Skipping Out on Death

Two more chapters of my book “Packing to Die: Suitcase between your ears” today. In this one, we talk about postponing death. Lots of strategies to be kicked around…

Sorry if the page is a bit slow to load. Not a server issue. Just a lot of words and charts. 14 graphics, and about 9,700 words. 8,700 is the book portion. The balance is charts and the ADP job report analysis, and such wise and so forth. Shall we?

Super weak jobs report…

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31 thoughts on “Skipping Out on Death”

  1. “Second Thoughts
    New York’s “Grabbernor”
    This says it all: “NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women, Attorney General James says ( We figure simply enough that not all the women were lying.
    If it was only one? He ought to resign, anyway. Never cared for the Cuomo’s. Now it’s becoming clear why. Typical big shot mentality.
    Not like we’re alone in our disgust. Even in his own party Biden calls on Cuomo to resign after bombshell sexual harassment report.”

    Got a chuckle out of a News Reporter on the evening news yesterday… she asked our commander and chief what he thought on this subject..
    IF WAS you could tell he was stumped for what to say.. a real slippery slope that one since he has been accused of worse and he son loves to put his on film and plaster it all over the internet. we all know what is seventeen MM’s long .. then pull the screw you people I am the big fellows kid with his art shenanigan’s. AND have everyone scurrying around to bury it and discredit anyone from questioning his ethics. LOL
    My guess is answer that one and all the cocroaches come out with questions..

  2. back in the big smoke . same boring bs again on mr market . snake oil gang trying to ramp yellow dog , treasonous facist traitors shorting USD and robots and pigs buying insolvent stocks and tulips . yep , goes on and then suddenly , bang , all gone

  3. 2020 Trump signed the U.S. coronavirus rescue package for $2,300,000,000,000.
    2021 Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act for $1,900,000,000,000.

    Current history is the Infrastructure Bill.

    The first part of the Infrastructure Bill is $1,x00,000,000,000.
    The second part of the Infrastructure Bill is $3,x00,000,000,000.
    Combined the total should be above $5,000,000,000,000.

    The general price level will rise after the Infrastructure Bill is signed. Likely by a percentage higher than the last general price level increase.

    High prices aren’t so bad. High prices make figuring out per unit cost easier.

    A container of Pringles has about 100 crisps inside. The pack costs about $2.00. Each crisp crunch has a 2 cent cost.

    TP is about 1 penny a square.

    Ask on tea is about four cents per tea bag.

    I think vitamin dealers caught on because their quantites are not 100 round. They’ll use 65 or 80 or 120.

  4. Enjoying the UN-natural coolness this morning. Window open to let in the mid-60s air and keep the A/C from hauling out the heat from 3 fridges in the kitchen.

    The news of our country’s demise continues unabated –
    Despite disaster declarations and Title 42, DHS continues filling migrant shelter in McAllen –

    Aaaand, of course, a judge (probably an Obama appointee?) in El Paso counteracts Gov. Abbott’s directive on transporting illegals –
    Federal judge in El Paso grants pause to Texas order restricting migrant transportation –
    It’s just treason. Nothing to see here … move along ….

    Dr. Martenson has some interesting insight into the CDC’s report on the Pfizer vax and European stats on their vaxxed and unvaxxed population –
    Some information is apparent and some obfuscated and ignored which means you need to dig into the details, which he’s great at doing, to find out what’s really going on. The bad news? Stupid people exist! Mom volunteers her 12 year old daughter for experimentation with the vaxxx that puts the kid in a wheelchair after the second jab then cries to Tucker about it. Go figure. Dr. Martenson also thinks, as do I, that “The Delta” (queue the spooky music) “will be a flash in the pan and soon end”.

    • no worries, cheer up bucko – there are more variants in the “pipeline” waiting to be unleashed/”injected” into population – party aint over by a loooong shot.

      • If it were over we wouldn’t even have to worry about colds! Ma Nature is meaner’n anything they can cook up in Wuhan. Things will fall apart and we’ll root out the people that think they’re safe at the top of the food chain now. Take ’em off shore about 20 miles and tell them to swim with an anchor around their necks.

      • New major Covid revs seem to be released around holiday with travelers. Fourth of July and Thanksgiving in the US; New Years in Asia. Upgrades seem to alternate between featuring lethality and transmissibility.
        I am going to take a vacation well ahead of Thanksgiving,

      • I hope you aren’t flying n_____. The nut cases that keep cropping up at 30,000 feet are people I wouldn’t want to be close to at any altitude.

