Coping: Fasting for the Vampires

Ure’s “Personal Health Report” time:  At 10 AM today will be my last meal until about noon tomorrow.  Reason?  Off to see the vampire – the nice nurse who does the periodic blood draws.

A reader advised me, since my last visit, that going with a longer fast prior to the doc’s office, may significantly improve my cholesterol levels.  Apparently, he (patiently) explained:  When you fast from 6 PM on (having had a nice Porterhouse of other decent cut for dinner) there’s no way for the body to do much more than shovel that fat into the bloodstream and fat cells.

On the other hand, the idea is that if you go with a longer (try 24-hours or more) then your body is almost certainly dropped into the fat-burning mode.  and that means better numbers.

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I don’t think I gave Chris McCleary (EdS, MA, MS, MBA, LAC) who runs the site nowadays credit for this, but as a retired AF Lt. Col./F-15 driver he did a lot of research into diet and fitness and came up with the idea of eating only during a 6-8 hour “window” during the day.

Diet books have followed the same path, but the gist of all of it is that you can eat as much as you like at ONE sitting.  But after that, your body needs to run on fast-burning mode for 20-24 hours to make room for another meal.

Today, I will give that a go.

Three items on the agenda tomorrow:

  1. Go over the disastrous experience I had with the generic version of Lipitor.  As you recall, I went into that perfectly health and after a few weeks just felt like hell.  Sick, nauseated, vomitus.  I told the doc I’d try but statins and I are done.
  2. The follow up to that is what while at the tail-end of the statin deal, my right foot developed plantar fasciitis.  Thing is, I have never had the problem before and it’s miserable.  About the only thing that works is putting a towel or rope into a “U”, putting my toes into the resulting stirrup, and then stretching the foot.  That improves it.
  3. No doubt this will lead to a serious discussion about “Who Audits the damned Drugs once they are turned loose on the unsuspecting public?”  I talked to my local pharmacist at some length about this when I was going through my Lipitor generic disaster and I asked him straight up:  Am I the only one with this complaint?  “Oh, no, we see that all the time,” he revealed.  Well, that – right there – got me to smelling a rat.  My suspicion is that got me to wondering:  Who is AUDITING THE FDA APPROVALS once they hit the market for compliance with represented clinical data on efficacy and safety?  My suspicion is no one.
  4. Then I will hand him a copy of Dr. Joel Wallach’s book Dead Doctors Don’t Lie and remind him that he’s about 63 and I’m only five years ahead of him….  Somewhere past 55, mortality gets real and you still have room to move to push the problem out a ways.
  5. Somewhere in here, he’s going to ding me on being up five – and maybe six – pounds from my last visit.  I have an excuse:  I have been taking two pretty good strength eye drops to get my post operative eye problems with the left eye back into shape.  According to last week’s pictures, the eye is responding nicely, but that’s with a good bit of prednisone running down through the nose and into the other parts of the body.  This increases appetite and also increases fluid retention.  I figure it’s a legit excuse.  Let me ask you:  Would YOU Trade 6 pounds of added weight for getting an eye from 20/60 to 20/80 down to 20/30 to 20/40?  I did.
  6. Meantime, I told you that we picked up a Gold’s Gym XRS 50 Home Gym System and – while it took the reader-reported five hours to assemble – it is great.  I am working out on it after writing my column in the morning and up to eight sets of 10-reps each for the pushes, the butterfly’s and leg lifts.  Yes, a total of 80 reps each position.
  7. The result of all this is even after 2- cups of coffee and some dark chocolate chips (good for the heart, I tell yah…) the BP runs 120 over 75 and the pulse was 77.
  8. The BP would be 5-10 lower if I had taken one of the muscle relaxer pills he’s issued for when I pull the back out of whack from over-doing it around here, so that’s all good.
  9. Then we will get into the vitamin discussion.  When we first started talking about vit’s when I started going to see him (long ago) he was, oh, you know, skeptical.  But now that he is on NiaGen  (similar to: HPN Nutraceuticals Nicotinamide Riboside Metabolic Repair, Patented NAD Plus Booster with Niagen (Nr), the Original and Most Trusted Longevity Product, 60 Capsules) along with pterostilbene (like Jarrow Formulas Pterostilbene, Supports Cardiovascular & Neurologic Health, 50 Mg, 60 Veggie Caps) I feel somewhat vindicated in  the “My Body, My Chemistry Set” approach I’ve taken.  Elaine and I figure we’re the only people who will be looking out for our health without some kind of “skin in the outcome.”
  10. The most controversial part of the discussion is my twice-weekly supplementation with Serrapeptase.  ( I use Doctor’s Best High Potency Serrapeptase, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan, Supports Healthy Sinuses, 120,000 SPU, 90 Veggie Caps.)

