How Democrats Just Beat Themselves

The shock resignation of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman may have just saved the Trump presidency and lost the democrat’s chance of major congressional gains in the off-year congressional races, in our odd view of the world.

That’s because The New Yorker has published a first-rate piece of journalism in “Four Women Accuse New York’s Attorney General of Physical Abuse.”  And  (unlike the Clinton-sponsored Fusion GPS piece), this report names names with two women going on the record.

What makes the story a landmark – and possibly a major turning point that could ripple into the Mueller Fishing and Hooker expedition’s future, as it demonstrates that a high ranking democrat has now resigned over claims many times worse than Trump’s dalliances.

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Allegations of alcohol abuse (followed by slapping and beating worthy of medical attention) is understood out here in fly-over country as a far different kettle of fish than consensual sex that resulted in some fat paydays for women.

Not bruises..

Still, Schneiderman denies the claims under cover of roll-playing.  Manhattan DA has opened a case, though…

In other words, the Schneiderman case means democrats will not to able to maintain their fake “holier than thou” mantle in the fall elections.

Not that the Hate Trumpers will give up.  They will continue their pressure because as the judge hinted in the Mueller probe last week, it seems they are out to prevent America from actually having held an election and changed parties in the White House.

That notion was reinforced when it was revealed in the Boston Globe last Friday, that former democrat secretary of state (and Clinton follow-on) John Kerry has been sneaking around undermining the president’s efforts to deal with Iran.

What you can safely do now, is use the Schneiderman story as a “bias detector.”  When you read stories in the lefty-media, the agenda-driven left will conveniently omit Schneiderman’s political party.  The one where he was a rising star….

Here, for example, the NY Times doesn’t mention his party until a third of the way into their report.

Politics may be compared to a card game, in many ways.

We note that democrats until now had played their cards well..  Even though not a single crime related to Russia has been uncovered, the Mueller investigation has been their Joker.

Previous to this hand, they had a good eight-year run of cards with social media and with Obama deftly playing the race card when policies were opposed – or simply made-up for political expediency – like DACA.

Now, the Schneiderman resignation means the “sex card” can’t be played against republicans in the 2018 congressional contests this fall.  They had been banking o n sex being the “trump card.”

Poof!  Gone

America still needs a second special prosecutor to re-investigate the Clinton whitewashing by the FBI, now that we know there was no national security basis for FBI redactions.  As it’s come out, those merely revealed ass-covering in the highest levels of Justice.

It’s all been a fine circus act so far.  But, it could spill over into markets.

Trump suddenly is no longer as evil as the Tump-haters have screams.  As a key up-and-coming democrat in a stronghold state demonstrates.

Markets may get nervous when potential futures begin to get “off the expectation tracks. While we’ve been waiting for “big news” to set the market back into a downward spiral, Schneiderman has driven us to reconsidering an earlier entry into a big short position.

Still Defending Iran

Do note the Washington Post story:  “Muzzled watchdog: How killing the nuclear deal could make it easier for Iran to pursue the bomb in secret.

They already are, according to Israeli intelligence.

President Trump is likely to scrap the deal.


Hawaii is up to its knees on the Big Island in as the volcano work up there.

And a 4.5 temblor woke up some people in California today.

The blue dot is a 4.5 near Ferndale, California – and it’s at the intersection where the south end of the Jaun de Fuca Plate and the Pacific Plate collide.

The other dot – fresh 4.5 and a 3.2 follow-up act north of Cabazon, California should be a “check water” wake up call for people from the Bay area south to San Ysidro:  When there is movement at two ends of the San Andreas fault, we tend to get excited.

The problem, you see, is that with the solar output down (as we reported Monday) the Earth’s crust can begin to contract as its average temperature declines.

The related shrinking, on a geological scale, might set off quakes…and for the unprepared, that could be disastrous.

Onto the Markets

The collision between monetary inflation and stagnant whole world lifestyles is beginning to work itself out.  As a result, despite US monetary inflation, traditional metrics like gold and oil (real value holders) have dropped.

