TSR? Or Normalcy’s Last Stand?

We do, I assure you, live in a confused and ‘foxed-uniformed vertically‘  world.  Hyper-complexity promised to solve all our problems.  But, sitting in the Outback of East Texas, “confusionality” is abundantly clear.

For example, when you decide to build more damns for hydro power and exporting of water to SoCal, what happens?  Fish runs shrink with smaller spawning grounds.  So fish ladders are built.  But this means more concrete.  Since government is in the habit of never paying anything off (witness the Budget Ceiling being hit this week again) the cost of the fish ladder approaches infinity over time.

Another example is electric vehicles:  They seem to end pollution.  But they really don’t.  Sure, sure you don’t have an exhaust pipe to snort.  What you have instead is displacement of pollution back to the powerhouse from whence the power was generated.

Here  the choices are solar (let’s by more from China, right?), or build another nuclear plant (a whole pollution ecosystem in its own right).  Or, build another dam.  Oops! That means more fish ladders – that never get paid for.

Instead, such grandiosity ends up as “intergovernmental or agency” loans.  Which is less direct than Congressional spending, but it’s how the pickpocket enterprise American government has devolved to functions, here lately.

Acronym Disease Spreads

In context of today’s market and economic view, the rally at the open expected this Monday is a TSR:  typical summer rally.

In last week’s columns, TSR referred back to those 1970s arcane pop-up DOS programs that would “terminate [and] stay resident.”  Try to keep up.

This hyper-complexity induced madness results in an additional layer in communications between people.  Were I talking to reader Al (we’ll call him) – a fellow working on destroying outdated chemical weapons at one point in his engineering life – a TSR would be a Thermochemical sulfate reduction,

Another reader, either a pilot experienced in turboprop operations or a designer of wind energy systems (we have both) would think in terms of Tip-speed ratio.

Designing drive-it-for-you vehicles?  Load up a library of Traffic-sign recognition,

Big Second Amendment fan?  (You should be, it’s a founding principle!) Or, maybe you’re an arms dealer?  Either gets us to Fabrique Nationale’s Tactical Sport Rifle.  We think there are better exports from Belgium; like the waffles for example.

But you do see the point?  We are slowly drowning in a sea of acronyms.

Don’t even get me started on PCR.  Which can mean anything from PCR, or polymerase chain reaction, to something as benign (and less prone to globalist manipulation) as the Practical Chinese Reader, a textbook from 1981.  Teaching non-Chinese the basics.  Because even CCP’s PLA knows PCR works; marketing always does.

Pencil-in Turnaround Tuesday

Normality goes street-fighting Wednesday on, this week.  The Ure’s dropped from short to cash Friday realizing the TSR could pop up anytime to the first week of September.

Normality?  Not “normalcy?”  Linguistic cell-bender here: a quick scan of the web reveals since “...There isn’t any difference in meaning between “normalcy” and “normality.” Both words go back to the 1800s, so neither is brand new….”  It only matters if Ure playing Scrabble.

Job Scrabble!

Once again, sorting out complexity pisses away processor clicks.  Scrabble means the same as “scrambling” something (definition 1).  OR, it’s the trademark board game (ours is one of the fancy glass board versions with the optional/aftermarket high visibility tiles for visually impaired people).

Rolling with definition 1, to scramble, this is where we expect markets Wednesday when the monthly ADP Jobs report lands.  Following that, a calculus session is penciled in for Thursday.

Because that’s when the Challenger Job Cut report lands.  Along with the new unemployment filings for the week from Labor.

Normal process flow, except we’ll get out the “dueling differentials” book to context the CNBC report about how large numbers of people are about to lose benefits.  See An unemployment cliff is coming. More than 7.5 million may fall off the rolls (cnbc.com) for the gories.

Friday, it will be time to get the first aid kit ready the night before.  No telling what the “official” unemployment will be.

But, honestly, we’re expecting another strong dose of Stalinesque Statistics.  Where all the percentages seem optimistic and things are said to be “really grand.”  Except we still have fewer people actually working than we did in 2019. And shortages persist and….

Welcome to the “bug collective!”

Which results in hurry-up delusional job creation. Equality consultancies?  AYFKM?  And just like TSA made-up jobs solved the collapse of 2000-2003 by sending a quarter million to guard airports, we expect Wave 2 of the ‘Rona will mean thousands of door-knockers peddling virus jabs.

All this while China is fabbing-up landing craft-like ramps to put on ferries and converting some cargo ships to mobile heliports.  Guess they’re going for Taiwan, chips and all, maybe even before next spring.  Depends on designers, welders, and how well the Third Rail Invasion from the Southern Border of the U.S.A. remnants is rolling.

Speaking of Which

As the confessional is “contexted for smaller minds”  (See: No deaths, few hospitalizations, but 74% of those testing positive for COVID-19 in Massachusetts outbreak were vaccinated (msn.com)) the reality is the GE reverse stock split and a sprinter who doesn’t want to return home to Belarus is being served up to the masses as most important.


What really matters is the southern border is open, CV-19 cases are coming in by the thousands per day and the Biden jokedency can’t see daylight. I mean other than political paybacks by killing pipelines and such.  Even the big business Wall Street Journal is finally admitting Border Surge, Delta Variant Complicate Biden’s Immigration Agenda,  now.

We are anxious to see how Slow Joe and the Kamunist work Texas over in the courts.  “Feds sue Texas to block order allowing troopers to stop any vehicle suspected of transporting migrants (borderreport.com)”  Let me guess:  The lefties will be whipping out the “racial profiling” argument?

We’d remind readers that Texas has a reserved right to break into multiple states.  And should that happen, I’d sure like to see the liberal enclave around Austin go it alone.

Maybe call it East California.  And put walls up around it.

Short Takes

Batter up!  CDC investigating E. coli outbreak possibly tied to raw cake batter.  Notice how domestic food outbreak reporting is more reliable than Wuhan lab gain of function testimony before the Senate?

Movie-ing along:  ‘Jungle Cruise’ has $34.2 million debut, adds $30 million from Disney+ (cnbc.com).  Reading the Rotten Tomatoes reviews, it sure seems like a remake of the Bogart and Hepburn flick African Queen.  See Jungle Cruise (2021) – Rotten Tomatoes and make your own call.

Broken Supply Chains continue:  US Ports Face Peak-Season “Gridlock Plus” As Anchorages Fill. Which leaves America with Soviet-style shortages, statistics and have you noticed how the House looks more like the Russian Duma every day?

Why we own a tree farm:  (Seriously, we do.)  That’s what we’re doing here in the Outback of Texas, raising trees.  Nowhere near enough to offset corporate farming and heat island making (which continues worldwide).  But do read Anthropogenic forcing and response yield observed positive trend in Earth’s energy imbalance | Nature Communications for a rational set of data.

If there’s an upside to the global thermonuclear war with China & Russia in 2024-2026, it’s that Nuclear Winter solves overheating issues.  Also fixes the overpop, too.  Just messy if you have forgotten big cities are bull’s eyes.  That and genetic mutations, but that’s already in play, anyway.

