Not Like We Told You So… Plus Job Cuts Data

No, this isn’t an “I told you so!” column.  It’s a reminder that reading and watching the news – plus keeping our ears to the ground – is done to keep us one step ahead of disaster.

July 16th, in my report Prepping for Lockdown 2.0 – Markets in Denial? I told you we had canceled our fall visitor slate.  This week, a dear friend in Oklahoma passed away from CV-19 after a valiant two-week battle on forced oxygen.

Our worst fears arrived. At 10:15 AM his blood pressure started to drop.  It kept going. He was gone…

In his case, the Ivermectin and super-nutrition didn’t keep Death away.  Therein lies the problem: Making those difficult personal choices.  When does the “risk of the jab ” equal the risk of “non-jab.”  Especially if, like my friend of more than 20-years, you have co-morbidities, as many ex-submariners do.  The cost of the Cold War is still being paid.  With reduced lung capacity due to asbestos exposure by many who served.  Including our late “ears of the Boat…”

Injecting a toxin  to force your body to create spike proteins is not natural.  But neither is industrializing race, gender, and keeping a $29-trillion national debt afloat.  Sanity has left the building.

Our heart-felt condolences go out to his wife, friends, and family. We’ll remember the Jamaica cruise and the many casino concerts together, forever.

Personal Decisions Follow

We’d remind those who are self-isolating – in lieu of “the jab” – that it could be – as we warned in mid-July – an awfully goddam long fall.

We’re profoundly disappointed in Federal elected leadership; they’ve lacked logic, consistency, and transparency.  Why was CDC spreading samples in November 2019?   Dr. Fauci, in our view, has failed the public trust and medicine.  Our own government was involved in “gain of function” and now denies it.  Yet it’s plain in FOIA emails.

Watch: Rand Paul Calls NIH Director “Stupid” After Call To Wear Masks At Home, is fun, too.  Like you could catch something from yourself?  Or is this for cosplay, or what?  (Do I have to buy Elaine a “nurse outfit?”  Or, is this a migration path into a new national BDSM industry?  Yikes!)

Each passing day of conflicting policies and open borders colors the darkest of conspiracy theories: CV-19 looks like a population-thinning bioweapon with official complicity to monetize disaster as we have seen so many times before.

Despite denials and protestations, that’s where the data leads.  More than 35-million cases and nearly 615-thousand deaths later.

You are not supposed to think deeply about these things.  Jab and move-on is the agenda.  But when you get a minute, take a read of Dr. Shiva Discovers Existence of the Secretive Long Fuse Report — Exposes Twitter-Government Collusion — As Momentous Discovery as Pentagon Papers  ( And ask yourself “Why isn’t the co-opted and controlled Mainstream Press reporting meaningful stories, like this one?”

Stories like the NY Times admission To Fight Vaccine Lies, Authorities Recruit an ‘Influencer Army’ – The New York Times fly in the face of democracy’s Founding Principles.

Portals for government ban people? Payoffs to bloggers?  We warned in 2014 on Peoplenomics that Social Media is a crooked business model.  Takes a while, but like this wave, we tend to be right in the long-run.

Need more proof Social has been weaponized?  Here you go:  Facebook exec helped Cuomo smear sex-harassment accuser: AG (

Facts keep piling up that say government is not shooting straight with the people they work for: ‘For $1/Day’… Double-Blind Ivermectin Study Reveals COVID Patients Recover More Quickly, Are Less Infectious.  Though our friend who just passed was using Ivermectin. His wife bounced right back from her bout, though.

Great Job Cut Data

When the ADP Jobs Report landed Wednesday, we would have expected more than a simple 323 point wobble in the Dow.  Yet, overnight the futures were run up more than 150 points, though reality seems to be seeping in now.

One reason is the Challenger Job Cuts report just out:

“U.S.-based employers announced 18,942 job cuts in July, down 93% from the 262,649 cuts announced in the same month last year. Last month’s total is the lowest since in June 2000, when 17,241 job cuts were announced, according to a report released Thursday from global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.”

Tomorrow we get the “official employment numbers.”

The key thing to look for in them will be the CES (Current Employment Survey) Birth-Death Model.

