Biden to Play Eastwood in M.E.? Healthcare Tip

Our spider sense about not being short this (pig of a) market over the weekend will apparently pay off this morning.  As the early futures were showing the market ready to pop a bit higher at the open.

Biden as Eastwood?

Farfetched?  But go with me on this, because sometime the clearest views of the future spring from free ranging your analogies and enjoying the results.

We had already explained that the “end of the World” aspects of this, while they could be sadly real in the long-term, were too quickly brought to a boil last week.  We need some simmering time.  But, while we wait for Hollywood to get its labor act together, I thought paraphrasing reality into movie script terms would be useful.

Guns Blazing, Cowboys to the Rescue!


The Outlaws are holed up in caves somewhere and calling out threats.  (Iran trying to deploy weapons in Syria to open new war front: Israeli official).

The last town from which the outlaws hit is also emptying out (Israel Latest: Army Says Hamas Officials Dead; Over 600,000 in Gaza Flee South.)

A nearby two is being threatened by the white hats and black alike as the divisions in the town grow.  (Iran trying to deploy weapons in Syria to open new war front: Israeli official”

Meanwhile, the Outlaws are holding hostages the white hats must rescue. (Israel confirms 155 people being held hostage by Hamas.)

Already, though, a posse is forming up and ready to ride out after the Outlaws if they pick up their trail in the wrong places: (Pentagon orders second carrier strike group to region as Israel prepares to expand Gaza operations.)

And so, as our story reaches its crescendo, we see Joe Biden, desperately reprising a Clint Eastwood western, getting ready to saddle up to have it out.  The townsfolks are talking it up. Israel-Hamas war: Biden considers Israel visit after Netanyahu extends invite.

Will the (mock) hero of this world-ender action flick ride out East where the Outlaws are holed up?  Will he come in guns blazing? Or, will this be a scouting mission – get the lay of the land kind of thing?

Tune in tomorrow morning, for the next exciting episode of

  • The Pale Rider flies Air Force One!

Yes, fresh from his Ukraine war flick, Fistful of Dollars (with his son, the Outlaw Hunter Wales) also appears in For A Few Dollars More

Which is still playing in some theaters.  More – the Sequel. Biden to push Israel, Ukraine aid package over $2 billion this week.

Meanwhile, outside of Xi’s Chinese Theatre, crowds are becoming unsure of whether that new action-adventure will ever premier.  Opinion | To Avoid War, the U.S. Must Both Deter and Reassure China.  We can see this one is still a coming feature release as The Army is planning for a conflict with China—including shoring up blood supply – Defense One.

Word is – in that upcoming movie – Slow Joe will reprise the Dirty Harry role of Eastwood.  Which then leads into a remake of Big Trouble in Little China….

By the way, notice how no words on China wanting a side-conference in November in San Francisco and how Clint…I mean Biden hasn’t gotten a call-back? Fame is fleeting.

We can hardly wait for what Biden’s handlers cook up for his next role.  Got your Rotten Tomatoes ready?

Not a fan of Clint Biden?  Cornel West Runs for President:  You Can’t Be a Spoiler if the System Is Already Rotten –

File this under “Playing Cowboys and Idiots.

For now, oil on the water is front burner as reassurances reign. US can support both Ukraine, Israel thanks to unmatched global power, Biden says / The New Voice of Ukraine ( unmatched power or money-printing, perhaps would be more accurate.

By the way the real Mr. Eastwood is 93-years old.  As huge fans, we wish him many more happy years and thank him for his valuable contributions to America.

Enough future-gazing, let’s get down to reality, ‘K?

Empire State Manufacturing Data

No doubt, this will be used by market shills to shift blame for weak markets off the (looming) Middle East sequel.

“Business activity edged lower in New York State, according to firms responding to the October 2023 Empire State Manufacturing Survey. The headline
general business conditions index fell seven points to -4.6. New orders fell slightly, while shipments were little
changed. Unfilled orders declined, and delivery times shortened. Inventories held steady. Labor market indicators pointed to a slight increase in both employment
and the average workweek. “

After the data. Dow futures were holding around +150.

A couple of Fed Heads on the rubber chicken circuit will be the scrying material for the week.  Which has options expiration just ahead. U.S. Treasury yields: Investors consider economic outlook (

Don’t forget about retail sales and Fed industrial production data tomorrow. Will today with a “buy the rumor” ahead of these, or a “sell the news, buy the story” event?  With bated breath, we’re reminded to floss while waiting.

Hint: The dollar was down to 0.948 Euro earlier.  Which means it will take more of (weaker dollars) which could make it (appear) prices are going up.  But since there is only so much money in the world at any one time, it’s really CGI does Vegas played on trading platforms…

Debris Field Inspection

Collateral damage from the horror flick now showing. Illinois man charged with hate crime in fatal stabbing of 6-year-old Muslim boy. We somehow suspected it wasn’t done out of love or admiration…

Ecuador to become a “banana Republic”? Daniel Noboa wins Ecuador’s presidential runoff election : NPR Banana fortune family.

China’s economy is on the skids: China’s Economy Is Going Bust. That Should Terrify US Businesses. (  Here in east Texas, we don’t  need to look to Asia for our terror.  Looking at D.C. is always enough…

Is the “Age of Going National” in retailing going away?  We have been flooded with online pharmacy pitches, even though we take damn few meds.  But with online retailers and new online delivery systems, is this how the Web eats more bricks and mortars in times ahead?  Rite Aid files for bankruptcy amid slowing sales, opioid litigation.

Oh look!!  An exciting new game in the casino! Yahoo NEXT: Exploring music royalties as an alternative investment at 10 a.m. ET.  Which sure seems like gambling to us…But I’ve only been in radio professionally since 1966.  Still, keenly aware of how music tastes change over time.  Would I bet on music royalties?  (Go ahead, take a guess…lol.)  Whenever I hear of “investments” like this I wonder “If this is so damn lucrative, WHY are they sharing with me??? “ (Ding! Ding! Ding!  Winnah winnah chicken dinnah…)

Other Theatrics of the weekend:  It’s a fitting celebration… but oh Madge, isn’t it time you grew up? SARAH VINE reviews Madonna’s Celebration Tour. May be useful to know what snogging is.

