Markets Eye Inflation This Week

The market is poised to break to much higher levels, but it’s still to early to pour oodles of money on the long side – just yet.

For one, there are major resistance levels overhead from here.  Second thing to watch is whether “Sell in May and go away…” shows up this year.  It really hasn’t, the past few years.

Then there’s the data.  Federal Reserves Consumer Debt report (they mistakenly call it credit, because banksters are creditors while us’ns l’ill people are debtors.  Wednesday, there will be producer price/final demand.  And then Thursday we get the official Consumer Price Index.

Already, though, several things are more-or-less known.  For example, when we look at the retail price of gasoline, we see this is $2.813 for regular.  A year ago, it was running $2.35.

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Taken as a single indicator – regardless of market numbers, Bitcoin hype ($9,300 this morning, BTW) or Fed rate babble, the gas price alone is up a whopping 19 percent compared with last year.

In a “normal” economy, this would have the precious metals, and anything not nailed down, going through the roof.  But, these are far from “normal times.”

For one, people have lost faith generally, I’m afraid, in the ability of the central government to effectively govern.

I noted over the weekend that it seemed to me that John Kerry – former Obama democrat secretary of state, meddling in trying to “save the Iran deal” seemed a clear violation of the Logan Act that prohibits private persons from mucking up the works of Presidential policy with foreign nations.

Since we presume Kerry can read, we construe this as the democrats continuing to refuse to accept the election results from coming up on two-years ago.

I’m not the only one calling “Foul!” on the Obamanista efforts to undermine the duly elected government.  Says the Washington ExaminerAlan Dershowitz: John Kerry would be violating the Logan Act if it was enforced.

As many readers commented over the weekend, it’s proof of two things we are still deluding ourselves about.  1) We are NOT all equal under the law.  There is a “ruling class” on both sides of the political aisle which is why Kerry’s obvious (to us) breach of law will go unpunished.  2) The Swamp is still very much full and even Trump’s lieutenants have neither the balls not skill to provide even-handed enforcement of cornerstones of democracy.

That, obviously, clouds the national mood, and with it outlook, and in ripple-through fashion, it impacts markets.

Toss in the increasingly militant Chinese putting cruise missiles onto their recently dredged-up islands and we’re still not sure how sincere the NorK’s are…toss in the secret nuclear weapons program of Iran and there’s not too much to give one confidence.

To be sure, there are still people forming families and buying homes, but even here, the national drive to monetize anythingincluding gender and sexual orientation has changed the dynamics of family creation.

The good news, such as it is, is that thinking Millennials may turn out to be a better crop of youngsters than the Gen-X;s; particularly when it comes to core values.

For example, take the UK Telegraph story “Millennials are turned off sex, study suggests, with one in eight still virgins at 26.

Another one of Pappy’s old sayings is coming around:  “When comes to sex, it’s not what you see,” he explained. “It’s what you THINK you see…

In a world full of proselytizing orientation and gender-bender marketers, the viva la difference that older people “discovered” naturally between the 5th and 9th grades, has turned into a mass-monetizing festival replete with high dollar curriculum and text books.

Shove enough pictures of diseased genitals as people and (d’oh!) the “magic of sex” and mating is done.  Calculus and programming suddenly look for appealing…so the brighter millennials are looking for something with substance and values.

While we KNOW that inflation is coming, what is less clear is whether there will be the one thing that matters – a rise in real disposable personal income.

According to the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) data dispenser, real personal income has gone up about 19% in the past 10 years –  like so:

Right?  Up 19.14%.

But ask yourself “What was my out of pocket cost of medical prior to Obamacare?

The problem with making plans for the emerging New World is that it is full of contradictions.  Because, for example, when you look at the real cost of housing, we are still trying to crawl out ofo the mini-depression caused by the Housing bubble collapse a few years back:

Politicians (and co-opted economists) are not inclined to talk about such things.  I have never found a reliable monthly study (other than running our own data sets on current dollar data and then adjusting for Fed published inflation factors).

The reason is simple:  On a real disposable basis, there has been no big increase in the REAL purchasing power of working Americans.

And, as we explain every week over on the Peoplenomics side of the house, there’s not much hope of things improving.  Which is why birth rates are falling:  Young people are not stupid – they sense what’s coming.

What’s Coming?

It’s hard to put into words, but it’s the magic of compounding applied to debt that we can’t control – or, at least, don’t have the political will to do so.

