Dyngus Day Dump & Virus-sign Theatre

As knowledgeable contributor Wizard notes, this is a fun and light-hearted continuation of the Easter Holiday in Poland and environs like the Czech Republic.  As per the trusty Wikipedia this is “Dyngus Day:”

“Traditionally, boys throw water over girls and spank them with pussy willow branches on Easter Monday, and girls do the same to boys. This is accompanied by a number of other rituals, such as making verse declarations and holding door-to-door processions, in some regions involving boys dressed as bears or other creatures. The origins of the celebration are uncertain, but it may date to pagan times before 1000 AD; it is described in writing as early as the 15th century. It continues to be observed throughout Central Europe, and also in the United States, where certain patriotic American elements have been added to the traditional Polish ones…”

Thanks to “political correctness” we also don’t make a big deal about the holiday, tomorrow that is “Payback Day” or some unreproducible linguistic analog thereto.  During which the “women get revenge…”  Flying plates and such…

With no major financial news set to pop, we are expecting the only cold water to be thrown at the Bulls, since we may be at the high of an Elliott Wave 2, in here.  Which sets up a fascinating outlook for a major decline if “Sell in May and Go Away” is off-schedule a bit.  Driven, no doubt, by the change public health landscape.  Dow futures down 200 early, but down only 68 at click-time.

COVID-10 has Morphed – New Strain

The strain is not in public health, however:  It’s in how the crooked left-wing media has strained a meaningful discussion of a public health crisis into a political Blame Game.

If your memory of earlier this year isn’t particularly good, allow me to refresh:  Trump was under extreme fire for cutting off flights from China when it became clear the outbreak was breaking-out. Over-reacting!   Dems were lined up all over to call Trump a power-grabbing, power-crazed, and so forth.

Now that we are suffering through a longer, drawn-out peaking process, however, non-conservative media, like the New York Times have been whipping up the left-side’s feeble neurons with blame game headlines “He Could Have Seen What Was Coming: Behind Trump’s Failure on the Virus.”


As in propaganda, an assumption is made (that Trump failed) and the story then goes to work arranging historical facts in order to  bolster the false assmption.  Show me the NYT piece calling it better?

No doubt, at least in my mind, the demagogue party will seize on such slant as the basis for Impeachment II, the sequel.  Bet me?

Here’s a shock for you:  Politicians shoot for the “middle of the channel”  so while the left was sniping at Trump for being a Sinophobe and closing air traffic with China, they were also setting up a down-stream trap.  See how this works?  Sadly, Presidents all make mistakes.  But, let me ask you, when was the last time you heard a reporter “own it?”

Here’s another “News Reading Tip” for you:  When it takes  six NYT reporters to write  one story , it explains – with the Caps-Lock on – why the  NYT isn’t as profitable as it was, once-upon-a-time.  As we see it,  six reporters seems to increase the odds that it’s a anti-Trump hit piece, in how we read things.  If the same thing happened in a spreadsheet, you’d get the “Circular Reference” warning.  In media?  No suchum (sic) thing.

Though, in fairness, the NYT is a Big Paper and a certain amount of “making up news” should be expected. 

As it warns right here in “Ure’s  Remedial Book of News Business Models (Chapter 4, section 3.)  “Regardless of media, what Civilians think of as “The News” is –  from the profit-minded publisher’s perspective – only “filler” between the ad spaces that have been sold.

Shrill?  How’s about The Sun with “WHITE House coronavirus expert Dr Tony Fauci today said lives could have been saved if US had been shut down earlier.”

We take this as statistical fact:  If America had cut off all trade with China in 1956, that would have saved the most lives, right?  Don’t remember the media mentioning this, but hindsight is 20:10.

The Shrill deal is to make up adversity and play to an audience. America’s Young Simples who didn’t believe The Sun on moderate stories (or UFO stories like these) have been converted to True Believers now, you see… because Trump Bashing is still the best Growth Model in America!  And that’s great for ad revenue!  (Lemme hear a chorus of “Everything’s a Business Model!!!”)  Amen.

Now, let us prey: When ad volume is cratering (see earlier warnings on Supply Chain Failure) papers tend to become more shrill in order to draw readers in  – in order to pay reporters, webmasters, and printers.

If we put more trees into toilet paper production and less into newsprint, wouldn’t life improve?

We have warned – seems like forever – that if you want to have a good idea of what’s  really going on in New York (and the World, which is everything  off Staten Island, nothing more is needed than John Crudele’s savory columns in the NY Post and the  NYT’s still-mostly-honest Business Section.

Where, seriously out of cadence with their digital uprising comrades, their Biz Section evenly reported that “Trump and Allies Push Toward Reopening Economy. But Governors Urge Caution.”  Go count dem noses amongst gov’s…

In our more delusional hours (23-plus-a-day at latest check), the Times headline “Oil Nations, Prodded by Trump, Reach Deal to Slash Production” apparently didn’t route through the Junior Maoist Editors and Headline Writers Guild (JMEAHLWG) in the “Resistance Key News Bureau.”

You have no idea how much we’d like to see the phone logs between the Digital Uprising “Reporters” in this country and all former Obamanista’s.  Love to be able to track-back to see who’s being played as “assets” in The Bigger Game.  And who is doing the “orchestrating.”

No story there, though…move along.

