CV19: What are We Packing For? A Math Lesson

It’s never hard to pack for a trip – just so long as you know  where you will eventually end up.  Then, it’s easy to see – amongst all your present gear – what will work when you get to the new destination.

You don’t pack too many sweaters for a trip to the Sahara.  And not too many short-sleeve golf shirts for a trip to Ice Station Zebra.  (With fond memories of other Clive Cussler and Alister MacLean  adventure novels.  Go ahead – toss in  Where Eagles Dare with Mary Ure, while Ure at it…Who, by the way, looks like Elaine in just a certain light…)

The effects of CV-19 are, I regret to inform, are only now just warming up.  Word that Spain may begin using firefighting air tankers to drop disinfectant on  major cities brings us around to the notion that while social distancing helps, it may not be the entire – nor sufficient – answer.

So what are we “packing for?”

While there are some indications that the spread in China is picking back up a bit, the chances of this being a bioweapon – not a naturally occurring virus – seem to have been increased.  The recent report in Air Force Times that the U.S. was bringing B-52 heavy bombers back from station at Guam is troublesome, to say the least.

Withdrawal of major warfighting assets from inside intermediate-range missile range from the PRC is not a good thing.  At some point, you read the happy talk and ask yourself “Is there a credible series of SERIAL COINCIDENCES that would put us on this path?”

How Ure Shaves the Odds

Admittedly, this gets into math-like thinking, but let’s give it a go:  If you have, say, half a dozen “close calls”, what are the underlying real odds and all coincidences?

Well, the first “odds” might be “Is this natural or man-made?”  The real evidence is above our paygrades.  But, let’s call it 51-49% odds in favor of it being natural.

But then, was China’s not bothering to sounding the (f%^&*ing) alarm, an honest mistake, or malicious intent?  Again, we are forced accede  to 51-49% outcome based on governments not being particularly well-run at all levels, at the same time.

But then, what about the advice early-on given to the president?  Was some of it sugar-coated?  Was some of it maliciously placed by operatives of a foreign power, or loyalists of the (take Ure pick:) Deep State, former Obamanista lefties, or just power-crazed people who were more interested in the politics than the science?

And then is the obvious bias of the Left-Wing media, not also another “accident or intent” call?  Again, we’ll generously use 51-49 that it is not, but again, it’s sketchy.

Then what about collusion between left-leaning (orchestrated) governors who operate their states as much to bash a president and his effort to enforce federal laws (like secure borders), because of the easy convergence of anti-American forces surrounding them.  They continue to press for Equal Rights for Non-Americans. Voting your tax dollars to support people who don’t pay taxes here…this is crazy, is it not?

Are these people evil and operating with intent?  Why, of course not..or so we’re reassured by the sycophant  press, .but in deference to facts and not hype, we’ll keep our judgment call close – at 51%.

And then to withdraw B-52s from  Guam…surely another “close call” because we don’t know what is going on in background.  Close is 51% to 49% because while we can’t state anyone’s intentions, what we can do is place their actions in a mathematical context.  Study up on “accident chains” and realize we’re in one!  Wuhan is an accident chain with new “facts” parsed out daily!

And is not Spain resorting to widespread city-spraying evidence of a bioweapon being in use globally?  No, of course not…but by the thinnest of margins – 51% vs. 49%.

Now the Big Math Lesson

Let’s line up the odds of getting here:

This being a natural virus:  0.51 – or 51%  We believe, but it was close.

China’s reporting delay being unintentional?  0.51 or 51%.  But now, notice how the pathing to present-day begins to shade.  Because 51% of 51% is?  26.01 percent.  In other words, only a 1-in-4 chance – roughly – that it was accident.

Next we ask was medical advice given Trump all straight and legit?  Again, 51% yes because to think otherwise would be paranoid, delusional, and so on.  But 51% or 26.01% brings the odds down to 13.27%.  In round thinking, this is about one in 8 that events are accidental and natural…beginning to get interesting, but not conclusive.

And the perfectly-timed media attacks on Trump?  All the media doing it’s job?  Well, 51% in that camp, but based on  the T-Bashing 49% isn’t maybe that far off…today’s punk journos are mostly from the left-wing J-school’s preaching “advocacy journalism” and “human interest” training where clean, inverted pyramid was bannished and bias has become its replacement.  We don’t need to be paranoid to notice 6-corportation with Chinese interests run American news.  It would be paranoid to think this, so we won’t, but, again,  by a razor-thin 51% again.

