As knowledgeable contributor Wizard notes, this is a fun and light-hearted continuation of the Easter Holiday in Poland and environs like the Czech Republic.  As per the trusty Wikipedia this is “Dyngus Day:”

“Traditionally, boys throw water over girls and spank them with pussy willow branches on Easter Monday, and girls do the same to boys. This is accompanied by a number of other rituals, such as making verse declarations and holding door-to-door processions, in some regions involving boys dressed as bears or other creatures. The origins of the celebration are uncertain, but it may date to pagan times before 1000 AD; it is described in writing as early as the 15th century. It continues to be observed throughout Central Europe, and also in the United States, where certain patriotic American elements have been added to the traditional Polish ones…”

Thanks to “political correctness” we also don’t make a big deal about the holiday, tomorrow that is “Payback Day” or some unreproducible linguistic analog thereto.  During which the “women get revenge…”  Flying plates and such…

With no major financial news set to pop, we are expecting the only cold water to be thrown at the Bulls, since we may be at the high of an Elliott Wave 2, in here.  Which sets up a fascinating outlook for a major decline if “Sell in May and Go Away” is off-schedule a bit.  Driven, no doubt, by the change public health landscape.  Dow futures down 200 early, but down only 68 at click-time.

COVID-10 has Morphed – New Strain

The strain is not in public health, however:  It’s in how the crooked left-wing media has strained a meaningful discussion of a public health crisis into a political Blame Game.

If your memory of earlier this year isn’t particularly good, allow me to refresh:  Trump was under extreme fire for cutting off flights from China when it became clear the outbreak was breaking-out. Over-reacting!   Dems were lined up all over to call Trump a power-grabbing, power-crazed, and so forth.

Now that we are suffering through a longer, drawn-out peaking process, however, non-conservative media, like the New York Times have been whipping up the left-side’s feeble neurons with blame game headlines “He Could Have Seen What Was Coming: Behind Trump’s Failure on the Virus.”


As in propaganda, an assumption is made (that Trump failed) and the story then goes to work arranging historical facts in order to  bolster the false assmption.  Show me the NYT piece calling it better?

No doubt, at least in my mind, the demagogue party will seize on such slant as the basis for Impeachment II, the sequel.  Bet me?

Here’s a shock for you:  Politicians shoot for the “middle of the channel”  so while the left was sniping at Trump for being a Sinophobe and closing air traffic with China, they were also setting up a down-stream trap.  See how this works?  Sadly, Presidents all make mistakes.  But, let me ask you, when was the last time you heard a reporter “own it?”

Here’s another “News Reading Tip” for you:  When it takes  six NYT reporters to write  one story , it explains – with the Caps-Lock on – why the  NYT isn’t as profitable as it was, once-upon-a-time.  As we see it,  six reporters seems to increase the odds that it’s a anti-Trump hit piece, in how we read things.  If the same thing happened in a spreadsheet, you’d get the “Circular Reference” warning.  In media?  No suchum (sic) thing.

Though, in fairness, the NYT is a Big Paper and a certain amount of “making up news” should be expected. 

As it warns right here in “Ure’s  Remedial Book of News Business Models (Chapter 4, section 3.)  “Regardless of media, what Civilians think of as “The News” is –  from the profit-minded publisher’s perspective – only “filler” between the ad spaces that have been sold.

Shrill?  How’s about The Sun with “WHITE House coronavirus expert Dr Tony Fauci today said lives could have been saved if US had been shut down earlier.”

We take this as statistical fact:  If America had cut off all trade with China in 1956, that would have saved the most lives, right?  Don’t remember the media mentioning this, but hindsight is 20:10.

The Shrill deal is to make up adversity and play to an audience. America’s Young Simples who didn’t believe The Sun on moderate stories (or UFO stories like these) have been converted to True Believers now, you see… because Trump Bashing is still the best Growth Model in America!  And that’s great for ad revenue!  (Lemme hear a chorus of “Everything’s a Business Model!!!”)  Amen.

Now, let us prey: When ad volume is cratering (see earlier warnings on Supply Chain Failure) papers tend to become more shrill in order to draw readers in  – in order to pay reporters, webmasters, and printers.

If we put more trees into toilet paper production and less into newsprint, wouldn’t life improve?

We have warned – seems like forever – that if you want to have a good idea of what’s  really going on in New York (and the World, which is everything  off Staten Island, nothing more is needed than John Crudele’s savory columns in the NY Post and the  NYT’s still-mostly-honest Business Section.

Where, seriously out of cadence with their digital uprising comrades, their Biz Section evenly reported that “Trump and Allies Push Toward Reopening Economy. But Governors Urge Caution.”  Go count dem noses amongst gov’s…

In our more delusional hours (23-plus-a-day at latest check), the Times headline “Oil Nations, Prodded by Trump, Reach Deal to Slash Production” apparently didn’t route through the Junior Maoist Editors and Headline Writers Guild (JMEAHLWG) in the “Resistance Key News Bureau.”