Long As We’re on Politics

Let’s sample another story, shall we?  See if these two stories seem like they originated on the same planet.  Behind curtain #1, we have the NY Times version of political reality reflected in “Examining Tara Reade’s Sexual Assault Allegation Against Joe Biden.

I was momentarily impressed by a different report “Woman broadens claims against Biden to include sexual assault.” But, just as I wondered, “When will they weigh-in with a thumb on the scale?”  Sub-head to the Rescue! “The Biden campaign says the incident, alleged to have occurred in 1993, “absolutely did not happen.”

Where are the dim-witted R’s who should file a pre-emptive impeachment bill?

I want you to notice something here:  Left-leaners instinctively close-ranks when “one of their own” is in trouble.

As we read in pivot point stories to get the discussion off  “Hands Biden” back to riding the Digital Uprising to the Oval. Sycophant media, like, oh, The Atlantic, offer “If Biden Wins, He’ll Have to Put the World Back Together”… See how “assumption” is used? ..and CNN‘s equally gratuitous “Biden lays out plan to ‘safely’ reopen country amid coronavirus pandemic.”  Doctor Slow-Joe, is it? This kowtowing of the obsequious left-leaners sickens me. Oh, wait, maybe that’s the Easter hangover.  Let me get back to you, on that.

High Salt Warning: Remember, I know nothing about politics and I haven’t held a White House Press Credential since 1976.  My comments about today’s juvenile press wannabe’s should be taken with salt and a squeeze of lime.  And yeah, some Heradura.

Skrying Future

A further “news analytics” tip (since there’s nothing much else going on and I’m too lazy to rewrite Hints from Heloise today):  We don’t often have to read more than a paragraph or two  per story to get the gist of things.  In old-time (i.e.  real) journalism, stories were written in the “Inverse Pyramid” style.  That’s where the 5-W’s and the How all got tightly packed into the first sentence or two.

With “Neu Journo’s” the false assumption is put out first,  then a handful of “facts” are manipulated proposed to justify claims.

The analyst’s challenge is to rearrange the headlines in order to see what’s coming in advance.  The Joe Hits make us wonder who’s lurking and will steal the convention?  Rank and file democrats, unwilling to admit their party has been “Double-Bernied” really ought to hire outside counsel.

“Why that’s absurd…What would be “the capper” then?”   Big Lies, Oft Repeated fits like a glove.  Expect an arrogant insider along shortly.

Virus-sign Theater

Since Elaine and I live apart (previously we were reclusive, now it’s quarantined) from the “real world” it occurred to us that some poor sound engineer, no longer working FOH (front of house) sound due to all the concerts being canceled, ought to do a new album (CD if you’re under 40) reworking  Firesign Theater tracks into a more modern context.

“Those are the headlines, now the rumors behind the news...”  (From FST’s Don’t Crush that Dwarf, Hand me the Pliers. PT 2, here) wouldn’t have to be updated, oo much.

Los Angeles:  He Walks Again by Night…”  The Adventures of Nick Danger, Third Eye could be updated as well… [Ring] “I wanna order a pizza with anchovies…”  “No anchovies??!! You’ve got the wrong man…I spell my name Danger…”

We offer this as our Monday Millions Marvelous Move, because frankly, the stand-up on this virus stuff “T’ain’t funny, McGee…”  If you’re old enough, it will take you back to “The Johnson Wax Program with Fibber McGee and Molly…


Oh, my, not tracking, are we?

Well, here’s the problem:  The world is enmeshed in pandemic and depression will follow and then war.  It all blows up in the end.  Except, what if there was a way to do something completely new?

What if we were to create the first-in-Universe Humor-Based Economy?  Where the real currency of humans was laughter, mirth, frivolity and fun?  Where gratification and contemplation reigned and where there were no clocks?

Yeah, I know…long shot.

Still thought it was worth mentioning.  Because it would be nice to have a world of jokes BY us, rather than a world where the jokes are ON us.

Anything Else?

TRO (Technical Ranch Operations):  Inverter 1 errored out in the power center overnight due to the lightning and wind.  Now heading east.  Our best advice?  Duck.  OK:  wind didn’t have anything to do with it – just checking your mental acuity  before engaging Monday.

TOR (Turkey Overdose Recriminations):  My  God it was good.  Had seconds and was contemplating thirds when I sat down in my easy-chair for “just a minute…”  Woke up the next day with lights on all over the joint.

RTO (Rotund Transplant Operator):  U know who will be hitting the garden after half a pig, chicken droppings and potato burnings.

Got some of the cardboard for that “weed-free” gardening project in Sunday.  Not sure what was in the garden when I burned it out Saturday, but it may have had something  to do with the Virussign Theater idea…see those dancing ViseGrips on the table?  Cute, huh?

Write when your hands stop shaking,


74 thoughts on “Dyngus Day Dump & Virus-sign Theatre”

  1. Radio Classics on Sirius is one of my favorite channels. Johnny Dollar the insurance investigator with the fabulous expense account; X Minus One; and so on. There is even someone re-doing Sherlock Holmes, but most are tapes from the original including some vintage ads. Who knew Gunsmoke on the radio was so risque for the times? Thanks for your blog and the work you put into it.

