Profits, GDP, and Taiwan Woo-Woo Dreams

We have fresh data! More 1929 rhymes.  But there’s more. I have enjoyable and very lifelike vivid dreams quite frequently. But two, in particular overnight seem to have dealt with Taiwan woo-woo. Because that is one of the few “big deals” in the foamy world of future-emergent news bubbles that could drive such a close financial waveform replay of 1929 events. Which as of yesterday was this:

We are dancing on the lower edge of an ascending trend channel that defined the Wave 2 rally from mid-2022 until July 31st of this year.  Our concern, highly detailed on our Peoplenomics website Wednesday, is that events of major proportion may be expected any minute.

We are on the trend line, expecting a 300+ point Aggregate (meta) index move higher and then a circuit-breaker inducing collapse in the coming week.

Here’s a freebie from Peoplenomics subscribers.  Your own pocket guide as to when it all begins blowing down, where the financial “circus breakers” will be hit based on Wednesday preopening prices:

This is all highly speculative but, to put it in the context of yellow journalism’s heyday, “It makes interesting copy.” First, however, some real-life news and data to throw in the breakfast hopper.

GDP, Profits, and (UI) Filings

Beginning with a short rap on GDP, it’s important to clarify our thinking between “real” (inflation-adjusted) and “nominal.”  It gets tricky when the Fed is both tinkering with the money supply while at the same time raising rates.

Thus, from the Fed’s H.6 money stocks report (here) we can see non-seasonally adjusted M2 (the broadest measure publicly admitted to by the Banksters since St. Greedspank, the fake gold supporter, hid M3 because it was a little too transparent for mere mortal voters to see.  Why, we might get concerned America’s on the financial skids.  Which, oh by-the-by, we are.  Two predicates when talking GDP then.  First is that M2 has been reduced 3.676 percent YoY (year-over-year).  Second is that John Williams of ShadowStats reconstructing what Greedspank hid figures real inflation at M3 is running in the 20 percent range.

Where is all the money coming from?  Making shit up, of course.  When you have a congress full of (mostly) irresponsible pricks, who spend out the Wah Zoo, and print up bonds to cover their crimes, you get things like a public debt to the penny of $33,146,408,994,532.36 as of September 26th.

Compounding and confounding, it’s really even WORSE because this doesn’t cop to an almost equal pile of unpaid interest.  See, the way this scam works is the government assumes in this $33 trillion fiction that no interest is owed, only principleWell, hold ‘er Newt!  What about promised interest on items like the 30-year bonds “Not included.”  And they would be right.  In a wholly fictional world where people only get their principle back, that fiction might sell.  Last time we checked, however, government bonds didn’t include a “no penalty for early redemption” clause.

When the whole pile of principle plus interest is considered, we’d put the whole lip sticked pig up in the $55 trillion range and going higher as rates go up.  (Don’t even wind me up on derivatives which are in the quadrillions now.)

Point is, if inflation drives nominal GDP up 7 percent, but real growth is zero, is there any point to a year’s worth of effort?  (*No, unless you benefit as a gov. bureaucrat from additional tax revenues for empire-building, of course.)

So Much for Foreplay

Just the facts, ma’am…”  Wait!  It’s not Friday yet.

Off the soapbox and into the bending over position, then?

Like words more than pictures?  Have we got a deal for you!

Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annual rate of 2.1 percent in the second quarter of 2023 (table 1), according to the “third” estimate released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. In the first quarter, real GDP increased 2.2 percent (revised).

The GDP estimate released today is based on more complete source data than were available for the “second” estimate issued last month. In the second estimate, the increase in GDP was also 2.1 percent. The update primarily reflected a downward revision to consumer spending that was partly offset by upward revisions to nonresidential fixed investment, exports, and inventory investment. Imports, which are a subtraction in the calculation of GDP, were revised down (refer to “Updates to GDP”).

(Um…yeah, if you say so!)

The good news?  Companies are still making a little money here and there.  Sez-so right here:

Real gross domestic income (GDI) increased 0.7 percent in the second quarter, an upward revision of 0.2 percentage point from the previous estimate. The average of real GDP and real GDI, a supplemental measure of U.S. economic activity that equally weights GDP and GDI, increased 1.4 percent in the second quarter, an upward revision of 0.1 percentage point (table 1).

Profits from current production (corporate profits with inventory valuation and capital consumption adjustments) increased $6.9 billion in the second quarter, an upward revision of $17.5 billion from the previous estimate (table 10).

Profits of domestic financial corporations decreased $54.2 billion in the second quarter, a downward revision of $6.3 billion from the previous estimate. Profits of domestic nonfinancial corporations increased $39.0 billion, an upward revision of $21.9 billion. Rest-of-the-world profits increased $22.1 billion, an upward revision of $1.9 billion. In the second quarter, receipts increased $25.8 billion, and payments increased $3.7 billion.

And the news on unemployment filings this week?  Well, it could be better.  We think that white-haired walk-into things guy from Florida ought to stay off picket lines, and just retire, though…  Here’s how states “experienced his policy results” this week.

And the hits just keep on coming.

Tearing Down the Wires

We’ll save any watch of the WestPac for last because its off into the woo-woo world.  Instead, focus on:

Who won the republican second “debate” last night?  **DRUDGE POLL* WHO WON SECOND REPUBLICAN DEBATE ’24? – Results (poll 12809644). The real winner is a financial calculation, but let’s all hold hands, have a kumbaya and pretend voting is, um…democratic and works, OK? Soiler (sic) alert: Haley and DeSantis with Christie making some sense, too.

New York’s Sanctuary City Bullshit lies coming home to roost: New York City Tells Migrants ‘You Are Better Off’ Somewhere Else. Sí, los llamamos idiotas liberales en Nueva York.  Duh.  Oh, Texas is not “else” because we do more than our share, already. Way freaking more.