I’ll go out on a limb here and make two wild-ass predictions for you:  1) the majority (if not all) of the Federal report gains tomorrow will be “made up” jobs.  “Estimated” into existence by the CES Birth Death Model.

My second prediction is easier:  We will still not have as many people actually working and holding jobs as we did in 2019.

Third prediction?  Since I’m  out on the predicting plank here?  How about America crosses the $29-trillion National Debt Figure this month, or within 2-weeks of when a debt ceiling “compromise is reached”?  Not far to go:

New Unemployment Claims

383,000 new claims were expected.  But here’s what actually showed up:

All of which will drive the market HSD (higher, sideways, or down).

Rail Traffic Data

We like to look at Port and Rail traffic to get a good sense of how America’s really doing.  The Association of American Railroads weekly Rail-time Indicators this week noted:

““U.S. rail traffic in July 2021 was up over July 2020, but the percentage increase was significantly lower than in other recent months, both because of more difficult comparisons and because various external factors have led to a recent deceleration in rail volumes,” said AAR Senior Vice President John T. Gray. “For example, grain exports are down sharply, taking rail carloads of grain down with them; automakers are still hampered by semiconductor shortages, leading to sharply lower rail auto volumes; and worldwide supply chain slowdowns are impacting both rail customers and railroads themselves. While all of these should be manageable, temporary setbacks, their convergence has resulted in weaker rail volumes than basic domestic economic factors might otherwise imply.”

Then, looking at Port Traffic this year:  See what’s wrong here with Los Angeles Cargo stats?

Yep.  Port of Los Angeles data.  Over the viaduct at Long Beach in June?  From a Port of LB presser:

“Dockworkers and terminal operators moved 724,297 twenty-foot equivalent units in June, up 20.3% from the same month last year. Imports rose 18.8% to 357,101 TEUs, while exports saw a relatively flat decrease of 0.5% to 116,947 TEUs. Empty containers moved through the Port jumped 36% to 250,249 TEUs.”

We are, as a country, continuing to see an erosion in primary manufacturing independence (years-long trend to least labor cost countries)  while monetizing climate, gender, and race studies and “environmentally sound” new industries here.

Right, sure, you betcha…  (But they do create a lot of hot air…)

Headline Crawler

Maybe Covid has damaged more taste buds than we thought:  Put Oil and Vinegar on Your Ice Cream. Just Do It, says LifeHacker.  Um…naw.

Can I get that with chips?  GM CEO Mary Barra confirms new electric truck and van for commercial customers.

Say, you don’t think there might be an Apple-GM merger or takeover coming, do you?  Apple’s biggest supplier buys new plant for electric vehicle chips | iMore.  Let’s see GM misses, Barra hypes EVs, shares down 7%, anyway.  Apple keeps eyeing the EV and self-driving market…hmm…

Chippie Thursday:  PRO/AH/EDR> Plague, animal – USA: (CA) chipmunk, alert.  We thought only the politicians in CA were rabid…

After they’re done stealing everyone’s savings?  Fed Official Says Interest Rate Increases Could Be Warranted in 2023 – (

Let’s Blame Trump for something else: Trump’s Muslim Ban Harmed Muslim Americans’ Health, Study Finds.

Billionaire Girls Club:  Rihanna Is Now Reportedly A Billionaire, Making Her The Richest Woman In Music.

Something fishy going on here:  Giant sea bass are thriving in Mexican waters – scientific research that found them to be critically endangered stopped at the US-Mexico border (  Border damages thinking, see?

The War Next Year Dance:  British Carrier Group Avoids Direct Challenge to Beijing, Steers Clear Of Chinese Artificial Islands.

Dow Futures:  Up 74, but most of this is because of the weak dollar.  When the dollar is getting the living shit kicked out of it, it takes more dollars to buy the same underlying asset.  Repricing as more (but more worth less) fiat dollars makes it seem like times are good.

Until we wake up with a debt hangover.  Also reprices BTC ($38,000 this morning) up on the same basis:  Takes more cheaper dollars which doesn’t mean BTC is going anywhere.  It does outline the dollar’s cratering, nicely, though.

I should film The Blair Currency Project or Bernanke’s Baby.

