I made a promise to myself this weekend:  I would try to write “tighter and brighter” columns.  That decision was reinforced when Elaine and I listened to the presidents press conference Sunday.

Getting to the point matters: Over the course of 50+ years as a news/management/operations geek, old man Ure  (moi) has been to a lot of meetings.  Everything from the short M.B.W.A. sort (“management by walking around” after Peters and Waterman) to “everything as a  PowerPoints” to the long-rambling CEO.  Remind you of anyone?

A nearly two-and-a-half-hour presidential ramble?

Trump was called on it, at one point.  His constant references to himself and his  personal accomplishments were questioned as excessive expressions of ego.  So challenged, Trump did his usual:  Attack the sources and pivot to a weird ‘I’m doing this for all the healthcare workers and first responders…’   (I should have had a drink, first…)

Uh….No, we’re not  that stupid.  Although I can see why looking at polls one could make  that assumption.  This ramble was so bad, and become so embarrassing that toward the end of Part 1 of his remarks, I said the magic words.  “Alexa:  Stop!”  Merciful silence followed.

Many readers seem confused by my views on Trump, although my analytical/math-based views should be a bit more clear if you read Sunday’s column (here).  Perhaps a short  “thought experiment” will help un-fuddle Ure perceptions.

Imagine that you have gone to the airport in late 2016.  Two airplanes are there and you’re going for a trip on one of them.  One, HRC Air, had a poor record of passenger service.  Questions about this being a  “pay to play” airline lingered and then there was Benghazi…and the lack of personal energy to keep up a strong campaign trail presence.

The other plane had a pilot doing meet and greets with everyone, explaining all of his successful flying exploits.  He had a few, but somewhere in the back of Ure mind, there’s an old addage “There are old pilots and bold pilots, but no old bold pilots….”  His logbook – OK, IRS returns then – have still not been found.

In a perfect world, a third choice – None-of-the-Above Air –  would have  been sitting on the runway, but this was not the case.

The Electoral College decision was we all got on aircraft #2.  And we took off.

The pilot, crew, airline employees of the first airline HRC Air were pissed.  So they got out anti-aircraft weapons and fired at the second plane (piloted by Trump) for three years.  That AA-flak  (ack-ack)  was experienced locally as a sham “impeachment” but we’ll assume your caffeine loading is sufficient to keep up with our story.

Shortly after the AA-flak/ack-ack began to calm down, we passengers hit a patch of really rough air – a pandemic disease which may be a bioweapon – and the jury is still out on that.

Predictably, the forces behind the curtain – shareholders of the unflown airline – seized key positions in the weather service.  Feeding the pilot bad information, we expect.  Still, so far the pilot has managed to keep the plane in the air.

The problem is, however, as the rough air continued, the pilot got on the intercom to the passengers (Sunday) and rambled-on endlessly. 

Even Elaine, who’s pretty sensible about such things, was rolling her eyes.  She too, was beginning to have doubts about this “pilot” of ours and his ramblings.  She had that “Shouldn’t he be flying the plane?” look.  Relief flooded her face when I told Alexa to STFU for a while.

As luck would have it, the plane had a few reporters onboard. 

They asked the pilot a lot of questions. Too polite to ask “Why are you rambling, Dude?”  they took snipes, nonetheless.

Which is why one of the major themes in the news flow today is the pilot’s handling of questions:  One one site:  “TRUMP LASHES OUT AT FOXNEWS |||  SLAMS DRUDGE |||   RIPS AP, CBS, CNN…”  Oh, and let’s not leave out “‘HUMAN SCUM’ Trump goes on attack against media, Joe Biden, Mitt Romney & FBI during coronavirus briefing…

Umm…what about  flying the plane???

If we were still on that troubled aircraft this morning (and don’t look now, but we are…) if I were sitting next to you, I’d be recalling a 5,000 foot freefall over Cuba on a flight from Miami to Panama in my airline days of long ago.  A few broken arms, plenty of sprains, broken china, all littered the cabin of this L-1011 TriStar.  My boss, the airline Managing Director got us a half-dozen mini-bottles of Scotch which we consumed as quickly as possible.

 “When your number comes up, it comes up…” he reassured me. “Meantime, you just keep doing what you’re doing…”

The pilot of that flight got on the intercom 15-minutes later to announce “Clear air ahead…we’ll be in Panama shortly…”  News that mattered.  To the point.

The Scotch began to sink in.  The White Knuckle Ride would end safely…and all was well….

