Urban Pandemic Prepping: Seeds & Ozone

Out here in the Outback of East Texas, we are continuing with prepping for a global pandemic.  As of Friday, the numbers were edging up toward 10,000 cases and 200 dead.  A modest 2.1-percent fatality rate, except for a few asterisks.

One is that the disease can take up to 14-days to present symptoms and, during that time, a person can be communicable.

What’s more, this means (in Ure’s simple way of calculating) that in order to understand the fatality rate, we need to look more at four or five-day ago  cases and current day  fatalities.

Economic Wreckage

Some basic blocking and tackling questions here:

  1. Are you in a hurry to go out for Chinese food?
  2. Looking forward to that concert in May, still?
  3. How about signing up for an early fall cruise line excursion?
  4. Or, going out to a movie theater, perhaps?

You can see the handwriting on the wall:  As my consigliere pointed out when we chattered this week,  “UrbanSurvival readers begin projecting realistic outcomes within a few  days of an event.  Markets take anywhere from 10-14 days to get real.  And the general public?  Sadly, there will be some who never get up to speed.”

We can already begin to pencil-in some ideas about the future, though.  The biggest – and scariest – is that Peak Tech may be here.

While some of our Bay Area readers may disagree, we point to Boeing which just launched the 777-X into flight testing.  Having worked with some of the folks at BCAC when my airline was buying 737-300’s in the mid 1980s, and realizing Boeing’s considerable modeling power (anyone else remember BoeingCalc?) we can look at pandemic stats and wonder how long the 777-X program will remain alive?

With the cruise ship being quarantined this week with 6,000 passengers and crew in the Med, who wants to go on  an ocean voyage to far-away places?  Show of hands, please?

Two purchases as we continue to spread-out our pandemic prepping.

The first:  30-thousand non-GMO heritage veggie seeds,  34-varieties.  Fresher food, easier to pick and eat than go to the store and gamble.

This pandemic is a great opportunity to take up container gardening. I’m suggesting that you look into at least putting in a get-by bunch of plants and spending the 15-minutes a day it takes to keep a garden going.

Two “Texas secrets.”  Start plant indoors or in the greenhouse on the heating mats so they are 2-3 inches when last frost date comes along in March here.

Second, when set out, put a ton of mulch around them.

I’ve already made plans for running pine needles and leaves through the electric shredder…the more mulch,; the merrier and the less water use.

Also, people around here don’t give a rip about having no competing plants.  Many in the Outback toss out seedling (letting them fend as Nature intended) and let them grow with other plants (grasses and weeds) because some of our fellow Order of the Red Neck observed over a century back:  God doesn’t send out gardeners!  Yet we still see plants all over…must be about harmonizing!

Another Pandemic Prep?  Picked up another Ozone generator.  This is a super high-output unit.

To be sure, ozone generators are not well-understood by most people.  There are two primary types:  Ozone generation by light (UV-C) and by high voltage electrical discharge.

In visualizing how they work, think of it like they “burn” air and in the process change O2 into O3.  O3 is very much more corrosive, anti-bacteria and antiviral.

I happen to have had an ozone machine much of the time since I was young due to severe asthma.  The Ozone generator I had was just like the one’s acquired on eBay in past years.

First, a word (or several) about the effects of Ozone.  Good and bad.

The bad first:

  • Ozone is very corrosive to many plastics and rubber compounds.  If you have something out of rubber or latex and you want to assure long use, keep it out of ultra-violet light and pass on ozone.
  • Ozone in high enough doses can be a lung irritant.  Also not good.

The good?

  • As one Abstract (late 2019) on PubMed.gov reported:  “Oxidation therapies have shown an extremely high safety profile, lacking credible reports of significant injury beyond vein irritation. Ozone therapy, the most studied and least expensive to perform, is in itself a germicide, not an antibiotic, and improves several physiological parameters essential for infection defense. Recent reports indicate very favorable responses to both bacterial and viral disease, inclusive of Ebola. Despite lack of commercial profitability (not patentable), medicine would do well to revisit its pre-antibiotic era oxidation therapy roots, especially ozone in the current crisis.”
  • Besides treating the air, ozone also induces a charge on dust,  such that dust particles become charged, cling to one-another, and then fall out of the air weighing more.

