Dems Blow Iowa + Taking Down Canada

“If they can run a Caucus, how can they run a Country?  – G. Ure

None Won Iowa

The first BPL (Big Pant Load) of the morning hails from Iowa.  Remember, we framed last night’s Iowa Caucuses as a “Statewide IQ test.”

Well, the whole left-side of the state failed.  As of this morning, the Iowa Democrat Party website provides the following “results” from last night’s digital train wreck:

There’s an expectation that the results will be out today.

I’d write more, but I have to go out to the car now…I think I left a sack of results in the trunk…

Just kidding!  Seriously, take the higher of the percent voting for Buttigieg or Yang, multiply times 10, and that’s our assessment as to Iowa’s average IQ.

And I’ve got $2-bucks says less than one percent of Iowans have any clue what Burisma is…

Taking Down Canada

Two sharp-eyed readers advise of major shenanigan’s coming to the Loony bin up north.  Beginning with our Canadian News Analyst who writes (brilliantly) in the Comments section:

“Disguised foreign exchange controls may be creeping into the financial landscape at the end of April. I reviewed one of my bank statements this morning which featured prominent fine print regarding upcoming changes in deposit insurance regulations.

I visited the CDIC’s (federal deposit insurer) website to see what was afoot. Indeed, term deposits greater than 5 years, mortgage insurance account deposits, and foreign currency deposits are set to become uninsured.

The “why” is buried in a CDIC summary page entitled “Highlights of Deposit Trends in CDIC’s Membership”. According to the CDIC, the big Canadian banks have shifted funding of their operations from now-dried-up demand deposits to longer term deposits, and foreign deposits especially of USD. The latter item weighs as the Cad $ depreciates. A chart from the second quarter of 2019 notes that for each two new Cad $ placed on deposit, the CDIC was having to insure one new USD.

One imagines that smart Grandmas and Grandpas may be placing sacks of accumulated wisdom in safety deposit boxes – just in case, of course. This is not investment advice.

Attention Seinfelders: bitcoin remains uninsured for the soup kitchen crowd. The House does not necessarily guarantee a morsel of gristle in every bowl. Sup slowly.”

We also regret to report that the Trudeau administration has an agenda to end Free Speech and Freedom of the Press in Canada.

Of course, this begins fulfilling my 2012 prediction in the book “Broken Web: The coming collapse of the Internet” that internet licensing would be along as a Depression Marker, just as the  U.S. Communications Act of 1934 was the defining seizure of formerly “free air” by the US FedGov back then.

The (short-term)  good news is that the hysterical government of Kiddeau has (for now) backed away from this rights-squandering BS plan.  But, unfortunately, as the English have ably demonstrated, governments have a nbearly Unlimited Ability to ignore the will of free people, anymore.  Ever since governments became corporations…but I digress.

In one of my yet-unwritten books (The Deep State is Everywhere), we’ll advise future readers that there is a terrible squeeze-play on the Paradigm Controllers.  In order to maintain control of the Global Holodeck, they can’t risk having independent (un-controlled) sources reporting news that hasn’t been “adjusted” to fit their narrative, just so.

And if you need evidence where this leads, look no further than China.  (Don’t check the incinerators, though.)

US Tech’s In, Too

The “fix is in” on Novel Corona Virus, too.  Because as one of our astute readers reported:

More experts on bio-weapons are coming forward, but don’t seem to be given airtime by the leftist MSM. This should be no surprise to your readers:

It’s not.  The MSM has gone from  calling ’em ChiComs to Darlings of Progress in just 20-years.  While China implements “social scores” in lieu of actual freedom.  Mob judgement Plan, don’tcha know?

You also may not be able to trust search.  Because another tipster alleges…

…youtube is stifling video search results. Google is also stifling results for “coronavirus” by using autocomplete mojo: i.e. type  “corona” into Google searchbar… you will get silly autocomplete suggestions about beer, the city of the same name in California and coronary heart disease. Contrast that with typing “corona” into Duckduckgo or even Bing and notice those autocomplete results. Also, Facebook seems to be squelching articles and other things that mention the coronavirus in news feeds.

Just some observations… big tech is in cahoots with someone here… very odd. ”

In military circles, this would be labeled a “shaping operation” but around here, we simply note that once you put “coronav” into Google, the search results come around.