Off to replace a hose faucet.  I was going to headline it “Ure to play with his plumbing!” But that was judged too factual for the  politically and genderly woke.

Write when when you get rich,

59 thoughts on “Not Like We Told You So… Plus Job Cuts Data”

  1. We’re very sorry to hear about the passing of your friend, George. These are sad and evil times.

  2. George~ My deepest sympathies go out to you, my friend. May you find comfort and peace during this difficult time.

  3. George,
    Sorry for the loss of your friend. I have lost 2 both were autopsied and died of heart attacks caused by severe blood clots caused by the virus, also other organs were damaged states as well. one was 45 and one was 65 both were very active and appeared to be in good physical shape until the virus. I and my son both had the virus back in Dec. 2019 and my 28 year son was over it in 10 days it took me 6 weeks to get over it, (I am 67) neither of us were hospitalized, My wife never did catch it. The key for us was we were all on a variety of herbs that y wife gets from our land and processes them herself. we have been doing this for many years for the flu and none of us has had the flu in years, when other around us are sick with it. My point is there is much we don’t know about this virus, but it CAN be deadly, BUT I firmly believe the JAB is WORSE, if you take the RNA type. I think there is a nefarious side to this that will rear it’s ugly head out sometime in the near future. One more thing about the virus, is that it has ben proven that those that have a HIGH level of D-3 in the system have far less issues than those that don’t when it come to getting it and recovery. I could say much more as I know things from my past work in the DOD. and friends that are still there. I can’t/won’t say on a public forum. If you wish to hear more then e-mail me and I’ll tell you privately.

    • But will you be alive to learn about it? So many millions dead from a virus while a vaccine exists. Millions of people are alive and kicking after being fully vaccinated. The longer we go with unvaccinated people running around, the more chances the virus has to mutate into something untouched by the vaccines.

      Did you ever hear about the farmer who believed the Lord would save him from the flood? A boat came by to rescue him and he turned them away saying the Lord would save him. This happened 3 more times. As the water rose and washed the farmer off his roof, he asked the Lord why he could not be saved.

      If you don’t want the vaccine, stay away from people and if you just can’t do that, please, please, please wear a mask.

      For smart people, you guys sure are acting stupid.

  4. Sorry to hear about your close friend George. After losing 2 this year (neither from COVID but one from COPD), I understand your emotions right now.

    Yesterday’s column was excellent. I do hope you are going to put this all together in a book that I can keep by my bedside. I do like the health experiences that we share with each other here. Lots to learn.

    If I can share one experience with melatonin. I have had a Fitbit watch for about 5 years and know my health stats including sleep, really well. My sleep was awful until I started taking 5 mg sublingual melatonin about 6 months ago. My sleep improved almost immediately to 8 hours a night with about 1 hour of REM.

    When the bottle of 5 mg ran out about a month ago, I purchased a bottle of 10 mg dual action (early and time release) and started taking it orally about 1/2 hour before bed. My total sleep time stayed the same but my REM sleep bumped to 2 hours and stayed there. I feel more refreshed and have longer energy for the day.

    Hope this might help someone else.

  5. George

    Go to YouTube and watch this excellent video that gets into a lot of what you wrote today.
    There is no UFO Woo Woo in the talk but a lot on what is going on in government that we never hear about.
    It’s one hour and fifty five minutes long and worth every minute of your time.
    Mr. Dolan is an historian by profession and a facts only researcher into the ufo phenomenon.

    Here’s the video title:
    UFOs, the Real Power Struggle and the End Game – Richard Dolan

    No talk about who saw what in the sky or who got probed!
    The topic is about what the Deep State is doing and how it affects us and the world.
    From what I can determine this talk was given about one year ago.


  6. Greetings,

    Heartfelt condolences ? on your friends passing.

    I am 50 years old and received my 1st jab of the moderna vaccine ? on Tuesday morning, 2 days ago. I felt nauseous about 12 hours later, went to bed feeling that way, then, woke the next morning feeling better. I had the chills yesterday for a bit and put socks, long pajamas, and a sport coat on, a few hours later I didn’t need the coat. I get the next jab on 8/31. Arm/shoulder was more sore than I expected. I have never received a flu shot. The nausea seemed to pass yesterday too.