Not everyone will want to spend $85 on a generator like the Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator 6,000mg Industrial O3 Air Purifier Deodorizer Sterilizer (6,000mg – Black) that we did.

If you do get ozone unit, either use the timer OR get a cycling timer so it runs for a few minutes, one an hour.  The high output ozone is for getting rid of room odors and such.  Point being?  Use with an abundance of caution.

Now, one more point about ozone:  There has been some suggestion that controlled amounts of ozone may have a role in certain types of aging.  A 2020 paper (again, on PubMed) offers a report  called “Controlled ozone therapy modulates the neurodegenerative changes in the frontal cortex of the aged albino rat.”  To the best of our knowledge, this research is the first attempt to investigate whether the antioxidant properties of O3 can ameliorate age-associated structural alterations of the cerebral cortex.”

What’s more, this is not the sole indicator that there “may be somethingc there” with this ozone stuff:  ” Moreover, this study clarified that O3 exerted its effects via reducing oxidative stress, apoptosis, gliosis as well as improving neurogenesis and cholinergic plasticity. This work added to the previously proved aging – associated neurodegenerative effects and provided a new insight into the promising role of O3 to ameliorate these effects..”

Since we have always had ozone units around (they’re why we didn’t have mildew on our sailboat, right?) we use them with some confidence.

But in our Pandemic Preps – in addition to buying a lot of garden seeds, we have plans to put store-bought goods in a confined space and flood it with ozone and come back in a few hours, or we may set up a small room for longer-term treatment of packaged goods.

One last place where the ozone machine may be useful:  You will remember I had some problems last year with mold in my greenhouse.

Well, guess what ozone kills?  Yep, mold.


To clarify:  I don’t stay in the room with the high output unit on.  I run the unit for a while to “shock” a room, and then when it’s off, I go in.  Freshness remains but the ozone dissipates.  We will set up a “shock space” for groceries, but we won’t be in with them.

Another point:  Ozone kills things like foam rubber.  I know because when I ran a lot of ozone on the boat, it tornb up (*as in made crumbly) the foam rubber gaskets on a couple of port holes.

Whether it’s good for plants – as a gas – is questionable, although in low doses, I might be trying a few things.  There is some reduction in wheat output, but the data varies by region and in field settings, who knows what other factors are in play?

On the other hand, down the road, ozonated water does seem to have some application with one report, here, talking about 39-40% greater fruit (tomatoes in this study) bearing.

We like numbers like that…it’s just my old brain cells aren’t ready to figure out how to generate 4.0 mg/L water out of it.

A Word About Thieves Oil

You are likely, if you hop around the ‘net enough, to run into people yammering about how Thieves Oil can be great for pandemic times.

Well, yes…and no.

The yes part first:  Thieves oil is believed to have had its origins in the Black Palgue that swept across  Europe beginning in 1346.  It was bubonic plague and the natural reservoir (origin vector if you’re taking epidemiology) was fleas.  Any animal, but particularly people’s (dirty, no hot water to speak of) clothing could have food residues on it and therefore, shaking rats out of clothing was not uncommon.  Where there were rats, there were fleas. Flea meant plague…

The story goes that when people died, enterprising thieves found they would not get any of the bubonic rats coming toward their persons IF they put on a pungent-smelling mix of several essential oils.  The list includes Clove, Cinnamon Bark (a woof will do, lol), Lemon Oil, Rosemary, and Eucalyptus.  Carrier can be water or witch hazel.

My buddy Gaye Levy has a whole article on making the “Thieves-like” stuff (as a preventative) over on here Strategic Living Blog site here.  Smells great, but unlike to have any effect on coronavirus.

Other recipes go heavier on one ingredient, or another, but Gaye’s oil proportions are just fine.  As in many essential oil mixes, a bit of variance (to your own nose) is expected.  If you look around her site, you’ll find high quality sources for essential oil.