  2. Turned left at drucker and 4th then right at 4th and drucker…

    The virus just went up front personal.. I was GB oung to have the grand daughter pick up a toy. My grandson wants for his birthday… there are none.. and no clue when they will be back in stock…
    She didn’t understand. I explained it’s all made someplace else. She said so that’s why everyone is worrying about xmas already for sales.

  3. G –

    “where the real currency of humans was laughter,mirth frivolity and fun”

    Ure either a friggin genius or Ure been talking,(“harmonizing”) with some Dolphins lately. Harmonic Master those folks…

    Like my fav BerkBreathed cartoon character, Opus, laying naked in the Periwinkle..

    – coot is Naked Short the SPY. No Spreads/Strangles or Arbitrages

    Arbitraging the SPY cost lots of $ Lots of $$.

    Basic Options Arb – from Friday 4/10/20
    -1 call = 100 Shares.
    Newmont Mining/ NEM:

    Buy 1 April 50 Call at $6.50 (100×6.50=$650)

    Sell 100 Shares NEM @ 57.50 (Short Sale requires U put 30% value of Stock/$17.50)

    Exercise (same day) the Call option to Buy Stock @ 50

    Costs = – $650 for Call, + 5750, Exercise cost -5000

    coot makes $100 on the above – but the Equity coot has to put up for Short Sale is not Free.

    SPY etf is $275 per Share roughly so about $82.50 per just for the most basic Arb – it gets Expensive real fast., especially if U dont have commercial rates..margin, short interest..

    Looking for BTC and SPY to Decouple soonly – we shall see..

  4. I have several gb of the old time radio shows on a network drive here at the ranch. Check out Archive.org for all sorts of fun. My favorites are Gunsmoke, Yours Truly Johnny Dollar and Terry and the Pirates.
    The boss was not a fan in the past but I think she may be coming around….a little. Instead of, saying this makes me want to hurl, The Bachelor, The Voice or any other version of sewage that is called entertainment lately she has at least sat and listened for a few moments before heading off to some exciting time on Facebook or computer Solitaire. What a waste of the limited time we have.
    The best thing anyone can do is turn the idiocy spewer, aka TV, OFF!


  5. G – its those dam rabbits again – digging holes all over the place..

    Natuaral Medicine: volume 21, pages 1508-1513 (2015) – UNC Institutional Biosafety Committe approved experimental protocol (Project Title: generating Infectous Clones of Bat SARS – like CoVs, Lab Safety Plan ID :20145741, Schedule G IP:12279 NIH funded.

    Who/What is Battelle corp?

    Easter Bunny hole – Covfefe? mysteriuos POTUS tweet..misspelling f/u per our left coast “dumpsterpumper”.

    Cov = Covert19
    Fe= Iron
    nasty virus messes with Iron ion “process” in bloodstream – red blood cells cant carry O2. Good guess, no?

    *ZINC is Required to make Memory T-Calls in Thymus gland, with enough ZINC, exposure to ANY pathogenic bacteria OR Virus whether we are Exposed to them via vaccination or naturally from circulation in the community will produce – Memory Antibodies – that provide Lifelong Immunity. in other words ..Vaccines dont work WELL without Zinc.

    Fire Fauci…- a month ago! Evil lil goblin is rhyming Cowpox technology- harvard med =hahahaha wonder if that is where dr edward jenner learned about cowpox??

    Birx and Fauci pushing Demonrat agenda at the cost of ALL our lives and well being..FORFEIT – disconnected/inverted/upbackwards..they STINK!

  6. “Well, here’s the problem: The world is enmeshed in pandemic and depression will follow and then war. It all blows up in the end.”

    George – I was watching an interview by your buddy, Mr. Noorey, of Lyn Buchanan, a remote viewer last night – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_uAcuV5c_k. Anyway, Mr. Buchanan said he was tasked once to look at the future and report on it. The date was 2050 and he said there had been a massive die-off of people that was man-made. While that’s sad enough, though, the end result was we retained a lot of our technology and reverted to much more agrarian life styles – a much more sustainable life and population. Buchanan talked as if this may not have included a nuclear war devastated planet, which was interesting enough in itself. Could it be that we’re on the cusp of that die-off with this first pass of CV-19?

  7. [to Vaudeville music] “How can you be two places at once, when you’re not anywhere at all?” ~ Firesign Theater

    Love the ‘Nick Danger’ reference, George. Thanks! “My nostrils flared at the scent of his perfume: Pyramid Patchouli.” ~Nick Danger.

    I listened to those original vinyl albums far more than I should have back in the day. The comedy group is apparently still together and performing shows live out on the Left Coast.

    Maybe Nick Danger could investigate a few key politicians from both political parties? Certainly lots of material to work with.

    • “I listened to those original vinyl albums far more than I should have back in the day. ”

      Lol… I STILL DO….W/H

      I know who it is..Betty lou lebowski, no ….it is.. oh you mean…

      I have nostalgic moments…

      • Thanks Mr. Wackie I stand corrected LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL \

        I love that segment to.. one of my favorites.. back when there was quality radio programing.. today all you hear is c-RAP

  8. My goodness George…you redact me for telling the truth about Trump and then you rant nonsense about the news organizations that speak Only the truth about him. That is…Trump is an idiot. He is getting the treatment he deserves. In my opinion, they aren’t doing enough to blast this clown. It’s really nothing more than that. Intelligent people, organizations, and coalitions know this. They react accordingly. We are all just trying to defend our country from ruin…Trump has made America one big joke. Every time Trump speaks, I and about 70% of the worlds population throws up in their mouth a bit.