Passings: Suzanne Somers dead at 76 following cancer battle (

Important Healthcare Tip!

Open enrollment for Medicare time is here.  It’s time to go shopping for what’s out there in Medicare this year and get the changes in place for next year. You can research moving your plan around until December 7th. That’s when things lock.

If you’re new to all this “aging crap” a visit to Medicare Open Enrollment | CMS will answer some of the basic questions for you.  Big financial impacts are possible if you get it wrong.

We’re planning to stick with our AARP Medicare Advantage plan. We are happy because our total out of pocket for Elaine’s two total hip replacements was under $8,000 – and that’s including the copays for physical therapy and such.

But even if you are happy, do take the time to use the online plan finder tools and go through the comparisons.  Figure out who the best healthcare provider groups are in your area, and make sure they are in the Medicare plan you chose.

In our area, Christus Health has been excellent. But we’re also impressed with UT Health, as well.

As a “process map” the steps to consider (that we follow) might include:

  • Review of any existing plan (and changes for 2024). Did you love it?  Was anything missing?
  • Consider your present health and Health Outlook. *
  • Look over all the other plans for your area:
    • The Basic Coverage differences.
    • Emergency and ER charges, air lift, medic units?
    • Quarterly non-scrip meds, dental, vision?
    • Other included benefits **
    • What’s the plan drug list?
    • Specialist referrals?
  • Know which providers you prefer.
  • Confirm if provider of choice accepts your plan’s doctors etc.
  • Compare everything ***
  • Finalize plan changes before Dec.7

*Think long and hard about your present health, how you think your personal future will work out. Then toss in a medic unit ride and an ER visit, or two. Car accident ringer, maybe. Pencil ’em out and good luck.

** Included benefits can mean things like gym memberships and specialized therapies.  We considered a plan that had a gym membership but don’t use that benefit because a) there’s enough workout having a home and b) gyms are “iffy” to use because Covid is still out and about. If we were 40 and vaxxed maybe.  But at 65, getting to the gym may not be fun.  Besides, at 75 & 81 (for us) and non-vaxxed? Um….er…NO! We suspect that Other People Cause Aging and Death. So, we avoid ’em!!!

*** This is a very good time to remember that like buying insurance, you want to strike that balance between your “dream future” and a reasonable “expected reality.”  Picking a plan is like going to Vegas, in the sense you never know what will come for you at any time. This is a serious wager you’re about to make.

Be guided by UrbanSurvival core beliefs. (OK, they’re odd…) Mainly, the best way to live Life is not for maximum gains but instead shoot for minimum loss potential. Remember next year at this time we told you “Must be present to win” applies if you’re planning to play the 2025 round…  (We are.)

It has become more complicated doing a good annual review. Last year our plan sent out prepaid health cards and that nearly zeroed our dental out copays, as well. Good luck with it. Line up and activity a day – ask questions early and remember most people treat business decisions like idiots and wait until the last possible moment to make decisions.

Then somehow get surprised when they make bad decisions.

Remarkable, isn’t it?

Take the steps, two days for each, and you’ll be done ahead of the herd with a well thought out plan.

Around the Ranch: Instant Outdoors

(If you missed ShopTalk Sunday, click here)

I almost didn’t get out of bed this morning.  We put in an “instant outdoor patio” this weekend.  Not very big, about 10 by 15 but the work involved in putting in this, plus 15-feet of fence… I’m telling you, when you get to be this close to 75, there’s all kinds of new experiences of aches and pains from this kind of workout to look forward to.

We’ll do pictures (and construction notes) next weekend on ShopTalk Sunday. But the answer that matters is “No, we didn’t fly drones or do The Sunday Gourmet thing.  This was a working weekend.

Our consigliere will be done for Thanksgiving, which has become something of a tradition.  We compare notes (and take the world temperatures) as things go to hell in a handbasket. Usually assisted by a good sipping single malt.

Weather in the outback is off to a cool start. with lows into the mid 40s and a high (if you can call it that) of 66.

By the weekend, though, temps will be back into the mid 80s with lows in the mid-60s.  Which explains our penchant for outdoor work.

Best done in the narrow channel between sweat and heat exhaustion in the too-hot summer and frostbite in the winter.

The heat pump kicked on again this morning.  Which means the light-up of the 20 kW auxiliary resistance heating won’t be more than a few weeks off.

But that’s how life works: Hot and Cold – with trips to the bank for either case.

Write when you get rich,

68 thoughts on “Biden to Play Eastwood in M.E.? Healthcare Tip”

  1. Whew, temps in the 80s sounds good. We are watching the rapid Climate Change and quickly acclimating to chill. Lake has mist most mornings with air temp below water temp. Lots of migratory bird sounds and sightings. Twice yearly a Golden Eagle joins the Bald Eagles for fishing contests. Winner gets protein rich. One more aerial adversary to shoo away from our yellow Tom.

    I see SPX plumbing bottom of horizontal channel(s). Stay sharp!


    “- Coy LaHood: Do you imbibe?
    – Preacher: Only after nine in the morning.”

    — Pale Rider, 1985

    • Hundreds of turkey vultures migrating over us. A group of turkey vultures is called a committee, or a kettle if in flight, or a wake if they’re feeding.
      Wild goose migration festival this weekend, 54th annual.
      Got much of the fall garden stuff going, 42 lbs garlic planted 9 rows 85 ft, 765 total, all sprayed with pre emergent weed killer.
      Cut the asparagus rows (hedge trimmer) and added to the burn pile, gettinh set for remember November 5th. Got more brush to add still.
      Will spray some roundup there to tidy up for winter.
      Will add rv antifreeze to the sprayer pump, aand tidy up the sheds. Couple plants dying there.
      “only after nine in the morning”
      tay safe

  2. “and remember most people treat business decisions like idiots and wait until the last possible moment to make decisions.”