Around the Ranch

Didn’t mean to go completely overboard in the longish Sunday report on a remarkable new ham radio antenna design I’ve been modeling.  If you know any hams, send them a link to ShopTalk Sunday (Ham Radio) The Ingenious Antenna?  They may thank you (or not)…

The Peoplenomics server move went off very nicely this weekend.  And by two metrics of web performance (GT Metrix and SecurityHeaders.com, we’re up to snuff:

A+ rating from SecurityHeaders, too.  Now, maybe, I can get back to planning some “down time.”  Compare our “numbers” with some big corporates…not bad.

Peoplenomics has another couple of chapters slated for the Wednesday in-depth report this week.  These involve slowing the approach of Death (basic and advanced) and all part of Packing to Die: the Suitcase Between Your Ears…”

Let’s see now…oh yes:  The numbers that matter:

Dow futures +112 with just over an hour to go.  S&P is up almost 20.  Bitcoin is $39,112  FRNpapers.  Lumber is flat, but copper’s up, so war tensions building in background?  A read of how Chinese Navy Using Commercial Car Ferries to Launch Amphibious Landing Craft – USNI News argues our concerns are not irrational.

But hey!  In today’s world, who’d notice that?

Write when you get rich,


102 thoughts on “TSR? Or Normalcy’s Last Stand?”

  1. Things getting very, very complicated, but they don’t need to be. Remember, at a certain level of entropy, nature reverses and simplifies. That’s the point we are at. May be better not to try to ‘think all of this through’. It will just give you anxiety and a headache. Mother nature is in charge and will soon do some sorting for us!

    • Lol so true Stephen…

      Trying to understand politicians is like trying trying to get my dog to decide on the best place to replenish the soil..lol lol lol
      Since they don’t care to know anything, then nothing gets cared for..

  2. Spending over 2 decades in the USAF, I became relatively acronym savvy. How good you were with acronyms depended upon your service specialty. Air, missiles, Space, Nukes – all have unique sets of acronyms which dominate any briefing, technical manual, operations order, professional article or position paper ever delivered or written. But the Army absolutely takes the ‘art of the acronym’ to insane levels. The first war game I worked on at the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, PA left me with my head in the game’s documents, primarily accessing the acronym appendix for each one. It would get so frustrating that I reduce-copied the acronym appendices for unclassified documents and insert them into my day planner (remember those) for easy reference. Listening to an army military focused conversation is very similar to hearing a vaguely familiar foreign language – you might pick up a few things, but most of it leaves you clueless. But then, the Air Force is considered clueless to most Army personnel – until they need close air support on the battlefield, that is.

    • Close air support and PJ’s. I remember a day hunkered in the bush so thick you couldn’t stand up let alone see the sky waiting for medevac for 2 of ours. When a PJ just fell through the canopy right on top of us and went to work. We were all Brothers in that together.

    • “Air, missiles, Space, Nukes – all have unique sets of acronyms which dominate any briefing, technical manual, operations order, professional article or position paper ever delivered or written.”

      I never could figure out this one..
      O.F.H.T.C….I did figure out R.U.N …remain calm, Understand the life threatening situation, Navigate yourself to safety..
      In health care the big one is S.T.P. stabilize and transport Patient.. let the big guy making the money make the million dollar decisions..
      A nurse I worked with didn’t follow that basic rule.. some idiot that took business school gave her a set of orders.. the patient died.. they took her career and everything she will make for the rest of her life. ( they got her home and seven million,the reason..didn’tshe go to school for nursing..then why if she was a professional didn’tshe follow protocolrather than listeningto a person that basically was a clerk typist).. the hospital malpractice insurance is after all the hospitals they threw her under the bus because it would protect the hospital and their integrity..all medical professional’s should carry their own insurance..

      • Oh.. the hospitals malpractice insurance didn’t cover a dime.. of the penalties or the legal expenses.. they dropped her as fast as they drop a sick employee.. you get sick and have the insurance.. they drop your butt so fast it will make your head spin..
        that is how we found our gent living in our spare bedroom.. they took his home his farm and everything he had and he still owes money..

    • Yeah, the oil field is the same way. TIH, MW, TOH, PON, WW, etc., hundreds of them. My very first official living wage job at 19 was taking oil field reports. Each morning, I took over 50 well reports, from engineers located all over the world, in Shorthand (which is a foreign language all of its own), which had to be transcribed onto one of the first memory electric typewriters with a 4 inch window long by 1″ high to check it before automatic printouts of the days activities. What a bunch of stress that was; but I survived it. By the time I left the oil patch, I had hundreds of acronyms memorized.

  3. Meet up with some friends to have dinner and sign on the door reads,

    “Due To National Supply Chain Shortages, Certain Menu Items May Not Be Available. Thank You For Your Understanding.”

    (Well, considering Bill Gates now owns most of the farmland in America, go figure.)

    Read a few days ago, there’s no “EXTRA” risk of blood clots after second dose. – I guess some people would find that encouraging and get the second.


    I found the (risk) of the initial injection enough to NOT get the first. – but that’s just me and how I comprehend things. This keeping me at no risk.

    Recently, Mark Zuckerberg said, “The biggest risk you can take, is not taking the risk.” I don’t even know what he was referring to, I turned it off with that. But I find it strange he mentions “risk” with emphasis … and “risks” are being down played in the media.

    Then we got some stats here, that reflect what taking risks can do …


    If you scroll way down … there are personal stories. Very sad, and fascinating.

    Like a bad relationship … between the people and the Elite …. It’s Twisted


  4. Since Mandated COVID-19 Vaccines have come my way, I would like to see that happen very soon. I’m not very good with threats to my paycheck after 23-years of dedicated service.

      • Ewe have No say, no rights – Nothing. Bend over and take it like real cloved foot farm animal , and don’t forget to thank Ure masters for protecting U from their evil designs.

        Sold! 2 the highest bidder..

      • J&J still makes you very, very sick! Ask my work colleague who got the jab last month. Could not get out of bed for 3 days, and says he still does not feel well. This is my only personal story as my close family and friends have had the sense to not be bullied into getting a toxic vaccine.

        This is a control agenda – if you don’t see it, then yes, it was tailor made for you. Now, I ask you seriously, do you think the government has always told the truth about anything major: JFK, Vietnam, 911, Iraq, Afghanistan, the 2020 election, and many, many more. I know a lot of good Americans WANT to believe that their government is not corrupt and compromised, but both short term and long term history speaks a much different narrative.

      • I don’t trust J&J as a company but that Novavax looks promising if you have to take one to save a job. I can’t seem to find when it will be available. Have you seen a release date?

      • You can cite the Federal law that bans mandates for experimental drugs!

        I can’t cite the statue from memory but look up the threat of a law suite from RFK, Jr. against Rutgers University as it mandates the Covid vacinne. There are several articles on the net that give the very long number of the law.

        Isn’t it odd that no one in the news media talks about this.

        It seems to me that violating this law opens up institutions of all types to major law suits.

        But then I am silly enough to believe that the law still matters!

      • Novavax(if it ever becomes available) will be the first of this crop of vaxxes to have no endogenous amplification! Both the mRNA and vector virus approaches involve creating massive amounts of pseudo-spike proteins in your own body. Presumably in your arm, though that’s been disproven and the mRNA gets everywhere. I’m not as sure about the vector virus, but it’s a safe bet that it gets to the lymphatic system too. We have no idea of the beta of the amplification, and it’s probably a function of the compatibility of your own body with the carriers, along with your own immune system’s ability to eliminate these vectors quickly. At least with the Novavax, there will be a quantified amount of antigen injected.

