7th Annual Turkey Leftovers Column

Another Year of Many Turkeys

An unusual number have held political office this year.  Yet, even after elections (such as those were) we still seem to have a huge flock.

So it’s with great anticipation our “Annual Turkey Leftovers” is back again.

Picking up the History:

Back in 2013. we share the best turkey leftovers recipe  we’ve ever found.  Our Ode to 13 Coins’ SST Sandwich column from 2013.  I don’t remember if Gale, the daytime bartender at the ‘Coin’s place across from the Seattle Times had retired yet,  (He did in 2015, or so – g)  or not…might have.  Great guy and always poured me a “hard-day-for-the-editor-sized drink” back in the day… ‘Coins was kitty-corner from the Seattle Times plant on Fairview back when.

Then (from 2014) came a “gift that keeps on giving” from a reader named John which we’ll get to in due course.

First, my own contribution to “the turkey leftovers science:

I baked the bird (2018) in a turkey bag (breast-up) as usual. But upon removing, I turned it breast down while the turkey rested (while I made gravy, etc..more wine, too, while Ure at it…).

Fall-part moist – even Elaine said it was  one the best all-time best-ever turkeys she’s ever had.  Better than baked breast-down…Just 10-15 min, breast down while resting  in its juices before carving…amazing! (I adjusted steam holes accordingly to the end of the bag preserve juices! Don’t want liquid gravy basics leaking out.)  10-points for food science!

(From 2013)

Ode to 13 Coins:  The SST Sandwich

The one best way to use-up whatever is left in the way of turkey is based on a “sandwich” which used to be served by 13 Coins, a 24-hour restaurant in Seattle, catawampus from the Seattle Times building.  This served as a kind of Mecca for the broadcasters, writers, and theatrical types who made Seattle a happin’ place from the 1960;s, 1970’s and 80’s.  Still is, come to think of it. (Resaurant’s now down on Pioneer Square with one across from the airport, too.)

‘Coins is still one of the top 5 late night food joints in the country and with good reason:  If you sit at the counter, you can watch the flaming cooking of your meal on the big gas stoves (and gas-fired broiler ) of the sort most people can only dream of having at home.

It was here that the SST Sandwich was developed – at about the same time Boeing was building a mock-up of what might have been an American supersonic transport to complete with the Concorde. I always wondered if the selection of turkey as its main ingredient was so much a matter of taste or an aeronautical or economic assessment…

By far, the SST is the best use of turkey I’ve ever seen – and to my palate it is almost as good as fresh roasted turkey with all the fixin’s.  Maybe better, too, since if you can find precooked turkey in a deli, there’s little kitchen mess. Anyone can make good food in an unlimited kitchen with clean up staff.  When it’s me and/or Elaine and KitchenAid, it’s a different equation.

The inventor of the SST used a Béchamel sauce (white sauce) but for those of us who scored higher in the laziness department, a can of Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup (regular, not fat-free – what’s the point, right?) works almost as well as a substitute.

In the original SST, if memory serves, the toast points had the crust cut -off, but again, this seemed like additional work that could be dispensed-with.  An optional point is you’re trying to recapture the flavor of the original dish.

Buttering the toast points?  That’s up to you and your cardiologist.  The sandwich was on dry toast points.  I made up for the lack of fat with their thumb-sized fries. OMG, TDF!  Yellow potatoes with a spritz of Johnny’s Dock or Lawry’s seasoning salt.  A very lightly spiced ketchup on the site.  (Coins may an American Logs structure out of 13 thumb-thick fries as a side.)

Oh…and fresh Parmesan from the Pike Place Market is nice, too.  But over the years I’ve used everything from Kraft “sprinkle cheese” to hand shaved Parmesan and various mixes and I couldn’t tell much difference.

The Update Recipe (for T2020)

You begin with a hot skillet.  Edge of smoking but not quite.

Into this, you pour about a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and fire (or  the electric-hell equivalent) until just smoking a bit again.

Add one cup (roughly) of freshly sliced mushrooms. Shake, toss, and worry it a bit.

Sauté and throw on a flammable liquid.  Tequila?  Brandy?  Whatever’s handy. Nothing sweet.  A dry white wine is acceptable.  Flambe it a bit.

Flame longer if you have an audience;  Food as theater is good.  If you are cooking over gas, this is easy.  Electric?  Not so much.  Don’t set the kitchen afire.