Main things to remember are:this is a modest protectant for fleas at best.  What  evolved from a rat and flea repellant.  Doesn’t do a lot for someone hacking andf sneezing in the QuikiMart or elevator.  N100 mask and eye protection are what you want.  And a 50:1 bottle of bleach solution.  And no air travel…and…..

Second thing (and this is first-hand experience from out in the shop last year):  Eucalyptus and Clove oil (cheaper stuff from Amazon) watered down 1 part 50-50 oils to 20 parts water does a marvelous job of keeping the shop free of mud-daubers and flying insects. (“Daubers” are large mud nest-building wasps, if you’ve never been south of I-90 and west of I-45.)

Essential oils are powerful stuff and they work well for certain purposes.  But are they “Wuhan worthy?”  Naw.  But at least you’re not likely to get fleas!  And in a diffuser?  Smell pretty good, though I prefer a mix of frankincense and lavender.

Always something new, huh?

Last point:  10-minutes of the b ig ozone machine in the shop and smells like an operating room.  So much for the keyboard…I need to get out to the shop and operate!

Write when you get rich,


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  1. Late frost? A thing that I was used to, when living in a frost area, was to set out my plants in a shallow trench so the plant tops were just a bit lower than the trench hight. A surprise frost and most of my plants survived while my farmer market buddy had a lost and had to replant.

    Just a thought and hopefully it will benefit someone.

  2. There have been reports out of China for about a week the dead are going direct to crematoriums and are NOT being counted among the dead. I have read that a few think it is actually nipah- (spelling?) a 50-75% kill rate and others a bioengineered weapon gotten loose.???

    • I ran the numbers out this morning b asked on the deaths reported yesterday and 5-days back. At 25 new deaths and 5-day old confirmed cases, the mortality was over 9%. Just saying: It’s showing up in numbers now and it is NOT good.

      • The latency of the mortality figures has a massive effect on the mortality rate, when coupled with the exponential growth rates in the public data. You are assuming a 5 day latency. If the latency is really 14 days, or even 21 days, the mortality rate is going to start to look more like SARS or even HIV levels. The low mortality is potentially a statistical error based on the use of simple algebraic extrapolations, rather than the use of differential equation-based transfer functions with real time data feeds, like the Federales should be using. This would explain the ramp up in military involvement. I’ve noticed that counts for individuals who have fully recovered are no longer showing up in the ZH posts. I wonder if the recovered have full immune system function?

    • I read about the cremation policy this morning so it is probably true. I did not see an explanation for the urgency.

      I suspect the reason can be found at https://capcom.fandom.com/wiki/Zombie_(Resident_Evil). After infection, zombies need 3 days to a week to gestate before being reanimated. Sigh. It’s a matter of time before AMC starts running “The Walking Dead” marathons…

      Sounds silly, but is it?

  3. We have a UV unit installed in the duct work that is reported to kill mold and fungus to lessen the chance of those being circulated in the house, as told by the HVAC company. (They wouldn’t have lied, would they?)
    Regardless, I brew up garlic tincture… a lot of it. Garlic has properties that are anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and act as an antioxidant to boot. Raw, peeled, garlic gloves in half a glass container then fill the remaining space up with vodka. Allow to ‘brew’ for about five weeks as the alcohol leeches out all that goodness from the garlic. Dosage is five to six drops mixed with a bit of water if you feel you are coming down with the ‘clunkass’. I do that twice daily if I am actually sick. Oh, you can also enjoy drinking the excess vodka not needed to fill the jar!
    I also cook up some elderberry syrup in my Instant Pot pressure cooker. Take a Tbl of that each morning. Just trying to be more self-sufficient and not have to rely on “the system”.

    • I’ll give you odds that with some pickle juice (dill, Claussens) 5-drops of Worcestershire, and 1/3 cut of Clamato, that two shots of that tincture would be a fine afternoon on the screen porch drink…

    • Hi George, If you think garlic works as a natural anti bacterial anti viral why would you say “Thieves Oil” does not work? Have you actually tried using Thieves Oil when coming down with something?
      The essential oils are much more than a smelly deterrent. Lemon oil kills virus on contact. I think the numbers were 99% of bacteria and viruses on contact. Personally up here in Montana it has been the best! Used it for years every time the grand kids come over bringing me germs from school! It works.