    It is a pleasure to read your column each day. This morning’s Clint Biden adventure was a particularly enjoyable and welcome break from 3D (doom, death and destruction) TV. Same news but delivered with Ure special sauce.

    I had lunch with a couple of family members on the weekend. With the war raging in the Middle East, I asked them if they had considered and prepared for the possibility of a one month power and heat outage this winter. The answer was “no.” When I told them that I had put away enough food and water to ensure myself and my wife would be ok for several months, one of them replied “well we know where to come to if we need food and water.”

    I have given up engaging others in the conversation. Prepping is not in the vocabulary of the majority of our population even as global war and civil unrest spirals closer and closer to a climax. They believe that………

    – the heat and hydro will never go off
    – the stores will always be open
    – the government will always come to their rescue

    But if any of these things do change………they will make the decision to prepare.

    • I’ve also given up trying to convince people to get prepared.

      Some time back, I came up with what I think is the best response to those who say they will come to my house when it gets bad. I say “You should be old enough to know better than to make threats like that.”

    • They simply fail to grasp the meaning of PREpare. We too had lunch with our “kids” (former student and his wife) Saturday, and I urged them once more to get out of Dallas while they can. In their 60s now, with house and vehicles paid off, they just cannot imagine turning loose of that sense of security that ownership of a nice house provides. Of course their 28-yr-old daughter who still lives and works in Dallas weighs heavily on their decision to stay.

    • “well we know where to come to if we need food and water.”

      Best to keep your mouth shut, don’t tell anyone anything. Twilight Zone episode ‘The Shelter’ explains why.

      It is a typical evening in a typical suburban community outside of New York City. At the residence of physician Bill Stockton, he enjoys a birthday party being thrown for him by his wife Grace and their son Paul. Also at the party are Jerry Harlowe, Bill’s brother-in-law; Frank Henderson and Marty Weiss, Bill and Jerry’s former State University roommates; and the wives and children of Jerry, Frank, and Marty. Bill is well known and liked by this gathering. Moreover, Bill has repeatedly administered to the health and well-being of each one of the guests. Everyone is friendly and jovial, even when mention is made of Bill’s late-night work on a fallout shelter which he has built in his basement. Suddenly, a Civil Defense announcement overheard by young Paul is made that unidentified objects have been detected heading for the United States, indicating a nuclear attack.

      As panic ensues, Stockton locks himself and his family into his shelter. His friends become hysterical and now want to occupy the shelter. Stockton offers his basement to the guests, but the shelter itself has sufficient air, provisions, and space for a total of three people. The once-friendly neighbors do not accept this. All of the previous cordiality is now replaced with soaring desperation: pent-up hostility, nativism, and other suppressed emotions boil to the surface. They break down the shelter door with an improvised battering ram. Just then, a final Civil Defense broadcast announces that the objects have been identified as harmless satellites and that no danger is present. His neighbors apologize to each other, and to the doctor, for their behavior; yet Stockton wonders aloud if they were all destroyed without a bomb dropping.

      • Funny the Karmic reality of that episode…..It was on one of the channels yesterday and I watched it. Says it all

      • Never, ever, ever say a word. Not to anyone. If you think you have a prepping “commune” (for want of a better word) you should still not say a word. “I’m prepared” is sufficient.

        You don’t know how loose other people’s lips are, and

        Once someone starts talking, there’s a tendency for everyone to pitch in and brag about their superior station, position, or supplies — after all, you’re all like-minded.

        Just say “no…”

    • AMEN
      That is exactly how my kids react as well…..
      I wonder if chat gpt could draw us a color poster of pale horese rider with biden in the saddle, A piece of straw sticking out of his mouth.. saying MAKE MY DAY PUNK

  3. Thanks for all the points to ponder on Medicare, George. I’ve finally got the SS started and will be calling TRS to find out what damage they can do (it’s rumored to be a good deal) with their teaming up with Medicare. Hopefully the first SS payment will be this week so I’ll know what my budget will kinda, sorta be.

    Worked goats both Saturday and Sunday. Sent up a prayer that Sunday would’t be as bad with the round-up as Saturday was. Half the damned goats went through a hole in the fence of the pasture we found them in so we managed to get what we could into the corrales then had to go back out and find the ones we lost. Even then the mercurial little basitids split up a couple of times and a lot of them escaped again so we didn’t take in as many as we intended. We may be spending a lot of what we made this weekend on repairing the 4 wheelers after all that.

    Yesterday, however, the Big Guy took pity on us by answering my prayer and the whole bunch in the North end came walking by about the time we had that set of corrales set up for them and had put corn out to guide them in. A whole 20 minutes, maybe, of 4 wheeler activity, vs. 4 hours of riding that almost did my shoulder joints in (no power steering on those) put more goats in the pens than we could carry in with a single load. A lot of the goats were turned out unsorted to finish the corn off we’d put out and to wonder “What th’ heck was that all about?”.

    Had it not been for our son being there I wouldn’t have been able to pull a half dozen little billies out of the bunch with my bum knee. I also became painfully aware that a huge chunk of my strength has simply disappeared as well regardless of the supplements I’ve been taking. The goats may have been bigger than usual, too, as this is the first bunch we’ve sold this year and it’s usually the second. The bunch on Saturday belong to the kids and we usually sell from both groups twice a year but not this year. It’s been a busy, busy, busy and not a good one at that with all the repairs and personal maladies, which brings me back to Medicare as I’m wearing both the new AND the old knee brace this morning (one underneath the other) and they, collectively, feel pretty danged good even without an NSAID in my system! All I could do yesterday was man the gate we put the billies through and TRY to find a comfortable way to stand so the knee didn’t hurt so much. When you aren’t hurting you think you can do this forever but then that damned wall comes into view just before impact and suddenly you feel like Wile E. Coyote at the usual ending of one of his schemes.