    Now…I just heard from a good friend in Dallas, via a zoom call, that Mark Cuban is seriously considering challenging Trump. It will probably be as an independent, since the evil cabal of Trump zombies won’t allow him to run as a Republican. Doesn’t matter, he is Republican and a solid fiscal conservative. He would have my vote. Many Democrats if not close to a majority would also vote for him. Not that we need another TV Star…but he is a bit different. He actually is extremely smart, driven, and a great speaker. The complete opposite of Trump. I attended a conference with him when Super Bowl 50 was in San Francisco back in 2016. I remember saying back then…why isn’t he running for President instead of Trump.

    • It’s nice to have a reputable DOCTOR, Dr. Karladine Graves, stick up for ALL of ours’ President Donald Trump. It’s nice to have FACTS over opinions.

      It’s nice to see another doctor call out they LYING Dr. Anthony Fauci!

      This is exacting in what has happened! Everyone on this blog, should take the time to watch this, so now you will know the truth!

      Now, little markie, will you watch the below video or just keep repeating your nauseous negative opinions? I wouldn’t vote for Mr. Cuban if you paid me; BARF!!!!


      • Barf or bark,
        Are you serious? That video was a joke right? Or maybe you are the joke? The heartland has really gone to hell. Sure glad I don’t live there any more. The mediocrity that you all are fed daily is sickening and causing your brains to rot.

    • At the time of our founders, we had only printed news. The writer of America’s Declaration of Independence had this to say about the media of his day – and I strongly believe his words ring rue today for the MSM at large:

      “The man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them, inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer to truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

      • Thomas Jefferson also said……“History, in general, only informs us what bad government is.”

        Too bad that we couldn’t have learn this lesson sooner!

    • “Trump is an idiot?”

      Ok. Everybody has his equally valid personal opinion,
      and that’s yours.

      But, why is this stupid guy beating liberal butt like a rented mule?

      Can you spell, “cognitive dissonance?”

      • Mr. Anon<
        He is beating liberal butt? I wouldn't be such a [redacted – g]

        I love money way too much to be a democrat and just want someone that can bring this country back together again. As dumb as George W was…he was at least a lovable lug that got my vote..[redacted – g] I get that…But…My take is that he should have never been the GOP candidate…and the GOP will suffer from that for years to come. That saddens me.

      • “I love money way too much to be a democrat and just want someone that can bring this country back together again.”

        You could have fooled me on that one.. for the past three years you have sounded like the poster boy for a socialistic society…

        This is going to sound silly…..

        But how would you want the President that you would follow proceed to put the country back together again….

        My thoughts..

        Bring industry and jobs back..
        Secure our borders
        Bring pride back to the workers in our country
        improve our tax structure.. ( we spend way to much on another countries infrastructure than on our own)the most logical way is tax incoming goods and services and put down a flat tax to everyone making a dollar.. give the national poverty level as the deduction then tax the rest lets say ten percent no deductions..
        improve our infrastructure from a failing grade to one where it is once again strong
        stop all the expensive useless wars that are bankrupting our country..

        Get our congress to go back to work for the people again..

        Hmm.. seems to me that our present administration is attempting to do all of those things and being fought tooth and nail the whole way..

      • Oh I totally forgot secure our borders from illegals.. up till this administration almost every one was asking for just that.. but since it is this administration that sought to secure our borders everyone was instantly against the idea.. chanting let them in…pay their way…

    • George, where is your redaction pen on this comment? The amount of throwing up Mark does when Trump speaks is miniscule compared to the amount many here throw up when Mark speaks. His speech could be classified as “COVID-20”, originating not from a bat but from a batty.

  9. How about this for a topic: The Federal Reserve Chairman. Remember, you mentioned this fella about 5 years ago, he dropped out of sight for a while. But because our leaders are handpicked AND passed around!!! (Ha, and you thought only women were passed around!) Lookie here, on the front pages of the daily mail today: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8212751/Feds-Kashkari-says-U-S-economy-faces-long-hard-road-recover-coronavirus.html

    I mean WHO does he think will be STANDING in 18 months????? WHAT will be left standing? WHEN will we be still standing? WHERE will we be standing? WHY will we be still standing? HOW will we be standing???

    • P.S. An 88 year old friend passed away last Thursday night; he died of OLD age. Just wanted to report a NON-Covid 19 death.

    • P.S.S.: Oh, the dear ole Small Business, one segment, the Sole Proprietor. Did you know that MOST Sole Proprietor’s are Mom and Pop shops? Oh, yes, and did you know that they do NOT have a payroll? Um, hmm….a month ago, the bill was only for small businesses in business two years or more. Then, it changed, and it was announced that it was for any small business, as long as it had been in business before January 31, 2020. ALL small businesses impacted by the COVID-19, were allowed to apply for a $10k GRANT. Oh, somehow, those rules were changed, and it became ONLY small businesses that had a payroll, and $1k per one person on the PAYROLL is eligible for a grant up to 10 people on the payroll, $10k (as well as other caveats). So, this Fed Res Chairman optimistic for our congress to ask for MORE money for small business, I just gotta laugh!!!! OH, yes, sir, nice talking points but when you dig down, you realize that the United States Government and Federal Reserve do NOT care about the small business, sole proprietor, and I don’t see how an Independent Contractor, self-employed worker, etc., can take advantage of that grant either. ALL SMOKE AND MIRRORS….Oh, and the SBA, is gonna make as many loans as it can, but these low-interest loans now CANNOT be used to retire debt that might be dragging the small business down!!!!!!!!!!!