This last point deserves a bit more discussion.  LifeExtension Magazine (great reading!) wrote about it back in 2003 saying in part:

“…doctors in Europe have been prescribing it to treat everything from pain to atherosclerotic plaques.
Serrapeptase, technically called Serratio Peptidase, is a proteolytic enzyme, which means that it chops up or digests protein. It is produced by bacteria in the gut of silkworms and is used to digest their cocoons. When this enzyme is isolated and coated in the form of a tablet, it has been shown to act as an anti-inflammatory and a pain-blocker, much like aspirin, ibuprofen and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). What’s more, preliminary research indicates that Serrapeptase may even help inhibit plaque build-up in arteries, thereby preventing atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and a resulting heart attack or stroke. Therefore, much like aspirin, this naturally derived enzyme may work to prevent inflammation, pain, heart attack and stroke. Unlike aspirin and other over-the-counter (OTC) NSAIDs, Serrapeptase has not been shown to cause ulcers and stomach bleeding.”

This is not to say that Serrapeptase (seratiopeptrase) is a total magic bullet.  I use it with extreme caution.

The reason? There are some notes in the literature, such as where Serrapeptase may have contributed to the spread of an infection in a dental setting.  So when thinking about how this might be a “magic bullet” for things like arterial plaque, be extremely skeptical of claims, read and consult your doctor because there are risks when you start tinkering around with fibrin levels in the bloodstream!

Also: Any use of seriously promoted natural healing approaches should be seriously studied in advance.

One that I have avoided completely is the idea that some have promoted of drinking diluted food-grade hydrogen peroxide.  There was an article in HealthDay a few months back that went into the dangers of this “home remedy.”

I guess the bottom line I come to is simple:  When there is a defined problem I’m trying to solve – like hedging against mental decline – then I work on solving that using long-established vitamins and supplements with a good track record.

As an example, I’ve been pleased with a vitamin combo sold as an “Extra Strength Natural Brain Supplement – Nootropic Brain Booster for Focus, Clarity, Memory, Cognitive Function, Sharp Mind, Elevates Mood – Expertly Formulated for Peak Performance & Balanced Energy.” It seems to contain most of the ingredients I would be taking separately.  Huperzine A (miraculous with my body chemistry) and others.

But, again, take your time, do the research and talk to your doctor.

I’ll mention now and again how things are going here.  In case you haven’t noticed, though, the big differences are coming from remaining active, engaged, and working a lot.  On the weight machines, the treadmill, and on farm projects.

As one of our readers contributed Monday (she was one of the first women to ‘go to sea’ in the mid 1970’s) she reads a lot about people she’s worked with who give up the active life at sea and then go home to a sedentary lifestyle.  Where many promptly, within a couple of years, die.

Statistically: Inactivity will still kill you faster than medicine.

Puts new meaning in the phrase “the quick and the dead” doesn’t it?

***Nothing here should be taken as medical advice unless I suggested a glass of resveratrol-laden red wine with dinner.***

Write when you get rich,

39 thoughts on “Coping: Fasting for the Vampires”

  1. I agree with you about the Lipitor – started out with ‘the runs’, but I ‘hung in there’ and my reward was pain, which is a side effect – now my chart mentions ‘No statins’ . . . may be I will ‘die earlier’, but being ‘bound up’ with pain is no bargain surely!