Problem is, that 51% of 13.37% gets us down to 6.756%.  Which begins to wander over toward the “highly improbable” side of things.

But then there’s the Spain aerial disinfection spraying – classic biologicval warfare response.  Clever use of existing technology?  Just 51% versus the 49% that it’s using the technology of aerial spraying for a bioweapon.  And that moves us from 6.756% down to just 3.45%.  Less than 1-in-25 that all is as it’s been presented.

Stockyard smells abound, now.

Let’s See into Future

We will have to take China at its long-term word:  They will reunify with Taiwan – and in our understanding of how the patient Asian mind works, the last “surprise” possible would be a bio-breakout – masked as a new strain – appearing in Taiwan.  That would cue China to enter on the basis of “Humanitarian Relief” and at the same time, be able to snatch up those micro-level surface-mount component makers without a shot to damage critical alignments of equipment.  Yet, this has not happened.

If it did, the odds of the initial release NOT BEING round one in a biowar, would have to be judged down around 1/2 of 3.45%, or 1.76%.

And that’s how Ure’s thinking rolls out, for those who have never followed it over time:  Fool me once and it’s 50-50.  Twice is 75-25.

And I didn’t throw in the mix all the bullshit whining about how the press “worries about slamming Asias as people…”  Is that whining all pure as the driven snow OR is it a further information battlespace manipulation?

Careful how you answer this one because I’m in the 51% range in my thinking…and that would put “accidental release” down in the  0.8976% range.  And like trading the markets, I come pre-loaded with certain hair-trigger responses:  When the odds of something drop under one percent, I’m ready and braced for action.

Bottom Line?

We live in a world where the Western economy is about to blow up.  All China needs to do is bide its time.  Compound interest, cellular biology, and social media stupidity will finish the job.  They will have fewer people – less mouths to feed and recovery efforts in China will finish the building-out of their Middle Class transition.  Subminiature electronics in Taiwan will be icing on the cake.

Just as amplifier noise factors are additivie in high-frequency radio receiver design, so too, represented odds on  singular data point are not the “whole ball game.”  Not in a serial news event.

News outcomes are like combined receiver noise floors:  Just as the noise is  additive, so too, the odds of events being “coincidental”  stack the other way.

We are not “there” yet…and I won’t give you all of my personal percentages for each “stage” of this “pseudo-natural” outbreak.  Run your own numbers.

What I can tell you is that an intelligence analyst will look at the longitudinal data as well as specific “blips” and confess that while each blip  sounds legit, when you string enough of them serially, a pattern appears and that goes to intent.

This is why the FAA insists pilots understand accident chains.  The Public doesn’t.

Fear not:  The Fifth Column press – attacking Wuhan Virus as racist – is simply doing what the Fifth Columns do.  But we don’t worry about such things nor question whether we’re being paranoid.  In not a single instance did we refute anything but official narrative.  Yet, when the accident chain is followed, you can see how mathematical certainty leads to a Conan Doyle-like outcome.

Because as somewhat math-literate, I can be a 75%  Believer in the Packaged Goods Narrative .  But after three, serially, and interconnected?  In my world that’s a 42.1875% chance of things being as they seem.

Make your judgements, run your number, but do remember,  Serial Events are additive!  And Wuhan Virus continues adding up in a very worrisome way.

Write when you get rich


49 thoughts on “CV19: What are We Packing For? A Math Lesson”

  1. Shooting at whatever passes by is sometimes referred to as targets of opportunity. In looking at your probability analysis, what you have shown is that enemy action against any and all targets of opportunity is highly likely, but not necessarily that the initial breach of containment was intentional. I would put the initial breach at 80/20, and all the rest of the chain at 20/80. That doesn’t make the number come up looking any better. Your analysis also highlights the level to which the CCP machine has come to dominate world political machinery and public oversight. You may not have the CCP under your bed or in your anxiety closet, but you do have them in your TV and your PC, and worse, in your public servants, who long to be even more autocratic and dictatorial than they already are. The CCP is the perfect model for sociopathic bureaucratic power lust. That is the basis for the CCP’s existence: the CCP provides a utopia for the small percentage of the population we call psychopaths, sociopaths, and the small percentage of people those personality types dominate. Classic Marxism is a utopia for the abnormal personality types.
    The Wuhan racism argument is a CCP propaganda exercise. The CCP uses civil war era style divisive propaganda to manipulate leftist stooges into doing their dirty work. Meanwhile , the CCP has spread a horrific plague world wide. Obviously the racism argument cuts both ways, and the CCP version doesn’t stand up to real scrutiny. That our progressives have become spokesmen for CCP genocide is just one more outrage to catalog.