    At least we got to see the eclipse. We’d totally forgotten about it until we got the first bunch into the corrales on Saturday and, luckily, one granddaughter had brought some shades to see it. It was at it’s totality at that point and we realized the light was pretty diminished. Anyway, 5 minute break ended and it was time to go to work. I’m still coughing up real estate.

  4. I’ll put iot plain and simnple Biden was BOUGHT years ago and is a puppet for the hidden rulers and he is being used as a pawn in the destruction of this country. The two USA fleets being sent to the Mid-East are in trouble and they don’t even know it, Iran has a torpedo that cannot be stopped and they very well be going to try to sink our fleet leaving us even more vulnerable to attack. FAR fetched? NOPE! Then the Democrat traitors want to bring a million palestine people into this country. IT IS all part of the agenda for this country to fall and be taken over.
    THAT is the handwriting on the wall. The only question IS will they succeed? I sure as hell hope not!

    • Yes, I expect at least one of those carriers to go down.

      Now follow that scenario with streets crowded with people jumping up and down like monkeys, shouting “USA, USA, USA.”

  5. Dude G,

    No need to worry about Medicare in 24. The blow of steel/israhell mistake is pending..ya know when Ishafan or where ever it is the nuke are stored gets attacked – the mistake being underestimating kilotonnage of Ureraimium stored under ground- huge cloud of rads to infect ME. Persian response is gonna coast at least one warwagon.. the show must go on. The show must go on..

    Got popcorns?

    • I’ve often wondered – how big a nuke in an airburst or waterburst would sink or otherwise render useless a carrier group? That’s never been discussed anywhere that I’ve read. I’m sure there are some here that probably know.

      Persia may not have the same restraint that China might have, since they’re driven more by ideology than resource gain.

      • Short answer: A post-WWII test, Operation Crossroads, offers us our only insight into what to expect if a carrier battle group is nuked.

        In the 1st test, ‘Alpah,’ proved that a measly 23 kt warhead detonated a few hundred feet above sea level will likely take out a large segment of a typical carrier battle group. A larger warhead would extend the area of destruction. Severe damage to the flight deck of the main ship, the carrier, would be a certainty, as it was in Crossroads. Even if the nuke misses, radioactivity becomes problematic on ships near the blast are. The physics is interesting – at the detonation point, the blast will compress into a dimple on the ocean surface, with the resulting peripheral rebound generating massive surface waves closest to ground zero that add to the damage inflicted by the nuke blast wave. The shallower the ocean, the bigger the rebound waves. A carrier might ride this tsunami out, but many support ships (destroyers, cruisers and aux. tenders, etc.) likely would not. The Federation of American Scientists notes a typical carrier battle group is comprised of “one carrier (CV or CVN), two cruisers (CGs and/or CGNs), three destroyers (DDs and/or DDGs) or frigates (FFs and/or FFGs) and one auxiliary (AE, AOE, or AOR). Some battlegroups also include a fast attack submarine (SSN) operating in a support role. This might be the only ‘boat’ (subs are boat, surface vessels are ‘ships) to survive such an attack. As a related aside, test Baker of Op. Crossroads detonated a nuke under the sea surface. Less ships were directly damaged but the hulls of many suffered from the undersea blast wave. (see the above linke).

        • For a carrier … the fuel and weaponry on the ship that would be exposed to the heat and blast (deck and hanger deck) would create a fire situation that was NOT investigated during the Crossroads testing.

          Because of that fire and blast issue of the planes and ordance on the ship itself, what really has caused most carrier sinkings and almost sank the Forestal during the Vietnam War (which was only a deck fire/blast situation initially), I doubt that even if the hull would survive in the end the ship would sink.

          Hey, but what do I know? I never served in the Navy (though did have an acquaintance who was a firefighter on the Forestal – he claimed he was the only person of the 2nd fire crew to survive, the entire first crew perished, he spent over a year in the hospital after that and HATED John McCain as a result)

    • ;-) Thanks for the show of respect!!!

      Censored by Dick Allgire on YouTube.
      Censored at
      Censored at Greg Hunter’s

      Apparently, Steve Quayle is a closet Nostradamus Expert. Who knew???

      People at Quayle and Hunter’s websites were just calling Nostradamus a “soothsayer” a few of months ago.

      What are they all so afraid of… do I cramp their business style and interfere with their click-bait BS?

      Here’s is my test, see if you size up. BS walks…

      Apparently, everybody has crawled out of the wood work to say they saw “The Blow of Steel Coming.”

      Actually, I saw the poseurs coming and warned about them too.

      It’s hard to take this Alternative Media and blogging crap seriously anymore.

      Being deeply involved in the game, it’s sadly laughable.

      Outside of this blogging bubble, nobody knows who these people are or what they are selling… And nobody cares…

        • I think I can give you the simple answer. He doesn’t write for idiots. And most of the world, anymore, has about 8th grade reading skills. Far be it for me to suggest to other writers, but the book I have on Iterative3 Outlining has made a good bit of difference in my writing, of late.

          The concept is simple – have a set of railroad tracks to anything you write. In other words, I have a 5,000+ word piece on Peoplenomics tomorrow on the Past Life Regression experience. The “raailroad tracks” in that one is a solid time line. In others, it’s idea stacking.

          Where I used to “get off into the bushes” was in not doing as “main flow” and doing the sidebars or baseline material ahead of – or after – the “on rails” part of the story. I used to write much like Stru – which is great if you are writing for an educated audience that can handle jumping on and off point – with off point being the important sidebar materials.

          That6 and aiming for no sentence longer than 12 word… Well, it makes a difference. Stu is an incredibly bright guy and he’s sharing from the heart. But sometimes, the whole of his genius is covered by sidebars and asides that could be more effective up front or as teaching moments after.

          This is not a criticism. Just a note on style from someone fighting the same demons… As Iterative Outlining shows, the flow is the issue. It seems at the core of why some journalists – like Graham Hancock, for example, are taken as “thought leaders” while others, equally bright and well-studied, are overlooked. The get everything “right” but are ignored on stylistic issues.