  4. I’m going to throw up a caution on the ozone generators:


    Different people have a different tolerance for ozone. Personally, I have a device in my home which LOWERS ozone levels. Out where G____ is, one isn’t constantly involuntarily exposed to ozone as a smog component. I’m close enough in to a metropolitan center to be in air quality alert areas on a regular basis.

    I would suggest as an alternative to ozone, that readers consider filters as an alternative. https://www.allergybuyersclub.com/ is good place to start the research. The only filters that are rated for viruses that I am aware of are N100 & P100 PPE filters, and the medical grade HEPA filters like an IQAir:


    The good filters can be loud and replacement filters are very expensive.

    There is an alternate to the filters in the form of thermal or ultraviolet sterilizers. I stay away from the UV units because I am trying to lower the ozone levels in my place. Air sterilizers are particularly good in areas with endemic mold problems.This is an example of a simple convective thermal unit, with no moving parts:


    Filters for the home furnace have improved performance on small particles, but I am dubious of performance with virus-sized pathogens:


    These filters work well for allergies, and are a lot cheaper than roll-around HEPA filters. Comments I have heard about the uneven pleating don’t seem to be valid in actual use.

    In a real out-of-control pandemic situation, you will need to set up a place to remove shoes, filters and yes, clothing, prior to walking in the house. Having a filter in that decontamination zone would be a smart move. Take the filter off last.

    Last comment which is common for UV generators, air filters, air purifiers, and air sterilizers is that they all require electric power to operate. There are a couple of small 12VDC unit on the market:



    • Excellent points! I mainly us the high output unit to “shock” a room = don’t run when in the room. The idea is we will have a room where the groceries (cans and such) will be wiped down with bleach and then 24-hours of ozone shock to oxidize any viruses…

      • That would be something to consider doing in a dedicated decontamination area, which doesn’t share HVAC ducts with the house. Maybe a commercial room filter with a UV sterilizer would work there as an alternative. MMM… something to add to the punch-list. Or maybe buy a new filter for the house and roll the old filter to the decon area. Partitioning the garage (or shop) with plastic sheeting at an exterior/interior entrance juncture would work for a decon area. I had suspected that you were gathering materials for a decon room project, but weren’t quite ready to admit it publicly. Or maybe it was just a reading comprehension problem on my part.

        I punched the go button before I proofread the last two paragraphs of my post above. Here are some corrections:

        Having a ROOM filter in that decontamination zone would be a smart move. Take off the PPE filter, then gloves last when decontaminating. There isn’t enough public info on how long the virus remains active to comment on clothes laundering yet.

        Also, I meant to post the mini vehicle filter instead of the room filter twice:


        I saw a report that the US military was setting up a 1000 bed quarantine facility. Forcing local US civilian medical facilities to handle quarantine with local funding is a massive logistical error. This really is a military border issue. The pictures of the new Chinese quarantine facilities look like death row isolation cubes.

      • n____, I wasn’t going to chide Mark, but we have a number of quarantine and re-integration facilities built specifically for American citizen-refugees who’re fleeing an overseas pandemic or bio-agent. There are two on the West coast — one in Ontario, and one in SanFran. Both areas spawned huge, spontaneous protests, regarding that flight of 222 refugees from the kill zone. The refugee flight (mostly diplomats and their families, BTW) went through an initial screening in Alaska, but by the time they’d re-embarked for CONUS, Kalifornia let it be known they’d not be allowed to land or disembark at SFO or LAX (the metro areas, not just the airports.) Ergo, they ended up as guests of the US Military, in a hastily-outfitted quarantine/screening facility.