    My wife’s parents, in their 80’s, and my dad also in his 80’s all have already had both jabs. After talking with them and hearing stories they shared I decided it was time to jab and move on. My wife, 7 years younger than me, is getting shot tomorrow, she said she would do it if I did.

    Wishing you the best.

  7. George – sorry about your friend, but don’t get tempted here to go to the dark side. The ‘vaccines’ (not really) are deadly and toxic. getting any of them greatly increases risk of death and Illness – it does not reduce ANY risk.

    The grim reaper will come for all of us, but you are already making many great efforts to delay this day. The government is lying to people as they have all along. Remember, if this. were a true pandemic, the millions of homeless would have departed a long time ago. They have all the risk factors to die en masse – and they haven’t!

    So, stay strong and yes, ‘this too shall pass.’ The Biden admin is evil and we need to know that all they do is lie, and their entire existence is based on a lie. Stay silent, yet observe and be aware!!

    • NEVER post a link that takes people through a promotional intermediary like on my website. It will get you IP blocked and spam filtered.
      (I fixed this one – but I have enough work to do around here already!)
      Mr. Ure is generous – once.

  8. This past Monday I was told about a manager at one of my old works. He was 53 and dropped dead from a heat attack. He did have a COVID shot. Otherwise healthy. But maybe people lie about their health. He always seemed fine to me.

  9. George,
    Great article today. So sorry for the loss of your friend. These are very different and difficult times on so many levels!
    First; how is a “Trusted Twitter Partnership” with the Democrats and their ilk not headlined on all conservative outlets? Where the hell are the Republican senators and congressmen!? That is a frontal attach on our free speech when they are doing the governments bidding.
    Second; I have been fighting Leukemia since May just finished my 4 of 8 rounds of Chemo. I was asked by three different nurses if I had the vaccine or did I want the vaccine.
    Why would anyone want to add to the chemicals Chemo have, with anything else? Between the Chemo and potential of a bone marrow transplant wiping everything out of your system it seemed way over the top!!
    There are far better treatments and honestly there is more to all of this we don’t know. When/if the truth comes out there will be riots in the streets!

  10. We’re in August. FEDCOIN did not debut last month.

    But! Trump did say, “expects he will get reinstated by August,”

    Reinstatement could be in secret so the sheep don’t scare (C’mon, but people go for that).


    Like one of the posters said the other day, we don’t need all these fast food places. By me the Taco bell on the main drag always has a drive-thru line. Two doors down the Burger King never has a customer. Next door to them is McDonald’s. They usaully have customers around meal times but never as constant as Taco Bell. The Taco Bell always has someone at the window.


    The $29b Restaurant Relief Fund bailed out thousands of restaurants. RRF grants allowed the weak to survive. They consume the resources of the strong. Just like on the Savannah.

    And even talking about fast food “jobs” as “jobs” is ridiculous. Back when my uncle was 18, in The D, “jobs” were real. He said you could get a job at F, quit and get a new gig by the next day. Jobs that offered pensions, matching bond buying programs, health insurance, etcs.

  11. Along the lines of not natural, Cv19 is engineered. Back in the day I watched fellow service members freak upon being told they will be receiving their three course series of Anthrax vaccinations. As a civi I was in a situation back in ’01 where two co workers and I having swam in the same circles had come down with it. And me? Nope, no cipro required. So my personal choice / the risks of not vs got have left me with a nice little CDC compliance card for my wallet. fog of war.

  12. Sorry for your loss George.

    I’m sort of stuck where you left off here. If this is a population thinning monetization exercise, what is the goal? I mean, I haven’t heard anyone explain what good this does for the people who invented it.

    On the severe side, it’s predicted that 100% of the people who got the jab will drop dead in 18 months. That means something like 65,000 deaths a day starting in about a year. Or just use the vaccination rate… it’s going to kill everyone right, so wouldn’t that be more like a million a day, the same rate as injections?

    Where would this leave the world? Completely broken and civilization ends. I can’t see wiping out a billion or two people in a year resulting in anything else. So as soon as someone explains how this works, and I mean all the conspiracy heads that are 100% certain this is giant culling, I’ll try to wrap my mind around the logic.

