Grid Hard Down: Urban Spillover

It’s a topic that gets little to no play in prepping and doom porn sites. 

Yet, in the event of “an actual emergency” one of the major problems facing the U.S. is how to handle the people that would be displaced from unsustainable grid hard down conditions.

Today with ponder on that, plus toss in some headlines and give you the latest on our charts and their outlook for the future.

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25 thoughts on “Grid Hard Down: Urban Spillover”

  1. George, good article and similar to what I realized many moons ago. It is the reason I left my last place. No longer defensible against the hordes of starving people even with the family and friends. Just to many people! If you survive the hordes then what? How do you survive? Expect an extra person or several. How to feed them? Most people have told me they have 6 months of food and seeds. They forget it takes time to establish a garden that will provide enough food to live off of or trade. If the grid goes down in October or November you will not be planting in most of the USA. So you eat your stores until March, April or May and then plant your garden. You have eaten your 6 month supply and have months before you can start harvesting. You will be losing weight! My suggestion to my family was to sit on the deck with a beverage and go over ‘worst case’ to prepare. They still haven’t prepared and know that I can’t really help them. Sadly it appears that most people are like that. Each family MUST prepare or die is the way I see it. Something will happen, but when is the question. As my grade school principal used to sing as he strolled through the school “Enjoy yourself it’s later than you think”. So, think and prepare or not. How do you survive and help your loved ones?

    • The Mormons have been preparing for decades; there is online info on that and they have open to the public food sites non-mormons can go to.

      They have also been recording their dreams, and their dream journals are also ready for purchase.

      Many of them have foretold of a time such as this article speaks of, however, they prepare for martial law, restriction of people movement, starvation, rv’s or tents to live in, places they will migrate to for safety. This scenario is just one scenario of many. Many of us here on George’s site have discussed/commented over the years of many other such scenarios: earthquakes in diverse places, EMP via bombing, sun spot burst heading our way, economic collapse due to the stopping of the $ being the world reserve currency, volcanic eruptions, crop failures, floods, earth tilting on it’s axis or poleshift, Niburu effect which includes fireballs, asteroids, space debris and many other effects, old diseases coming back like the plague, potential eradicated diseases which are supposedly contained in top-secret places being used against the population, nuclear war or exchange, newly created diseases being unleashed on the population, I believe most of these possibilities have been covered by many other people over the last several years (I’m sure I missed a few.) The main point is, where will people go? Can they take all their crap with them (sorry, one person’s crap is another person’s treasure), but can you take it all with you if you have to relocate?. Basically, this should already be in a person’s mind already without a scary scenario due to the much publicised incidents we have all witnessed on our telly’s, i.e. hurricane, storms, tornado devastation and sinkholes, war on other people’s shores which could come here, invasion of other countries, which could come here (as in blowback and chickens coming home to roost or more purposeful massive destabilisation of our society by the elite master planners- which you have no control over by the way), and we are already experiencing the elite’s version of moving massive amounts of populations around the globe…right now as a targeted destruction/integration experiment, but nevertheless a slow churn of its own kind of destabilisation.

      So, yes, take a look around where you live, where are the nuclear plants located, how will that effect you if one goes off, where will one tank of gas get you, what will you take with you, what if the banks go down (EU right now proposing laws to avoid run on banks); if you decide to stay, how will you handle/protect yourself and loved ones?

      Many of you will be sole planners, even with a spouse who may appear to be supportive or interested, rise to the occasion, do not let the spouse’s or friends negativity or fear stop you – best to take the time to think about this now and never need it, than to be in panic mode with everyone else. There is no greater immediacy of respect for another, from one spouse or person to another, when the one who has prepared and can take good steps is taking charge and taking care of their loved ones. I’ve seen this light/lightbulb effect go off in my own spouse’s eyes, so I know of which I type.

      In this country, the business model gets the exposure, meaning there is no FREE constant reminder/mass communication or effort to encourage people to become self-sufficient via gardens, chickens – small steps to take to survive a natural or national disaster. People will have to pull together to some extent but the troublemakers will only make it so far. Note to world: Austin is encouraging chickens in the backyards now. Shockaroo. What does your city allow in your yard?