Offended by our use of adult lingo?  Tough shit. GOP senators rail against Biden administration’s handling of border security amid spending talks: ‘Bulls—‘. Enough is too much, already.

What? CNN covering this?  (ViseGrips to the arms, stat!) What to watch for during Joe Biden’s first impeachment inquiry hearing | CNN Politics

Want to watch a modern spin on Fractured Fairytales? Menendez to Address Democratic Senators Thursday Amid Growing Calls to Resign.

Tickets!  Get your tickets!  Friday Powerball’s jackpot climbs after 30 drawings without winner (  (If I win, I quit writing, pure and simple.)

World War 3 Notes

I won’t go through all 11 war fronts today.  They will still be contested tomorrow and we’re only in the warmups.  But through a few checklists.

Around the Ranch: Taiwan Woo-Woo

Sent an interesting email to my consigliere today.  Goes in the George Archives for in the event anything happens to me.  This involved a couple of very strange ultra-vivid dreams last night.

“It’s almost like remote viewing, sometimes.

Part 1

The scene is a flat rectangle of land, ½ to a full block in length and maybe 100-200 feet wide, which was surrounded by rocks and was obviously infilled. It was a pad in front of a seaside hotel.

It jutted into open salt water and the weather was partly cloudy.  Behind this was a hotel/restaurant where I knew there was good food and not too many people at that hour.  It was early afternoon.  This “manmade attached island” on front of the hotel was near a point. Around which, a commercial area was sited behind the point, then around further to the left and going inland a distance. (Left if looking seaward from in front of the hotel.)

I was with two other men, and we were out front of a waterfront hotel.  We were walking around, smoking, pretending to talk, but our real agenda was to watch a half dozen men on a large white landing craft – had a tour boat company name on it – and was about 80 feet long (big boat) and they were working on how close they could get before the rocky slope into the water could prevent them from getting all the way to shore.  The ramp wouldn’t quite reach.

As it turned out, we watched for a while and then (because the water was clear) we could see to our left, the water was very deep (10’) and the vertical side of the land was ideal for offloading.

My companion was pointing this out to me.

“Should we tell them?”

“No, we should just report.  Because no one is to know we are here checking on our people (operatives, but I can’t remember the word he used – foreign).

“Come on, let’s go.”

At this, we walked up a broad set of steps into the hotel (restaurant to the right) and we caught a glimpse through an open window into the covered stair area of a group of rather tough-looking men who were sitting and eating, a couple had drinks, but they weren’t supposed to, because they were on duty.

I asked the smoking companion and he said (oddly) “They might as well be the Irish Republican Army.”

Part 2

In it, I was working with some kind of electronics guy who worked on aircraft in a foreign country.

Grisly sort of fellow, kind of short, but very thin with stringy white hair and hollow cheeks.  I followed him around the airport for a while as he checked on two or three planes.

The conversation turned to flying and I told him I had some experience – and why didn’t he fly? To which he explained that he did but liked to work on the planes more than fly them. He mentioned a few airports with odd names (cross between Glade and Gaodu) and yes, we compared notes.

Presently, we decided to knock off for food.  Which we found in a food court type setting and then returned to our big motel.

There was a woman there (Asian) who was by herself (so I thought) and since my room was nearby, I asked if there was anything I could get for her (we had been talking in the hall).  She declined, saying she wasn’t feeling well, and went to her room.  I changed and went out to the pool where my friend was.

The layout of the hotel becomes important.  For the woman’s room not only had a door to the inside hallway of the motel, but also out into the pool area.

Presently, a loud and obnoxious boy – age 12, or so – came by us and walked to the woman’s hotel door onto the pool area.  He went in and (amazingly) I could hear them talking. Door was open and we weren’t fall off by the pool.

And the boy said “Everything is in place, no one will suspect.  The Deputy Minister says so.

It’s tonight.

And with that, I awoke.

Wasn’t sure what to make of it, except this:  We are very close to a major decline in markets in my work and tonight (with luck), a 200-400-point rally today, and as soon as that is in hand, then a reunification with China is game on this weekend. It sets up the hard Wave 3 decline.

I had a “knowing” that when you (my consigliere) said “not during the Asian games” that it would be exactly then because the whole deal is what? Distractions by Deluxe.

At a minimum, my subconscious was reminding me that it was President Xi who was at dinner with Donald Trump (and this made a HUGE impression on Xi, because Trump was seen as the “king of cool”). Remember the impression on Xi?  A dinner of steak and carrots, then Trump’s cruise missiles struck Syria | Donald Trump | The Guardian

Xi will be assumed – might be the g channeling here – to never do something like war during a Big Deal State Event.

Except that he’s been around people (Trump) who have done precisely this and apparently, he liked the impact of it all and thus, the lady handler running a 12–13-year-old boy around the hotel in Taiwan making sure all the local stuff is in place for?


Well, of course nothing will happen.  But it’s a damn interesting dream and confabulation of events from all around the meta sphere.  As such, worth mentioning.  And like the yellow journalism days, makes “interesting copy.”

Punch first, punch hard. Punch when unexpected. Let’s Xi what happens.

One for the Road?

Yeah – there is the whole other side to life.  Where a bunch of us work on the gray zone between ultimate reality and what we have consciously zipped and compressed down into a reduced instruction set life in order to cope with hyper complexity. Which is driven by things & forces in ways that waking states don’t do well with.

Today’s recommended read – because it’s all rolling into fitting is G.A. Stewart’s piece on his The Age of Desolation website: BIG MIKE, THE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA, REMOTE VIEWERS, AND WEB BOT PROPHETS.

You know, second cup now, mornings like this? There is only ONE Hendrix song that covers it all.  And perhaps another Dylan song.

One MORE for the Road?