If you’ve got a range hood, like 13 Coins, a second splash of whatever burns good (from the bar) with the oil, adds additional flavor, too.  Brandy was the lazy man’s choice –  as I could never get white wine can flame.  Certainly not on an electric range.  Maybe with ox-acetylene…hmmm….wait!  Outdoor BBQ side burn will do swell.

When the flames die down, (the alcohol burns off  if you use high enough heat) you toss in a cup, or more, of turkey.  This has been sliced into 3/4-inch cubes.

This is all tossed around in the sizzling pan so the flavors get acquainted with one-another.  Flame again (third time) if using gas.  Mostly ‘cuz it’s fun.  Showy and entertaining.

Next comes the Béchamel sauce, or – if doing this at home – that can (11 oz.) of regular (condensed) Campbell’s cream of mushroom. NOT FAT FREE!

Reduce heat to a simmer while you get:

* Toast points arranged a shallow baking/serving dish, 3-slices for me, thanks. No point getting healthy this  weekend.

* Two or three…OK…FOUR!  (long and lean) strips of crispy bacon are made.  Pressed so they don’t shrink too much.  You do have a bacon press?

*  1/3 cup (or so) of  fresh-grated Parmesan (or you could use an Italian three-cheese mix with little difference) and you fire up your broiler.

A few tablespoons of the cheese goes into the happily bubbling sauce.  Right before moving to the next step. Which is?

With the toast points on the bottom of the shallow baking/serving dish, you pour the hot turkey/mushroom sauce (which should be reasonably thick and not runny or you’ve used too much liquid somewhere) over the toast points.

If you’re using two pieces of bacon, they are placed in an “X” or, if three pieces, as parallels with a 1/2-inch inch between them.  Four pieces?  Ure on Ure own…

Sprinkle that short-ton of grated cheese (not in the sauce) all over it.  If you anticipated by pre-heating the broiler, green star.  Put the pan under the broiler long enough for the added cheese to melt and just brown things lightly in a few places.

Serve with 13-Coins style fries and a glass of whatever suites you.  This is maybe the hardest decision of the weekend.  My buddy Chet favored the Chardonnay (“with a light buttery, not too oakey finish”).  Wife Elaine’s more the dry champagne type.  Me?  Half-gallon of Sutter Home White Zin (ice cold) is fine.

Here lately, on the north side of 70,  I seem to be doing cranberry juice more, which works just dandy, too.  It’s better for the liver, the FAA, and primary care physician confessional.

A word bout the fries (and why a 13-Coins visit is always on our Seattle agenda although we haven’t had time the past couple of visits):  the Fries are to die for.

There’s some additional detail to getting the fries right: they are not those wimpy little prefab things like the “arches” use. Or you can buy in the frozen section. You know the sort: mashed potatoes from a square pastry nozzle.

A proper grown-up whole potato (Yukon Gold, large) is whacked into coarse slices about the size of your thumb (bigger if you’re dainty, I hold my thumb up when Elaine is slicing, but stay out of range).  About 3/4’s of an inch to a full inch.

Cold rinse a couple of times then pat dry.  Water and deep fryers…well, figure it out.  The ‘taters get deep-fried in the usual way (which takes longer because of their large size).  You want them golden brown.

We toss ’em in the air fryer nowadays.  I’m sure the Biden Administration will outlaw anything deep-fried, shortly.

It’s a sacrilege to do so, but I will ask for ketchup and the staff doesn’t (usually) seem offended by this epicurean gaffe.

No, I don’t get any spiffs or deals for my semi-annual review of the SST.  In fact, I don’t know if it’s even on the menu anymore.  Or if anyone is getting themm with Washington Gov. Jay Lockin in charge.

It wasn’t on the menu last time we were in Seattle.  But the kitchen was able to make one though I don’t know if they still can.  (Reports welcome on this point.)  Ask for the SST off the ‘secret menu.’

Best “Sandwich” Ever!

Weather at this time of the year in the Northwest is usually crappy:  Gray, cold, and rainy more often than not.  Which may have something to do with why Seattle has some really great places to eat.

Other cities do, as well, but even San Francisco (last time we were there) seems to have gone “touristy” and “institutional/commercial” even at Ghirardelli and the wharf, last time through.  I keep thinking about going back to see if anything’s at good as the food at Bertolucci’s in South San Francisco.  Color me skeptical.  Bertolucci’s was fab.

