Seesaw Markets – Jobs Data Looms

Enjoy the going-nowhere market.  Because while the early trading hype was a gain of 160 on  the Dow at the open and another 15 on the S&P, we were in about this position in the Monday preopen.

Then the market fell on its ass.

Down 97 on the Dow and 8-something on the S&P.

Although we anticipate a bit higher (since the Typical Summer Rally doesn’t usually fizzle until -mid-late August) retirement is when we employ the Tyson and Sanderson Farms market strategy.


Climate Hysteria

Slo0-Joe Biden is a fool.  Been telling people the “#1 Crisis” in the world today is Climate.  Yet, sure looks to us like yet-another LIHOP/MIHOP (let it happen on purpose/made it happen on purpose).  Covid?  China?  Naw….

Remember, we’re all supposed to have been driven from the financial district by rising waters due to glacier melt.  And Hawaii ought to be little more than a volcanic reef by now.

Yet it remains (because the control grab of Covid is blowing -up) the easiest path to a Global Reset for the World Economic Forum and other high-roller elites.  The goal is a single global government, destruction of borders and population reduction, of course.

For Slo and Kam, reality intrudes again this month.  The Solar cycle is really pretty normal:

As you can see, the current sunspot in June was healthy and July bumped up to 34.4.  So, no lesser Maunder Minimum cold snap ahead.

What we do have – mainly due to extreme oscillation of the La Nino/el Nino hot water bottle in the Pacific, is a drought.

Which, in turn, has charred well over a million acres.  Resulting in this morning’s fire-check:

Not All Gloomy

It’s important to go looking for silver linings, now and then.  Especially since some rain has crept into the Arizona, New Mexico area (annual “monsoons” time).  And temperatures, rainfall – and in turn crops – in the Midwest are doing OK.

While we’re braced for a full-on chorus of Climate pandering (as an attention-shifter from the Biden/Harris failures on Covid management, the border, economy, and so forth, the boots on the ground reality here in the East Texas Outback is frankly, quite delightful.

The median high for last July was 81.1 degrees while this year we cooled to 79.3.  Along with this, morning temps have dropped low enough that a nibble on “outside projects” is possible.  July average low last year was 74.3 while this year it was down to 71.2.  Hell of a difference in comfort while working.

Rainfall has been remarkably steady, too:  Last July 3.48-inches for the month and about 35 for the year-to-date.  This July came in at 6.5-inches of rainfall and we’re almost caught up with about 34 inches for the year.

On average, weather is weather.  Anyone arguing climate at less than 11-solar cycle comparison levels should, in our view, be viewed suspiciously as a possible charlatan.

Won’t stop the hype, though.  But it will keep the public from concentrating on grandiose power grabs of personal freedoms.  And uglier stories like under the Nuremberg rules, how is it government can force vaccinations?

Joe’s got another reason to go “climate ballistic” too as yet-another failure looms:  Landlords, tenants fill U.S. courts as eviction moratorium ends – MarketWatch reports.

Maybe related, maybe not:  Exclusive: Another major financial institution ditches overdraft fees – CNN.

Spend to the End & More…

Yet another outing of open-ended government:  Maria Bartiromo: Infrastructure bill could cost trillions more than Democrats claim.  Problem is?  With 7.7 billion people, yet only 2.5 billion are able to produce and food, goods, and services, how do you keep the rest “under control” and paying taxes, and keeping the same stooges in office?  Answer:  Make up jobs.  I reckon America will soon have it’s first “Dick Czar” and a “Race Czar” and we’ll all be out measuring color tints that don’t matter while measuring one-another.  And be misled by efforts like CRT to pay for insanity a the same time.  Welcome to the “New Normal.”

Oh, those poor bankers:  Goldman Sachs raises banker pay after 95-hour week complaint.  Base pay of $110,000?  You’re kidding, right?

War Watching:  Israel is pissed (not a good thing) and war drums are beating: Iran Ready To Deliver “Crushing” Military Response After US, Israel Vow Imminent ‘Action’ For Tanker Attack.

Duck!  NBD, There’s Just a Massive Asteroid Hurtling Past Earth This Month mentions LifeHacker.  Although minute gravitation, we will keep an eye on seismographs, anyway.