        We’ve been thinking about some kind of get-away before school starts. The time is getting short for that but, even so, going anywhere outside Texas is a big question mark given the varying rules for each state and the possibility of craziness coming from Left field at any time.

    • “Aaaand, of course, a judge …in El Paso counteracts Gov. Abbott’s directive on transporting illegals – Federal judge …grants pause to Texas order restricting migrant transportation

      …And suddenly I’m seeing the scene in “Walking Tall” where Sheriff Pusser relocates the crooked Judge’s Chamber to the basement latrine.

      If I couldn’t fix the busing of illegals, I would bus them to the Judge’s property, or his part of El Paso at the least.

  5. George,
    I always appreciate the updates on your supplement/longevity regiment. A couple of things to consider including:

    Wheat Germ: Relatively inexpensive. Contains spermidine

    Spermidine is a polyamine compound involved in a whole bunch of biological processes that have to do with cell proliferation and cell differentiation. More specifically, it helps regulate apoptosis and autophagy.

    The first term refers to a cellular process by which cells choose to “kill” themselves when confronted by serious disease. The second is related to the first and refers to a process whereby the cell actually “eats” itself by releasing destructive enzymes.
    These processes sound like a bad thing, but they’re not. A healthy body has to know when to clean house, so to speak, and if apoptosis and autophagy were slowed or impeded, damaged cells or organelles could accumulate, ultimately resulting in cancer, premature aging, and/or death.

    On the other hand, you don’t want apoptosis and autophagy running rampant, either.
    Spermidine, much like calorie restriction or life-extending drugs like rapamycin or metformin, helps establish a “just right” balance between the two processes, thereby theoretically extending life.

    Jingling Fan, et al “Spermidine coupled with exercise rescues skeletal muscle atrophy from D-gal-induced aging rats through enhanced autophagy and reduced apoptosis via AMPK-FOXO3a signal pathway,” Oncotarget, 2017, Mar 14; 8(11): 17475-17490.

    Fiber: (Psyllium) Shown to promote maintenance of Telomere length

    You discussed the importance of Telomere in your article.

    Tucker, Larry. “Dietary Fiber and Telomere Length in 5674 U.S. Adults: An NHANES Study of Biological Aging.” Nutrients 2018, 10(4), 400.

    All the Best

  6. Everything in moderation…including moderation.

    Great PN column today, George. I think I could write a whole book on some of these topics based solely off of my personal experience.

    I’ve lead an uncommon life. Some of it is due to circumstance, but most of it is due to the things I’ve chosen to pursue. From that kind of life, like you, I have experience with a lot of different things. One of the less common things that I’ve done is being an endurance athlete. I was running marathons and doing overland backpacking well into my 40s. I’ve learned a lot about what works for the body and what doesn’t and how to feed the body. Your nutrition summary is spot on. Sugar is the devil and should be avoided. We keep hearing all the time about how worried the government is about our health so much so that they’re going to protect the shit out of us by force vaccinating the country. If they really cared about our health they’d outlaw fast food, ban processed foods and make high fructose corn syrup a controlled substance. But what I do I know? I’m just some poor kid from Arkansas.

    I did put a pool up this year and I’ve been using the heck out of it. I spend about an hour a day most days out there making some vitamin D. I recommend it.

    I’d say in general, the main thing to remember is to just keep moving and keep using your brain. The human body was made to be used. If you don’t use it you most definitely will lose it. What you will find, especially for endurance exercise, is that the big challenges aren’t physical, but mental. Your mental fortitude and attitude will make or break you. As your body becomes stronger so does your mind. Think about it…running for 4 straight hours without stopping is super boring as hell. Your body will get so used to the effort that it basically goes on auto-pilot. Your mind also has to be conditioned. That’s why a lot of people do these things with a friend or a group. The rule of thumb for runners is if you’re running so hard that you can’t have a conversation then you’re running too hard. A lot of people wear headphones while they run. That’s fine for a treadmill or a track, but I don’t recommend it if you’re on the street or road because it reduces your situational awareness…of like traffic!

    Personally, some of my best thinking time is during running. It’s also cheaper than therapy.