  2. George,

    Watched a 58 minute documentary by Joshua Phillip of the Epoch Times on the origin of Covid 19. He makes a very compelling case for this being developed from the outset as a bio-weapon. Seems a lady (I use that term loosely) virologist working in the primary state lab in Wuhan; purposely grafted the SARS virus to a strain of corona virus from bats to make that virus able to cross over to humans. Seems the bat virus lacked the receptor necessary to make this species leap, until she engineered it to do so.

    Either she was extremely naive to create this engineered virus, or she was serving the PRC General who runs the lab well.

    If an investigative reporter can gain this much information, I would speculate that intelligence services around the world have even more info. Care to place any bets that the “lame stream” media ever reports any of this?

    I have no doubt that this whole thing will not end well for humanity.

  3. Well, the only thing you maybe missing George, is that America has many items buried in it’s bunkers that could revolutionize our economy. This will force out secret projects into the light, but to the benefit of our bottom line. Kind of a Black Swan event from the deep science projects we hold away from the world. I.E., a trade show I heard of where an inventor poured distilled water into a gas tank and the engine fired up like nothing was wrong with the picture. I still feel like we have a few trump cards,(pun intended), that have not been played yet.

  4. This post is an excellent example of why I read your site daily!!! I do not trade so I do not subscribe. I do follow news trends to “try” and see where this world is heading!!!
    I enjoy reading the comments as much as your post!!!

  5. Yo Tex,

    R U still monitoring the used RV market down there in tumbleweed/sidewinder country?

    Seriously considering a “restomod” R.A.V. project. This would be a “hardened” rural assault vehicle, as opposed to a recreational vehicle.

    Hardened like pioneers’ cabin – covered shooting positions inside R.A.V., covered wheel wells, hardened glass ect.
    Hardened Comms/Sat Comms, multi fuel optionality,hardened water stores.

    Something my main man – Max Rockatansky – would be proud to own/drive.

    Crystals for further consideration…pyrochlores, spinels, zirconia, urania..nano sized in liquid suspension perhaps..micro structural evolution? – huhn..gonna need some indirect ionizing radiation..Nutz!

    Now can Ure tell U.S. how a NATURALLY occurring Virus Acquires (3),count them, 3 Viri/spikes/Inclusions.. MERS/AIDS/SARS thru Mutation in less than a Billion or so years?

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    • With the automatic lights providing light, you won’t need the pistol sights. You’ll be using the gun at short range so point and shoot should be just fine…

    • With the automatic lights ensuring you have lights on during intrusion, you won’t need the handgun sights. At the range you’ll be shooting, I would think point and shoot should be just fine…

  7. Or how about:

    a. The Chinese culturally not giving a damn about anyone not Chinese. High.

    b. Professional intelligence activities don’t have bias. They are soul-less bastards. Back it up with evidence or don’t present it as truth. The DNS, DIA, or CIA didn’t sugarcoat anything but probably used big words and few graphics which is why they were ignored. High.

    c. You can’t hang adjectives on intelligence products. Remember the intelligence faux paxs the president committed early in his administration? I would have loved to been in the room when the senior officials and generals told him straight to his face he was about to be arrested and sent to Guantanamo or Leavenworth for espionage. He didn’t make the same mistakes twice. Now, conspiracy theories? He can talk about what ifs all day long because they are opinions…

    d. “But he has the authority to declassify anything he wants!” FALSE. Espionage is espionage, and compromising national security is compromising national security. He can declassify something only if the methods and sources are no longer relevant (because, for example, policy changes. If District 9 happened tomorrow, Blue Book would go public.) The problem we face here is the assumption the President of the U.S. would be smart enough to understand this. Probably won’t be any more assumptions…

    e. Press acting like pit bulls? Normal. I would venture a majority of federal gov’t workers don’t like what the President is doing to our government and country so there are probably more leaks than the drip line on the White House flower bed. This administration thrives on making the news and its actions make it oh so easy…

    f. Aerial spraying? Not genius, but very creative. Probably suggested by somebody with experience like the National Fire Marshall. Most of Italy is open brush country and subject to brush fires. Mediterranean countries use airplanes to scoop water from the sea to drop on the fires. Aerosoling the disinfectant might be a challenge. Mediterranean countries use crop dusters, as well…

    I’m guessing the flight crews on Guam are getting sick and the USAF doesn’t want to leave its planes sitting forward collecting dust. Not that they would ever be used. The Pacific Ocean is a big puddle of water to cross. Nobody wants to repeat WW II so it wouldn’t be unreasonable to see everything happening with a few hours of missile exchanges, especially if a Chinese general goes rogue.

