Every so often I have dreams that seem to tell me something about the future.  Last night, I had not one, but two dreams (and a portion of a third) that dealt with cruise ships.

To be sure, there is a story in the news that had caught my eye Sunday while scanning the headlines over at www.computationalfuture.com.  But what made it so unusual is that it had some aspects of a dream I had a long time ago (> 1 year) which involved a train derailment in south/eastern Germany.

Of course, if I were to wake up by friend Chris McCleary who runs www.nationaldreamcenter.com (where people post their dreams) he would likely attribute it to “day residue.”  That’s when some aspect of a day’s activities gets “stuck” in your head, for whatever reason.  Then it comes back repackaged as a dream as your subconscious tries to sort everything out.

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But this was more than one dream.

In one, the context of the dream was of an extended cruise.  I had been on this cruise (with Elaine) for more than 30-days.  While the food was good, there wasn’t much going on…and we had eaten at the major foody joints on the ship a number of times.  It had become so boring that toward the end of the dream, I loaded up on food, and went back to our cabin, where I was engaged in computer programming and writing.

(Here I woke up – it was about 1:15 AM.)

Dream #2 began next – at the cruise ship – and that was intentional.  I had tried to hold to one of the impressions from the previous dream to see if I could “get back into it” – which did, indeed happen.

But only briefly.  In no time, I was working for an electronics company in this alt. world where I had just come up with a breakthrough design for a wooden microphone.  The idea here was that a microphone could be made better for certain kinds of studio use by using a frame material that would be semi-sound dampening.  So out of that dream I awoke with a new microphone design.

This bedside clock informed me it was just 2:41 AM, so still, plenty of time to sleep.  Down I went, again…

This time I was on another cruise ship – or, it might have been the same one.

Although not Seattle up to the north end of Vancouver Island specifically, it was similar in texture.  The three takeaways from the dream involved:

  1.  Initially I was on the ship with some kind of aircraft waiting to take off from the rear deck of the ship.  The person who was leading the flight (*there were only two of us) was Asian, curiously.  We sat there for a while, but never launched.  Eventually, I got tired of waiting so I went wandering around.
  2. The second aspect of the ship was that it was slowed because of a patch of “rough water ahead.”  The scenery was like a fjord, except that it was all foamy and bubbling white.  I know from experience (in this world, or that, and not sure which) that the captain of the ship was having a tough time plotting a course through all the foam because part of it indicated a strong current right-to-left, but shortly after that the current shifted left-to-right.  I got the sense that the ship was trying to make it through a passage too big for “normal use.”  If you know Dodd Narrows south of Nanaimo, B.C. it was similar to that, but even faster current and lots of die-sweeping currents.
  3. That led to the end of the sequence.  In it, the ship momentarily touched ground with its hull.  The grounding was about 2/3rd’s of the way down the waterline on the starboard side.  And although the ship came to a brief halt, the captain was very skilled and managed to use the two propellers (not damaged in the grounding) to get the mid-section of the ship of the mud and back into clear water.  As the dream ended, I noticed (from the back of the ship) that the engines were electric drive units and as we left the scene, there were some white pool towels left in our wake.

Here, the clock told me I’d arrived at 4:53 and it was time to get up and go to work.

After a turkey sandwich and two cups of coffee, I hit Google and came up with a list of “cruise” references.

Google “cruise” results in News are here.

The only story that had gone by (at least consciously) on Sunday was the Alaska murder story and perhaps my mind was just making it up, filling in details, and running wild suppositions about.

OR, with all the news about how “Supersonic bombers drill on Korea” and while “China beefs up it’s northern” yada, yada, perhaps the idea of cruise ship (with the airplane takeoff) was a hint to cruise missile action to come.

Either way, it was all in IMAX-like high def with sound, tactile input, taste,  and even  wind…so there’s nothing like an active night’s sleep to send the brain into high gear on this side of the eye lids.

Your interpretations, if something other than “See?  George is nuts...” are welcome in the comment sections following this article.

Oh!  One other oddity to this:

As I woke up, Elaine was still asleep but she was softly humming in her sleep.  Never heard here do that before – ever.  No particular tune to it, a kind of monotone-ish sound like the “Ohhhmmmm” sound from medication.  Strange?  Uh-huh…

One Song Down…

A marvelous time in the studio this weekend.

Daughter Denise is down visiting from Seattle, so Sunday afternoon we got down to work in the studio.

Most musicians (in groups) will mic and lay down the drum track first.  That way, whatever the song, there’s a kind of built-in metronome.

Not for the solo artist, though.

Denise’s approach was do record the piano track first using the earlier Aria VST version of Garritan Personal Orchestra 5.  She used the solo Steinway samples.

Next it was audio tracking of the bass guitar in studio.

After that, we both played keyboards for more GPO only this time it was violins.

Then I did some “slap bass” for a bit of rhythm to it.

Finally, she tossed the vocal over all that.

It was really a “rough draft” of what could be a pretty good piece of music.  If she shares it on here YT channel, I’ll try to remember to let you know.

Write when you break-even,


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