    If anyone is interested in maybe running a marathon I HIGHLY recommend the following book:

    It’s hard but it’s not as hard as you think. Humans were made to run. Speaking of that, here’s another really great book:

    For exercise, if you’re not training for something specific, my advice is to mix it up. Strength training combined with a little cardio and flexibility exercises is the way to go and no more than once a day. That’s plenty. Even with marathon training I wouldn’t run more than 3-4 times a week. There’s no need to go overboard and beat your body up. That’s counter-productive and if something hurts then quit doing it. I’ve made about every training mistake you can make. Trust me when I say this…you cannot train through an injury. Doing that will cause a minor injury to become a disability.

    For hydration, what a lot of people don’t realize is there’s more to it than just drinking water. You also have to eat! I’ve spent a lot of quality time managing myself and other people in some hot, nasty places. One very common mistake during hot weather/high stress environments is that people will stop eating or greatly reduce the amount that they eat. You’ll fall out in no time flat. I’ve seen young, healthy people take themselves out of the fight like that.

    My challenge is to follow my own advice. I have spent my whole life on the go, but since we’ve been under the covid mass psychosis work from home protocols, I have lost my steam. I went from a high energy, athletic human to a unmotivated piece of flab. I’m struggling.

  7. Israel has done a double blind study on Ivermectin treatment for Covid. Favorable results. Yet the pharma manufacturer rails against it’s usage and calls it ‘dangerous’…. after decades of proven safe usage for parasites. Go figure. Ivermectin is a cheap drug now off patent… not nearly as profitable as an mRNA ‘vaccine’. Follow the money.

    • Truly. India has been using it and Brazil, too.

      The local feed stores have a sign on the door that says their various types of Ivermectin are NOT for human consumption – but we buy it anyway.

    • Thanks for the link Hank. It is good to see some double blind studies coming out on this. I have a very close friend in Washington, DC that contracted COVID in December last year before vaccines were readily available. His doctor was on the ball and gave him a regiment of Ivermectin over a 5 day period. Within 1 day, his symptoms dropped dramatically and at the end of 5 days, he felt perfectly normal. He swears it saved his life.

      I have long wondered why the big COVID wave in India (home of the Delta variant) rose and then dropped so dramatically between April and June this year without significant vaccinations. I am convinced it was Ivermectin consumption but can find no data to support that.

  8. Interesting how all pandemics run out of victims and disappear. (Herd Immunity) All vaccines for pandemics tried in the past 30 or so years were stopped because they harmed or killed more people than these jabs but, these jabs continue.

    Many people get a “flu shot” every year … and we still have … the flu.

    Covid seems to be on the same course as the flu, continued vaccination, thus continuing the spread of the virus and it’s mutant offspring.

  9. Correction …. Previous vaccines HARMED AND KILLED (LESS) PEOPLE than these jabs do …

    Sorry, my bad.

  10. “… $475K) was under consideration until I looked at the property taxes: $7,800 a year….”

    That would be Super LOW Taxes on your house around here since it is decently under 2% of Fair Market Value/year.

    In my state most of the better school districts are up in the 3.5% to 4.25% of Fair Market Value PER YEAR. The biggest cities with terrible inner city schools are ALL up in that range, OR HIGHER!! (up to 5%+/yr for really crappy schools)

    3.5% of Fair Market Value per year (which is the LOWEST that you will find for a really good school system in my state) would put your yearly Property Tax Bill for a $475,000 house at $17,000+-/year. At 4.25% you are talking $20,000+/year.

    Yes … there are some rural areas in the state where the real estate taxes are down in the sub 2% range (mostly poverty stricken areas), but those kids generally can’t even get into the good state universities in my state since their SAT or ACT test scores are TOO LOW … unless you are a protected minority (the best universities in my state informally IGNORE grade point averages for school districts with low standards since they are mean little).

    If you want to live in a $500,000+- house in my state and be in a decent school district you better be prepared to pay at least in the middling high teens ($$) in property taxes PER YEAR (and it could be over $20,000/yr).

    (fwiw one district where the LOWEST house prices are in the $1,500,000 range and at least 1/3 of the students go to Private Schools the property taxes are about 5%/yr the last time I looked … so you are paying AT LEAST $75,000/yr in property taxes and you kids may not even go to the local schools!!, instead you get to pay another $30,000+/kid/year for Private School Tuition)

    Yep … in my state you only RENT your house from the government, you never really “own” it.

  11. Statins… I actually won this argument with my PCP who tried to put me on them. Cholesterol is an energy carrier in the body. Muscles burn it. Most cholesterol is manufactured in the liver. A minor amount comes from food. The problem is NOT how much cholesterol you have circulating. Everyone has different numbers there. The problem is WHAT MAKES IT STICK TO YOUR ARTERIES. If an artery has a minor abrasion, cholesterol is used as the ‘patching plaster’ for an arterial defect. What ‘calls’ the cholesterol to a site is a stress hormone called Homocysteine.

