Control Arrives via Newsjackers. Ahead: CPI

We have a number of important items on our “news budget” this week. Beginning with a virtual turkey in financial markets while the masses try to figure out what the Future holds.

Apparently, it may not hold Joe Biden. NEW POLL: Trump Leading Biden By 7 Points in 2024 Race (  The reason for “show him the door in ’24” has as much to do with problems of lingering legality over his family’s wrap-in” to revenue as it does to his ability to make good decisions.

For example, as we figure it, Biden suffers from DFI – democrat financial impairment.  The latest example of this popped in the Washington Post today under the headline  Biden administration explores compensation rule for canceled flights – The Washington Post.

Having served a couple of years as an airline senior V.P. this was instantly tossed on the “Free Lunch Stupid Pile – FLSP”.  Airlines, understand, have to pay for airplanes, crews, fuel, landing rights, gate feels, reservation systems, maintenance…Jeez — the list goes on and on.

Democrats wave their “Magic Wand of Stupidity” and everyone forgets that someone has to get the bill.  In the case of compensation for cancelled flights the stupidity of FLP – Free Lunch Propagandists – is they never explain who’s going to get the check.

You have only three ways “out of the box” on this:

  1. Stick airlines with mandatory fees and charges. (What invariably happens is the bureaucracy expands to fill this self-appointed bullshit role). Now airlines begin to lose money.  So, THEY react by raising prices.
  2. Have the FedGov pay.  Which is really a variant of option #1 – except that the liars in office could say “Airlines won’t have to raise rates”.  While they stick their hands in your pockets deeper to pay higher federal taxes.  We assume you know government was 5% of GDP in 1900 and it’s over 35% now?  The country still has the same list of core issues.
  3. Monetize the Losses.  Sell some cockamamie marketing scheme.  Set up a fund-raising “public-private partnership” which the libs will dominate and turn into a fund-raising scam.
  • Anyway, the bottom line of the pole which is being hyped today is that “Trump would beat Biden” in a rematch.

What the polls don’t ask is the Biggest Question of All:  Which doo you trust more these days?  Election Integrity or Safety of Banks?  Personally, I’d pick Banks as safer because FDIC which doesn’t have enough money to cover all possible bank runs still has the power to print money by extension.

Honest elections is a longer shot.  Too much influence peddling and corporate donations to whoever is the best Carnival Barker In Chief. (CBIC). Meanwhile, accounting 101 as a pre-requisite for holding elective office would be nice. “Introduction to the Constitution” would be nice, too.  (I ask too much, of course…)

Newsjacking Arrives

Are we the only ones to notice?  News control and censorship is being installed in America and no one has noticed.  Shocking shit, this, so dig in:

Used to be DuckDuckGo was a pretty clean news searching tool.  But here recently, every tab it opens is with a Microsoft Start logo.  Which, honestly, is an insult.  Because when DDG puts a story link up to, oh, the Washington Post, for example, that’s all I want to see.  Ginne the WaPo.  Not some bullshit “header”.

I’ve even gone so far as to do a “clean install” of the Brave browser and I’ll be damned if I can find a way to block DDG from all this Microsoft branding there, either.  We just shitcanned DDG as a source as a result.

Long-time readers will remember that we did a “clean” news and content aggregation for Peoplenomics subscribers a while back.  That site was  An archive snip may be seen here.

We are working a redesign of the (add-free) site for subscribers.  And we may build in a clone of the Computational Future tool.  Because honestly? I don’t like pointless “co-marketing” stuff.  If Microsoft has a product to sell, an ad might make sense.  But to become a national “news control and censoring” tool to (potentially) restrict free surfing a news?

Well, thanks, but no….

The hell of all this is that if there were only ONE browser and it was pristinely CLEAN and everyone ran it, the traffic on the web would be a fraction of what it is now (faster speeds follow) and everyone on the web would be more focused on their own business, instead of like Microsoft, trying to build up a “gatekeeper” role – so why are they doing it?  Might even be worth becoming a shareholder in order to ask.

Ure smells a rat. FedGov, a political party, or whoever – rats are rats. Making up jobs…more rats.  Give us a world with more time off!

Corporate news control – which I’ve railed about elsewhere – is no longer a “theory.”  The bum’s rush is on to install “control layers” between once good aggregating sources (like DDG) and the original source material.

When I see a Guardian story, for example, I don’t want some clown posse branding and tracking behavior.  And pushing me to a page branded like this one.  Alarm after lawyer who aided Trump’s 2020 election lie attacks campus voting.

The work-around (for us news junkies) is to use DDG but then search by source  in which case, you can still get to the “source” of a story (without the “Start” crap.  But, you are then likely to get a paywall notice.  An example story might be Coronation concert highlights, from Tom Cruise to Katy Perry – The Washington Post.

The “shepherding” of people into a “news-controlled environment” is an outrage.  But so was Covid and this is just more “government protecting its flock” we’re just sooo sure.

Meantime – and this speaks to the broader question of lying government – the really useful content like COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness Drops Near Zero Within Months: Study ( continues to disappear behind paywalls.

Not to be left out in this clusterfluck, we decided to play along and encourage people to turn off ad blocking, at least for UrbanSurvival.

More Govjacking of freedom?  Sure – hats off to reader Bill for catching List of Approved New Animal Drug Applications Affected by GFI #263 | FDA. 

“Certain antibiotic drugs that have been available OTC and without Rx in feed and pet stores will now require “veterinary oversight” (i.e. a Rx) starting June 1:”

Fine catch Bill; way to go.

Mandatory payoffs to Vets rule.  Used to be…back in the former America…that a farmer could buy what they needed.

No more!  Mandatory controls, expand the bureaucracy and dial-back freedom, yes sir!

CPI Week

We are eyeing the release this week of CPI figures Wednesday.  Since there’s damn little financial news today.  Still, a turndown later today or tomorrow morning is possible as CPI will reveal itself to EITHER be a “buy the rumor, sell the news” (the more rally today and tomorrow). Or, it will be a “sell the rumor, buy the news” in which case we tank before, not after, data Wednesday,

Headlines of Interest

So, looks like the grass really is greener: Scotts Miracle-Gro stock rises as JPMorgan upgrades stock to overweight from neutral – MarketWatch

Bitcoin was down to $27,941 earlier.  Market watchers have already divined the “back flow” which goes BTC/crypto complex moves, then FOREX changes, and then stocks tag along, and then geared assets.  See where Binance Resumes Bitcoin Withdrawals after Halting Transactions Twice in 12 Hours – BitcoinWorld?

Financial crisis looms, so Janet is Yellen again: Janet Yellen warns failure by U.S. Congress to act on debt ceiling could trigger ‘constitutional crisis’ – The Globe and Mail. Slowest looming damn crisis we’ve seen in a long time, though.

Wrap this week for a Trump trial? Closing arguments set for Monday morning in E. Jean Carroll civil rape trial against Donald Trump | CNN Politics

Commufornia is at it againCalifornia panel moves forward on reparations to be paid to Black residents | AP News. Was it Orwell who said all the animals are equal, some just more so than others?  I want a billion for each of the Ure family who died fighting for the North.  Let’s all be racists, right?  Its a frickin growth industry. ‘Bout the only one left, too, after China cleaned us out FFS.

  Personal Operations

Since we are still (for a while longer) autonomous human units (A-Hoos) a couple of usefuls for you:

Long Covid linked with self-perceived cognitive deficits: Study – The Week

Despite the digital hype: 83% of consumers still prefer going to a physical bank over digital transactions – Study Finds

And we’ve been “weighting” for this: Weight-loss surgery could slash risk of cancer by more than half – Study Finds.

