Why, Slap My Collapse Timer!

Got out of bed this morning with an unusual urge.  So unusual, that even after standing in front of the recycling station, it persisted.  “What’s going on?” I wondered.

Then it hit me:  The Typical Summer High seems to be in play and with the market’s action Thursday, our Aggregate Index was screaming more upside…for a little while longer!

How about writing a “gift” column from Peoplenomics subscribers for the Great Unwashed?  Why not?

What makes this so interesting is that although we have a New High in our Aggregate, specific indexes haven’t gone higher.  Yet.

Market Long Term Peaks

I mention this because when a major long-term market peak is coming in, the all-time records – at least for the present run – don’t usually come in at the same time.

Take the 2000 blow-off top of the Internet Bubble.  The Aggregate Index (13,091 and change) hit week ending March 24, 2000.  But the weekly Dow high was set the week of January 14, 2000 (11,722.98).  When the Aggregate topped-out, the Dow was already down 610-points off the ATH (all-time high).

On the other hand, the S&P 500 was concurrent with the Aggregate peak (posting 1,527.46).  The NASDAQ peaked a little earlier (March 10, 2000 on a weekly closing basis).

Which means?  Early Dow peaks happen, the NASDAQ peaked two weeks earlier, and the S&P 500 was “most on time.”

Housing Bubble Results Different

The Aggregate actually peaked the weekend ending October 12, 2007 at 11,359.27.  The Aggregate then declined, as people began to worry about Housing, until March 2008 (9,337.54) before a final attempt to put in new highs ended at 10367.46 week ending May 8, 2008.

At the 30,000 foot level, the peak (2007) was the nominal high.  The decline into March would count under Elliott as a Wave 1 down.  The rally to the “false high” in May 2008 might be seen as a Wave 2 rally.  And after that, the track was downhill until March 2009 when the Aggregate settled to 5,209.51.

Inflation Distorts Judgment

The crux of the opening discussion is this:  We may (IMHO) have already had our analog to the 2007 initial high.  I’d peg that back in the week ending February 7, 2020 when the Aggregate hit 28,953.36.

Was this the “first (honest) high” like it was in 2007?

As of the Thursday close we sat with and Aggregate at 39,561.63.  This is 17-months from what I think of as the “honest high.”

If we look at the February 2020 high as being “honest” and tack on 17-months to the “false high” we land a few weeks into the future.

That should do it.  And it sets up?

The “Wheels Coming Off”

The inflation distortion of thinking will keep most people from seeing what I believe will be along shortly.  If you have the sense to look at the amount of money the Fed as mashed into the markets from February 2020 (M2=$15,473.4 billion) and compare that with the most recent June figures (M2=$20,388.9 billion), the case is made (even without additional billions in  July) for  a 31.8% current devaluation.

As the money is “worth less” the flip side it is takes a lot more money to buy the same goods or assets.

Taking the February 2020 “honest high” we didn’t really launch into Unknown Territory until 38,160 on the Aggregate.  But, remember, we have 45 days of additional M2 dump-in to factor.

Simplest terms?  This could be a double-top.

As a Public Service:

Clip out the typical 55-days from peak to major decline chart, then, as follows (this is not investment advice):

This is not a prediction (well, except the yellow area is typically in the date-range of fall declines).  Mostly, it’s a big picture timing discussion.

And I did buy a chess “slap timer”  (LEAP Chess Clock Digital Timer Advanced for Game and Chess Timer with Bonus & Delay Count Down up Alarm) for the occasion.  To accompany thoughts of “capturing money en passant.”

CV-19 is Terribly Deflationary

Considering the role of government in promoting “THE JAB” people seems to have run off to Conspiracy Land, parking their brains at the door in the process.

The Big Threat with CV-19 is it Does to America what the West did to the Former Soviet Union.  Made it economically unviable.

You may safely guess government officials are crapping spike proteins when they read ‘We are backsliding’: Our pandemic momentum has been squandered (yahoo.com).  Because it means Deflation is Looming.

Imagine CV-19 really digs in.  Killer variant comes along. Lockdown 2.0.  No travel, even though, for example, United airlines to require Covid vaccinations for its 67,000 U.S. employees (cnbc.com) and other cooperating industries.

Imagine 10% of the population is incapacitated.  Another 10% will hold to principles and won’t jab-up.  Quickly, CV-19 turns into an economic collapse when  a certain threshold is passed.

In economic terms, this does what?  Symptom check:

  • eBay prices would begin to collapse.
  • Home prices would falter and fall.
  • The labor force would decline even more.
  • Stocks would plummet as retail sales fall…

I mean, it’s a really ugly gob of stuff.  But the biggest part is the National Debt would skyrocket even beyond where it’s going (as soon as a new debt ceiling) is ironed-out.  We wouldn’t be surprised to top $30-trillion in national debt this year.

By the way, commonly quoted debt figures don’t add in interest that has to be paid, so the National Debt is really worse than people talk about.  Maybe double?

As people die-off from Covid (as my dear friend and Elliott wave mentor passed this week) lots of homes will be coming on the market, downsizing and selling off assets could accelerate. And the government isn’t prepared for the combination of falling income tax revenue and increasing social demands that asset deflation will drag along with it.

Conspiracy Still Works, Though

One thing the data is clear on?  When you consider the Black Death of 1347-52, the literature is pretty clear:  It sets the richest 10 percent of the population up for huge gains from disease low points. Specifically, read Europe’s rich since 1300 | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal (voxeu.org) and ask yourself  “Is Covid its own Global Economic Reset?”  (Hint:  “You don’t need the WEF “reset” plan if you have a lab…” is a lingering question.)

Meantime – insidiously – medical costs will do their depressionary work of destroying savings, too…

Not to put a bummer tilt on your week, so let’s jump into the federal Employment report just out.  Because we’re isolated and focused on Civilization Restart around here.  The Great Craziness is contagious and spread via social (media) contact.

Jobs: Someone’s Lying

Cue the Labor Department Job report!

“Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 943,000 in July, and the unemployment rate declined by 0.5 percentage point to 5.4 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Notable job gains occurred in leisure and hospitality, in local government education, and in professional and business services.”

But wait!  This week new jobs by ADP’s count were up how much?  330,000.  Not the fed’s nearly million!

TOO MUCH!  SOMEONE’S LYING.  613,000 is simply too big a difference.  We didn’t just fall off the “standard deviation truck.”

Part of the gain was 224,000 jobs in the CES birth death model:

Lower right, 224,000 jobs, got it?

Number of people claimed actually working?  152,645,000.  *(152.6 million, call it.)

Here’s how the lie works:  Non-farm Jobs now are still below where they were in August of 2017!  Four years ago!

See how this works?

Let the stock-hawkers crow.  We’ll just hang with the data.

Oh, and lies?  Our money is on ADP – let’s look back this fall and see what those (p) preliminary numbers are revised to.  I’d bet on ADP because they run checks, right?

Dow only +73.  Maybe not everyone is stupid.

Short Takes

Life marches along, threats aside:

Prime Home?  Amazon Delays Return to Office to January.

Hey Tony! Tell us the fairytale about Delta less fatal, would you?  More than half of COVID patients in Springfield ICU died in July: hospital official (yahoo.com).  I’m getting pissed about losing my Elliott wave mentor and friend. Gain of function research was ego-driven stupidity, plain and simple.  Resign, please.

Another reason he should quit:  Southern border is wide open and yet he spews… Third Covid vaccine shot for people with weakened immune systems ‘very high priority,’ Fauci says?  GMAFB.  Quackery:  Open border idiocy.  And to have ICE spread ’em out all over the freaking country!  Sure seems like a die off plan if you miss your meds…

Digital spy plans out:  ‘Privacy Company’ Apple Plans To Monitor All US iPhones For Evidence Of Child Porn  But, where does it stop?  Kiddie porn, sure.  But when does it drift into less clear areas like discussion vaccinations or asking “Why there were hearings into last summer’s riots while the Capital Hill protest witch-hunt continues?”