          Which is just one of the reasons humans make glacial progress, at best, as a species. Average people tend to “think along tracks” and when a brilliant guy “jumps to another track” it jars the lesser minds to distraction.

          I notice it in speech, too. People I know in conversation go into sometimes huge (extraneous) sidebars in speech of totally off-point histories. I would lean more on our Houston Bureau (trying to retire best of class paralegal). But for most of us, self-editing is the only option. And it’s a damn shame I didn’t have a professional editor correct all my bookly shortcomings. Why, I could be an authority on something, too!
          Pappy’s old firehouse writing standard was a touchstone for me: Mean what you write and write what you mean. If the reader needs a sidebar, let them go find it. Include only the crucials.

          Flow to go. Which has really helped me do a better job of writing. Even in the morning reports opn Urban, lately. I used to “write on the fly. Now, there is more material collection and flow/outlining to how it all pieces together.

          Make sense?

        • It sure makes sense to me G… I never had a problem reading and understanding any of stu’s work…
          It all lines up pretty dam clear..and you can watch it on the daily news even the news that hides the news..

        • It would be great if everyone had a friend like George.

          I know there’s a Solomonaic saying or proverb somewhere in the Bible that expresses the virtue of having a plethora of advisors so I’m happy to have Stu in residence here but it bothers me to feel as if he’s the only one that’s welcome. Everyone knows he’s worked his butt off for years and years in the deep dark dives into Nosty’s notes but, like the 4 blind men feeling up an elephant it takes a number of people to begin to get an inkling of what is being seen. Ben over at S0 has only just now been “anointed” by Jimmy of Bright Insight having a video conversation with him that is on, I think, Rumble? Maybe BitChute, don’t remember for sure.

          Penny Kelly has been having a bit of a dry run in her remote viewing efforts but in this last one published on Sept. 28th with Jean-Claude and Julie Penny did get a curious hit for the 7th of October. (I don’t put a lot of stock into Tarot reading but whatever Julie is saying, I could watch her all day) Penny didn’t understand what she saw but at 27:15 she said she saw “these heavy, heavy cords or ropes hanging in mid-air”. In retrospect perhaps she didn’t see the entire picture and they could have been parachute cords like the para-gliders the Hamas insurgents were using? Who knows, I know I’m giving her a lot but there is much else that she’s seeing the rest of this month and into November. It ain’t pretty.

  6. With the upcoming U.S. Naval flotilla soon to be off the coast of Israel/Gaza, I’ve been becoming more and more worried about the possibility of another Gulf on Tonkin incident.

    • What will the government do.., what will the reaction of the people be.., when one of those war wagons gets torpedoed..,? Hundreds dead., hundreds missing., a couple thousand being rescued by support ships…, What will the reaction, knee-jerk, or otherwise, be from other countries? Allies and Enemies alike…,
      Some may see this as an “ultimate show of force”.., having two aircraft carrier strike groups in the region., but as a fanatical bad-guy? Nothing more than a target rich environment. Does a hate filled religious fanatic consider repercussions ?
      All the chess pieces are on the board, but does Iran dare to make that move ? It would, absolutely ignite a Middle East war. Could Iran survive it? I doubt it. Could Israel ?

      • “Does a hate filled religious fanatic consider repercussions ?”

        Not with 72 virgins waiting in heaven.

      • “All the chess pieces are on the board, but does Iran dare to make that move ? It would, absolutely ignite a Middle East war. Could Iran survive it? I doubt it. Could Israel ?”

        Could The USA??????

      • “What will the government do.., what will the reaction of the people be.., when one of those war wagons gets torpedoed..,?”

        What would the government do.. IF… half of the US fleet was taken out in one move.. and all those illegals that have ties to warrior groups.. pops up in one move from the interior of the capital itself.. a lot of those illegals are working with in the govt. getting funded at almost every industry..
        within every major city.. it would be swift and decisive.. what is it the sun tzu says..

        “Why destroy,” Sun Tzu poses, “when you can win by stealth and cunning? To subdue the enemy’s forces without fighting is the summit of skill.”
        (Nor is war’s dominant purpose to cause physical destruction to an enemy. Instead, the pinnacle of military skill is to conquer one’s opponent strategically—by penetrating his alliances, rattling his plans, and coercing him diplomatically—without ever resorting to armed combat. “Why destroy,” Sun Tzu poses, “when you can win by stealth and cunning? To subdue the enemy’s forces without fighting is the summit of skill.”)

        Now think of Wu_Wei.. the art of taking with non action..simple.. then consider the chess move .. the poison pawn trap.. simple easy and effective in playing chess..

        they must have quit teaching this crap to the kids today.. It use to be mandatory reading in war colleges around the globe..
        they have been doing exactly that with our politicians for decades.. got it to the point that the vast majority of our politicians are influenced either directly or indirectly their only interest is how will it benefit me. We see insider stock purchases and vacations sexual encounters in every shape age and size being offered to them every form of depravity.. then there are free college tuitions airplanes.. and the list is so long that it is shocking.. at one point in time it was illegal to buy influence with government employees today it is a daily norm….. One peek at that family business model.. in years past there would have been a whole different set of repercussions from what they did to sell influence…

        today we read poor boy.. quit picking on him then a few more countermeasures put in place…. which was worse..selling influence and influence and political moves from the top.. Now we see popping up the the beast is planning to run again.. OMG don’t ask can it get worse.. the moment you do that it does…. one suggested that the beast would be the vice president candidate for Kammy.. that would be the stupidest thing Kammy would ever do in her life.. all she has to look at is the effects that happened to everyone else having done business with the beast….

        or was this a planned event it would take someone with no morals or ethics or so totally stupid to allow millions to cross openly into the USA without some form of vetting

