I mentioned to Peoplenomics.com subscribers this weekend that I had gotten back on the long side of the market again after my short-side play didn’t work out.  After all, I’ve been calling for an all-time-high next week for, um, a year, or so.

Those playing the game of “See Market’s Kill George” (home edition) will remember I put on a good-sized short (about $30K worth) expecting the markets to go down from more than a week ago.  When that position hit my self-imposed loss-limit, I bailed, only to see the position I sold print money hand-over fist 36-hours later when things worked out exactly as predicted.  Repeat after me: Sierra, Hotel, India, Tango.  Even Zeus the Cat was asking “Where’s Genius actual?

Not to be fooled again, I went long (at Friday’s lows) expecting we would at least see a bounce if not new all-time highs this week into next according to Ure’s Crackpot Theory of Markets.  We put lipstick on this and refer to the Aggregate Market Theory.  What keeps it from being genuine “crackpot material” is we have subscribers who have made boatloads of money (six figures) using some of our concepts.

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Which brings us to the pre-open action in markets today:  As I begin writing, it looks like the Dow will pop almost a hundred points at the open.

As “warm and fuzzy” as that might seem, t’ain’t nuthin’ (sic) compared with Ure-Up…er…Europe where stocks are generally up a full percentage point, or better.

Elsewhere, Asia was mixed.  Japan was down almost a full percentage point while the Hang Seng was up one and a third percent.

There are likely two factors driving all this:  First is the North Koreans have maybe heard the Chinese messaging that if NK goes first, don’t look for Beijing to stand in the way of pay-back.  We all know payback’s a bitch if Uncle gets pissed…

The second factor?  Well, it could be the events in Charlottesville, NC this weekend where the police sat on their thumbs and waited until the public order was gone before entering the fray.  During which, a loner from Ohio drove his car into the crowd, killing one and injuring almost two dozen.

In terms of the global market, this is a ho-hum event, except to the extent that it justifies the Rest of World (RoW) pointing in America’s direction and saying “See them?  They’re all crazy!”

Not that they’d be wrong. certainly.

Conspiracy theorists (who us?) would point to Charlottesville as looking like a set-up to ensnare the alt-right in their own tendencies.  The passive cops defense is they were “showing restraint.”  Apologists aside, I haven’t seen anywhere in civil disorder laws that seeing crimes committed yet taking no action is codified.  Maybe our high-end Century City legal-beagle/reader could straighten out my thinking.

Meanwhile, a media madness has descended like a cloud on the country with headlines swirling around Charlottesville whipping up the GAP (gullible American population)…

Charlottesville: Who is suspect James Alex Fields Jr?

Former Teacher of Suspect Who Plowed His Car Into Protesters Says He Idolized Hitler, Nazism.

Charlottesville: White House defends Trump response.

To be sure, America is crazy. No argument on that point.

But we are led around by the media and that doesn’t help.  When BLM goes off demonstrating and gathering, it is NOT portrayed as “black supremacists” or “black nationalists.”  Instead it’s presented as a ‘civil rights’ movement.

What most of today’s young seem unable to grasp is that being white, male, and over 50 just about ensures no job opportunities.  In much the same fashion as being black, under 21, and a high school dropout does the same thing.  They should logically all be on the same side.

But that’s before the Dividers and Marketers show up.

I think people forget events like Ferguson (and Baltimore) and even the WTO riots in Seattle some years back.  This weekend in Charlottesville, we didn’t see buildings on fire, but we did see egregious behavior on the part of just about everyone.  If you’d put on my “divisional marketers and lusters after power” glasses, for a moment, you’d see it.

Damn shame America can’t find the “same page” to be on.  But then again, mainstream media would have it no other way.  For without terrible human behavior and polarization (from divisive marketing), they’d all have to shut their doors and turn off the presses.

There’s just not enough “accidents” and “acts of God” to support how many channels, is it?

So we “make up issues.”  I think we’re up to 13-genders now, 30 racial protected classes, old-against-the-young and everyone loves the phrases “hate speech” and “social just-us!”  Neatly embedded by repetitious media with an audience monetization agenda.

We look at this is another wedge between the Divided States of America and we fault the mainstream media for pouring gasoline on the fires of hate and for unevenly applying labels that in the end serve to deceive rather than unify us as brothers and sisters, one Nation under God, and all those trite, no longer politically-unacceptable stuff that kept us a unified country up until just recently.

While many in the press will join in the “hate choir,” in a land of “free speech” we have a long and sad history of crazies doing harm. It’s all part of a sick path that led from the Texas Tower to John Lennon, to…well, you know the list.

What the choir leaders overlook is we have seen violence on environmental and other grounds as well.

Crazy is the problem, not free speech that some don’t agree with. Violence against one-another, is the problem, too.

We will skip the “preachy stuff” and “guilt-peddling” already ramping up.  That’s what the MSM is for, not an unbiased discussion about the similar experiences of aging whites and young minorities.  Where’s the monetization opportunity in that?

Our continuing best advice is “Don’t join anything or any “cause.”  Take out the power, money, and egoistic “urge to lead” and get back to me.

No Korean War – Yet

I mentioned (*maybe it was to subscribers) that there won’t be an attack on North Korea just yet.  Most of their military are out working the fields because with the sanctions of the West, the country is in starvation and famine mode.

When the conflict comes, expect it in the late fall to early spring – while the crops don’t need working and the ground being frozen provides much better footing for mechanized infantry units.

Headlines supporting this view include, but are not limited to:

Futures higher as North Korea tensions ease slightly.

North Korea crisis: South’s leader in plea to avoid war.

NUCLEAR THREAT South Korea: Pyongyang needs work on re-entry.

And you’ll love the theater of madness here: ‘Please Don’t Nuke Us, North Korea.’ John Oliver Gets Weird Al to Serenade Kim Jong In.

Despite the events of the weekend, we expect all-time-highs to arrive about when Options Expiration shows up Friday.

And in Other News:

Keep an eye on the media adoration of VP Mike Pence who is down in South America “showing the flag” a bit.  The Washington Post story here is a good starting point.

Our expectation (right or wrong) is that with the Mueller Fishing Expedition setting up deer stands, the Northeast Media will fall in love with the vice president since, if Trump goes, he’ll become the new el Jefe/HMFIC.  And that’s something they’ll fawn all over because Mike Pence doesn’t build real estate or think like a developer who is suspicious of online retailers (that own newspapers, lol) that are killing the retail mall business model.

Time’s Up

So it’s time we reveal Time’s time story of the week: London’s Big Ben Is About to Shut Down for Years.

And so a break in the world’s longest running IRL version of The Gong Show.

Looking Ahead

Retail sales and the Empire State Manufacturing date from the NY Fed tomorrow.

As we got to bits, the Dow futures have just climbed past the +100 mark so I’m going to go slip into my Scrooge McDuck suit now and have another cup.

America’s still crazy, but the markets are still open.  That alone, oughta tell you something.

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