But, befxore the “v”?  It’s stupid and obvious to anyone with half a clue how search weighting works.  Adaptive search algos that put “coronal plane” with 9.22-million hits at position 3 in search auto-complete suggestions, ahead of “coronavirus” – which has 722- million hit last on the list is either daft, crooked, or inept.  Your call.  But, yeah, looks odd to us, well just leave it there.

If you’re really into Digitalo Kabuki, though, see Twitter acting as “thought police” as “Twitter bans Zero Hedge after it posts coronavirus conspiracy theory.”

IoW Twitter is reacting to BuzzFed’s report that “A Pro-Trump Blog Doxed A Chinese Scientist It Falsely Accused Of Creating The Coronavirus As A Bioweapon.”’d Trump get into this, right?

We gotta ask:  Would BF have bothered to mention the ZH story  if it had appeared on a left-o-lutionary website?  Nawa, we don’t think so. MediaBiasFactCheck scores BuzzFeed as left-center, so it’s not an unthinkable question…Put us in for a buck on anti-Trump biasing and whatever’s behind Curtain #2.

WHO Virus Data

57 new deaths reported in China in the Monday WHO report which may be found here Total death count is up to 362,  which is half of SARS fatalities that took 2+ years to add-up.

The updates seem to be coming out around 2 PM Eastern…

Meantime, a doc I know sent me the link to some Indian research that makes this observation:

 We found 4 insertions in the spike glycoprotein (S) which are unique to the 2019-nCoV and are not present in other coronaviruses.  Importantly, amino acid residues in all the 4 inserts have identity or similarity to those in the HIV1 gp120 or HIV-1 Gag.   Interestingly, despite the inserts being discontinuous on the primary amino acid sequence, 3D-modelling of the 2019-nCoV suggests that they converge to constitute the receptor binding site.  The finding of 4 unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV, all of which have identity /similarity to amino acid residues in key structural proteins of HIV-1 is unlikely to be fortuitous in nature. .”:

You can find more here. We can not vouch for the authenticity, but there’s a source for further research.

Who’s Got Style?

We were saddened to hear that Rush Limbaugh has been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer and will be stepping back from the “golden EIB microphone.”  Limbaugh has been a consistent Constitutionalist in a country which has become heritage amnesic.

What you can expect in the wake of this is that many people will weigh-in.  Among the democrats, the first (and therefore with the most style) was “‘Best wishes’: Tulsi Gabbard sends Rush Limbaugh ‘love’ after cancer diagnosis.”

Watch the tone of other reaction pieces.  It may be a useful measure of how anti-American many of your media sources have become.  It’s never stylish to wish ill on anyone.  Even those you disagree with.  We’ll soon learn more about “Who’s got style.”

Financial Nut House

Futures are up 360-points as I get ready to strap-on the feedbag.
Updated charts tomorrow for our subscribers.

State of the Union tonight.

Factory orders at 10 this morning.

Write when you get rich,

64 thoughts on “Dems Blow Iowa + Taking Down Canada”

  1. “The release of Iowa caucus results was delayed after inconsistencies in the reporting of data. “This is not a hack or an intrusion,” said a spokeswoman for the state Democratic Party. The party is using photos of results and a paper trail to validate the results.”

    IS THIS A TRUMP HACK? He is blamed for everything else. Expect crazy from crazy people, it is just the way it is.

    • Or a Democrat Party attempt to censor crazy Bernie. I think he is too over the top crazy even for them, but they don’t want to publically anger Bernie. He has too much money & could pull his support from the Dems at election time & they don’t want that to happen since he has a large faithful but angry following.

      • “he has a large faithful but angry following.”

        They are not necessarily angry.. just fed up with the open corruption.. a govt that openly says that the people don’t deserve representation. That’s how obama got elected ..change.. healthcare only got worse.. govt got creepier and more corrupted as ever and did even less. anything serious that implicated someone of power and political nature is instantly buried and deemed as fake news or covered up.
        Donald trump comes on the scene. He is elected and instantly the same old Congress that’s openly been corrupted by TPTB are screaming corruption he goes to investigate corruption and you hear impeach impeach the bastard.. how dare he investigate a VP and his child.. everyone is acting as if they all have something serious to hide..all while the president has done everything he can to do exactly what he said he was going to do.. and without any help has accomplished more than any previous president in the decades past..