    However, I will concede it is unusual the lab-leak theory is getting public traction again. The real question is “why does it matter now” but for some reason for somebody, it does. Pinning the blame on China is important for some reason.

  8. “But then, was China’s not bothering to sounding the (f%^&*ing) alarm, an honest mistake, or malicious intent? ”

    OTFLMAO…… I told you about my five gallons of mollases.. LOL LOL I had nicked it.. and hadn’t gone back out for three days when I went out to dinker in the garage I was faced with the mess from HELL… Luckily my wife was at work so I had a whole day to clean it up.. I was going to get the mess cleaned up no matter what.. WHY… you might ask..
    I for one didn’t want to look like a stupid idiot in front of the wife.. not to mention the non stop nagging and reminders of the mess for years down the road of life…..
    I knew it was my fault.. I was bound to clean the thing up without her ever knowing… what I forgot was maybe an ounce of mollasses in the door to the freezer.. there was a spot about four inches in diameter that she discovered….
    …. do you know.. I am still reminded of that nasty mess.. the four inch mollasses on the floor..
    Heaven forbid that the image of the real mess would have been seen…

    That is why.. it doesn’t have a thing to do with how it was put out.. even the woman that gave the initial warning that it was loose .. paid for letting everyone know.. what is that old saying…

    SAVING FACE….retain respect; avoid humiliation.
    “an outcome that allows them all to save face”

    there wasn’t any devious plot by china.. I don’t believe that the USA put it out either..I lean towards a researcher got a very badly needed day off and didn’t follow protocol close and it got out accidentally..
    doesn’t matter.. its out we deal with it.. maybe next time we will learn from this…

    the other thing that I lean towards being a possibility.. is.. the puppetteers have every three months tossed a false flag at the administration trying to get him to commit to one of their pet projects..
    One or more of those jokers acting like a spoiled brat could have done this just to try and destroy the progress he had made.. all of us already know they will go to any length to get what they want.. that is highly overall the logical answer for me is it went out accidentally.. since the virus doesn’t care what your status is in the world..

    • LOOTB

      I really try to keep an open mind on these things. My conspiratorial mind tells me at the very least, it was created in the lab and accidentally released and then covered up.

      My science mind says look to the scientific experts, not the conspiracy theorists for answers. My understanding is that analytical equipment now is so sophisticated that virus fingerprinting is an art form. It is possible to analyze a virus and tell exactly where it came from and how. I have yet to hear a scientist say this definitely was a deliberately created virus from Wuuhan or anywhere else. There does seem to be some conversation that it looks like it may have not originated in China at all but no general agreement. I expect we will a definitive answer at some point.

      Dr. Michael Osterholm who wrote the book “Deadliest Enemy: Our War Against Killer Germs” in 2016 and predicted exactly the pandemic we are in now, was asked in a recent interview whether he thought the virus was created in a lab. He replied to the effect “No not really. Mother Nature is much smarter than us.”

      Regardless of whether it was man made or not or released accidentally or not, I am on board with the rest of George’s conspiracy theories. Our world is run by some very evil people.

      • Truly Bic..I wouldn’t have given it any thought about its origin. If they hadn’t patented its creation lol.. seriously it doesn’t matter at this point.. everyone and anyone is working nonstop to find a cure and treatment for it..

  9. I would start packing (and preparing) for a one-world government and global banking system to be installed by next Summer (2021). Enforced by a mandatory vaccine injected with an RFID chip and quantum dots, that serves as your identity papers. For everything, including travel, banking, grocery shopping, health care, and employment (etc).

    The really funny part is that this isn’t a conspiracy theory or sci-fi movie. Just an observation after reading government (& gov agency) reports, listening to their speeches, watching it show up in legislation, noticing the projects and agencies getting funded, seeing what is enforced by the jackboots, tolerating the dog & pony show media events, and watching the destruction of anybody that gets in their way.