Oh, yeah. In the interest of full disclosure, last night’s vivid dreams came after I adjusted my CPAP machine, which has been running in the APAP mode to the CPAP mode.  The reason is I use CPAP to address my ultra-slow heartbeat.  Like 50 beats is a normal “writing trance” pulse rate for me.

Anyway, I was reading Less may be more: CPAP vs. APAP in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea – PMC ( and this part jumped out at me:

“Furthermore, in a randomized controlled trial comparing the impact of APAP with that of fixed CPAP on blood pressure in OSA patients, APAP did not reduce 24-h diastolic blood pressure as efficiently as did CPAP.Other studies have found that APAP is not as effective as CPAP in reducing sympathetic tone during sleepor in improving cardiovascular risk factors in OSA patients.

Last night was the first night off APAP and over on CPAP.  Thought I’d mention it because I did some personal research a while back on the possible impacts of CPAP therapies on dream states and sensing of Future.  This is from a Peoplenomics report a year, or so, back.  But might as well put it out there, because it’s very much on point today:

Prophecy, Cardiac Insufficiency, and Hypoxia

And yes, it’s my belief that even modest changes to blood O2 levels can influence not only our moods and physical stamina, but also our perceptual capabilities as humans.  There’s a reason some people get addicted to “deep breathing work” because it changes how they look at things.  It also is a good reason – when facing any major decision in Life – to sleep on it so you subject your thinking to at least your normal daily range of O2 variances which likely changes how you think of things.

Whew!  More bean? Coffee good….

Write when you get rich,

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  1. John Williams’ website has been down on the public side for many months now due to losing his IP host, if I understand it correctly. He’s not made an appearance on Greg Hunter’s show in quite some time either. I’ve always worried about Williams’ physical size and demeanor as he always seems out of breath when talking to Greg. Much more so than mere frustration at Greg’s interview process might have produced.

    Something Ben put up today is interesting – “Elon Musk’s SpaceX Lost 200 Starlink Satellites in Two Months, and Nobody Knows Why”

    Ben supposes there’s a whole lot more that’s not being said about Earth’s declining magnetic field than what’s reported by “o-fishul” channels.

    I wish I’d made the observation Matt Gaetz did about Menendez and the declining US$ – “MIC DROP: Matt Gaetz Blasts Government Spending and Senator Bob Menendez in One Classic Line (VIDEO)”

    “We are devaluing American money so rapidly that in America today, you can’t even bribe Democrat Senators with cash alone! You need to bring gold bars to get the job done, just so that the bribes hold value!” Gaetz declared.

  2. “When the whole pile of principle plus interest is considered, we’d put the whole lip sticked pig up in the $55 trillion range and going higher as rates go up. ”

    ONLY fifty five trillion?

    I read someplace one time ( a while ago to ) that with contract obligations and interest etc.. I read that the daily interest on our debt alone is hovering around two billion dollars a day.. and with all obligations and the operation expenses of the usa alone.. the number was almost a hundred trillion..
    last year alone we spent over six trillion dollars more than we used.. that the USA’s actual cost of operation is somewhere around two hundred billion dollars.. Hmm makes me think that maybe we should just take care of HOME instead of everywhere else..

    • Not a problem. I have a Zim 100 Trillion Dollar bill in my collection. I can pay it all off with a single bill. You’re welcome! ;-)

      • great idea hank.. get in touch with hunter.. he will map out the shell companies to process the finds through.. you may get some change .. I believe they can get your change to you with the JB three dollar bill and maybe a few 7 dollar bills lol lol..
        at the rate it’s going Zimbabwe money will have a greater value than the US dollar

  3. George,

    Thank you for the mention. I had done an update to that post last night, adding more from my 2019 book, but apparently it disappeared this morning.

    I just added the important parts back into that post, because my second choice for “The First Blow of Steel” is the nuclear facilities in Isfahan, Iran. This is based on Islamic prophecy.

    This might also explain Clif’s discovery of the word “Ejecta” in his web bot run.

    So, readers should check back.

    • Stu, I posted here a few days ago about that ‘ejecta’ business outlining some different scenarios where it could conceivably be used. As you know, I keep up with your work, too. I was trying to be optimistic about it all but, honestly, it really only makes sense in regards to the current world situation and that ain’t good news.

    • Still Stewing it seems, good on you!

      If I had to eat or taken half the shit you have experienced in your lifetime, I would have gone “postal’ a long f-ing time ago -

      A dox in time saves if you have not connected Moi to the guy who questioned Ure Trump not seated interpretation, well now youse now..big whoop/small world.

      Iran invading Azerbaijan make no sense to Moi, Armenia is the mean snake in this scenario – clowned up 2 the hilt, USAID been all over that country recently, like a bad river baby, they been all over town. Talking bioweapon labs, color rev setup grps, Gladio terror grps, bribes and moar bribes.

      ..Besides Azbaijan is 97 % Muzie TH’s.

      Turdturdgeon is ring kissing masonic mafiosi – their kind almost always end up assassinated..with firecrackers&cash stuffed in mouth/asshole, hung under black friars bridge with brick in his pocket, or rolled up in a Turkish “flying carpet”..either way days are numbered.

      BCN will the bee cheering his ass off, and THANKING the light workers in service to the Source – should the androgynes’ plane “accidentally” take a nose dive INTO the hard deck, or hit by UFO.
      Yeah be weeping tears joys of should that twisted one be extinguished..that forfeit POS(piece of soul) will be eating a steady diet of FEAR in 1st/Kergal.. soonly.

      Like the Stones sing, I cased the joint, and know it well.

      Never make a saint of Moi -NEVER!

    • Thanks folks!