      All of these thoughts have been discussed ad infinitum via many blogs, books, utube videos, etc., a person just has to look. Small steps help, try not to be discouraged. You know in Russia, they encourage all of their citizens to have a small house and garden outside of the city where they grow fruits, vegetables, can, etc., it keeps people in touch with the land and provides a food source for the population and it is good for the spirit. It is called a dacha.

      Here is some info from this website:

      “Old and new Russian dacha.

      What is Russian Dacha? Russian dacha house is a recreational amenity and a temporary refuge from the metropolitan civilization and working days routine. It can be a Czar’s summer residence by the sea in Peterhof or President Putin palace in Strelna. Dacha can be a Soviet or post-Soviet official country retreat. Dacha can be a simple log house in a village. Or it can be a tiny dwelling on a small lot in outskirts. Dacha can be a small fruits and vegetables farmstead for out of land living. Dacha can be a modern second house for pot-of-town living. In any case Dacha – is a seasonal, summer, vacation or weekend dwelling for towne?. Dacha – ”

      If your living situation doesn’t allow a small garden, and you can buy a small plot somewhere not to far, go for it, find like-minded people to go in with you (Many people spend $40,000 on
      a car, that used to buy a house, now it can buy acreage) Many cities have community gardens where you pay a small fee to participate and they share their produce, really the ideas are endless, I am just reminding everyone that we are not to be fearful, we are to have faith, take the steps we can and prepare. If you never need these skills, you’ll have fun, if you do need them, you’ll have a peace and calmness that comes with working on facing your fears.

      • P.S., people are migrating now, via inner prompting …. they are not waiting for an emergency. Even George’s friend Gayle has left the sea and gone to the mountains.

    • You make soup with anything you have. Or you tell them tough times breed tough choices..I.E. there is not enough…sayonara !!

    • Being prepared.. if you have six months of food and your neighbor is starving his kids are hungry he will do what he has to to survive. But if a neighborhood works together then there is strength.
      The Mormon church is good about teaching this and even there only what six.percent have actively been storing.
      A few years ago the ensign had an article where the President had asked members that were active to consider those not prepring for the worst case scenario. My guess is he realizes that to survive a cataclysmic event takes teamwork and community involvement.
      This is also the message in an old children’s book story. Stone Soup

  2. North Dakota is a declared disaster shale oil..broke and now drought, no wheat harvest. Good example of how to ‘get by’?

  3. Do you ever consider using SQQQ, SPXU, or SRTY for your short trades or in the long run does it really matter since all will trend in the same direction & which one to pick is a crapshoot anyway?

  4. If people are having complaints about the chat room comments open three different comments sections one for politics one for stocks and one for whatever else and then maybe then that will categorize some of your trolls

    • And then of course now you can charge a dollar for everyone a month and they can pick which room they want

    • Folkes,
      Comments sections like this predate the Internet. The history of them has shown time and again that unmoderated discussions invariably break down into flame wars. After a flame war the the discussion list gets closed down or fails because everyone goes away. So….

      Georges moderating of the comments is necessary.

      The rules he put forth are fair.

      George should be commended for the time and effort he puts in gratis.

      The comments section is George’s. He publishes it on his website. Thus he is solely responsible for what gets published as it reflects on the website as a whole. From some of the comments already published I don’t believe George I being capricious and arbitrary in his editing.

      I no longer find the ad hominem contributions entertaining or (parish the thought) educational

      Remember no one is holding a gun to your head to make you read what is presented here

  5. I will be very interested in reading what your LEO friend’s thoughts are about a true Hard Grid Down scenario. Those insights are priceless as it’s a direct line into the Closed Door Discussions city planners have.

    One thing you did not mention was threats from outside our borders. When the USSR went down it was merely a political failure with a little financial debacle mixed in. They were still a fairly substantial threat militarily so there was no way the Neo-Cons could have expanded their territory OR they were rooting for Russia to rise from the ashes so they’d have their bogey man back. Red China was still growing its own threat creds but not quite there yet.