Soros remains a threat – funding defunding as he goes:  Soros bankrolls group pushing to ‘dismantle,’ replace Minneapolis Police Department.  Soros should move to inner city America instead of plush digs in Hungary.  “Do as I say, not as I…” what?  (Arrogant rich pricks annoy me no end. I know rich people who aren’t pricks, social disrupters, and actually help their communities, but don’t get me started…)

Biden takes the wrong side again:  Multiple Utah counties oppose Biden BLM pick Stone-Manning over eco-terrorism ties.  Utahans get a hat-tip for calling out Wrong-Side Joe.  Naming a tree-spiker, huh?

Maybe Cuomo and Newsom can open a consulting firm?  As Newsom says recall is unfair, effects will be felt ‘across the country’ (polls have him losing the recall vote by wide margins).  Meanwhile for the New York grabbernor the New York state impeachment investigation into Cuomo is ‘nearing completion’.  We’d love to read the promises made in that one.

We Slept Through One

Yeah….With all the distractions in ‘Merica (once land of the free, yada yada) did you catch what the Climate Nazis have pulled off in the Ugly Kingdom?  Right off the BBC:  Google Maps warns drivers about emission charges – BBC News.

Pull quote:

“Google Maps will now warn drivers in London and other cities if they are going to enter a low-emission zone with fees or fines.”

What kind of bullshit are these weak-kneed kneelers taking over there?  Bought into the “wife-beating credits” pollution scam? Don’t see that as a monetization and money-grab?

Pitchforks at the gate time.

Listen:  We own a tree farm, don’t go anywhere, and have more solar panels than anyone we know.  But if you think the American public (yeah, even privileged old White guys) are going to put up with more discounts for EV drivers?  Guess again.  They already skate on federal, state, and local gas taxes.  Yet when confronted, they get on their “high and mighty.”

We know a crock (and weak-willed suck-ups) when we see ’em.  China is still building MORE coal plants.  The Brits education system has failed them.  Magna Carta swindlers.  Keep that shit overseas.

America’s still got balls and guns.

Write when you get rich,


79 thoughts on “Why, Slap My Collapse Timer!”

  1. Beware anyone who is said to have died of so called covid. Two problems here. People who have taken the vaxx present with the same symptoms as ‘covid.’ That’s strange? Second, the vast number of diagnoses of covid get made with using the lab procedure PCR. It is ‘the’ current test for the ‘virus.’ (soon to be eliminated by the CDC in December and replaced by ??) Sounds good until you understand that PCR is not a diagnostic tool, so how can you say you have a diagnosis of ‘covid’, especially when influenza symptoms are similar if not identical to co called covid.

    Would you believe someone if they told you they just measured the ambient barometric pressure with their pocket thermometer? Come on people, wake up and see the obvious deception here. Yes, people are dying – as they always have, and from the same things, except now we have toxic vaccines effects thrown into the mix of probable causes.

    I would hate for any of the generally smart people on this forum to accept the government pronouncement that the vaccines are ‘safe’ and ‘effective.’ It’s a very sad, sad time for the world as a ruthless cabal has seized control of the media and scared them into a false reality.

    • I will acknowledge that safety and efficacy of Covid vaccine is in doubt, but the mass casualty scenarios have been paranoid delusion, to date. If you are living in a high density facility with the elderly, you don’t have an alternative.

      • What you just said is completely oxymoronic. After going through having my mother and aunt in a Memory Care center I know they are constantly on the watch for infections as they should be. It’s a practical business attitude as well as one of compassion for their clients. You decide which one is highest on the list. But if the clients start dropping off the roster like they did in New York what then? Will it be only enough that they can hide the numbers with normal “expiration dates” or will they be out of business when the numbers drop below that to sustain business? Regardless of the lack of “mass casualties” at the moment the number of cases that show up in the vaxxxed mean the risk is something that ought to be strongly considered – not run to. It’s pretty much six of one, half dozen of another. Plus are they administering Ivomectin or HCQ? If not paint a target on your forehead and … wait.

      • Just had a friend verify a death in their family after getting The Jab. Heart attack. The clots from The Jab do this. Got sick after getting his injection and just kept getting worse. Wouldn’t go back to the doc. 71 years young.

        Congratulations Fauci. Another one bites the dust. Now off the retirement rolls.

      • I had 2 Pfizer shots, am 64 and doing fine…

        Condolences on your friend’s passing, G, was he from an Oklahoma ‘hotspot’? Great map of hotspots by state:

        Trump is losing his base to Covid:

        99% of Covid deaths are among the unvaccinated:

      • “If you are living in a high density facility with the elderly, you don’t have an alternative.”

        Yup.. that is why they insist that all the employee’s get vaxxed.. if you work in the health field.. you are in contact with everyone … Lost one good friend a couple years ago now.. she was a surgical nurse.. had a rare weekend off.. ( yup.. weekends are only for administration, so are holidays.. ) she didn’t wash up good enough.. by the end of the weekend she had what the patient had.. was in ICU and the CDC was involved by the end of the weekend, because the patient was a refugee and the illness was from their country.. she passed on two months later..
        I have seen similar things several times.. they would have me train new employee’s and college kids learning their trade.. the one big thing I would always tell them.. bring a change of clothes.. there is a reason why hospitals have showers in the locker rooms..Bag your smocks take a dam shower change clothes.. then take the bag home and toss it in the washer.. https://www.uniquemedsupply.com/medline-water-soluble-bags-clear.html?___store=medical&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1PPw1vme8gIVrnFvBB1R5QGvEAQYASABEgLMUPD_BwE
        How many do do that.. who knows.. I did.. regular protocol.. The Health department and CDC almost shut one place down.. they couldn’t figure out why the illness was spreading so fast.. it went from one person to everyone.. come to find out.. it was the shoes.. the facility put carpet in.. Tile costs money to have a person working the floors and mopping them.. so to save budget they cut staff and put in carpet.. where tile takes two to three people to work the floors.. carpet you can have one vacuuming.. the illness would be on your shoe and walk right on out the door.. since medical field is short staffed always.. ( wish I had a dollar for every day I worked the whole place by myself as the floor tech.. can’t expect the desk anchors to do anything they are bogged down with paperwork) so the virus or bacterial moves from one place to another.. and since the facility cut staffing to save a buck for bonuses.. carpet is harder to keep clean than tile.. you can decorate tile anyway you want.. its gorgeous.. and easier to clean.. it just takes more staff on a daily basis where carpet you can make look presentable without the staffing.. A really good surgeon lost his wife the same way.. He took the trip to africa to have a tax write off and he didn’t change clothes and wash good enough she caught what he was treating the patient for.. and she ultimate died from it.. horrific..it was truly sad.. she knew what was going on..He quit being a surgeon afterwards to.. I think he quit because it truly horrified him that he was the cause, He couldn’t even go in to see her..he would be misty eyed sad truly sad….. that is why I am still patiently waiting for G2’s book on MRSA.. dam I have seen some things from it.. and am curious if he has to .. obviously he has if he has worked with it much.. but still waiting..

      • My friend said his uncle got the Moderna vaxxx.

        This is Obama’s plan for “fundamentally changing the face of America”.