      Question to all. Anyone dealing with broken sleep lately? I usually sleep like a rock. There is a certain anxiety that goes with this. I think that I cannot go back to sleep, but I really am sleeping. Also includes weird dreams with a lot of activity and tasks going on. Trying to grasp the details, but by the AM, it’s just a blur and I’m not rested; I feel like I have been working.

      My friend is psychic, and lately she too has also been dealing with broken sleep and the same kind of angst. I have noted that when she gets inputs from the etheric, she often gets anxious.

      I’ve listened to other psychics who have reported this same kind of anxiousness when dealing with contact from the other side.

      It’s just some of the woo woo I’ve been dealing with for the last few days.

        • Ya somethings coming – MOAR MONAY 4 the BCN ! yyyyyYOWZA

          Killer as in beautiful candle today on BTC daily chart. Concensio(30/9/3) confirms higher from here – can I get a witness ?

          ..when it all comes apart , and all is found to be non-existant/fake/no collateral..ludites be scrambling for the Safest fin tech on planet Earth..unfortunately you jknow what happens when youse be late adopter = -slim pickens!

      • Dude…yes. I get up most mornings at 0500, leave the house at 0530 for the gym. I workout really hard for a full hour. I also track my sleep pretty closely most nights because not getting enough sleep compounds over time.

        I woke up last night at 0145…never went back to sleep. I had a lot of non-specific anxiety. Not only that, but the last several nights have held very vivid dreams for me. That’s not normal in my version of reality.

        I’ve been somewhat exhausted this week even more than normal because of all that.

      • “Question to all. Anyone dealing with broken sleep lately? I usually sleep like a rock. There is a certain anxiety that goes with this. I think that I cannot go back to sleep, but I really am sleeping. Also includes weird dreams with a lot of activity and tasks going on. Trying to grasp the details, but by the AM, it’s just a blur and I’m not rested; I feel like I have been working.”

        Yes to all of that.

      • I’ve had the same broken sleep for about a week. like you I usually sleep very solid. My dreams have become a bit more disordered than usual, too. My anxiety had spiked, which at first I just chalked up to my husband being deployed, but it’s been a really crazy year. All I can say is that it isn’t anything going on in my life. Now if retirement would just get here faster. We are ready to go back home to Texas.

      • Broken sleep? Count me in. I’m up several times per night. Seem to only take brief “naps” as I refer to it. I’ve notice during these times, the moon is at 10 O’clock in the sky when it starts. – odd dreams? Yes.

        What’s interesting is, if I when I wake up and step outside, my mind is exceptionally clear and as the “tiredness” wears off, I feel really calm and good. Senses heightened, but not in a bad way. – feeling Much better then, than through the daytime hours – probably because I didn’t get much restful sleep.

        Not a dumb question by any means. Good to know I’m not experiencing this kind of thing by my self.

      • The wife has been up a lot lately. She said she woke up last night about 3 and couldn’t get back to sleep. I usually find her doing her book keeping work when that happens when I get up with the alarm but there have been several times lately that she’s done this. No mention of anxiety but there’s plenty of it to go around for various reasons.

        My sleep is the typical once every 2 or so hours to bolt for the bathroom and hope I don’t do it right before the alarm goes off. I hate it when that happens. Dreams are rarely specific although for the first time last night I dreampt about a couple we’ve known forever around here that have recently moved the to Dallas area to be closer to their kids. I wished them well and told them I hope things will be OK for them the last time I saw them.

      • I am sleeping pretty good.., but what has been messing with my mind are my dreams. Very rapid fire and disconnected. ., and that is very out-of-whack for me. I seem to wake up tired – even though I know I have been asleep for at least five hours.

        • The only dream I remember from last night was I was in China, for some unGodly reason, at a theme park. I didn’t have any renminbi and there were vending machines and piles of pastries all over the entrance but I couldn’t buy anything. There was also something about a company I was associated with that had sent out a silver dollar (US) and another silver coin to various Chinese people and some of them at the park had them and would lose them on the rides.

          Then the alarm went off. The rest of the details were plowed under by the coffee and sugar.

        • It would definitely be an “E” ticket event. Can’t get any more real than the targets shooting back at you.

      • Yes, sleep soundly has ceased as of late, the ether is screaming to be heard. I normally don’t admit to my dabbling into those realms. but in this company I am free to state that we are at a hinge point as my WOO players tell me. Things are like a spring compressed and ready to unwind.

      • No need to feel foolish.

        Starting about 60 days out from 9/11 on the internet boards of that day (which were better than today’s commercialized internet) sensitive types started to get antsy, 30 days out they were ALL antsy and some were climbing the walls, 15 days out ALL were climbing the walls.

        I have finally reached the point in time that I realize that what physicists say is true … time is NOT linear. In our dimension it appears to be linear but it is not, and some people DO have the ability/curse to see/feel dimly through the veil of time into what “we” call “the future”. The work you have done wrt Nostradamus is a clear example of that since he appeared to have that ability.

        Although it is harder now to pay attention via the internet to the “sensitive types” … but pay attention to those types if you run across them via the internet. When you see the better ones start climbing the walls something is close, very close.

      • I’m late to this sleep question party. And, as I’ve said before, living in S. IN means being neck deep in the farmland community. For the last week, they’ve been harvesting like mad due to lack of rain. My allergies are in OT and I’ve taken a lot of benadryl to counter it and get sleep. That said, my dreams have come later than normal, between 3-7 am. My dream the night in question had me walking down to a corner grocery shop (in a city I don’t really live in). As I crossed the street, a little black girl went racing into it and I grabbed her hand to keep her from being hit by a car. Her mom and sisters never even paid any attention. After that, I went inside the store. It was an Asian market that had it’s inventory shrunk by 30% and that back section of the store was empty. So I asked the two older Asian women who owned/operated it for something to help digestion. I was looking for foods, but they gave me a bunch of bracelets and other jewelry, and run me up to a bill over $1000. Shocked, I told them no, I wanted something I could eat. They were severely upset and disappointed I wouldn’t pay and mentioned they’d be closing their store as they couldn’t make enough money anymore. Interestingly, they dressed very well to do, so my guess is that they either squandered it, or couldn’t balance tax books. Woke up after that. Revisiting this dream, I wonder if there is parallels in the waking world now.