“Earthquake Tireds”

With Wednesday being May 10 and the date of a Nostradamus earthquake prediction, be sure to notice if you feel exceptionally tired in advance. I haven’t noticed anything, but it’s also axiomatic that there will be “zones” where – at some distance from the epicenter, or other, where there won’t be “feelings: in advance.

What we believe to be an innate human “earthquake sensing” may be fueled by something like differential pressure waves within quakes.  For example, a phase relationship between the P-wave and the S-wave.  Kinga like radio, but played as computational fluid dynamics (CFD), if that makes any sense.

If you feel exceptionally tired, especially later today or in the past few days, please post a comment.  This is one of those “real” but not “blessed” areas of research, near as we can figure it.

ATR: CN-Seeing

One of our long-delayed projects got started Sunday: Building up another fab machine – this one a Sainsmart 3018 CNC machine.

We’ve had a lot of fun with our additive machines (3D printers add material while CNCs are subtractive in that they remove material).

All this because I keep trying to “see ahead” and I keep coming up with a collapse of supply chains and famine at some point.  8-billion people is one hell of a crowded theatre to yell “Fire!” in.

The basic problem of maintaining a “recoverable future” from a prepping standpoint is first the food and water thing.  Then the “middle tech” on the way to recovering the Big Tech.  Stuff like robotic surgery.

If you’re ever mystified by what the A-Hoo’s at Uretopia are doing?  This is the Big Work Plan and we try to move along something on “the fronts” of resilience every day.

  • One day will be gardening (last week, the shade cloth sent on the greenhouse, for example).
  • Another day will be existing technology.  G2 repaired one of the solar PTZ cam s on the mesh net this weekend.
  • Power to the people will come back slowly, so next week, or so, the periodical solar panel work will be completed…
  • Computational resilience involves older gen laptops with a fresh battery and current revs of 3D, CAD, CNC. and Libre everything on ’em. CDs for source and laptops in a metal g-can, of course.

Honestly, I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t trust people if they are deep into social media.  There’s simply too much to do to prepare for the future of family and loved ones to be pissing away your life written (money-generating) “content” for a bunch of rich bastards.  Screw ’em.

Now go tell 300 people you know what a great website this is…

123 thoughts on “Control Arrives via Newsjackers. Ahead: CPI”

  1. ” Airlines, understand, have to pay for airplanes, crews, fuel, landing rights, gate feels, reservation systems, maintenance…Jeez — the list goes on and on.”

    Amen… that is on everything.. the small mom and pop stores..take our local grocery.. small community.. mom and dad store dad and the kids running it..
    ended up after a hundred years of being in business.. had to close. the income they made .. wasn’t enough to pay any wages.. and when they no longer could pay the electricity bill they closed..
    where the wife works..I don’t even have to do any books.. to know the owner of that place isn’t making a dime.. the patients all think they are being taken advantage of because of the monthly expenses..
    which is where zimbabwe comes into mind.. you have to be able to Keep the lights on..
    groceries have more than doubled.. I picked up a small roll of plastic yesterday.. the cost on the shelf sticker. twenty one dollars .. roughly .. I checked out.. thinking that the reason it was solow was they give out ace bucks and I had given them one.. I get home and am going over the receipt.. and seen that they hadn’t changed the price in the computer yet.. the old price was fifteen dollars.. a thirty percent increase.. from the old price to the new the USA hospitals can rape you.. insurance companies can openly discriminate and give higher prices to anyone they choose for any reason they choose.. the reason why the VA healthcare system gets such bad raps is simple.. (they run it like a government institution instead of a healthcare facility.. everyone off every federal holiday…. hey are you all getting ready for poinsettia day its coming up like a freight train. lucrative vacation and sick time…) last week I forgot to pick up a perscription went back to get there before they pharmacist left for the day.. walk in it is three thirty.. a couple walked in same time I did.. they froze.. and said I thought this is a looks desolate.. I said as I chuckled.. its a govt run hospital.. they have a skeleton crew but at three thirty everyone is gone for the most part.. if you want to see a human being you have to get here around two to two thirty but if you go to the acute window they can give you some information..
    I lucked out and got there just in time..
    brick and mortar need the velocity of cash to stay running.. to compete the owner must make something.. today we pile all the benefits on the few at the top and the rest go without.. no one around here is paying more money to long term employees and are giving a higher hourly income to the new hires but limiting hours.. medical facilities always work short shifted.. ( I was on the daily schedule five years after I left) to balance the books.. is tricky.. look what I have had to change to balance the books is amazing.. this year will be even more challenging.. they doubled the house taxes and the insurance costs.. groceries etc.. eventually they have to either stop buying.. ( I went to buy a candy bar.. it was two dollars and ninty nine cents.. for what sold two years ago for ninty nine cents.. a twelve pack of pop.. two years ago it was three for ten.. today it is ten for one..
    if the economy had kept up with the cost of living for the minimum wage jobs.. from today back to the end of the nineties.. we would be at fifty dollars an hour.. rent is two hundred a month more than what someone gets for retirement.. and they took the EIC tax credit off of anyone on a set incomes ability to collect.. ( they need to make it so anyone not an american citizen cannot get it and they need to pay taxes) we have high inflation.. and wage deflation.. brick and mortar are struggling..

    • This is what I’ve always felt about fiat. You’re trading numbers for goods and services – NOT value for value. But no one is edumacated enough to see the downfall in it and lets out that female dog howl when prices go through the roof. Rome tried it in their waning days but this time around everyone in the World is doing it to participate in THE. BIGGEST. PONZI. SCHEME. EV-er.

      • the thing I believe is that the present business model was a way to gain control and be able to take what they wanted without having to actually give anyone anything other than a number..Those in the creation and implimentation of gathering the gains.. do so probably laughing because people of the world are so stupid.. when it hit greece.. and the people of greece went down the tubes.. women selling their bodies to feed their children and old people dumpster diving to find a few scraps of food.. suffered real bad for a few years then they realized.. hey I am still a carpenter and a plumber.. and traded their services and goods for what they will be the same way here to.. during the reagan recession I traded labor and my skills for what I needed..maybe a day or a week.. it got us through some of the darkest days of my life…. countries that are rich in resources.. well we march in as a life saving mission.. to help the poor people there.. we destroy it all don’t take into account their national customs or needs .. after we destroy it .. then we rebuild it somewhat.. take libya we went in.. took over took what we wanted and put in our own puppet regime.. marched out.. the people are no where nearly as happy shoved into poverty where before they had a reasonable existence..they want the levathian oil and gas fields off of syria.. but syria wasn’t going to give up so easily and asked for help to keep it the way it was…. like bit coin.. its just a number on some electronic server someplace.. no one even knows how the transactions are used to gain more transactions..
        the scary part of this.. is the Bric’s.. they have a backed security.. no fart in the wind.. you can exchange it for what it is backed by.. Peanuts or gold whatever they use to value the number.. is tradeable a pound of wheat for a dollar or a pound.. the dollar pound and Euro is only backed by some oligarch’s farts.. and wishes.. there is no substance there.. we all bought into it.. we are bound by its mandates to use it for now.. but as the price of a cheeseburger at Mcdonalds .. it was on the dollar menu two years ago.. today for a two cheeseburger fries and coke.. the price is thirteen dollars.. depending on how big the fries are.. so .. if you are not making more money.. do you stop by for a meal.. or just buy the fries and forgo the meal.. people will have to make their choices.. pay the water bill buy groceries.. or go out for a burger fries.. my experience of an econoomic spiral.. is you level out.. you still want the things to stay the way it is.. as things go deeper then you cut back.. at first you cut groceries.. then you go back to groceries.. a cell phone isn’t nearly as important if you cannot eat … then you cut back on proper meals and take up more filler meals.. the junk food.. the fillers..