        Since it’s obvious that the citizens are screaming we want change. They want their pride back.. to feed their families without the federal programs to be able to take their sick child to a doctor without the fear of bankruptcy have a decent job.
        Have a little time with the little lady to enjoy a family picnic without having to worry about the next job they have to be at..share personal time with friends. They aren’t asking for much.. instead we have a group out if hand acting and screaming like escaped lunatics as to why their constituents are not worthy of them doing anything at all. And disgusted that the people want them to do something..anything at all..

        I wouldn’t doubt it if Bernie got in..
        No one that has opposed either him or trump has committed suicide or anyone investigating them has been mugged and killed.. all of their correspondence is out in the open.. not deleted on a private unsecure server..
        The voters in my opinion are only looking for representation for their needs.. the more lopsided it becomes the more they will far all the blame has been directed at the sitting president. Not at the congressman and women that see it as a lifetime right..and so far they have a 96% chance of being reelected. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a turnover of anyone running for congress this time around. Of course all of this is my opinion from what I have seen and read..

    • If it’s not a hack or an intrusion, it’s a PLAN!
      Can you say ‘Broward County’.
      Den of vipers and thieves. -Andrew Jackson

  2. Most you mention in the article really doesn’t surprise me any longer. Big Tech and Big Government and everything else ‘Big’ in their feeding frenzy towards Big Tyranny is sort of like living in an apartment with crazy, noisy, neighbors next door at all hours of the day and night as you hope they don’t get so out of control that they one night bust through the common wall and include you in their craziness. Maybe they already have. Regardless, I am of an age and of a generation where I know how to get alone just fine without the craziness as long as they don’t try to include me.

    What did surprise me was the news Rush gave those of us who are devotees of his insights and wisdom, and have been for a lot of years. I sat in my house with tears in my eyes yesterday as he gave us the bad news. Not surprisingly, less than 24 hours later we already can clearly begin to see who has “style” and who doesn’t. God Bless Rush.

  3. George,

    From an organizational standpoint, my view is that the current version of the DNC has moved beyond the point of no return and it has suffered complete internal collapse. Also, their only definable platform is completely anti-American. The MSM has done a passable job of keeping all of this from the eyes of the public, but with the massive impeachment failure, the Iowa Caucus debacle and the far-left commies taking over the party there’s no way that the middle-of-the-bell curve folks won’t see it for what it is.

    Tonight is the State of the Union address where POTUS will highlight all of his successes and the failures of the Democrats. Tomorrow the acquittal of the President will happen in the Senate. Game, set, match.

  4. Well George you can beat the drum about how this is some kind of bio weapon but in reality its not even like the flu in the number of people that it kills.Aids claim around a million a year the flu kills hundreds of thousand and this virus has killed 362,a drop in the ocean compared to them, but yet seeing its China we must jump on the wagon of insanity,no wonder the country is in a state of confusion, with no leaders left to lead it. And we keep electing the leaders with one foot in the grave,with the other foot we will call mentality which has already won the race to the grave.

    As far as Rush I wish him no harm but he was a dyed in the wood neocon, another one like Trump and his bone spurs preaching war as long as he didn’t have to go,as long as he could send some other soul,I don’t remember or recall that he ever spoke out while Bush was tearing up the Constitution,but I do recall that he said that business didn’t owe the working class anything, but a machine to run and a spot to stand in, not a rousing example of peace and prosperity as he preached the same old line which is why we are at the point we are now.!!!

    • 1. You didn’t read the paper. Flu has been around forever. This is one month old basically.
      2. No, he was not a neocon. He IS a conservative. You need too go back and read up PNAC docs and such to clarify the differences.

  5. Some questions, George:
    – which candidate gains the most and which ones lose in Iowa by holding back the caucus results, thus preventing a media wide victory speech for the (so far unknown) winner heading into New Hampshire? Someone’s momentum just suffered a potentially massive blow.
    – why might social media moguls implement censoring of the nCV ‘culling of the herd?’ (Hint: look to WWII and Cold War tactics on both sides of the battle lines).

  6. This is funny as crap,,the Dems can’t even get their poop in a group for the Iowa primary, how in hell do they expect to win this fall? Fail , they will ,,,the biggest losers will cry the loudest,, even here on this comment section, you hear the wankers,,wanking, as I rejoice,,Thank you God
    The storm has already happened, it is thought, that is instant, but waves take time to travel through this 3D universe. we,collectively think,, that creates,! our thoughts create,,,, we are escaping them controlling our thoughts, being lead like sheeple and having our thoughts misguided by those that control the info we are fed,,,you are what you consume, that goes for your eyes, ears and mouth. GLOBAL Freedom movement is HAPPENING

  7. This smart Canadian grandpa got wise many years ago. Don’t put your money in the bank. Use it to buy their stocks instead. They can wring every penny out of depositors and credit card holders with fees like 20%. Their stock keeps going up in good times and bad.