      • “when you dig down, you realize that the United States Government and Federal Reserve do NOT care about the small business,”

        It wont be long and just like the last three bailouts you’ll start hearing about the fifty million. Dollar bonuses that numb nuts and dingle balls receives …

      • unless of course.. in the past they loved to shove it in the laborers face that they stood above them.. this time the problems affect so many many more people in every social class..
        Maybe this time because of that they won’t shove the fifty million dollar bonuses in our face.. there was a big uproar during the last time.. so I for one will be interested to see if they do it in your face style..
        My guess is if they figure they have enough power then they will…Just to prove their status in the food chain

      • I spent 3 hours today reading through Treasury information on the programs. Sole proprietors and mom & pops are eligible based on their income even if they don’t have a payroll. You can’t use proceeds for principal portion of loan payments but covers interest. If you use 75% of proceeds for payroll, don’t reduce headcount, and pay them at least 75% of their pre-Covid pay, you can apply for loan to be paid by SBA. Midwest community banks are taking applications and lending money. My 1st client was approved on Friday and will receive 1st proceeds Wednesday. Qualifying for forgiveness may be tricky given the shutdown but at 1% interest should keep them in business until we’re freed.

      • MamaLark.. around here.. if I walk in and ask for a loan and don’t have a job or an income..
        they don’t give you one.. with todays happenings.. most are delinquent on their rents and their utilities not even counting the credit card payements and other expenses the checks haven’t even hit the banks yet and landlords are freaking out and so are utility companies..I had two contact me freaking out and the payment isn’t even due yet..so it is a big deal….
        You can say.. I use to work here or there but right now how many are unemployed.. those jobs won’t come back right away.. if they had frozen the jobs and everything right away it would be just a reinsertion back into the flow.. they didn’t do that… now if your a farmer and you have a few million in collateral.. I can see them taking a gamble on you you have multiple millions in collateral.. that is what caused the huge farm crises in the late seventies easy money compounding interest…. but.. even that is iffy for the small family farmer.. then if this is a poor crop year.. and then what do you plant.. if they are smart.. they will require people to plant crops that we have been importing.. because seriously do you want to see this all happen again.. they should push to get manufacturing back at home.. as well.. so far we are dependent on another country for what we need..

      • Sorry, Mama Lark, it is not what I was told by an SBA counselor AND bank, no payroll, no EIDL grant, No PPE loan. Now a loan at 3.75% interest (not the PPE), is a different animal, but not for debts.

    • Preparation H drill my friend

      Guacamole cleared … lens em plants … 1000 yard stare again … eyes have it

      Jeepers & peepers & rocket life is good … as can … B

      Stay well Andy … In ‘n out …. mostly out ….. it’s an age thing

      C’ya down the road

    • “Cuomo for President” He will sacrifice your health & everything you own, but not his, to further his political career. Mark pointing out how low the virus numbers are in CA, makes you wonder about how much Cuomo has inflated the NY numbers to keep his face on TV. His hospital bed assessment was totally bogus. Float in a 1,000 bed Hospital Ship for 3 patients. Give Trump credit for calling out Cuomo on the NY scam.

      • NC,
        I agree with you. I don’t get why Cuomo is getting all the press, when his state is a disaster in this Pandemic. California has four times the number of flights from Asia…the largest Asian population, the most international flights of any region in the world. We were the most vulnerable. NY has handled this pandemic horribly. Why isn’t anyone talking about Gov Newsom for President? I still would rather have A Republican with a brain…but we ARE the 5th largest economy in the world with double the population of New York..sooo…

    • Prepared for… An agricultural collapse due to the arrival of another Maunder minimum style global cooling event, complete with food supply chain collapse. Rationing will ensure that supplies are equally distributed [after the troops are fed].

      Watch for it.

      Get your victory garden planted [indoors].

  10. I was wondering if you have ever read anything by a Dr. Shiva from Massachusetts.. He wrote to the President Trump with protocols for dealing with the virus.. vitamins being the key. He is running for senate in mass. worth a look.

    • Hahahah as I said about a year ago. “We are all Gullible fools.”

      The wheels on the bus go round and round. Round and round. Round and round. The wheels on the bus go round and round. Round and round. Round and round.


      • “Hahahah as I said about a year ago. “We are all Gullible fools.”

        You know Andy…Thirty years ago.. I overheard a senator tell another candidate to “just give everyone a 1,2,3 speech they are all dumb as sheep and will believe anything you tell them”.. the sad part to all of this is..
        the Senator and you are right on the money..

      • we rehire people that have proven for decades that they have poor work ethics and can’t get the job done or that they can do anything that the voters would like to do much less the right thing…. over and over… yet they put their name back in to be elected.. hire a speech writer.. Look at JB.. if you watch when he is asked something important he acts like an uninformed mumbling idiot without a clue on anything….