        • Riiiight. They must have gone out and conscripted these little urchins off the street and grabbed a few out of seats at school, MAYbe even out of their mothers’ arms! Oh Heavens! The Hoomanity! People are trying to make ends meet any way they can. Kids were working to help support their families or even just themselves up until it became illegal to do so and this is less than 40 or 50 years ago with child labor laws. Has nothing to do with Republican states unless you want to cite a healthy work ethic you don’t find in Blue states. But that wouldn’t fit your narrative would it?

        • My first job.. working in a store was at twelve sacking groceries… my first job mowing lawns and doing odd jobs was at seven..
          pulling weeds in bean fields etc..
          the problem with the youth today is that Mom and Dad are not home.. there isn’t an adult presence in the home.. they are both at work.. the kids are left to network programming and computer games and the local gangs to raise them..
          mom and dad are not around to run interference and if all they have on the networks is how to bash or kill people that is what they are learning as the appropriate ways to deal with common situations.. violence.. dad and mom are so busy they no longer see church services as a place to go.. if they have a sunday off they want to sit at home.. the business model today is work.. what needs to be done is have limitations on the networks and computers.. bring the adult presence back home to give guidance to those easily swayed by media and the street gangs …
          an average prime time hour of television has what was the figure a hundred and twenty rapes, murders, bashings , robberies and other disgusting examples of human deviance.. computer games .. has to do with the same thing but more … gang members have little children stealing items because the kids won’t be as prosecuted as extremely as an adult would..
          BLM and Antifa destroyed billions of dollars in infrastructure not even counting on the rapes robberies and violence.. all in poor neighborhoods.. a demonstration at the capital is talked about day and night non stop. and then to find out BLM and Antifa had a presence there as well as some of our institutions had members there as well.. yet that one instance with less violence and less damage is talked about more than those that had billions of dollars worth in the poorer neighborhoods.. how far would that have gone if they had chosen the neighborhoods where the people that make the laws and control lived.. my guess is it would have been stopped instantly..
          I teach my kids that if they do a grandpa or grandma chore they can earn money to buy things..or go on a shopping trip with grandpa or grandma.. children have to have a guidance.. they are young and learning.. if they are taught responsible guidlines then they will be responsible.. what the business model is today is leave the kids to the networks and local peer groups and gangs..
          Church .. I don’t care what religion you are.. has historically taught the people that the religion has a set of guidelines.. some go by the guidelines of the old testament which I believe was put in to teach us how not to act.. those sets of laws were not written by god but by man like our bill of rights.. and was changed to suit the community of the day.. but they do teach children the way to be responsible ..

        • My first job was shoveling horse poop out of their stalls on a horse farm in Oklahoma. $5/day on Saturdays back in the late 60s. Mom or Dad gave me a ride out to the horse stables and left me there with a lunch. I was in junior high, I think, and thought I was rich when the old guy counted out five 1’s in my hand the first time. Looking back I’m sure he thought he’d found the perfect dupe to do the dirty work but it was a personal lesson for later on. Some of that poop was so compacted I couldn’t leverage it out with a shovel and the few pounds I weighed at the time.

      • is it that they are not edjumicated.. or is it that they are really pretty smart.. take the puppet masters.. the vast majority of them are not citizens of the USA.. yet they control our politicians and the direction the the USA is going.. take BLM and Antifa.. the one that a friend went to was telling me there was someone running around offering cash do do different things that should be crimes.. they defunded the police with the politicians blessings.. ( justifiable violence )and are now going to get reparations .. who pays for it.. the cities are already so scary that I don’t want to walk down any streets.. the gangs own them.. we bring in millions of illegals to take over and we pay them to be here.. putting the cost on the backs of the citizens here already..
        so are they stupid.. HELL NO.. they are pretty smart to sell the world on the fiat system..
        they print up thousand page researches and don’t read any of it.. they have bills written up and sold to them to pass on the people without knowing what is actually in them.. so are they the stupid ones or are our politicians.. they sold out america for a few silver coins.. we were also convinced on this and keep voting in the same old group election after election.. we deserve what they dish out to us.. if we are so stupid not to vote in new people.. they cannot give us any better service by being re elected.. they will do the same crappy job they had done before.. looking out for the puppeteers rather than the citizens of the usa that hired them to look out for them..

        • well, we will see if Kennedy will turn things around. although I strongly disagree with his policies on transgender. He is big on Americans retainng their Constitutional rights. that much is for certain.

          I don’t decide who the next president is. I just know. called that 2 years ago.

          the return of Camelot.

          I won’t ever vote for a Democrat again. that doesn’t mean my vote doesn’t count. it just doesn’t matter. when you know the future.

          I was reminded this morning, I’m always right where I’m supposed to be. even when I think I’m not? I am right where I’m supposed to be. and at the moment? I’m in the land of famous potatoes. faith like potatoes.

          figured out the meaning of that finger print of God I found. the very old, Golden master key I found. working it now.

          also doing some advance studies in flight. pre flight check lists. before I take to fly. which should be soon.

          playing catch with the stars.

          who knows. the whole dang thing could turn around and the USA can return to it’s rightful place. seen it happen more than a few times. I never count out lady liberty. she has had more comebacks than anyone I know, except me.

          I think I hold the record on come backs.

          ha ha ha.

          I’m always in the right place at the right time. moving those I can move, and that always works in my favor. like I say often, my little red headed, yoga instructor girlfriend says, say it again Andy. Say it again! twice and louder for those in the back,

          I can’t lose with THE DUDE on my side. I always Win. I always Win.

          fyi: mother nature, lady liberty and lady luck, are the names of the Daughters of THE DUDE.

          not China. China is name of the lady who asks you if you want a happy ending down at the 24 massage parlor.

          who is quite different than THE DUDE daughters,

          mother nature, lady liberty and lady luck, are the names of the Daughters of THE DUDE.

          I can’t lose with THE DUDE on my side. I allways Win. I Allways Win.

          cue: ~ Truckin ~

          grateful dead.

        • I honestly don’t think it can be done at this point andy…
          six years ago it was bleak outlook..then Trump came in and even though he was being attacked day and night he was able to do some pretty amazing things that had me believing may be it could be.. then joe..printed up trillions to rebuild opened the borders ..the money printed to rebuild nothing happened..
          then the war in ukraine.. the stagnation if the velocity of money and prices on the verge of going bais.. peoples savings are not worth what they were Two years ago.. when Trump left office I was paying 2 dollars a loaf of bread.. when Obama took office it was 50 cents today almost 5 dollars..
          when the wife and I got married..a home was in the 40 thousand dollar range today materials is 137 thousand the electricity bill was under a hundred and water bill was 15 I was budgeting 150 a month per person for food..I budget 450 today and will have t o increase it..
          taxes doubled for this year.. I literally pay more in home taxes than the loan payment per month.
          and our obligations for our countries budget are more than we take in.. I believe the correction has to happen..bankrupt on the federal deficit and start over..