Take a basic like education:  The cost per child in a particular area might be on the order of $2,000 per year.  But, that’s before the ever-increasing pension liability to fund teacher retirements.  Which are (and have been) growing far faster than the basic cost of education.

As a result, not only do schools bump up tax rates every year, but “special bond issues” flower every year, as well.  The result is soaring property taxes.

Roads and bridges are another one.  At first, maybe a 10% gas tax could build a workable highway system in a given state.  But, over time, the cost of operating went up (as did construction) and along with it, massive bureaucracies arose.  Oh, and let’s not leave out all those state worker pensions which grow not only based on compounding, but also on the retirement rates as intergenerational turnover increases.

Did you realize just the Texas Department of Transportation budget is into the $70-billion plus range now?  See here for the gory details..

The problem this exemplifies is that even with ALL that money, the bureaucrats have continued their empire building to such an extent that they have deemed it necessary to sell-off certain roads to private corporations which impose TOLLS and that’s just another form of TAX.

This is the kind of “systems collision” that the world is swimming in.  It’s not going to get better, except in a genuine collapse.

BUT, the Bankster class has an ace they are placing now.  They are betting that a controlled almost=hyper inflation  will keep things going while they make a bundle.

That’s the basis of modern monetary theory:  Pioneered as practicum in Zimbabwe’s inflation under Robert Mugabe, it was a painful experience for the country.  Trillionaires were everywhere.

As Millennials look ahead, they are seeing through the fog of political and economic lies and they’re looking for another way.

But for this morning, here’s the horseshit the media serves up, instead:

NFL may let teams choose whether to stand for anthem.

Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter makes appearance at Kentucky Derby.

And stop the press! Tutankhamun ‘secret chamber’ does not exist, researchers find.

This is not to say there isn’t REAL news.

Putin’s been sword in for a fourth term as Russian president.

The volcano on Hawaii is a mess.

And if you look up?  The Sun’s going out:

As it does – and there’s talk in some circles of another Maunder Minimum (mini- Ice Age), the only investments that will make sense will be things like clothing, seeds, and energy sources.  The one in the 1600 and 1700’s lasted about 75-years.

And that’s what the Millennials who think have to worry about on their radars.

With Dow futures up 87 with 45-minutes to the open, I will size things up about 10:45 to see which way the traders are running it.  In the meantime, thing about the Maunder.  Robert Felix’s book Not by Fire but by Ice: Discover What Killed the Dinosaurs…and Why It Could Soon Kill Us is still a must read.

Add to that Dark Winter: How the Sun Is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell and you’ll see there are bigger issues for “the rock” than gender-counting.

Think food and ice….the real news is there if you look:

Illinois saw second-coldest April on record.

Coldest April in the Twin Cities since 1950.

April 2018 was fourth coldest in Grand Rapids.

And the hits just keep on coming…

Find someone…and monetize them!

Moron on the ‘morrow!

55 thoughts on “Markets Eye Inflation This Week”

  1. Just my opinion of course, but people love to banter about Iran and their nuclear program having, in my view, less than all the facts. It’s one thing to collate data needed to develop a nuclear deterrent but quite another thing to build said weapons. The Iranians have NEVER enriched any uranium to the needed 90% level. They’ve never had the means. Were they to try, the centrifuges needed would be obvious as heck to everyone yet they do not exist in Iran. They have enriched up to the medical isotope level but only after the west embargoed their purchase of medical isotopes from Europe.

    So while data might be collated on a ‘how-to’ basis, you or I could collate the same data. It doesn’t mean there’s any way in hell they could ‘build’ a viable weapon today or a year or more from now without a crash program that would be obvious to just about everyone who can still fog a mirror. That said, even if they had some weapons, to ‘use’ them means their population centers would be turned to green glass in an hour thus, where the Iranians aren’t stupid people, having nukes is only useful as a deterrent against someone attempting to cut off the head of the chicken as we called in in the cold war days. All this hub-bub is a bunch of war-porn.

    • You’re not following the bouncing centrifuges. Iran sticks to deadline of nuclear deal with centrifuge move: IAEA 2016 is when they moved them to a new location and resumed. That’s why Israel is pissed.
      Remember, it’s fine for Mullahs to lie to infidels. Problem is who the infidels are: us.