    What is more likely? Maybe it is a weapon, maybe the vaccines are an emergency measure, maybe we’re close to WWIII. That all sounds like stuff with reasons, way more than a vague “they want to cull billions”. If the PTB wanted to kill billions, quickly, just lob an EMP and be done with it.

    • The desire to control, manipulate and dominate is hardwired into peoples and influences their external world view. That is usually sufficient justification for mass murder, to those so inclined.
      The vaccine mass casualty scenarios have not panned out to date; but neither has the vaccines-save-everyone counter-scenario. We should know by this same time next year what the worst case will be, I’m afraid. Stay wary.

      • Sorry I don’t have the time to watch a video. If you cannot spell it out in one sentence with three supporting bullet points, it’s not an actual idea.

        Jumping to the end of the story… the goal then is to wipe out 100% of humanity. That’s the only conclusion. You can’t wipe out half or 1/4 of humans in a short period of time without killing everyone.

        Nuke plants melting down

        Those things will happen. So what everyone is saying about the cullers is “they have a plan to live/die after everyone else is removed”. I just don’t buy it. Nuke the planet and be done. This germ theater is completely unnecessary.

        Occam’s razor anyone, what’s the simplest explanation?

        A) Convoluted plan to take down all of civilization so a few rich people can live in holes in the ground alone, because.. uh reasons.

        B) Anything simpler than this convoluted conspiracy.

      • ” If you cannot spell it out in one sentence ”

        My wife constantly tells me .. ten words or less.. BUT.. I personally am not a ten word guy and sometimes I think a person needs the video to get the whole perspective from all angles.. LOL.. if we only went by what is written then the Russians did it all.. and they are attacking our country day and night. by viewing the actions of those giving the short points from different angles we get the much broader picture showing a darker image that has nothing to do with the Russians at all….

      • Simple is – always best place to start – “Phil” obviously not paying attention, as belied by the trollish behavior – Simple is MONEY.

        It IS ALWAYZ a Business Model – ALWAYZ – with Ferengue types. See European Wealth, Rich Families during and after the “black plague”.

        Wonder why Germans would put out fresh loaves of bread at night – moldy/infected -it detected lethal gas spread by “scythe wielding dark shadowy figures” at night – JIA (jesuits in action)

        * nothing new under the Sun for these types..Clever? yes – Creative? Not and an ounce it .

        All Increased their Wealth, Enormously.

        They ENRICHED themselves like never before – WTF do U think is going on NOW. U R not skeptic, but an obongo luving troll – Hail claus, ehhh?

      • Philistine: “If you cannot spell it out in one sentence with three supporting bullet points, it’s not an actual idea.”

        The same should then be said of written articles, but you obviously don’t apply the same rule to them or you wouldn’t be reading this blog. I’m not fond of video news and interviews because there frequently is a lot of wasted small-talk time in them, but to claim that any of them can be reduced to one sentence and three bullets is an unjustified simplification.

    • I’m not convinced that 100% of the jabbed people will die from the jabs, though many have and will. What I’d like to find stats on are jabbed vs non-jabbed pregnancies. There seem to be no useful public statistics on this and it will probably be at least another nine months before we can get a strong feel for whatever might be happening, if anything. It’s complicated by whether or not the father is jabbed too. Unfortunately, current morbidity and mortality info is confounded by the lack of clear diagnostic guidelines and proper tests. Time will clarify things – I hope.

      For now, I’ll stay among the control group, and will avoid the mRNA injections like the plague. mRNA can do many things, only one of which is to program the creation of a pseudo-spike protein. J&J is reputed to be more painful, but it’s one and done. It’s still an endogenously amplifying antigen system like the others, and that’s very tricky to calibrate.

      • There are no mass casualty statistics tied to the Covid vaccines because there are no mass casualties. Efficacy of various vaccine options are tricky statistics at best.
        The mammalian cell influenza vaccine is great. Covid vaccines are not so great, but if you are 85 years old and in assisted living, you don’t really have a choice.

    • Possible reason for depopulation: PENSIONS. Huge pensions were promised and now pension funds are in trouble. Lot of funds were based on projections of earning higher interest rates but they have been terribly low the last few years. Some funds have been stolen from – example, the social security fund which is nearly broke.