    Sonny Boy Trudeau is being held at bay by a minority government. If he gets back to majority, look out.

    Feel very badly about Rush Limbaugh. Have listened to him for about 25 years. Cut out of a similar mold to George Ure. Completely devoid of political correctness. :-)

    • “Their stock keeps going up in good times and bad.”

      Not so fast grandpa — from another greatgrandpa who has lived in your country at some time (Montreal & Vancouver).

      Timing, as GU can tell ;-( is extremely important with stocks.

  8. On the Iowa caucuses…the app that was the center of the controversy is a company called Shadow, started by two former campaign officials of the “Wicked HildaWitch”. That’s a conspiracy starter fluid ready to throw a match on.

    The second issue is that it’s a mobile app and this is Iowa. I would bet my Tesla stock that much of the confusion is user error. The thing about mobile apps…and I have tested hundreds, is that they have to be idiot proof or there will be fumblers and bumblers. Our own company came out with our V-1 version a year ago…Big disaster. We are on V-5 anyear later and all is well… but always room for improvement. And that’s just real estate…of course how hard can acknowledgments at a caucus be? Right…Except it’s Iowa. Not exactly the early adopter capital or the tech universe.

    Many will say HildaBeast rigged the Caucuses…but my bet is ON Grandmas with phones . “How do you turn this dang thing on?”

    • Wouldn’t you think one of them would know how the app worked before they embarrassed themselves while in the global spotlight? And Trump is the dumb one?

    • No way user error takes this long to resolve. Nice swipe at Iowans, but that reveals more about you …and it aligns with what you typically write.

  9. “’d Trump get into this, right?”

    SHEESH… you do know Trump is guilty of everything …. ask any Democrat and they will tell you..

  10. Of course Demo’s know its the Ruskies messing up Iowa at the behest of DJT! :-) Perhaps that will be the next impeachment launch after this one fails.

    Regarding FDIC, CDIC, or whatever alphabet soup is put in front of DIC, if your CD, Savings Account, or whatever you have, if it is not written in the agreement it is FDIC insured, then, its NOT insured. Banks prominently display signs “Deposits Insured by FDIC,” suggesting ALL is insured. It is NOT! To display the sign, all a bank needs is have ONE account insured. Wanna bet, its the account with the lowest insurance fee!

  11. My Mother always had a bottle of elderberry syrup that she made for whenever we would get sick..
    she would mix it with honey fresh from the field and lemon juice.. don’t ask me what her mixture was.. but every year she would go out to the bush and pick elderberries and start making syrup..

    I don’t know how good it is in fighting a flu virus.. but from what I have read is sure wouldn’t hurt to keep a bottle or two on hand.. the same with cherry juice..

    • Elderberry syrup with pudding was our desert, while I was growing up, and I don’t recall anyone in my family ever was sick with a flu or a cold. FWIW!

    • Sambucol is the off-the-shelf equivalent of your Mom’s home remedy. It’s ability to block influenza is medically established. Whether or not it can block the coronavirus is a crapshoot option at this point. Stock up.

  12. I read yesterday that Shiffts said in his closing arguments to Congress on the impeachment said that if we did not impeached Trump he would sell Alaska to the Russians! Insanity total insanity he is Destroying common sense and the democratic party

  13. “a conspiracy theory that a Chinese scientist might be to blame for the coronavirus outbreak.”

    I seriously doubt that any man of science.. would intentionally release a virus that could decimate a population..
    in my perspective anyone with half a brain realizes that .. just like past studies.. they have all failed miserably.. gotten away and a simple virus doesn’t care who it affects.. anyone with a conscience or set of moral ethics would not want to cause harm intentionally to innocent people..
    If anything.. they were studying it.. even created it according to the patent..
    but it got out totally by accident if that is where it originated from..
    It only takes one to not pay attention to protocol be in a hurry to get home or to the market that is closing soon.. etc.. walk out on your shoe or your lab jacket cuff..
    I have lost friends that were infected with some pretty nasty crap just that way.. and have seen loved ones from surgeons that never could forgive themselves and lived out the remainder of their lives because they had the germs on their hands or clothing when they came home.. that infected a loved one..
    that is why to protocols are written.. that is why labs all have showers in the locker rooms.. that is why you can buy laundry bags that dissolve in hot water..
    a rare day off or a hard day at the lab or hospital working short staffed and out it goes..
    I once worked in a place that had a nasty virus getting around.. it was horrendous.. they thought it was getting out by not following hand washing protocols.. Nope.. what it was is that tile floors need constant maintenance to cut costs they put in carpet.. it was walking out of the rooms

