Retail’s Details. Joe to Go. Low Blow.

Busy agenda today: Fed-influencing data in the form of retail sales.  A president shuttle ride?  And we have an odd feeling about a lower-latitude tropical depression.  In short? Another Tuesday in a string 000of 3,900, or so, such days in life.

Retail: Details and Entrails

The details just out from Census:

Advance estimates of U.S. retail and food services sales for September 2023, adjusted for seasonal variation and holiday and trading-day differences, but not for price changes, were $704.9 billion, up 0.7 percent (±0.5 percent) from the previous month, and up 3.8 percent (±0.7 percent) above September 2022. Total sales for the July 2023 through September 2023 period were up 3.1 percent (±0.4 percent) from the same period a year ago. The July 2023 to August 2023 percent change was revised from up 0.6 percent (±0.5 percent) to up 0.8 percent (±0.1 percent).

Market “went soft” on this report because it’s too hot.  Compounded, this is like an 8.7 percent annual rate and that will drive the Fed to hike at month-end.

Our usual bitch is that Dollarized retail sales figures are “fair to partly bullshit.”  Because (select all you care to:)

  • ___We print up dollars without regard to specific exchange rates.  Print-on-demand is the American way.
  • ___Technology drives down the price of everything over time.
  • ___Styles change.  (And the Joneses seem to move around while you’re trying to keep up with them).
  • ___Government edicts manipulate whole industries.  Like what’s going on with the frontal attack on natural gas fired heating and appliances, for example.

Ceteris paribus is the Latin term in econ theory.  Like saying “Everything else equal…”  Which isn’t so apparent in the month-on-month comparisons.  But year-on-year, this stuff begins to make a difference.

Now (hand me the Bowie knife, would you?) we need to scry the entrails a bit to see how this will influence the Fed meeting at month end.  [A few moments of frankly gross poking and prodding of a bloody piles of yuck follows.]

Aha! The answer is unknowable.  (We sacrifice more small animals around here…getting ready for Halloween.) The fact is that the Fed is going to do what it will.  Still, that doesn’t stop a myriad of publicity-starved corporate shills and climbers from making unsupportable conclusions.  But that keeps the financial channels on and the ad money coming in.

All we can say in terms of a bottom line is what?  Retail is only a crude approximation of people’s consumptive habits. But the market will use any data as an excuse in a pinch.

45-minutes after the open today, the Fed will release industrial production and capacity utilization which are more stable.  However, with nothing left to sacrifice on the altar of economics, we will leave that scrying job up to you.

Markets Pausing

I will save the discussion of our new lines on the Aggregate Index chart for Peoplenomics subscribers tomorrow.  But here’s how it looked ahead of the Retail data:

Early today, our Aggregate Index on the futures was priced at 36,877.97.  We notice that options Friday last month was 37,917.80.  Down 2.7 percent, or thereabouts. We still see more down potential than up.

Some of which could be resolved with pending wars…

Joe to Go?

Joe Biden is on the move. (Check for trip obstacles!) Israel first, but then we’re going to see Air Force One doing a whole circuit in the Middle East: Biden To Meet Abbas, Egypt’s Sisi And Jordan King In Amman: W. House.

The trip may be too late.  Because those peace-loving Iranians are making threats: Iran Warns Of ‘Pre-emptive Action’ Against Israel.

We figure as soon as U.S. forces begin air strikes on Hezbollah, this is the “last freeway exit” before you’re on the tollway to World War 3.  (*You only get to guess at what the toll will be…)

Mega Gaffe Watch

We anticipate a new word in advance of the president’s trip. “Tripstacles.”

Mental acuity notwithstanding, my consigliere and I agreed that while Biden likely doesn’t want a wider M.E. war, his handlers are strongly in the neocon camp.  Our fear, if Biden doesn’t deliver war, the handlers will “Article 25” him. Such a (purely hypothetical) move would put a more hawkish (or at least more obedient) Kamala Harris in the Oval.

God, what a future, huh?  Keep your eyes out for a mega-gaffe on the trip, though.  It wouldn’t take much – yammering and confusion would be all it would take. “Can’t have a house plant with the nuclear football, now, can we?

Speaking of Nuclear and such: Russian parliament moves to rescind ratification of global nuclear test ban.  Planning a test over (claimed) Russian territories. Installing a NATO blocking hot zone, perhaps?

Russia is getting seriously wrapped into upcoming M.E. events as the question is raised: Did Moscow organize the attack on Israel? – “Bomb” by the Israeli National Security Institute: “Russia is an enemy country – Supports Hamas”.

Wait, with all the Hamas supporters in California, does that make the U.S. democrat party liberals an enemy, as well?

(The mind reels. I need to lay down for a minute.)

Politics Rambles On

On the home front, scapegoats must be found: U.S. lawmaker seeks answers from Meta, X, Google, TikTok over Israel-Hamas false content.  We notice a democrat is mouthing this, so is this a pivot from Hamas to blaming (democrat controlled) social media?  (I need to lay down, again…)

Meanwhile, speaking of lawmakers, Republican Jim Jordan makes grab for US House speaker’s gavel. We notice in the quoted Reuters story, he’s referred to as a “hardliner.”  Apparently, reporters applying that label don’t get out much.  Jordan is hardly a hardliner. But when the Left sets out to bash, there’s no stopping ’em: Jim Jordan Is the Nihilist That House Republicans Deserve | The New Republic.  Doesn’t seem like “news reporting” to claim someone is (dictionary please?) “a person who believes that life is meaningless and rejects all religious and moral principles.” The Left doesn’t think the Right owns dictionaries?  What kind of slackthink is this?

On another democrat front to notice, as well: House Democratic Lawmaker Floats George W. Bush For Speaker Position.

Trump bash du jour for you – speaking of politics, as we were: Trump sues over dossier alleging Russian bribes. We figure the “fix is in” and yep, Trump will never be made whole.  The legal systems here and abroad have changed.  Used to be they dealt in facts and redress of great wrongs.  Nowadays it’s about sweeping the shit under carpets.

Tearing Down the Wires

Pure and simple: Here’s why  the West is losing ground in the world: Reps from 130 countries descend on Beijing for Belt and Road forum. Interestingly, the same source tells us Blinken pushes for $2 billion for US rival to China’s Belt-and-Road.

Blinken-thinken is symptomatic of what’s wrong in American policy development these days.  He pulls a figure, near as we can tell, more or less out of the air.  One of the joys of 50-year ago life was that when a politician wanted something, it was based on a plan.  A concept, a goal.  Fleshed out, detailed, time lined, metrics discussed and measures of success.