      • Has anyone considered the possibility Iran took the money for the nuclear deal, then moved their facilities to Nork and continued their work over there? Nork needs the money, nobody figured them a serious threat anyway. Best of all worlds Iran is squeaky clean, got someone else to pay for their development of a nuclear capability plus delivery systems. Iran is sitting in the “catbird seat!”—-WOW couldn’t find a better deal than that!

      • I don’t know it was hard enough following the flying yellow cake uranium tale from Colin Powell’s testimony at the UN (United Nazis) and visualizing the mushroom cloud from Bush the 2nd and CONdoleecha Rice as they did their Weapons of Mass Destruction Tour across the United States. They thought they were so popular, they took their tour on the road for an International Tour of plotting to over throw a sovereign nation Problem is our government lies to it’s citizens, in collusion with other countries called the Coalition of the Willing, so it is not hard to see who the mass killers are.

  2. When the fed starts jacking rates and the market is still going up that’s when the fun begins. Dow goes to 32,000. Still seeing that. Fun begins in October this year in japan..

    I try to keep life simple, work, gym, kids and time with the little woman.

    News from the street: We are back to cranking like crazy. Worked 12 on Friday day, took a 3 hour nap and went back to work for 10 more, slept 3 and got my baby girls and had a birthday party. Sometimes I dont know how i do this crazy pace. I’m feeling my age. Lol

    Prices are still skyrocketing on houses around here. My ex wife (the one that took me to the cleaners financially) got the boot from her house her Boyfriend (that died) bought when his ex wife got the house in his will. So she is having a hell of a time finding anything under $1800 a month to buy or rent. Big reality check for her. Karma is only a b!tch when you do scandelous things. And it’s hard to watch her get “b!tch” slapped by the universe. I spend a ton of time and effort investing in others well being. So when its harvest time, I always get a great return.

    Gas prices are going through the roof again. We are up to $3.25 a gallon and it goes up daily. Off the hook. Last time we had gas prices this high interest rates were at 5%, if I remember right.

    I told her she could stay with me if she had no place to go. I know. I know… but we have a child together. And stability in the home life is important to me for my kid.

    I haven’t told the new girlfriend yet. Hoping the ex finds something.

    Life is good! Could always use a bit more money! Dear universe, it’s my turn for good fortune. :)

    • It’s cold in the winter and warm in the summer. That’s my take on the climate debate. :)

    • Oh and yeah, my ex took me for probably over $120k in less than a year. Damn near bankrupted me. Karma never loses an address.

      But Im not a hard ass. I actually feel sorry for her. Is that wierd?

      Careful who you screw! The universe is always watching and taking note.

      • Add that to the cost of having kids. At least you made out better than George at $750k. I thought kids expense stopped at 18. I was wrong. It is still costing me at 70. But the grandkids are worth it.

      • ECS, all is all. It’s all relevant. I had a guy tell me he lost millions in his marriage and divorce. I said jeesh I’m grateful I only lost what I lost. He said all is all. We both lost the same.

        Shoot, I pay $2 a month more in daycare/child support than I pay for rent.

      • How all this is relevant to today’s discussion is at the macro level this is what I’m seeing. Karma is making its rounds.

        Rememeber the prot-gestalt develop the archetypes that the gestalt experiences in themes. My life and what I am witnessing in it, along with you and ures. Sees what is in play at the archetypal layer in our personal lives. Which later spirals in the matrice latrice to the grander scheme of things for the collective of humanity or “gestalt”.

        Now I have invested time and effort and tons of money in helping people for a while. Its who I am and what I do. I do it mostly annonmously. Because that is who I am and Its not really my gig to get stuff from people. But rather from the Divine. Because the Divine gives huge rewards.

        So at the macro level, I recognize karma is doling out its measures in return for measures doled out. So it won’t be long before that moved to the grander stage.

      • I beg to differ. Sorry. Karma is either nearly blind or currently somewhat AWOL here on the East Coast.

  3. record heat in Phoenix. some places hotter, some colder. quit being so selective in your data.