        • I respectly disagree LOB.

          we are now equipped with the Most Advanced AI. more so than any other country. I’m not talikg about little Chat ai.

          as Warren Buffet put it, in his recent meeting. after talking a shit load of money invested in banks put, in cash. AI is the Equivalent of the Nuclear Bomb. we needed to create it like we needed to creat the Atom Bomn. it was a necessary invention.

          the problem is like the atom bomb, we can’t uninvent it now.

          I will take Mr Buffets word for it.

          when the Japs had us on the fence after perl harbor. what did we say to them? what happend? immediately they surrendered. later to become our Ally.

          the entire world stopped the day Big Boy and Little Boy were dropped.

          and there is a ton of language around this two terms. “Big Man”.

          the nukes dropped were Big Boy and Little Boy.

          what is the difference between Boy and Man.

          quite a leep, indeed.

          it is my current understanding that our AI is unmatched by any other developed version of ai in the world. the current versio of United States developed AI makes all other countries, ai look like children’s toys.

          so I disagree.

          are hard times coming. yes. for many. not for me. i am an exception to that. because THE DUDE leads me. and I follow. everything from a phone charger is always provided when I need it. time and time again. I’m on the road to prosperity always.

        • I counted over 6000 uses of the term “Big Man” in the last month. Warrens latest speech filled in the gap for my understanding in context.

          like I said. I’m not concerned about it personally. I am actually changing at the molecular level physically. becoming very much stronger, and faster. I can’t explain it other than i know I’m physically changing. I can feel it.

          when covid happend and everyone got sick? I got stronger. it’s like some default setting in me. when the world economy collapess I become more financially secure.

          I think it has to with having so Many NDE experiences. because eveytime my mortal body died? more life force was added to my body. and I can feel it. I am becoming very strong. I can feel the life force enter me. I’m actually radiating energy.

          hard to explain.

          it’s like the phone charger thing. remember when my phone battery died and then I found one in the right still on the 5th floor of the summer building with 5 bathrooms an with 15 stalls in each. I just happend to go in the stall that had my right phone charger in it. when nobody was on that entire floor.

          that is happening more and more exponentially for me.

        • LOOB, when will you ADMIT that we did and we do NOT vote these repeat traitors in.

          The DemonRat voting machine that pres Biden mentioned is alive and well.

  2. Tireds
    Not especially drowsy, but last nite i slept from 8:30pm till 5:15 am.
    Never sleep more than 5 or six hours. Does that qualify as tireds?

  3. George
    I too have the “Earthquake Tireds” effect you describe, and for some reason I never associate it to the coming disturbance until after the fact.
    The last two weeks are an example.
    Two weekends before this one (4/21) I attended a school reunion gathering on the weekend. This was surrounded with an MRI on Friday and the results consult Monday Morning. With the driving and medical poking and prodding, I didn’t associate the Tireds with this approaching weekend, but I wondered why the fatigue was hanging on the way it was. I usually recover from a busy/medical weekend like that in less than a week with adequate sleep. This period has continued and has been getting worse, with fatigue that interferes with my driving to and from KY.
    So I will be watching this weekend.
    I wondered what was going on so this has my interest and concern now.

    • “I wonder if Bill is going to give them the life they’ve dreamed of or is the modern day slavery.
      Just wondering.”

      Hmm.I belie that is the term slave and hourly wage earner . the difference between two hundred years ago and now.. back then a slave owner had to provide housing health care food.. depending on the owner.. he had absolute rights over the individual.. or they would be punished..
      today.. a wage earner can move from one position to another but the word goes out.. if you go against the employer.. ( such as our deep water engineer that designed deep water oil drilling platforms.. he was called into give testimony on what the company was doing.. and they destroyed him.. was at the top then lower than the ground) it hasn’t changed just the terminology… you are owned by the company store.. and the company has just reduced what they are willing to pay.. sort of like slave sharing.. the wage earner to get the basics has two jobs now..

    • to own and operate a farm..phew
      I know someone that just hD to take out a loan for a half million to plant..
      land, equipment and seeds fuel runs in the if they are future farmers of america..where is this money going to come from…or is Brandon suggesting they work in servitude to wealthy big farm owners.. will reparations be granted to them..he did suggest that he wanted to give each of them a half million for their suffering as parents..

  4. “Continue without supporting”

    The website now needs user accounts to keep track of supporters Vs non-supporters.

    Perhaps there are levels of support similar to some religious systems.

  5. “honestly? I don’t like pointless “co-marketing” stuff. If Microsoft has a product to sell, an ad might make sense. But to become a national “news control and censoring” tool to (potentially) restrict free surfing a news?”

    I was just asked what I am going to do when they dump windows ten.. well when it comes to it.. I will dump the computer.. I know I know everything is computerized.. but.. think about it.. they do just like they do with AED’s they need to sell product to keep the lights on.. so every few years they dump a system to make a different system.. just like aeds .. I have three of them one for the shop one for the house and one for the car .. hope I never have to use it.. every four or five years they change the battery pack.. you have to buy a new AED..
    who this hyper inflation affects the most are the poorest of the wage earners.. they cannot pay off the debt.. by not keeping up to the challenges of economic flow of the velocity of cash.. will also hurt those at the top .. they put their cash in cd’s and bonds stocks etc.. and as inflation speeds up… their savings lose value.. the savings of lets say a million today won’t buy what a million ten years oh hey two years ago could buy..

    • Jorge, Kunstler hoy is discussing involving the Dead more in today’s society!

      Did you read the 1981 blurb I sent you which I wrote about “Training the Dead” using galvanic stimulation?

      A new Market!

    • You won’t need to dump the computer when Windows 10 is no longer available or functioning well. Install a Linux OS instead. Linux Mint, in particular, is easy to use and looks almost like a Windows OS.

        • In most cases, yes.

          In some cases, you’d have to dump your Windows program and replace it with a free one that works better…

        • Libre Office is a good replacement for Microsoft Office and is free. It opens Microsoft documents, but if you want to send a Libre doc to someone who doesn’t have Libre Office, you first have to save it as a PDF, which is easily done in Libre. Libre Office can also be installed and used on a Windows OS if you want to keep Windows but not pay for a new version of Microsoft Office. Open Office is also free and probably works the same way.

        • Since my Win 8.1 disk crashed, I’ve been getting by with an old Win 7 machine for the net, and a Linux machine air gapped. I have three boxes slated for various flavors of Linux that will fly when I have time to tune them. Right now the weather is good and I need to take full advantage of it. When it starts raining again, I’ll get back to inside work, including upgrading my systems.

          I run LibreOffice on everything, even though I have MS-Office(I never even tried to use it). Libre simply better for everything I want and I’ve had zero compatibility issues. OpenOffice is no longer maintained, so while it was good back in the day, Libre is the way to go these days. Eventually, I’ll just keep the Win 7 machine for compatibility when necessary and perhaps put it in a metal garbage can.

          The sad thing is that I have Win11 on an SSD that came as part of a package. I never installed it and can’t think of a reason to. If I had gobs of “spare” time, I might play with it, but until then, it will just sit around doing nothing. I may copy it off to an old hard disk or flash drive just so I can use the SSD.

  6. I have to give credit to the wife for finding that article on Veterinary Rx drugs. She sifts through the news on FB every morning and passes what seems pertinent to us on to me. I, grudgingly, have to say FB is useful, especially on the FB Marketplace side. We’ve found a lot of things there you won’t find on Craig’s List (I think its the ease of publishing) but put the two together and that’s why American Classifieds’ (used to be Thrifty Nickle) hard copy weeklies are as thin as they are today. BUT, I still won’t do Internet on my phone, partly to take the personal temptation to forever scroll away and partly to keep from inadvertently downloading aps I’d rather not have.