    • Stew, you’re work is inspiring. And how humble you are at presenting everything is noteworthy. Thank you for all your efforts. I’m sure I am not the only one that appreciates it, but I just wanted to say thanks. Blessings….. Steve Hollander

  4. Hi George. With your inspiration I had success after following along with your research and CPAP use. I experienced sleep interruptions and noticed that just before abruptly waking up I recalled dreaming I was either drowning, swimming or just holding my breath. Diana reported that I would be snoring loudly and would just stop breathing scaring the crap out of her so she would sock me. I tried a CPAP but I would find it on the floor each morning. At Diana’s instructions I tried a couple different smart watches and those helped to track my sleep and O2 levels. I also found success when I stuck to my schedule by avoiding screen time after 7pm and sticking to a sleep schedule of 2100-0400. During an annual Dr visit she told me I should try to sleep on my belly which the nurses at the hospital I stayed at kept harping for me to do. Yeah, try that with a garden hose sticking out of your ying yang and a brick with a bunch of wires stuck in a pocket on my chest in a bed that was very similar to medieval torture rack. My sleep improved a lot since I made the effort to sleep on my belly.
    Long story short your post at the time inspired me to do my own research and testing successfully. I’ve been off BP meds since I left the hospital 2 years ago, my O2 levels remain in the upper 90’s and my resting BP stays around 118/72, 60bpm. My weight stays around 240 but I don’t care.
    Thanks for what you do.
    Stay safe. 73

  5. In case we need more proof that there are some seriously sick folks lurking among us, some ass-clown (or clowns) cut down the 300 year old tree at Sycamore Gap on Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland, UK last night. Think alcohol might have been involved?

    • Dam.. when you were talking about seriously sick morally and ethically deviant ass clowns.. I could only picture two people in my mind that fit that description .. and I don’t think they left the country last night..

    • Funny that Hadrian’s Wall came up in the news.

      Just this week was watching a series of older “History Channel”(??) shows on Rome’s infrastructure building endeavors and they devoted about 1/2 of one show to Hadrian’s Wall. They called it the largest single Civil Engineering Project ever done in the ancient Western World. (the Great Wall of China and the Grand Canal of course were bigger – but they were in the Eastern World)

      Coast to coast, 72 miles, separating the northern part of the British Isles from the southern part. 15 feet high stone wall (walkway on top) with a 9 foot ditch below it (facing towards the “bad lands”) and behind the wall were three earthen defensive positions, totalling about 1/3 of a mile in distance, paralleling it for the the entire 72 miles.

      There were large block houses every mile and two smaller ones in between the larger ones. In addition there were a number of larger forts (11? forget) along the length of the wall that held large numbers of men. Apparently it took 20,000+- Roman soldiers to man it for it’s full length.

      I guess we have all heard about Hadrian’s Wall but I was unaware of both it size and how much of a engineering and construction project it had been for the Romans. A HUGE expense to Rome to construct … and to keep manned.
      (Hadrian actually visited the British Isles and at the end of his visit personally decided that a wall across the entire island was necessary so as to protect the Roman settlements to the south and ordered it built).

      A new thing to add to my bucket list!!

      • Late Pappy Ure walked most of the wall. Stopped at every pub he could and had a single malt with water (no ice, that’s just not done in proper Scottish Scotch drinking…)

  6. The record low heart rate for a healthy person was the 28 recorded by a member of the Kenyan national cross country team.On the other side of the spectrum,I once finished a long distance run at 235 sometime in 1979,after having another run of two hours with a steady rate of 198.

  7. The S&P 500 Equal Weight index today fell into the negative year-to-date (-0.6% YTD at the moment), after having dropped over 9% since July 31. It thereby has totally wiped out the two big sucker rallies this year (red line in the chart below).

    Sucker rally in January through February 2 was wiped out by mid-March.

    Sucker rally from mid-March through July 31 now also wiped out.

  8. you know.. I got thinking about the lucid dreams.. and the color change of the sunshade..
    and how electrical current changes.. everything has an aura.. I can see the aura at times around people and things..

    then my theory on everything is a frequency.. we know all songs that are hits.. have the same four frequencies or tones.. and some tones give us peace and tranquility.. and some tones give us irritation.. that electricity is in all things..
    Alpha frequencies are what..8 to 13
    like 741 hz is suppose to work to remove toxins from your body
    714 removes all negative
    two frequencies they say are unbearable I believe it is 748 and 324 when combined together..
    Movie magic.. got a scary school they taught us about subliminal messages.. and the subliminal sound..
    I believe it is 19hz. causes fear..
    the frequency of a heartbeat.. 0.6 -2 hz.. which is comforting to a newborn baby
    wood is 1.1 khz.. everything is a frequency so .. what about lucid dream state..
    it has to be someplace around 40hz. fans in the bedroom is a white noise sound that comforts.. and frequency that is suppose to bring on lucid dreaming about 40hz.. a small fan is between 40-45 hz.. on up depending on the fan of course.. like a ceiling fan.. which is someplace around 50hz.
    he pressure waveform produced by bubble CPAP is an extremely noisy signal with dominant frequencies around the 5- to 20- and 40- to 100-Hz
    Evidence that non-invasive sensory stimulation of 40 Hz gamma frequency brain rhythms can reduce Alzheimer’s disease pathology and symptoms, already shown with light and sound by multiple research groups in mice and humans, now extends to tactile stimulation…. an electrical line with a poor connection.. can cause anxiety and anger..
    so now I am curious.. is there a frequency of the veil of time and other realms .. we read in mythology the reason for chants..
    Now I think about a study I read .. they were studying how sound helps growth of plants.. and the affects on the human mind..
    Now plant growth and production and the 5g network.. One of the features of 5G is that the MMW is particularly susceptible to being absorbed by plants and rain. Humans and animals alike consume plants as a food source.