      • Bill and others- I could just as easily conclude that most of the perennial anti-vaxxers are just skeered of nurses with needles, but I’m not going to lower myself to personal name calling. I could also conclude that bravado in a pandemic isn’t necessarily particularly smart, but again, I’m not going to get personal out of misplaced machismo.
        Those who have the luxury of waiting until an approved Covid vaccine is available are probably doing the right thing, as long as they take common sense precautions and isolate. But keep in mind that isolation kills too. I made a conscious choice to take precautions and stop isolating myself. As the public statistics change, I ratchet precautions up and down to match. I have been maintaining hand cleaning discipline all along, and I am ratcheting up the mask wearing as of this morning. I am not wearing a mask in the office for the moment, and I am not sterilizing shoe soles when I get home, at least not until cool weather sets in.
        Seniors in institutions are particularly vulnerable, and should be given the option to take whatever vaccines, supplements and off-label meds they decide is best. Sometimes your number comes up, regardless of what you do and best intentions.

      • I spent 11 years working in the Engineering Dept. of the biggest hospital in our area and, believe me, from the stopped up commodes we had to pull to get the towels out of (a BIC pen lodged sideways on the outlet of one kept us scratching our heads once for a few weeks) and sinks to the trash system caked with goo, sterilizers, and incinerator full of bones we got into ALL of it so don’t even suggest I’m afraid of needles or some garbage like that n____. Been there done that ten dozen times and they gave us one … single … seminar down in the shop in all the years I performed that job on cleanliness. I’ve been on the bottom of the heap of the “Health Care Industry”, got my Hep C shots and a few other just to make sure and even loaned my tools to a Emergency Care guy with AIDS one time just to keep him occupied SO DON’T GO THERE! I DO FULLY understand the fear of no-seeums and you’ve got it bad courtesy of our government. They show you the cliff and you jumped off without a parachute.

        As far as the NPR article goes that organization is for propaganda purposes just like PBS. The people with the jab are getting cases pretty much just as many times as those without and if you’re in an area that won’t prescribe HCQ or Ivermectin you’ve got to take care of yourself and seek out your own salvation.

    • Rarely people die of “covid” they die because they have some other issue “comorbidity” that takes over as fighting off a new infection take its toll. This is well documented, and even people skeptical of the vaccine acknowledge at lot more citizens have died since covid came on the scene then would die in “regular” times – That kind of average death rate is found in place like this – https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/excess_deaths.htm

      I have no issue if folks don’t want to use the vaccine, and hopefully at the same time they are improving their health to reduce their risk of covid having a devastating impact because they are overweight or aged.

      I hate it that our government won’t treat us like adults that can make decisions for ourselves, but that is a long standing problem with overbearing government rules and regulations. Yet citizens continue to vote for people that promise more and more federal control. It doesn’t help of course they constantly lie to us so no side actually believes any of those people have anything but their own interests in mind.

      Take care of yourself and your own, if you fear covid, take actions to protect yourself, don’t expect the rest of the citizens to accept restrictions to our freedoms forever. My family and I have been vaccinated, not because we feared covid, but because we have to assist some aging relatives that have several health issues and we still want to be around them. We looked that the existing data, spoke with our doctors and decided that was the best way forward to help reduce the risk of us remaining active outside the house, and keeping close contact with those relatives.

      • “Rarely people die of “covid” they die because they have some other issue “comorbidity” that takes over as fighting off a new infection take its toll. ”

        I know someone that is fighting for their life now.. they won’t even test them for it.. she asked me why they won’t.. I said it is because of the numbers.. when the new administration came in how the numbers were reported changed to..From what I have been told they quit testing because at this point they need to show the numbers down so they can go option 3 and there really isn’t anything that they can do about it.. you go through it.. if you survive you survive. If you pass on what we have seen is they have been just labeling it as what ever the underlying cause is.. and usually the doctor will send you home until you get so bad they don’t have any other choice but to hospitalize you..

      • “I hate it that our government won’t treat us like adults that can make decisions for ourselves, but that is a long standing problem with overbearing government rules and regulations. ”

        Joe.. its all a business model.. we have seen the affects of going option 2.. the whole country won’t let you go option 1 the only other thing they can do to keep the velocity of money flowing is go option 3.. we still have all those people on eviction lists nation wide.. and since we no longer construct we have become a consumption nation.. they need you to buy the new washer and dryer.. make stuff so that rather than repair you replace.. if no one goes into a fast food shop.. no one can afford to pay them.. then we have the employment problems we are having today..
        And seriously does anyone have to have someone tell them what they can already see in the news.. and that news is so badly scripted and tainted that you can’t tell if any of it is real or not either.. common sense.. wear a mask carry the hand sanitizer.. wipe down and wash.. stay away from crowded places..

    • Uhhh, PCR testing isn’t going away. The CDC is dropping authorization for the rapid or real-time versions only. This will mostly impact the doctor office / walk-in clinics. Full clinical laboratories aren’t performing the rapid version of the PCR test.

    • I’ve always maintained that we are being lied to regarding the vaxxes. The intention seems to be loading everyone with modified spike proteins(and foreign genetic material) – regardless of whatever level of immunity they might already have. If doing so raises their risk(such as for survivors of full blown covid), too bad – it’s still demanded by TPTB. They’re now toying with the idea of denying SS retirement money to the unvaxxed! That’s breach of contract, plain and simple.

      Whether or not the vaxxes are “safe and effective” seems to be a moot point. There’s obviously another agenda that I have yet to suss out, but the party line simply makes no sense according to everything we know about public health and immunology.

      BTW, Walgreen’s has decided to drop the J&J vaxx(the safest of the three) at 90% of their injection centers. Perhaps it’s because they get paid per jab and it’s not as profitable, or perhaps there are other reasons. I really don’t know.

      My personal thought for elders is to live apart or with loved ones when possible. Avoid situations where crowded in with other elders at all costs! Avoid hospitals for the same reasons, along with their unreasonable costs. Death and disability can be delayed to some degree, but trying too hard to avoid them can result in failing to live life.

      We’ve expected a dieback for a very long time and it’s a natural result of reaching the edges of the petri dish. Why are we surprised, and how can we handle things gracefully – perhaps delaying our own demise until our natural time has come? Reflecting on this might provide a little insight.

  2. China is not only burning more coal, it is drilling and buying up oil from across the globe. So much for adhering to the Paris Climate Accords. Joebama is being played as Xi’s fool as China fills its reserves. More strategically, U.S. aircraft, ships and military armor don’t currently have or consider having EVs for operational missions; they are being studied, but such vehicles are years if not decades away. On another military note, 76 years ago today the crew of the Enola Gay dropped ‘Little Boy’ on Hiroshima. It is not coincidental that the Olympics were scheduled to be held on the 75th anniversary of the event, but the IOC slipped the competition a year for Covid. There was a Korean War film narrated by WWII combat vet Audie Murphy titled, “War is Hell.” Hiroshima, and Nagasaki three days later, bluntly demonstrate the accuracy o that film title.

    • So because other countries plan to use more fossil fuels, means that we should follow their lead? I have lots of problems with government mandates that we use BEV to stop burning gas or subsidizing BEV. However I think people can do those things reduce their energy use and associated carbon emissions. I appreciate Georges approach, solar and limiting travel or combining trips. Personally I am looking at PHEV auto like a RAV4 prime. It would almost double the miles per gallon I get, allow the convenience of “fueling” at home for most trips. I have super insulated my home, to keep my natural gas and air conditioning requirement low, but my property is tree filled and I cannot see the trade off to cut them to have solar. I believe it is better to have less burning fuels in the grand scheme of things, if nothing else to have our air quality better. But I don’t want mandates, if we convince people to lighten their touch they will do those things because they agree. Our decisions should not be based on how dictators run their countries

    • One of the MAIN reasons for the worldwide shutdown of Air Traffic, NOT going to work, and NO sea cruises was to drive the oil companies so far into debt they could justify bankruptcies. Blackrock is the 2nd largest shareholder of XOM and just put 4 of it’s own board members in, OXY was already over leveraged. Both controlled now by “#1 Threat” Blackrock was the largest shareholder of Frontier Communication in 2018 with stock price $250/share. Frontier bought from Verizon for $12 billion TX, CA and FL customers of FIOS fiber internet. Verizon paid it’s dividend a few more years. Frontier DECLARED BANKRUPTCY (my 60,000 shares gave me a $4M tax loss carryforward) … not the $2.40/share dividend paid I thought my 3 daughters would benefit from. If a US company still has ASSETS, don’t invest in it because this is WAR.