    I have yet to dose any of the livestock with anything other than Ivermectin in one form or another but I have tried to keep a bottle of antibiotic on hand for those individuals that I think I may be able to save. The problem is by the time I can actually get to them to either get them in the squeeze chute or hold them down they’re too far gone for treatment. The best treatment for infections out there is avoid them altogether with good nutrition and that problem usually takes care of itself.

    • I just keep gobbling the B’s plus the regular multi’s but the Sun takes it out of you even if you aren’t working in it. We went to a tennis tournament for the grandkid Saturday and it was h-h-h-h-o-t pretty much all day and we all felt like we’d been run over by a truck by the end of it all. Can’t drink enough liquids to satisfy until late at night.

  7. how is the ‘jobs report?
    Walensky says, ‘lookin good’

    BUT THAT IS JUST ANOTHER DAMN CONSPIRACY THEORY, there is no connection between the owners of the CORPORATIONS and the UNelected government beau,,,,
    wear your mask, stay separated, and get your damn fake vaccine, do what you are told, do NOT think for ureselves

    Coming to a theater near you, this week on Wed, Comer will call out the coverup of the Bidens.
    “The House Oversight Chair went on to say that he and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) would hold a press conference on Wednesday, where they will present evidence to the public, including bank records, showing the Biden family’s dealing with foreign nationals, allegedly in return for influence on the government. He said the documents were obtained from a “highly credible” whistleblower.”

    Thur, title 42 ends, the borders will be WIDE OPEN ,,, will the military step in and do their US Constitutional duty? The federal gov has ONE main duty ,,, to protect the borders.
    Biden has fallen down,,, on doing the ‘president’s duties’
    Say ‘goodnite, Joe’
    What will the stocked’ market do? besides cheating by the OWNERS

    • Back up da bus obD, so the Kahuna of Fecal matta is going to be breaking on DC/deepstate on Wednesday the 10th ?!?!?!?!

      We are going to need a BFD (Big Fucking Distraction) to keep the shhpeeps unaware and snoozing.


      Que the govmints AI “expert” kaMANala..

      I can just picture the scene in my minds eye -the WH movie theater room wit michael obama(androgyne)and kaMANala sharing a bucket of KFC and washing it down wit some victory tranny fluid (budlight) and cackling their asses off at the stupid Americans who voted for them.

      Oh Wait..

      • lol lol.. not on a new York minute will that ever happen .
        i personally believe they will do the normal song and dance routine trying to paint them as concerned ..tell you how concerned and wonderful they are..but in reality they to are twirking to the same puppeteers that everyone in politics is twirking to in dc. the reason this is even an item is the economic death spiral is going down to fast..there’s to much fear within the general population and everyone knows that no one in dc has done anything to adress any of the issues scaring the population.
        the only reason anyone is showing interest is a mad dash to paint the image that anyone there has any morals or ethics left is their political party..the alleged crimes over the b present administration are so vast the image so slanted that for any political party to survive ..something has to be done. people were stunned over the wicke witch of the ne and what they did.. those that exposed it were either incarcerated or died from suicide …if only a fraction of the alleged crimes is true of the present administration then the whole family should be incarcerated..
        they will do the regular pony show then go right back to business as usual.
        those controlling the political leaders will continue to corrupt and this whole thing will be lost to history. remember the satanic pedo group and how fast the thousands of images the slants of those implicated flaunted their dirty deeds openly was cleaned up..or the hard drive with thousands of photos and videos and documents etc. all of it will be gone faster than the satanic pedo group..or the illegal server with thousands of emails..or consider whiners hard drive.. gone for good forgotten to history do will all of this be gone to..

    • “Biden has fallen down,,, on doing the ‘president’s duties’”

      In my opinion, ‘fallen down’ could be attributed to accident or ineptitude. My view is that he has failed and refused to perform the duties of his office intentionally. THAT is an impeachable offense IF we had enough people in the Senate to vote to impeach. Unfortunately the majority of our “senators” are jellyfish.

      • We have the finest politicians that money can buy. They’re not very good I grant you but are the best that can be bought.

        James Johnson, ex-nuke

      • It’s everyone in this administration on down from ol’ Puddin’ Pants himself and out through the bureaucracies.

        Glenn Beck had Texas’ AG, Ken Paxton, on again today. One of the things Paxton mentioned was the fact that he was never briefed by the FBI about the Allen, TX mall shooter’s supposed Neo-Nazi beliefs (even though he was Hispanic) but they sure put the word out to all the liberal rags out there. Paxton, himself, admitted that the FBI has gone totally political and didn’t even trust the local FBI agents to tell him the truth about anything.

        Is there anyone out there that still believes this country is going to survive until the next presidential election??

        • I believe.. if.. we are in a state of emergency then it could be on hold..if we go nuclear then the odds are very few will be around to even care..if the studies that have been done have any credibility to them

  8. Was wondering if you all use / used Brave browser. They just jettisoned Bing support for their search engine. Not sure it is homegrown or not but may be another possible tool to use…

    • I have used Brave for a couple of years. Overall very satisfied. Early on, it was a bit unreliable, but after a few updates, it seems to be working fine. Also use Qwant as my search engine. (can’t distance myself far enough from the Google/Microsoft people far enough). Happy with this set up.

    • I use Brave and am very satisfied. It’s the best of the bunch considering everything – for now. There are specialized browsers, but Brave is the best for general purposes(for now), IF configured carefully.

      I use Yandex as my preferred general purpose search engine. It’s Russian and far more reliable than Google or others in the western sphere as far as giving useful results.

    • Can verify, family member, 3 shots overall. very sick at least once a month, sometimes more, with weird symptoms, terrible symptoms and sick, sick, sick.

      Recent bout, terrible gastrointestinal symptoms.

      Immune system is destroyed.

    • I think the answer to black reparations, to be fair, is that the people who mainly caused the slavery issue be the ones to pay reparations. I propose that all reparation payments be made in Confederate dollars.

  9. George,

    Tomorrow is May 9.

    “With tomorrow being May 10 and the date of a Nostradamus earthquake prediction, be sure to notice if you feel exceptionally tired in advance.”

  10. Hi, George,

    First, I am so happy that G2 is with you for a while.

    Second, I have been so very fatigued these last several days but not so much today. I could not seem to get enough sleep and even took naps. I did not relate this to the earthquake tiredness, but maybe it is. Thanks for the reminder.

    • I’ve not noticed any special tiredness, though working in the direct sun is normally dehydrating and tiring. It feels good though.

  11. Trump leading Biden in the polls is a repeat of 2020. It’s a scare tactic to motivate Democrats to get off of their butts and vote. It worked then and it will probably work in 2024. This strategy has been used for millennia. If your boss said that there may be layoffs, would you be motivated to work a little harder, longer and smarter?
    The problem with this lineup of presidential dopes though is I think America is done with both of these mentally/age challenged idiots. Can we draw the line at 60 for future candidates?

    • Nostradamus Quatrain VIII-76
      More butcher than king in England,
      Born [of a] dark place through force gains the empire,
      Coward without faith, without law bleeding the land,
      His time approaches so close that I sigh.

      Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III,
      G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 566
      I believe this applies to Prince Charles ascension to the throne of England. “ Born [of a] dark place” is the rumor that the British Royal Family are practicing Satanists.

      • rumor ?