        Personally, I won’t accept a vaxx voluntarily, subject to change if I get useful and verifiable new information. So far, all I’ve seen are lies and strong sales pitches. One thought that I had would be to flood my system with a maximum safe dose of Ivermectin if I knew I would get a forced jab. That MAY bond with the spike proteins sufficiently to limit their damage to a degree. Note that I’m not giving medical advice to anyone – do your own damn research! The jabs are risky and this approach may have unforeseen results. What I do know is that they want large numbers of spike protein molecules in each of us for unknown reasons. An immune response doesn’t require an overwhelming stimulus, and too much can have a paradoxical effect. The doses are NOT titrated to weight. A 100lb woman gets the same dose as a 300lb man. This alone indicates a lack of concern that bothers me.

        Though the J&J shot has gotten a bad rep and does have significant side effects, it has a much lower incidence of lethality compared to the mRNA shots. It also has the benefit of “just one jab”. This matters since the second jab triggers an anemnestic response and is known to have serious side effects. Personally, I believe that there’s no good jab available in the USA and I don’t recommend any. At least China’s jab is not endogenously amplifying! What do they know that we’re not telling?

      • “And after J&J ”

        I wouldn’t trust J&J any further than I could toss them along with the others..of course they are all out for the almighty dollar..the rest is just statistics

      • We had to get vaccinated because of the wife’s job..what I can tell you is since then.. I’ve been dog tired.. I wake up tired.. it sucks.

      • Connect the dots…

        My extremely healthy brother had a sudden attack and spent 11 days in the ICU within weeks of J&J jab. No comorbidities, rides his bicycle miles for exercise and watches CNN for information. Establishment tells him “Here’s your problem, here’s your bill !!”

        Bell’s Palsey struck him out of nowhere. He still believes that as he drools while sluring his words today, 2 weeks out of the hospital. Has to cover his eye in the shower bacause he can’t close it. No amount of talk or logic or anything will allow his ego to blame the jab. I give up. He’s a psychological war casualty. Still refuses to get in a limo with unvaccinated ‘heathens’ to follow the hearse to the cemetary.

        I promise at 69 he’s not pregnant, nor does he have diabeties… What’s left of these three suspected causes…

        “Risk factors
        Bell’s palsy occurs more often in people who:

        Are pregnant, especially during the third trimester, or who are in the first week after giving birth
        Have an upper respiratory infection, such as the flu or a cold
        Have diabetes”


        Oh yeah… one of the symptoms… “Loss of taste” !!! sound familiar to any readers here?

        My generation will go to war when there is nothing left to lose. If this administration mandates the jab for government checks (i.e. SocSec) we’ll trade shots and my front door. .. but I get to go first. Although I’ll lose in the end either way…We’ll see who wins the first skirmish, liquid or lead.

      • OTFLMAO…

        I have never been in a ménage à trois … Hope J and J is easy on them LOL…Years ago when the ex had that experimental device and I was really young they weren’t easy on us After they realized just how bad it was they stuck everyone with all the medical expenses..and then they just went bankrupt leaving everyone hanging.. don’t trust em its a business model LOL LOL LOL

    • My first thought to get around the mandates was to start a food operation of some sort.

      But the workaround can’t be that simple and that’s another reason why I anticipate all businesses will be shutdown in the next lock-down. Only government approved/monitored operations will be allowed to reopen.

      At this point the unvaxxed are the scapegoats. No martyr on the other side of the ledger yet and it’s getting too late.

      Since troops are being deployed in Australia we can’t be far behind. Hope for a “Boston Massacre” type iceberg. Hope is free.

    • There are many articles stating that the covid vaccines, mandatory or not, are violations of the Nuremberg Code and as such are violations of international law, regardless of whether they have been incorporated into individual countries’ laws. I’m wondering why I’ve seen so few mentions of the Nuremberg Code as being a legal way to avoid the vax. Here are some of the articles discussing it:

      Nuremberg Code of 1947 – refusing the vaccine

      Why COVID Doctors May Be Prosecuted Under Nuremberg Code

      Nuremberg code will prevent you from having to accept the COVID-19 vaccine.

      The COVID-19 Vaccine Program Violates the Nuremberg Code and the U.S. Informed Consent Laws

      The Nuremberg Code

      • I brought it up here a year ago along with the Geneva Conventions on Refugees, and Americans do not qualify. Just in case you want to flee, or think open borders are for thee. They are not!

  5. Well, the docs are holding my blood pressure meds hostage until I come in and see them today. Guess I’ll have to cut my Internet browsing short this morning to get my bp down a bit. That being said I spent some time catching up on a couple of Jean-Claude’s interviews with Clif and Penny. Something about a “Lion’s Gate” conjunction happening on the 8th of August every year coming up and August being the time we see it all fall apart. Oh – and the ETs decided not to take us over after all. I guess we’re too crazy even for them. The Booger Eater In Chief gets worse every day and KDD has less to say each day, too.

    I think I’m running low on silver and popcorn. Making a run today after seeing the docs. More buckshot should be coming in any day now. You know, just the essentials.

    • Interesting note from the doc this afternoon. He, of course, asked if I’d be vaxxxed and I said “no” then asked if I’d taken any Ivermectin and I said we’d taken some of the paste back in December. He said that the injectable is the more palatable variety and can be taken orally or even smeared on the skin and left on until it dries, he does the latter for his kids. The flavor is pretty bad with the pour-on variety, though. He puts it in a glass of tea or something for himself. He said it has a strong alcohol flavor to it. The problem with the paste is the Ivermectin settles out and unless you’re taking the whole paste syringe you don’t know how much you’re getting. He suggested 12mg of the injectable taken orally or topically on a weekly basis for prophylaxis. Dose yourself fairly soon after if you suspect you’ve been exposed to anyone that has been hacking and coughing. He said you can’t take too much of it.

      • We can get the Ivermectin injectable at our local feed stores. It’s also on Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/Durvet-Ivermectin-Injectable-250-250ML/dp/B07CVMY79R/ref=sr_1_2?crid=1FP95J2BQ7N80&dchild=1&keywords=ivermectin+injectable+250+ml&qid=1627988943&sprefix=Ivermectin+in%2Caps%2C323&sr=8-2
        You, of course, DON’T have to inject yourself with it, just take it orally after measuring it out with a syringe. Be sure and read the packaging to see how much volume equals how many milligrams of medicine you’re getting. He put it in orange juice or other drink to manage the taste of the pour-on. The doctor said 12mg per week for preventative measure for me was fine so don’t go hog wild with it. There’s always the possibility of allergic reactions occurring, too. If at all possible it might be a good idea to see if your doctor would prescribe the pill form to see if you have a reaction to it and, if none, you could see about self-dosing after that. KNOW your own body and its limitations!

        Research before you buy and make SURE there’s nothing else in the bottle of Ivermectin that you wouldn’t want to take and, above all, finding a sympathetic physician that you can talk to that wouldn’t fly off the handle and throw you out of his/her office for broaching the subject would be ideal.