        .. something that will never be known for sure the vast majority are fleeing tyranny for a better life its those that wouldn’t pass the vetting process that we need to worry about…. the crazyiest thing is the business has a level of compliance from every agency that swore allegiance to the country and its views that would have never happened in years past…. yet is looking more like they are working against the people and the constitution. labelling parents as terrorist threats that go to parent teacher conferences.. and church members that simply question what is going on….
        The fact that they kicked McCarthy out as speaker says a lot to.. mostly about their incompetence.. one the bill they signed should have been written by McCarthy not from some outside source.. then both sides of congress should have sat down went through it page by page and crossed out the points they were not willing to accept and added in points they would be willing to adopt… Hey doesn’t that sound a lot like what they teach every high school child in civics class on how it works.. HMMM.. they didn’t do any of that.. no one had a clue until it was done then they were upset because of their incompetence…
        I have joked for decades that if I had the money to buy the influencers to get a bill passed.. something simple and easy.. but in the thousand pages slip in a clause saying that the govt would send me a ten thousand dollar check once a month.. not a one would notice it in there.. hell that is a couple hundred thousand page creating industry per year.. right now..
        all in all our system is totally broken and now that we have an administration that has sold out the USA turned up the printing presses to guarantee economic failure in a massive sort of people don’t even see that they have been robbed yet.. a million in the bank.. two years ago had fifty percent or more spending potential to what it is today…. first someone knew that there were all these corrupt actions and under the table business deals going on.. influence peddling and no one did a thing.. they got the supreme court to basically give the green light on influence peddling it is all in the open now.. and almost all of them are guilty in either being part of it or just taking the time away.. no need to actually go to work and do a job they said they would do..
        What have you heard about the investigations lately it was on every youtube channel all day long until the attack on israel.. Israel with the best surveillance system in place in the world didn’t catch a thing the tightest borders…. Now not one word.. it has silently fallen to the back ground of importance.. The whole thing is a mess.. of course this is just my opinion and lets face it.. the only one my opinion is important to is myself.. being an old foggie in the wastelands , It doesn’t matter.. all in all I will go with the flow.. I may not like it.. but I will go with the flow.. prepare for the temporary shut downs and hope and pray for the best..

    • G.A. Stewart: What comes next on my timeline is a major attack on two aircraft carrier groups. One may be successful; I have some questions about the second.

      Nostradamus Quatrain IX-100
      A Naval battle will subdue night,
      Fire in the ships to the West ruin,
      New rubric, the great ship colored,
      Anger to the vanquished, and victory in a drizzle.

      Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 585
      This Quatrain seems to indicate that this is a Western Fleet outside of the Persian Gulf or in the Arabian Sea. Therefore, it is possible that it links up with Quatrain V-62 below, which I believe may involve Chinese and American naval forces in the South China Sea.

      • Shout out to the fellow “Captain’s of the Ship”…

        Eisenhower group… named after famous General and President who warned of the Military Industrial Complex,

        Ford group… politician, Speaker, VP, President… pardoned Nixon… Commission looking into JFK.

        What would Karma have to do with anything? If at all? Or could the reverse happen to the particular group that you might be thinking of? Hmm…

        Might be time to “think outside the boat.”

    • The details are fading in my ever-deteriorating memory, but there’s an still-glowing ember from a time we (U.S.) had an ELINT ship off the coast of Israel, and we were “monitoring” their comms, and they were said to be a-feared we might share some traffic with whoever they were fighting at the time — (1973?) — and they (Israel) shot up our ship pretty badly — killed a few guys, IIRR — bu took the ship out of theatre. Ford & Ike, might share such a hazard this week. Hope not. Still, Israel’s gotta do what Israel’s gotta do. Wish they’d all find a way to spin this bastard down before it gets too active and complex. But EVERYTHING done and said is jsut aggravating things. Are there any cool heads — anywhere — left? I just hate staring into the abyss. Bad for business… (Sorry to be in so late — sometimes I’m forced to read this forum late in the day…)

      • Phillip Nelson’s dandy book “Remember the Liberty”

        “On the warm, sunny-bright day of June 8, 1967, starting at about 6:00 a.m., at least twelve, possibly thirteen Israeli aircraft of different types began surveilling the Liberty, some of which were only 1,000 feet or less in altitude, apparently to photograph and “map” her for later targeting purposes. The precision of the later attack could only have been accomplished through such pre-planning, specifically identifying the priority targets, starting with the gun mounts to render the ship defenseless, followed by all of the forty-five different radio antennae and related transmitting equipment. . Beginning just before 2:00 p.m., three unmarked French-built Mirage III-C swept-wing fighter jets, without warning, settled into a triangular formation, aimed straight at the Liberty and proceeded to bore down on the ship in a fast low-level attack that began with rockets targeted at the four gun mounts and heat-seeking missiles aimed at the communications gear, with their warmed transmitters. . When the attack was over, thirty-four men were dead and one hundred seventy-four were injured to varying degrees, some near death.”
        (quote from Amazon book pag)

  7. re: “Play Misty for Me”
    feat. BBC Radio 4


    Following a week of finger-pointing that BBC Arabic coverage was favouring Hamas talking points, Friday brought a showdown at Broadcasting House. The BBC Radio 4 lead Muslim presenter, grand-daughter of Pakistan’s first intelligence director and a niece of Salmon Rushdie, squared off against the Jewish UK Defense Secretary and a cousin of a founding member of punk rockers The Clash. The radio dj steadfastly refused to call the Hamas organization “terrorist” in line with BBC editorial directive.

    Monday’s “Daily Mail” offered an image of PM Sunak in tooth-bared bulldog mode directing suggestion to the head of BBC News and Current Affairs that indeed it would not be contradicting government regulator Ofcom rules to call the Hamas organization “terrorist”. The BBC head, former president of NBC News International and spouse of a Cabinet intelligence director, promises “to meet with those who have questions about our editorial guidelines”. One might question whether she is feeling lucky?

    It’s always a lucky day at the ‘Urban studio when DJ George hears London calling. Here we go with a ditty from Clint Eastwood’s psycho directorial debut “Play Misty for Me”.