        Blood Sacrifice, hooded satanic priests..Crypto Viewing on Patreon with Dick Allgires team – they viewed the “real” ceremony/ritual of investment. Similar to frazzledrip video of the hildebeast and huma splaying a child alive while she pleads for mercy, this one had their handler in tears as well..

        “IT” is as real as the NOSE on Ure face. See it all as energy – whether Pos or Neg. In my world “it” can not be used for gain or negaitve purposes but once…there is always “hell” to pay if/when you play on the Negative side of the equation. Same principle is in play with Russian high tech defense systems – can only used “defensively”- protection.

        * Why cant peeps thru the illusions – those two look just like churches rottweiler RATzinger..HELLO

        • “Similar to frazzledrip video of the hildebeast and huma splaying a child alive while she pleads for mercy, this one had their handler in tears as well..”

          you did notice that the guy they arrested that let that video loose on the internet.. got off on a technicality. and no one has ever done a thing about those in the video and the crimes they committed.. and the video was taken down only to remain on the dark web… the pedo that was also a member of the satanic group was let loose.. to continue in the disgusting ceremonies .. its all designed to legitimize the horrific criminal actions of those in power and to blame those not in power.. people that were going to give testimony either died or if they had to much information let loose.. It makes me very sad..I wonder if it was this bad in Sodom and Gomorrah

  12. George, on tiredness.

    Well, if fragmented sleep (waking after every one or two hours) and the feeling of walking around while being in thick water up to one’s neck during the day qualifies, count me in. Not swimming, but walking. For the last few days. There’s also the heavy, drugged empty-headiness feeling of sleep-walking. Searching for a descriptive word, what popped in was ‘sludge’. I could easily succumb to crawling in bed and intermittently snoozing around the clock, but naps don’t help. Go away, world! Never have associated this with a crisis, earth or otherwise. Just tossed it to being ever so often over-whelmed by dailies plus some.

    Oh, and on top of that, there’s always the deep, all-body bone ache whenever the weather changes. I don’t think age has to do with it, even though I have a more than a couple years over you and Elaine. It’s not something to wish on anyone.

    Wish all my chicks were home to roost. Keeping candles lit and wheels spinnin’.

  13. Texas: a few months ago, noticed the water in the 5 gallon jug sloshing back and forth, must have been a small unfelt earthquake, we have them, so no worries.

    This morning, dreamt of an earthquake, cannot remember any details except it was very noticeable with regards to movement.

  14. Been riding the bicycle for exercise. While I have walked and jogged daily, the bicycle muscles had atrophied, and balance was an issue when I started. The bike is easier on the frame than jogging. I am making progress.
    I have looked hard at electric bicycles, and concluded that I need to exercise, not cruise. I also remembered an authoritative source told me that at some point, the technology will just get in the way.
    I am going to get an all-road touring bike with 2.5″ low rolling resistance all-surface tires, then set it up with a rack and cargo bags. The summer project is underway.

    • re: “I am going to get an all-road touring bike with 2.5? low rolling resistance all-surface tires, then set it up with a rack and cargo bags.”

      Please share your find/creation of this beast. Sounds like a winner.

      • I’ll eventually share more once I am sure that it was worth the money. TIG-welded double-butted Cr-Mo tubing is expensive and out of style these days. I selected a stock bike that has been in production for several years, then picked the upgrade tires I wanted. I read a number of reviews and the only real gripes I found with the bike were tires and the stock disc brake pads. I use the tires a lot, but the brake pads not so much. People tour with this model all over. I am getting a touring geometry with 2.5″ tires because I want a bike that tracks straight and rides easy on all types of surfaces, not a twitchy cross bike like the 15 year old Schwinn I am riding.
        I have some pedals and clips on order which I hope will show up before the bicycle. I have wide feet and I found a thread on an enthusiast site where people who ride a lot were volunteering their work-arounds. The mountain bike pedals that were recommended were the only really wide ones I have seen with holes for strapless clips. Every time look at pedal extenders, I find reviews with pictures of broken ones and discussions of breaks and contusions suffered as a result, so I am hoping the wide pedals work out.
        I am still looking for the rear rack. The bike maker sells one, but is really proud of ’em. There is an Amish outfit with folding grocery bag panniers I like the looks of.
        This is going to be the bike I always wanted in decades past, but nobody made’m.

    • Have a friend who was extremely overweight. Because of his weight he really couldn’t even walk much without destroying his knee and hip joints.

      Got him riding a bike (he had to get a beefed up one with beefed up rims and tires that could support his weight) and over th course of his first six months of riding religiously (6 days a week, 10 to 15 miles a day with most weekends at least one 20 mile day) he lost 100+- pounds without much other change in his lifestyle (he still eats food servings that are TOO big imo). NO SNACKING while riding either!!

      He still needs to lose another 100# but using a bike to lose weight, if you are very heavy, is the best way to get aerobic exercise withOUT detroying your joints.

      Put road tires on your bike … forget the knobby All Terrain tires … a comfortable seat, and ALWAYS wear a helmet. If possible ride bike trails versus riding on the streets or roads, driver often just don’t see you, particulary at intersections.

      Every friend I have who has been a big “road rider” has been hit by a vehicle AT LEAST ONCE …. EVERY ONE!! I am strictly a Bike Trail rider but at least around here one can also ride on the sidewalks, if no trail nearby, without being hassled by the police, even in every one of our suburbs. (even see the Police when riding their bicycles, all departments in our entire area now use them, often riding on the sidewalks)

      • I could always lose a few pounds, but I am nowhere near morbidly obese. Nonetheless, the pain levels after bike exercise have definitely been lower. I am gingerly edging up distance. It is a long ride to anywhere from my place, so I need to be in better biking shape for contingencies. I can walk all day, but sleep afterward is the issue. As long as I am upright, I’m OK. Haven’t got that leg lock deal figured out.

        • If you have the opportunity, swimming is a great option for serious activity without straining joints or overheating. I’ve always enjoyed it.

          If you have the balance and can deal with falls, rollerblading is also excellent for those of us who are not built for running. 2+ hours of continuous fast blading(or ice skating) three times a week will get you in great shape.

  15. Just finished reading a report of a cancer cure using animal ivermectin
    Of the former billions of users, 4 cents a pill, world health, nobel prize, safer than aspirin 99% of the time, …and made illegal via propaganda of tv drug and vaccine manufacturer supported channels..perhaps your doctors are doing harm for pay of insurers???

  16. Is inflation now systemic? Is it now just another part of our mismanaged economic system? Will inflation ever really go away? Will ‘The Fed’ ever be able to beat-down the 4 to 5 % inflation rate ? A deep recession and unemployment in the 10% range would do it.., but is it really worth it? Is it possible to reach the 2% inflation target ‘The Fed’ has set as the goal ? Or.., is 4 to 5 % now, The New Norm ? Based on historical data and previous Fed actions, if they blink now, placating to the masses [ like in the early 70’s] – inflation will come roaring back., and we will restart this whole economic whirlwind all over again., and ‘The Fed’ will have to get extremely aggressive., “forcing” a recession and huge unemployment numbers to bring inflation back under control.
    * * *
    George., my design for a ‘container house’ is being built. A friend of a friend saw the design and is currently, just getting started, building it in the foothills of west Texas. I asked for photo’s. Will send if I get any. He will be moving the solar panels off from the roof., but otherwise, will remain and retain the overall design, look-feel. The inner court yard he is going to turn into a Japanese style inner-sanctum with a tilapia fish pond. Sounds good to me. I’ll let ya know.