      Majority of Covid deaths have been mainly among the elderly. Was the virus designed that way since children are barely affected by it?

  13. “Sanity has left the building.”

    Sanity was never ever within the building my friend ;-((,

    • Per example: Was it “sanity” when Roosevelt married (Churchill & Stalin) to fight the so-called bad Nazies, or just a plain business proposal, (good for just some folks in our Nation)?

      Was it “sanity” when Nixon sold out the US of A to the PRC “communist government,” or just a plain business proposal, (good for just some folks in our Nation)?

      Why do folks vote? Do they really believe their vote will make a difference? Perhaps, they do ;-(.

  14. George,
    Thank you for the two chapters of your book yesterday, Packing to Die. I learned a lot of great new health tips. You could take that and start a book called Living Bold, Living Old. I have been a member of Life Extension for years. Great thing is you join and they give you an instant credit back. They have some great vitamin deals when they go on sale. Thanks for the tip on Nature magazine.

    A couple of things you might want to consider adding to your vitamin regimen that will help you from getting Covid: Lysine-
    And something you have an abundance of in your backyard: Pine Needle Tea
    French Maritime Pine Tree Bark has an ingredient called Pycogenol which is extremely useful for a lot of things, but builds the immune system.

    My condolences on your friend passing George. I lost a good friend that was 10 years younger than me within 2 weeks of the hospital putting him on a ventilator. When I was in the hospital for 26 days I had three different Doctors try to get me to go on a ventilator. I wouldn’t do it, and I am here to talk about it. They sent a legal team in to have me sign a waiver. I asked for high pressure oxygen with #3 nasal canulas, which I would only use when I was short of breath. I thought I had pneumonia and a bad case of flu because I was talked into taking boosters. They coded it COVID so they could ring that register more. I finally got a respiratory therapist who agreed with me to turn the high pressure oxygen down every two hours and I was off of it in 2 days. It made my lungs kick in.

    PLEASE, everyone read these two articles on Ventilators in case you ever have to go into the hospital for what they call COVID. A Romanian doctor cured 100% of over 1000 patients.

    Study reveals that there should be less reliance on ventilators

    Remember that hospitals were paid an additional $14,000 for any Covid Diagnosis Code when the patient was put on a ventilator. I have been writing on here for over a year that this whole damn thing has been a fraud. Read someone else saying the same thing a few days ago.

    It started with Chinese falling over “dead” in the street. OMG this stuff is horrible!!! BS! Watch the films closely, they put their hands out low to catch themselves so they wouldn’t bust their heads. They patented vaccines before it was even spreading, PCR tests run at over 35 cycles which even Mask, No Mask, Double Mask, Vaccinate and Mask Fauci admitted are not valid, PCR tests that cannot differentiate “Covid” from another flu virus, Flu cases dropping to almost zero with “Covid” cases increasing. And a bumbling idiot groper that cannot even read a teleprompter telling me to get a non-trial approved RNA modifying vaccine when we know that mRNA variants are not stopped by the vaccine. That is why flu boosters are given each year! It is also why they don’t have a vaccine for the common cold….it mutates too fast.

    Would you take a polio vaccine knowing that thousands of people are getting polio AFTER they take the vaccine? No, but that is what the idiot 18 wheel truck driving, boxer liar in the White House is telling you to do with the mRNA COVID vaccines. They do not know what the long-term affects are of this vaccine, but a lot of people are dying and suffering severe side affects from the vaccine in the short term. And it does not stop the Delta, Lambda, or future variants.

    • dam Tex, thats an awful lot of respect being shown the zombie groper in chief, otherwise known as a frigging dog pony soldier..what ever that is.

      During recent Zoom conference call his aids passed a note to him- it read “sir, you have something stuck to your chin”. evil clown turns message around for EVERYONE to see, and proceeds to pick offending item off his face – inspect it and eat it like a booger…Hence the new campaign slogan – Slo Joe Bribem – A Real Booger Eating Moron – You can count on.

  15. “This week, a dear friend in Oklahoma passed away from CV-19 after a valiant two-week battle on forced oxygen.”

    Our sincere condolences George on the loss of your dear friend.. our prayers and thoughts are with you and elaine during your time of grief..