    The effects MMW has on plants could leave us with food that’s not safe to consume. Another American study found that MMWs of low intensity “invoke peroxidase isoenzyme spectrum changes of wheat shoots.” Peroxidase which is a stress protein existing in plants.
    Indications are that 5G will be particularly harmful to plants — perhaps more so than to humans.
    the one study I read stated that if you excluded a plant from any sounds.. and gave it the exact same amount of water and nutrients and sunlight but no sound that the plant was stagnant.. poor growth low fruiting.. the one that you played calming music to talked to lovingly like mom talking to her flowers.. grew and gave more fruit.. the plants in the growth cycle that had loud obnoxious music talked harshly to withered and died..
    the same results happen with people..

  9. I’ve been using a BiPAP for well over 15 years – much prefer it to anything else. Totally adjustable sensitivity, force, volume, etc. In case you don’t know – works like a SCUBA. You trihgger it by pulling negative pressure, instead of constant stream.

    Thought that might be an option for some…

  10. I laid this out once before, but it bears repeating in view of current events.

    I was on the road every week for about two years on a FEMA-funded project as a civilian facilitator, promoting the bringing together of local officials expected to be active in emergencies, and local ham radio groups.

    Mostly both the local hams, and the emergency officials were well-developed and competent — but had simply not been introduced and encouraged to work out methods for aiding each other’s situations. I was amazed at how good and specific FEMA’s intel was in each city. Each meeting was very productive, and almost all resulted in good, solid, and developing working relationships. “Government” programs rarely work so well.

    Many and numerous other organizations and individuals were included in the meeting’s guest lists. Railroads, trucking companies, school bus companies, various local offices of GovDome “letter” agencies, cops, FDs and EMTs, water plant guys, garbage guys, retail boxx stores, and others who might be called upon in wide emergencies to perform. The whole idea was to build a framework for ham radio guys to enhance and extend radio communications support for the “served agencies.” “Coordination” was the desired product.

    During my time at this, giving meetings, I usually set up my small and mercifully brief dog & pony show the day before, or early the day of. The “meet & greet” session (think: informal reception) immediately followed the show, and these turned out to be the workhorse of facilitating working relationships. Lots of conversations started, and lots of business cards were exchanged. (Later follow-up confirmed the success of it.)

    And, then we would gently and politely bow out and leave them to it. This all happened during 2005 to 2007. Yes, of course, the original stimulus for this program was in response to nine-eleven.

    One of my questions I asked during the show was, “By show of hands, who here thinks the terrorists are through with us?” No one EVER raised a hand. Not one. Ever. In three years.

    Over some time, in talking with some of the letter-agency guys, I evolved a scenario for a possible future event. It is no one’s approved scenario — just mine, from my own fevered brayne.

    In my “dream,” it begins on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or a Thursday, around noon, Eastern Time. (The reason for this window is most people are at work, from coast to coast, and there is plenty of daylight left so the news crews can get lots of coverage without lighting, and it won’t be on a Monday or Friday because many will be late, or bailing early on a Friday.)
    Plenty of hysterical and poorly-informed media coverage is an important factor.

    It will consist of literally tens of thousands of small-ish individual attacks — a gas station arsoned, some TV stations attacked (but only a few!), de-railments, water systems poisoned, general sabotage, schools attacked — thousands of events, all within about a three-hour window. Each attack is a two or three-man job. All small: just lots of them, all at once.

    Our society would go bug-shit crazy. THAT is the desired product.

    The only thing that amazes me is that it has NOT happened yet.

    7.299 by day, 3.999 by night.

    • I have a math-friend that has been working on a similar scenario – with a slightly different bent.
      – What would be the effect if every major airport, and every secondary airports were attacked at the same time – say all happen within a one hour time-window ? What kind of chaos., media-mismanagement., government ineptitude., and civilian-horror would ensue? How much damage to transportation, economy and civilian mental-stability would such an attack bring? The disruption would be incredible. The shut-down and possible military call-up would bring even greater chaos & fear.
      Interesting scenario. He is beginning to believe it will happen and before the next Presidential election. Within in a year ?

      • Very interesting alternate. Yes, it would cause widespread fear and a severe lockdown, no doubt.

        I think the ba guys themselves were amazed at the amount of fear and over-the-top uninformed “coverege” that resulted. Amd I think their next action, if any, is likely to make maximum use of that effect.

        • Yep – maximum amount of misinformation, media speculation and wide-spread fear works wonders on an entitled, lazy population.

      • (What would be the effect if every major airport, and every secondary airports were attacked at the same time –)

        that’s an easy one …
        what affect did it have when BLM and Antifa attacked every major city in the USA then went global in what twenty-four hour time was chaos.. and billions of dollars worth of damage in a really short time span..
        consider the hundred year winter storm in almost took down the forward to today and the weather modifications airplanes..what would the affects of a hundred year storm be in not just Texas but let’s say several areas. toss a hundred year winter storm in five key areas and the domino collapse of the grid. toss in an emp and its wiped out..since the weather mod airplanes are being directed by some agency or people in the usa along with the millions of illegals..this could be a perfect storm attack by someone in our own govt. as the manipulator

    • Having thousands of trustworthy yet capable and violent men available to do specific attacks at widely disparate locations at a set time would be a logistical nightmare. It’s not as though the letter agencies and even local LEO’s don’t have their ears to the ground – they do. Not perfect, but organizing this would be quite difficult, IMHO. I suspect that at least some of these attacks would be sensed in advance, and the higher level intelligence functions should be able to get a feeling for it, at least. I’m not in that field, but word would be likely to leak out – as it did with 911, though for some reason it wasn’t acted upon. Of course, tracking so many independent events would be another logistical nightmare.