THEN – and only then – with not just a good idea but an actual plan to a successful outcome – does the COST get worked up.  What is the cost of actually getting something done.

Not these days, no sir.  It has all become “Gimme a shitload of money and I’ll give you XY and Z.” No plan? No metrics?  “We will do it on the fly, just gimme the money!

I’m not hearing enough “plan” out of D.C.  More like a stick-up gang.

Surprised we are collectively (as a country) getting our ass flanked six ways to Sunday?  My golly…

Low Blow?

We have a new tropical depression in the process of getting worked up.  More southerly track than most this year…and this causes some concern.

NOAA’s current thinking on this?  * Formation chance through 48 hours…medium…60 percent. * Formation chance through 7 days…high…80 percent.  Just something about this one bothers me.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. “Can’t have a house plant with the nuclear football, now, can we?”
    We have a couple of house plants that take issue with your statement. The Philodendron is a real Karen that never stops bitching and the Rubber Tree plant keeps singing “I’m Rubber You’re Glue”.

    Stay safe. 73

    • “the Rubber Tree plant keeps singing “I’m Rubber You’re Glue”.

      the first time I read that .. LOL LOL LOL I thought you wrote ..” I’m Rubber and you’re the LUBE” LOL LOL LOL dammed dyslexia LOL LOL LOL

  2. Yellen seems pretty casual about being able to support 2 wars …

    However …
    “ Impact of Israel-Hamas war on economy not yet known: Janet Yellen”

    Interesting how “war” goes to the top of the list of what the US can afford, but so many other necessities go to the bottom of the list because, I guess we can’t afford those.

    See, this is why we can’t have nice things.

      • Seems to me, the ones who print the money out of thin air are the ones who decide who gets it and what it’s spent on … meanwhile, we out here in the real world work our asses off to chase an imaginary dream and pay taxes that are paying politicians and ABC groups to print money out of thin air so they can decide who gets it and how it’s spent. – we get nothing, except for getting fooled.

        God, what a concept.

        • saddly.. I am not one of those that they decide to give it to.. but then I wouldn’t use it right.. I would want to use it to better mankind not just shove it in some box to look at once in a while LOL….. speaking about that.. I have a couple of old toys that I kept that need a new home.. and a couple of grand kids that could use it.. they aren’t any good sitting on the shelf ..

    • So we give the tribe billions of dollars worth of bombs, etc , after we borrow billions of dollars from Israel with interest to pay for it. The US will probably forgive the loans. Pretty sweet deal.

    • Funny, Yellen is treasury, not state, or defense; how the FU@K does she weigh in on her ability to fight multiples of wars? What is she going to do, drop pallets of $100 bills on their heads? Sorry I said that. She’ll get ideas.

    • She’s the Honcho, and a fan of MMT. MMT says a nation can print as much as it wants, at will, whenever the need arises.

  3. I really don’t know how you hard-core preppers can look yourself in the eye. From what I’ve read over the years your sole aim is self-preservation (which may include a partner, who is most likely considered an extension of your inflated ego) – for what? (LOOB is an obvious exception, I’m sure there are others?) It’s even more laughable considering the dwindling of time and health. When do you square up to the reality that your days are numbered? For all the energy and drive to write another doom sheet day after day, after dreary day, it’s just an opinion wafting around in the ether. Most people I know of this age, and I am one of them, are helping family, minding grandchildren, volunteering for service groups. And possibly caring for aged parents. Perhaps George has magically side-stepped all of this as he hides out at the edge of the world to avoid contact with the poor misguided masses?

    “Figure out who the best healthcare provider groups are in your area, and make sure they are in the Medicare plan you chose.”
    You do realise that like G2 they probably had to get the jab so that they could care for people like you. They took a personal risk for the (perceived) greater good, because that was presented to them at that time. If nothing else Covid revealed who can be relied on to pull together in hard times. I wasn’t thrilled to be vaccinated, but had to so that I could visit and support my parents living in aged care. Perhaps I should have been a selfish s**t?

    I know this post will invite a wave of vitriol so it will be my last. Enjoy your bunkers………………….

    • You might be surprised at how many preppers on this site spent a good part of their life helping others in this and distant lands and continue to do so even while prepping.

    • As an Army Veteran of the infamous “Era” I have clear memories of how I was treated when I came home after serving this Country for 6 years in conditions you have almost certainly never experienced.

      Not just when I got home but for many years after. I remember being told “If you want a job go back in the Army.” Not just by potential employers. The people at the Albany office of the Oregon State Employment Division were absolutely no better.

      Now I’m in a different State, off grid, and glad to be away from your kind.

      I don’t give a rats ass if your kind survives or not. I’ll take care of my own and myself.

      • Amen, brother! I remember being told to my face:”we won’t hire you because you are draft eligible”. Blatant discrimination. My draft number was 366 that year. So I enlisted. And still suffered when I managed to get out alive. I never took a government contract or security job after that. Survived in the private sector.

        Look myself in the eye? Easy! I took care of myself and others for a lifetime, and I intend to do that as long as I can. You seem to believe I should just put up my hands and surrender to the insanity this world has become? I will not go quietly into that night!

    • (From what I’ve read over the years your sole aim is self-preservation (which may include a partner, who is most likely considered an extension of your inflated ego) – for what? (LOOB is an obvious exception, I’m sure there are others?)

      There are others on this site that I totally admire.. from my perspective they are hero’s and angels sent by god.. they heard the message from heavenly father and listened to the whispers..
      several years ago.. FEMA was here and asked all the community leaders to set up a SHTF action plan.. I was in on ours.. and I gave the idea to those writing the emergency plan not to just plan for yourself.. but for the community..
      EVERYONE has value.. EVERYONE has talents that most of us don’t have.. like a hunter is a hunter a trapper a trapper a farmer is a farmer.. a women that crochets is a woman that crochets..
      so the plan was written up to inclued each citizens given incorporate them into the emergency action plan.. the estimated survival ratio of just our local granary would give sustenance to the whole community for over five years.

      One man cannot prepare for all the issues.. most of mine are not for myself but for those that acquired to help rebuild.. I totally plan on providing a stone soup kitchen..

      • “I’m not a true doomstead prepper. I would say I’m more prepped than the average person, less prepped than many of the people who read TBP, and certainly not prepped enough to survive what could be headed our way. During the time frame from 2009 through 2012 I bought a significant amount of equipment, firearms, and food for what I thought was an imminent SHTF moment coming our way. As usual, my timing was off by a mile. But still, the supplies are in my storage area, awaiting the day that will come.”