  16. George, I offer my solemn salute to your fallen Navy comrade and extend my heartfelt condolences to his family.

    His ship has pulled anchor and set sail to some great unknown, leaving his loved ones behind on the docks. Quoting from John T. Baker’s “The Ship of Life:”

    “We’re built to cruise for but a while upon this trackless sea, until one day we sail away into infinity.”

      • Gee Hank..We can’t ever do something like that… for goodness sake who would Hide the actions of the powerful if they were no longer around to follow behind and quietly get rid of their actions .. Since the borders are now open and crossing legally isn’t an issue anymore. why should we have border patrol to..
        Now I did like the fact that she said she has made sure she has protection.. HMM think she is now a democratic advocate for the 2nd.. LOL LOL LOL
        I have said for a long time.. except for little kids.. if you wanted to stop plane hijackings.. well hand out a gun to everyone getting on a plane.. grandma saying.. hmm make me drop a stitch will ya.. no more worries bad guys are gone..

  17. Dear George & Elaine,

    So sorry for your loss. I know your dear friend is now “breathing easy” in the loving arms of Spirit.

    Re the interesting times we live in: I, too, live out in the “boonies” and only go to town for groceries when I really need to. Upon returning home, I make some pine needle tea in case I picked up a stray spike protein along the way.

  18. Condolences for your friend George! I have no words to these express heartfelt feelings, so I’ll just leave it at that.

  19. George,

    Very sorry for your loss of a good friend. It’s so easy to keep passing in the abstract until it hits so close to home. Truly sorry. You’ve got a loyal following with lots of support and care.

    Be well

  20. On the news yesterday it was reported that Europe has bought 100,000,000 (one hundred million) doses of the Novovax Vaccine, which is a NON mRNA and NON DNA vaccine. It is a traditional vaccine formulation which has been around for several successful vaccines since the early 1990’s, though Novovax (the company) is making it in a new way.

    I am hoping that the Novovax Vaccine becomes available before my older son is FORCED by the government to get vaccinated since he, his wife, nor I want him, or her, to have either of the two current science options out there. (he works for the DoD)

    Even using traditional methods there is still going to be a risk with the Novovax Vaccine, but imo (I am NOT a scientist!!) that risk is considerably less than with the current selections that have been approved.

    I am saddened to learn of the passing of your friend. Stay isolated, for now, until either Novovax is available for the public OR we can get a better read on what in the world is going on with the 3 vaccines that are out there (since there ARE some very bad reactions to each of those three)

    • The Novovax injections seem to be the only candidate on the horizon that inject a calibrated amount of modified spike proteins rather than a machine to produce them for an indeterminate time. While I don’t consider spike proteins harmless, it’s much better to be assured of a strictly limited dose than otherwise. The Novovax is a two dose regimen, unlike the J&J, which is currently the safest one on the American market. The second jab of any vax will elicit a much greater reaction – not necessarily good.

      I wonder why(other than politics and graft) this vaxx hasn’t been approved in the USA already. It solves a lot of the problems associated with the other ones. IMHO, if I was forced at gunpoint, this, and perhaps the J&J, would be the only sane alternatives.

    • “Even using traditional methods there is still going to be a risk with the Novovax Vaccine, but imo (I am NOT a scientist!!) that risk is considerably less than with the current selections that have been approved.”
      Not nitpicking you but those mRNA vaccines are NOT “approved” at all. They are used under the “authorized” by the government label. It is an important distinction because by using the latter label, they were able to give lawsuit amnesty to the manufacturers. Had it been “approved” by the government, there would have been legal status for lawsuits in court by those harmed by “volunteering” to be experimented on by accepting the vaccine. NOT so with the lesser, government “authorized” labeling. Makes for zero liability for the manufacturers possible. The VAERS route is the distant second and less satisfactory path to any damage award one may get. No court there…
      It is only acceptable if one holds their nose while they accept it.