  8. Summary of :

    The world-wide public opposition of Israel has caught the PTB and Israel by surprise.
    They’ve never seen anything like it before.
    the “elite” are stupefied; the public is not listening to them or to their narrative. The general public is rebelling.
    The elite’s “narrative” about the ongoing fighting, is **not** being believed
    That fraud about “40 babies beheaded” fell like a lead balloon because everyone remembers the phony “Babies taken from incubators and thrown on the floor” lie during the Iraq invasion of Kuwait.

    France is threatening five years in prison for anyone “supporting” HAMAS. Yet the French people have taken to the streets by the hundreds-of-thousands, doing exactly what the French Interior Minister says they cannot.
    King Charles of the UK has publicly threatened UK citizens with “14 years in prison for supporting Hamas.” Yet the UK people are pouring into the streets with Palestinian flags in direct defiance of His Majesty.
    So Israel has held back from invading Gaza as a lame attempt to save face.

    But Israel might be stalling for more US fire power to arrive in order to take down Iran. Yet again Israel wants others to fight its wars for them.
    [what a shame the world didn’t protest in the same way about the COVID madness]

  9. George,
    RE: “gyms are “iffy” to use because Covid is still out and about. If we were 40 and vaxxed maybe.”

    Please, please, please do not encourage any human to take the Covid-19 vaccine.

    The spike protein produced by the mRNA in the vax is a poisonous toxin to the brain, the heart, the ovaries and the testes, and the immune system.

    The vaccine does not work. In fact, there are plenty of peer reviewed journal articles out there showing that the vaccine has negative efficacy – namely, you’re more likely to get Covid (and a variety of other infections) if you’ve been vaxxed. Additionally the vaxxed have a higher death rate, due to all cause mortality, than the unvaxxed do.
    The spike protein progressively degrades a person’s immune system, the more vax doses taken, the greater the damage to the immune system. This leads to increased rates of infection and cancer – yes, cancer, because the T lymphocytes that police the body for cancerous growth and destroys it are poisoned and destroyed by the toxic spike protein.

    I’m not blowing smoke here, I’ve worked in pharmaceutical drug product development (including vaccines) for 45 years as a Ph.D. research scientist. From my experience (and other scientists and doctors, too), the Covid-19 vaccine is not a vaccine, it’s a genetic manipulation tool. The small amount of clinical testing done by Pfizer was a total disaster and the extremely adverse effects were covered up with the complicity of the CDC and FDA; Dr. Naomi Wolf and her research team discovered these really frightening clinical results after a FOIA request. Check out her videos for more information.

    • Ms. Wolfie is NOT the first to bag this covid bear, and the danger of vaccines. Many great and wonderful people before her who have eclipsed her started years before she got on the band wagon, and as you know, they were named, shamed, deleted, killed, eliminated, cancelled, etc., with no fanfare.

      I have read her work, for a while, one of her articles in the last few months could not even name, shame, or criticize the CDC and Walensky.

      She’s a delightful insider braying as a business model.

      Now use your PHD and get cracking on cures, or are you gonna wait for her, too?

      • You want a cure? IVERMECTIN. And no need for the clot shots.
        And if you’ve already been ‘shot up’, Nattokinase and serrapeptase dissolve the spike proteins (McCullough).

    • Out here in Western Texas I’ve found that physician’s assistants will be more likely to prescribe Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine than full-fledged doctors caught in various hospital programs that dictate what their diagnoses and prescriptions will be. Then you have to find a non-activist pharmacist that won’t play doctor and actually give you those drugs. I haven’t heard anything about the latter in this area but I’m sure there are still some out there sipping the Kool-Aide behind the counter.

  10. Pedo joe was supposed to go to pueblo,colorado today.Unfortunately , someone took out a railroad bridge across a major highway there. He cancelled his trip , no news why.

    • W. Wilson,

      Apparently the president’s trip to Pueblo has been rescheduled while matters of “national security” are attended to according to the WH. Curiously the tracks of the tragically derailed coal-laden train lead to Colorado’s largest greenhouse gas emitter, the coal-fired Comanche 3 electricity generating plant.

      The South Korean owned wind tower assembly plant that Mr. Biden was scheduled to visit is situated next door.

      • I am a fan of coal.. they can alter the burn chamber and filter out the rest easy enough..I am not a fan of nuclear power plants..
        use coal natural gas and build solar towers distribute small solar kits to anyone willing to put them up.. then slowly phase out the others..

  11. Folks,
    As others I have watched the deployment of aircraft carriers with interest. Some times fiction precedes
    fact. I recall reading a techno thriller novel in which the sinking of an aircraft carrier by a submarine from a middle east country was a plot line. As we consider the possible reaction to such an event it should be remembered that we are approaching
    the 82nd anniversary of the sinking of the Reuben James on 10/31/1941. Did we declare war on Germany following this act of war?

    On a different meme I don’t think that the hoards fleeing the urban centers will be looking for food. They will be looking for water. From my boy scout days I recall 3 days without water 3 weeks without food. Without electricity how long would it be before a large urban center totally runs out of water? Admittedly many urban centers will have some access to water but that water will be polluted causing death by water borne disease. BTW how do you harden your in ground submersible pump from an EMP?

    • “we are approaching the 82nd anniversary of the sinking of the Reuben James on 10/31/1941. Did we declare war on Germany following this act of war?”

      No. We didn’t declare war on Germany at all. We declared war against Japan, right after Pearl Harbor, and Germany then declared war against the U.S…

      “Without electricity how long would it be before a large urban center totally runs out of water?”

      18-24 hours, assuming the water tanks are full when the power goes down.

      “BTW how do you harden your in ground submersible pump from an EMP?”

      You don’t.

      Electrical devices (like motors and switches) are immune to any EMP. Where water (and sewage, and power and communications utilities) would go away is they are all controlled by (“solid state”) electronics, like glass/germanium diodes and transistors or integrated circuits.