Press release from the National Federation of Independent Business makes us take the urge to run from the markets with a grain of salt:

Washington, D.C. (May 8, 2018) – The Small Business Optimism Index sustained record-high levels increasing to 104.8 in April, driven by reports of improved profits, the highest in the NFIB Small Business Economic Trends Survey’s 45-year history. Additionally, the number of small businesses reporting poor sales fell to a near record low. April is the 17th consecutive month of historically high readings, according to the survey that was released today.

“Never in the history of this survey have we seen profit trends so high”, said NFIB President and CEO Juanita Duggan. “The optimism small businesses owners have about the economy is turning into new job creation, increased wages and benefits, and investment.”

On the Peoplenomics side of the house tomorrow, a discussion of how to handle trading when the chart and Elliott picture becomes congested.

Like NOW, for example.

The Dow futures were down, but only by 40 points with 45-minutes to the open.

We’ll head for the breakfast table early and see if some of those chart resistance and support levels start to fail once “the amateur hour” trading is done.

More on the free side Thursday…

71 thoughts on “How Democrats Just Beat Themselves”

  1. When does a canary become a (black) swan? When the Canary Islands give up that massive landslide that will swamp everything in sight. They are rumbling more than usual today too.

  2. You know George what this country really needs is some kind any kind of an honest government,one where the dogs of both parties can’t fight over the scraps that are left, as far as the Iran deal I was reading an artical last night on the Moon of Alabama site where some stand to gain (money of course)if Trump scraps the deal and puts the sanctions back on, and some are linked to the Trump administrations.No George we are in deep s&it and it makes little difference who is in the oval office and all Trump will get is the one in office when the next depression rolls around.!!

  3. I want to respond to two threads in one post.

    I disagree on the Democrats losing because they have no moral high ground.
    This is the new MSM technique: report an unfavorable story for one news cycle and then never again. Like Bernie Sanders “forget about the emails”. Sorry but any unfavorable issue won’t be reported on at length

    On the other hand the Trump and Stormy story will go on and on and on. News cycle after news cycle.

    As a member of Generation X I think you are barking up the wrong tree with your supposition regarding values. Generation X was called a bunch of whiners because we said that all the good jobs were being drained away by free trade.

    We were called whiners for saying Donald Trump was the second most unfit person ever to seek public office. (Guess who was the most unfit?)

    We were called whiners for saying the computer age was the greatest tool of centralized power ever invented. We were called whiners for saying that the Cell phone is a mobile surveillance tool intentionally engineerd to be addictive.

    We were called a generation with no core values because we supported gay marriage. We were called whiners for saying that gay marriage is totally legit because the court system of “no fault divorce” had killed marriage as an institution already.

    I will make this concession to traditional values: A wedding is a great excuse for a party. You get some guy dressed up like Gandalf, who intones: “we are joining these two people in the bonds of wedlock” then the couple yells their vows: “we promise to stay married until the money runs out.” Say yes to the dress.

    Party on.

      • Sad how few couples actually do, with all the fuss, procedure, pomp and circumstance, photographs, relatives, dancing and drinking. They’re lucky if they can actually do it the next day.

        It seems that for many women, that’s the least important part of the wedding day, though for the guys, it’s definitely the most important.

    • Regarding marriage, there’s very little concensus on what it even is. To me, a marriage is the literal ownership of sexual rights to another person(classically of the opposite sex). Then there’s the domestic partnership, folded into this, where people have claim to each other’s possessions, generally favoring the female. Lastly, there’s children and “parental rights”, used tto justify all the former.

      IMHO, the sexual rights thing needs to be separated from the legal, and it all needs to be framed into a real written, signed and notarized document, similar to a real estate contract. Everything is negotiable, and everything is enforceable, gone over by attorneys and signed with full knowledge. I’ve been married twice and I can’t even define the word.