    • ” Vet Audie Murphy ”
      I have great respect for your input and insights here.
      Among Audie Murphy accomplishments were two Silver Stars, three Purple Hearts and one Medal of Honer. Twenty plus Badges and medals from service to more than two nations. Not ordinary Veteran.

    • “China is not only burning more coal, ”
      Well I’m not burning more…but I’ll go through a ton a year.. cheap efficient and if you burn it right. It is as clean as any other fuel.
      The biggest issue is the cost of shipping..

  3. “But wait! This week new jobs by ADP’s count were up how much? 330,000. Not the fed’s nearly million!”

    ITS THE 80’s…. There are signs everywhere for jobs.. but no one is hiring.. and the ones hiring are only offering a few hours a week.. at gas around three bucks a gallon.. you can’t afford to go work for ten hours a week.. or less.. the local area store.. is offering three days.. four hour shift… that is three trips back and forth between home and work..
    and no benefits.. nothing … the full time positions are only repositioning in house employee’s not adding new.. and the local feds.. have a hiring freeze on.. Hmm.. what is up with that..

  4. Good report, G.

    Gold got a Judo-Chop! We’d expect price deflation there just before the crash. I think this fall is it. So exciting!

    Can’t run a household with a $15.00/HR job and a nation can’t run with a bunch of households operating on 30K.

    Eviction moratoriums were extended. Will unemployment be extended?

    At this point what can be said to the 911 Truthers that’s not offensive? 20 years is a long time for the most optimistic person. Bush didn’t declassify. Obama didn’t declassify. Trump didn’t declassify. Biden hasn’t declassified.

    From Yahoo:

    “The victims’ family members, first responders and survivors will release a statement Friday calling on Biden to skip 20th-anniversary events in New York and Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and at the Pentagon unless he releases the documents, which they believe implicate Saudi officials in supporting the acts of terrorism. ”

    Maybe the next president will declassify. Maybe.

    • I would not be looking at Saudis as much as people in NYC and Washington, DC. Don’t buy the con.

    • BBBillions in Insurance monies was used to coverup/silence..100’s of guilty F’s.
      Supreme Court, congress citters,media whores, long list of money grubbers who sold their weakened, going grey Light/Souls..

      Sorry -apologize for degrading whores above, a most noble profession.

      US Department of Energy report -solving nuclear 9/11, IAEA also solved nuclear 9/11. Both agencies reports were heavily Censored and Suppressed , so FAKE Report could pin blame on Iraq/Afghanstan.

      The Pommer report – publicly avail – most detailed engineering and nuke physics how to Report on Nuclear 9/11.

      EVERYTHING Told and Show the Public regards 9/11 IS/WAS FAKE .

      Now think again Covert19 plandemic – Really ?

      Bulls and Bears go to Market, Sheep and Pigs ? – go to SLAUGHTER .

  5. Day after day you prove to us, George, that the government lies, not just a little but BIG TIME day in and day out. It seems that many are, indeed, waking up out there to this truth but we still fall all over ourselves when they tell us to inject crazy stuff into our one and only bodies we have this go-round in Life while covering up the growing numbers of people that are having adverse reactions to The Jab – including death. Long-term effects yet to be realized.

    Were you able to find out what type of treatments your friend was given? Did they include HCQ or Ivermectin or was it just the expensive stuff that the medical establishment buys their lifestyles with? Your friend was a casualty of war and ought to be remembered as such. May God rest his soul and give us the fortitude to, collectively, do what is right in the coming days. Clif has a lot of wise words to say about that in his latest BitChute video “WOOplosion”.

    The tide is turning on this mishandled farce of a pandemic but we still have some rough seas to cross before then. Clif and the others are saying the “carrot” is going to be offered mid-August to get vaxxxed but if you refuse by October the “stick” will be firmly in place and we’re going to look more like France than any country we’re used to. (Constitution? We don’ need no stinkin’ Constitution!) This is just one of the reasons they’ve been saying that it all falls apart this month and we have only days left to prepare for several months of conditions like we had with the big freeze in February – plus Clif and the Farmer’s Almanac is saying we’re in for another big freeze some time this Winter as well. I need to shake as many gators off my butt as possible and get my backup generator plans underway and work on the well in the back yard.

  6. Already was a nursing and general healthcare worker shortage prior to covid … mandates for all health care workers is finding great resistance. Media isn’t covering it, so it’s pretty much unseen. Maybe a small protest but representing the many others who are busy doing health care inside the facilities.

    All these healthcare workers were exposed to and even suffered the virus … they were those front line workers, once referred to as Heroes.

    Now, they have a natural immunity to that nasty virus and a vaccine they don’t even believe in (nor do they need) is being imposed upon them. “Get the vax or be fired.” Now, they are told to be pawns for a nasty agenda. Needless to say, they’re pissed. What they have also seen are the side effects and deaths from the vax, which media just ignores and sweeps under the rug.


    I believe these anti-jab healthcare workers will stand their ground, and rightfully so. Like I said, hardly any media coverage. But I assure you, phones are ringing off the hook and healthcare folks are screaming. So, I anticipate greater shortages of these professionals if mandates continue.

    Thinking ahead to October, squatters holding landlords a bay, might be kicked out … gonna be cold about then. If they are evicted then, I bet the landlords get blamed for being heartless in winter. Reminds me of the story of the grasshopper and the ant. Then also, it’ll be flu season and if that’s not enough, I assume some folks are vaccine junkies by now and will add the flu shot to the jab cocktail. And of course, other negative economic factors … might bring the perfect storm.

    Timing is everything … and do people follow the devil toying with their conscience or do they make a stand and put the blame where it belongs? … TPTB.


  7. your on the nose george . facist sympathiser . underground supporter like all media types . tell me one thing i wasnt right on one ? TLT USD yellow dog .. only your stinking piece of sheet stock market that you disguise with some garbage sheet called aggregate index and elliot wave crap . youll find out . ill come back when it goes and that could be any moment . so insert everything and whip up some more tall stories . see yah till judgement day

  8. Re: our Aggregate ;-)

    “That should do it. And it sets up?”

    A few more “Bohemian Villages”??

    • It’s like Pledge. The furniture and wood polish old dude. Most think it’s just for get the dust odd and making your oak coffee shine like brand new Brother Choices. Aks Bolsh.

      I own 3 can of the stuff and I have never sprayed a drop on a peace of wood furniture. Because while most of the world runs around shining their wood with pledge.

      I clean my glasses with it. Takes all the scratches off my lenses. By far the best glass cleaner money can by. Has canuba wax in it. No matter how old my specticals are. Littke pledge and a terry cloth rub? In seeing crystal clear.

      Don’t be like the rest of the world with shiny wood planks. Use it for your specticals and remove those planks from your eyes. Pledge. It’s not just for shinny wood stuff. Its for see crystal clear. ;-))

  9. Old Bob asks? What does the government do with 30 trillion in debt. Create a new$ worth 5 or 10 of the old? If my 650 thousand house becomes 130000 do I care as long as my bills are denominated in New $s.. In my nearly 80 years I have seen as you have some wild swings in the market. Safe to say my investments are not in government bonds. Appreciate your insights. Old and cranky Bob

  10. My doc — who I generally like & trust — said, “get the shot. You’re old, with A-fib, COPD, and you’re well overweight.”

    So, we did. Got Moderna 1 & 2 back in May. No apparent bad effects so far.

