Wow – What a Call, Huh?

God, I love my meta index work! 

Earlier this week, in the Wednesday subscriber report, I made an outlandish call for where the markets COULD go based on my theories of multiple markets, entrainment, and predictability of the human psyche.

That was the Line, Bounce, and Crash post, right?  Two out of three came in so far.

That chart filled in today more or less exactly where I was pointing.  The lineup with 1929 is looking pretty grim right now – especially tomorrow and next week.

All of which came in per my outlook, but here’s the data model for tomorrow – that has us worried. The peach color columns are projected.

As you can see with this little hash-slants in the “Modern Gains” column, tomorrow could be a ball-buster.

Obviously, we hope it’s not, but, well, there seems to be a few visual cues off in that direction.  Not to mention the two woo-woo dreams about Taiwan I had last night.

By the way – see G.A. Stewarts remarks on “broken sleep” in the past week in the comments section of today’s column. (*Scroll down to it…)  Which is here if you missed it.  (Bad dog! How could you???)

Time for a Scotch in honor of Hadrian’s wall and a curse on those who defaced its sycamore.

Meanwhile: Is the AZ gov negotiating to join Mexico, or something?  Friday promises more mystery than money – which is what the audience is in for, eh? Well, ‘cept for us wizened geezers, of course.

Write when you get rich,

4 thoughts on “Wow – What a Call, Huh?”

  1. Question? if the impeachment goes to the House floor for debate, does all the spending bills get set to the sideline until the impeachment process is done?
    How will this affect the mkt?

  2. Great market calls.

    I don’t think it’ll be Taiwan. When China goes for Taiwan the show of force will be historic.

    China has the world’s largest Navy in terms of ships. The U.S. won’t be able to challenge them unless they go all-in. An all-in exchange would be -a lot of the market.

    Maybe a dirty bomb caught on the border.

  3. I believe I am a sensitive. Social media is ablaze with self-promoting narcissists, and that is a problem. Scrying the digital world is futile. More than that, it is turning you from the path that leads to a new future. Your sleep is restless, fragmented and fraught. I have lived like this my entire life – some 67 years. From my perspective, nothing has changed. I feel no sense of foreboding. I feel hope, something that has been elusive for so long.

    I recall writing something about the “Great Bifurcation”, not even knowing what that was or could be. It has already happened. When? Sometime in the past two months I felt all the tension dissipate. The world has not split into two camps, but we have collectively chosen a new path. There will always be conflict, geopolitical posturing, even limited wars, but not annihilation. I think you are sensing a thinning of the membrane between the two worlds. It is disorienting. Your body senses this as “other” and reacts with fear and anxiety. It is anything but……………………….

  4. George,
    I would respectfully disagree that Fridays initial and intraday bounce would qualify as the bounce you’re depicted in your 1929 fractal. It’s just too teeny weeny in magnitude and in duration. I would instead suggest that we get a bounce of 75 spx points next week, and the decline begins the following week, October 9. In EW terms, we’re due a wave 4 bounce, followed by a wave 5 decline the following week. I think your fractals would line up more accurately that way. Just my thinking. It also lines up the way I’ve described, with Chris Carolan’s work, based on tidal charts and lunar cycles.

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