      Love should not be part of a marriage contract. Love should stand on its own, and not need the contract. Anything civil, such as property and kids, needs a detailed contract, with periodic addenda, as required.

    • Traditionally marriage had to do with property and inheritance rights – if you had no property the only ‘people’ who cared was ‘the church’ who wanted their coin to ‘bless’ the union.

      Weddings (like funerals), have become big business – millions upon millions spent on celebrating changes in status . . .

      Do I sound anti-marriage? On the contrary, my late husband and I went to the justice of the peace and had a short (and quick) ceremony. We loved each other dearly but didn’t want all the nonsense . . .

      My sister on the other hand went the big wedding route – and ended up divorcing the guy after two kids – anybody could have seen that coming from a mile away. (The whole shebang was so expensive – both financially and emotionally (relatives!) that it almost could have bought my house.)

      My other sister has been living with her boyfriend for over twenty-five years. Sans marriage, and frankly he’s shifty enough to be a problem, but it’s her life . . . I could never live that way.

      I squealed when Stan said “What do you think we get married?”, and practically mugged him with a kiss. For me, marriage means commitment, ‘with this ring, I thee wed . . .’ nothing more, nothing less.

      • @ Pick her. I hear ya. And yes I agree.

        Funny thing is, IF I stayed with my ex #2.


        I wouldn’t have drove to Utah to get this girl I met on Facebook (a friend of my best friend) and rescue her from a very bad abusive situation about 7 months ago. He boyfriend was beating her and she was trapped. (Took her Drivers license, sold her car etc. With no family around) so I drove 18 hours to Utah and got her, I brought her home, gave her a place to stay for 3 months, fed her, helped her get her Drivers license and a job.

        She met another friend of mine who is a super good dude. Now they are engaged and moving to San Diego tonight! She is pregnant and expecting her first child. He just got a Project Manager Job for a huge construction company down there making over $400k a year and they flew down and bought a house together in ocean side.

        Changed her whole life!

        A series of fortunate events! That’s forsure. And that is just one of the things I have done since I got divorced. I have done many things like that! ;)

    • Well, well… I dont give marriage advice but if I were too, I would say IF I ever get married again I will have a pre-nup! I will never have a joint checking account and put all my money in it again. Ever !

      I have been divorced twice and I still believe in the marriage concept, but it just hasn’t worked out well for me.

      Sex was never an issue in both my marriages. It was a daily thing sometimes twice a day and she always got hers many times.

      The number one problem (both ex wives told me this) was I work way too much and I’m always busy researching science and spirituality or at the gym. And the reason they cheated was because they became lonely in our relationship.

      Still, not enough reason to cheat. To me. But they did warn me many times before they went out on me. Both of them ended up cheating on me with not so attractive men. Because those men showered them with attention and affection. And I am a go go go! Kinda guy.

      My second wife said she would have rather had me be a fat dude and out if shape as long as I was home more.

      New woman said she loves a man with a strong work ethic. I told her I work a ton! They always say that in the beginning. But like yesterday I worked 15 and a half hours, went to the gym for an hour and a half, came home ate some food and went to bed. She called me and I told her I was sleeping and why… and she said well, that’s understandable your tired. Just wanted a little me time. I said tomorrow I will have some for ya. And she said “fine” and hung up.

      I got an apology text this morning. But we will see, if it works out.

      Both my weddings were spectacular events. Spaired no expense. 2 of the most beautiful days of my life. And both my ex wives hotter than arizona black top in mid july!

      I have no regrets. But I doubt I will ever get married again.

      • You know how I got the last one George? She liked one of my posts on Facebook (a friend of a friend) and commented “you are a good man with a heart.” So I replied, “Hi Michele. :) soooooo ya wanna go in halvsies on a bastard child?” And sent her a friend request. And the next week we were out on a date. Hahahahaahah

      • Cheating excuses come in all disorders. None of those hot women had the brass knockers of the WW2 women waiting on their men. You need to find a ‘deeper’ woman, someone more suited to your true interests. They exist. The more spiritually refined you become, the more you require an equal mate. But, if you keep making the same mistakes, you’ll get the same results. As you well know.