Fast-forward to this morning:  We didn’t need a 2-1/2 hour slurry or news snips with even more self-aggrandizement.  Because the pilot should have enough presence of mind to realize we’re still in mid-flight.  In crisis.  The virus is still flying.

Remind me when we get on the ground come November to look for another airline.  The two-airline system ain’t getting America where we need to fly.

Trump has jumped (either the shark or the gun) flashing-back to the last Depression.  Is this Trump trying to take a page out of Roosevelt’s Fireside Chats.  Instead, it came across like Firesign Theater.

The Good News:  We’ll be on the ground in 197-days...Elections are ahead.  Only this time, please God, better pilot choices…please???

This is a time when great medical and mathematical acuity is needed.  Not a bunch of me, me, me  talk.  PowerPoint it.  Skip the stories.

It was like popcorn – mostly air.  2-1/2 hours that could have been condensed to 30-minutes.  Instead, the rambling pilot was sounding pretty-much daft.  His flying still works…and we’re still airborne.  But…where’s those logbooks?

Are we there, yet?

Protesting WHAT?

Sure, the anarchists are clamoring for overthrow of SIP…but in case you haven’t noticed, this is a plane in mid-flight with the biggest expansion of “pilot powers” in –years.  Better we just get on (or closer to ) the  ground first.  (He who cowers and runs away, lives to vote another day.)

Didn’t the “Hundreds Rally Against Coronavirus Lockdown in Southern Russia” get the memo?

More likely than not, this is all about “choice reduction” from our former lifestyle. 

Because (and pay attention because this is another financialization):  Nichy products and small specialties are-  by their nature – inefficient uses of capital.  One size fits all is “more efficient.”  At least  so rolls the globalist’s agenda.  Choice is for them, not us.

Laid-out in a 2010 Rockefeller Foundation report is, as we read it, a plan e for “efficient globalism”…which is why the pandemic playbook laid out from page 18 under the future scenario “LockStep” is so bothersome.  This forecast the Pandemic and biometrics payload vaccinations from 2010…

(Text only version here – save the PDF before it’s scrubbed from the web,  right?)

As of now 334-thousand people have signed the petition to investigate the vaccine-promoting Bill and Melinda Gates FoundationSee the White House Petition here.  This is not to infer anything is wrong with such efforts.  But put in a biometric payload or not-necessary adjuvants and we’ll start opening ammo cans.

Why?  Because at least one expert says there may be NO vaccine -ever.  Which would make a mandatory shot a mass-chipping event.  Mark of The Beast.     That’s a non-negotiable “Not on Our Watch” globalism agenda item worth “laying it down for…”

We’re not “calling for anything” – we just keep our seat belt on and the tray table in the upright and locked position.  And no visitors, thanks.

Rally’s End?

Story in the WSJ this weekend put it all in perspective:  In addition to a yammering pilot, “Bets Against the Stock Market Rise to Highest Level in Years.” YPE?  (Yammering Pilot Effect?)

When we line up futures prices early this morning (7:30 EDT) here’s where we looked to open (green  circle):

My, oh my.  How far is down?

All suggests a New Crackpot Theory:  Since the flow of information is faster than it was in the 1929 event, could we be seeing evidence that the faster information flows, the slower the market reactions?

Not by a lot, but by several percent.

We should find out this week – “Sell in May and Go Away” isn’t that far off.  And we DO like to get a head start on things.

Non-Diseased News?

News flows are running 97% virus-related.  Obsessive, anyone?  Not very much of virus-free news, here lately:

Video shows Russian jet buzzing U.S. spy plane — again…this being actually diseased news in terms of the debate over whether this is a biowar, or not.  Too early to make that call…

Hitler’s Birthday:  So not surprised to see a mass murder on cue: Canada Mass Shooting: At Least 10 Dead After Manhunt In Nova Scotia.  Still braced for more, bad.  You remember Hitler, right? Born?: ?20 April 1889; ?Braunau am Inn?, Austria.

On the other hand, today is Carmen Electra’s (Tara Patrick) birthday.  So the day wasn’t a complete waste…(Not to be confused with  Tera Patrick…)

Sheesh…you mean that’s IT?

Well, I could point you at the CFNAI (Chicago Fed National Activity Index).  Which is down to 2009 levels.  So where do you think the market will go, next?  Market futures say down  512 on the Dow, so far.

Off to eat my chickens before they hatch (scrambled, lol).

Write when you get rich, and stay  chic