The main thing about great restaurants is they were usually started (or perfected) by great restaurateurs.  Families who somehow got the balance between hospitality, beverage, taste, performance, and consistency.  For me, the Ward family’s (13 Coins and el Gaucho back in the day), (Victor) Rossellini’s, and Ivar Haglund’s seafood joint -Ivar’s – were the family names in Seattle.  Lemonsakis and Gasparetti, were top-flight too…there were lots of good hangouts. Ruby Chow’s before she got into politics.

Every city has such places.…it takes a little looking around to scout them out. Most people don’t focus on the search…too much hurry, too little time, yada, yada.  But like investing in in a great partner, or stocks, finding a great restaurateur’s prize is the GI tract equivalent of finding Apple or Microsoft stock before the IPO..

Along the way, be sure and ask questions and steal cooking ideas you can bring home, too.  Like this one.  You never know when you’ll have some leftovers that can be turned into real treats.

Or have to write a column about turkey leftovers that not plain stupid.

Award-winning chef daughter says I got the genealogy of the SST wrong.  It’s taughtg to young cheffette’s as based on the “Hot Brown” and is popular ‘back east.’ (Remember, even Spokane is ‘back east’ from Seattle.)

Sure enough, you can find a damn-fine Hot Brown at (where else?) the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.  Hell of a lot shorter-drive for us than Seattle.  874 miles vs. 1,900.  But fewer Indian Casinos – which we enjoy, too.  Choices, huh?

This year, we have been reduced to making our own.  We trust the SST/Hot Brown will be in the vanguard of sanity returning after lock-ins.

The Hot Brown looks almost like the SST, but with fewer aircraft fasteners and a cheese-change.  I still think White Zin will fuel either nicely.  Maybe with a Kentucky local beverage as the warm-up.

A Thanksgiving (2014) Gift from Reader John K

Want some money?  Free?  The real deal here.  I didn’t have time yesterday to ask his permission to use his name, but a reader of ours, John, the wealth manager up in Nashville who sent me a dandy email that could be worth your time to read:  (Pay attention Andy!)

Hello George,

To assist you in helping others and so you and your family may also find new wealth, enter your last name and or company name in the following Search engine to see unclaimed property. I conduct searches in support of Estate settlements, but you do not have to be dead to have unclaimed property. I have helped others find property of deceased relatives and forgotten security deposits from college. If you can provide proof of your name connected to the address (if it shows one), wa la, you’re in the money/property.

If the person is deceased, letters Testamentary, would also be required. Be aware the states often misspell names, so be on the lookout for property under similar spellings. If you can see the address, that usually helps verify the connection. If a person is deceased or you can’t remember all your past addresses, run a free credit report which shows all prior addresses (living and deceased people).

The first site seems more effective and the second site is quicker, but less accurate.



Best of luck!

Happy thanksgiving!


I ran this money-search on all our relatives, which I do every so often.  No dough for them.  But maybe that will mean more for you?

Write when you run out of leftovers.  Say “Hi!” to the unelected turkey.


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  1. I guess you don’t have to have an apocalyptic power failure to implode cryptos after all. Looks like the marks may be cutting their losses:



    I dedicate this song to all Ure crypto fiend readers:


    PM’s have looked bad this week as well. Soybean futures have looked good. And yea, got a relative with a full bin of beans.

    I have a roof over my head, food on the plate, and no debt collectors hounding me. 2020 may have had a lot of bumps so far, but the bottom line may turn out OK after all. I am not widely enthusiastic about prospects for 2021, but I am set up to do OK under a range of adverse conditions. The assault on my real property by officious land thieves may be fizzling. When the lights get turned up sufficiently bright, the officious cockroaches do scatter.

    I wish all of Ure readers a bountiful Thanksgiving. I’m still waiting to see a recipe for a leftover crypto sandwich.

      • I will acknowledge that my post was a bit raw for Thanksgiving morning, but cryptos trade 24/7/365.25, and apparently some of the big players don’t respect American traditions.
        I don’t think a hot crypto sandwich tastes any better than a Ponzi sandwich dish served much too cold. I’m thinking that the theme for 4th qtr 2020 and 2021 will be house of cards collapse. Enjoy the holidays brothers and sisters, but stay wary.

      • “I will acknowledge that my post was a bit raw for Thanksgiving morning, ”

        Yesterday was a lounge day for us.. LOL.. the wife said before she had to go off to work.. I should go get dressed for work.. I said.. you know honey.. we could do something really wild… and go around NAKED… LOL … she said no the kids and grandkids would need psychiatric help if we did that LOL LOL now that would have been… RAW….
        watched a good show.. a russian show on prime.. it was about a group of people that were out and ended up in a bunker and a virus was let loose on the land… it was pretty good to.. reminded me of the BBC show survivors.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAyjkaFYnzE
        which I enjoyed it is a little older but a great show.. for a lounge around day.. I think the russian one is just a remake of the survivors show.. but better made..