      • (Took her Drivers license, sold her car etc. With no family around)
        The same thing happened to a friend of my daughters. But.. He took everything that proves she is who she is and dropped her in the middle of Oregon. Couldnt wire her funds she couldn’t get any I’d without it having proof..etc.
        Now on marriage.. Why get married to get divorced? Wouldn’t it be wiser that if you’re only wanting to get hitched to get laid. Then just find a woman or two that’s only looking for a temporary husband without the commitments.
        Sure would do away with all the heartache on both sides. Not to mention the legal expenses.

  4. As much as “everyone” says how great the economy is going, most of my clients are not seeing it. Admittedly they are retail competing against the interwebs.

    I do, however, see a LOT of people driving new BMW/Mercedes/Teslas though. And houses for too big. Same stuff I was seeing back in 2007, and we all know how THAT turned out.

    • Im in retail. First three months of 2018 were way down but April turned around and May is beginning real strong. Of course, the city closed the homeless shelter across from my best performing store in early April, so that has helped in the turnaround.

    • Dude, I saw this lady post on Snohomish county buy and sell that she had her keys stolen from her 2018 BMW. And now she was screwed and couldn’t take her kids to school or make it to work. She then goes on to describe them as having a diamond tiffany heart key chain. Then she says what happened was her and her husband were parking their brand new motor home at their house and she had to park in the street for a min. She had to change the locks on her house which was expensive because they own a 5 bedroom house. So I replied, let me get this straight, you own a 5 bedroom house, a brand new motor home, brand new BMW and you can afford to waist money on a diamond heart tiffany key chain but cant afford to get a new keu for your car?? Talk about luxury problems! You are clueless to the reality of what real problems are! And the add was taken down about 10 min later. Lol

    • ‘Problem with that: This shows that that “lot” of people is SPENDING the money for new, expensive cars and houses, but not necessarily that they’re making sufficient money to BUY said big-ticket items.

      Every few years, the up-and-comers need to learn the difference between cash and credit, and they need to learn that “real life” is a harsh test-master, and doesn’t give “do-overs.”

  5. Hi, George,

    The evidence continually mounts against the denial of an actual shadow government run by Obama/Clinton and their merry band of criminals seated at top places in our government. This horrible situation cannot be termed a lame conspiracy theory any longer. The fact that John Kerry has been operating for the Obama/Clinton team behind the back of President Trump is beyond outrageous. Kerry should be charged with treason against the United States.

    Meanwhile, Congress does absolutely nothing to safeguard the US Constitution against these criminals, but, instead, makes a special committee that rules to protect Mueller in his investigation of the non-crime against Trump. Mueller has taken his authority way beyond what the constitutional laws state. Mueller’s goal is to impeach the President, and he allows nothing to stand in his way. Mueller and his hand-picked team of Obama/Clinton operators are ripping the Constitution apart in their pursuit to terminate the Trump presidency. Team Mueller has made it very difficult for the Executive Branch to operate, as well for it to negotiate the many pressing world situations. Trump has been under siege during his entire time as President. It is amazing what he has accomplished so far.

    Meanwhile, the senate continues to vote against confirming many of the persons selected by Trump to head the other agencies that need a person at the helm.

    Regarding race relations, Obama, for nearly a decade, fanned the fires of hatred between blacks and whites way beyond what I ever saw in the 1960’s. Now, flames of hatred are being ignited in the Hispanic community against everyone else. Unlawful sanctuary cities have emerged to protect the “rights” of illegal people, while disregarding the lawful rights of its genuine citizens. In addition to this, ridiculous marches against guns seek to destroy the Second Amendment by blaming anyone with a gun for all of the violence in the world. Taking guns away from law-abiding, tax-paying citizens is just plain stupid, not to mention tyrannical. Criminals will always be able to obtain guns. Check out how well gun confiscation ever worked in world history. Oh, I forgot; history is not taught much anymore, as it has been deemed un-PC. Civics is not taught anymore either.