      I suspect a lower level of dispersion has been happening asynchronously with the apparently random attacks on railroads, food and fertilizer plants, energy infrastructure, etc. I trust that the agencies are at least trying to get on top of these things without tipping their own hand too much.

      • “I suspect a lower level of dispersion has been happening asynchronously with the apparently random attacks on railroads, food and fertilizer plants, energy infrastructure, etc.”

        Training ops…

        “organizing this would be quite difficult, IMHO. I suspect that at least some of these attacks would be sensed in advance”

        I would organize them before anyone ever waded the Rio Grande. Field armies don’t need Generals, they need noncoms.

        I also have little confidence in our ability to sense an attack. The agencies are run by bureaucratic lifers who’re mostly intellectual idiots with political connections. Clinton decimated our overseas assets (on the advise of Vichy Nuland and a few of her cohorts at State, BTW). Vichy poisoned our Foreign Service until Trump chained her to a desk. One of the first things President Biden did was unshackle her and return her to a position where she could cause more death & destruction.

        Whether or not there was a domestic component WRT 9/11, Islamic radicals DID drive airplanes into the towers. The blurb at the time was that back in the mid-90s Vichy & Co. convinced Woolsey that we didn’t need field assets, because our tech snooping was sufficient.

        I have not much confidence in our tech assets. I have little confidence that we have field assets who’re placed where they could hear whispers. I have no confidence that the Administration would uphold its Constitutional obligations, should intel become available, nor do I have any confidence whatsoever that the people running the country would care…

    • Preps for something wicked coming????

      On October 4, 2023 there will be a massive, coordinated test of the emergency alert system across TVs, radios, and cell phones. The test is set to occur at 2:20 pm ET, and should be accompanied by a somewhat jarring, electronic noise that is designed to bring you to alert.

    • William

      The more people or more groups planning on acting simultaneously above a certain threshold would 100% guarantee INFORMATION LEAKAGE as to an upcoming set of events.

      People if acting in small groups of different independent groups just can NOT ALL KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT. Human Nature at work.

      Subconscious bragging? I ‘ll leave it to the psychologists as to why … but that is reality in the real world as to human nature.

      Now if you had 2 to 4 groups of up to 20+- each, ala the number involved in the 9/11 hijacker situation, acting at the same time AND they also had strong external motivations (religious /political movement /ethic group /nation state driven – people who are NOT native to this culture and did NOT live in this culture as permanent residents) then you would have a CHANCE to keep that co-ordianated type of action secret. (but is that even possible in today’s “all knowing /all surveilance” society that the Patriot Act created?)

      Go above 4 groups of 20 or fewer people per group and the odds of containing information leakage of a coordinated set of events that were to come simultaneously would be near zero.

      What types of serious events could up to four independent groups of 20 or less people actually do? THOSE are the types of events to watch out for (other than lone wolf type of events … which will always occur in any open society).

      We can all speculate as to what such groups could actually do but in my mind they revolve around:

      *Nuclear power plants (cause Fukushima style meltdowns)
      *Electrical distribution centers /transmission cables
      *Water supplies (but only for at most a few locations or cities) (operational discovery HIGH for this type of operation once it starts to be acted on makes multi location success highly improbable)
      *Bridges (risk of pre event discovery would be extremely high for any specific bridge … and damage would be VERY localized in any case)
      *Dams (very very low probability imo since damge would be geographically limited or would require HEAVY supply needs and engineering planning for each large dam structure)

      Only a FEW events could be created so as to occur simultaneously … even by an organized state actor. The reality of life in todays “all knowing information surveilance age”.

      • “People if acting in small groups of different independent groups just can NOT ALL KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT. ”

        They can, if they are not given anything about which to talk, until after the mission begins.

        The actions of any number of groups, scattered over any amount of space, can be coordinated within a fraction of a second, via snapchat.

        Never underestimate the ability of someone else to FYL…

    • I’ve been expecting it.

      It is not necessary to kinetically kill even a single person.

      The function of “terrorism” is to make a political statement by inducing fear into the masses, in an effort to achieve a sociopolitical or geopolitical goal.

      With all the misuse, overuse, and abuse of the term in the media, and indeed, in government as well, it would be absurdly easy to cause the basic low-information and short attention span Gringo to totally lose their shit. We are collectively, just one “NEWS ALERT” away from balling ourselves up in a fetal position, under our beds.

      Personally, I’m allergic to dust bunnies. That’s why I chase tornadoes, instead of waiting for one to chase me. I daresay, I’m in the minority, though.

      There are between 200,000 and 5 million enemy troops in CONUS and Canada right now. When al Qaeda had a few training camps on U.S. turf and they, and Hamas and Hezbollah had a few hundred operatives here combined, the FBI kept eyes on them all. Now that we’ve been Cloward and Pivened at the border to the tune of a multi-million-man army, who’s got eyes on, now?

      Looking at the conquest of North America like a General, I see a multi-pronged attack, with an uncountable number of prongs, attacking a multitude of targets in myriad different ways and coordinated via social media. At least, that’s how I would do it. When things went green, I would absolutely do tens of thousands of coordinated soft-target infrastructure attacks. Then weeks or months later, I’d do it again — right before safeguards were put in place to prevent a repeat.