Hand me the hatchet!  You know someone looms as a possible presidential candidate when stories like “Analysis: Ron DeSantis’ priorities on Covid-19 are all screwed up” pop up.  Like a Cuomo is a better, gov?  LOL:  Investigators grilled Cuomo for 11 hours in sexual harassment investigation | TheHill.  Then toss in sending CV-19 sickees to nursing homes?  Can you spell D-O-N-E?

The BIG Story Getting Squashed:

Crossed on PR wires Tuesday.  This is from the Foundation on Government Accountability and is, in our view, very important and worth the time to read:

Friday, the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to multiple federal agencies requesting communications and documents related to Biden Executive Order (EO) 14019 titled “Promoting Access to Voting.”

The information that is being requested may help determine whether or not the Biden administration is engaging in unethical and potentially criminal behavior related to benefits provided to third-party organizations. It may also help determine whether or not the administration is misusing federal resources to support voter registration efforts designed to unfairly benefit one political party over another.

EO 14019, issued in March, commands the head of every federal agency to submit a plan outlining the steps their agency will take to “promote voter registration and voter participation.” It follows the same strategy published in a policy paper written by Demos, a left-leaning organization focused on federalizing elections and expanding the use of the DOJ Civil Rights Division to “[p]ursue aggressive civil and criminal enforcement” against all election integrity reforms.”

While the left will cast this as an attack on them, there are simply too many questions about the Slow-in-Chief and the faux artist selling what could be seen as pass-through money, just to name a few.

This comes at a time when Texas and the feds are about to duke it out over who should vote.  In Texas, the answer is simple: bona fide citizens.  In other states?  Not so much.

Low news flow day…long Peoplenomics tomorrow and we’ll have the ADP job numbers then.

35 minutes to the open, Dow is up 72, lumber flat to firm, but BTC down to $38,400 may signal another market decline is ahead.

Write when you get rich,

30 thoughts on “Seesaw Markets – Jobs Data Looms”

  1. A big shout out to West Texas Horse Sense for yesterday’s epic comment! If you missed this comment go back to yesterday’s Urban Survival and read it. What comes after the covid scam burns out? Why climate change of course! West Texas’s post is a must read. A lot of work and knowledge are in that post.

    On another note, for those who knew or followed Robert Felix (website “”) and author of books “Not by Fire but by Ice” also “Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps”, sadly I have to convey that Robert Felix passed away in June. Robert was on the front lines battling the climate change scam. A gigantic loss for truth, freedom and liberty.

  2. Joebama and his Kamunist VP are fading fast. 17 states so far have mandated election integrity via new legislation, more will certainly follow. With the economy stagnant and teetering on decline, Covid mutating and illegal immigration spiking on the S. border, 2022 is looking dire for the Dems. Add a cantankerous and too often confused octogenarian president fronting an effort to keep an increasingly diverse array of liberal and progressive party members under one party roof, and top it with Dem 2020 campaign promises moving to the back burner as Nancy Pants(losi) directs her full partisan vengeance (again) at the Jan 6 Capitol protests, and Trump, and things are not looking rosy for the party in power. Sharks, e.g. China, Iran and Russia, are in the water, and they smell blood.

    • “2022 is looking dire for the Dems”

      Hmm .. with the last election having more voters than what was registered to vote.. I’m thinking it will be a landslide.. but then….
      Ftom my perspective.. who would want the job of being the captainof the USA TITANIC. the way I see it it is beyond the tipping point now..
      The only reason we haven’t gone down the cliff is because their dumping money in pockets..

  3. Comrades,

    The MV Mercer Street that was allegedly attacked by an Iranian drone the other day off Oman is owned by a Romanian-Israeli billionaire. Another ship attacked by Iranian missile at the beginning of July off Saudi Arabia was by coinky-doink previously owned by the same billionaire. Perhaps the MV Mercer Street moniker stems from the American revolutionary leader who perished at The Battle of Princeton, an event possibly marking a change of tide in the fortunes of the war against the then status quo.

  4. “Climate”

    The Detroit water company consistently blames neglect and malfeasance on climate change. Every few years the sewage system fails due to the “500 year rain”. In June there was a 500 year rain that closed down all the urban expressways. One of them for days.

    Some Detroit basements are still flooded with raw sewage. Raw sewage is backed-up toilet water from the neighborhood, not overflowing storm drains.

    Government hasn’t changed. The water company staff hasn’t changed. I think people like to be rooked.