    It has been a long, strange trip since executing Julius and Ethel Rosenberg for treason against the United States.

    • As you have so emphatically endorsed the execution of anyone pursuing any “treasonous” acts against Ure “genuine citizen” group..I am curious as to your view as to what Ure view would be towards Ure New President of Ure “Most Favorite Club”(nra)? Could it be just North of misalignment betwix Ure View and Ure Memory of how these things just seem to happen?

    • I have to agree completely! At some point, our president will have to use real power to shut these traitors down. I just hope there’s a long term viable plan to do just that.

    • Thank you, Nancy, you have spoken the truth so eloquently. But we are not allowed to speak out against the God Obama nor his hirelings including Clinton. Ignore the bashers as the ignoramus’ will come out of the wood work over your post.

      • The Clinton organization and the Obama organization serve the same master, but neither sits anywhere near the head of the table…

      • Repeat after me. There is no sides. It’s all the same side. “As long as I control a nations wealth, I care not what puppet sits upon its throne” A. Rothchild

  6. Last night, Dave Shrader replaced Heather Wade on the radio program, Midnight in the Desert. Rumor has it that Keith Rowland fired her after Art Bell was no longer around to protect her.

    • If they replaced her with John B Wells, they may be able to knock off George Noory on Coast to Coast AM.

      • Or ME, lol…hell, I’d even come out of retirement for such a gig and move to whatever desert the job required..

      • John B sounds too much like Art Bell, and is familiar with the science side of the woo, and the provable side of the conspiracies. He built a huge following, quickly, on c2c and became a professional threat to George Noory, which is why he was sent packing (although I notice George still gives him mention in the end-credits.)

        Heather has a real issue with making any guest’s interview, the “All About Heather Show,” which I find both distracting and boring. I’m okay with the switch. Dave’s less boring, and not as distracting…

      • George, Don’t pack yet. Heard back from Keith.

        We got our new host… but thanks for the suggestion. Will keep this in mind.

        Best Regards,

    • Was she the kind of boring radio show host that would be on coast to coast occasionally on Saturday nights?

      I hear Ian Punnet(sp) is coming back to C 2 C. I liked him. Also liked Joe Pags on C 2 C, but he was too politically right of center for George.

    • I liked Heather, on the rare occasions that I had time to listen. Firing her would be a reason for me to skip listening entirely.

      • You & Art Bell make 2. Rumor had it that Heather may be Art’s daughter & lived next door to Art in Pharump & used his studio for the broadcast.

    • George – That gig would definitely be you. With a gift for gab, well rounded knowledge, willing to do the research on guests, & a Hammie just like Art Bell, you would be my choice. I will email Keith Rowland.

      • How much does a gig like that pay? I have a total radio voice. I have been told over a thousand times on my life I should do radio. Lol

        I’m science and weird and woo. Lol

  7. George, on the dem’s losing it will depend on how aggressive they will be on going out to the cemetery and registering voters. It may be a running joke, but the liberals really do that around here. They have been caught and of course the news media will not report the fraudulent registration of dem voters.

  8. For those who are actually paying attention, the “body count” racked up by the #metoo movement in media, entertainment and politics has been overwhelmingly composed of lefties.

    • Maybe the FBI should go after the little black books of Washington, DC escorts. Raid their homes & businesses like they did Cohen & Manafort. They may find Muellers name.

      • It’s been done.

        Xaviera Hollander (The Happy Hooker), who “serviced” the U.N. (amongst others) was deported.

        Debbie Palfrey (The D.C. Madam) “hanged herself” several years after she made it known that she’d never commit suicide.

        Neither of their “black books” was released without redaction, and have probably disappeared into some black hole under the basement of the FBI…

        Local madam where I lived for several years specialized in underage girls, and bragged she’d never be arrested, because she had logs and videos of too many judges, state and federal pols, cops, sheriffs, prosecutors, and wealthy business-men and -women for anyone to ever dare bust her.