    • “I’m going to throw up a caution on the ozone generators:
      Different people have a different tolerance for ozone.”

      the one that I use to sterilize a room. I only run for twenty minutes to an hour with the doors closed…. then let it air out for a half hour before you go back into it… just because of that reason.. the same with the water filter.. I ozone the water but have a degassing chamber..


      the room air systems.. are good but small enough that they don’t emit a huge amount of ozone..most of those have a small ozone unit in them but has a large amount of air that is filtered through carbon filters to remove dust etc..


  5. The Thieves blend that you speak of was not used to keep fleas away, but to protect the thieves as they robbed the graves of the plague ridden bodies of the dead. The ingredients in this blend protect from flu, candida, colds, sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, coughs, strep, sore throats, and many other things. I know personally someone who uses is successfully to stop MRSA. It is considered anti-plague. The best blend of all is sold by a company called Young Living. Their blends are the most powerful I have ever used. Quite expensive but well worth the money. You can order the thieves spray from Amazon. It is truly amazing stuff. Do not under estimate these powerful essential oils, nor make lightly of them. I have seen Thieves work with my own eyes. If you people are so afraid of this new virus I highly recommend thieves from Young Living……….

  6. Right now I don’t believe in the pandemic because death seems to be isolated to China. We’ll know for sure after the Super Bowl, bleat. Authorities would not want to ruin the Super Bowl, bleat bleat.

    Do any of you personally know any casualties?

    I do think the “pandemic” will be used as a catalyst/diversion to reorder the financial system.

    Everyone posting here should be aware of the occult themes in the Super Bowl.

    Speaking of Super Bowls – today is a rare day. It’s the 33rd day of the year w/333 days left in the year. Today’s date is a Palindrome day. 02-02-2020.

    Sunday, 02/02/2020, is a rare palindrome day across the globe

    “According to USA Today, the last time this happened was 909 years ago on November 11,1111. Also known as 11/11/1111.”


    • Superbowl 2020: West Coast vs. America’s Breadbasket. How many people of affluence (and influence) will travel to this game and unwittingly get something special for their effort?

    • What about December 31st, 1321?
      Or January 2nd, 2010?
      And November 2nd, 2011?

  7. Great minds think alike!

    LAST week I was researching more on ozone generators and ordered a high output one with guaranteed quick delivery. I had the same idea for disinfecting buildings(and packages), with a side benefit of killing mold and other nasties. Being a DIY sort, I know I could cobble up one from a high voltage power supply and some plates, but that’s time consuming and not calibrated. I did what George did and just ordered one. I’ll probably get another one or two since I can see supply chain disruptions for almost everything. I also bought a UV-C sterilizing lamp. Be really careful with this – it emits actinic rays. I’d avoid using either on seeds though.

    Ozonating water is considered better than chlorinating for disinfection purposes. Ozone is a serious oxidant – not anti-oxidant, though apparently it can induce endogenous anti-oxidants in the body. Living here in God’s country(well over a mile elevation), I see what the natural ozone does to spark plug wires and rubber – not pretty. Everything in moderation….

    Remember that corona discharge ozone generators lose some efficiency in high humidity and UV types don’t. Either work well if you factor that in. Unfortunately, there’s no cheap and accurate ozone meter available.

    • Ditto…weird!

      I am turning my screened porch temporarily into an enclosed porch — got two sides done in cheap, waterproof paneling today (figured working on it was of more benefit then watching the Super Bowl.) I ordered an ozone generator for it yesterday (already have the dehumidifier) and will build a quarantined pass through for deliveries to keep the UPS driver’s feet off my floor. If this ick isn’t the “pandemic killer” it’s being hyped to be (‘cuz aren’t they all, so-hyped?), the next one might be, and I’m still in-and-out, paying the bills.

  8. Some observations and a question in reference to n100/p100 disposable masks:

    I noticed that here in the southern Atlantic region there are no masks to be had.
    That being the case the advice to not reuse any masks is a little on the silly side.
    Just how many masks to these government talking heads think people have on hand??

    So I started wondering about spraying the mask surface with colloidal silver and letting it dry between uses. It would seem to me to greatly extend the useful life of such masks.