    • Whatever it is, and I’ve read the Indian PDF carefully along with anything else I can find, there’s a lot of clues that this is a synthesized virus. Other work has found evidence of gene splicing. Since the virus is RNA based, it’s unstable and will somewhat randomly mutate on an average of once every three generations. We’ve had several mutations so far and its lethality seems to be less than it was when originally released. Of course, the statistics are skewed, but this is a normal pattern in the wild. We can hope and pray for its continued modulation via time and nature, but it’s not a sure thing. We still need to do our best to practice hygiene and sanitation.

      Hopes and prayers for Rush. I respect him, though I don’t always agree with him. He has integrity. BTW, apparently Rand Paul got on the senate floor and mentioned the whistleblower Eric Ciaramella 5 times. I’m not really sure if this matters other than to repeat that information to the brain dead press since they likely will censor it again. At least it’s on the record. I’m carefully avoiding paying attention to the kangaroo court until they finish their performance and start doing something useful.

      • BTW, I forgot to mention that evidence of the synthetic nature of the novel coronavirus is NOT evidence of who developed and/or released it. In the spook world, it could have been anyone with access to wherever it was located, or even a random janitor. We will likely never be privileged to know for sure.

      • ” In the spook world, it could have been anyone with access to wherever it was located,”

        Heck, it could even have been a Harvard professor… ;-)

    • The timeline and dispersion of the novel coronavirus suggests a single containment breach in late November or early December, not an organized dispersal. That pattern is also an indication of just how insanely dangerous stockpiling even a single viable sample was and still is, regardless of intent.

      LOOB- men of science have committed crimes against humanity in the past, the present, and will likely continue in the future. Ideology and fear of authority figures motivates even the most educated and moral people to do horrible things. And then there is the lure of fame, money, and power.

      The speculation that a vaccine will be available in a year is fake news at this stage, regardless of the source, or how well intentioned.

      The early readout on lethality is still far higher than even H1N1 1918. Going to the Hopkins site, and crunching numbers, [492 / (492 + 852)] x 100% = 36.6% is an improvement from yesterday, but may also be an artifact of the good humor trucks picking bodies up off the streets and taking them straight to the crematorium without a count. Also note in the Hopkins map a new dot showing up inland in Phoenix.

      • “men of science have committed crimes against humanity in the past, the present, and will likely continue in the future.”

        Yes they have unfortunately.. many of them ended up openly regretting their involvement such as nuclear weapons or committed suicide like the researcher working with the aids virus..

        I have had ethics debates with some in the past. That didnt see the alternative uses that their creations could be used for.
        My feeling is someone with the intelegence to create something such as the virus and proud enough to openly say hey look at what I made is smart enough to know the implications..
        The way way I read it the virus was being studied as not only the virus but as a way to combat another situation.. it all depends on the ethical standing of the individual. People that are more educated are more likely to know the consequences that releasing a virus of that nature could have. I still believe it’s getting out is an oops. And oops are forgivable.. unfortunately in china an oops they could end up loosing their lives because an oops is unforgivable.

  14. George – this looks like one big dead Cat! Obviously it will take a while for word to leak out regards Virulence of the Wuhan Zombie Virus. Wuhan officials seemed to have attempted a coverup of the circumstances surrounding the customization/weaponization of a Corona virus.
    Every single number EVER reported out of China in the past 10 years has been completely FALSE – based purely on whim of the Reporting Official (s)/Agency/Cadre. But for some unkown reason the world is actually reporting the Numbers of Infected/Dead as legitimate – FMTT! U cant believe a dammed Number out of China – EVER.

    But hey who F-ing cares if Asia is burning with fever – it will have NO effect on the Global Economy – None at all.

    Facts – Anything and Everything out of China is potentially Infected/Carrying the virus – this bad boy can survive on hard surfaces for 10 days! How about a brand new sparkly I phone 11 for Xmas…whoops looks like that Horse is already out da barn!