    If the timeline about installing the global government by next Summer is accurate, then there are several timing clues to look for in 2020: A pandemic in January, an orchestrated economic collapse in the Spring, a famine in the Summer, a war in the Fall, and the return of Obama to the national stage for Nov elections…right about now.

    By the way, I’ve been 100:0 on the pandemic as an intentional release since the beginning. The above style “observation” chain of multiple events and news sources indicates COVID-19 was the opening shot for the kinetic phase of World War III.

    • The Obama scenario sounds plausible. It might explain why the couple have been so silent about everything for so long. When they start talking, the message will be very clear — they’re in it to win it and fix it. I was wondering how a blue tsunami could be generated. This will do it.

      All because of one word — “consecutive”. Trump advisors must be having nightmares this weekend.

  10. Quote from Martin Armstrong over at J.S. Mineset –
    “Liberty once lost is lost forever. There have been bloodless revolutions as was the case in Russia in 1991. That requires the military and the police to open their eyes and realize they are defending tyranny against their own families. If that can be accomplished, then the mighty fall without the arm of oppression.”

    If this is all a Deep State co-ordination with Xi & Co. (What? Me paranoid?) then our only real hope is TPTB have made the ultimate over-reach in their quest for power. It’s one thing to tyrannically dominate a people like the Chinese who share a certain amount of racial and historical similarities for a while but when the attention turns to an entire World of dissimilar people, both in race, history and creed, only arrogance can convince one’s self that this is, indeed, a possibility. The only real hope something like this could be pulled off is to radically reduce the populations to that which would not be any real threat to the military arm of such a coalition while maintaining the loyalty of those at arms. A string of successive bio-agents could do this on a first strike basis unless the actors are found out, within reasonable confidence, and then it’s every person for themselves in Biblical fashion. The Chess pieces are moving.

    • Federal Reserve Act of 1913 (done in secret)from Jeckyll Island ,to isolationist USA entering WW1, and the creation and global spread of radio, to the Spanish Flu global epidemic x2 ??? Maybe a template of a master race?
      Is everything just a business model ,of a global nature ,or wealth transfer into a few “scaly”hands?
      Or, is the effect of cosmic gamma radiation due to a weakening of our protective magnetosphere damaging our health, and a death multiplier of all creation? Can it be a time of evolution ,or revolution of all species?
      Or ,have we just hardened our hearts and lost the joy of our humanity?
      Ah, the machine- what does it do? Does it have a Third eye?
      Do you manipulate it or does it control you? Ah,it saves you time and effort! So it speeds up time or free’s uptime! So you can appreciate downtime?
      ” Good morning, Vietnam!”

      • Don’t know if you’ve ever spent some time viewing James Corbett’s documentaries. He’s got some seriously good material on how WWI was engineered into play by the British elites, to one that seriously asks the question as to whether or not Timothy McVey is still alive or not and why. But if they can pull off 9/11 in plain sight with over 10,000 engineers and other professionals screaming BS!!! at the top of their lungs and nothing happens then I’m at a loss as to what it’s going to take for the common man to ever take matters back into their own hands. I’m thinking events like the mini-solar nova that Ben Davidson has talked about through most of last year would be about the only thing that would do it – but I’d take Christ’s kick-butt return over that any day.

      • “have we just hardened our hearts and lost the joy of our humanity?”

        I don’t know mindfull man..

        The drama of covid-19 has brought out the humanity.. people helping people.. lending a hand where they can.. I see communities coming together on the news.
        I have even heard stories of street gangs helping the less fortunate in their neighborhoods…
        So I’m thinking maybe the pandemic brought out a little bit of our humanity… the big C in community the T in teamwork.. to help those around us to survive..

    • “then our only real hope is TPTB have made the ultimate over-reach in their quest for power. It’s one thing to tyrannically dominate a people like the Chinese ”

      The thing is the puppeteers have really been in control of all the nations.. the grease that keeps the wheels turning the master manipulators.
      If they did this it would surprise me.. Historically they have always manipulated the drama away from their back yards. So that the drama wouldn’t affect their homes or families.
      Let’s face it property values drop considerably if your neighborhood looks like a war torn pile of rubble.
      A virus on the other hand doesnt care what your social status is or what your last name or who your related to.. it could care less if you have a piece of paper on the wall or drive the fanciest car..

      If it was then it was an act of sheer stupidity and truly the act of someone without any sense of ethics.. an educated and man with ethics and values would not intentionally put something like this out there.

    • They’re puppets, too.