    Quality of life is a valid concern.

  2. “Diet books have followed the same path, but the gist of all of it is that you can eat as much as you like at ONE sitting. But after that, your body needs to run on fast-burning mode for 20-24 hours to make room for another meal.”

    “Mass = 200 grams
    Temperature change in degrees oC = Tfinal – T initial = 100oC – 20oC = 80oC
    Specific heat = 1 cal / g oC
    Heat = ( 200 g ) ( 80oC ) ( 1 cal / g oC) = 16000 calories ”

    So.. my theory and diet is..volume.. if you notice a tv dinner for an example.. they have a half cup of veggies a half cup of starch and two thirds cup of protein. the total calories is about three hundred.
    so if you measure out the same proportions and then fill yourself up with ice water theoretically you should be on a zero diet well below the fifteen hundred calorie.

    personally I am on the see food diet..
    I eat what I want but don’t keep it in view.
    A history lesson for me.. years ago I was at a friends house he had eight kids at home. they wasted food like you never seen before.. it was horrible.. but in the fridge was this chunk of cheese that looked like a cake in the freezer was a container of cherry nut ice cream.. I asked.. so what about the cherry nut ice cream and the cheese. His response.. those are two things I like.. by me always having them on hand and available the kids burned themselves out on it so now if I want a chunk of cheese and crackers I can have them.. the same thing with ice cream. when I worked for a seven eleven fast mart.. they had the motto you can have any of the donuts and hot dogs soft serve and fountain pop you want that is left over from ten pm.. the results.. you ate till you couldn’t stand it but after about a week or two you didn’t touch it at all.
    fast forward.. today I have a ton of people all marching in and out.. when I would buy a bag of chips.. they would be devoured instantly. so I buy individual serving sized bags by the case.. yes all kinds you like it its in the bucket keep a bowl filled with every kind available twenty four hours a day.. the same thing with cookies and candy miniatures of every kind.. you know the Halloween bags of small candy bars.. the kids want one they can have as many as they want.. the results.. my expenditures on junk food dropped the reason it is there all the time.. same thing with cheese sticks etc.. and many more products. by proportioning and making it available eventually everyone got so burned out that they aren’t interested in eating them.. in the mean time if I want a snack I can walk over and get whatever I want when I want.
    so availability.. if you keep the things your weakest on available all the time eventually it will loose its luster and you just won’t be that interested in it and cut your consumption considerably.
    so I am going to say this is my personal opinion.. make it available.. if pepporoni pizza is your weakness don’t try to hide it.. you will be cheating on your own diet faster than you can spit.. so make it available all the time keep some in the fridge.. ( cold pizza is good ) if you like sweets then have all of it.. I have a bowl of each well a box like you would find in a break-room the honor box.. and it does have everything and anything in it the same with the chips.. you want it its in the bowl.. the same with candy.. but what is funny is no one goes and gets any at first I couldn’t keep it full now I maybe have to add a couple of bags a week.. and what I was spending for junk food has dropped significantly..
    just my honest opinion.. if it isn’t there your gonna want it and get it.
    that is why we have wars.. because someone wants what they can’t have so they scheme to get it

  3. inactivity and dying..

    I know statistically everyone says that but is it really true.. or is it that someone that is active and then is forced to give up his active life style dies not because of the inactivity so much as with the will to live.

    take a hard working active man.. back in the day and the housewife that basically watched children went to play cards or church functions really way back they went to the lodge for social functions..
    the man died before the woman and nursing homes were filled with little old women that lived a moderate life not extremely physical active.

    Where if you see someone that has lost hope,faith.. then obesity starts to set in and the tube.. you sit for hours in front of the tube watching mindless television shows that have zero meaning and countless shows that are trying to persuade you to their point of view.. the msm news is one..
    scripted and repetitive..
    when really do you really care who marries who but to get their opionion you just keep saying it.. just like scripted trump and russia when in reality its just to keep the attention away from the inability of congress to actually go to work for the people of the usa..except for the groping of a certain musician.. I was a little jealous there but then I would have asked her if I could just touch it once…. LOL

  4. A recommendation for plantar fasciitis. Dr schols
    inserts. the ones you get at walmart(you have to stand on the machine) thy are about 50 bucks. I have been using them for three years and not one tinge of foot pain.