You have no idea how much we’d like to see the phone logs between the Digital Uprising “Reporters” in this country and all former Obamanista’s.  Love to be able to track-back to see who’s being played as “assets” in The Bigger Game.  And who is doing the “orchestrating.”

No story there, though…move along.

Long As We’re on Politics

Let’s sample another story, shall we?  See if these two stories seem like they originated on the same planet.  Behind curtain #1, we have the NY Times version of political reality reflected in “Examining Tara Reade’s Sexual Assault Allegation Against Joe Biden.

I was momentarily impressed by a different report “Woman broadens claims against Biden to include sexual assault.” But, just as I wondered, “When will they weigh-in with a thumb on the scale?”  Sub-head to the Rescue! “The Biden campaign says the incident, alleged to have occurred in 1993, “absolutely did not happen.”

Where are the dim-witted R’s who should file a pre-emptive impeachment bill?

I want you to notice something here:  Left-leaners instinctively close-ranks when “one of their own” is in trouble.

As we read in pivot point stories to get the discussion off  “Hands Biden” back to riding the Digital Uprising to the Oval. Sycophant media, like, oh, The Atlantic, offer “If Biden Wins, He’ll Have to Put the World Back Together”… See how “assumption” is used? ..and CNN‘s equally gratuitous “Biden lays out plan to ‘safely’ reopen country amid coronavirus pandemic.”  Doctor Slow-Joe, is it? This kowtowing of the obsequious left-leaners sickens me. Oh, wait, maybe that’s the Easter hangover.  Let me get back to you, on that.

High Salt Warning: Remember, I know nothing about politics and I haven’t held a White House Press Credential since 1976.  My comments about today’s juvenile press wannabe’s should be taken with salt and a squeeze of lime.  And yeah, some Heradura.

Skrying Future

A further “news analytics” tip (since there’s nothing much else going on and I’m too lazy to rewrite Hints from Heloise today):  We don’t often have to read more than a paragraph or two  per story to get the gist of things.  In old-time (i.e.  real) journalism, stories were written in the “Inverse Pyramid” style.  That’s where the 5-W’s and the How all got tightly packed into the first sentence or two.

With “Neu Journo’s” the false assumption is put out first,  then a handful of “facts” are manipulated proposed to justify claims.

The analyst’s challenge is to rearrange the headlines in order to see what’s coming in advance.  The Joe Hits make us wonder who’s lurking and will steal the convention?  Rank and file democrats, unwilling to admit their party has been “Double-Bernied” really ought to hire outside counsel.

“Why that’s absurd…What would be “the capper” then?”   Big Lies, Oft Repeated fits like a glove.  Expect an arrogant insider along shortly.

Virus-sign Theater

Since Elaine and I live apart (previously we were reclusive, now it’s quarantined) from the “real world” it occurred to us that some poor sound engineer, no longer working FOH (front of house) sound due to all the concerts being canceled, ought to do a new album (CD if you’re under 40) reworking  Firesign Theater tracks into a more modern context.

“Those are the headlines, now the rumors behind the news...”  (From FST’s Don’t Crush that Dwarf, Hand me the Pliers. PT 2, here) wouldn’t have to be updated, oo much.

Los Angeles:  He Walks Again by Night…”  The Adventures of Nick Danger, Third Eye could be updated as well… [Ring] “I wanna order a pizza with anchovies…”  “No anchovies??!! You’ve got the wrong man…I spell my name Danger…”

We offer this as our Monday Millions Marvelous Move, because frankly, the stand-up on this virus stuff “T’ain’t funny, McGee…”  If you’re old enough, it will take you back to “The Johnson Wax Program with Fibber McGee and Molly…


Oh, my, not tracking, are we?

Well, here’s the problem:  The world is enmeshed in pandemic and depression will follow and then war.  It all blows up in the end.  Except, what if there was a way to do something completely new?

What if we were to create the first-in-Universe Humor-Based Economy?  Where the real currency of humans was laughter, mirth, frivolity and fun?  Where gratification and contemplation reigned and where there were no clocks?

Yeah, I know…long shot.

Still thought it was worth mentioning.  Because it would be nice to have a world of jokes BY us, rather than a world where the jokes are ON us.

Anything Else?

TRO (Technical Ranch Operations):  Inverter 1 errored out in the power center overnight due to the lightning and wind.  Now heading east.  Our best advice?  Duck.  OK:  wind didn’t have anything to do with it – just checking your mental acuity  before engaging Monday.

TOR (Turkey Overdose Recriminations):  My  God it was good.  Had seconds and was contemplating thirds when I sat down in my easy-chair for “just a minute…”  Woke up the next day with lights on all over the joint.

RTO (Rotund Transplant Operator):  U know who will be hitting the garden after half a pig, chicken droppings and potato burnings.

Got some of the cardboard for that “weed-free” gardening project in Sunday.  Not sure what was in the garden when I burned it out Saturday, but it may have had something  to do with the Virussign Theater idea…see those dancing ViseGrips on the table?  Cute, huh?

Write when your hands stop shaking,