    • Oh.
      It’s OK for the government to revise 1930’sa data? Good for goose, not good for gander?
      But wait…you got it dead wrong on Phoenix!
      The 2017 YTD average mean temp was 67. This year, same date-range? Still 67.
      Put down your pseudo-science – I have told you, that climate believing will be a hard shell to break…since it’s all about a whole new business model for the “Slicers” – who want a slice of everything you make!) and just read the damn data.
      The highest max mean last year was 92, min mean was 48.
      This year 90 and 50.
      Both numbers, viewed as a data-pair infer temps were moderating (e.g. less variability) -but selective in data? Save that for people who are data-challenged.
      See the solar declines today? Again. Solar cooling cometh.
      Google news hits on “record cold” as of today’s searches: 5.78 million.
      Hits for “record heat”? 4.08 million.
      Warming has been going on since the ice sheet retreated…its only now that afgter monetizing gender and sex prefs that we’re running out of fear-factor to justify more and bigger taxes for the “slicers” (who demand ever-bigger slices).
      OK, back to making money…

      • Well said George! Warmers cannot seem to to see the truth. They have either been duped, or they are lying intentionally. Nobody wants to admit to either…

      • Phew..I don’t know why people use the phrase global warming..
        Climate change..our temperatures are about the average to. But the storm surges have a tendency to be more violent in nature.

  4. I recommend Elliot Coleman’s “Four Season Harvest”. He gardens year round in Maine via greenhouses, cold frames and using cold tolerant varieties.

  5. George I am more concerned about .USGov lying then Iran. Quit bashing a country that has every right to defend itself from the US/Israel. Ok, quick quiz. What was the last country the Iranians invaded? Extra Credit question: How many people has the US military killed in undeclared wars since the end WWII.

    • Let’s start with Syria, then move to Lebanon, using their proxies Hezbollah and Hamas.

      Part II: there are undeclared wars happening all over the globe. Look to Russia in the Crimea and E. Ukraine; Angola; Uganda: Libya; Yemen; the Falklands, I.e. Great Britain and Argentina; India/Pakistan. All were or are being fought with no or minimal U.S. role. Since the U.S. Congress declares wars, only the Korean War was ‘declared after WWII,’ however, congress funded certain other excursions through their Article I duties in the Constitution which were deemed important to U.S. policy, making those engagements entirely legal. “War is policy by other means.” A dead Prussian general named Clausewitz said that phrase 150 years ago and it still holds true today.

  6. Is GOOGL stock about to make a move. It looks like it is finally coming back to life with the rest of the FANGS except slower. Needs another stock split. Earnings surprise was a positive 7.8% for the 1st qtr 18 after a disappointing 4th qtr 17.

  7. “The Swamp is still very much full and even Trump’s lieutenants have neither the balls not skill to provide even-handed enforcement of cornerstones of democracy.”

    I think Trump and those working with him are doing the best that they can. If it were any of us in his position I think we would have commited suicide or was mugged or executed from some half wit that just happens to shoot better and faster than the world’s top marksmen, or some foreign country that those that want something of theirs is opposed to them just taking it.
    I personally think the task is so big that it won’t be accomplished.
    Who do you trust.. If the vast majority of those that are suppose to be representing us the people are owned and controlled by a very few..
    Sort of reminds me of the old west and the land wars. The rich and powerfullowned and controlled everyone against the little guys.
    Now consider this though..that control and manipulation can be a double edged sword to the puppeteers. Putin,Trump,Chinas leader etc. Are not idiots with them playing these leaders as moronic idiots and depending on just how much power the puppeteers have in their countries. ( my guess as much as the USA) they still have those loyal to them. If they give these guys enough grief they could just loose that power hold that is so tightly held. Look what Kim did.

    • Or you could see us the body.. A tick sneaks up on you then gently burrowed its head into the body. You don’t know it did that because as it burrowed in it injected a little anesthesia so you don’t feel it. Then while its there it starts feeding on the host and replacing what it is taking with poison or a virus like lymes disease.
      That is what the puppeteers are the ticks of our planet.

      • The safest way to remove a tick is to get the beastie to release its jaws – do not pull apart! That being said, Trump is the biggest tick of all!

    • Remember a single tree can make a million matchsticks. And a single matchstick can burn down a million trees.

    • Out of curiosity.. Just what did Kim Kardashian ever do.. She doesn’t act. She can’t sing. The only thing that pops into my head is a few photos of her walking down a flight of stairs with a to tight dress on and spike high heels.

      • The new way to CeleBratHood is naked, but released as planned, private acts. That’s her, err…RISE, or claim to fame. And her Daddy helped get oj off.

  8. “the Millennials who think have to worry about on their radars.”

    I don’t think we really have to worry about it for ourselves.
    Our children 45 and below. Our grand children and great grandchildren. They are the ones that will see the big show. The major concern for our age much will depends cost and will we be able to afford them.

