You have Voicemail, II: Gpt-CHAT Does Poetry for 757 Pilot?

Oh, yeah.  Innovation, Baby!  It’s what we Thrive On!

Now this is the kind of thing we’re all over with our Voicemail to Web Audio system here.  (To use it, leave your Comments as a voicemail on (903) 740-0596.  Seat backs and tray tables?  The Captain speaks and innovates for us:


(Thanks Capt. Smiley. Climb and maintain 10-thousand at or below 220 knots while we get things spaced out a bit… – we like contributors to feel like this is all oddly familiar, lol.)

I gotta say it again: Have Elon call.  Free Starlink for life at the ranch and I’ll lay out the “secret sauce to Save Twitter!”

Write when you get unafraid of public speaking (in which case, leave the VM for us).  Other just get rich and wait for 87,000 auditors…


Er…seriously. If this idea blows up and goes viral, there is (as our favorite Physics brain says on her web posts) “There’s just one problem.”

That is:  Are people going to be more interested in Ure’s wild-ass voicemail to web audio deal?  Or, the Captain’s equally cool GptCHAT meets the DogPoet (who we haven’t heard from for a while.

Hey DP – leave the world a voicemail on (903) 740-0596!


9 thoughts on “You have Voicemail, II: Gpt-CHAT Does Poetry for 757 Pilot?”

  1. I gave up doing radio weather reports, so I’ll just write this out. CALVIN left me just 2.5 inches of rain overnight here on the tip of the storm-busting spear. Storm shreds drifting over the rest of the islands today. I guess I can stand by my ‘nothing-burger’ prediction after all.

  2. Wow, George. What is this, 3 posts in a day?! See what I mean? Yes, that was me on the first voicemail today. It was assuredly heartfelt. Now I have to find more time to spend on Urban although that is not a bad thing. But here’s something for the ISYN file via Chartr|Data Storytelling;
    Coming to the camps near you.

    Stay safe. 73

    • This isn’t just the Camps.
      My brother and I both wear size 14 Narrow (A) shoes.
      You don’t just walk into a shoe store and ask them to bring out all their 14As.
      Everything I buy gets at least two trips to the cobbler for new soles and heels.
      I wonder If I can get Alabama to give me and Art a subsidy for our footwear.
      (Imagine you are an Engineer in the sixties whose kids outgrow their shoes every 3-6 months, at the same time.)

  3. Like 5G microwaves weren’t enough, Now they are coming for the HF bands!
    “Market Makers” Want to Expand Their Use of Shortwave.
    The FCC seeks comments on a proposal to use HF spectrum for financial data.

    ARRL Comments:

    I think the idiots need to be introduced to the Over-the-Horizon radar ‘woodpecker’ to chip away at their finances!

  4. Thanks for sharing the poem. I submitted it to the Retired Pilots Association and it got shared and reposted widely.

    I also asked AI to complete a 9th grade English assignment for a substitute assignment I had last semester. Write the balcony scene from Romeo & Juliet as if the 2 were texting. OMG, it got the vernacular of anxious 15 year olds perfectly. I pasted the text on simulated iPhone screens with their names. Hilarious!

  5. How about a voice to text app which just adds to the regular comments? It’s not always easy to understand the voice thing. Of course that’s sometimes true for the written comments also. We shall see….

    • I was thinking along the same lines after listening to a couple of the VM.

      Doesn’t even have to be 100% accurate.

      One drawback of the audio is the intelligibility is generally limited to playback speed, whereas visual ‘digestion’ is much faster. If I see something in the text that is interesting, I can listen to the VM for both more content and also to pick up any nuances in the callers voice.

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