    Detroit recently grabbed $30,000,000 from HUD AND the first $400,000,000 of a $1,000,000,000 “Virus rescue” purse. Not one mention of fixing the water system.

    Fraud nation.

  5. George we are at a neutral phase for both El Nino and the pacific decadal oscillation. Neither one has any effect on the current drought.

    My city, Medford, OR just had the hottest July (averages of Hi and Low) on record. I suppose you will just claim that we haven’t had accurate thermometers for a hundred years yet.

    “Weather” may be normal where you are. “Climate” is BF Nuts out where I live.

    • Some people think “they” are out to get us. “America is the last hold-out”, Second Amendment holds them back, yada and etc.

      “They” could of had us by choreographing WW2 differently.

      Since “they” didn’t kill us then, we have to consider the “Climate change” “Vax” and modern bug proteins are ways to “save us”. Perhaps bad things are coming and the ‘bad guys’ could be ‘good guys’.

    • “we haven’t had accurate thermometers for a hundred years yet.”

      Of course you have. You’re even likely to have had accurate thermometers for 130-135 years.

      What about that 3.8-4.5 billion years which came before thermometers were invented…?

  6. Monkey put out another great report yesterday. “They” aren’t even trying to hide it any more. DHS buses are hauling illegals all over and the Mexican airlines are now bringing people in as well as Alaskan air transport planes doing the same. This weekend 10,000 illegals were reported in McAllen, I think, and a thousand or more were corraled under a bridge close to the border in a huge surge. If you aren’t flooding your representatives’ phone lines and covering them in mail protesting this you’ll deserve what happens when these people start voting and the government destroys our monetary system (like they haven’t already?) when they put all these people on the dole – the dole WE pay for. If our Governor Abbott is just paying lip service by not enforcing his directive to not bus these people then he needs to go too! If you’re 90 and you think it all doesn’t matter then say that to your children and grandkids as you leave this mess to them. Tell them to enjoy the Socialist nirvana you’re leaving to them.

    This is the Obama administration’s plan put into action to “Fundamentally change the face of America” by killing off as many people as possible with a virus and The Jab while replacing them with foreigners that have no concept what our Constitution and Bill of Rights stand for.

  7. Yo G,

    What rhymes with slope ? How about Hope ? nah.. Dope? There it is !

    ” Dopes of the Slopes” suggest U revisit Ure Solar Sunspot graph and recalc the the Time axis so it shows at least 3-4 of the last Solar Cycles. Got it ? Check.

    Need to look at that shit with new mr mojo risen wrote years ago..”windows are eyes of the house.Peer out of your prison body, others peep in. Never a one-way traffic. “Seeing” always implies the possibility of damaged privacy, for as eyes revel the huge external world, our own infinite spaces are opened for others.”

    “the eyes are the genitals of perception, and they too have established a tyranny. they have usurped the authority of the other senses. The body becomes a thin awkward stalk to support the eye on its rounds.”

    Now review the angle of the Slope of the curve coming in & out of the last 2-3 cycles…changes the whole dam shooting match, dont it ? Looks to me like this new/current cycle will be very short lived…diving down into the LOWEST cycle ever to be recorded in Human history. Yeah Ure right, dont show the peeps the good data, cant have em waking up..EVER.

    Speaking of cats getting out of containment bags, Ure As te roid is not the problem, it is in fact the “cover” for the real weapon of mass destruction..thats just DUMB, no?

    * Hey no mention crystal science breakthrough in Computer tech recently ? – moving fast..giddyup pardner.

  8. It’s pretty peaceful and serene down here at Alki Beach dude. I been working for a packing relocation company. I will tell ya what dude. 2 hours in the gym ain’t shit compaird to running stairs for 10-12 hours with 50lb to 500lb items. Especially keeping pace with men half my age. Humble but honest work. I’m super grateful. I actually haven’t been this happy for this long in a long time.

    Good to be off the government tit. Longest I have ever gone on unemployment. 17 months. Longest I have even not worked since I was 12.

    Super good boss. Really good guy. So I actually look forward to going to work. Not just a number here. Neo, one, won.

    Funny I work for a company called Neo. Like in the matrix. Because there is no way I can not work for a company that doesn’t have some deeper meaning to it. You know of course the name Neo has One in it. It’s an anagram.