  9. George,
    Your ongoing diatribe against global warming does not take into consideration the fact that geoengineering has been going on since Operation Popeye was used for weather modification in the Viet Nam war, supported by evidence such as (, and a more recent article ( Clearly carbon pools have shifted from underneath the ground to the atmosphere, which has increased greenhouse gases. Geoengineering has been going on full scale, although covertly, to create clouds of aluminum particles to shield the earth from the sun and lower temperatures. The obvious “crazy weather” worldwide recently is a combination of increased CO2 and geoengineering. Your argument that global warming is a “tax grab” for a carbon tax makes no sense. A carbon tax is an incentive to decrease fossil fuel emissions, not a money-maker for the new world order. Taxes are policy tools, not money-makers.

      • Social Security…Based on the Social Security Administration’s 2015 report, the trust is on track to be depleted in 2034, at which point the system will be able to pay 79% of benefits from ongoing tax revenue. That projection is expected to shrink to 73% by 2089.

    • Carbon (dioxide) is not a greenhouse gas, it is an indicator of past (not present or future) local climate. It is also absolutely essential, if Earth is to maintain its ecosystem.

      Why do you hate plants?

      • Using your logic,then..the more CO2 the more trees, and the more pulp and paper, and the more houses, and, of course…the more Borneo Orangutan(**)

      • See, you’re starting to come around. Given enough atmospheric carbon dioxide (unfortunately, it is a trace gas), we may eventually (in theory, anyway) be able to grow trees faster than loggers and plantation-builders can cut them.

        The orangutan will not come back unless Indonesian hunters stop killing it and the Malay stop eating them… and until WE find a viable alternative to palm oil — Doesn’t matter much though, because the next time Krakatau, Danau Toba, or Tomboro gets really angry, they’ll probably go extinct, along with several dozen other native species, and several million people.

        Social Security is only a tax in administration. In structure, it is a Ponzi scheme. As such, [it] is destined to eventually fail, and do so rather spectacularly. My kids are approaching their 30s, and none expect to realize a dime of the money they pay in FICA Taxes returned to them as premiums…

    • What gets me is the clouds of aluminum particles the geoengineers are putting into the atmospheres of Venus and Mars, to mess with the climate on those planets.

      We’ve been “geoengineering” the skies (meteorology being a subscience of geology) ever since someone figured out they could blast the sky with dry ice and it would rain. I have seen the patterned flight of planes laying “chemtrails” several times — looks like the planting of furrows. I don’t know who is doing the sky-salting, or why. I do know that it’s not being salted to deflect the sun’s heat, because it would do the opposite.

      Please, think: If “greenhouse gases” raise planetary temperatures, something denser than a gas, like aluminum microdust, would hold-in much more heat and raise temperatures more, and faster. If aluminum microdust reflects heat, “greenhouse gases” would do so also.

      Folks who pray at the Gorical of Al need to learn they can’t have it both ways…

      Taxing carbon dioxide can never accomplish anything, and makes no sense, unless one wants to create a means of taxing-forever, the air we breathe (and selling a means of relief from such a tax), or wishes to create an incentive to kill off all the plant life on Earth. The two most prevalent, and (assuming GCC is a bad thing, which it’s not) dangerous “greenhouse gases” — thousands of times more “greenhousey” than carbon dioxide, are oxygen and water vapor.

    • TYou really DON’T GET the Logan Act.
      The President, his nominees or Assigns can meet with foreign leaders.
      Which is how Dennis Rodman me with Kim Jung – he was sanctioned.
      Pay attention and keep up with the class

      • Yeah, but Dennis Rodman didn’t give Kim Jung’s party 83 million dollars…

      • Exactly 2 people have been convicted of violating the Logan Act (enacted 1799), one in 1802 and one in 1852.

        I doubt if Kerry or Kushner will make the Logan list, but Kushner and his fellows will likely face a judge on other counts…

  10. Hard to not paint with a broad brush, but woman sure seem to delight in destroying men and their careers these days.

    I also see more and more men these days being feminized. Doing things like pushing baby strollers and basically reversing traditional roles of the past. What’s next? Will men start lactating too?

    Its like woman making men into their best girlfriend. And men going along with it. Is there something in the water?

    I bet Russia and China, from a military standpoint are looking at the USA and thinking what an easy target for takeover we’d be, if it ever comes to that.