    So rather than chemically warp your liver to put out less cholesterol overall, the logical treatment is to reduce stress and reduce homocysteine levels so the cholesterol does not stick where it’s not wanted. Some supplements, Like TriMethylGlycine (TMG) will reduce these levels. Others like French Maritime Pine bark (Proanthocyanidins) with Gotu Kola will stabilize and even reduce arterial plaque. Do the research… it’s out there.

    • Yo Hank,

      that Pine bark does a whole lot more for Males than stabilize and reduce arterial plaques..improves the FLOW to the male “member”. like famous ogala sioux chief Humpemall, who when overheard by indian agent to say that he “f-ed all the squaws in tribe” – to which the agent replied “oh dear!” , to which Humpemall then relied..”no fuc em deer, run em too fast & jump em too high”

  12. I am ignoring the talking-head Covid variant chatter and watching the New York Times Covid stats. Local new Covid cases are bad; statewide cases are escalating exponentially. New Texas Covid cases have surpassed last year’s 4th of July outbreak (or break out), and are headed toward last year’s Thanksgiving-Christmas numbers.
    Times to deal with reality.
    Consensus at the office is to start curtailing in-restaurant trips and go for carry-out. Masks should be worn at pharmacies, grocery stores and big-box stores. No masks have been seen in-office yet. While I concur that masks should not be mandatory, that doesn’t mean it is smart for old folks to go without them in high risk public areas under current conditions.
    I tried some upgrade masks; they are too hot except for high risk short excursions, at least in August in Texas.
    Fauci is looking and sounding shell-shocked in recent appearances. The new variants are showing extremes of characteristics, like someone is testing new upgrade add-on features, one-at-a-time. I hope there is a break during the October time frame.

    • Dr. Martenson’s last video talked about the latest CDC report on the most dangerous risk factors for Covid. Highest on the list was obesity (I’m right in the middle of that category for height and weight), diabetes and, surprisingly, “fear and anxiety”. Elevated levels of the last category seemed to elevate the infection rate and intensify the symptoms considerably. For the woman I mentioned above that volunteered her daughter for Covid experimentation the fear and anxiety factor was given for the extreme adverse effect the second jab had on her. It’s a most interesting case that’s worth a listen. Everyone in this administration is peddling F-E-A-R. I say it again and again – this is why they keep parroting the PERCENTAGES of increase in the cases and don’t really talk about the actual numbers of severe cases resulting in hospitalizations and deaths. The percentage numbers are extremely high because it’s so easy to get a high number when you’re dealing with a very SMALL original number. We aren’t anywhere NEAR as bad as we were last year and the medical establishments are still poo-pooing the drugs that are cheap and effective not to mention the fact they still haven’t come out with a definitive test to ID any of the variants so TPTB don’t have a clue as to what the real numbers are even if they really cared to know. The goal is sowing F-E-A-R

      Dang people! That ought to speak volumes for the situation we are actually in. DON’T let yourselves be hearded over another cliff of despair and desperation. THINK!

      • Actually, new Covid case rates in Texas now exceed those at the same time last year. Bing the New York Times Covid stats for Texas and your county.
        The vaccine is not deadly, but it is not particularly effective in the new Rev 3 variant. Being crowded into confined indoor spaces with people coughing their heads off with known lethal pathogens brings a different perspective to the vaccine issue. Don’t confuse fear with prudence. Not everyone has the luxury of sitting on the sidelines.

      • “Cases”, n______, not deaths, not hospitalizations – cases. On top of that look at how many lies and obfuscations they threw at us last year about what was a case and what wasn’t. Fauci is a bald-faced liar and and do you think this pretend administration is any more trustworthy? SERIOUSLY???? Look at the real numbers and quit living in fear. There’s so much you can do for yourself and not get caught up in the fear porn. It’s not the polio of our youth or the Spanish flu. It’s political theater meant to herd you in a specific direction. If you’re a financial prisoner of your employer my hear aches for good people like you, truly, but this is not going to end any time soon.