    Anybody have any experience with this?

    I’m not sure about using the ozone generator to ‘shock’ the filters between use due to how rapidly it breaks down many materials.

  9. Essential oils: Anti-microbial, antihelminthic, antiviral, anticancer and anti-insect properties

    Essential Oils, A New Horizon in Combating Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance

    Antimicrobial Properties of Plant Essential Oils against Human Pathogens and Their Mode of Action: An Updated Review https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5206475/

    Essential oils to fight superbugs

  10. George,

    George Noory CoastTOCoast show (which you have been on) had a guest a couple of nights ago name of Don Trumbull who discussed EMP defense or lack thereof in the USA.


    I don’t always listen to George Noory as he has some woo woo guests on that can certainly out woo woo some of your woo woos BUT if your readers want something to take their mind off the current Coronavirus pandemic scare, this subject can certainly do that. Very scary!

    P.S. I know your readers would forgive you if you took a day off every week to relax and enjoy some hot toddies with your wonderful wife but thank your for another educational and entertaining report today.

    • He’s had several. Bill Forstchen started appearing on c2cAM years before he wrote “One Second After,” when he was just a Carolina nutter who occasionally gave speeches to Congress. I’ve long believed Forstchen wrote the book (and its sequel) because the only Congresscritters who took him seriously were a Congressman from Florida and a Senator from Oklahoma.

      SafeState appears to me to be just another survivalporn site. IMO you’d be better served by reading Jim Rawles’ SurvivalBlog…

      • “One Second After,”

        Thanks Ray.. its been a long time since I read that book.. I loved it then I will enjoy it again..

  11. Along the lines of how you process groceries in an ozone atmosphere, I put any non-perishable items aside in a quarantine for 3-4 days. Viruses have limited viability outside a host and from what I have researched, 20 minutes to a couple of days is sufficient for most of them other than Norovirus. Perishable/refrigerated things are wiped down with disinfecting wipes/bleach/alcohol to the degree possible. I have an autoimmune condition and I have had to become paranoid about avoiding “bugs”.

    Perhaps a medical expert could comment on or correct my methods.

  12. I just buy the 93% rubbing alcohol put it in spray bottles squirt and mist that around in a room and on any items that I want to disinfect including fresh vegetables and then leave the room otherwise you’ll pass out.
    Also keep a bottle of the spray at the front door and the back door ,anytime you come in or leave or someone has just came up deliver package, spray,spray spray, like a skunk..

    • also the 93 percent alcohol in the spray bottle can be used to ward off wild animals or unruly people.,,,instead of gun at the door ,,alcohol eye blinding , ,,,alcohol breath taking,,
      Skunk spray. No warnings needed ,
      Next time when answering the door have a washcloth and a spray bottle like you’re doing some house cleaning but we really know what your secret weapon is

  13. “I know personally someone who used it successfully to stop MRSA” someone wrote – so do I , because it was me. ;-)!

    I remember the kind of extended examinations I had to go thru (when hospitals still had time available to do so). The outcome was that afterwards they informed my son (at my dismissal) that I had a better constitution than someone 25 years younger than myself!! Unfortunately since then, my son doesn’t take very seriously if I have any other medical issues that bothers me (like too low BP).

    Anyhow, GU’s column ist the only blog I take the time to read at my age. Sometimes I can’t believe that he’s just one single person that brings all this wonderful stuff together. He is my hero, and the proverbial “Renaissance man.”

  14. I see a lot of comments and good ideas that stimulate thinking for how best to prepare for pandemics. IMHO, it is time to cut to the chase and have an action plan for what to do when you been exposed to the pathogen(s) or just otherwise KNOW you are likely to become symptomatic. This includes the understanding that everybody in your home (office, school, church, etc) is tagged and needs a CURE. When that moment arrives, it would be extremely foolish to wait 14 plus days to see if you have a 10-15% chance of leaving the planet. The moment you are exposed, you need to start a CURE protocol for yourself and everybody in your immediate circle.

    The good news? It only costs about $60 for a really good protocol. And a little less that $200 for the top of the line therapy.