    Generally, my whole life, I’ve had a good, strong immune system.

    Was on a weight-loss regime anyway for a bit over a year, and down now a Whole Lot. (Lung function noticeably better.)

    Take a goodly assortment of supplements, especially D, C, E, Q-10, and a multi with trace elements. Eat pretty smart: ZERO sugar or HFCS, not much white, pasty bad carbs — bread, cake, pancakes, etc. Lotta soups and salads. Not afraid of eggs or milk. LOTS of water all day. Red wine.

    Best I can do. Hoping for a good ultimate outcome. 77 and counting.

  11. The gasoline pipeline political criminals are back, now targeting a historical cemetery for desecration. Initially the pipeline company ran their route miles out of the most direct line and right through the middle of a historic cemetery. Their hand was called, so they jogged the pipeline route a little bit , and are now running the pipeline 20′ from the cemetery fence line. If you see the zig zag route of the pipeline stakes, it is an obvious attempt to desecrate just as much as they can get away with. I regard this as a deliberate hate crime by the pipeline company and their sponsoring Confederates. That settlers who followed Sam Houston to Texas are buried in that cemetery should be of no surprise.

  12. G,
    The PCR test for Covid-1 cannot distinguish between a Flu Virus or a Corona (covid) Virus.. In an article from one of the Med Blogs I follow as they look at this past year1 months there was lttle or No/ none flu..Cause they wer counting Flu as Corona.. Better hospital/Clinic payments from federal medicare/medicaid and other insurance…
    Eath from covid ? cut that numbr by half. Add in folks dying from heart disease,COPD, Strokes, .. Much lying.
    World is getting restless.. Is virus going to kill or ?Save? us…
    Are the Billionaires buying property in New Zealand just investing or creating Safe Harbors. Also many buying citizenship in different places to…Interesting..

  13. ” I’m getting pissed about losing my Elliott wave mentor and friend. Gain of function research was ego-driven stupidity, plain and simple. Resign, please.”

    Resign, my ass. I’m thinking more like trial, conviction, blindfold…

  14. “Digital spy plans out: ‘Privacy Company’ Apple Plans To Monitor All US iPhones For Evidence Of Child Porn ”

    What an incredible, unlawful breach of privacy law (not to mention, both The Constitution and human decency!!!)

    BTDT. Didn’t work then, won’t work now. What it WILL do is give Apple, Inc. license to possess a complete mirror of Indiana University’s kiddieporn library, and throw thousands of innocent people to the FBI’s child-trafficking division every month, for investigation.

    The software can NOT differentiate between uncatalogued images of underage and flat-chested gals, nor can it differentiate between nudist or grandma’s bathtub photos (not illegal) and images taken with prurient intent. Therefore not only will it flag every single image that’s in IU’s Kinsey Database, for “further study” and “possible followup” by (whichever field agent pisses his superiors off the most, that day), it will flag every single image that’s NOT in the database, but shows a topless human and every image which _may_ contain anything which resembles human genetalia.

    KP sniffing software was impossible 25 years ago when I was on one of the MANY failed software working groups to attempt it. Back then, we only had two sexes to work with, and the cover from “They Only Come Out at Night” would STILL trip triggers on Edgar Winters’ cover photo.

    IMO this is either an attempt to catalog all the secondary school kiddies who’re having sex, or an excuse for some ballsy pedo at Apple to gain access to the Kinsey Database. Don’t get me wrong — It WILL identify kinderporners and pedos, but it is gonna snag several thousand children who’re getting frisky with other children, and adults with adult, but flat-chested SOs, for every perv it snags…

    • If Apple employees can access smartphones and scan for objectionable pictures without a warrant, then they can also plant the same material. The two capabilities cannot be separated. If you aren’t a wokie leftist, you might want to reconsider using Apple phones. Mike should stay with Apple.

      • Monkey Werx talks about Stingray and Dirtbox that can get around any phone’s encryption AND place incriminating evidence where it wants when it wants from a train, from a plane, from a van down the street or the next car over in traffic. Living a non-digital life is getting to be a much more inviting lifestyle all the time.

  15. Regarding Apple spy-phone, what’s to stop Apple from giving law enforcement pictures of your guns? Maybe your stupid son takes a picture of his friends and him doing drugs. It’s one thing at a time, everything evolves. Gave up social media a long time ago. Don’t take many pictures but damn, may have to give up the phone. Such an invasion of our privicy.

    • You guys are catching on.

      Once an operator has .root, (s)he can giveth, and taketh away, EVERYTHING, including your likeness (for facial recognition), fingerprints, retinal scan, and those of every person the camera’s “eye” “sees.” Given that kind of power, and the carelessness, stupidity, and casual attitude of all but a handful of cellphone users, worldwide, once Apple goes hot on this, those iphone “stupid users” will have given people they don’t know, the ability to abuse them legally and criminally, (steal their life savings and frame them for the theft, among many others), in ways few people can imagine…

      • Just as a personal observation, a lot of Apple users I have noticed fail-over into the pseudo-liberal category. Tree-hugging (*remember, I own and live on a tree farm, so I can say this) and reverse racism advocates and supporters of Marxist-Communist governments (like China) as “deserving of special” treatment in Climate.
        The reason the Paris Accord was a stillborn turd among the genuinely SMART people (who tend to high end laptops with real O/S’s is that it was inherently discriminatory.
        Same is true of Wokee’s who support racism when it fits their agendas, but not when it can be turned back on them and shown for what it is: Reverse racism.
        In my 70_ years I have noticed a predominance of people who pretend to lead as using Apple products.
        The people who get work done, seem to use Windows and Linux.
        Now, Ure experience may differ, but Apple pseudo-intellectualism may not allow their customers the mental capacity to get at such .root questions, Ray…

      • “Now, Ure experience may differ, but Apple pseudo-intellectualism may not allow their customers the mental capacity to get at such .root questions, Ray…”

        But George, you can’t just throw things like this around. THEY _believe_ there is no difference between pseudo intellectualism and intellect, and they also _believe_ they are the most-intelligent folks to ever walk the planet. Counterpointing either belief with fact could cause them to spontaneously melt — like snowflakes in the desert…

  16. “Soros should move to inner city America instead of plush digs in Hungary.”

    Soros lives principally on Park Avenue and The Hamptons. Several years ago the nation of Hungary both threw him out, and banned him and all of his minions, known and unknown, from entering the country, in perpetuity, or EVER involving themselves in any way in Hungarian politics. I believe Hungary offers a choice of guillotine or bullet to execute spies and seditionists, and both Soros and Open Society were put on notice that any, even suspected, violation or interference would be interpreted as sedition…

  17. Yes, yesterday evening under code yellow skies, the local CFL squad kicked off its season home-opener. Double-dose covid vaccinated fans with provincial vaxx card or smartphone QR code were scanned prior entry to the stadium. Most fans did not wear masks, although event staff were required to. Cash was not accepted by site vendors. Officially 29000+ tickets were sold representing the largest public gathering in Canada since covid lockdowns began.

    Meanwhile in four and a quarter hours, provincial mask wearing mandates in public places will be rescinded.

    Wow. Crazy. Let thy doctor not be a politician. We retire to calmness before the storm.

  18. Holy Cow George. Thursdays aggregate is 10532.63 feet higher than Mt Everest prominence of 29,029 feet!

    Pretty crazy when ya think in terms of highest mountain in the world compaired to the mountain of cash to create that stock market bubble. Man and his mechanism. Tower of Babble anyone?