  21. At 645 new cases, Hawaii has the highest daily case count EVER… since the pandemic started. Governor is ‘committed’ to not implementing lockdowns, but the hand wringing continues. Big Island had 130 new cases yesterday with positivity rate now up to 8.6% of those tested. And the unvaxxed shaming continues. Lt.Gov. ‘covid czar’ and ER MD on TV telling us “if you are not vaccinated, you ARE going to catch the Delta variant, and you ARE going to wind up in the hospital”. Blatant fear mongering from a shameless politician-doctor. Health dept. director says ‘this is threatening our return-to-normal’… well DUHH! Things will NEVER be ‘normal’ like before. And the tourists continue to flood in by the thousands daily. As I predicted long ago, this second wave will be much worse than the first wave in our little island petri dish. At some point I think the state will be forced to shut down again, and somehow shut down the incoming tourist hordes.

  22. I have only one comment on your column. The description of a failed state. If someone told you they were moving to a new country and described that country with the conditions found in the USA, you could not get out of their presence fast enough. Because you would absolutely know they were out of their friggin mind..

    As my friend says (to friends still in the USA), think back ten years ago, how bad would things have to get before you realized leaving the USA was a good idea. Well, all that happened 5 years ago, and still there you sit. And if anyone says things are just as bad everywhere as they are in the USA, they are simply lying.

    And BTW, SARS-COV 2 (COVID-19) has never been isolated in a laboratory yet. And the CDC and WHO admit that the PCR test is not valid to determine if a person has an illness. And there is no test to discover any variant of “COVID.” There were 700 cases of Influenza in the USA in 2020, and the total ANUAL death rate of the population has not spiked anywhere in the world.

    You see, if you have an imaginary disease, you can give it any characteristics you wish, and use any preventative, implement any policy, and there is no way to prove or disprove it.

    My research indicates that by 2025 the population of the USA will be 100 million. And I haven’t been wrong yet about any prediction of what is going to happen in the USA. Millions on the street from unpaid rent/mortgages. Food Shortages this fall with 2022 priced double 2021 prices. Civil war. Nuclear war. Breakup of the USA, default on the USA debt causes all pensions including SS to disappear. Pick any order you like, but you will see it all unless you are lucky enough to die early.

    All with a frosting of hyperinflation to top it all off.

    Feeling lucky, just sit tight and watch the second/third world form around you.

    Write when your government passes something in congress that is actually beneficial to the common man in the USA.

    • “think back ten years ago, how bad would things have to get before you realized leaving the USA was a good idea. Well, all that happened 5 years ago, and still there you sit. ”

      Saddly Expat.. It is the same reason why I never left the area.. If you knew that in order to make a living in one section of the USA and would have to work six jobs to do so.. why not move to an area that has a higher pay rate..
      People will tell you all day long there are area’s in the USA that you don’t even have to have collateral at a bank.. they toss money at you.. give it away to anyone.. but unfortunately.. it takes money to relocate even if they do toss money at you.. they won’t relocate you..Personally I would love to move to Canada as an example.. beautiful country.. all the season’s.. nice people.. ( seriously when was the last time you ever read about Canada attacking another country so some jerk in polyester and plaid can get richer.. its like NEVER )

  23. OTFLMAO… boy talk about MAIL
    LOL LOL.. I mentioned that the only way to get cookies bought because they can’t get them here.. was to order from NYC..
    Well it has made it to within twenty minutes of delivery twice.. now today it is someplace else.. fourteen hundred miles away LOL LOL LOL..
    Went to the post office the other day.. the girl couldn’t speak english.. was most obviously a refugee.. ( at least she had on traditional garb.. ) Use to be you had to be able to read ,write and be able to categorize mail for sorting… LOL LOL I had to explain how to make change LOL LOL LOL

  24. To Our Dear Lord of the Manor of the Equatorial Plateau & Colonies,


    Look outside your bubble! Feudalism is alive and well beyond the fortified village gates.

    Upon current review of the Canadian government travel advisory bulletins as of 1641est 05August, non-essential travel is not recommended to Ecuador due to high crime. Additionally no travel is recommended within 20 kilometers of the Colombian border save the Pan-American Highway corridor because of criminal activity and drug trafficking. Also travel is discouraged along the Peruvian border on account of unmapped landmines and minefields. Glad to hear the rabble hasn’t breached the walls of paradise.

    Well, some of us have seen the world too, and like Dorothy says:

    “There’s no place like home…”

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