    Prices are definitely on the rise. $71 to fill the Hemi car in Seattle. $40 at stateline in Idaho. $14.00 a pack for Marlboros in Seattle. $4.85 at state line in Idaho. But what do ya do.

    All about the weather. It’s gorgeous down here at Alki Beach and I tell ya what. There has been moments since I moved here. I could live in forever. And that has nothing to do with a new relationship, money, property or prestige.

    IF how we think can alter our DNA? IF our environment can alter our DNA?
    I tell ya what. The smell of the salt air and the the sound of the waves coming in. A place where everyone is smiling, healthy, friendly, successful and happy. Is the place for me. Ya know George. Every day since I moved here. I see women on roller skates, with big headphones on, smiling dancing as they skate down the board walk, wearing nothing but a thong and string bikini top. It makes me wonder 2 things. 1) how does this change my DNA. And 2) what is the big fuss about in the world.

    I don’t subscribe to toxic insanity. I don’t allow it in my life. I don’t hitch my wagon to someone going a different direction. And I don’t hitch it to an anchor. I’m well on the path to Healthy Destiny. I’m already here. It’s not my job to teach others their lesson or help them see the light. That is just ego shit. I don’t berate anyone for being where they are at. I don’t insult them. Just because someone thinks differently, has different values, processes stuff different doesnt make it bad or wrong. Just different. However, I don’t participate in toxic insanity. No is a full sentence. Yes is a full sentence. I hope the best for them and get about what I’m about. Which is healthy, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically and financially. And have a little while along, the way. Sexsessfull drivin. Ya feel me?

    Alot of times my life and the world around me, is reflection of the world to come. That being said. As I watch the ferries and sailboats, people walking their dogs smiling and waving to each other all friendly like. We shall see.

    Remember: I don’t get much of my data off the web. I get it from reading the grid around me. Found a silver dollar on the ground yesterday. I bought a coffee with it. Lol

    As a another old being wise man said to me recently. “The world is waiting for you. If you won’t go to it. It will come to you.”

    So, I best rouse my ass up and get to it.

    I am blessed and highly Fortunate. It is my hope, that you are as well.

    Off to strap my ass to 50 lb boxes if stuff. Grateful for another day of life. Excited to see what THE DUDE has for me. It’s always something good.

    And I never think for a minute. I’m too damn old for this shit. I forget that I’m an OM too. All the time.

    • Yo Chickenbunny,

      Chew and noodle time – 4 it is sync wink time.. Dig this mofo, there are 326 genes involved in reptilian limb/tail regeneration, just 326 Genes..guess what ?

      All 326 of those EXACT genes Exist in Ure DNA.
      Does Ure little gland between hemispheres sense the light/dude? Can you imagine rearranging Ure genes so as to activate rengeneration ? no? then gonna need an 8 sided pyramid like exists on the Egytian plateau-and access to the interior..

  9. Ya know George, I was having a conversation with Hidden Hand the other day. Wireless, hands free coms.

    The bloodline is important to them. Not as much as each house and not as much as the whole deck of family.

    It had never occured to me until we had this dialog. Even the Ace of Spades answer to the Joker. There is two jokers per deck. And all the Per house line or suits can be emulated by the Joker of wild card. Now I know who one of the Jokers is. I wonder who the other one is.

    Ya know all this happened before. The Rona and the vax. Where we see the genetic difference between the RH frequencys. See it’s not just the biological monkey gene split. That is impossible to do as Darwin would suggest. An artificial induced split was made. You can always tell alot by not what people say but what they don’t say. ~ The Art of Disclosure~ so to speak. How much information is too much information. Need to know basis. Loose lips and sinking ships. Unless your on the titanic. And I been seeing alot of cruise ships lately and I noticed that most people from Colorado have a terrible time “parallel parking” lately. Cooked as F. All the while smiling and saying silly me.

    Well this shit ain’t going to move itself. People and their stuff. Lots of stuff. Have to get their stuff to their new place where they proudly look at all their stuff and think to themselves, “I have a arrived” in life.
    Oh but have you? Have you really arrived with all your stuff? In some sense yes. But for the most part. It’s just stuff. It doesn’t make ya anymore arrived or not. Do you own you stuff or does it own you?

    I like stuff too. But my stuff doesnt make me or break me, neither will their stuff.