    Hey were Ure ears burning. See I don’t mean to come off as an arrogant prick sometimes. I just do. Like we had a short day at the moving company and we all went to the gym. Now I forgett how I old I am most of the time. All these youngesters I work with mostly 22-27 years old are strong healthy men. I been doing the moving things, some yoga and 300 push ups and 200 crunches evey other day. Takes about an hour to do the push ups and the crunches. I racked up 320lbs on bench (push) press 4 times and so we went on the Hammer Strength (pull, like row) and I did 410 lbs 5 times. More than all them young men. Who said, Jesus! How can ya be so damn strong at your Age? I said shit man. I know dudes in their 70’s and 80’s that can run circles around me. I said my buddy George does more in a week than probably entire crew does in 2 days.

    My youngest is 15. Once she graduates? Well that gives me 25 years to have as much fun as I can. I have to be healthy to do that. And I don’t really think I’m my Age most of the time. I forget how old I really am.

    Plus like you know George. I don’t believe in limitations. There is just a way that hasn’t been tried yet. And I noticed one thing about the youth that I never noticed when I was young. When your young. You have to move past barriers that ya didn’t know ya could. When I rack up 320lbs on bench. Well, there is no doubt I can do that. I bench pressed 450lbs before. So I don’t have that “?” Mark in my head that youngsters do. I know damn well I can pull 410lbs atleast once on hammer strength. I don’t lift that heavy much anymore just because it makes ya too bulky. And like being more bendy.

    So it occurred to me that its probably the same for you George and all the other old dudes on here. I have “?” Marks, in my own brain that I’m unaware of. “You think that is air your breathing.” “There is no try. There is do and do not. ” Ya know, shit like that.

    So I was bragging about ya dude.

    Funny thing happened today. Because I’m now running a crew. Had do the leg work to get their acceptance. And I’m still packing, lifting and running, moving heavy shit. I got my own truck and a crew.

    Boss says. You need to stock your truck with hand trucks, boxes, pads, shrink wrap etc etc. Go to this address. Gives me the combo and all your stuff is at this address door # 4. And it’s between enterprise and a place that
    does web services and marketing.

    I said door 4. He yes sir. Door for.
    And I’m working for Neo relocators. Get it. The matrix. Neo, doorfore.
    Good thing I was in the truck by myself. I was laughing so hard my eyes were leaking. Hahahahahhahahaha.

    I mean dude. What are the odds? Hahahahahahahahahha. What are the odds. Hahahahahahahahahahhahhha

    On the door someone spray painted a $ symbol with an exlimation “!” on it in graffiti. Hahahhahahahhahahahahahhhah

    ~THE DUDE ~ ya know. Always with the Jokes. Hahahahahahahhahah

    I hope when I’m ure age. I’m doing that much in a day. That is the plan. HahahahhahahahahahahahhhahahahahahhahabahahahahhahHHhahahhahahahaha

    Later dude. Thought you’d like that.

  19. Oops. My buddy George does more in 2 days we do in a week. Lol. That is what I meant.

    And I had the damdest dream about drilling and lots of eathquakes all over. And I woke up saying this chicks name over and over that I know. Hope Lord. Hope Lord. Super cool chick and has a book out. Her daughter is half Hopi Indian. So weird. Lol

    I don’t know why saying her name over and over. I mean she is super cute and cool. But we got into it a couple and well i called her a bitch and that was that. And I’m off Facebook again. Hahahahahha. Why I was saying her name over and over. God only knows. But I was half awake and half asleep and I kept seeing these large bore bits tunneling down into the earth and I kept hearing in background. Keep drilling boys don’t worry about all those earth quakes. We have a job to do. Those quakes are not our concern. They were big ones too. 7.5 or higher. All over. Strange dream.

    And I don’t ever remember my dreams.

    I’m Truly Blessed and Highly Fortunate. It is my hope that you are as well.

    Later dude.

    • Que: ~ Cowboy~
      Kid Rock.


      You ever watch this video dude? At exactly 1:58 in the Video. I had never seen it until today. It shows a map and it says PARUMPH accross Nevada. very interesting…. Out of all the places they could have put in the map for the video. Vegas, Phoenix, lots of others etc etc. They put PARUMPH Nevada. At exactly 1:58.

      Pretty interesting since my good friend the Mason mentioned a while back and that the Late Great Art Bell was from there along with My good buddy the professor Al Mosure (rest in peace) who took me under his wing and fead me all kinds of cryptology stuff and puzzles, tried to get me to join the masonic temple. Puzzles that you just have to know intuitively how to solve. And I got that phone call from Perumph Nevada a while back.

      Hmmmmmmm……. Lots of synchronicity around. I asked THE DUDE, help me sort this stuff out. I find all these puzzle pieces all the time. The Angels or whoever puts along my path. I hard time understanding what they are talking about. Like I found a green feather the other day. A thing from Hawaii Kona coffee, an actual puzzle piece. God knows from what puzzle. Just a purple puzzle piece. All by itself. Dear Lord Jesus help me make some sense of this stuff I’m always finding. It’s a whole nother language. Please remove my fear and direct my attention to that which you would have me be.

      More signs along the way. And whats the deal with Hope Lord and Colorado. I mean she is super cute and ya. I’d go there. But, i don’t know what to think. I have never ever woke up saying anyone’s name over and over like Mantra beside GOD and OM. It’s the damnedest thing. And she ain’t even talking to me because I’m kinda an asshole. Lol.

      Ya that is crazy thing to put in the middle of a video. Perumph. Out of all the places you could put in a rock video? Why that? And most would never even notice it. I see everything.

      Well hit it and quit it. Best get it.

  20. Quick hits 1:

    Rhode Island teachers unions sue mom to stop release of critical race theory lessons

    The Rhode Island and South Kingstown chapters of the National Education Association sued Nicole Solas and the school district this week to stop the latter from releasing records sought by Solas, including curriculum and policies related to critical race theory, antiracism, gender theory and children’s sexuality.


    Solas’ FOI requests have turned up racism as a required behavior and the dissemination of pornography to children, along with several other hinky curricula and practices, which the commies in NEA and AFT -=really=- don’t want [to be] made public…

    Oregon ballot initiative would criminalize hunting, livestock slaughter, even pest control

    The proposal, Initiative Petition 13, would lift virtually all exemptions to state laws related to animal abuse, neglect and sexual assault.


    …And define artificial insemination of livestock as “criminal sexual assault.”

    Afghanistan war: Taliban capture regional capital Zaranj

    A city in southwestern Afghanistan has become the first provincial capital to fall to the Taliban since the militants launched a sweeping offensive earlier this year.


    ATOM BOMB: Expert Cyber Team CONFIRMS Votes Can Be Altered From Overseas in Run-Up to Lindell Symposium

    An expert cyber team has proven that you can change votes in US election systems from overseas and ultimately alter election results. The team was even able to alter the dates on the data entries made overseas in a location in Asia to cover up their activities.


  21. Quick hits 2:


    According to a report by the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, in televised remarks, President Biden urged private businesses and universities to institute a China-style “social credit” system whereby some individuals are denied basic rights and privileges if they hold “wrong” views on matters such as health and medicine


    Illegal Immigrant Charged With Beheading Woman Was Previously Targeted For Deportation

    An illegal immigrant charged with beheading a woman has an extensive criminal history and was previously targeted for removal, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement official confirmed to the Daily Caller News Foundation Thursday.


    It somehow really bothers me that a rag like The Daily Caller, which is purported to be “Right wing,” cannot find it within their editorial purview to call “illegal alien” by its legal term — which is “illegal alien.”

    US arming Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam & Malaysia — here’s how

    Amid rising antagonism toward a China and the growing assertiveness of Beijing’s claim to the South China Sea, Washington is flooding Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia with sophisticated and tremendously expensive warships, aircraft and missiles.


    I won’t have watched this video until after I post the link, but it sure sounds interesting…

    Three Volcanoes In Alaska Erupt At The Same Time

    Pavlov, Great Sitkin, and Semisopochnoi are all located in the Aleutian Islands, according to The AP. Pavlov and Semisopochnoi were seen producing ash clouds while Great Sitkin was producing a lava fountain.



