The shock resignation of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman may have just saved the Trump presidency and lost the democrat’s chance of major congressional gains in the off-year congressional races, in our odd view of the world.

That’s because The New Yorker has published a first-rate piece of journalism in “Four Women Accuse New York’s Attorney General of Physical Abuse.”  And  (unlike the Clinton-sponsored Fusion GPS piece), this report names names with two women going on the record.

What makes the story a landmark – and possibly a major turning point that could ripple into the Mueller Fishing and Hooker expedition’s future, as it demonstrates that a high ranking democrat has now resigned over claims many times worse than Trump’s dalliances.

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Allegations of alcohol abuse (followed by slapping and beating worthy of medical attention) is understood out here in fly-over country as a far different kettle of fish than consensual sex that resulted in some fat paydays for women.

Not bruises..

Still, Schneiderman denies the claims under cover of roll-playing.  Manhattan DA has opened a case, though…

In other words, the Schneiderman case means democrats will not to able to maintain their fake “holier than thou” mantle in the fall elections.

Not that the Hate Trumpers will give up.  They will continue their pressure because as the judge hinted in the Mueller probe last week, it seems they are out to prevent America from actually having held an election and changed parties in the White House.

That notion was reinforced when it was revealed in the Boston Globe last Friday, that former democrat secretary of state (and Clinton follow-on) John Kerry has been sneaking around undermining the president’s efforts to deal with Iran.

What you can safely do now, is use the Schneiderman story as a “bias detector.”  When you read stories in the lefty-media, the agenda-driven left will conveniently omit Schneiderman’s political party.  The one where he was a rising star….

Here, for example, the NY Times doesn’t mention his party until a third of the way into their report.

Politics may be compared to a card game, in many ways.

We note that democrats until now had played their cards well..  Even though not a single crime related to Russia has been uncovered, the Mueller investigation has been their Joker.

Previous to this hand, they had a good eight-year run of cards with social media and with Obama deftly playing the race card when policies were opposed – or simply made-up for political expediency – like DACA.

Now, the Schneiderman resignation means the “sex card” can’t be played against republicans in the 2018 congressional contests this fall.  They had been banking o n sex being the “trump card.”

Poof!  Gone

America still needs a second special prosecutor to re-investigate the Clinton whitewashing by the FBI, now that we know there was no national security basis for FBI redactions.  As it’s come out, those merely revealed ass-covering in the highest levels of Justice.

It’s all been a fine circus act so far.  But, it could spill over into markets.

Trump suddenly is no longer as evil as the Tump-haters have screams.  As a key up-and-coming democrat in a stronghold state demonstrates.

Markets may get nervous when potential futures begin to get “off the expectation tracks. While we’ve been waiting for “big news” to set the market back into a downward spiral, Schneiderman has driven us to reconsidering an earlier entry into a big short position.

Still Defending Iran

Do note the Washington Post story:  “Muzzled watchdog: How killing the nuclear deal could make it easier for Iran to pursue the bomb in secret.

They already are, according to Israeli intelligence.

President Trump is likely to scrap the deal.


Hawaii is up to its knees on the Big Island in as the volcano work up there.

And a 4.5 temblor woke up some people in California today.

The blue dot is a 4.5 near Ferndale, California – and it’s at the intersection where the south end of the Jaun de Fuca Plate and the Pacific Plate collide.

The other dot – fresh 4.5 and a 3.2 follow-up act north of Cabazon, California should be a “check water” wake up call for people from the Bay area south to San Ysidro:  When there is movement at two ends of the San Andreas fault, we tend to get excited.

The problem, you see, is that with the solar output down (as we reported Monday) the Earth’s crust can begin to contract as its average temperature declines.

The related shrinking, on a geological scale, might set off quakes…and for the unprepared, that could be disastrous.

Onto the Markets

The collision between monetary inflation and stagnant whole world lifestyles is beginning to work itself out.  As a result, despite US monetary inflation, traditional metrics like gold and oil (real value holders) have dropped.

Press release from the National Federation of Independent Business makes us take the urge to run from the markets with a grain of salt:

Washington, D.C. (May 8, 2018) – The Small Business Optimism Index sustained record-high levels increasing to 104.8 in April, driven by reports of improved profits, the highest in the NFIB Small Business Economic Trends Survey’s 45-year history. Additionally, the number of small businesses reporting poor sales fell to a near record low. April is the 17th consecutive month of historically high readings, according to the survey that was released today.

“Never in the history of this survey have we seen profit trends so high”, said NFIB President and CEO Juanita Duggan. “The optimism small businesses owners have about the economy is turning into new job creation, increased wages and benefits, and investment.”

On the Peoplenomics side of the house tomorrow, a discussion of how to handle trading when the chart and Elliott picture becomes congested.

Like NOW, for example.

The Dow futures were down, but only by 40 points with 45-minutes to the open.

We’ll head for the breakfast table early and see if some of those chart resistance and support levels start to fail once “the amateur hour” trading is done.

More on the free side Thursday…