        Ivermectin is part of a MATH+ Protocol for Covid and some other dosing recommendations can be found in the chart here: https://covid19criticalcare.com/covid-19-protocols/math-plus-protocol/

      • One other thought I had just now is this physician has made a choice to constantly dose himself with Ivermectin because he’s always in contact with sick people. As “child of the wild”, both city and pasture, I’m not in that situation so I probably won’t be doing that on a constant basis. My preferred approach would be to begin dosing if I suspect I’ve experienced a SIGNIFICANT exposure and perhaps begin to sense a sinus infection starting up. That’s just how I measure onsets of possible colds in my body and where they usually start. I’ve posted here several times that I use a saline sinus rinse spiked with NON-sweet Listerine or generic equivalent (Everclear may even work) when this happens and I’d do this before I’d begin taking Ivermectin. How well Ivermectin works against regular colds and flu I don’t know but I’d say that fear of this bug can be more dangerous than the bug itself.

  6. As a retired Army officer, I’m guilty of the use and abuse of acronyms. It’s a special language and the learning curve is always steep. Like Warhammer stated, it’s helpful to keep the acronym appendices on hand. To make matters worse, there’s a never-ending stream of acronyms being introduced, PLUS a constant push to replace old terminology with new terms for common things. For example, one day I woke up and headed to breakfast at the ‘chow hall’ only to learn that it was now called a ‘dining facility’. The list goes on…

    In regards to the vaccine mandate for federal employees, I guess I’ll unzip my fly here a little and let you all know that I fall into that category. I’m even in the much hated strata above the GS-12 level. I realize people don’t have a high opinion of the normal .gov employee, and rightfully so, however, the group that I work with and the people that work for me perform an important and very difficult and critical task.

    All that said, to say this, the federal employee vaccine mandate will most likely fail. There are some serious legal issues with it, not to mention logistical issues. There will also be a huge amount of resistance within the ranks. It’s already happening. To date, no actual directives have come down through channels in regards to this issue. So, we shall see.

    Stay strong, Stu!

    • I am pretty sure the ‘required vaxxes’ are simply threats and they want to bully people into the vaccine without really having to ever force the issue.

      Being a former Marine officer, we think alike, because we know that professionals talk logistics and amateurs talk tactics. The logistics of rounding up a work force to vaccinate would be extremely daunting to say the very least – and for people who don’t comply, they have no termination policy in place, and the implementation of this would takes months or years to work out the details. And then…..how to you start replacing a significant portion of critical skills – could take years and years to get this all done.

      In the end, it’s intimidation. Let’s see who blinks. I will not blink because I know they are bluffing – I am enough of a poker player to know the tactics. They have a losing hand and many people just don’t know it.

      • I completely agree that the implementation is problematic. However, I’ve been around long enough to see some crazy decisions made… Watching that right now, to be precise… to the tune of millions of dollars.

        Pretend leaders always have to make examples of the refusniks so that they don’t seem toothless.

        I keep waiting for the Second Thrasybulus to show up, but he did not make his move until the Athenians lost their army and Navy during the two-year Syracuse Expedition.

        That will happen to the great war hero General Milley if they start the firing of civilian infrastructure after Mandate refusals, and the military starts drumming people out. China and Russia will love it and make their move.

      • I agree that their first sale was to the hopeful, their second sale is to the followers, the third sale is to the intimidated, and if they actually force the issue, the best and brightest will simply quit. After all, they hold the best cards already.

        Smart companies reward those of value since they have choices. Smart governments would do the same. Then again, we have old Joe, not known for much except running his mouth and fondling females.

      • “I am pretty sure the ‘required vaxxes’ are simply threats and they want to bully people into the vaccine without really having to ever force the issue.”

        For years if you work on the floor around patients they’ve required vaccinations.. yearly flu vaccines included..those that gave refused in the past are not scheduled for the floor and quietly vanish from the schedule.
        Even in a career that constantly works short staff.

    • Military Times reported 3 days ago that the vaccine will likely be mandated in some way for both civilians and active duty, and if people believe they are not able to comply, they must socially distance, wear masks, periodically get tested and forgo official travel. The latter stipulation could be a career breaker for most positions, civilian or active duty, as deployments go hand in hand with mission readiness and those unable to perform the mission are deemed non-essential. See:

  7. Pardon me if this post is a little long, but I am compelled to expose another lie, Human Caused Climate Change, like the lies and mis-codings involved with Covid 19. Although oil/gas per se was not my main career, I have 47 years of in-depth experience in energy, exploring and drilling for oil/gas, pipelines to the Gulf Coast and the Cushing, OK hub, processing, and oil/gas markets with 17 major oil companies on our ranch in the #1 oil/gas producing county in the Permian Basin, the #1 oil basin in the world according to the EIA. There have been 33 years of LIES about Climate Change since the IPCC was founded at the U.N. in 1988. This post is about exposing some the big lies within the 33 paragraphs below. Your future and the future of our children and grandchildren are at stake.

    On Biden’s recent European trip, he told our military stationed in England that our greatest threat is global warming. A Big Lie! #1 Threat=Chinese Commie Military!

    In 2014, in a joint meeting with French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabious, then Secretary of State Kerry stated, “We have 500 days to Avoid Climate Chaos”. A Big Lie! That was over 2500 days ago.

    ‘Presidential Envoy for Climate’ John Kerry (what a pompous title) stated on the recent Virtual Climate summit with other nations about Carbon Dioxide (CO2): “Net zero is not enough. We need to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.” Another Big Lie! Methane is the problem, and you can never totally remove Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere.

    Pete Buttigieg-Transportation Secretary said on The View that the now proposed $3.5 Trillion infrastructure bill will stop climate change. A Big Lie! People driving EVs will never stop climate change, it has been around since before humans invented the wheel.

    The Biden Administration just erased key temperature data from the Dust Bowl era on the EPA site to make people think that everything is only now getting hotter. Lies by omission. They are manipulating baselines and data to fit their lying narratives.

    They have now re-branded ‘Global Warming’ to ‘Climate Change’ because you just can’t make up big enough lies to blame sub-zero temperatures and 100-year record lows like we had in Texas in February on ‘Global Warming’.

    Kerry is an arrogant political hack. He is not a chemist, physicist, mathematician, nor oilman. His statements indicate he does not know the difference between the chemistry of Carbon Dioxide or Methane and the causes and effects thereof.

    FYI, Mr. “Presidential Envoy on Climate”, you and your compadres are liars that misuse data and facts. Here are some real facts you twist or leave out:

    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) lingers in the atmosphere for 100 years or more, therefore curbing CO2 emissions won’t affect the climate until 2121+. CO2 isn’t the main problem. Another greenhouse gas, methane (CH4), on the other hand starts breaking up after a decade, but over 20 years, CH4 is 84 times more potent than CO2.

    Natural Gas, which is virtually all CH4, provided 40.3% of all electricity generated in the U.S. in 2020. Methane is wasted…both flared and released into the atmosphere in the production of oil. Those flares at night in the Permian Basin in West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico look like huge torches lighting the prairies. Those same flares could easily drive turbines to generate electricity, but it takes Pipelines to gather the gas. Pipelines are something Biden is apparently allergic to. Who is going to commit billions to build pipelines, when Slo Joe can stop it with the sweep of his pen like he did the Keystone pipeline? You think the Canadians are going to let that oil sit there, or will they now ship it west to China? The May issue of ‘World Pipelines’ had an article about all the pipelines, LNG terminals, and other petroleum related items Canada is building. Way to go China Joe, there will be a lot more $500,000 paintings Hunter will sell to China because you got them a backup supply of petroleum.