      Question for all:

      The Vikings raided every nation from Persia to England for 300 years. The Spaniards raided the Americas for 300 years. The Brits raided everyone for 300 years. The Brits, French, Dutch, Spaniards, Austrians, etc. conquered and built empires, worldwide for hundreds of years.

      How much gold and jewels can several thousand privateer crews and a bunch of armies steal in 12 GENERATIONS?

  11. On Bloomberg this morning Larry Summers stated everything
    will remain difficult longer than expect.

    The Fed is creating a Potemkin economy.

  12. I believe there is little doubt coved-19 is a lab developed virus. It would seem there are 3 possibilities for its release. 1) An accidental release,that has occurred at a perfect time for the socialist global agenda to take advantage of. 2) An intentional release by the CCP and they are working with the socialist global agenda. 3) The CCP were set up, it was no secret they were working on a corona virus, by a third party releasing the virus in China. The more I run percentages, the more number 3 looks more likely.

    • OBX, your #3 is very well supported by the Evidence. Not so much the theories, beliefs, and opinions, but the Evidence. You can go back a hundred years to see the Plans being set in motion. You can go back to a 1979 document accidentally released into the wild in the mid 80’s (“Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”) that describes current events quite accurately.

      You can review the Dana Ashlie video mentioned above, where she highlights the plans from 10 years ago that also describe current events quite accurately. (Start about 22 minutes)

      You can download and read for yourself the source document:

      Or you can concentrate on the most strategically important events and conflicts regarding China during 2019 and follow the news that very specifically points towards an intentional plan. For example, Trade Agreements, Corporate Espionage (Huawei), Military Espionage, Spratley Islands, Bioweapons Espionage (Dr Qiu) in the Canadian BSL-4 Lab, Dr Charles Lieber, Dr Frank Plummer, Fentanyl (Abaco Island in the Bahamas), and at the top of the stack, 5G.

      If you wanted to deal with ALL of those issues with one single plan, what would it be? I don’t have any interest in theories, so if I’m forced to come up with theories to explain something, then it means I haven’t done enough research. When I have sufficient evidence, the FACTS tell the story.

      In this case, some very smart people were tracking Dr Qiu and her husband at the Canadian BSL-4 Lab, as she stole every single bioweapon in the house, including the ones that were developed in the USA such as at Chapel Hill, NC (COVID-19). Dr Qiu would take the stolen bioweapons back to her home lab, the BSL-4 in Wuhan.

      Those very smart people made one slight modification to the COVID-19, which was already genetically combined from SARS, AIDS, and MERS: They tweaked it to have a very strong affinity for the ACE2 Receptor, and gave it a “mission” to go after Asians.

      Then they placed the modified ACE2-COVID-19 in the Canadian BSL-4 lab where Dr Qiu and her husband worked. As expected, about July of 2019 she did the nasty deed and took the package home to Wuhan. When she returned, her and her husband were fired and escorted off the Lab and sent home. Tick…tick…tick…

      News events go quiet until about Oct 18th, when Event 201 (Bill Gates) and the Military World Games in (Wuhan) China took place. The USA fielded the most intelligent team of athletes in history to the games in Wuhan, although their physical prowess was less than chicken noodle soup. No pictures or media events of any of the US athletes. Zero. And 5G was rolled out where in China? Wuhan? Insert a placemat here, as this part of the story that connects to 5G will surface later this year. COVID-19 and 5G are tightly joined.

      By November, things in the intelligence agencies around the planet were stirring and the phones were ringing off the hook. Early reports show Patient Zero (anonymous) on Dec 1st, 2019. Then the cover stories and containment measures kicked in with a vengeance.

      China KNOWS who launched the weapon and how it was accomplished. But, what can they do? Admit they were stealing US Bioweapons? Admit their program was inferior to ours? If you understand the Chinese face saving culture, the answer to both questions is a resounding “No.”

      It is silly and non-productive to come up with theories about how and where the virus came from. ALL of this information was available in the public domain up through about Jan 23-24th. Then it was all scrubbed. Even from the Wayback Machine.

      More importantly, take your top 50-100 known facts, evidence, and news events (etc) from the past 10 months, and there is only one scenario that fits ALL of the facts, with zero exceptions or gaps. No theories and no opinions. Just vigorous research, and let the facts tell the story.

      Don’t disagree with me. Prove me wrong! However, your time might be better spent preparing for China’s response. They WILL retaliate, and probably in a matter of weeks to a couple of months.

