We don’t get too deeply into woo-woo reports here lately for a number of reasons.  When a person begins talking about “jumping timelines” and such, heads cock and people look askance…

Sadly, when the genuinely inexplicable events happen, people tend to write the website off as “Naw, that Ure dude’s fulla crap…”  Which may be true, but let’s not rule out the improbable.  Second point is that good – easy to document – woo-woo doesn’t happen every day.

But when is does?  OMG!   Do I have a story for you!

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It started Sunday morning.

I’d gotten up at the crack of dawn for coffee and to get ready to “take on the projects.

One of them involved running a 240 volt line to an outdoor box for my new plasma cutter, a Lotos LTP4000D from Amazon.  (Everything but Elaine and Zeus the Cat are from Amazon or the ‘Fat Dog’ package store….but I digress.)

Before nailing down the box wiring I wanted to to have one more look at the wiring for the Lotos LTP4000D.  There were several online references and the unit can be wired 120 or 240 volt.

As I do with most tools, I had already downloaded the manual prior to buying and saved it in the regular download directory. Plus, a copy was put on the desktop because I wasn’t done with the installation.

Easy to follow, right?

But, then a strange thing happened:  The .PDF of the manual was nowhere to be found.  It’s like it never existed. 

I spent about 10-minutes trying to find the manual necause event now I’m certain it was downloaded. I’d read it!

That’s pretty damn strange… One of the other computers, perhaps?” said the little voice in my head. No.

Maybe I’m just slightly nuts.  My age…well, let’s say an occasional mental error is not out of the realm possibilities….if you know what I mean!

The next step was logical.  I hit the Lotos website and went looking for the LTP4000D manual.

Nothing was found.

BUT!  What I DID find was there was a LT3500 model!  It didn’t have the pilot arc feature, though.

With no sign of the 4000D models, I noticed the LTP5000D.

The LTP5000D has slightly better specs than the LTP4000D I swear to you that I purchased.  The difference was in duty cycle:  60% for the LTP5000D and the one I bought I remember distinctly as a 40% duty cycle.

Up to this point, the jumping from one of the Many Worlds Interpretations of quantum mechanics had not occurred to me yet. The notion that we have jumped to a different time-line is NOT the first thing you go-to when a slightly odd thing happens.

Instead, I was already plotting how to return how to return the LTP4000D to Amazon (since I hadn’t used it) and upgrade to the 5000D.

Just to compare the differences, having just looked at the 5000D manual, wandered into the shop to look at the LTP4000D.  I wanted to take another look at the front panel. it was different.

Again, I swear the 4000D had a small 3-inch LCD display on it.

“Had” because as I lifted the plastic cover off the plasma cutter, you could have pushed me over with a feather:  There sat a Lotos LTP5000D – and it did NOT have the LCD display!

“Oh, no, not more woo-woo!”  By now, slow as I am, I was reluctantly led to the idea that somewhere in the past couple of weeks, we’ve had a “time slip.

I don’t know how it works, but it’s likely behind the Mandela Effect and a lot of other strangeness reported by readers of the web all over the world..

I wanted to begin this morning by describing the experience which is one of the weirder in my life.

We run across this kind of thing all the time…you may remember the case reported by a reader recently who had a friend’s car (pickup) changed color from what he remembered for a very long time.

Not only that, but all his (the reader’s) friends had the same memory of the other color vehicle, as well.

All of which builds the case that something, undocumented is going on with the clockworks of reality.

The rest of the day proceeded a bit oddly.  Things Sunday seemed to take twice as long for some reason I can’t pin that on this particular Many World jumping the time track. If you’re used to one working speed and suddenly things are happening in “half-time” it does come to your attention.

If it’s a practical joke, I’d like to thank the Universe for the upgrade to the 5000D but please, add an LCD on the next reality jump, please?

Then Things Got Strange

Like this wasn’t?

No, indeed.  This is the classic “But wait! There’s more!” part.

I called it quits about 4 PM and went over to the house to have the afternoon toddy with Elaine.

I told her the story, just as recounted above.  By the time I was through, her eyes were wide.

“Why the odd look?”

Because I just had a similar event yesterday!

She then proceeded to tell me the details of her encounter with whatever-it-was that happened late last week:

You remember that square clear plastic box that I keep Q-Tips and cotton pads in?”

Sure.  About 3-1/2-inch cube with a square chrome looking top to it?  Yeah, of course.  Why?”

Well, I found it in a weird place.  I lives in my bathroom on the counter, right?

I just nodded…

Well, it was in a different room…which I thought was odd.  But here’s the REALLY weird part:  It was full of water!”

“It was WHAT????”

Yeah.  I had to through out about 2-dozen Q-Tips and a half0dozen cotton pads because they were wet – ruined ’em.”

“Well, I’ll be damned.”

The rest of an hour was spent going over every detail of each of our run-ins with this “reality jump” we could think of.  Disconcerting as hell.

A couple of good “sciencely” questions did come out of our discussion that are worth sharing.

The first is that when such “divisions to a different multiverse” happen (under the Many World’s Interpretation of quantum mechanics) they seem to be subtle.  Elaine noticed the odd placement of the Q-Tip box…and that it was full of water.  But because of her flow of work and such, she didn’t bring it to my attention at the time.

Nor, did I mention my experience with the plasma rig.

So, whatever the phenomenon is that causes this, it is subtle and right down in the noise around the perception threshold.

Second thing is she didn’t bother testing or tasting the water.  I’m intrigued by whether it was salt water or fresh?  We’ll never know.

Third item is that this took place just about the time the volcano was popping off in Hawaii.  As I documented in my book Dimensions Next Door: Hacking Space-time, there are many phenomena that seem to cluster along fault lines.  Seneca Guns, also known as skyquakes, for example.

The fourth, and final point, is that we speculated a while on how something like an MWI reality-jump might be inclined to occur between major population areas.

This is a subtle phenomenon, so the fewer people that notice, the better it stays hidden.  In big, busy, noise, distracting urban settings, people are not as likely to see occasional oddities as meaningful.  They get buried in “local noise.”

Out here in the woods?  If something isn’t precisely where we left it, we go looking for the culprit.  Maybe a pack rat or raccoon…  Pack rats are notorious for being attracted to shiny objects, like the smaller chrome-plated tools.  Our late neighbor across the road found several small wrenches in a pack rat nest.

The temporal adjacency to the Hawaii event raises the idea that massive magma movement may generate “earth electricity” to high-enough potentials that an expectation-driven reality-jump might take place.

Or, not.

Local observations suggest to us that this about be an auspicious time to wonder if anyone else has had a run-in with woo-woo of the bent-reality sort in the past week, or so?

Write when you get rich,


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