    Over the past two years fanatical environmentalists have cancelled or delayed through political pressure, embedded bureaucratic radicals, and legal maneuvering at least 4 multibillion-dollar pipeline projects. These uneducated whacko activists have now seen that the effectiveness of their pressure campaigns work. According to the Washington Examiner, five more pipelines are in the sights of radicals to get cancelled.

    Does cancelling pipelines help the environment? No, it hurts the environment! Rather than gathering natural gas and burning it to drive turbines to make electricity, or using it for heating, or as a clean replacement for coal, or compressing it for transportation fuel, it is released or flared into the atmosphere. You must have pipelines to gather gas at the source and transport that energy where it is needed to be processed or consumed!

    2.8 million Tons per year of methane are being mapped above the oil/gas fields in the Permian Basin. This is the biggest methane source ever mapped on the planet. And news flash AOC and Bernie—it does not come from a cow’s ass, so we don’t have to stop eating beef as you idiots suggest.

    Specialized satellites like ‘Claire’ from GHGSAT (and subsequent higher res iterations) can pinpoint Methane leaks down to the valve using the Wide-Angle Fabry Perot (WAF-P) imaging spectrometer onboard that measures the absorption of sunlight by methane at very high spectral resolution. Claire was flying over a volcano in Turkmenistan measuring gases and discovered a methane cloud that was not caused by the volcano. Claire’s technology pinpointed the methane leak at the source in a nearby gas plant. After informing the plant of the location of the leak unseen by humans, subsequent passes confirmed that the leak had been fixed. This type of technology alone could exponentially lower methane levels in oil fields, processing plants, pipelines, refineries, and ultimately the atmosphere. Nothing is in the Biden infrastructure bill to specifically utilize such technology to pinpoint and stop the leaks.

    They plan to use the money in the infrastructure bill for socialist agendas and projects to buy votes, including buying electric vehicles for all government vehicles. They don’t give a rat’s ass about what happens to you and me or the environment. All they want is power just like the Bolsheviks and Red Chinese. Their lies are their religion. God hates liars, Satan loves them. Easy to figure which side of the fence they represent. Like the consummate liar Pelosi once stated, “we will have to pass the bill to understand what’s in it”.

    Wall Street, Bankers, and the Exchanges are foaming at the mouth because the greedy bastards can create GLOBAL Carbon Credit products and derivatives to trade and make $100s of billions.

    Remember how Goldman Sachs packaged Sub-Prime mortgages and sold them off to naïve pension funds, insurance companies, and other Wall Street Bankers while betting against the same Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) they were pedaling with shorts, repos, and derivatives. It almost brought the whole financial system down. Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel, and their mob moved from Florida and Vegas to Wall Street. Wait until you see the Global Carbon tax credits and taxes those sickos bring to the dance. Buy carbon credits so you can continue polluting. Xi of China said he plans to be carbon neutral by 2060…..after they conquer the world-they think. More bundled paper of a package of carbon credit paper that is not a real asset nor worth the paper it is printed on, much less the computer blip it represents. And a bureaucrat’s dream…job security regulating and tracking that crap worldwide.

    News Flash for the Liberal Bidenistas, Bernie/AOC Commie Green New Deal supporters, and One World Government Globalists, and Bankers-CLIMATE CHANGE IS NOT CAUSED BY INDIVIDUAL HUMANS. Pollution yes, Climate change NO.

    Non-human factors affecting Climate ‘Change’ include Solar Minimums and Maximums; Sunspots; Solar flares; Magnetic and Gravitational fields in the earth; Methane leaking from the land and oceans, Volcanoes both seen on land and unseen under the oceans that spew carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen halides; Fumaroles; El Nino; La Nina; and shifting ocean currents. The Moon’s 18.6-year Nodal Cycle raises coastal sea levels every 9.3 years, NOT climate change. Milankovitch cycles also affect the climate. Three factors compose the cycle: eccentricity, axial tilt, and precession related to the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. These long-term cycles combine to affect the amount of solar heat that’s received and reflected on the Earth’s surface that subsequently influences climatic patterns. And they constantly change over time! Humans have nothing to do with that one either. Temperature cycles, Global Warming, Ice Ages, and Climate Change have been around for millions of years and closely follow Solar Cycles. Even the Eskimos know something is off because the sun rises and sets in a different place on the horizon than it used to.

    How can they model so many independent and dependent variables and tell which one contributes what percent to climate change? They can’t!! It becomes BS. Any stochastic model with so many non-quantifiable variables reaches a point where it has no statistical validity in determining outcomes. Predictive modeling becomes even more statistically invalid when you eliminate or change baseline data, or change the baseline dates! Like trying to calculate Macaulay’s Duration on a bond without knowing the number and amount of the cash flows. Impossible! Lies again from idiots that don’t have a clue why or how statistics work.

    The climate change radical whackos also don’t mention that South American rain forests are being purposely set on fire, and have been for decades with the consent of Governments so they can mine for minerals and explore for oil. Forest fires, both natural and man-made, are raging around the globe like never before and release millions of tons of carbon oxides into the atmosphere. Plus, as educated people know, fewer plants=less oxygen being converted from carbon dioxide.

    Well known by everyone here, but never mentioned by climate change propagandists are HAARP, Chemtrails, Cloud Seeding and the other weather manipulation tools that are used by the U.S., China, Russia, and other countries. As we know, weather warfare technology can cause hurricanes, floods, droughts, earthquakes, record cold and heat, and lightning storms, but the populace doesn’t have a clue and believes the propaganda. Dr. Begich’s book ‘Angels Don’t Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology’ was written in 1995 but is still factual after 26 years.

    Clinton’s past Secretary of Defense Bill Cohen said in April of 1997, ” Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes and volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves”. The weaponization and miniaturization of earth changing weather science has advanced in the 24 years since Cohen made his statement. The technology has gotten even more accurate and powerful. Beware folks!! They can now surreptitiously crack and destroy dams and levees!!

    A government wanting to secretly poke a hornet’s nest, can modify jet streams and create high pressure systems with weather warfare technology to create 100-year record high temperatures and drought as is happening in the Pacific Northwest and California. They can then create electrical storms or use directed energy weapons to set the dry foliage on fire. This provides the radical liberal environmentalists and the far-left politicians the reasons to start screaming to Save The Planet from destruction with the Green New Deal and stop Global Climate Change by passing new Trillion Dollar legislation.

    It is already happening. Biden’s Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm, liberal leftist, Berkley educated, ex-Berkley professor, ex-Michigan liberal governor, and Obama supporter suggested on the Commie News Network, CNN, that the Florida condominium collapse was caused by climate change because the seas are rising. Say what? As if humans could do anything about it if it was even close to being true. Another Big Lie!

    They want to raise taxes and blame citizens for climate change that individuals have ZERO/NADA/ZIP control over! “The” Government (NOT “Your” Government) and One World Globalists are going full speed ahead on controlling the populace with COVID lies and Global Warming lies! There will be more weather related “climate change” on the propaganda networks. New weather channels will be launched to further brain wash the populace. More movies from the propaganda machine in Hollywood. You can tell what the Globalists support by the awards they control and give out: In 2007, Al Gore and the Globalist IPCC received an Oscar Academy Award for ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, a movie about global warming which has proven to be full of lies. In 2007, Gore and the IPCC also received a Nobel Peace Prize for spreading propaganda like the Arctic would be ice free by 2014.