      It only takes a small percentage of combatants to win a war, especially when one side doesn’t realize they’re being conquered, until they have been. Most wars are won or lost by playing on the emotions of the peasants…

  11. Iran invading Turkey. That would be., what’s the word – Monumental. That would basically force the entire Middle East to “make their move”. Wow.., I have a hard time picturing the entirety – the consequences of such a move. Every piece on the chess-board that is the Middle East would be affected. And Israel would be right in the middle of that meat grinder. If/when that happens all the dominos on the table will start to wobble – which ones fall first ? Would that give Russia what it needs, the incentive to invade and capture Constantinople., thus the Isthmus and thus total control over the Black Sea. And Russia will not play nice with Israel – as they aligned themselves with Ukraine – supplying arms and technology. And – will Israel take advantage of the chaos and strike the nuclear facilities of Iran.., which of course would be a declaration of war and half a dozen countries will become embroiled in a war against Israel. And just how badly will our administration muck the whole thing up even further?
    That one act has the potential to change history.

  12. Jack Kerouac’s dream/text from On the Road 1948…

    When daybreak came we were zooming through New Jersey with the great cloud of Metropolitan New York rising before us in the snowy distance. Dean had a sweater wrapped around his ears to keep warm. He said we were a band of Arabs coming in to blow up New York. We swished through the Lincoln Tunnel and cut over to Times Square…

    …It had to do somewhat with the Shrouded Traveler. Carlo Marx and I once sat down together, knee to knee, in two chairs, facing, and I told him a dream I had about a strange Arabian figure that was pursuing me across the desert; that I tried to avoid; that finally overtook me just before I reached the Protective City. “Who is this?” said Carlo. We pondered it. I proposed it was myself, wearing a shroud…

  13. Could Starlink be under attack? Physically under attack? 200 satellites lost [ and they don’t know why ] in a couple of days – just smells very odd to me.

    • It would be hard to physically attack the ‘swarm’ of starlinks. But there have been a couple of powerful CME and solar wind events that have ‘bobbled’ the earth’s magnetic field in recent days. And we are not near the solar flux peak for this cycle yet. Sometimes great for propagation, though. I had a ham contact with Fiji last night on 6 meters… 50mHz.

  14. There’s my bounce-up – this morning – two days late.., the 10 year is at 4.6 %, gold has fallen well below $1,900 per., the government has lied once again about the economy – and all is right in Never-Never Land. Oh.., and a nuclear detonation over New York City isn’t really that big of thing.
    – I need to spike my coffee……………….

    • Need a bigger bounce to really cash in here. The 7 year UST auction today just priced @4.67% =WEAK

      I dont understand any of this – UST is not a Risk free asset any longer, the return, 4.67% is insufficient/peanuts for the risk now attached to US treasuries.
      1)Govt Shutdown – 2)USA has a very broke dyck in terms of Debt.3) At War with a incredibly powerful Military with a ton very hardened fighters/hypersonics/belgorods/sarmatts.

      33 trillion cited by professor G , is only 50 % of the REAL number. See Katherine Austin Fitts and the fin group from Michigan State I think it was that calculated a much LARGER amount of debt.
      Ya know all those TR3b’s and what not – that shit paid for with S&H greenstamps?

      I dont wanna be left holding the bag 4 those “forfeited” in DC.
      Miners wit assets in the ground paying +4% dividends, and Oil co’s paying 8-9% divs, with Oil reserves in the ground..all day everyday.
      Yerp- Nat Gas is playing far.

  15. Him: You know the saying, d’Lynn – “Never make a permanent decision based on a temporary storm.”
    Me: .., but.., but.., C4 works so damn well ! I have a recipe !
    Him: Why am I not surprised. So you would destroy everything and rebuild ?
    Me: Why not? – mankind has been doing that for a couple thousand years now., and it looks like a lot of countries want to try again., we just haven’t rebuilt it properly. Maybe this time, we’ll get it right. Maybe?
    Him: I doubt it.
    Me: So do I.

  16. The Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in China is warning that another coronavirus outbreak is “highly likely.” [ They have been studying 20 other variants? Yikes ! ]

    Katie Hobbs is stepping down temporarily as governor of Arizona this evening, state treasurer Kimberly Yee has revealed.
    Yee, a Republican, will serve as acting governor until mid-morning on Friday. The reason has not been released and Hobbs has not commented on the move.

    Las Vegas hospitality workers overwhelmingly vote to authorize strike against hotels, casinos [ and anyone else, who gets in their way. Union contagion at its finest.]

    Looks as though spiking my coffee had absolutely no effect on the news.

  17. G- I appreciate your notes around CPAP and dream states. About 4-5 years ago I was diagnosed with pretty severe OSA despite being a fit (6′ 195lb, bench press body weight) 40-something. Well, physiologically my lower jaw is set back and gives me wonderful things like eustachian tube dysfunction.

    Around a year ago, I stopped the CPAP without any issues but now, over time, issues are returning. So I’ll be cleaning up the old CPAP and get it back into production this weekend so maybe I can start some dream work. All thanks to your sync-wink reminder.

    In other news, my wife never has lucid dreams but this past weekend we spent some time up in the mountains. Home is near sea level, but the spot in the mountains was over 9,000′. I slept terribly, but the wife had tons of lucid dreams! hmmm

  18. George – Is this your woo woo dream?

    Tashkent Airport in Uzbekistan in the early hours (2:43 am local time): BATTERY BLAST Huge explosion ‘fueled by EV batteries in a customs warehouse rips through airport killing boy, 15, & injuring 163 in blast felt for 20 miles. Giant explosion feared to have been triggered by detonating electric car batteries. › news › 9198363 › explosion-ev-batteries-airport-uzbekistan

  19. “New York’s Sanctuary City Bullshit lies coming home to roost: New York City Tells Migrants ‘You Are Better Off’ Somewhere Else. Sí, los llamamos idiotas liberales en Nueva York. Duh. ”

    I have some great suggestions…

    Beverly Hills
    Harper’s fairy
    Martha’s vineyard
    San Francisco

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