    Here is a collaboration between eight doctors with experience that goes back 24 years on how to CURE the Corona Virus, along with other pathogens such as:

    Influenza, Dengue Fever, Chikungunya, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, SARS, Meningitis, Pneumonia, Measles, and Hepatitis.


    Note the foremost strategy of “Vitamin C to Bowel Tolerance.” I used that strategy to defeat a bioweapon 29 years ago, and I’m still writing to you from a place that’s room temperature.

    Compare the above protocols to the CDC (and W.H.O. WebMD, etc), which basically says there’s no vaccine and therefore no cure, and to go home and die:

    It is kind of hard to put a series of links here, but if George will let me I’ll send a short list of my favorite (researched based) products from Amazon. No commercial ties, just the ones I’ve purchased after some vigorous due diligence.

    Don’t forget to quarantine, and the other smart ideas about disinfecting & sanitizing protocols. Time to develop new habit patterns, yes?

    • “the CDC (and W.H.O. WebMD, etc), which basically says there’s no vaccine and therefore no cure, ”

      I know they say that and wonder if its misleading since the researcher that patented the creation of the virus also patented a vaccine for the virus. Or did it mutate and get loose by accident. Walk out on aomeones shoes etc. There was a huge research center in the northeast on an island. I had read that they closed it when things they were studying was showing up away from the containment units.
      That same thing is showing up with GMOs how crops miles away from a gmo field are taking on the genetic properties of the gmo plant..

      I have been a firm believer in ozone for years and part of m water filtration system has an ozone generator on it. The zuvo was by far the smartest water filter designed for home use way before its time.
      I also keep an ozone generator to sterilize room air


    • This protocol makes a great deal of sense! Primates are the only mammals that don’t make vitamin C endogenously. We’ve lost the gene and never recovered it. Your cat or dog has more circulating vitamin C than you do! The addition of lysine(in any complete protein and most others) and magnesium(oral caps or soak your body in epsom salts) along with many grams of C will come close to what doctor Gifford-Jones is recommending. It would be difficult to overdose on any of these.

      • And make sure to ignore those who dismiss Linus Pauling’s findings about vitamin C. Because Pauling’s valid work on vitamin C supplementation has definitely been suppressed, “falsified”, distorted, and him (a double Nobel laureate) slandered as some kind of delusional idiot by the criminal medical establishment and its many shills, lackeys, and trolls — https://www.supplements-and-health.com/vitamin-benefits.html

        But you can’t discredit the facts with lies. It only exposes and discredits the liars.

  15. Years back I was experimenting with ozone generators. I found the corona discharge unit had a stainless steel brush doing the corona discharge, with a fish air pump blowing over it. I suspect the thing was also ionizing the nickel and iron of the brush, as it was harsh and gave me a headache quickly. So I designed my own.

    First item was a medical oxygen concentrator. I wanted pure oxygen input for my generator, not a bunch of atmospheric nitrogen. Then I designed my electrodes to be entirely glass isolated. I used a long glass distillation condenser where I put brass foil electrodes on the inside and outside, leaving a glass-isolated chamber to blow the O2 thru. Last, I needed a LOT of voltage to ionize the space between the glass electrodes. I used a pair of (30kv) automotive spark coils in a push-pull configuration to generate 60kv between them. This gave a nice soft, purple glow inside the condenser with the O2 flowing.

    The resulting O3 was much ‘softer’ smelling and did not give me the headaches that the SS brush electrode did. So I have this great, hi-purity Ozone generator now. My next project along this line is to build a box enclosure for a plastic resin chair that I can sit in and seal around my neck, similar to an expensive commercial enclosure touted by a certain Doctor who espouses Ozone therapy for whole-body absorbing. I plan to build the box out of plywood and coat the inside with silicone that is ozone-resistant.

    Yeah, the price of the whole mess was more than your commercial ozone generator, and took some time to build.

    • that is a great idea Hank..I used one that goes in a water cooler.. then put a ventury tube on the hose.. and an adjustment valve to regulate the ozone..