    • “Ship of fools” wasn’t good enough? ;-) Everyone is a know it all and everyone knows nothing. In the end, you drop dead of a heart attack and someone will say a few nice things about you, buries you on the cheap, and forgets you ever existed. JMHO!

  11. The Big Lie.

    The concept originated in a more nuanced framework. The idea is that normal people do not tell big lies. They tell each other little lies. Little people, little lies.

    Big people take advantage of this. They know little people will think “there is no way someone could tell such a big lie”. Hence, big people, big lies.

    This often (incorrectly) gets shortened into “if you tell it often enough”… but that is another problem entirely. That is not the Big Lie. More akin to confirmation bias, people like to know what they “know”. So if they’ve heard it enough, it’s safe to say they know it, along with the other fish caught on the hook they are hanging eyeball to eyeball with. Misery loves company?

  12. George,
    -I waded through all the obligatory Rightwing cheerleading in order to get to the economics stuff, but there was none today. All that “P.R.” tire you out?
    -But I did see that apparently you’re down with the NYT when they’re harming Biden, but don’t like them when they’re documenting Trump’s leading from behind on Virus preparations.
    -How many of trillions of dollars more do we have to add to the national debt because he wanted to keep the numbers down? Best, Mike.

  13. “Trump was under extreme fire for cutting off flights from China when it became clear the outbreak was breaking-out.”

    Leadership means standing up and not cowering to public opinion or pandering for reelection… Can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. (former Trump supporter)


    There are no good alternatives, so in a word… “we’re f**ked!”

    • “There are no good alternatives, so in a word… “we’re f**ked!”

      My thoughts exactly Stew

    • Yeah the Governor of Hawaii wanted to cut off overseas arrivals also, but couldn’t on State authority. Petitions to the Federal DOT were mired down. Finally the Gov. declared a 14 day quarantine… at personal costs… for all incoming arrivals. And still they come…

  14. Don’t look now, but as soon as intervention is required for short term survival on the planet Earth, long term survival will be impossible.

  15. When we watched the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989,who could have imagined that it would be rebuilt 31 years later by these USA Democratic Governors?

  16. Further to Andy’s comments the other day… Hawaii IS NOT THE ‘SAFE’ PLACE TO BE… rich or otherwise! Lets review: Mandatory 14 day quarantine for all airline arrivals. 14 day quarantine for all Inter-island travel also (medical and essential workers excepted) All public beaches, parks, and non essential businesses are closed.

    Yet still a few hundred idiots a week arrive, thinking they are gonna have a good time in ‘paradise’. Nope! Here’s a couple standouts from the past week. Two apparently homeless persons arrived at HNL International with no place to stay… seemingly thinking this was a good place to ‘beach it’. They were held at the airport. A visitor aid organization paid for their immediate return tickets and they were put on the next flight back to LAX from whence they came.

    Another Honolulu resident (who should have known better) summoned his girlfriend from Virginia and met her at the airport. They immediately transferred interisland to Kauai. Upon Kauai arrival they informed authorities they would quarantine at a local hotel. Upon later quarantine check it was found they were unknown at the hotel. APB and the local police found them on a beach at Princeville. They were arrested and placed under house arrest at a hotel with police monitoring. Also face up to a $5k fine.

    Governor complains that he is unable to stop arrivals… only quarantine them. One local health official commented that continuing to allow visitor arrivals with weak quarantine was like having a ‘designated pee-ing area in the swimming pool’.

    Don’t come to Hawaii, folks! Not safe here, and you WILL be locked down here too. Nothing to see here.

    Stay tuned for the daily Hawaii statistics below as they become available.

    • That isn’t Nice WD…. I personally like Marks comments..
      You forget his perspective is so very important.. hes smart.. he’s quick.. he knows his business and he sees the world from a completely different perspective..
      I for one want to see that view from the other perspective.. if all your looking at looks the same.. pretty soon you think its the same….and you are blinded by not being able to visualize it from the opposite end.. I live at the bottom of the social classes of society.. from my point of view all I see is Azzholes..and Shiztheads.. the beevus and buttheads of the world pulling the strings of fate…. the world takes on that perspective.. to get the glimpse of the world around us from the opposite end is welcomed big time..
      Its all in the perspective..


      we all need to be able to see the image from all sides…

      • Really, LOOB, you need Mark for that? You, the incredible reader of a ten thousand books??? Jimminy Christmas! His view is all over the news all of the time, everywhere, from coast to coast and across the world, constantly, drilling down in heads. Him coming here, with a VIEW point that aligns perfectly with all of that is not a view point it’s propaganda. So, big deal he’s a big shot in real estate, who cares…really, who cares? His negative bloviating and nastiness is what stinks up this board, and he repeats himself day after day. Every now and then he has a guest writer, some knock off, that writes his long articles with all of the lists and ya’ll fall for it like he’s some kind of news king…gosh, I really thought this board had better senses, like intuition, and common sense than that! Ya’ll are chasing an emperor, and he ain’t got no clothes.

      • If you have an issue with someone not being “nice” to Mark, why haven’t you had an issue with Mark’s continual insults to anyone here whose opinion differs from his, occasionally including George? Why haven’t you found fault with his derogatory comments about those who live between the coasts, such as this one from today:

        “The heartland has really gone to hell. Sure glad I don’t live there any more. The mediocrity that you all are fed daily is sickening and causing your brains to rot.”