    • The Schol’s arch supports are what cured mine. Had it in both feet at different times and it finally went away. Just have to find the right area to support while it heals I guess.

  5. I just quit eating red meat for a week and my cholesterol was back under 190. I also have an occasional glass of red wine and take 1 Red Yeast Rice tablet a day. Hope this helps.

  6. Yep, I just learned a lesson about generic prescriptions. Some prescriptions (that aren’t “important”) are fine generic, BUT… I had a doctor not check the “Name Brand” box for my thyroid medication. I’ve been on the Name Brand for over a decade, but thought, what the heck, I’ll try it and save a few bucks.
    I was fine for a little while (T4 has a very long half life) but ended up with a horrid case of bowel the point I though I had food poisoning. At the same time, the fatigue set in that was unbearable. I was falling asleep at work and felt like the 6-cylinder car running on 4 cylinders.
    After researching a little, I discovered the difference between name brand and generic (thyroid). The generic has different fillers, but the active ingredient can vary greatly.
    After a few that, I started back on my name brand prescription and everything is so much better.
    NOT worth the $20 savings per month.
    Again, aspirin or other things, yes… Hormone type drugs, never.

  7. I can see my health problems coming as I’m 8 years, or so, behind you, George but with no health insurance and still paying off the few hours I spent in the ER last Fall my plan of action is to stay the Hell away from doctors until I need them because they WILL find something to treat for the rest of your life if you let them. It’s either them or the IRS that’ll get everything you own and it’s all for our own good. Riiiiiight.

    After taking care of the family members I have in the memory care facilities my grandparents that died from stroke and heart disease had it the best.

  8. Latest studies prove cholesterol has nothing to do with heart disease and statins don’t help prevent heart attacks before or after an event but do cause horrible side affects. The guy who invented statins even said he wouldn’t take them if prescribed by his doctor.

  9. Hi George,

    I really like reading your references and links, along with your experiences. They do add to my knowledge base. I’m confused about your desire to impress your doctor though. Does he hire you and pay you? Do you have to get a contract renewal? Why would you have any need to impress an employee? Is there something you need from him/her?

    I’ve tried, in my younger days, to have a working relationship with an MD, and found that we could never relate as peers. This applied to ALL MD’s, including former classmates. Something changes when a person gets that degree – I’m not sure what, but they no longer relate equally to normal people(IMHO). You are the only person that knows what it’s like to live 24/7 in Ure skin, and I’d think any self respecting physician would value your self-assessment.

    BTW, I do have great respect for Dr. Wallach, though of course we don’t agree on everything. He is a smart man though.

  10. Hey George, First statin’s are the worst possible drug you can put in your body period! If your colestoral is that bad try red yeast rice. For high blood pressure do a 10 day lemon clensing on your colon liver and kidneys(I will send you a PDF file on that) and get yourself a copy of The Forest Farmacy $75.00 you will have to buy it direct from the people who print it (I will include info to get one with the PDF they do not do computers) most people don’t know that EVERY drug on the market is derived from natural plants or herbs. Do the cleanse you will not believe how good you feel after you do it!

  11. Fasting for better numbers only get you better numbers when fasting, which in your case appears to be a very unusual event. So, what are you trying to measure?

    On a unrelated note, I was wondering if you had a pallet or 3 of solar panels stashed away? I watched a YouTube video of hail shattering car windshields in a state just north of you, and doubt if your panels would survive any better. Looking at pics of your panel mounts I didn’t see any way to release then to a vertical position. A strike plate or such.