        She got busted.

        Her “records” were disappeared long before she went to trial. Nobody was convicted or embarrassed of anything, except the madam…

        We peasants will NEVER be allowed to view the salacious details of the lives of our ruling class, except when one acts so egregiously as to make it into the news, before the story can be suppressed…

      • They names would vanish from the black books..but..what if.. The ladies ran for an office.. Couldn’t she legally take all the campaign contributions she wants legally? Lets face it.. We are already getting screwed by our legislators this way you at least have a little pleasure knowing them.

    • We’ve been counting for sure, but the left can’t count, every time they add 100 to 100, the get 1, and then its allegedly.

  9. Report from the Volcano:

    Here are the best USGS links on the Hawaii Volcano. Daily summary and updates of geologic activity are here:

    The best pictures and videos can be found at the USGS photo and chronology page here:

    And if you are a real earthquake geek, you can watch the list grow at the local USGS ‘nearby seismicity’ page here.

    My ham friend who is a field volcanologist here checked in this morning to the ‘net and gave us a report and answered a few questions. He tells me this earthquake swarm is handled by automation and algorithms that place the quake by a form of echolocation, and they don’t have as many sensors out in the field as they would like. But he says their location is somewhat imprecise unless a human reviews the data and fine tunes the exact location. The result is that this is a ‘scatter map’. The actual earthquake locations tend to be much more concentrated where the lava movement zones are in rather small areas. So he didn’t think this seemingly offshore swarm indicated any slippage of the lava shelf along the south shore of the island. He said it would be much larger earthquakes if the land shelf slipped. So I hope we don’t have anything larger than the 6.9 already encountered. Meanwhile the little 2.5 to 3 tremors continue to pump a little adrenaline when I feel them.

    My little village of Pahoa has become a refugee center, with several hundred people in shelters at the gym and community center. The high school and highway intersection at the south end of town has become a media circus, refugee help center, and political grandstand for every local official and politician all the way up thru Governor and Congress critters. All from the government and here to help…. by telling people the cannot go any farther down the road nor return to their homes. Although they did let a limited number of residents back in to accessible areas of Leilani for a few hours to retrieve belongings from their homes.

    It’s a media circus for local news crews and now national news. As I was waiting for my take-out order at a local bar & restaurant, the bartender came thru complaining about “those rude CBS reporters” who were told they couldn’t take their beers out into the parking lot. (“Oh, It’s OK. We’re just right here”)

    No… it’s against the law to take alcoholic drinks thru the public doorway of a bar. The bartender cut them off and asked them to leave.

    I had some thoughts of going out to the broadcast site to say hello to a few colleagues that I had worked with in the past, but the jammed traffic and crowds quickly changed my mind.

    –Hank… hunkered down at the Quaking Volcano Ranch.

    • This morning the hams report that the existing fissures have stopped erupting lava, but are still outgassing. Temporary good news. I have no doubts that this event is not over. The east rift zone is swollen to cracking with new magma just looking for a way out.

  10. I almost bought a short 3X ETF today in anticipation of President Trumps Iran announcement & the recent runup in the market but lost my nerve. I will be waiting to see what happens.

  11. Hi, George,

    What an unexpected and strange choice Oliver North is as President of the NRA. I do not know what to make of it either, Al. Oliver North is a man wrapped in tales of controversy and lawlessness. Thanks, ed and NM Mike for your kind words. Be careful out there in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Hank. The reports and videos of lava movement is scary.

    George, I can see you sitting near a broadcast station mike, a large cup of coffee and a bottle of whisky within reach, while you address a variety of relevant topics to your listeners, keeping them in rapt attention for hours.

    • Me, too!!! I can see it! I can hear it, and as Bryce says, “may it be lovingly fulfilled.” Send in your resume as a guest comander, George!

    • Yeah, not a fan. Ollie is supremely loyal, and a master at taking orders, then executing them. I’ve never seen or heard of him originating orders.