    Go mayor ButtPlug, U can do it with Ez!

  15. Am I the only one happy to get a peaceful night’s sleep, and wake up w/o pain every morning? Wat are yous people real problems? No need to explain!! ;-)

  16. It’s been in our faces since inception:

    Facebook Startup Date = Feb 2004

    LifeLog Project Shutdown Date = Feb 2004

    And Zuck magically wrote the program all on his own too….

    Coincidences such as those are just so common, right?

    Iowa caucus app written by company called Shadow – plain sight. Guys involved in the app all former Clintonistas and Obamists.

    “Where two or three politicians are gathered in my name, there I will be” – Satan


    • “plain sight.”

      I personally believe that everything is in ..”plain sight.”
      there are no secrets.. yet the secrets are there… in a world where we have the communication we do and the masses that it is shared with.. the only option to keep a secret a secret is tell everyone..
      if it is a project by the govt.. then there are commitees.. sub commitees reasearch groups the people actually working on the project etc.. the best hid item is in plain sight.. then discredit it as a hoax or wives tale conspiracy theory.. even a while back there was an issue implicating a lot of powerful people.. their very own websites shoved it right in your face with tauntings.. yet it was tossed out to be forever forgotten and discredited only then did the material they threw in everyones faces dissapear.. there are no secrets.. just discredited.. I personally love to read the end pages of the news.. then see how many stories and ad’s there are to discredit it.. why would someone spend hundreds of millions of dollars to dis a story that would normally be forgotten..or read.. in the movie men in black.. there is a scene where he is picking up the gossip rag.. then saying this is the way to find out anything top secret.. there is a lot in them that is true.. but enough false and written in such a way to make you wonder.. is it real or is it just a wild untrue story..

  17. The only thing I’m concerned about tonite’s SOU is that Nasty Pelousi will be sitting above and behind the President.
    Pelousis daughter said of her mother:
    “She’ll cut your head off, and you won’t even know you’re bleeding. That’s all you need to know about her,”
    DJT should consider asking the Marines to loan him a leather neck protector. Now that would be really funny to see him wearing that!

    • Well, DUH! Kerry’s step-kid was hired onto the board of Burisma at the same time as Biden. They are friends and business partners…

  18. G,
    Just a head’s up regarding some of the less than classy congresspeople who think the First Amendment is only for them. One wants Google, youtube,etc. to ban and censor anyone who offers alternative news or forums allowing discussion against the accepted narrative of (choose your topic, but the current worst is global climate issues and the pesky new virus). She’s given the big dogs till February 7th to do something. This means sites like yours would get the bottom of the barrel treatment. The video link I am posting is from Ben Davidson of Suspicious 0bserver. Please, it’s only 11 minutes of your time, and encompasses far more than beyond Davidson’s fight against the global warming machine.

  19. The company which developed the app was Shadow Incorporated. Two of its founders worked for Hillary during her 2016 campaign.

    Shadow, IIRC, was a kind of nerd-centric entity which created a secure comms app for gamerz. It is now a wholly-owned child company of ACRONYM.

    ACRONYM is a neo-communist “non-profit” digital political advertising company (and super-PAC as “PACRONYM”) launched in 2017 by Tara McGowan and Michael Dubin.

    [If that name sounds familiar,] Tara McGowan was a CBS News/60 Minutes personality who left the show to run the digital portion of Barack Obama’s 2012 Campaign. Among her other efforts are Lockwood Strategy and Priorities USA Action, both far-Left organizations.

    Pete Buttigieg’s and Joe Biden’s campaigns both hired Shadow to develop their comms app into one which the candidates could use to communicate securely with their staffs. After successfully producing the app, Shadow gained the inside track for doing the same for the Iowa branch of the DNC.

    Is there something shady going on? Was Shadow merely out of their league, trying to port their nerdware into something a large national organization could use? I dunno, but when I saw this Charlie Foxtrot, the picture that appeared in my mind was Hillary Clinton, seated on a white horse, wearing a condescending grin and holding a jousting lance…

  20. Since available evidence is now pointing to 2019 nCoV being partially-engineered, without going into why it might have been engineered from the things which seem to have been spliced into its genetics, I’d like to ask if this seems a reasonable postulate:

    Wuhan engineers create the virus
    They infect some critters
    A critter gets mosquito-bit
    A bat eats the mosquito
    A snake eats the bat

    The market had both bats and snakes for sale, for human consumption. The “snake” step isn’t necessary, but I put it there to satisfy the offishul theory that the infection of “patient 0” was snake-to-human…

    Is this a plausible theory…?