      • And Ure posits a beer on the side my long-time reader RBI is as concerned about the B 52 elephant walk as I am.

        Where will the Charmin be when we really, really need it?

      • Thanks RBI. I believe you are correct and the only real question left is what the response will be.

    • I concur. I think #3 is most likely as well. This reeks of the 9/11 “conspiracy”. Also, I believe that when when the term conspiracy is invoked, it is an attempt to disparage the “theory” by the “deep state”.

  13. Famous last Words:

    “Give me control of a nation’s money supply and I will conquer it without firing a shot!”

    “Control of the money supply carries with it the power to control everything that money can buy. In order to dominate and enslave all mankind, there could be no way more effective than to gain control of the money system.”

    “We will have world government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” Paul Warburg, CFR & Architect of the Federal Reserve System in an address to the U.S. Senate 2/17/1950″

    “The new world order will be built as an end run on national sovereignty, eroding it, piece by piece will accomplish much more than the old fashioned frontal assault”. Council on Foreign Relations Journal 1974, pg. 558″

    “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.” —–Thomas Jefferson?

    ——Me thinks we blew it!!!! Dazzled by all the glitz we were fed!

    • “Give me control of a nation’s money supply and I will conquer it without firing a shot!”

      FWIW. . I think ole Henry’s quote was…

      “Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.”

      Money .. well they already bamboozled by convincing everyone that nothing was worth more than something..
      During times of severe shortages though it becomes obvious that a lowly product can alter that persuasion.
      As in the words from an educator..who would have guessed I would need a gun to protect my toilet paper…

  14. F the virus. That ain’t sh!t. My mother is in health care. She goes to work every day. She ain’t seeing much of the bullcrap they pumping out on Teevee.

    And no. I’m not on here. Lol.

    How to dope humanity 101. Create, promote and market a cause for fear. Create, promote Market a solution. WMD’s anyone??? Let’s go to Iraq and Afghanistan.

    You are out in Texas Dude! How do Cowboys get a herd into the coral from the field?? It only takes 5 or 6 of them on horses creating fear and the whole herd runs the direction they want. You get the oldest and alpha’s to lead the pack in the direction the rest will follow. Any strays outside the herd? They bound and gagged.

    Everything is a buisness model. Be smart. Use it or loose it they say.

    I will be at the pool with my book.

    • It doesn’t seem likely. It is not very Sun Tzu to act in a desperate manner, especially when it would utterly destroy both nations’ economies, and probably turf, for generations. Western thought on revenge or spite requires immediate gratification, Eastern tends to not care whether it takes a year or a millennia.

      With that said, my ancestors were the Quakers who kept their powder dry. How could I do less…?

  15. The western msm appears to have overlooked an illegal gathering yesterday in Berlin. According to Moscow’s Sputnik MBS News, some 700 people, caucasion in appearance judging by pictures and video from the event, apparently were protesting covid-19 assembly restrictions impacting Germany’s Basic Law. After a few token temporary arrests, the protesters were dispersed by police applying an “unauthorized gathering of several people” dictum. The protest featured presence of the “Communication Center for Democratic Resistance”.

    Total cases: 580 (6 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 62
    Honolulu County: 385
    Kaua’i County: 21
    Maui County: 106
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 6
    Required Hospitalization: 52
    Hawaii deaths: 10
    Released from Isolation: 414
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, April 19, 2020

    The Kona ‘restaurant cluster’ ballooned yesterday to 29 cases. That’s what blew up the Hawaii County stats to 61 yesterday. Only one more today on this island.

  17. Okay, I’ll play, but I’m taking the optimist’s road, because the other fork is too dark to contemplate…

    “But, let’s call it 51-49% odds in favor of it being natural.”

    I’m going to say 90-10 that it’s engineered, until proven otherwise. The virus is in the wild now, so its source is irrelevant, unless it WAS specifically designed as a bioweapon (which I consider unlikely. As I’ve said before, you never create a poison until you create the antidote. If China IS sitting on the antidote, plan on every square inch of Earth that’s north of the equator, becoming Chernobyl redux within 48 hours of that knowledge going public.)

    “But then, was China’s not bothering to sounding the (f%^&*ing) alarm, an honest mistake, or malicious intent?”

    I vote for intentional, but not malicious. I can NOT stress enough, how important “(personal) honor” and “saving face” are to the Chinese. I can see the Chinese doing ANYTHING, to first control the outbreak, then foist blame anywhere else. This is also consistent with the international flights out of Wuhan — They would pretend nothing was amiss, in the hope of finding an inoculation or cure before the virus bomb went boom. This would allow them to save face and “rescue the entire world” – a huge diplomatic coup.