    • Oops. Lol

      Thanks Ray. “Me love you long time.” And just like that, someone karate kid stole his camera and sped off on a vespa. “Hiiiiiiiigh YA!” As the saying goes for making of a Chop in Karata.

      From the movie of course.

      Appolypse Now.

      One of my faves.

      Thanks for the update. Its hard to keep up with eveything. Abundance and Prosperity for those who get the bigger stick off the turkey wishbone.

      • “Full Metal Jacket.” Scene in the city with Matthew Modine and photographer before they went out into the field.

      • Yeah that is the movie. I made a mistake. Yeah that is good. Get that out of the way. Hahaha

        Curiously curiousier, on my site I was talkimg to NM Mike in the comment section and I post a picture (screen shot) 2 days ago of when I called the Bitcoin collapse last time. On December 15th, 2017 here on urbamsurvival and and on the 17th of December 2017 it hit it’s all time high then by the 22cnd it had $11,000 on value.

        Huh. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. Lol

        “There is no such thing as coincidence”.
        NSA Handbook.

        Like I said. Ooops.

        That was 3 days ago. Lol

        Thank you for the correction about the Movie. You are correct. full metal jacket. “I didn’t didn’t know they could stack shit that high.” Hahahahahah!

        Much obliged. I will be in the basement for the next few days working on the first eddition of,

        “The Zero Report”
        The good, the bad and the Ugly.
        A detailed transcript of the Future.

        And how to set up a grocery cart. Lol. And make the report a unhackable download. For the low low price of $111.10.

        Thanks for the $20 whoever gave it to me. I will use it to put air in my back tire and gas in my tank and get a can of yuban. I appreciate it bunches.

        See ya all around.

        Que: Fat Bottom Girls


        Clique 116!

      • Uhem dropped $11,000 by the 22cnd

        Ohhhh and I made out of the fitness models place unscathed. But it wasn’t easy. I had a few moments of holy cow! I need to run. Hahah.. I really like my new girl alot. Ohhhh my God she is so yummy and highly intelligent like savant intelligent. Super good heart and then I had like 3 booty calls last night and I decline. I’m aan of my word and I told I ain’t dipping my Quill in nobody else’s ink well and I stand by my word.

        Thanks for your patience and understanding. I will spend 3 days looking into the future instead of 20 minutes to an hour or so. And see what I can come up with.

    • Clownishness over the Holidaze – luv it.

      Whats a matta with a US Dollar sandwich ? – oh thats right – who wants to eat aged dog scheisse sandwich. US Treasury Bond sandwich – same aged dog scheisse wrapped around some cat scheisse. How about some Gold..plated Tungsten Bars, similar sandwich with Silver clad Bars..”rutrow”

      U might want to pay attention to the Price action of Bitcoin – watch how a “classic: asset Acts ..parabolic price rise, followed by 35-40% pullback – is EXACTLY what “Investors want to see” on the way to 100K in 2021. Book it!

      * Leftover Crypto = Oxy Moron..diminishing Supply, diminished mining rewards – make it SCARCER – geniuses.

      NO LITECOIN 4 U .

  2. First off.. HAPPY THANKSGIVING you two…We usually have a huge thanksgiving feast.. ( it is the one holiday I enjoy other than Valentines day which is my favorite one of all.granted I know the down side stories.. but the one I go with is the one where st. valentine decided that even in the face of death everyone should know how to read and since it was illegal for a woman to have an education took it upon himself to teach her.. was put to death and the girl every year would drop flowers off at his grave with the note.. to my sweet sweet valentine..believe which one you want.. that is the one I go with..Where xmas was just a free for all holiday that you could rape kill rob for the twelve days basically an open season on Jews.. .. )Every Year I get a few calls about my parents and the missing money.. LOL they had some left.. the bad part is.. the cost of getting it is more than what is there LOL.. so It sits..
    This year will be a lot different than other holidays. I usually spend a great deal of money on a feast fit for a king.. today we have a turkey roast and pie. just the four of us.. I did run into someone that works in the govt. industry that inspects medical facilities.. he was saying that it is a nightmare out there..
    anyway.. this is to wishing all of you the very best Thanksgiving ever.. may your road be free from obsticals and your love for one another grow.. cheers..