    • Is it possible for the rest of us to see your basic design? (maybe let George post a sketch of your basic layout on his website? don’t need the details of “finishing” it)

      Not looking to build one myself but I have always been interested in architecture and have seen some interesting designs being made with containers including double stacked ones.

  17. George: re ad blockers
    My browser, Vivaldi, automatically blocks ads on all sites. Until today, I didn’t know how to unblock ads. So after several days of your ad blocker notice, I finally learned how to unblock ads on Urban Survival. NOPE! Doesn’t work for me! The six LARGE ads placed directly in the text flow of your article were more than annoying. They disrupted my train of thought. If you are able to have the ads placed along a side of the page, please do so! Pre Vivaldi, I looked at ads on sides of pages, but just left the site if the ads interrupted the text.

      • I like that George. Bonus for PN subscribers. I have spent the last few days trying to figure out how to get rid of the pop up on ad blocker for Urban site. I even deleted my Ad-Blocker program and I still get it. I feel so guilty hitting the “continue without supporting” button even though I am a long time PN subscriber.

        • don’t feel bad.. I don’t have an ad blocker program and it pops up..
          I enjoy the ads I get.. I love to play with Google ads..

  18. Watched my 84yo neighbor picking her acre asparagus this morning. Just got back from releasing her from her roadside stand. She went in and the door slammed shut behind her and she was stuck.
    Says she was pounding the wall for half hour and yelling my name for help.
    Good that I still have great hearing, was inside and thought heard a car door slamming or something.
    After opening the stand door, hugs and thanks and laugh out loud and she gave me couple lbs asparagus.

  19. Yo Mr Editor,

    stop the presses..stop typing/clicking! Crypto news breaking..

    “we dont need no edjamacation
    we dont need no thought control
    no dark sarcasm in the classroom
    teachers leave those kids alone

    Hey! teachers, leave those kids alone
    all in all its just another brick in the wall” PinkFloyd


    And hear I thought Liechtenhein was Europes answer to the German Heinlich maneuver ?

    Got Adoption?

  20. Re: Shutting the Gates
    feat. Alt + F4


    Thanks, as always you helped something to click. I understand that you may be entering a Brave new world. May I note that your problem does not recreate here with DDG and non-MS o/s. Maybe the “AE-35 unit” is operating as designed after all?

    Okay, folks, unplug from the mainframe as DJ George dials in the settings to rotary for an ad-uninterrupted afternoon drive! Here he is spooling up the fans with a hit memorialized by rogue computer Hal9000 enroute to outer planets. Let’s keep it old school with the 1894 “Victorian code” homage to “Daisy” an English Countess follower of the predecessor to The British Socialist Party of Great Britain, and her dalliances with a future King of England.

    “Daisy, Daisy (bicycle built for two)”

  21. Is civilization breaking down, little by little?

    PORTLAND, Maine — Postal carriers have more worries than snow, rain or the gloom of night keeping them from their appointed rounds. They’re increasingly being robbed, often at gunpoint, from Maine to California.

    Robberies of postal carriers have exploded, surging 78% to nearly 500 in 2022, according to data provided by U.S. Postal Inspection Service to The Associated Press under the Freedom of Information Act.

  22. Not sure what others think of, but that’s what I use. On Facebook, I use Facebook Purity to block crap. So far, my browser is functioning well via Firefox on a Windows 7 laptop. I suppose if I remove or handicap the blockers, it’d be a different story for me. I’d probably be required to buy a newer machine. I don’t have money to set on fire, sooo not happening…

  23. “What the polls don’t ask is the Biggest Question of All: Which doo you trust more these days? Election Integrity or Safety of Banks? Personally, I’d pick Banks as safer”

    As would I.

    I don’t believe the Dems are going to be able to pull 50mln votes out of their asses again, to steal 2024 from Trump (neither do they, which is why they’re trying to tie him up in endless court proceedings that’re without merit, but time-consuming, and may offer a propaganda opportunity).

    That doesn’t mean they won’t try…

    • ?????
      why would they need to get fifty million voters..wasn’t there like 124 percent of registered voters that voted last time

  24. I’m in Central Washington, near the Canadian border.

    Dog tired most of the time for at least a week now.

    Too many things to do now that Spring is here. Hard to find motivation to really get things done.

  25. “Used to be DuckDuckGo was a pretty clean news searching tool. But here recently, every tab it opens is with a Microsoft Start logo.”

    Pay attention. I mentioned months ago that DDG sold out to Microsoft. DDG runs 10s of millions of dollars worth of RTV commercials every month, touting their security WRT Google’s snooping.

    Where d’you suppose they got all that ad-funding?

    What they don’t mention is they clamped Google by selling out their metrics and metadata to M$, to allow Bing snooping…

  26. “Meantime – and this speaks to the broader question of lying government – the really useful content like COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness Drops Near Zero Within Months: Study ( continues to disappear behind paywalls.”

    THIS crap is what justifies keeping Google as one of my search options:

    You can enter an exact quote, enclosed in quotation marks, in Google’s search field, and it will return bazillions of hits on that quote. Scan the snippets that Google has returned, and any website sample which continues past the point at the paywalled site where the article was chopped, has posted the entire article “in the clear.” THIS is how you find articles from the NYT and WSJ on “archive” or “reader” sites…

  27. “… Certain antibiotic drugs that have been available OTC and without Rx in feed and pet stores will now require “veterinary oversight” (i.e. a Rx) starting June 1 :…”

    Thank you for the reminder.

    My fish and birds, which I haven’t bought yet but will in the near future, definitely will need some medicine at some point in time, and have you looked at the cost of vet to come out to your house to examine your fish in their tank recently (just so you can get the med they will NEED)?

    I DEFINITELY need to buy some of those medicines I will be needing once my fish and birds become sick. CHEAP to get now, but may be unavailable for my animals later on to say nothing of my savings on the vet bill.

    A BIG MONEY grab by the drug and Doctors (vet Docs of course) industry AGAIN. Sheesh, they already give us the highest cost medical costs (animals of course) IN THE WORLD with the worst outcomes of any industrialized nation too boot, and now they want MORE MONEY for their pockets!! AND MORE CONTROL over the population!!

    Will be filling out my order form this weekend so I can beat the June 1 date.

    • Most antibiotics have a very long shelf life past their “expiration” dates, but some(the *mycins) if I recall correctly will become toxic after such dates. Good luck to all, and DYOR!

      • I’d posted on this some time ago and Ray did most recently, too. Tetracycline, apparently, will break down into something nasty but I don’t know how long it takes under what conditions. All have to be in dry pill or capsule form to last any good length of time, though.

        • Any conditions.

          This applies to every “tetracycline class” (like doxycycline) antibiotic. Max shelf-life before it turns poisonous is about 26 months, if stored oxygen-free in a sealed black bottle in a freezer at or below -20°C. Rancid tetracycline causes a weird-assed form of kidney failure. It is irreversible and occurs 100% of the time, and seems to me like a particularly vile means to one’s end. With seemingly every bug on the planet developing a resistance to -cycline antibiotics, I see no reason to ever risk having it around.

          BTW, FEMA has large stockpiles of tetracycline which they keep on hand specifically in case some unsavory petit dictator blanket-mails CONUS with anthrax. Since 2015 the FDA has thrice “extended the shelf life” of this stored resource (from one year to three years), because we periodically have import issues with China and lack the ability to maintain fresh stocks. Folks should probably be aware of this, if they’re ever faced by a FEMA sawbones…

      • Redirect on this one: Ray and Bill got it right. I meant tetracycline specifically, not the *mycins. Good reason to DYOR. Even other *cyclines seem to have adverse reactions when expired.