    What happens when the chaos of grid-down events take hold and all law enforcement is directed inward rather than along the borders? Texans store a lot of ammo because it’s in our DNA but would we be able to fend off a Chinese backed hoard of Mexicans and those inside the U.S. that have the Azatlan dream firmly seated in their minds? Everything from San Diego to San Francisco and points east would be toast or “toasted” brown regardless of their strict gun laws. Would the internal tensions and threats be something that could be managed? Would old empire building aspirations long held in check be reignited on the other side of the World?

  6. Hey George, I see youre on coast to coast radio next week. That’s how I first heard of you. It was sometime late spring 2016. You were predicting new highs in the market last summer, when all others were predicting a major correction. You won and I’ve been following you since.

  7. Have any of you seen this move to criminalize free speech? How long before the only approved opinions are those in the scope of politically correct. This is wrong. This is how civil dissent becomes a crime.

    And that supposed liberals like Ron Wyden supports it shows both parties will act to stifle our right to have dissenting beliefs and opinions. What’s next?
    This is disgusting.

    • Yes, we are aware, that is true, it is the first step. Here in the UK, you cannot speak disparagingly of those folk nor the Muslims, but you can trash an indigenous Brit to death, no problemo.

  8. For a gent that fusses about all the Doom Porn all over, you dished out a full on High-Def orgy with this one, sir. Not, that you’re wrong in the least bit.

    I know and feel we are teetering on the brink, and one small push will send it all over the edge. No amount of safe spaces and controlled speech will save the sheep from what’s coming.

    I for one felt compelled to stay in the Austin area for the income and the aged in-law living with us. Now she’s moving on to another sibling to live with by choice, I can get serious about getting me and mine out of harm’s way, if that is even remotely possible at this point.
    It’s likely too late, but, better late than never…

    • It is not too late, Phil, it is right on time; people all over the country and the world are moving. They are being prompted by spirit. Remember, it can be a variety of moving on versions, just pick the right one for you and your family.

  9. FEMA required our county to purchase a mobile crematorium that can process up to six thousand people a day. About the same time community leaders were pulled in to a meeting where they were asked to make up an emergency response plan.
    My sister told me they had people going door to door in Kentucky and Tennessee asking them if they had made an emergency plan in case of an emergency etc.
    Knowing this and looking at it from my perspective I think that some sort of event is expected some time in the future.
    I don’t think people really pay any attention to it though it’s easier to ignore the possible unknown.

  10. FEMA required our county to purchase a mobile crematorium that can process up to six thousand people a day. About the same time community leaders were pulled in to a meeting where they were asked to make up an emergency response plan.
    My sister told me they had people going door to door in Kentucky and Tennessee asking them if they had made an emergency plan in case of an emergency etc.
    Knowing this and looking at it from my perspective I think that some sort of event is expected some time in the future.
    I don’t think people really pay any attention to it though it’s easier to ignore the possible unknown.

    I wonder.. how did NOAH build that boat in the high plains as everyone walked by.. sitting at the local coffee shop eating their donuts making fun of that fool noah saying things like… See what that fool Noah’s doing lol doesn’t he realize where he lives..

  11. Those who survived Argentina or the Bosnia/Kosovo situation, Angola, Zimbabwe, etc. will tell you that those who died early were the lucky ones. Storing a little food or owning a bunch of ammo is just part of the picture. As one survivor said, “good men are forced to do bad things in situations like this.” Groups smaller than a dozen or those not willing to kill generally do not survive these things.

    If you are one of the people who if given a live chicken, a knife and a pot would starve to death, my suggestion is to have an effective suicide plan in place. Because the real question is, if you do what it takes to survive, can you live with yourself afterward? And if you are past the age of procreation, to a surviving father with starving children, you are nothing but a resource to be exploited.

    These young male immigrants from Africa/Middle East who have been child soldiers since age 7 or 8 will find apocalyptic America like a land of milk and honey. And so will the 100k or so MS 13 gang members.

    “Gangs. Some 33,000 violent street gangs, motorcycle gangs, and prison gangs with about 1.4 million members are criminally active in the U.S. and Puerto Rico today.”

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