  3. Very Interesting G Bird,

    luv the recipe share – my kinda experiential reading on a lazy Holiday morning.

    Confessional of a Wild Eyed Trader – Have “managed” my Trading account out of significant Tax consequences this 4th Qtr. Rolled 90% of positions to MAR/APR expirations this last qtr.
    Hedged to Downside with SPY (in-the-money) Puts. Small spec. pos. otm SPY Puts.
    The other hat (Portfolio Mgt) – been raising Cash this past week. BTW – Fiduciary Co. – holding portfolios, PROHIBITS Purchase/Investment of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) in Trust Accounts.. hence Raising MOAR Cash to Buy cold hard Bitcoin..”say hello to my little friend, Trezor”.

    Black Friday ?? I really hope not – but Slaughter of the Turkeys seems to rhyme with the massacre of the Elves last year. Peace

    Got Gold, why?

  4. Hi, George,

    Happy Thanksgiving to Elaine and you! The description of the SST sandwich is absolutely dreamy.
    I want to share a few things culinary. I incorporate a half cup of chopped roasted green chile in my apple pies. I also place green chile in my scalloped potatoes. For dressing, I use green apples, turkey dark meat, home made cornbread, one onion, and spices. I make a pumpkin pound cake using pound cake flour with the same ingredients used in pumpkin pie. I also make a cherry pound cake and a blueberry pound cake. Cooking outside the box in fun.

      • In reality, George, my boyfriend has a high metabolism that I envy, and he loves his sweets. He loves that I cook and bake while he remains thin. I cannot eat what he does in the sweets department. I merely look at sweets and gain weight.

    • “my boyfriend has a high metabolism that I envy, and he loves his sweets. ”

      I am envious of him Nancy … I look at a picture of something good to eat.. and I gain a pound.. LOL..
      But then I am at the age where I don’t have to try to impress anyone so why not eat drink and be merry…

  5. Yes the SST was one of the best around – unfortunately, today’s (when they revamped themselves – not just this year) 13 Coins doesn’t offer it and the restaurant itself isn’t even close to what it was back in the day…haven’t been in one in over a decade or two yet they are less than 40 minutes away…..

  6. Yeah, dude! I forgot about that! I did a search about 6 months ago and got side tracked on some other stuff. The search came back and I 4 flags for unclaimed money.

    Wow! Thanks for the reminder. I totally forgot all about that!

    Ahhhh 13 coins. Yes! The best Seattle Restaurant especially after drinking shots and hooting it up at the Whiskey in downtown Seattle. They have a Huge Bottle there in the center of the bar that is $2500 for a shot of whiskey. I never drank a shot of it. I asked the Bartender of anyone has ever drank shots out of that bottle. He said Paul Alen brought in some buisness clients once and to his knowledge they all drank 5 shots each out if it. That is the only one he knew who had. LMAO

    Speaking of 13 coins. Do you remember those Books called by the same name. Its Economic books. I think it was called 13 coins. They were old and super expensive. I think there is 3 volumes and they were like $500 a book?

    I was thinking yesterday about when ya wrote about the pipelines back in June of 2000? Maybe it was 2001? And some dam. Maybe it was the Hover? That keeps coming up. Back when ya only had a handful of readers. I may have to go read it again. I rarely forget anything. That just popped right up in my brain twice last few days. Lol

    I will check that out when I get my next unemployment check. I’m gonna sell a report. I go work on that this weekend. Someone paid the WiFi so I still got internet. Lol.

    I took myself off the market last night and my girl has her kid till Sunday. And I’m having turkey dinner at this fitness models house just her and I today. Pray for me. Lol. I’m pretty sure she wants me for desert and I wouldnt want to mess up my thing my new girl. I’m gonna wear like 7 pairs of underwear and 2 pairs of pants so if she gets friskey it will take her while to get there and that gives me time to either A run out the door or B run out the door. I really like this new girl alot. And I haven’t liked a girl like this in a long time.

    April 27th, 2077 is calling my name. Dude I will be 107 years old then. And if what I saw was true? And I think I jumped there to see it. I look the same as I do on my picture on my website. Lol. All fabing up a new body on the future of 3 D printing. Super cool.

    Hope you the best day ever. Thank you for all you do! I’m going to go work out and have a think about things before I go
    try to avoid beiny desert. Thanks again. I forgot all about that. The lady when I spoke to her on the phone said we have 4 accounts flagged with your name on them. Then I was off to Alaska and forgot all about it.