        • Fish Mox website is showing a LOT of their inventory as “out of stock”. Prices have gone up, too. The Azithromycin seems to be the most interesting out of what they have.

  28. “Wrap this week for a Trump trial? Closing arguments set for Monday morning in E. Jean Carroll civil rape trial against Donald Trump”

    I’m STILL trying to figure out why anyone would believe a billionaire would go to a store to do his/her own shopping, unless (s)he owned the store…

  29. “Commufornia is at it again: California panel moves forward on reparations to be paid to Black residents | AP News. Was it Orwell who said all the animals are equal, some just more so than others? I want a billion for each of the Ure family who died fighting for the North.”

    If you were a slave on the run, and you were caught, you were returned to the plantation. If you were caught either harboring a running slave or assisting them in their attempt to get to Canada, you were shot or hanged on the spot. It therefore seems to me that the, over 3500 slaves which went through my ancestors’ stops along the Underground Railroad, should pay half of whatever they receive, to my ancestors’ descendants, since the slaves were only risking capture, but my ancestors were literally, risking death, with each man, woman, and child they fed, clothed, and hid in the root cellar, or (for one of them) behind the trapdoor in the kitchen….

  30. George

    Clif High has a new YouTube video out on how AI really works.
    It is very well done. I don’t have the address but it’s title starts with REAL AI. Worth a watch!

  31. perhaps a fresh review of Revelations chapter 18 again is in order,

    [1]'”And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory.
    [2] And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.
    [3] For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.
    [4] And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.
    [5] For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.
    [6] Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double.
    [7] How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.
    [8] Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.”

    unclean and hateful bird. the bat disease, the disease? covid? came from where? China. where does everyone at Walmarts stuff come from? or Amazon? China. the merchants get their crap made in China.

    sounds to me. like China is about to get set on fire.

  32. “For example, as we figure it, Biden suffers from DFI – democrat financial impairment. ”

    how would he..he’s always lived at thr DC troughs never had a job..he’s in the bubble.. he doesn’t have a clue..

  33. I don’t know about earthquake tireds, but I’ve had a case of the ‘dwannas’ for a couple of days. Lots of projects to do, but I just ‘dwanna’. Might just be a case of the lazies.

  34. you Rememeber what happend after all those big tech companies sensored a sitting president of America? it doesn’t matter so much that it was Trump. it matters more that it was a sitting president of the most powerful country in the world. the established office is more important than who sits on it.

    what happened after that. was Twitter got purchased, the shady shit they were doing when they sensored hunters laptop and Trump, got exposed and eveyone who was doing shady shit at Twitter, slanting the elections in favor of Biden and shutting down a sitting president? they all got fired.

    Rememeber what Zuckerberg did. Zuckerberg used Facebook to silence a sitting president and any questions about the Vaccine and a year later he went from a net worth of $117 Billion to a net worth of $14 billion. Zuckerberg is to date, one of the greatest losses in personal wealth in a years time in the history books.

    that is only 2 examples.

    all that. so when you see China manipulate Justice along with the democratic national party. you know what is next for them.

    my very gifted psychic friend said the other day about pluto and Mercury, if you are not doing shady shit? you have nothing to worry about. I said cool. I’m not ever doing shady shit. I keep to myself, go to work, pay my bills, help others. have some fun in doing both.

    she said this is very special time for those who do shady shit. hard lessons for them. I said good for them. you have to savor the sorrows of living just as much as the joys. I savor it all. because that is life!

    I don’t know much about astrology or astronomy. hmmmm.

    what I have learned lately aboutt navigation of flying at night: is playing catch with the stars.

    yes, very much so.

  35. ohh the paradoxs and metaphors.

    final thought before I get my ticket stamped to fly.

    you remember way back when I went to the hopi Indian rez and did the living example of holon and living water in the dry well, fill with dirt, leaving the stamp 11 and 11 in the middle of it because that is my shoe size for converse all stars I was wearing. on the day nobody went to a house of worship on the entire planet due to covid lock downs.

    I found this rock there. it was an old fossil but it looked like a face with a spiral around it. like a spiral Indian head dress of black and white feathers. I

    well when I was leaving I had this vision of mountains as high as the top of the sky. it was Trippy.

    I recently asked the Jedi Elders if it was the corner stone to their prophecy tablets. they said no. we don’t know anything about that stone. we already met our true white brother. (the spanish dude) he was an asshole. I said oh it sounds to me you met the false white brother. not the true one. I’m glad I’m not the true white brother. that sounds like a lot of responsibility.

    I said that stone you elders rejected and don’t want. I took it to one of those mazes people walk. the Divine labyrinth or something like that. I placed it I. the middle of it on top of a stone that was painted like a turtle. it is surrounded by big giant rocks in the center of the maze. sorta like that vision I had when I left your rez, having rejected that stone, after I stood in what is considered the center of the universe or as other story’s go, the point of creation as the botn the living monad and living water in the dry well.

    and there it remains. in the middle of the indian maze, with the turtal, surrounded by big rocks that look like mountains in comparison.

    forgot all about that. not sure why I did it at the time. .

    I just found out the other day, the turtle is what the natives call north America. looking back now, it makes more sense.

  36. BTW George, I use Opera for Web surfing, Vivaldi for E-commerce, and Pale Moon for your sites, because these browsers seem to work best for these respective jobs…

    …Most of the time.

    At least until somebody pushes a new script into the mix, which screws with every browser until they’re patched.

    FWIW my current search engine list is:

    Search Tempest

    in case anyone is looking to give something else a try, or a switch.

    The little down-arrow (next to the “B”(ing), “G”(oogle) (or whatever your default search engine is) on the left side of the search box on most browsers allows you to switch search engines on the fly. For some browsers this is a one-time search. For others, it actually changes your default search engine.

  37. Money market fund cash assets have ballooned to a record $5.3 trillion, with inflows surging by $588 billion over the past ten weeks.
    – For comparison a little over $500 billion went to cash when Lehman Bros collapsed.
    – That is the makings of a major rally.
    – But what are they waiting for?

  38. Requiring Econ 101 for office seekers would be a good start, but I’d like to take it further – no lawyers need apply. We’ve been electing foxes to guard the henhouse for far too long. There will never much-needed tort reform until those who benefit the most are stopped from protecting their racket.

    Back in the 70s, I watched large numbers of would-be career politicians map out their life strategy: major in political science, get a law degree, start running for bigger and bigger elected positions until they hit the big time. Actually providing any kind of service to their constituents was not part of the equation. None of these were people I wanted to see in positions of power, and, fortunately, many were weeded out by not making it into law school. Unfortunately, some of them did make it, and we’re reaping the effects today.

    While we’re at it, let’s require that bureaucratic appointees actually have some training in what they’re supposed to be managing – an engineering degree and experience for the FCC, chemistry or biology background for the FDA, doctors who have actually practiced for the CDC……and both agriculture and aerospace qualifications for the FAA, because when all this happens, pigs will be flying.

  39. “Honest elections is a longer shot. Too much influence peddling and corporate donations to whoever is the best Carnival Barker In Chief.”

    The best carnival barker may be irrelevant. Remember in 2020 Zeke Markerberg spent $350mln to place (mostly) illegal drop boxes in strategic locations of strategic precincts. I have every indication he’ll attempt to do so again, especially if Trump is the Repubic nominee…

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