    The IPCC, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, was founded in 1988 at the U.N. and was the brainchild of Billionaires Maurice Strong and Edmund de Rothschild to support the Rothschild owned World Conservation Bank with propaganda about CO2 being the cause of global climate change. Lies. The name was changed in 1991 to The Global Environment Facility, GEF. The purpose was to “print money”, unbacked SDRs, from the IMF, World Bank, and BIS to lend via the GEF to poor developing countries to clean up their environmental pollution and stop global warming and when they couldn’t pay it back, the Rothschild’s Globalist banks would grab 30% of that country’s land put up as collateral. Even though there is a lot of articles about the formation, more on their demonic plan and details can be found in a synopsis at

    Maurice Strong now lives in a very secure guard protected building in Beijing where he is a top strategist for the Communist Chinese. And now, Joe Biden is trying to steal 30% of America with his new executive order the 30×30 plan to put 30% of the land and 30% of the water of the U.S. into ‘conservation’. Sometime in the very near future once this land is in a Conservation Trust (remember how they robbed the Social Security Trust) it will be pledged for our extreme amount of debt. Like everything coming out of Biden and the Demoncrats anymore, it is a complete lie. See the connection…China and George Soros, the Rothschild puppet, breaches our election via the voting machines and phony ballots to get Biden into power, Hunter does Billion Dollar deals with China, Biden becomes a Dictator with his executive orders that bypass Congress and implements one leg of their 30% plan for the world by taking 30% of the U.S., Hunter gets to sell more $500,000 paintings to split with “the big man”, and the globalist bastards soon own 30% of all agricultural, mineral, oil, and water of 179 countries. All under the damned lies that Climate Change is caused by humans. If they control food and money, they own you. Turn out the lights the party’s over.

    Line up citizen ducks for the next reaming! Blame the people for climate change, and then let the uneducated populace know that the government is here to save them and “Save the Planet”. Create a common global problem, build it up with false data and unproven and non-validated scientific studies, put it in the Operation Mockingbird controlled media, infiltrate it on the social networks and allow them to block any comments that question the Marxist narrative, hand out awards to “validate” the lies, and call it human-made Climate Change to get the world full of fear to believe that it will soon kill everyone on the planet. Feed the disinformation continually to the people so they will accept a Global solution with all the inherent evil that will follow. Create robot citizens that pay taxes on false science they call Human Caused Global Climate Change, and then implement more commie legislation to take away more freedoms and control the populace like the Green New Deal. It will result in the death of America and other independent nations, loss of our great cultures, and the start of a one-world dictatorship.

    As Woodrow Wilson said a few years before his death about signing into law the Federal Reserve Act, “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world. No longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.”

    It has gotten worse every year since he said that over 100 years ago. Stolen elections, U.S. False Flags, backroom deals, outright bribery, selling American citizens out for money like Bill and Hillary and the Biden’s did. Mission almost accomplished….except that they forgot about people like you and me. It is hard for us to get the truth out anymore when nearly every communication, news, and social venue has been taken over by Socialists, Marxists, and Communists, but we must keep trying. Don’t buy into their lies. The Truth shall set you free, as Jesus stated in John 8:32. We ALL must get the truth out because their continual lies and censorship of opposing views are quickly killing our country.

      • Thanks George. Wish I had gotten it in earlier for others to read. Take care. My best regards.

    • Excellent post, as always WTHS. You’re spot on. It’s all a lie.

      There is no climate crisis and CO2 is not only NOT a pollutant, but it’s contribution to global temperature trends is miniscule.

      Humans contribute 1-3% to the measured CO2 atmospheric concentration of around 420 ppm. That’s about 12.6 ppm at most.

      You can think of the totality of the atmosphere as 1 million parts per million. That’s the whole of all atmospheric gases. If that were money it would be a $1 million budget. Of that $1 million dollars, CO2 would make up about $420 (interesting number?? lol) and of that amount humans would throw in $12.60. So, according to the ‘experts’ out of the whole $1 million dollar budget that $12.60 is going to wreck the whole system.

      Chew on that a while.

      • Thanks Maj13. Also, I loved your monetary analysis of CO2. EXCELLENT!

        Have we been fed any truth from the Cons in Control? I cannot think of any. This is a quite Marxist revolution that is now blowing full speed ahead. All the sick illegals coming in, the lies on COVID 19, Vaccines that don’t work because of the number of people getting sick AFTER taking them, Global climate change lies, blowing the money supply wide open to destroy the dollar, hyperinflation, and the final destruction of the dollar. We are in a hell of a mess. Even some of the military leadership seems like they have gone to the dark side.

        Take care and thanks again.

      • “Yes. With no (or even much lower) co2, plants croak. ”

        …And when the plants croak, so do we all.

        Next little true science facts the religious wingnuts who prey(sic) at the Gorical of Al will hate:

        1) There is exactly the same amount of carbon on Earth, as there was a hundred, a thousand, a million, or even a billion years ago (save whatever minuscule amount may have been deposited by comets and meteors.) The philosophy of alchemy (and the half-life of really heavy, lab-isolated radioactive elements) aside, in a closed set (which Earth is…) elements neither increase nor diminish, in molecular quantity, EVER.

        2) WE ARE CARBON-BASED LIFEFORMS, as is every plant, animal, and fungus on (or in) this planet. Every “thing” which lives, sequesters carbon, as long as it is alive…

        And “yes.” Y’all may now go “Hmmmm,” because likely every one of George’s readers already knows these two science tidbits, yet nobody thought to gobsmack a religious GW/GCC fool with them…

    • Awesome post! It’s not just the overuse of ‘climate change’ by the politicians and their media mouthpieces, its been ludicrously amped up to “human caused climate change.” The changes, as noted by West Texas, have been occurring without humans in the loop for eons. Per the full linked PNAS article below:

      “A comparison of the derived solar activity with a record of Asian climate derived . . . in a Chinese stalagmite reveals a significant correlation. The correlation is remarkable because the Earth’s climate has not been driven by the Sun alone. Other forcings like volcanoes, greenhouse gas concentrations, and internal variability also have played an important role. To quantify the solar influence on the Earth’s climate and to distinguish between the different forcings, climate model simulations are required for the Holocene, employing the new dataset of total solar irradiance.”. See:

      Earth’s active geology, plant and animal bio-activity byproducts and the sun’s solar cycle have all directly contributed to Earth’s ancient climate changes. One can deduce those same forces are having a major current impact. One other driver, studied by the launch of the IBEX, is the ebb and flow of the edge of our galactic heliosphere (boundary), which ice cores have shown to have historically impacted the influx of deleterious cosmic rays into our atmosphere, impacting our fragile ecosystems. See:

      The 2nd to last shuttle flight deployed the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, which also looks at incoming cosmic rays from deep space, cosmic rays no doubt impact our biosphere in ways far beyond our current understanding.

    • WTHS ;

      Thank you very much for taking the time to write the Truth. I got quite an education … your knowledge and wisdom is most appreciated.

    • Dear WTHS, you almost caught my laptop on fire.. 17 Companies on your ranch? (can I borrow a hundred bucks?). Your post was succinct, comprehensive, and devastating. If only your comments could get out beyond the hundred thousand of us that read US everyday. (ha ha, GU). My only trite addition, is that we also intersect areas of unique space (debris), as our solar system twists on our spiral arm, as we orbit the Milky Way, in about 27,000 years, (and not a lot we can do about that either). You are a clarion voice, crying out, in the wilderness.