    • that could be an extremely scary.. is another your walking down the sidewalk in oh lets pick a city.. San Fran the city of beautiful people with ton’s of cash.. flies land on pile of excrement laying on the sidewalk…. then on your sandwhich at that fancy cafe with the outdoor picknic tables.. or maybe buzzes your face or god forbid your riding a bicycle or motorcycle and you give one of those looks .. I swallowed a fly look or you buy some hamburger out of the meat counter cooler..(which is how I think this got started spread.. a group of researchers getting ready for a badly needed weekend didn’t pay attention to protocol rushed out and was looking at some tasty snake to eat for a special barbque at the local market the virus transfered to the snake in the cooler and there it is passed on)…or a swarm of mosquito’s swarm some one with aides.. then bites you.. this could get uglier the more you contemplate it..but to walk around with a full hazmat suit on and gas mask would make you look swave and debonare LOL..who could afford to stay at home for any extended stay.. lets face it one in two people in the USA are dependent on social programs to survive day to day.. a week without pay or two weeks without pay would just place the average on the streets with the rest.. in my religious faith they support prepparing for the unexpected.. yet only six out of a hundred have done any of that.. even walking around with a face mask on.. walk into any bank with one on and they will go nuts.. seems the boogie men in the world that is how they do a small town they freak out in a big city you could get shot..or tazzed neither one of those scenarios is a good one..
      so ease your fears they are working on the problem.. go out if its nice grill have a cold drink and enjoy life.. fear is not a good thing..and only breeds more fear..


      In china snake is a very popular delicacy.. so are some other specialty our country you would have to go to a special market to acquire them. Although with the influx of refugees yuh ou now can find pickled millipedes at our local market and once a month they package up azzholes for the refugees on govt assistance to buy.
      I’m sure they are displayed there just like we do a chicken or steak here..

      • >> and once a month they package up azzholes for the refugees on govt assistance to buy.

        Wow! So just ANYBODY can buy a politician!

        What a country!

    • All the odd bio-parts and pieces in the novel virus may have intended functions that the academics really haven’t figured out. The alternative figures which ZH aired today give an indication that what is really novel about the virus is it’s lethality. I’m not sure I buy any of the origin narratives or statistics at this point, other than the single source origin.
      More domestic dots keep popping up on the Hopkins map. Restaurant business seems to be way off locally. People are scared, with good reason.

  21. fools .. what are the stories today .. minnup .. oil and gold eh .. rigged by robots .. how goods tesla .. you blokes just cultivate and tender the mushroom farm everyday .. god help everyone in this great scam .. short everything

  22. does anybody really care who runs a sewerage plant ? really ? USSA swampsewer .. put in musk or bezos or a Chinese with the flu .. really find something honest to talk about .. oops I forgot that aint americano

  23. Forgot…

    For more information on the Iowa issue, try this from the LA Times:

    App made by Clinton campaign veterans’ firm is behind Iowa caucuses debacle

    For more information on why I’m seeking normality, but seeing a Hildebeast, try this from The National File. Scroll down 25% and see who’s at the top of the DNC:

  24. Was thinking about your article and looking back to calculate the percentage death rate and it dawned on me if we use reported numbers like this

    Monday Feb 3 2020 1000 bed hospital finished Apparently a second hospital is in construction???
    Approximate Hospital start date Jan 25 2020 How many reported sick/dead???
    Two days to hire contractor and logistics equipment and materials Jan 23 2020 sick/dead???
    Two days to design plan Jan 21 2020 sick/dead???
    Two days for decision makers to debate and agree??? Jan 19 2020 sick/dead???

    My best guestimate on Jan 19 2020 less than 500 sick and 12 dead if this estimate was true

    Who in there right mind would spend the kind of money needed for a project of this scale???

    Logically it was based on facts we still not aware of

  25. Got seeds (and a greenhouse…?)

    Probably not an issue here, but:

    Locust plague decimating east Africa, including swarms 40 miles wide

    The locust swarm could number 150 TRILLION bugs by the time it hits N India and China. The dry Chinese plains should stem the tide, but -=sheesh=- that’s gonna be a lot of stripped foliage and a lot of dead critters…

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