        “My location isn’t ideal, but it isn’t terrible. It is basically a suburban community nestled among numerous farms, far from any urban ghetto shithole. Most of my neighborhood is occupied by liberals, Karens, and vaccine supporters. I know of three or four neighbors who I could count on as support, if things go sideways. Two of them are engineers who have skills I do not have. I would trust them in a crisis situation.”

    • How does anyone look themselves in the eye? With a mirror, of course!

      I no longer have living parents and have no grandkids, nor expect any, though that would be an unexpected delight. No need to see them though – their parents would have that privilege, along with changing diapers. Babies all look the same anyway.

      I’ll help most folks if they ask, unless it’s money that they ask for. I’m quite careful about helping anyone without their explicit permission – I’ve learned to not interfere.

      I like to be left alone by most people. Exceptions are largely those who are kind, honest, loyal, hot, sexy, and female. There are very few of them not already spoken for. I earned the right to be left alone, and I pay yearly taxes specifically for that purpose. You’re welcome to do as you wish, and so are the rest of us honest folks.

      I never got the jab, and would never get it voluntarily regardless of whom I’d be exiled from! I learned early in life that much of the medical system is pure fraud and coercion. Now, with the emphasis on war and destruction, along with idiotic values in “education”, aka indoctrination, I have no trust in any institution at all.

      There are many good people on this site, and I respect them. We each have a right to think and act as we each do.

      • Yo Mike, the world has gone bat shit crazy. Speaking of hot and sexy woman, a little levity is warranted. The woman chart:
        I plan on hanging around in the “fun zone” for the future even though I have always had a thing for red heads and hairstylists. Enjoy my friend…..

        • My own experience has been between the fun and danger zones, though the danger zone is a lot more compelling. Sadly, no woman is static and they can jump around randomly, with serious consequences for those of us dumb enough to care.

          I knew a redhead once who was worth my time, but of course, she got restless and left. Last I heard was that she was in Mexico with some dude. I’ve never been able to get close to a hairstylist ever without scaring her away. They need their own place on the chart! I’m not sure that there are any single women left that want to both be a life partner and keep their guy happy every night.

        • hmmm..
          so…….. how would you know what is hot in the fun zone.. if you were blind .

        • LOOB, it’s not all visual, though visual can be pretty nice too. Touch and feel are major, followed by smell, taste and sound. Probably other senses too, that we’re not as well versed in scientifically, but I can sense them, just as I’m sure you can sense who is kind and loving vs those who are anything but.

          If the lights never came on, I’d have a very good idea who I was with! It’s similar to any good mechanic being able to identify and change a starter motor or other accessory in pitch blackness. It would take longer to identify a correct tool and apply it accurately, but the result would never be in doubt.

    • You pompous ass. Suggesting that anyone else’s ego is inflated points right back at the genuine inflated ego. You seem to be of the opinion that you alone in your estimation are the only one getting it right. Everyone has the right to choose who they walk down the path of life with. And that decision is mutual in the case of those who couple. Your premise that anyone who chose not to take an experimental technology that harmed people is selfish, is profoundly flawed. You are equally misguided and misinformed. And, you’re very clearly in the wrong place to espouse these opinions. Why on earth did you feel compelled to stay here long enough just to insult everyone? What a sad, sad person you must be. Must have more than a little Dunning-Kreuger happening too.
      My bunker, if I had one, which I don’t, would be a lovely respite just because you would never be in it.

    • I don’t ever recall anyone gloating over a bunker at this site. Ever actually priced out a bunker?

      You also don’t hear people at this site continuously whining about caring for family members, because they aren’t whiners. They do share life experience lessons for the individuals with their heads out in the light of day to profit from.

      Personally, the parents lived long full lives and moved on. I look out for coworkers and neighbors who aren’t dangerously psychotic, probably to a greater degree than I will ever get in return. So, why shouldn’t independence and self-preservation be up at the top of the list? Why live your life betting on a hand up that will never come?

    • Perhaps, you should be looking in mirror and trying figure out how you could have become so disconnected from reality.

      Previous generations of Americans ALWAYS Prepped (hardcore) for Winter/Hardtimes/1-in-12 yr farm/crop failure. Live on a working farm ? Prepping is a constant and daily activity. List goes on, but the threat 2 Life and livelihoods never went away.

      Peeps on Urb Surv seem to be calculating risk on the go, and many have had to live paycheck to paycheck or worse, and will never allow themselves to be caught in a similar situation ever again.. we call this Experience.

      As for lame excuse for taking the clotshot “Spike” – Have similar situation with aged parent – I looked em straight in the eye and told I was Vaccinated- to what was none of their business. Plus I had faked vaccine card for Int Travel, which I never stopped. Never hit a speed bump, and visited the old battleaxe about every week.

      Sayz hear – Lame critique of very good, honest, hard working citizens, the kind I would enjoy living in community with. Aint nothing free, but Urb Surv – funny you would rip this, community and its Mayor.

    • You haven’t read prepper comments carefully enough. Most say they are prepping so their children, grandchildren, and communities will survive. They are involved in ways to educate others about how to survive, so younger folks who’ve mostly lived a life aided by electronics will learn life-saving skills from the pre-electronic generation. Not all preppers are the go-it-alone, Rambo type.

      Your providing services for your family and community at the present time is exactly what most preppers are aiming to do for their families and communities in the hard times of the not-so-distant future. The only difference is the timing and the different services that will be needed in the future. Preppers spend a lot of time, effort, and money to try to ensure that there WILL be a future for those whom you and others are presently helping, so you could be even more helpful if you’d re-evaluate your opinion of them.

      • AMEN tw.. AMEN…
        I love it when my kids neighbors etc.. come and ask me how to make something.. well lets go try it.. LOL my grandson was in shop class.. he was going to make a dresser.. his mom.. called me.. and asked.. DAD can it be done.. sure.. but you will have to remove one of the walls and hire a crane to put it in.. LOL LOL so she asked will you explain it to him.. sure.. he came to spend a weekend with grandpa.. and we went out to make a dresser in the old mans garage projects.. we built one in a day… and I learned something..
        When I sent him to get the shapper bits.. he grabbed the good set.. I said no honey I have an old set up on the shelf.. get that one.. he turned to me and said.. who are you saving them for.. out of the mouths of babes.. you are absolutely right get the big set.. and we used them.. the first time out of the box.. the good set of china or silverware.. dam it use em.. in the end they will go to good will or some other thrift shop or in the garbage.. so nothing is sacred..
        My boy is now a construction engineer.. proud of him.. gave him one of my cabinet bibles.. I still have one.. it has every cut for every and any cabinet you could possibly want or desire..