    Try to get that all rolling next week. If THE DUDE wills it? I will just be along got the ride. Guess we will see.

    Later dude. Ya. Not much going on in the world. Ya almost have to drink a couple more cups of coffee to fabricate something to bitch about. Lol.

    All my problems are Lamborghini problems. Perspectively speaking. Lol

    • “All my problems are Lamborghini problems. Perspectively speaking. Lol”

      I’d realized your problem long ago — (I have a ‘late in age’ son, abt. your age ;-)). However, B/S stays b/s no matter how you slice it.

      Hope someday to read something from you with ‘hand and foot attached, LOL!

  10. If anyone needs any more proof that COVID is a political virus,chew on this:The Mayor of NYC has just announced that vaccines will soon be required to enter any NYC business.Right across the river in NJ,a place where the numbers are far worse,the Governor of NJ has made no such proclamation.Could it be that that one of them is on the ballot in November?

  11. “And Hawaii ought to be little more than a volcanic reef by now.”

    LOL! Sea level gotta rise 13,000 + feet for that to happen.


    What do I find funny about this story?

    It’s exactly what I think would happen in the USA in the event of a catastrophic event.. the elite planned for them and not the people.. they step in with food and supplies for the survivors..becoming the saviors of the people in the darkest moments..
    Heres a country 50 miles away begging pleading and asking . Now demanding HELP from their leadership..It was our moment to shine in a humanitarian way..gain the respect of the people living there..
    We could have stepped in anytime saying here we are we gave your best interests at the love and devotion of the people. Instead what was it we did. screw you suffer more sanctions .
    I think Obama was right for opening the borders for trade with cuba..
    They must not have any oil or bgg raw resources for the big boys to be concerned with..
    Yet We open the borders for illegals even though the leaders of their countries have openly said that was exactly how they would enter our country..give them all the benefits that they won’t even give citizens along with the choice jobs with benefits..
    Lol lol lol yet won’t send mac and cheese medical supplies .
    We let china become our industrial giant.. we re dependent on them for so much..
    We are worried about countries thousands of miles away yet let the countries that could benefit from us and be friends with us suffer. Now China is saying here ket us help. 50 miles away ..

  13. Amazon is now selling the hoarded Purell hand sanitizer without restriction. The prices for the bottles labeled “For Emergency Response, Not for Retail Sale” look really good. Stock before the hoarding, pathological lying liar government medical hoarders and gene-splicers strike again. The CDC is wrecking the country with their medical-industry sociopath lunacy. Nuremburg.

    A full 10% of the population in the county where I live has tested positive for Covid since the start of the pandemic. 10%. I have anecdotal observations which lead me to believe that the number of mild untested cases puts that case number into the zone where herd immunity should have taken over. And yet, the new cases are surgibg to levels not seen since last year’s 4th of July fireworks. I no longer believe in Covid herd immunity, with or without the vaccine.

    • Yeah.. everyone has hand sanitizer on clearance lol…at regular prices..we still haven’t had to buy any lol

    • You can probably buy Everclear for close to what the “hand sanitizer” goes for, and it has far more and better uses.

      We never got to herd immunity with the “common” cold, though many of us are virtually immune. I think the covid thing is similar, and the delta and follow-on versions are just the virus adapting to its comfort zone in the ecosystem.

      My serious question is: What is the purpose of flooding each and every person in the world with spike proteins? Why is it so necessary to do this that there’s a synchronous effort by all governments at huge expense to do this?

      There are various theories – all of which as yet unproven.

  14. Everclear sells for more than double the price of liquid 80% ethyl alcohol WHO formula hand sanitizer in quart bottles at the local package store. I use the WHO hand sanitizer for insect bites, especially red bugs. I keep some Everclear on hand for contingency, but it is a lot more expensive than it used to be,
    The Purell is 70% isopropyl alcohol with a non-gummy gelling agent. I like it for the automobile. 144 oz of Purell for $18 is a steal. Legality of open ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer in the front console is a question.
    I like Chinese hand sanitizer for the office, because no one will steal it.
    My favorite hand sanitizer was a custom blend of the 80% WHO with 70% gelled ethyl alcohol to make homebrew 151 Hand Sanitizer, which I made when commercial was unavailable. The smell was too strong to use it outside the home. I made a custom label with a sugar skull for it. Still got a little bit of it.

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