    • solar panels Will Survive hail and most all cracking as long as the inner wire is intact it will still work

  12. Two suggestions: check out and evaluate the Bulletproof Diet; my chiropractor swears by it. Next, go here and scroll down to bottom of page for info on treating cholesterol. Dr Meehan gave up private practice and only gives out info on safe treatments. He prefers natural that have been researched and peer reviewed.

  13. Dr. Scholl’s didn’t work for my fasciitis, but there are specialty places which make custom inserts. Literally miraculous and nearly instant results. Research your local outfits or you email me about the ones in Austin that have good reputations.

    As for statins, like most modern drugs, they tinker with very important chemistries. Ask somebody who doesn’t have to follow the MD standard of practice, but knows biochemistry, and bada bing. Ditto almost all drugs with fluorine, like antidepressants and Citroen class antibiotics. Destroys iodine metabolism and really messes with many systems, including pineal gland.

  14. I want to recommend the book FAT FOR FUEL by Dr Mercola. I have gone from 200lbs to 170 in 8 weeks (no exercise on purpose) and cant remember ever feeling better. I am 82 and really loking forward to annual physical. Oh have gone back to exercise and have gained almost 2 lbs. My waist is still going down so dont want to buy new pants instead invested in suspenders.

  15. have found insurance companies make it almost impossible to buy the brand name drugs if there are generic out there….the brand name hormone rx I was on worked great. But last year the generic became available. Guess what, insurance company won’t pay for brand name.
    So, I tried generic. No go – too many bad side effects due to the different filler ingredients. But insurance company won’t pay for brand name anymore since generic is available.
    No big deal I thought – I can pay for the brand name…..until the time came to pay for it. Turns out once the generic is available, the price of brand name skyrockets. In this situation – generic $45; best price for brand name $495 (I checked 6 different pharmacies).
    Unfortunately, my wallet can’t dole out $495/mo for one rx. Makes one wonder who, in the USA, is buying the brand names then. Or do only those in other countries can buy them because they are priced substantially lower?

    • Hi Pepper,
      The giant rise in drug prices may be due to Obamacare, directly or indirectly; Working in a US Pharmacy several years ago, we noticed giant price hikes in almost every drug about the time Obamacare came out. It was rumored that, since Obamacare depended on young people signing up for the program, drug prices would be allowed to increase so that no one could afford to buy their Rxs for cash.
      Since then I moved to Canada and work in pharmacy up here– Drug acquisition costs as well as retail prices are mostly 1/2 to 1/10 what they are in the US, even when the drug is made by the same company. The racketeering starts pretty high up the food chain on drug prices, unfortunately for all of us…

  16. George forgot to mention but FATS FOR FUEL is a complete healthy way to live. I know and have used most of the stuff your commentors are suggesting. Nothing compares to this program for me. Great to see private parts without looking in mirror. I dont have time to tell about all the wonderful things that have occured on this program. Worth looking at. Oh dont ignore the part about Psyllium hulls. I started using them about a month into program and also about a month later dont have to use aeresol spray after BM. Cleans the body.

  17. For those taking Serrapeptase with an eye toward arterial plaque, make sure you take it on a fully empty stomach and wait some time before eating. Otherwise, it just works on the food in your stomach rather than the desired target.

  18. George
    1 Serrapetase is also good for treating phlebitis blood clots and such. People from Asia take it before long flights to the US. I took it when traveling from CO to AL and back, both on airplanes and long drives.
    2 the Microfasting (look it up) for a 1/2 day or a day resets metabolism for a term longer than a day, so doing it once or twice a week will actually keep the numbers down.
    3 I have found that relaxation greatly influence blood pressure. Working on a computer for long stretches gives me a bad case of ‘Larry King Suspender Shoulders” and tension in the whole upper body. I had to learn to relax that to ever get a good reading.
    I finally remembered to use the ‘opera singer breathing’ that I learned when young, before I went engineer not Singer. (Big Art in Huntsville and I both sang at Carnegie Hall once with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra but that’s another story). I had to relearn to not just diaphragm breath with no chest breathing, but to relax neck and jaw completely before getting good numbers. Now I get normal numbers with no meds. I still take the meds, but have cut way back, and numbers stay good.
    I guess 15 yrs working 50 yards from the stack where the nerve agent was burned raised the stress level a little, but getting past that!