    • Winter, we generally like hearing different points of view. Quite a few people on here have been vaccinated. People made their own choices and no one here has judged them. We’re a pretty welcoming group. We talk about life, recipes, skills, old times, current events. We congratulate and worry about each other. We feel like family. You are missing out on something special.

    • Many great replies to an inexperienced immature adult. What I like to call a boy in a man’s body, or a girl in a woman’s body, and no that is NOT keeping in touch with your inner child.

      IT IS your inner whiner. Which I think is your own personal dumpster fire of frustration; YOU ARE STUCK; GET UNSTUCK. (Okay, end of wave of vitriol.)

      As I look back on my ‘hard’ life, no harder than some, much harder that many. I think of ALL the people who I have put before myself, gladly, willingly, in the best spirit and intention. Yes, I have been abused, used, and hurt, yet, my spirit rejuvenated itself and replenished itself on the back of a spiritual and moral belief.

      Matthew 22:36-40

      King James Version:

      36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law?

      37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

      38 This is the first and great commandment.

      39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

      40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

      From this website:


      Prepping? Mmmm….mmmm….yes, and no.

      Yes, and NO, yes, and, YES, and no….

      Up and down, etc., etc., etc.

      Because the road has not been smooth.

      So, whom can I help now after ALL of these years; (some of those years existing by taking a checkbook to .06 but not bouncing a check.) Working 2 or 3 jobs, being broke, but wealthy (yes, that is a thing; wealth of spirit, family, friends, love.) Starting, then starting over again.

      How many can I take in and help? You would think it would be many; yes, technically, at least 20 to 30….but with what?

      A place of refuge out of the city with a roof over their heads.

      AND believe it or not, most everyone can purchase an acre, somewhere and put a metal building OR storage container, etc., on it, and create a place of refuge, FOR STARTERS…

      Can I feed them for 90 days? Probably not, unless they want one bowl of oatmeal or rice a day.

      Can they bring things with them? Why yes they can and I hope they do.

      Do I have fresh water? Yes.

      The thing is…these winds of warning, have been blowing for a LONG time.

      The Mormons are known for their prepping; no hostility towards them. There even is a website ANY PERSON can join to learn all about many different areas of prepping.

      They are more expensive than George.

      They have a preparedness forum, books, cd’s, etc.

      More a group of like-minded folk. Their Moto: “Prepare for Tomorrow Today.”

      Yes, I took care of an aged parent for TEN years, much more than ANYONE else that I have ever heard of, what I did, not one person I know would have done.

      I helped raise my brothers and sisters, then nieces and nephews, helped all my siblings at one time or another, in their adult lives, as problems challenged them. I was there for all of my grand parents and did my very best to make them feel and know how special they were.

      However, I didn’t do it all alone, I had help.

      I honored my Father and my Mother; 2 parents gone now.

      I am older now.

      Still I am spiritually ready, and I see that it is the government, and the media, and all of those think tanks, foundations, all those Departments in the Federal Government (and non Federal like the Federal Reserve) that have done their VERY BEST to destroy what was once and good about this country AND all of it that worked for good.

      So, you had your vaccines and you think you and others did that for the greater good? No, you did that because the government, media, all those departments trickling down, told you to do it including the CDC and Miss Walensky, who is now gone, and Fauci, and his Bestie woman, both of them also now gone having all made their hundreds of millions of dollars on the backs of people just like you who THEY SCARED INTO giving UP your God-given AUTONOMY for a BIG FAT LIE. AND NO, you did not HAVE FREE CHOICE OR INFORMED CONSENT because you were not given the other side of the vaccination information.

      So, WHAT to DO NOW? Research how to build your immunity and DO IT; and never take another criminal cabal vaccination!

      Also, take stock of where you are and what your motivations, goals, intentions are, and if you are in a city stuck like chuck for all the right reasons (parents, spouse, children, grand-children, community, job, church, etc.,) THEN STAY PUT….BUT PREP.

      Andy, have you met Andy on this forum yet? Oh, boy, you should stick around, he’s something.

      He mentioned a weird dream experience in the last 3 weeks and he documented it under the $144 Lunch;

      LOOK it up, read all about it.


      Maybe not, maybe ….

      What about EARTH CHANGES?

      What about EARTHQUAKES, HURRICANES, other NATURAL and UNNATURAL i.e. terroristic activity DISASTERS…?

      Who is to speak or say for the survivors.

      IF you are the SURVIVOR, what will your donation to the remainders be?

      That’s all ….

      Nothing hard about it.

      Some/many/thousands/millions will go on to Heaven…

      Others, will be left behind.


      It’s not a popularity contest, it isn’t a judgement or a guilt trip or a shameful thing to prep or not.

      We cannot judge George and Elaine, to stay isolated, and live their lives actually DOING THE GREATER GOOD, which is SHARING THE BEST THAT THEY KNOW (Edgar Cayce), MOSTLY FOR FREE, with the Whole Wide World, with a click of a mouse, to come on and stay awhile, if so inclined.

      It’s LIFE.

      This wonderful poem reminds us:

      Who wrote the Serenity Prayer?

      Reinhold Niebuhr, who lived from 1892–1971, first wrote the Serenity Prayer in the 1930’s. Differing sources claim that the Serenity Prayer was written in 1933, 1934 or 1937. Niebuhr’s prayer was published in 1951 and gained popularity when it was adopted by twelve-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous.

      Full Serenity Prayer

      God, give me grace to accept with serenity
      the things that cannot be changed,
      Courage to change the things
      which should be changed,
      and the Wisdom to distinguish
      the one from the other.
      Living one day at a time,
      Enjoying one moment at a time,
      Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace,
      Taking, as Jesus did,
      This sinful world as it is,
      Not as I would have it,
      Trusting that You will make all things right,
      If I surrender to Your will,
      So that I may be reasonably happy in this life,
      And supremely happy with You forever in the next.

      Serenity Prayer in the Bible?

      The Serenity Prayer is not mentioned in the Bible, however, several underlying principles are found in Philippians 4:6-7.

      “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

      Taken from this website:


      So live your life – live it in the best way that YOU KNOW HOW.