      Parenthetically, does anyone else feel the last straw may be loaded on the camels back, in the next couple of months? And all the evil will be spilled on the ground, and even the MK ultras can’t deny it? Where is the righteous military?

    • “2.8 million Tons per year of methane are being mapped above the oil/gas fields in the Permian Basin. This is the biggest methane source ever mapped on the planet. And news flash AOC and Bernie—it does not come from a cow’s ass, so we don’t have to stop eating beef as you idiots suggest.”

      Lol lol…and Cali wants them all to have fart bags lol lol lol..even though this is funnier than heck.. It does remind me that I have to order my winters coal for heating the cottage…

      • the methane from cows.. doesn’t come from farts but from Burping LOL… which I find funny.,. then think about it.. what do you do with the fart bags afterwards..
        Only from california.. LOL… but now think about this..
        on the impossible question a question that they put out every day.. two people die on average from this every year.. what is it..

        they die from breathing their own flatuance.. so.. make sure you crack a window open after eating cabbage and chili with beans.. LOL LOL and use cotton sheets… if you use polyester there is always that chance of having an explosion in bed ignited from static electricity LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL.. Jeese how did you get those third degree burns.. well.. it was the wifes fault…. (yeah sure you becha)

      • Looking out of the box and Looking out of the box LMAO

        I just read your two comments and could not stop laughing. You are a hoot. Thanks for starting my day off with a good belly laugh.

        Still laughing again after 5 minutes about the wife.

    • WTHS,

      Thanks for the rant, but right now I think you’re “preaching to the choir”. Nothing new here for me… but I guess I’ve given America more credit than it deserves. My mistake?? How do we change/redirect the control of “#1 Threat” . The last 2 human generations have been co-opted by force and we’re in the ‘endgame’. It’s as if half of America is in a trance and can no longer see/understand truth.

      I’m personally at the point of digging a bunker in the ground, sand bags on top (like in Chu Li, Viet Nam… Tet Offensive ’69) and waiting to surface to witness what’s left. I survived but many didn’t.

      As you, I fear for my children and grandchildren upon emergence. 12,000 Pee’on Tusk’s orbiting spy satelites controlling drones that see/here everything… Lark Fuckerburger’s control of the narrative and censorship of unacceptable thoughts. The most watched movie in the world ended with “poof, you’re gone” to half the world’s population. Mind control IS WINNING so far.

      Wilson’s laments were apropos at the time… Your professed “#1 Threat” through my research, reading and observation has now forceably taken control of THAT group.

      • Wilson, possibly more than any other single person, began the slide into the abyss that we’re witnessing now.

        I say again: Leftists have no comprehension of the Law of Unintended Consequences.

      • @Ray
        “Wilson, possibly more than any other single person, began the slide into the abyss that we’re witnessing now.”

        I place Kissinger a step above Wilson, as he built upon that foundation, presented to, and helped create our “#1 Threat”

  8. German Corona Investigative Committee. This is their latest interview video. Over and over again we see powerful evidence of crimes against humanity. Lot’s of information about the xav in this interview.
    Dr. Bryan Ardis: “We are witnessing intentional medical genocide”
    To learn more about what the GCIC has found, below is a link to their website.

    I am shocked and dismayed how there is so little resistance from the American public as these crimes continue unabated.

    • Unless and until it lands on the people’s door steps it will be ignored in the most stringent of manners. We few, we lucky few, are, currently, a minority here amongst the people of our country.

    • Well Lou…I think everyone is still in shock and awe over what has been cleaned up by the press and our judicial system over a simple hard drive and porn account..
      It definitely tells the people where they stand. Of course prisons are full of examples, if your in a higher social bracket laws pretty much don’t pertain to them .. now selling crayon scribbles for more that what use to be called fine art..
      That takes brass nuggets not chicken nuggets to do that. then get milloons for a book and a job with open access to young people as future victims..
      So what the heck they might as well go for the rest of it..who really cares. If it was anyone on a wage level well an example has to be made by someone.

  9. Occupied governments allow troops to go door to door.

    Australia cranks up COVID curbs with army patrols

    Army patrols hit the streets of Sydney on Monday to help enforce coronavirus curbs, as Australia struggles to stop the Delta variant from spreading.

    Around 300 unarmed military personnel have been tasked with going door-to-door, checking that people who have tested positive are isolating at home.


  10. Occasionally wvwn I get one o’ them thar “sync wink” messages. For instance, reading today’s US I read:

    “we expect Wave 2 of the ‘Rona will mean thousands of door-knockers peddling virus jabs.”

    but what my mind saw was:

    “we expect Wave 2 of the ‘Rona will mean thousands of door-knockers peddling VIRTUE jabs.”

  11. It seems we have forgotten how to categorize personal risk. People seems to have an expectation they can go through life with 0 risk and that everyone else in the world should accommodate that desire. One of the highest risk to youth (beyond inner city violence) is auto accident. I believe covid risk is below accident risk or even suicide risk, yet we put our kids into autos most every day. There is a risk of covid just like there is risk of flu. Read your data take your precautions and live with consequences. Of course that would require a level of personal responsibility that the democrats have been attempting to remove from culture for decades. Why anyone would look to a politician as an expert at anything (other then graft), I just don’t know.

    • Correct me if I’m wrong but, I have yet to hear that any politician who claims to have gotten the jab(s) has had any side effects or death … and as long as we don’t see any of them dropping over, some people subconsciously accept that as an expert validation that it’s ok.

      • “Because they probably got nothing more than saline water.”

        Even if they got the jab, those 537 people in D.C., their close-staffs, and their immediate families, receive a level of medical care that not even Bill Gates could buy.

    • Are we crazy or what?

      Putting kids into autos every day vs. risk.

      Before Covid, about 12 million kids went to the bus stop to catch the school bus every day. They all got on and take a seat and away they went.
      The only person on the bus that wore a seat belt is the driver. No seat belts for the kids though.
      You would be cited for child endangerment if the kid was in your own vehicle and had no seat belt on. Child protective “services” would be called. You would be investigated to see if your behavior was habitual. If they decided it is, you could lose custody of your own children.
      No violation for the PTB in this. They get an excuse clause. You don’t.

  12. Comrades,

    While the modern-day oracles of Delphi may judge fourth to be the bane of Olympians, the delta varient turtles forth in the world and stays in front of its pursuers by a hair.

    Alien and replicating from a new nest in China’s southern capital, agents surround the contagion with a matrices of lockdowns. Everything is ok, please remain in situ and watch more Utube they say. Paint a red mark on the door until the virus goes away. Thank you, Pharoah Xi!.

    Now breaking news from msm Three Weeks after a July 10th failure to properly dispose of covid contaminated materials of an Air China international flight from Moscow ignited viral spread to hundreds as well as testing and lockdown of millions across affected Chinese provinces.

    Lose face? More than xighs heard at the politburu as mandarins bark Chinese insults about the “little white face”.