        Not everyone on this blog shares the same views, which is as it should be, but most are respectful enough of each other to disagree in a civil manner. Mark is not one of these and he deserves every knock he gets.

      • “the incredible reader of a ten thousand books???”

        Well GOOTB… Well actually It might be a page or two more than that and no where near as many and a woman I know.. she has me beat by a long shot…. LOL… But yes.. what I read.. is past tense and the opinions of someone else during a different time period lots to learn….On the other hand Mark is in todays time period.. right now I personally don’t see any reason why lowering our standards through insults would be productive…. sure he gets a little snooty at times but I accept that as being a trait associated to his position in society and is accepted as just the fault of living at the top and the illusions of grandeur.. the look down is much different than the look up..people at the top usually worry that everyone at the bottom is wanting to be them.. which in some cases is very true… I use to have a gentleman in the Big B club that I met..when he came by our area to do business everyone would line up like leaches.. the same with celebrities.. those that are loosing that usually are the ones that wear the fish net and peacock feathers….
        the stance I was applying to is that Even though there are those that have that lower opinion to others.. isn’t any reason to lower ourselves to their level.
        Mark on the other hand is very successful.. with his liberal stance I just haven’t decided if the success was because of family involvement in the beginning.. or that he was just in the right place at the right time.. had a mentor that guided him in his quest…( I once listened to a member of the B club telling his grandson how to become one.. and then guided him in his quest to get there by backing him..I of course asked if he would adopt me LOL)
        The thing is Marks view is way different than what I see.. what is a no brainer decission is seen quite different .. and seeing it in todays atmosphere..
        the rest of the view of those laborers as being substandard I overlook because he obviously wouldn’t ever survive in the laborer status of society..
        There isn’t any reason why we should be Lowering your standards .

  17. The REASONS not to come to Hawaii. Stats from HDOH:
    Total cases: 504 (5 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 40
    Honolulu County: 352
    Kaua’i County: 21
    Maui County: 86
    Pending: 3
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 2
    equired Hospitalization: 44
    Hawaii deaths: 9
    Released from Isolation: 315
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, April 13, 2020

  18. The ages old Belgian Walloon vs. Flemish turtle race may offer insight into your Donkey vs. Elephant conundrum – a stubborn overabundance of navel gazing while Rome burns.

    There was fleeting mention on the weekend news here about a riot in a suburb of the EU capital, Brussels. It seems a predominantly white police force chased a checkpoint evading scooter driver in the mostly muslim suburb of Anderlecht, resting place of St. Gideon. The scooter occupant died when he collided with a police car. Several dozen youth appeared for the resulting street riot according to “The Brussels Times”. Separately, an anarchist group blogged on “enoughisenough14 dot org” that several hundred youth responded to social media summons resulting in burnt cars, thrown rocks, and theft of a police firearm.

    Note to self: check stockpile of belgian chocolate…

    • The CBC is reporting this afternoon that one of two ship operators supplying The Rock, the island of Newfoundland, in the supply chain from Montreal will tie up its ships without immediate federal aid. Their bread and butter automobile freight shipments have dried up and food shipments alone are not covering the bills.

      The report suggests that shipped in food items are typically stockpiled to meet a retailer five day demand window…

  19. Wouldn’t it serve US better, if the people running TV would give us the numbers of people infected and/or dead on a daily basis, give this information to US as a percentage of the polulation living in that particular neighborhood? Why is there no demand for this intelligent convenience?

  20. Sweden faces stricter quarantine as PM admits measures were ‘not good enough’ – while Austria is set to begin easing lockdown and Denmark gets ready to reopen schools…

    …Stefan Lofven, Sweden’s prime minister, said today that after taking a ‘flexible’ approach to restricting movements within its borders, the country’s coronavirus measures were ‘not good enough’.


    Bear in-mind the each Scandinavian country’s total population is less than that of NYC…

    • He is probably right to this is a tough one.. I am personally upping my zinc and vitamin c regimen. I visit with someone from Sweeden every day for a little bit..and from what she has said.. they are dealing with it the same way we are.. and the people are reacting the same way the people here are.. some don’t think its a threat others do.. she does personal shopping and deliveries.. drops it at the door rings the bell and leaves.. the same way they are doing it here to..

  21. I know I sound like a broken record. I’m processing so much stuff I’m having a hard time being present in my own life. I went and ran 5 miles today. Turned off my phone for a while and just sat still. Try to turn off my mind. Lol

    Anyway, the Earthquake thing may be a distraction. I just get soooo much info pointing to two massive EQ’s. So much of it. On 04/18 we pass the point of no return. I think they are gonna let everyone go back to work etc and then another strain way worse will be released. Under the guise of a mutation. Covid #10, then they will lock down the nation. And make their first attempt at mass vaccination. It’s hard a choice. Get vaccination and chiped/molecular tattoo or starve.

    Sometime in May. The second strain release will be the undoing of Trump. They will blame him for opening everything up.

    Military wise, our navy will be sick and our soldiers. Could be looking at assistance from other nations military as “foreign aid” and “NATO assistance” to help with the sick and keep the peace.

    Yada yada.

    We are right in schedule.