    I grew up with my mothers Sicilian side of the family being more a part of my upbringing. The woman very much ruled, but there was still distinct male and female scripting in the roles they played in their cultural norms. But in today’s society I see men becoming neutered and their testosterone driven nature being subdued, but not necessarily woman becoming more masculinized to make up for it. This is a cultural change imo, not a genetic thing. If survival of the fittest is the law of nature, will our American culture survive?

    • Many of us can relate to all you say, but let me add this. When my husband, all male, walks into a room, every available female ‘perks’ up and starts preening. It isn’t that males can’t love their children, show affection to them, and push carriages, it is just that the lack of muscle tone and ruggedness is sad to see. Just like generations of males spent time teaching their sons how to do things, i.e., safely operate machinery, money, and weapons, etc., they also cook, clean, and help their wives as needed without reducing their masculinity. What we are witnessing across the country and pushing out globally is a small window in time, possibly just hours, in the gestation window where the fetus becomes a male. The KNOWN window of time is where the fetus is tremendously affected by gender bending hormones and guess what? They have managed to put them in almost everything so that it is hard to avoid them. Even the cash receipts gender bender chemical is absorbed through the skin and does not easily wash off. It is in the water bottles and plastic food containers, etc., and in the food supply. It is a concerted, purposeful hormonal onslaught on the male. This is also reducing testosterone as well as other causes. Didn’t you see where science has just about eliminated the male in reproduction? It all goes back to the destruction of the nuclear family, and that absolutely has been a purpose-driven agenda’d effect on our culture.

    • I’m gonna step in it here. As a woman I see the other side happening too. Women are becoming more leaders, tougher, more athletic, more androgynous when needed, & more sexualized. I am a former sorority chick who can now (when needed) drive a Ford F 250, & maintain & make repairs on hurricane damaged property. I can (carefully!) move furniture by myself. Necessitated by (despite how sincere most of the guys on this blog seem) the complete unreliability of longer-term willing-to-stick-it-out men. I have a good guy around now, but its recent. Repairmen also like to take monetary advantage of cute blondes. And yes, there is stuff in the water. In the 90’s researchers began finding (lots of stuff) but also Pharmaceuticals in drinking water as upriver sewage treatment cannot remove them. Among the drugs then in Massive quantity was birth control pills – ie, female hormones. Now I imagine it includes Opioids & Botox residue. Google it.

      • Whats nice here is we all express our varying observations and don’t play the gender card in retaliation…the way political discourse use to be as a norm and not the exception. Thanks all for your civil and very legitimate responses. PS-I like broaching PC taboo subjects.

  11. The Democrats changed so many Laws in the last 25 years they were down to changing the bathroom signs and that’s when people started waking up. Now, can the Republicans actually stop the tranysation of the Privy?

    • We can only hope! Think about it: for dickens years, women got to go to the women’s room, no toilet seats up and no pee on the seat. Now, we go to unisex toilets and the toilet seat is up or peed on and pee around the rim so we can’t sit down without our feet getting wet. I do not see that as progress!!!! Why can’t we stay in the bathrooms that match our plumbing?

      • …Because it doesn’t fit the agenda.

        Everyone should read Marx and Alinsky, so they know, respectively, where the regressives (remember, this is what “progressives” really are) wish to take the United States, and how they intend to do it. Socialism fails wherever it is attempted, as soon as the Socialists run out of other people’s money to spend, but the hardcore Marxist-socialists and communists secretly believe the failures have been because they haven’t been able to make the USA sufficiently socialist to join their vision of a worldwide utopia.

        Shredding the fabric of our society is one of the tools they use. Splintering groups into as many pigeonholed individuals, then offering the splinters a unifying paradigm WHICH THE ALINSKYITES DICTATE, is the technique used to gain support. The reason we’ve gone from two sexes, to 5, 6, 8, (or whatever it is now) “sexual identities” over the past few years is the splinter and reassemble. Homosexuals, males at least, typically detest transvestites. Thanks to the splinter and reassemble technique, they are now unified and allied on the same political side, irrespective their former political beliefs.

        See how it works?

        The reason the proper, politically-correct restaurant must now have a minimum of five restrooms, is agenda + publicity = change.

        The cause isn’t significant, neither is the splinter. The important thing is to unite splinters on the political side of the regressives, to further the regressive agenda…

      • What’s needed in the toilets is a simple thing a sign.

        Stand closer!!! Its not as long as you think it is.
        And ladies when your finished please lift the seat back up!

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