      He “took the bullet” for GHW over Iran Contra, which proves his loyalty, but I’ve always believed the PNAC owns him. Ollie, taking direction from LaPierre would be a very good thing, however, the thought that Kagan or Kristol might end up “shadow-running” the NRA gives me the willies…

  12. Schneiderman is Mueller’s “undercover hitman” against President Trump. His “job” was to hit Trump (both the organization and the man) with State probes (and figurative cattle prods) which Mueller couldn’t make.

  13. Over one million people have left the peoples republic of ny. since 2010. Taxes,misrepresentative govt., home of the Clintons, carlos danger,Elliot Spitzer and King Andy,who took five tries to pass the bar. And now an atty general who likes to legislate from the bench but has problems with right and wrong.

    • I’ve been waiting for years, for that part of the State that’s north of 88 to splinter off into a new State. The vast majority of the folks who live in Western and Northern NYS have darn near nothing in-common with the ones living from Albany, south…

  14. I know that most may not take me seriously, but wouldn’t the merging of the Democratic Party with the Republican Party solve a lot of problems, besides creating necessary unemployment to extremely unproductive (TV & media!) troublemakers in our society?
    Think–have any of you, personally, known any differences who was elected, except that the cost of living keeps rising?

    • No differences, two sides of the same coin, once the bankers gotta hold of the USA, we lost our Republic. Even if a Patriot were to get elected, they blackmail them or kill them. We have been beat. The head of the USA is ruled by another country; we have been fighting all the middle east wars for that country. The body of our country is run by the UN, they are destroying our cohesiveness and culture with massive immigration, the tail is wagged by the bankers who own the media and almost all means of production via their ilk.

    • The Dems have become Marxist-socialists, the Repubs are now the pols who were “liberal Democrats” between WW-II and 1970. The folks who are, what Republicans used to be, are the conservatives, or “conservative Republicans,” and there’s damn’ few of them.

      I detest Bernie Sanders’ politics (as I did Dennis Kucinich’s), because they are the anathema to a republic governed by the People, and would destroy the United States, but I admire both men greatly, because at least they have the ‘nads to openly state their political position and beliefs.

  15. Off subject here but I was wondering, George, if you were working on publishing an article on LIBOR any time soon. There’s a few people with their hair on fire out there, lately, talking about it going away in a couple of years with nothing to take its place … yet. Here’s a good level headed YT video of what’s coming down the pike – Some 370 trillion of debt and notional derivatives will need to be reset in a couple of years pretty much all at once. Should be interesting.

  16. I see the local realtor in the big island had more than 47 on site today new listings. Elitepacific. I guess the the peeps are running scared. Volcanos and hurricanes. I would have to think about that.

  17. George,
    I’ve been working in several small shops on CNC mills and lathes, business is booming. It is really booming and all the small shops are really tearing it up. Construction is full tilt forward, Auto shops, custom and general are full up. Real Estate is smoking hot, here in Dallas/Fort Worth world. The future also seems very bright. Work is coming back and anybody who wants a job can find work. I’ve never seen it this good in this area. I’ve been here for 36years. Yet the world is at critical mass. Cern is cranking out incredible amounts of magnetic flux, WOO WOO! The Democrats went down the road of demonizing white people and Christians while creating division between all races. The real American Democrats need to take their party back. The Republicans are in work in process. Rudder is slowly turning hard starboard, with a trim spinnaker.

  18. Now cuomo is appointing a special investigator in the schneiderman case….. schneiderman was claiming to investigate weinstein before the sun shone. another manipulation ??

    • Yes, they always protect their own. Just like Facebook guy going before CONgress vs. Diamond and Silk treatment. Don’t expect pervert Weinstein to see a day of jail, but Wonders never ceases…so let’s sees!

  19. “America still needs a second special prosecutor to re-investigate the Clinton whitewashing by the FBI,”

    Would that be a very healthy career life choice?

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