      Trust me, being one of 9 siblings, not one thinks exactly as I do, they are degrees of separation of our thinking, planning, experiencing life, yet they, AND THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS are ALL welcome, and yet, many will not come.

      WHY? Because it is THEIR LIVES TO LIVE AS THEY CHOOSE AND SEE FIT. Can I tell them anything? NOT HARDLY. Does it change anything? Yes, I had to change….to grieve, and to suffer with knowledge that cannot be imparted because it will not be received, and to then begin again, rejuvenation of spirit and service. That’s it. What is out of my control, is out of my control, same for you.

      I leave you with one more great poem/prayer.


      Desiderata: Original Text

      This is the original text from the book where Desiderata was first published.

      Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons.

      Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story.

      Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.

      Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

      Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism.

      Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment, it is as perennial as the grass.

      Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.

      Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

      Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.

      And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be. And whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.

      by Max Ehrmann ©1927

      From this website:

      P.S. No bunkers here, friend.

      • “Working 2 or 3 jobs, being broke, but wealthy (yes, that is a thing; wealth of spirit, family, friends, love.)”

        Or More.. I am a mormon and proud of it.. weathering the storm.. that is what you do.. if they pop some nukes off I will probably be with my wife having a glass of wine watching it happen in the distance from my favorite chair on the veranda.. anyone visiting knows that there is a meal waiting.. no food unless it is being eaten is sacred.. and there is room on the floor for another to sleep.. just bring your own pillow and blanket etc..
        I don’t value things more than I value the person.. I can replace a thing.. a person is sacred.. everyone gets a hug and a travel safe when they leave..
        If you read the diaries of the mormon’s as they traveled to a new place across the wilderness.. you soon realize why they teach have a pantry it was because of the hardships they endured… help your neighbor.. the mormon yellow shirts have gone into almost every area of disaster to help those in need.. some of the younger ones.. do not share those same ambitions.. but that is similar to all the other young kids of today.. they haven’t lived during hard times.. I wouldn’t have a pantry if I hadn’t almost starved to death.. I would be just like everyone else.. it took great hardship for me to see it.. and to live through it.. LDS AVOW is a great place.. and has a great survival manual for download..
        I have both the digital copy and the hard copy.. one year I gave hard copies went out to everyone on my christmas card list.. excellent.. written to help explain it to everyone on just about every event you could imagine..

        • Thanks for this link! Mormons are the masters of prepping. I’ve bought storage food from some of their home stores–best prices of all. Also went to their Las Vegas cannery years ago and had the fascinating experience of canning food (in #10 cans) that I chose from their warehouse, using their machines. The only charge was for the food and the cans. Use of equipment and their expert instructions were free. The place was spotlessly clean, yet some years later the Feds forced the LDS to close down most (all?) of the canneries for health safety reasons. (Sure . . . and our daily doses of force-fed chemtrail effluents are healthy?) Really just part of the plan to destroy self-reliance and pure food.

          Ted Koppel, the former newscaster, wrote a book, “Lights Out,” in one section of which he described the operations of the Mormon farm network. It was mind-blowing! These guys should be running our country, or at least the Dept. of Agriculture.

        • Yes, LOOB, I know you are a Mormon.

          IF you had read my full comment you would see that I posted AVOW’s website.

          Here it is again:

          And the part of my comment:

          “The Mormons are known for their prepping; no hostility towards them (add: I wrote, “no hostility towards them” because Winter was being hostile towards George and the commentators on this site). There even is a website ANY PERSON can join to learn all about many different areas of prepping.

          They are more expensive than George.

          They have a preparedness forum, books, cd’s, etc.

          More a group of like-minded folk. Their Moto: “Prepare for Tomorrow Today.”


          Yes, LOOB, I have purchased the hardbound copies many many years ago to share.

          Also the Dreams and Visions of the Last Days.

          ALL GOOD INFO that anyone can obtain:

          Dirt Cheap.


          “Dirt Cheap”

          You grew up In a small town kinda like mine
          Been thinkin’ ’bout stuff
          I’m a-thinkin’ it’s about that time
          We’ve been talkin’ ’bout babies, even pickin’ out names
          But first things first don’t you want ’em raised on up Livin’ that small life

          Hey, let’s go get some roots diggin’
          Stock the pond up for some honey-hole fishin’
          Do a little prayin’ and a whole lot of livin’
          And some kissin’ on a front porch swing
          If you wanna slow things down, break a little ground
          Where the green grass grows and the fresh air’s free
          Girl, I reckon we oughta be headin’ where they still sell it

          Dirt cheap

          Let’s find a spot
          Where everybody knows our names
          Where you leave them doors unlocked
          Fall asleep to some tin roof rain
          Where kids put cards in a ten-speed huffy
          And million-dollar views don’t cost no money
          Sounds like a country song
          Baby, what are we waitin’ on?

          Hey, let’s go get some roots diggin’
          Stock the pond up for some honey-hole fishin’
          Do a little prayin’ and a whole lot of livin’
          And some kissin’ on a front porch swing
          If you wanna slow things down, break a little ground
          Where the green grass grows and the fresh air’s free
          Girl, I reckon we oughta be headin’ where they still sell it

          Dirt cheap

          Don’t you wanna slow things down?

          Dirt cheap, ooh

          Hey, let’s go get some roots diggin’
          Stock the pond up for some honey-hole fishin’
          Do a little prayin’ and a whole lot of livin’
          And some kissin’ on a front porch swing
          If you wanna slow things down, break a little ground
          Where the green grass grows and the fresh air’s free
          Girl, I reckon we oughta be headin’ where they still sell it

          Dirt cheap

          (Slow things down)
          Don’t you wanna slow things down?
          Dirt cheap
          (Slow things down)
          Don’t you wanna slow things down?

        • LOOB: As you probably know (or have guessed) I’ve been on the Another Voice Of Warning mailing list for nearly 20 years. Is the membership fee for forum access and other perks, worth it?

          Tumbleweed: Virtually all long-term storage food comes from LDS (or at least Mormon entrepreneurs.) LDS is Mountain House, which is also MyPatriotSupply, and between just those two, probably own 65% of the market… Oh, wait! Most of the others are also owned, or in a “manufacturing partnership” with Mountain House, and BTW, this combined entity also manufactures the majority of GI MREs that’re made and packaged in the USA. Katadin / ZeroWater / Pur was also an LDS entity, but may have spun (or parts thereof) off. LDS money is how ZeroWater, a relatively new “startup” nobody’d heard of, could buy (the well-established) “Pur,” a few years back.

