Update of the Stock Market’s 1929 Replay

Still Tracking

We have been following the “Replay of 1929” for almost 20-years now.  As of the close Wednesday, here’s how things lined up in our work:

Several items of note to followers of this indicator:

  1. It is based on an Aggregate Index we developed in 2000.  That is, equal dollars in the Dow, high tech, and the S&P 500.  Because in the wake of the Tech Wreck, Wall Street wasn’t forthcoming about the costs experienced by small investors when the Internet Bubble burst.
  2. We are possibly in a period parallel to the period run from May 29, 1929 to the all-time high of September 3, 1929.  If so, we should see a decline begin by mid-March 2020.
  3. Our Aggregate Index was up on Wednesday even though the Dow was down.  That’s because Tech was up – again.

Good luck “investing.”  Since February, the Fed and Treasury have increased the amount of money in circulation by $3.6 trillion dollars at M2.  That’s a big “thumb on the scale” to the upside.

And it matters because economic statistics like Gross Domestic Product are [dollarized] numbers.  What matters to humans is unit sales and calories.  But in the “investment” world there’s a huge disconnect with the “living human world.”

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10 thoughts on “Update of the Stock Market’s 1929 Replay”

  1. Indicators didn’t even look . Gurus with road maps from an old piss pot Elliot adopted by prechter for $$$. So you must have a gut full of piss telling everyone what’s going to happen. Pilgrim festival my ass you will bow to anything. So George eny men y min I mo !!! Go on mate guru. She’s gone

  2. Et tu George . Bloody 4x2s do anything for a buck . Gotta love that fed George . Disgraceful hang your head

  3. Ahh life beautiful!!! After 25 years you discover a guy you played with is with another club. No reply that is paranoia !!! Or guilt

  4. If it wasn’t for the 3.2 Trillion, a massive correction would loom. If it wasn’t for the 3.2 Trillion, we wouldn’t be at 30,000. I will just wait for my indicators to say sell before I move. But it wouldn’t hurt to take some profits off the table now. This rally has been the biggest free lunch ever given by the government. It is not about the poor people. Let them eat cake while the Dems rig the elections. Wall Street investors will have a very merry Christmas paid for by Uncle Sam. Remember to use profits to enjoy life. Otherwise it is meaningless.

    • that’s fine mate you do what you think is right . like its called risk /reward . so if you stay in that’s your choice .. there is a casino system run by an old drunk .its called Elliot wave. so you may like to eat a big turkey get a gutful of scotch and throw a dart at the numbers ! never know it may land on 40000!!

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