    • Yes, “statins can cause diabetes.” And the physiological mechanisms of how statins do serious damage are also well understood, such as by their impairment of oxidative cell metabolism, the increase in inflammation and cell destruction, the lowering of cholesterol and sex hormone production, the promotion of pancreatic injury, etc. – rather thoroughly explained in this scholarly article on how statins, and a cholesterol-lowering popular diet pill advertised by Dr. Oz, promote diabetes at – look at Figure 7 to see how irrational it is to block the production of cholesterol!

      Yet despite of the existence of that scientific knowledge, the medical business and the public health authorities keep ignoring it and, for example, continue to recommend statins to diabetics and make claims that they have a low risk profile despite that they are also significantly linked to cancer and higher mortality (just look at the propaganda put out by the Mayo clinic on statin drugs: “the risk of life-threatening side effects from statins is very low”).

      And because of such medical propaganda, few people are aware that the medical claims of benefits of statins are mostly based on junk studies conducted by people with vested interests. And, logically, it’s mostly the corporate medical business and other people with similar vested interests tied to it (eg, mouthpieces, hacks) who promote the alleged value of these highly lucrative products.

      Also, older people with HIGH cholesterol live longer than those with low cholesterol levels (see above mentioned article for numerous scientific study references confirming this).

      • Thanks thanks and thanks again I have an elderly friend that’s older than I am who got off of those and he’s doing fine in fact he’s doing better yes doctors have got one thing and that’s called a license to practice medicine not to heal, you ,but to practice

  19. George, George, George…for a smart man who does his research, I can’t believe you let them give you Lipitor. Do you realize that your body needs cholesterol? When you have inflammation that is ready to cause an artery to burst, it is the cholesterol that comes along to make a patch. Also necessary for brain function. Who is auditing FDA approvals? Oh George, you make me laugh. You’ve heard of Vioxx? The monetary payouts to the families of the dead and injured are just the price of doing business. If you think the FDA is there to protect consumers, you are sadly mistaken. Read up on the history of how it was created. The “FDA” wasn’t known by its present name until the 1930s, when they created the false “image” of protecting public health.You won’t find it on the FDA website, though.

  20. The next time you feel like sharing a rundown of the supplements that you use and why, please ask Elaine for a list of those she uses (if any) and why. Your female readers would be interested, I’m sure.

  21. George, read a book called ‘Wheat Belly’ written by a cardiologist. I was skeptical until I had to go off wheat due to some reactions to my Barrets esophagus from acid reflux on the recommendation of the doc at a digestive disease center. Modern hybrid wheat doesn’t react well with the human body. Since I got rid of wheat from my diet my acid reflux and asthma is gone, I don’t need half of my allergy meds anymore and will be phasing most of the others out. Additionally I am losing 1-2 pounds a week without going hungry (wheat is a big appetite stimulant) and my energy level has greatly improved along with my arthritis. Read the book(which was recommended by my doc) and make your own decisions.
    James Johnson, ex-nuke

      • While non-instant oatmeal doesn’t do all the bad things that wheat can, the carb loading will still cause insulin and blood sugar to yo-yo for a time unless you eat 1/4 cup servings or less. Carb loading is bad, carb loading by wheat is really bad.
        James Johnson, ex-nuke