    • “It somehow really bothers me that a rag like The Daily Caller, which is purported to be “Right wing,” cannot find it within their editorial purview to call “illegal alien” by its legal term — which is “illegal alien.”

      It is probably the same reason why those things are left out of news.. even in sweeden.. they have a serious mess.. and if you started to report the seriousness of the situation then the people would be upset and start to question the ethics of those in office making the rules and pushing for the open borders..
      Heck they had to have someone save the sixty minutes team there from violence. when they went in to do a segment for the show.. LOL..
      and for those living in the countries.. actions like that beheading is a daily thing.. guy just got beheaded for farting in church.. he was lucky though.. his wife and kids would normally have been beheaded as well but the judge decided to let them live..
      watch how things escalate here once they finish defunding the police along with busing in illegal refugees everywhere.. talk about chaos theory.. phew.. the high crime neighborhoods were not safe to be in before.. now it will be even worse and no one to stop the crime.. ( except one guy started a militia in his neighborhood)

  22. Bipartisan Senate infrastructure bill would mandate in-car drunk driving prevention technology

    The bipartisan $1.2 trillion Senate infrastructure bill would mandate in-car “drunk and impaired driving prevention technology” as standard equipment in vehicles.


    BOTH a “brethalyzer” and a “performance monitor…”

    Senate infrastructure bill includes pilot program to test mileage tax on motorists

    Earlier this year, the Biden administration floated the idea of taxing motorists based on the number of miles they travel each year. Now, senators who crafted the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill are moving that idea one step closer to reality.


    Things to remember: PRE-2009 vehicles have no “black box;” pre-1996 vehicles have no OBD-II port or sensors. That doesn’t mean the Stasi CAN’T install a 2-way GPS tracker in an older vehicle, but with age comes logistical issues…

  23. PURE EVIL: Government-Funded Researchers Linked to Dr. Fauci and NIH Sought Aborted Minorities for Organ Harvesting

    The federal government gave at least $2.7 million in taxpayer money to researchers who sought out minority babies who had been aborted in order to harvest their organs, according to internal documents released Tuesday.


    ‘Alex Jones was right?’ US govt-funded project ‘harvests’ ORGANS from aborted babies for medical research, documents show

    The US funded a project that collects body parts from aborted babies – some of them apparently alive moments before their organs are harvested – new documents show, prompting claims that conspiracy theorists have been vindicated. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has awarded at least $2.7 million to a University of Pittsburgh program that sought to create a “tissue hub” sourced from aborted fetuses ranging from six to 42 weeks’ gestation.


    Someone please tell me how this differs from the practices of the NAZI doctors and scientists in the extermination camps. Are we “better” than the NAZIS, simply because we haven’t (yet) made lampshades out of fetal skin…?

    Sorry — this is difuckingsgusting…


    While the highly infectious Lambda variant of Covid-19 may or may not be deadlier than any of the other strains – meaning the vast majority who contract it won’t be hospitalized or die – researchers at the University of Tokyo have warned in a new study that it may be vaccine-resistant, according to Newsweek.


    FDA expect to announce national strategy for COVID booster shots as early as September: reports

    The Food and Drug Administration is expecting to announce a national booster shot strategy as early as September, according to several news outlets. The strategy would include vaccinated Americans getting a third shot and would reportedly lay out an eligibility or priority list.

    Electile dysfunction

    The delta variant is here. The delta plus variant is spreading. The lambda variant has been detected. In a few years, my kid will be pledging the omicron variant in college. Some people want masks back. Some people want lockdowns. Others want vaccine passports.


    • Ya. I kinda looked at the news. Went to zero hedge and a few places. The land lady said her friends brother was very healthy and got the delta and died the next day. I said oh. Well there is lots of things that can kill ya.

      I havent been vaxxed. My dick works just fine. Probably too good. Hahaha.

      One thing I noticed ray is that people are over sexualized. Like ya can’t even go on a normal date anymore. It’s fricken rediculous. Second date and she is asking ya to tie her up and choke her. I give up on dating. Hahah. It’s rediculous.

      What ever happened to go on a date. Get to know each other. Have some laughs and flirt. Then kiss and each go home. Go on another date and then maybe get to the making out phaze. Then maybe on the 4th or 5th date you go all the way. And have normal sex.

      I went out with 2 women who my friends set me up with. One was a Sunday school teacher. And all the dates I been on for a while they all want to be thrashed in the bed the first night or second and half of them have “sex toys” with them on the second date. It’s like do we have to do eveything you saw on porn hub on the second date. Like wtf?! Is there anyone normal left on this fricken planet? I’m ok with getting freaky. But let’s desk that for like month 3 or 4. Lol Fack!

      Honestly. I don’t give two jabs about the virus and it’s verriants. Just more hype to pump out more vaxs. Fricken stupid. On one hand they say, You can’t travel, some places not work, no fun for you unless you get the Vax. And in the other hand, we will give ya money. We will give ya free college to get the Vax. We will give ya tax deductions.

      That is biggest bunch of horse shit there ever was. Carrot or the stick! You get the vax you win your life back. If you don’t get the vax? You will starve to death. How bout you meet me outside and I will stamp your beek with the symbol of God found in my good right hand? if ya present me with only two choices like that. That is all hype from hell. And no thank you.

      I will take option 3. Gfy. (Go F yourself)

      I don’t have to take shit. Lol

      Knock knock. Whose there? big Pharma. Big Pharma who? Big Pharma Karma thats who!

      Off to move heavy stuff.

      Afa that Mountain bigger than Everest mentioned earlier? Cast yourself in the sea!

      Dang it. I just got mustard on my shirt.

      • “One thing I noticed ray is that people are over sexualized.”

        …And you’ve probably noticed, under sensualized.

        Two reasons for that, Andy:

        1) Through the magic of porn, sex has become a competitive, but mechanical sport.
        2) Through the magic of socialist social programming, intimacy has died.

        Dial up any hetero porn made after you were old enough to know the difference between boys and girls…

        It follows a formula: Guy stimulates gal, gal stimulates guy, they get in a pile, 4 positions and possibly a couple “stimulations” later, there’s a clinical “tension release.” No love, no intimacy, and rarely is “caring” written into the script. This is the manual by which people have learned their “roles” since Linda Lovelace and Marilyn Chambers (and John Holmes and Harry Reems) broke into the Super-8mm film market.

        People’s upbringing doesn’t teach them love (I’m kinda weird, but I don’t believe people are capable of learning “eros” until they learn both “filios” and “agape…” Their early relationships don’t teach them intimacy (‘cuz the only thing you learn from a shithead teenager is to “not trust anybody,” which is an environment from which intimacy can not rise), so everything they learn, they get from Pornhub, and it is all mechanical.

        ‘Hope you’re doing what you need to…

      • Well Ray. What I crave is Love and Connection. Presence. Loyalty and respect.

        Ya know I just don’t even care anymore about that other stuff. I really don’t. I’m honestly done getting married. Done having kids. I like having my own spot and I think companionship is good. I’m not lonely or desperate or any of that. Love to meet a Causmic adventurer to spend some time with. But still have my own life and she has hers. Bigger and better orgasms is not my mission in life. Nor is having a relationship. Lol. But it is for alot of people. There is a constant desensitization going on in this world. Through over stimulation.

        What it all comes down to is. Action and rest. We make movements and we rest. If we rest too much we are lazy f. If we make too many movements we get ahead of ourselves. Timing and tempo. Release and exchange.

        I haven’t plugged in my TV in over 7 months now. I saw a buddy wigging out because he couldnt find his remote a few weeks back. I have no idea where my remote is and I don’t care. Lol. I honestly forget I have fricken TV.