          Missionaries on assignment to the primitive parts of the 3rd World will carry personal Katadin bottles while they’re doing a walkabout, but if they’re going to stay in a village for an extended period, will bring in Berkeys and Katadin bladders for the villagers. This is why, when I was first stocking my (and my kids’) GO-Bags, nearly 20 years ago, I got us Katadin filter bottles. (I’ve since added LifeStraws.) FEMA and Red Cross both say you should have 3-days of water in your pack. I consider this incredibly stupid. You’re going to be carrying ~15-25 pounds of gear. Why on Earth, would anyone want to also carry 25 pounds of water? Unless they’re fresh out of Basic, people who carry 50 pound packs, never get to “trail’s end…”

    • Have you considered ready some history, including ancient history and scriptures?

      What happens to judgmental eaters when food gets scarce? Taking the jab was easy! Do you have family, good friends? Someone you care about? Life saving drugs now a days are delivered in 30 day supplies, most people have 3 days supply of food. You just going to sit there blaming and judging others and watch them die? Because you didn’t know?

      Do you have no good causes or groups to contribute to and be a part of?

      If do not like it here why are you here?

    • @Winter

      Are you really that selfish?

      I seriously doubt there is a single contributor at any of George’s sites, who is prepping for themselves.

      We don’t do this for us. We do it for those who will survive — survive the next flood, hurricane, tornado, pyroclastic eruption, and yes, an EMP or a war. If we happen to be numbered among the survivors, that’s awesome! If not, somebody will be able to eat, grow a crop, sharpen a knife, and communicate with others, because of our effort.

      If you really wanted to help out with your (or someone else’s) grandchildren, you would take steps to lessen the likelihood that they will die, bloated and silent, from starvation or hepatitis.

      Fixed that coda for you:

      “I know this troll will invite a wave of vitriol so it will be my last. Enjoy your bunkers………………….

      Enjoy your narcissism. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

        the odds are I won’t be around.. its for those that follow.. if I am around I will do everything I can for my neighbors and family.. I don’t own a gun.. have no IDEA what a 50 BMG is.. big monster gun.. LOL don’t have a clue.. it can’t flip burgers or scoop up a bowl of stew or peel a potato then it isn’t any good to me LOL LOL..

    • I don’t know if anyone will bother reading this, but here goes……I really appreciate ALL the comments posted here. Much to think about. I wasn’t judging anyone or their choices, simply explaining my own. I don’t live in the US and so I live in a completely different cultural setting. We orbit the same sun but my world is so different to yours. Much of what I share is probably “lost in translation”.

      Full disclosure. Yes, I am a sad person – I have suffered from CFS for 17 years, losing my career, friends, most of my family contacts and my ability to live my life. It has been a long hard road, with no end in sight. When Covid hit, I had already been in isolation for 14 long years. I have really enjoyed learning from others here and respect your views. I absolutely believe in free choice but have found it difficult reading comments where some (although a minority) almost seem happy at the thought of the vaxxed dying off in wave after wave. Maybe it will happen? I don’t think any of us truly know the truth of it all.

      I’d like to share more but I really don’t have the energy. Suffering an acute bout of “doom fatigue”. I wish you well.

        • I have always found it helpful to focus on what you have instead of what you don’t have. The world is very divided today and it is easy to get depressed. I do. Much of it has been created or at least promoted and extended by the media. They are complicit in what is happening. Doom sells. Turn the TV off!

          I would invite you to continue to visit this site Winter. There really are good people here. You already mentioned LOOB. He has suffered the slings of life more than anyone I know and continues to give of himself to others. I am not sure how he does it.

          You have heard from others in response to your post yesterday. Some of them fought in wars for a country that has betrayed them. Some of us followed the rules and were lied to (COVID vaccinations) and paid a price. It is understandable why they are angry and have expressed some vitriol to your post.

          As far as George Ure and his life in remote Texas, don’t judge the man unless you have walked a mile in his shoes. For 40 bucks a year subscription fee, I have no idea why he does what he does for paid and unpaid readers here. He puts incredible effort into his columns. He has his own crosses to bear as we all do.

          Please go back and read Eleanor’s post. I think she nailed it. You are welcome to this community of renegades with a huge diversity of backgrounds and who make it a worthwhile read every day. Just don’t judge.


        • it’s a common problem with autoimmune diseases. I have found that light massage empties out the lymph system and really helps. So does walking regularly on a level area like the local mall. Taking D3 daily has also improved how I feel.

        • Eleanor notes massage therapy to circulate lymph fluids. A massage therapist once made me aware of the other half of that equation… DRINK WATER. Circulate and eliminate toxins. This was brought home to me again with my arthritis blooming. Living in the hot tropics I always tried to stay hydrated, but I put extra effort into chugging at least ten or more swallows of water at key times of the day, on a schedule. It has helped tremendously with flushing out my arthritic joints so I can use them somewhat normally, instead of crippling up. Water of life. Chug it frequently!

        • eleanor I went to a massage therapist.. wow.. thought I was being beaten up LOL but boy did it work.. I recommend it to everyone..

      • WINTER….. Welcome to the family of ours here….
        I think G.. saved mine.. I was five times my regular size.. had to depend on everyone else for the simplist tasks.. luckily.. a professor and speaker for TED talks stopped by.. and he suggested Georges site.. thank god to.. I find solace and friendship here.. I don’t know what country your from.. or what your hardships have been.. what I do know is smile.. relax.. enjoy the simple things in life.. what most of us are taught is important has very little importance.. what does is family friends and faith.. god bless and write more.. I cannot even tell you how many times what I have written sounded different than what I meant…. that is just being human.. we all have our value and you are included in ALL… everyone has a value.. everyone has a place.. god bless young man or woman.. you are welcome in this family

  4. “I’m not hearing enough “plan” out of D.C. More like a stick-up gang.”

    Where would they start?
    the corruption in DC has been going on for such a long time.. in every part of the government.. to even begin.. to sweep the floor.. they couldn’t do it.. What I see coming is a complet overhaul of the financial system.. a complete overhaul of our government and our position of influence in the world..
    One way we go to economic hell like Zimbabwe and Argentina.. the other way we learn a new language.. the stage has been set.. our industrial complexes destroyed or limited.. our steel mills are now fast food restaurants..
    I hunted for TIRES yesterday.. something I never thought in a million years that I would ever have any trouble getting.. everyone is getting new tires.. and getting some that I need is totally unavailable at all outlets.. where do they make the majority of the tires..
    notice anything odd.. LOL LOL most of our tires are made by countries outside the USA.. even tested outside the USA.. for USA use.. I had one hell of a time.. they had to special order them.. get them next week..