        I don’t sit on the sidelines either. I’ve been to the coast with vacationers from all over Hell and gone and back with waitresses handing you plates, drinks and eating utensils with ungloved hands both permanent and disposable, stores full of people, crowded elevators, restrooms and everything everyone else is subject to and I – DO – NOT – FEAR. I’m sorry you think you have to live your life like that. Peer pressure is a b*tch, ain’t it? That IS one thing I refuse to subject myself to. They’re going to throw “variants” at us till Hell freezes over. How many years have we been taking flu shots – we STILL have the flu running around out there. It’s just part of the microscopic flora in our world today.

      • Fortunately most of the staff you encountered on trips had their vaccinations, used PPE, and were monitored closely by employers for symptoms.
        Personally I work because I can, not because I have to. At my place of employment, we coordinate our defenses. Bullying and peer pressure aren’t a factor. We all have the same goal of keeping each other safe. I can walk into the Company president’s office and request ozone fumigation in response to an incident and it will be done that evening, no questions asked. We haven’t been wearing masks in the office, but we are retightening defenses at this time. Prudence, Bill.
        With regard to hospitalizations and deaths, I have shared my views on the current Covid revision progression privately with G____, but I am not going to make public posts at this point,

      • Tell yourself whatever you have to in order to make yourself happy n_____. Doesn’t change the fact there were no masks and doesn’t mean the virus wasn’t on everything we touched and the air we breathed and, still, nothing. You’re assuming there were no viruses out there and that is patently false. Reba got The Jab then got the Rona and all its symptoms and she’s far, far from an isolated case. Go figure. Work out your own salvation.

    • already run live tests for all the variants – see the country Georgia and Richard Lugar Labs.
      originated with tony falsie(nyeusi goblin) research way back when(80’s) on AIDS at NIH – that is where the idea of gain of function on Corona viruses started – they USED Corona viruses as delivery vehicle/carrier for AIDS “drugs”
      This diabolical bullshit been going since at least the time when “Chick” Koop was Surgeon general…arseholes defined.

  13. To my ‘night stack’ of supplements I have added the aminos Arginine and Ornithine. These are precursors of HGH.

  14. Hawaii continues to circle the coriolis hole. Over 80% of tested cases are the delta variant here, and now there is a ‘Delta-Plus’ variant that they say is even MORE contagious. We have a nursing home cluster in Hilo, and there is community spread. Infection rate is up to 7.8% of those tested here now. Rather than lockdowns, now there are ‘vaccination mandates’ popping up in many private areas. High school sports are requiring vaxx for players and coaches. Hospitals and care homes are pressuring staff to get vaxxed, and there is a LOT of public shaming and blame for the increased numbers placed on “unvaccinated people”. Lots of “public service” ads on TV encouraging people to get vaxxed. Eff ’em! I remain socially isolated… the only sure way to prevent catching the covid. “Don’t share air!”

  15. Talking with the wife and reminiscing about the days we worked together in health care … she still does. I told her about my flu shot theory, that it seems to perpetuate the continuance of … the flu. – people start getting those shots and then flu season begins. I think it has to do with that (shedding) we’ve learned about.

    It’s a fact that once flu shots are given at nursing homes, many residents and staff get … the flu. That’s where I noticed this. The frail and elderly got sick as hell and many left the building covered by a blue or red velvet blanket on a gurney. It was a mess and sad as hell.

    Wife says, “now think of all those who got the vaccines for covid … and will be getting the flu shot on top of that. Quite a cocktail, eh, Bob?” Wow !! Mind blown!!

    Spoke with a lady who’s family got the jabs, and her son who was Ivy League with a full ride to Duke is now bedridden and struggling to say simple words. After the injection he developed blood clots in his heart and brain. She says, Cleveland Clinic attributes it to the vaccine. She’s become an activist against these jabs.

    I read the UK could see as many as 60,000 deaths this coming flu season, because they “masked” during this past season, which reduced people’s immunity. Guess my mom’s advice that “playing in the dirt is good” is most likely true.

    So, another day of a little baking cocoa in my oatmeal to keep my arteries clear of plaque, and vitamins D. C. Zink, Creatine and CoQ10. Maybe and aspirin weather I have a headache or not. Lol Then it’s outside to enjoy some sunshine.

    I swear George, I’m just shaking my head at all this. I’ve read UrbanSurvival for a loooong time and followed Cliff and his predictions. You’ve both proven the claim, this is all scripted.

    I’ve always said, prophecies are warnings and meant to be avoided. Not rushed into, thinking they’re meant to be.

    Thank you Brother, for reading ahead of the script. Spoiling the show isn’t a bad thing. It’s most appreciated. Thank you.


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