  22. To further clarify the Dyngus Day festivities, boys were let into the girls’ house before the girls woke up by the girl’s Father, and it was perfume they threw over the girls, not water. Sort of an old-school pre-courting ritual.

    This is the Buffalo School of Polish traditions, YMMV in Chicago (from whence our Easter Kielbasa originated) or Greenpoint, Brooklyn, or other Polish enclaves.

    Provenance: The Lovely Mrs Wizard is pureblood 3rd-Gen Polish from the BuffaBurbs.

    And as far as Payback Day goes… they do make us marry them. I’ve had near 38 years of Payback Days, so don’t tell her I said that!

  23. YUP… its definatly option 3 that is on the table LOL LOL .. Just as I thought it would roll out to.. god its hard to be humble at times.
    If he does it..well it could just be his George Bush Jr..Katrina moment… Obviously he wants to keep the velocity of money up… like everyone else his fortune is spinning down the shizter.. he didn’t freeze anything as you would have had to do in option 1 so the velocity like compounding interest and everyone else that is seeing the catastrophic losses whining at him is what is forcing its hand.. those on top are seeing the negative effects.. and want to get it rebooted as quickly as possible so they push.. he is in the personal services industry himself and the negative finances is showing its hand with his money as well…. where if he had frozen everything then it would have stayed the same….just walk in and start back up where you left off.. instead option 2 was played but like the last three that I know of. ( am sure there are more) they tossed crumbs to the people and gold at those on top.. this time was obviously different a whole new uncharted territory.. Now the running in circles pulling hair out because of the negative impacts of option 2 are hitting everyone.. I am sure they are crying and whining and yelling what do we do what do we do everything we have is spinning down the drain.. LOL.. gotta give it some thought.. but having been in that spiraling vortex of finances.. I have seen it up close and personal.. I was being prepped for surgery just getting ready to be given the anesthesia and was told by the anesthesiologist that my uncle.. what uncle pulled the iv out and got up off of the gurney and left to take care of the mess.. it shocked everyone.. Hes at his your uncle called moment.. he sees his fortune going down the drain to…so the panic is real.. it is eating him up inside.. he wants to get the velocity back up as fast as he can retain some of what he has left.. without really thinking about it.. OK so the creepy JB supporters.. well watch him.. HES A F…ing IDIOT.. he acts like a mumbling fool that doesn’t have a clue on anything trying to turn the opinion against DJT … but isn’t willing to say anything because if he says one thing.. he torks off the real money that goes to him.. if he says the other he torks off all the voters and laborers and shows his true colors. Trump is at least dealing with it.. a little paniced but hey I was to when I was in his shoes..well we all are sort of at this moment…..so JB mumbles some incoherant shizt.. LOL LOL pardon my opinion but that is how I see it.. no fancy speech writer is going to get you out of this one on the cuff..
    DJT has been very presidential up to this point. I see the panic I have been through the death spiral I know how it feels.. how hard it is to deal with.. He should have gone Option 1 Large and in charge moment.. right away everybody would hate you but when it was time to reboot.. everyone still had the same job the same everything just starting back up as if nothing ever happened.. remember we live in a service oriented consumption country not an industrial one…. he maybe still could.. but it will be a tough one to do.. pushing the velocity back in motion to early definately could be his Katrina moment..
    but hey who am I.. most of everyone heres lunch money is what we make in a year…. but then.. this situation doesn’t have anything to do with the velocity of cash of an individual.. its the perspective of what I see.. most people at the bottom the death spiral is all to real..happens often.. and is always a bad time..It happens at the top to but not as often..and usually ends up with the closing of a business..


    • Nobody hated Gov Newsom or Mayor Breed, when they Became the first shut down the State and the Bay Area economy. That’s because it’s not about them or their popularity, or their ratings…It was about saving lives first. California is a model for the rest of the country in so many ways. We will be the first state to lift our SIP. The first to get back to normal. Because those leaders had balls to risk a minority outcry from state Rep dumbsh#*’s like Devin Nunes and Kevin McCarthy, the nations largest economy by far will once again bail out America and make us solvent again. Thank you very much….with [redacted].

      • I think the problem is .. People are pushing wanting to get the velocity of money moving along.. I drive around and see empty parking lots stores closed.. many unable to pay their rent or any of the other expenses..
        So the more numbers you have on a sheet of paper the more you want to keep those numbers.. our country is all about the business model.. the velocity of cash.. it has slowed immensly.. we are in totally uncharted waters here.. they picked option two because I am sure they thought that they could keep the velocity going and option 1 would have stopped everything.. the number changes .. now as they see the numbers in free fall.. it is scary.. the same as the ten million dollar loaf of bread that is coming.. a months wages for sandwhiches.. this situation I think should have been dealt with out the number changes.. everyone stays on the same level they were.. To push the society back to soon with a killer virus around will be one of the worst things anyone could do..
        I am glad I am not in his shoes.. or the one to make any of the decisions..
        the money will more than likely be totally worthless in a very short time.. how will they convince the world.. well lets see.. take bitcoin.. oh this is the best.. yet you can’t wipe with it.. its a number in an imaginary world of the web.. people going through this today will always make sure they have extra in the pantry.. if food is the thing.. landlords tossing people out on the streets have to find more people to fill those spots with the funds they are looking for..
        totally uncharted territory..

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