    • LOOB, depending on where you live, there may be a decent car wrecking yard near you, preferably a Pull-N-Pay yard. If you get lucky, you can often find low mileage tires from a wreck or other scrapped car or truck. Obviously, it’s something to evaluate carefully, but I’ve had reasonable luck getting tires and many other parts from such a yard. Sometimes they will dismount them for you, and sometimes it’s cheaper to just buy the tire and rim together -already mounted and balanced.

      Craigslist is also an option, again “buyer beware”. I found six worthy tires there at $25.00 each, on the same type and size of rim that I was already using.

  5. I have been aiding an effort to make a Rep (D) aware of a permanent solution to nuclear waste storage based on 35 years of development for aerospace. All we get back from the Rep who has a containment issue in the backyard is zippo. Total ignore button. Phone calls to the tech/science advisor also ignored. For a month now.
    Meanwhile, the Rep is working hard to guarantee abortion, beat down banks, beat down men. And it is even a member of the Congressional Caucus for SAFE NUCLEAR SPENT FUEL STORAGE. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
    Clown show.
    Get a boat. Head off shore.

  6. George, I am also bothered by the South track of this storm. I live a hour north of Palm Beach and hoped no more worrying for the year. Managed to pay off my house and dropped homeowners insurance as the rates in Florida are out of this world. I talked to a man the other day and his rate was $9000 a year. Yet the government let’s these companies get away with charging that much. I guess the insurance companies spend a lot on campaign contributions.

    • People everywhere – including here in the USA – need to GTFU amnd fix their own local broken shit/ We ain’t the world’s shit-fixers, for crying out loud

      (where’s my meds?)

      • Amen! The Middle East people have always been at war with each other and I have no idea why we’re involved. I see no benefit for America at all.

        Let all individuals who disagree with me go there and fix the problems at their expense.

        • @ So cal

          That’s exactly true, but it would be because the Arab World wouldn’t be able to buy arms, to raise hell with Israel every few years. The hatred would still abound in the region, both between Muslim sects, and against the Jews, Christians, and everybody else whose socioreligious beliefs don’t follow a path to Allah, and do so in a way that’s substantially the same as their neighbors’ [path].

    • I don’t know the author, but it fits:

      They’re not happy…

      I wonder why??

      One of the best responses I’ve read…..

      They’re not happy in Gaza ..
      They’re not happy in Egypt ..
      They’re not happy in Libya ..
      They’re not happy in Morocco ..
      They’re not happy in Iran ..
      They’re not happy in Iraq ..
      They’re not happy in Yemen …
      They’re not happy in Afghanistan …
      They’re not happy in Pakistan ..
      They’re not happy in Syria ..
      They’re not happy in Lebanon …


      They’re happy in Australia ..
      They’re happy in Canada ..
      They’re happy in England ..
      They’re happy in France ..
      They’re happy in Italy ..
      They’re happy in Germany ..
      They’re happy in Sweden ..
      They’re happy in the USA ..
      They’re happy in Norway ..
      They’re happy in Holland ..
      They’re happy in Denmark ..

      Basically, they’re happy in every country that is not Muslim and unhappy in every country that is!


      Not Islam.
      Not their leadership.
      Not themselves


      AND THEN- They want to change those countries to be like, THE COUNTRY THEY CAME FROM WHERE THEY WERE UNHAPPY!
      Excuse me, but I can’t help wondering…
      How frigging dumb can you get?
      Everyone seems to be wondering why Muslim Terrorists are so quick to commit suicide.

      Lets have a look at the evidence:
      – No Christmas
      – No television
      – No nude women
      – No football
      – No pork chops
      – No hot dogs
      – No burgers
      – No beer
      – No bacon
      – Rags for clothes
      – Towels for hats
      – Constant wailing from some bloke in a tower
      – More than one wife
      – More than one mother-in-law
      – You can’t shave
      – Your wife can’t shave
      – You can’t wash off the smell of donkeys
      – You cook over burning camel shit
      – Your wife is picked by someone else for you
      – and your wife smells worse than your donkey
      – Then they tell them that “when they die, it all gets better”???

      Well No Sh__ Sherlock!….
      It’s not like it could get much worse!

      • “Now Biden is heading to the Middle East to show others how weak our nation has become politically. Blinken wants to establish safe zones for the Palestinians across the Middle East, but the leaders there are saying NO do not involve us in your war. No Arab nation will open its border to Palestinians, but the West, with a completely different standard of reality, must do its part to accept people who do not fit in their society. And then those same people later chant that they want to see the very nations that accepted them destroyed.”

      • That’s not quite fair. They’re happy in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and France because they can wantonly rape the indigenous women and children, and burn shit whenever the urge hits them, without consequence…

  7. With all due respect, the people here are some of the most eclectic group of so called preppers I have found. Most tend to be older and are just trying to maintain for their community and family….how can that ever be a negative thing

    • In all the years.. I can say only once I regretted almost giving a hand up..
      it was to a coworker from another country that said her mother was dying and she wanted to see her one last time.. another coworker stopped me..
      the woman got help from another .. instead of seeing poor dying mom she went to the Olympics in another country and bought a full length leather coat..I got my teeth fixed instead..
      A year ago another worker was talking about a nurse whose mother was dying.. I asked what is her name..yup same one moms still on her deathbed thirty plus years later..


    Sure is shaping up to be the Isreali mistake. Is it the forthcoming Gaza demo, the alleged knot Z affiliation or both? [ aka the double entendre that Universe likes to play with all prognosticators].

    Got Blockchain?

  9. I wonder if Rep D Bacon R-NE has contacted RINO Ben Sasse to see if there are any teaching positions in FL?
    he is losing his support back home

    All things ‘TRUMP’ expose more and more swamp creatures
    Zippity do dah, what a glorious day

    Has any one showed the two tier justice system more than the Don?
    ya cant tell them,,, you have to show them. slow learners

  10. In response to a couple of comments posted this morning., this came dancing through my mind – guitar work and all….,

    “There must be some way out of here,” said the joker to the thief,
    “There’s too much confusion, I can’t get no relief.”
    “No reason to get excited,” the thief, he kindly spoke
    “There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke.
    But you and I, we’ve been through that, and this is not our fate.,
    So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late.”
    I have been called a lot of things in my life.., it means very little to me. You are not me. You haven’t been where I’ve walked. Nor seen, what I have seen. Judge me if you will – that is up to you. Unless you are a close, personal friend – your view of me is rather meaningless.
    I know who I am., and I know very well what I am capable of doing – and ‘why’ to do it. What I decide to do and how to it., is solely up to me. It has nothing to do with you – unless, of course, you get in my way. Then, and only then, will we have a very short discussion.
    I will go my way and do what I deem is right and needed.., help where it is needed and hopefully stay quietly in the shadows.
    – “If is a person is working to better themselves and help those around him and you demean and ridicule what they are doing – that say more about you, than is does about them.”