        I have had some moments so connected to the Creator that isnt a thing in this world that could break that or distract me from it. And some times I just another bozo on the bus. Hahaha.

        I spoke last night at a spiritual thing. I was tired as hell from moving furniture and other heavy stuff all day. I just wanted to go to bed. But I keep my commitments because it ain’t all about me and more than a few people said I changed their lives. I spoke right to their hearts. Said exactly what they were struggling with and connected to them on a very deep and personal level. I never know what I’m going to say when I’m called to speak at such places and events. I’m just reminded that Honest sharing from the heart is more powerful than any lecture or sermon. How ever it comes out. It comes out.

        THE DUDE, Maker of all things and non things. Sustains us all. Without a doubt, it’s all a gift.

        There isnt a day I wake up Brother Ray and the first words out of my mouth are. Thank You God for another Day of life! I’m super Excited to see what ya have planned for the day. I’m truly Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope, that you are as well.

        Today is a new day. Full of wonder and awe. Could be the last one or maybe just another miracle of breath.

        Best make the most of it. Getting in the shower and taking action. Who knows? Could fall in love today. Maybe get an opertunity to extend the hand of grace to someone that was so freely giving to a sinner like me..

        Cue: ~ Redemption Songs~
        Bob Marley.

        I AND I

      • …Hence my reference to filios and agape. Until you understand filial, or “brotherly love” and agape – “love of God” (by any name), it is damn’ near impossible to have a physical relationship that’s more than an infatuation and a tension-reliever. Once the infatuation is gone, there’s nothing left upon which to build.

        King James put Bibles in everyman’s hand, but he also did a grave disservice, by allowing his translators to translate all those different words in the Biblical texts into the single English word “love.” It simplified publication, but obfuscated the nuance to the point Modern Man can’t comprehend the meanings…

      • “Could fall in love today.”

        ?????… love.. what is it..
        Two individuals that are committed to each other with similar goals.. you build a friendship and traverse the storm’s together as a unit.
        I for one just can’t go out and have sex with anyone. From working healthcare the human body doesn’t stimulate or attract my interest.. there has to be a connection..
        Weather the storms of life as one.. does a person just pack up and move on when the waves get rocky or do you stand firm and see it through.
        Elaine is one lucky woman..when the waves got rough George stood by her side.. giving her his hand up being her chef and maid butler ..there beside her.. George is a lucky guy.. Elaine I’m sure would gladly do the same.. I’m a lucky guy.. when I was down for the count..my little woman dragged my fat azz through mud to the car to take me yo my doctors visits ..stood beside me and provided for the family. I will gladly stand beside her through anything.. stability. my wife woman listens to my hair brain rants and ideas .. let’s me do my old man garage projects.. nary a complaint.
        It’s all about tenacity the glue..the companionship..its never been about the knockers or tight abs etc. Those are all superficial and can be gone in a second..
        Be a lucky man..be the blind man . Get to know someone then li etc. It all be glued together.. your officially over the hill now.. it’s time to settle down . What I read tells me you have a deep insight but no willingness to be stable.. JMHO I don’t want to sound demeaning or make you feel bad.. it’s what I would tell my grand kids or kids

      • “(I’m kinda weird, but I don’t believe people are capable of learning “eros” until they learn both “filios” and “agape…” Their early relationships don’t teach them intimacy (‘cuz the only thing you learn from a shithead teenager is to “not trust anybody,” which is an environment from which intimacy can not rise), so everything they learn, they get from Pornhub, and it is all mechanical.”

        Amen Ray Amen …Listen to him Andy… Ray and his wisdom is right on top of it.. and that says it all.. Sex without connection is just a mechanical movement.. there isn’t a thing there. .. But if you have the emotional and intimate connection and your willing to settle down and hang with someone long enough to develop an emotional relationship.. my god.. what a connection it will be.. and so satisfying and relaxed.. and it doesn’t even have to have anything to do with sex..

        “1 Corinthians 13:11
        11 When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”

        It’s time..Its not about the green from the money tree either..

      • For Ray, as today was my day of rest. I reached into my stash of books with my eyes closed and pulled out marvel.

        Spun the book 6 times to the right and 6 times to the left. Closed my eyes opened it up and stuck my right finger down on the page. And I quote,

        “When Nisus spake: “Does God thus fire the soul? Or is his own wild craving each man’s God. For strife, for some high venture, long in my spirit, Stirs in my breast, and chafs at stagnant calm.”

        Aeneid, Vergil,
        Book IX

        The answer is always within arms reach my friend. Sometimes we have to close our eyes to clearly see it.

        Thank you for your words Ray.

        Have a good week.

      • Hi LOB. Nah dude. I’m really good. I’m super good. Just an observation. I wrote an ideal mate. I am everything I desire in a mate. I don’t need much. I’m not bound by things and things aren’t bound by me. Over the hill? You have me confused with Pete and his brother re-pete. Thats Not me. That is
        good old pistol Pete. “Over the hill came pistol Pete, 10 lbs of swinging meat. A little later over the hill came Sally Brown, too. “Any man could lay her down” as the childhood ryme goes. Well and Bill. But he was just stuck on the hill. Capital Hill. One day he was going to be law. School House Rock, brother. When you know when your going to die and where and how? And you have 68 more years to go? Your not over the hill at 50. Ya have a few more years to hump the hill with bag of ideas. Lol

        My priorities are different. I don’t really care much that anymore. Surrender to win. As Buda poiniently figured out. While he was sitting on his fat ass under a tree. Nirvana found Him.

        Thanks for the compliment. Affection accepted. Understand.

        As I sit here on the deck of a house built in the 1800’s with warm sun setting on my face. The sublet sound of the waves in the background, people playing, music playing in the distance on the beach, Virgel on my lap, a hot cup of coffee in the cup I call wisdom, the sound of the birds and watching a little spider mend her web. What the f do I have to concern myself about? Covid veriant Zebra?
        George Soros and is propaganda Gestapo? The Zambi apocalypse? Some female with warped sense of purpose, warped sense of love, in life that I went on date with? This Lucky Strike Gold, that I’m about to light up killing me with Cancer? Bwhaahahahahahaha as if. In this eternal instant. I really fvking good. Ain’t nobody and not anything can take that from me. Not even the sands of time. I am forever blessed in this moment.

        So I gave the female equation and buisness over to THE DUDE. It’s not my business or problem any more. My buisness is right here and right now. And their ain’t a thing or non thing that matters to me than this eternal instance.

        So thanks dude. I appreciate you. And yada yada yada. Love you too.

    • Your assumption is that Covid is naturally occurring, and not still under active development. Read the congressional report on Covid origins.

      • Who cares whether it’s viable in the wild or if they’re developing new strains and disseminating them on the streets of the cities of the World? Potato, patahto. If anyone catches any activity suggesting the latter it needs to be exposed and dealt with decisively, and, if so, it means The Jab is ineffectual for new strains. If Congress has the proof then why hasn’t it been dealt with?

        They. Will. Throw. “Variants”. At. Us. Till. Hell. Freezes. Over.

        And reinforces the idea that this is a population reduction “pogram” that works as long as you play their game. Getting it naturally and getting over it, to date, has provided better long term protection than anything they can inject into you while taking advantage of cheaper drugs and off the shelf vitamins. If they develop a strain that gets around all of that I hope we finally ID the perpetrators on both sides of the pond and publicly hang them before we succumb to their megalomaniacle deviance.

      • Careful with that sorta thinking Bill.

        If they catch on that your using your hat rack for something besides a billboard for a sports team or ad campaign for shit made in china?

        You might become not only the solution but a problem.

        Just ask another couple million other Bills I Personally know well. Benjamin Franklin, Grant, Jackson, George Washington, Bill Shakespeare and Bill Copper to name a few.

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