“If they can run a Caucus, how can they run a Country?  – G. Ure

None Won Iowa

The first BPL (Big Pant Load) of the morning hails from Iowa.  Remember, we framed last night’s Iowa Caucuses as a “Statewide IQ test.”

Well, the whole left-side of the state failed.  As of this morning, the Iowa Democrat Party website provides the following “results” from last night’s digital train wreck:

There’s an expectation that the results will be out today.

I’d write more, but I have to go out to the car now…I think I left a sack of results in the trunk…

Just kidding!  Seriously, take the higher of the percent voting for Buttigieg or Yang, multiply times 10, and that’s our assessment as to Iowa’s average IQ.

And I’ve got $2-bucks says less than one percent of Iowans have any clue what Burisma is…

Taking Down Canada

Two sharp-eyed readers advise of major shenanigan’s coming to the Loony bin up north.  Beginning with our Canadian News Analyst who writes (brilliantly) in the Comments section:

“Disguised foreign exchange controls may be creeping into the financial landscape at the end of April. I reviewed one of my bank statements this morning which featured prominent fine print regarding upcoming changes in deposit insurance regulations.

I visited the CDIC’s (federal deposit insurer) website to see what was afoot. Indeed, term deposits greater than 5 years, mortgage insurance account deposits, and foreign currency deposits are set to become uninsured.

The “why” is buried in a CDIC summary page entitled “Highlights of Deposit Trends in CDIC’s Membership”. According to the CDIC, the big Canadian banks have shifted funding of their operations from now-dried-up demand deposits to longer term deposits, and foreign deposits especially of USD. The latter item weighs as the Cad $ depreciates. A chart from the second quarter of 2019 notes that for each two new Cad $ placed on deposit, the CDIC was having to insure one new USD.

One imagines that smart Grandmas and Grandpas may be placing sacks of accumulated wisdom in safety deposit boxes – just in case, of course. This is not investment advice.

Attention Seinfelders: bitcoin remains uninsured for the soup kitchen crowd. The House does not necessarily guarantee a morsel of gristle in every bowl. Sup slowly.”

We also regret to report that the Trudeau administration has an agenda to end Free Speech and Freedom of the Press in Canada.

Of course, this begins fulfilling my 2012 prediction in the book “Broken Web: The coming collapse of the Internet” that internet licensing would be along as a Depression Marker, just as the  U.S. Communications Act of 1934 was the defining seizure of formerly “free air” by the US FedGov back then.

The (short-term)  good news is that the hysterical government of Kiddeau has (for now) backed away from this rights-squandering BS plan.  But, unfortunately, as the English have ably demonstrated, governments have a nbearly Unlimited Ability to ignore the will of free people, anymore.  Ever since governments became corporations…but I digress.

In one of my yet-unwritten books (The Deep State is Everywhere), we’ll advise future readers that there is a terrible squeeze-play on the Paradigm Controllers.  In order to maintain control of the Global Holodeck, they can’t risk having independent (un-controlled) sources reporting news that hasn’t been “adjusted” to fit their narrative, just so.

And if you need evidence where this leads, look no further than China.  (Don’t check the incinerators, though.)

US Tech’s In, Too

The “fix is in” on Novel Corona Virus, too.  Because as one of our astute readers reported:

More experts on bio-weapons are coming forward, but don’t seem to be given airtime by the leftist MSM. This should be no surprise to your readers:

It’s not.  The MSM has gone from  calling ’em ChiComs to Darlings of Progress in just 20-years.  While China implements “social scores” in lieu of actual freedom.  Mob judgement Plan, don’tcha know?

You also may not be able to trust search.  Because another tipster alleges…

…youtube is stifling video search results. Google is also stifling results for “coronavirus” by using autocomplete mojo: i.e. type  “corona” into Google searchbar… you will get silly autocomplete suggestions about beer, the city of the same name in California and coronary heart disease. Contrast that with typing “corona” into Duckduckgo or even Bing and notice those autocomplete results. Also, Facebook seems to be squelching articles and other things that mention the coronavirus in news feeds.

Just some observations… big tech is in cahoots with someone here… very odd. ”

In military circles, this would be labeled a “shaping operation” but around here, we simply note that once you put “coronav” into Google, the search results come around.

But, befxore the “v”?  It’s stupid and obvious to anyone with half a clue how search weighting works.  Adaptive search algos that put “coronal plane” with 9.22-million hits at position 3 in search auto-complete suggestions, ahead of “coronavirus” – which has 722- million hit last on the list is either daft, crooked, or inept.  Your call.  But, yeah, looks odd to us, well just leave it there.

If you’re really into Digitalo Kabuki, though, see Twitter acting as “thought police” as “Twitter bans Zero Hedge after it posts coronavirus conspiracy theory.”

IoW Twitter is reacting to BuzzFed’s report that “A Pro-Trump Blog Doxed A Chinese Scientist It Falsely Accused Of Creating The Coronavirus As A Bioweapon.”  Wait..how’d Trump get into this, right?

We gotta ask:  Would BF have bothered to mention the ZH story  if it had appeared on a left-o-lutionary website?  Nawa, we don’t think so. MediaBiasFactCheck scores BuzzFeed as left-center, so it’s not an unthinkable question…Put us in for a buck on anti-Trump biasing and whatever’s behind Curtain #2.

WHO Virus Data

57 new deaths reported in China in the Monday WHO report which may be found here Total death count is up to 362,  which is half of SARS fatalities that took 2+ years to add-up.

The updates seem to be coming out around 2 PM Eastern…

Meantime, a doc I know sent me the link to some Indian research that makes this observation:

 We found 4 insertions in the spike glycoprotein (S) which are unique to the 2019-nCoV and are not present in other coronaviruses.  Importantly, amino acid residues in all the 4 inserts have identity or similarity to those in the HIV1 gp120 or HIV-1 Gag.   Interestingly, despite the inserts being discontinuous on the primary amino acid sequence, 3D-modelling of the 2019-nCoV suggests that they converge to constitute the receptor binding site.  The finding of 4 unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV, all of which have identity /similarity to amino acid residues in key structural proteins of HIV-1 is unlikely to be fortuitous in nature. .”:

You can find more here. We can not vouch for the authenticity, but there’s a source for further research.

Who’s Got Style?

We were saddened to hear that Rush Limbaugh has been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer and will be stepping back from the “golden EIB microphone.”  Limbaugh has been a consistent Constitutionalist in a country which has become heritage amnesic.

What you can expect in the wake of this is that many people will weigh-in.  Among the democrats, the first (and therefore with the most style) was “‘Best wishes’: Tulsi Gabbard sends Rush Limbaugh ‘love’ after cancer diagnosis.”

Watch the tone of other reaction pieces.  It may be a useful measure of how anti-American many of your media sources have become.  It’s never stylish to wish ill on anyone.  Even those you disagree with.  We’ll soon learn more about “Who’s got style.”

Financial Nut House

Futures are up 360-points as I get ready to strap-on the feedbag.
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State of the Union tonight.

Factory orders at 10 this morning.

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