ugh. Data entry was via IBM 80 column punch cards — one line or data entry per card. We would submit a program, the BOFH (always a grad student) would card-read and run it, then return the card deck with a printout made on a 17″ tractor-feed dot matrix printer, when (s)he got around to it — usually the next day. If the proggie had an error of any kind, it crapped, and you had to sort through the printout to find & fix it. An elaborate program (especially in Assembler) would run to thousands of punch cards. Six errors, and you’d not be able to fix them on a 24hr turnaround and submit the program without getting grade-docked for a late submission. “Computer Programming” was a Life Curriculum, because it cured procrastination, taught precision, and conveyed the fact that a well-placed bribe could eliminate a bureaucratic bottleneck with amazing efficiency…

        I learned both Fortran and Assembler in this manner.

        When I took Basic, I was in a class of 11 (you had to have nine, or Universities wouldn’t allow the class.) Not much interest, because in the late 1960s and the 1970s until someone wrote a translator for (I think) the Altair, Basic was considered a “dead language” which no one would ever use. Basic was actually wonderful, because I got to use a terminal. The terminal was an IBM Selectric-III with a 75baud modem, which sounds terrifyingly slow, until you consider the BOFH and 24hour turnarounds. The terminal allowed me to “fix” proggies much more quickly, and Extended Basic was not that much different from Fortran, at which I was competent.

        When the DEC arrived, it had 40k on top and a direct-entry keyboard, both of which were revolutionary at the time.

        The Model-1 was the first computer I ever saw in real life, which had a terminal screen. I never owned one. Two brothers did…

      • Aye Ray, Ure older than Dirt. I was just talking about the Altar, the other day. Right before I found my “bridge” picture by the dumpster. I am not that old. I learned that from my late professor who said he he used to get messages from those little round bubble blip screens, kinda like “Morris code”. If ya meditate alot and you watch the back of a big stack switch you can see the rythem of communication. It’s like an Old school equalizer. blip blip blip!

        I’m not as old as you. Lol. I do remember sitting on an old NavMax satelite communication system green screen with big chunky buttons and I totally remember OSC print balls.


        Back to my book, you have mail George. I’m down to 680 words a day. Trying to make my words count. A little less blah blah blah and a lot more huh interesting. The world around you is always communicating in many shapes and forms, I need only listen. Remember when I was talking about the Hex (like) based sytem of license plates? The politics of Candian Snow geese? Some people think I’m crazy. If they or when they listen??? They discover what I’m discovering. like my friend the TM who exclaimed from my the back porch of where I was staying, WOW! Those Snow Geese are very political in their structure. most people think they are just dumb birds that lay eggs, poop, make honk noises and fly. As a wise friend told me once.

        “A bird has to land to know it flys.” Dionysius. to wit I replied, “Aye, Holy Diver. Aye.”

        He sat there for a while, the it hit him, and laughed historically as Dio song came on the radio.

        Tequila is the song of the day.

        Not many know this, But Mr Rogers was a highly decorated sharpshooter in Vietnam. And yet, he never forgot about “the land of make believe.”

        Pair of Aces???

        Double down!

      • There’s a hundred people who read George’s sites who have better, more-interesting stories than I…

        like our host, for one.

        Free your mind, and consider the political crap just a distraction from what this site is really about, which is “economics,” “finance,” “HAM radio,” “survival in a turbulent world,” and “whatever interests George,” who’s a guy with an incredible number of interesting interests.

      • 0:

        You are in an interesting position.

        I hear the kiddies tell me “The wild animals are coming back. I see birds everywhere, and squirrels, and deer, and…”

        I tell them: “The animals are not ‘coming back.’ They were always there. You just didn’t notice.”

        It is good to notice the geese…

      • “Where were you”

        …Being a single Dad with two small children to raise, and trying to hustle enough o’ dem personal confuser thingies to keep food and a roof.

      • Ray,

        “For those to whom in their spiritual evolution these apparitions arise I would say: try to become the master of your vision, and seek for and evoke the greatest of earth memories, not those things which only satisfy curiosity, but those which uplift and inspire, and give us a vision of our own greatness; and the noblest of all Earth’s memories is the august ritual of the ancient mysteries, where the mortal, amid scenes of unimaginable grandeur, was disrobed of his mortality and made of the company of the gods.” An excerpt from a book by Author AE, and an old Irishman and his journey’s in meditation and “Lucid Dreaming” long before such terms were know.

        Long long before these every day ordinary things,

        He talks about color moving pictures, men with dog collars made of wool and fabrics, flying on birds and riding in wagons with no horses that seemed to be powered by harnessing lighting from the sky. The church had committed him for demon possession, they tried to exercise him twice. They committed him to the sanitation and called him a fool of fancy and day dream.

        On the topic of accessibility to earths memories. For she remembers all the civilizations of a thousand Aeons that now coat your feet with dust.

        This much much more important than how cool, I think I am. Haha

        I love love love old books like this. There is a fine line between the lunatic and the Shaman Visionary. That is why I love the Lunatics wether they are rambling on about Dark Knight Satilte or the land of Ur which incidentally existed pre-Atlantis by an Aeon or two. Maybe George is a descendant of theirs. I forgot to mention that back in 2011. Lol.

        Funny I was born in August.


    • Have you tried Debian?

      I’m asking to find out if you have experience with both.

      My first Red Hat was Picasso (BTW also bought off the shelf — big red box with black print IIRC), my last was Hedwig, then I beta’d Fedora Core 3 for a few weeks. I remember I didn’t care for Fedora, but can’t remember why. After that I went to Ubuntu, thence to Debian…

      “give some street-cred to my correction for all on the board here about the true origins of “macOS X“. ”

      Not necessary. A lot of us are nerds too. However, not everybody is nerdy in all aspects of life, and for those, simplification is better than accuracy, ‘cuz they really don’t care…

      • Yes! I really just dabbled with Debian on and off since Ubuntu was just easier and seemed to automate some of the more pedantic quirks before the “Debian Installer“ went mainstream.

        My journey(disto-hopping):

        1. Red Hat(8 & 9)
        2. Fedora Core(1 thru 3 or 4)
        3. Slackware(10 or 11)
        4. CRUX/Gentoo/Arch/Lunar(till I couldn’t stand pkgbuilds, use-flags, makefiles, etc anymore)
        5. Slackware(12 & 13)
        6. Ubuntu(12.04 thru 19.04)
        7. Fedora Workstation(30 to present(31))

        My reasons for leaving Ubuntu(Debian) can be examined, in explicit detail, here:

        Fedora does the-right-thing with regards to those defaults and has really progressed to a clean, efficient and up-to-date system.

        My post-install script as an example of DNF(YUM) vs APT(APT-GET):

        Nerd-On, Engage!

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