  22. Good Evening George,
    You have some very knowledgeable and interesting readers/commenters which is a testament to you and your website.
    I agree with Nancy, Jeff D., Bill and others on the dangers of statins. A couple of years ago a friend of mine was on Lipitor when his ‘doctor’ switched him to another, cheaper brand. He went into liver failure and almost died. Doctors are very dangerous to your health and life! I won’t bore you with some of my lifes details on this, but there is a reason they are still “practicing”! Exception being surgeons who have saved my life many times, the first one (in 1952, when I was 9 years old) when the doctor told my mother to give me an aspirin and he would be back the following AM. She packed me off to the hospital where I had a visit by a priest to give me last rites a good surgeon 6 1/2 hrs of surgery and 16 pints of blood and a lot of luck worked. I was told that a delay of just 15 minutes more would have been too late!
    About 1 1/2 years ago a comment by ‘anonymous’ about oxygen therapy using Sodium Chlorite (MMS) ridded me of a tumor in about two weeks. Had I gone to a doctor I can just imagine the chain of events that would have followed.
    Concerning atherosclerosis, heart disease and heart attacks there is an issue which is never discussed and has pretty much been removed from the internet – that is the issue of chlorine. To summarize reports that I have read over the years, when many soldiers were returning from the Korean war there were many who developed clogged arteries and dying of heart disease in their early twenties! Following many autopsies and investigation, the conclusion was astounding. The water in North Korea was so bad the soldiers would over-chlorinated it to make it drinkable without nasty side effects. The investigation concluded that residual amounts of chlorine in water was directly responsible for these problems – even in small amounts. At this point I need to thank you for referencing James McCanny’s MS website ( years ago. Not only do i find his theories and comments informative and instructive, but he has developed a line of water filtration devices that solve this problem and much more. I have been using his gravity-feed water filters for about 15 years to take out the Cl2 but his newer line removes fluorides, pharmaceuticals and much more, but does not remove necessary minerals. The treated water tastes like spring water!
    Some disinfectant such as Cl2 must be used when delivering water to your house, but it must be removed before consumption or taking a shower (the skin is the largest organ, but most men would argue the point). So what we have is the medical ‘profession’ peddles umpteen drugs to attempt to overcome the effects of Cl2 in the water without ever addressing the real cause (I guess the drug companies like it that way – more profits).
    Today’s comments were some of the best ever.
    Al B.

  23. Insulin regulates fat storage. When your insulin levels are steady and even your body feels safe and doesn’t store fat. I had a pro body builder that has been on several magazines write me a diet.

    Cost me $300. But with some exercise and sticking to it i dropped 6% body fat and put on 7 lbs of lean mass in the first month. It’s all about timing and tempo of food intake. The first month and a half I was sweating all the time because my body was ridding itself of far since it felt safe and didn’t need it “incase of emergency”.

    I am moving soon closer to work so I have more free time and plan to start the px90 and get back on that diet. Right now, I barely have time for anything besides work and sleep and commuting 3-4 hours a day. Example: I worked 30 hours between Monday and Tuesday. Plus 6-8 hours of commuting. I’m waaaaay to exhausted to do the gym and pretty much shower and hit the hay.

    My commute will be more like an hour each way once I move. Thank God!

    I don’t take alot of supplements besides a protein shake after I work out. The only time they are useful is right after you work out. Because of your heightened metabolism and tempriture.

    I’m no slouch in the gym. At almost 47 year old I was benching 265 for 8-10 reps. I dont max out anymore because it is too hard on yourjoints as you get older.

    Regulate your insulin levels and your body will rid itself of fat fast!

    That has been my experiance.

    • You’re right don’t max out your body unless you have to but always start out when you wake in the morning with doing Simple stretch exercises for the first 10 minutes or even longer depending on your personality and what that does is those stretches especially if they’re touching your toes they will enable you to have longer knee life and foot life too many people knuckle under because the knees do that and the one thing that makes that change is waking up slowly and energizing your body instead of waking up and jumping out of bed like a Marine if you do that you’ll lose it quickly unless you’re one of those nightmare type of people who has nightmares right before you wake up that way you get the pre exercise if not oh well . you have to preheat your body or all the wake up will be hurting as the DAy starts out

      • Follow Bruce Lee’s regiment he always exercises before performing and if he doesn’t it cost him a whole bunch in body terms
        And at the same token I don’t know what kind of dreams he has but if he has the dreams that startle and awaken him and make him active before you actually wakes up then he’s able to be like a marine and jump right up so it’s all about (mind consciousness)

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