  16. Now, stunning new evidence has emerged that proves the coronavirus was definitely engineered in a laboratory and may have been deliberately injected into patients as part of a Chinese vaccine experiment gone wrong.

    As detailed by James Lyons-Weiler, PhD, founder of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge and author of 57 peer-reviewed publications, an analysis of the gene sequence for the coronavirus finds a peculiar sequence called “pShuttle-SN.” This sequence is is the remnant of a genetic engineering sequence that’s used to insert genes into viruses and bacteria. It provides irrefutable “open source” proof that the coronavirus now circulating in the wild was engineered in a laboratory. Every lab that has the gene sequence can see this for themselves. It’s right out in the open, which is why we describe this revelation as “open source.”

    “One thing we can say for certain is that this particular virus has a laboratory origin,” states Lyons-Weiler in a bombshell interview with Del Bigtree of The Highwire (see video below, via Brighteon.com, since the video would be banned everywhere else).

    This genomic evidence does not, however, prove whether it was produced as a bioweapon or as a vaccine experiment. It could be either one, according to Lyons-Weiler:

    In fact, if you then take that sequence and compare it to other proteins, we find that it’s actually a SARS protein that was put into a coronavirus for the purpose of making the vaccine work better. That’s why this element is in there, to create a more reactogenic vaccine.

    There’s bombshell after bombshell in this interview, especially at the 27:59 and 33:57 marks. Watch it exclusively at Brighteon.com, given that this information is of course being banned everywhere else by the anti-human tech giants, all of which are now siding with communist China to cover up the truth:
    Full article on Alex Jones web site

    • “may have been deliberately injected into patients as part of a Chinese vaccine experiment gone wrong.”

      I never considered that angle to it Lloyd… especially since the virus is listed as research in several places already..

      • I did, but don’t concern myself about it because whether it’s genetically-engineered, bio-engineered, or a natural mutation doesn’t matter.

        What matters is:

        It’s really nasty
        it kills people
        it’s without a vaccine.

        The virus’ source and evolution are “coffee table conversation,” that is, meaningless. They’ll make a fine leisure-time activity AFTER a viable solution for 2019-nCoV comes along.

        …And just to show I can toss conspiracies with the best of ’em:

        Suppose the “cure” for 2019-nCoV is a vaccine? There’d be people lining up from here to Mars, impatiently waiting for their shot, right? Suppose the “shot” the doctor gives you isn’t the same one he gave to the billionaires? Suppose 2019-nCoV is all a plot to kill a few “useless eaters” on the front side, so a mess of mini-Mengele wannabees can kill billions more on the back? What’cha gonna do? Take your chances with the full-blown virus, or take the shot?

        I all but guarantee, within the next month or two, some conspiranut site will pick this idiocy up and run with it… :)

      • “Suppose the “cure” for 2019-nCoV is a vaccine? There’d be people lining up from here to Mars, impatiently waiting for their shot, right? ”

        Its like those DUMB’s…PURE CHAOS would erupt…


        I have actually been in a couple of them in years past.. what is funny.. is I am not invited .. so even if there is an active vaccine would we be invited to partake of it.. you would think the rodney king riots was a walk in the park.that is why if there was a national emergency we would be the last ones to find out.. the chaos.. can you see everyone in a major city trying to get out at the same time… did they patent the possibility of a vaccine before creating it so many variables and nothing that any of us can do except plan for how to deal with the possible infections reaching our locations.. the chaos from having a vaccine and not in production would be a nightmare to say the least.. or the real chaos.. the fear of it coming to a town near you..I try not to buy into the fear aspects.. deal with it as it comes.. I do carry a small hand sanitizer but am not afraid to shake hands with someone..Although I do get the heeby geebies when I see a filthy toilet and realize I left my toilet cleaning kid in the car LOL..


    • My guess
      .. when they close the schools and mall in your area.. you’ll know..if it’s gotten out of hand and there isnt any recourse but to say oops it’s out of hand then there will be mandatory procedures implemented and a state of emergency in place. Female has the plan of action available for download.

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