    • well said..amen…
      I have a t-shirt on the front it says be kind..on the back it says.. everyone you meet is fighting a battle that you know nothing about…
      we all put up our public image face while dealing with the issues we have..

  11. Can the Department of Defense order ground combat troops to be deployed to a foreign country in military support of that country? Does not that require the vote of Congress? Isn’t sending combat troops into a country that has declared war, in itself an act of war? Does that not constitute a declaration of war, since we are sending combat troops to help defend said foreign country?
    King of Jordan announced that they will not accept any Palestinian refugees. Moments later Egypt announced that they will not accept any Palestinians refugees. So.., they have 1.1 million Palestinians displaced from Northern Gaza stacked up at the Egyptian gate in southern Gaza.., with no place to go and no way to get there.
    Multiple clashes along the Lebanon – Israeli border. Iran is moving troops and equipment to the Israeli border. Russia is beefing up their military in Syria.
    If the U.S. supplies air support and strikes the Iranian build-up on the Israeli border., does that not constitute an act of war?
    .., this is getting uglier by the hour.
    “Stay Frosty !”

    • I am actually trying to stay away from the news this week. what I read is so sad that it seriously hurts my heart to see it.. then to see it progressing exactly how I thought it would..
      oh my kids brought me some vanilla extract from Honduras..
      I can’t wait to try it..
      here is the recipe if you
      1 cup of simple syrup..
      1 cup of water
      1 cup of sugar
      1 bottle of vodka ( take out a cup of vodka..)
      put 4-6 split scraped and chopped up vanilla beans
      and the simple syrup to the top..
      set it in a dark place..for 3 to 4 can mix it every few days.. you can strain it but I don’t you can go half and half to..half simple syrup half vodka..
      that reminds me I need to see if the bean is in the vanilla they brought back..

    • “Can the Department of Defense order ground combat troops to be deployed to a foreign country in military support of that country?”


      The President can, as CiC, but the scope and duration of their “visit” is subject to Congressional review. It used to be the review came along at the 180 day mark, so da Prez could do all the fussin’ and fightin’ he wanted, without Congressional oversight, for 6 months. That may have changed in the last 50 years.

      “Isn’t sending combat troops into a country that has declared war, in itself an act of war?

      It can be. But it is not automatically so.

      Were we to put boots on the ground in Ukraine, Russia would take that as an Act of War. They might not issue a declaration, but we would become fair game. For a look at the other side, might I suggest reading a brief history of the Panama Canal Zone, and how it came to be…?

      “Does that not constitute a declaration of war, since we are sending combat troops to help defend said foreign country?”

      No, it constitutes an Act of War. A “Declaration of War” is a formal legal and diplomatic document. Were we to go in heavy against Hezbollah, Jordan could declare war against us. We are not obligated to reciprocate, nor even honor their declaration. We WOULD owe it to ourselves, and our national “self respect” (if we still have any) to utterly kick their asses, though…

  12. George,

    Current Asset-Debt Macroeconomic System self-ordering (4-hour unit time scale) 3-phase Fractal Decay Series mathematical model to 31 October low.

    Use SPX

    First Decay series x/2-2.5x/2x

    Start 930 18 August to 0930 Sept 27

    subfractal (1) 11 units : 2/5/4/3 units
    subfractal (2) 24 units : 5/13/8 units
    subfractal (3) 22 units : 2/5/5 units and 3/6/6 units

    Second Decay Series x/2-2.5x/2-2.5x (4-hour time scale fractal units)

    Start 0930 27 Sept to 1330 31 October 2023

    subfractal (1) 10 units : 2/4/4/3 units
    subfractal (2) 23 units : 5/12/6 of 8 units
    subfractal (3) 20-21 units : 4/9-10/10-9 units or 4/10/8-9 units or 5/10/7 units

    In the 0930 27 September current 3-phase decay series fractal model, 18 October Wednesday would self-order as a nonlinear down day with a low approaching or exceeding the previous 3 October low with a sharp growth valuation rebound to or near the close of trading day on Friday 20 October. This Friday is day 104 of a 13 March 2023 52/104 day :: x/2x fractal series.
    Monday 23 October then places the series in the window of 104 day subfractal (2) 2x to 2.5x nonlinearity which occurs in the terminal time window of a 1981-2 interpolated fractal series of 13/26-32 year :: x/2x-2.5x nonlinearity.

    Maybe the nonlinear crash devaluation in (global markets)will be, post hoc ergo propter hoc, ascribed to the bomb-throwing ongoing chaos in the House of Representatives and the unlikelihood of gaining a compromise to fund the government.

  13. re: Winter


    Yesterday according to the daily presidential address, the servant of the people welcomed the US Secretary of Commerce from the Obama Administration to Kiev. Newly minted as President Biden’s Special Representative for Economic Recovery in Ukraine, today Chicago multi-billionaire Mrs. Pritzker was pictured fashionably attired in colours of the Ukraine beside the monochrome minister of infrastructure. Minister Kubrakov, Chevalier of the Order of Merit – Order of Bohdan Khmelnitsky, was quoted as being in grateful receipt “of nearly $700 million” of American public funds intended for his nation’s infrastructure maintenance and improvement this coming winter.

    President Zelensky also made special note that he had spoken with the Canadian PM offering him thanks for his “steadfast and principled attention”.

  14. I keep looking for reports of UFO’s over Israel and Iran to stop a nuclear weapon from being launched.

    • look over DC and tel-aviv, Iran is in house of Light.

      Again american BOMBS/MISSILES and Planes are slaughtering the innocents. All paid for AND SANCTIFIED by U, the us taxpayers acquiescence.

      US military killing Christians in the Donesk – is exactly how they lose ALL respect – “babykillers” – ask some of the Vets on here how they were treated coming home after the Police Action in Vietnam.

      nutinwahoo and bribem = DARKNESS
      and there is the “rub”, as they got no spirit..forfieted.

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