      The water and sewage won’t stop flowing because of an EMP. It will stop flowing because the computers which control where and when they flow will die, and AFAIK there ARE no manual overrides.

      • Some types of EMP, especially solar, can damage large distribution transformers. That is among the worst case grid-down scenarios.
        While contactors and motors shouldn’t be affected, solid state controls and electrical protection relaying is vulnerable. For instance, your HVAC compressor and blower might not be affected, but the thermostat and controllers can potentially be fried. Trying to get parts when everyone else is trying to get the same parts is where the real problem happens. If you don’t have parts in hand, you are SOL, even if the electricity is restored a half-hour after the event ends.
        Read some of Arthur Bradley’s EMP protection material on YouTube:

        It is possible to protect your stuff. As to whether your comms and utilities have protection (or Ure gas station), that is a different political issue.

        • The gas station does not. Clear glass pumps from the 1920s will function, mechanical pumps up until the mid-1970s may function. However, their transfer pumps will not function without electricity.

          That is why one of the first “prepping tools” I ever bought was a honey dipper. I didn’t buy (and modify) it to steal petrol. My intent would be to pay for filling my barrels, with gen-u-ine greenbacks (okay, that might be construed as “stealing”). My method would be to explain to the owner or manager of the establishment that their gasoline was going to turn into mineral oil within a couple months unless they could dump a few barrels of preservative in each tank. (Nobody outside a marina or bulk plant keeps drums of Pri-G or Sta-Bil laying around — EVER!) Therefore, they might as well sell it while they can and, oh, by the way, you can get your own fuel-grade crank pump from “Tractor Supply,” so’s to service all those customers who don’t have their own…

  12. Instead of Eastwood the M.E. is setting up like Tombstone and the O.K. Corral.

    Turkey still has to flip and since last month is ready to go.

    Turkey could part ways with EU if necessary, Erdogan says

    “The EU is trying to break away from Turkey,” Erdogan told reporters ahead of a trip to the United States. “We will make our evaluations against these developments and if necessary, we can part ways with the EU.”

  13. Several people in the office went down with Covid last week. With me telecommuting, I am not sure how big the cluster is. The ones I am sure of had been vaccinated, and had one or two prior infections, so they had natural immunity as well. Level of severity is probably age related, just as it has been.
    Not as much Covid around, but if you get stuck in an all-day close
    quarters exposure scenario, I’m not sure how much natural immunity will help with the current strain making the circuit. I’ve been heavy on the zinc and the high-absorbtion quercetin this week. Hand cleansing and disinfection discipline is still in order. I have seen a few wearing masks in public. I suspect they were getting over a bout.

    • Traveled thru Phila to Houston (IAH), rode dam tram cars, packed in like sardines ,to next terminal, Hopped flight to Belize City, and then puddle jumped via Cessna down to Placencia (PairaDice). I could count on 2 hands all the people I saw with masks…a couple elderly couples and some Asian folks (as usual).
      The only coughing and sneezing I heard during trip was coming from my Wife (Grandma) who sits for 1 year old 3 hours a day. We got upper respiratory virus 1 st week of after daycare duty. Living life as “hard” as possible at 61, upper respiratory virus is like a Software patch – if it dont kill me, just makes me Better, Stronger and obviously moar handsome..if that is even possible…hahahahaha

      PS – Take a version of Dr Zelenko’s covid cure every day prior to official lockdowns. When traveling I actually take his concoction. This time of year we switched to DrZ’s Flu conncoction – same as covid concoction with Elderberry. Also take Chaga in my Co feffe every day.

      Take good care.

  14. “Whenever I hear of “investments” like this I wonder “If this is so damn lucrative, WHY are they sharing with me??? “ (Ding! Ding! Ding! Winnah winnah chicken dinnah…)”

    Charles Givens made several million dollars from his bestsellers and TV show guest appearances. He made nearly $100mln from the proceeds of his traveling financial circus (that’d be the millions of copies of his “method” which were sold at the seminars, and are now available free, online.)

    Givens’ method for teaching people how to get rich was likely filled with all sorts of common sense regarding how to keep more of one’s own money and live on someone else’s dime. Givens’ method for personally becoming exceedingly wealthy involved getting thousands of minions to sell his “get rich” stuff to seminar attendees, for trunkloads of money.

    The way to get rich on OPM (Other People’s Music) is to buy in before anybody else, skim the top layer, then bail before the musical entertainment community abandons ASCAP and BMI (which WILL happen), and starts collecting their own royalties, as well as publishing their work (which some are doing, now…)

  15. “I almost didn’t get out of bed this morning… I’m telling you, when you get to be this close to 75, there’s all kinds of new experiences of aches and pains from this kind of workout to look forward to.”

    Yeah, my back has been on strike for nine days, now. There’ve been a couple days where “getting out of bed” trumped “wetting the bed,” but just barely.

    I’d be perfectly okay with this “getting old thing” if’fn I could only do it in my 20yo body and not this beat-up and worn down meatsack with which I’ve been blessed…

  16. “The Outlaws are holed up in caves somewhere and calling out threats.”

    watch close…when you get to the chart of who they caught crossing the border …. LAST WEEK if they caught roughly five thousand out of a hundred thousand that passed through.. how many would there be with the millions that have walked right on in from countries that swore vengence by attacking from within.. the sad part is the puppeteers won’t be involved. As a country we have to be fully embroiled in battles everywhere and the USA is an easy defeat..checkmate BLM and Antifa like em or hate em.. they showed exactly how easy it was to take the USA to any one willing to donate a few coins.. Not just one side but all sides they own us control us..we don’t do a thing for our citizens only for their wishes…… the chart popped up in gardeners post yesterday evening..I have been saying this all along it looks similar to a chess move.. the poison pawn trap.. we are sucked in on how many fronts now.. trying to protect the pawns in wars that there is absolutely no way we can win.. posing as the good guys I sure in hell don’t believe any of them at all.. the investigations on family corruption vanish quietly into the night..

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