    “But then, what about the advice early-on given to the president? Was some of it sugar-coated? Was some of it maliciously placed by operatives”

    I suggest neither. IMO Fauci gave Trump his best opinion, based on the information the Chinese were giving him. The Chinese disavowed the possibility that CV-19 could jump from human to human, until the night of January 13th. By the morning of January 15th, Trump had a team on it.

    “And then is the obvious bias of the Left-Wing media, not also another “accident or intent” call? Again, we’ll generously use 51-49 that it is not, but again, it’s sketchy.”

    It is by intent. As well-liked as Reagan was, and as popular with the public as Nixon was, they both had an antagonistic relationship with the “media” — Nixon, extraordinarily so. This, the same “media” which has given every Democratic Prez since FDR a pass for any policy initiative they may have wished to favor, no matter how “UnAmerican” it be. The “media” has been in the can for Soviet America ever since “Fireside Chats.”

    “Then what about collusion between left-leaning (orchestrated) governors”

    They’re definitely getting their “walking orders” from a central authority (as are the “media.”) There is no reason for Cuomo to grandstand, except he’s been told to do so, and the “news” networks have been told to carry his dailies. The same with Whitmer. She’s not bright enough to carry Cuomo’s shoes, but she’s female and Creepy Joe IS looking for a running mate, so every time she speaks, she gets face on every “news” network.

    “Are these people evil and operating with intent? Why, of course not..or so we’re reassured by the sycophant press”

    Unless “evil is, as evil does, I don’t believe they’re evil. I believe they’re suggestible or indoctrinated, they have an inflated opinion of their own intellectual capacity, and huge egoes, which make them textbook “useful idiots.”

    “And then to withdraw B-52s from Guam…surely another “close call” because we don’t know what is going on in background. ”

    We have planes, based in CONUS and nuclear-armed, which can hit Bejing or Pyongyang in 80 minutes — considerably faster than B-52s on Guam. I don’t know if war drums are beating, but if they are, it’ll be nukes out the gate, and theater weaponry used in a tactical manner. A real, actual war against us in Asia would be over before the Stratoforts got there…

    “And is not Spain resorting to widespread city-spraying evidence of a bioweapon being in use globally?”

    Efficiency. I remember the fog trucks spraying EVERYTHING against polio. Richard Luger was Mayor of Indianapolis. He became famous nationwide, after a snowstorm. Indy was incapacitated, nothing could move. Luger hired crop dusters to salt every street in the city. He was called “clever” and a “problem-solver.” He played that fame into the Senate seat for which he became known.

    “Let’s line up the odds of getting here:

    This being a natural virus”

    Moot, although I’d put the probability at ~10%.

    “China’s reporting delay being unintentional?”

    Also moot, but it was most-certainly intentional. The issue is: Was it suppressed because of honor or duplicity?

    “Next we ask was medical advice given Trump all straight and legit?”

    Legit, WRT the information our experts were given on CV-19. Information breakdown was between CCP and NiH, not NiH and Trump.

    “And the perfectly-timed media attacks on Trump?”

    SOP, ever since Trump won. They’re orchestrated, but by Clintonistas or Soros, not Chinese (except for that one gal…)

    “But then there’s the Spain aerial disinfection spraying – classic biological warfare response.”

    Simply more-efficient than fog generators in pickup trucks…

    I’d posit:

    Engineered virus – 90%
    Duplicitous Virus report – 30%
    Dishonest report to CiC – 100%, but not because of any U.S. treachery
    “Media” attacks – LT10%
    Spain – LT10%
    Net “war drum” total: 48%

    With that said, I have no little birds inside Intel who will talk to me right now, so my guesses are no better than anyone else’s… but I’m still being optimistic.

  18. So, George, did you ever bury that shipping container(s) in the back yard for bunker duty?
    P.S. since reading your daily musings, I have obtained a call sign, and progessed to General, looking for Extra. Tank circuits, cut-off frequencies, and Smith charts ain’t no foolin’ around.

    • Reason I like being a pilot, extra class ham, and a few other things is that you don’t run into a lot of dumb people in those ranks… CB? meh. Congrats and well done.
      Oh, and if there was a buried trailer (never felts the need to bury a $3,000 box) it would make a dandy auxiliary ground system.

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