    • Ha ha ha. I’m up on South Hill in Spokane finsihing my meditation and right after I posted that. My girl goes jogging by with her titties and that ass. She just jumped in my car and says whats so funny. Ha ha ha ha I said hold on a second I gotta tell George, thanks for prayers. Haha.

  7. Im getting smothered with kisses and I’m trying to type this.. hold on woman.

    She says hi. And I’m supposed to get off my phone now. Hahaha

    Can you send me a link to the episode of coast to coast you were on dude last night?? I couldnt get to it last night. Thanks man.

    Happy thanks giving.

    • “Im getting smothered with kisses and I’m trying to type this.. hold on woman.
      She says hi. And I’m supposed to get off my phone now. Hahaha”

      See.. and you was feeling all down and depressed because you don’t have green paper in your pocket.. the paper is pretty much nothing more than fancy toilet paper and once the world discovers that you will have more than you want laying around… the important thing is you have someone that loves you.. or at least loves you enough to want to have sex with you LOL…
      where most older men aren’t that lucky..once menopause hits it is over or a rare occasion..

  8. bake your bacon in the oven- you never need a press- comes out perfect every time. parchment- lined sheet pan, 400 for 17-21 minutes, or until it’s as crispy as you want.

  9. George; As the now retired “Fry Whisperer” for McCain Foods Canada, the best fries I’ve ever had were fried in Duck Fat, learned that from the Corporate chefs. I spent my days in R&D and Product Development, learned some great recipes from the experts. Best dessert fries? Shoe string sweet Potato fries, sprinkle bit of brown sugar, top with mini marsh mellows, put under broiler till you see some carmelization. drizzle some caramel sauce. Serve and accept praise…

      • ME TOO GEORGE… just reading that needed an ok from my cardiologist LOL…and a warning from my dietician…

    • Hi,
      While I have never had fries in duck fat, my favourite fries are still Mc Donald’s 1970’s fries: allegedly made with cotton seed oil and beef tallow as the “secret” ingredients. Also, the salting helped enhance the taste.

      As someone who worked with fries for a living I have a half serious question for you: why is it when I trade in a used car the McDonalds fry I find under the seat is always perfectly preserved?

  10. “Albert Einstein is said to have remarked that the single most important decision any of us will ever make is whether or not to believe that the universe is friendly. ”

    I believe if you dwell on anger you will be anger ghandi believe in peace and harmony.
    On this day of thanks may we all feel the peace and love and harmony .

  11. …into The Valley of Gods.

    Here I am thinking of three Mars missions arriving into orbit next February. What a waste of unshared resources? And why does China name their spacecraft after 2000 year old poetry – ie “Heavenly Vessel”? It certainly takes one’s mind off a potential extinction event possible within the span of 2 or 3 Kondratieff waves. The kids are alright, but let’s talk about the great-grandkids? Mr. Ure used to warn everyone to look waaaay up, well…

    Remember that mid-70’s sci-fi series, “Space 1999”, which had the moon breaking out of orbit in Sept., 1999? One thing that ended up happening on everyday planet Earth that month was the discovery of asteroid 101955Bennu. Although only 600 meters in diameter, it was named after a senior Egyptian god perhaps related to lifting humans out of the primordial goo. Presently NASA’s Osiris-REx, having completed detailed close-in mapping and scooping up some rock souvenirs, is waiting for a March, 2021 window to begin a two and a half year journey back home. After parachuting the souvenirs over Utah, the craft itself will go into Texan quarantine for safety following the off-planet excursion. Mr. Ure likely is familiar with all those protocols. The earthly return will be pretty much exactly to a day 112 years prior to Bennu’s closest approach to Earth’s surface in Sept., 2135 of just over 65000 miles. The JPL website has the deets for that day +/- 4.5 hours. https://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/sbdb.cgi?sstr=101955
    Wikipedia advises there is no likelihood of a direct collision. Maybe once the current mission data is in the supercomputers, the ptb can more accurately figure out the keyhole for a 2196 safe flyby passage if required.

    Hopefully minds greater than mine can discount all this, and the mission is simply a 200 million mile trip to pick up some lumps of coal.

    Here’s looking forward to the 8th Annual Virtual Thanksgiving Gathering.

    OK, great, I’ll let you get back to the football game.

  12. “And why does China name their spacecraft after 2000 year old poetry – ie “Heavenly Vessel”? ”

    Well if your choice is… Heavenly Vessel…. OR … Hungs Long Dong…. I think I would have chosen Heavenly Vessel to… LOL… now consider this.. he made millions as a singer….

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