    Meanwhile strains of streamed tunes bounce off the walls of a stadium empty but for tech staff to bring an experience to a global audience of the 46 song Biden Inauguration album featuring DJ Nice. As smoke from the incendiary show clear, there is the Commander-in-Chief himself doing the Biden Shuffle which has taken the world by storm. Advancing slowly in Slo-Joe mode across a land parched for good news, he waves his lucky rabbit’s foot at the assembled kamunists reflecting good luck in 2021 during the fourth Chinese zodiac. The feed from Xi Nation has been replaced with a red screen; the director cuts to a resplendent, palatial scene in southern Russia where President and Mrs. Putin are styling in “I Love Sochi” t-shirts.

    Half a world away at a Necker Island beach, as “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” by The Tokens wafts over an assembled tribe of Amazon workers hawking “A Canticle for Leibowitz”, their leader enters the spacecraft. Sir Richard poses outside with special guest Bart Simpson who has flown in specially to mark the Virgin leader’s season 25 space appearance on “The War of Art”.

    All systems are normal, they are go to launch.

    • OutFUCKINstanding !!!

      PS… Y’all have been watching how many of Schwab’s WEF ‘Great Reset’ meetings have failed to materialize. Cancel and move the meeting elsewhere, sometime later. Poor Gates is flying in circles looking for a place to lite.

  13. “All this while China is fabbing-up landing craft-like ramps to put on ferries and converting some cargo ships to mobile heliports. Guess they’re going for Taiwan, chips and all, maybe even before next spring.”

    Understand, barring incredibly widespread voter fraud, it is exceedingly unlikely that the Democrats will hold either the House or the Senate after January 2, 2023 — The Party of the Executive typically loses a significant number of seats in off-year elections — With Republicans holding the ability to declare war and force the bumbler-in-chief to sic the dogs on his retirement benefactor, the ChiComs’ window for acquiring Formosa without interference depends upon WHEN THE SHOOTING ENDS, not when it begins. They have just 17 months for the operation to become completed, so yes, if they intend to EVER take the island by force, they’ll come a-callin’ on Taipei before the Oriental cherries bloom…

    • “With Republicans holding the ability to declare war and force the bumbler-in-chief to sic the dogs on his retirement benefactor,”

      Coincidentally…In the past Republican party has not been the party of war.
      If you notice historically Wars would usually occur during times of great hardship and famine as an economic stimulant..
      This time around.. the economic stimulation would be focused on the country’s we are opposing that are also the same benefactors to those that will make the ultimate decision .


      • I’m well-aware, and mentioned it here, a couple years back.

        However, If China rocks Taiwan there’ll be 4-7mln people die in the fighting, and at least that many more will be executed by the ChiComs in their mop-up (and this is assuming the Taiwanese haven’t built or acquired a few “doomsday” nukes to loose on mainland cities. Even considering McConnell’s wifey, I can’t see a Republican majority ignoring a genocide of that magnitude, and if they can, then America needs to be vaporized ’cause it
        d mean there ain’t any soul left in the USofA…

      • ” I can’t see a Republican majority ignoring a genocide of that magnitude,”

        I totally agree Ray..I think We have ultimately screwed ourselves and now that we have who we have in office and the kid that loves MM’s.. still wheeling and dealing…who do we protect.. we didn’t lift a finger during the genocide in Darfur.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darfur_genocide
        but for Taiwan… well we need the industries there but do we protect there and not here…. or do we push forward to get whoever it is that wants the resources in the balkans what they covet..
        the question is in the poison pawn trap .. who do we protect we move to protect the wrong one and it is over checkmate…. the grandkids several years ago now.. got me that way.. we went into a store.. the two boys took off in different directions.. and there I was with the baby in the cart.. who do I protect.. the baby.. go after which child first…. it was a mess.. this is a mess.. Putin was absolutely correct when he said.. we are following in the soviet footsteps..
        Stu was right I think in his deciphering of the quatrains..

  14. Went to the grocery store last week and the shelves are empty just like when everything shut down. Single cans spaced out to keep from being bare. Store manager says trucks aren’t coming-bit enough drivers, fuel price too high, even the warehouses are not being replenished. Also government workers (hubby and myself) will not take the jab. Work at a modest size research base and there is a big no being said for the forced jab. Permanent telework without a jab is an option, as well as religious or medical refusal. I don’t believe in gene therapy, so I guess that’s a religious exemption. Less than 20% received jab in entire county, good to know all the smarties with those advanced degrees did their due diligence. Healthcare workers at less than 40% in my state and word is the 60% ready to quit if forced into jab. I think quitting is the only option if a healthcare worker. Can you imagine what that huge exodus will do? No hospitals working, no surgeries, no pharmacies? Forced vax is last straw in my opinion. He just pissed off a huge number of workers who can make his life difficult. And will hopefully succeed!

  15. “If there’s an upside to the global thermonuclear war with China & Russia in 2024-2026, it’s that Nuclear Winter solves overheating issues.”

    What “heat issues?” It is now August, and temps here are forecast to be 20° to 26° BELOW NORMAL for (at least) the next ten days, AGAIN. This is the ninth August in the past ten, where temps have run 12° or more, below normal and below average. At 1700hrs it is normally between 94° and 96° — current temperature is 72°F…

    • We’ve had a few triple digit days here in West Texas (AND a lot more rain than we’re used to but welcome it) but, on average, we’re almost 10 degrees below average normal daily highs just eye balling the temps the past few months. We wonder if the heat has been pushed off a few months into the Fall but we shall see.

    • “heat issues?”

      Forget heat issues.. an old joke …
      Some technicians at three mile island after the meltdown.. went to the doctor.. doctor I have an issue with my penis.. its infected or something.. the doctor says drop your drawers let’s get a look at this.. the technician does as directed.. the doctor is shocked and said oh my god.. you’ve gotten what has been called .. THE HONG KONG DONG disease.. can it be treated.. yes.. we need to operate and cut it off..
      Not liking the answer he went for more opinions..each had the same diagnosis.. feeling down and getting drunk a bartender at the bar and he were talking and the guy suggested this old chinese doctor.. he goes.. the chinese doctor takes a look .. hmm .. the patient says.. it’s the Hong Kong dong disease isn’t it… the doctor says yes I am afraid it is. The patient says..it has to be cut off doesn’t it..
      The doctor says… no.. theres no needbto cut it off.. the guys spirit picks up.. then the doctor says yup it’s gonna fall off in two weeks…lol
      Theres no need for barbers either.. the hair falls off

    • Which for computer pioneering day types is Halt and Catch Fire.

      or Highest Common Factor (as opposed to lowest common denominator). HCF, Haute Coiffure Francaise etc.

  16. You forgot about windpower G____; windpower is ever so green and is there unless you really need it, like when temperatures fall below zero (green being the color of customers after they thaw).
    And you forgot how failing windpower helps shut down natural gas transmission, setting up futures market murder for both gas and electric customers with non-fixed rates. Are futures market sharks green? Answer – no, they can afford diesel back-up systems at home.

  17. Dun,dun,dun
    ..Its a bird, its a plane…its a “planetary gobstopper” – slamming into a mil base(DUMB) near U soonly (august).

    Very energetic..like lotz – will be visible from nearby metro area…

    Nothing happens ? – we will revisit 1st week of September..

    – there here .., newly arriving as it were.

    now for Ure work in the realms – G know what U R called in the other realms..A Screw. U be working with WRONG side..jss

    alwayz CONTROL with Ure types…

    • “Dun,dun,dun
      ..Its a bird, its a plane…its a “planetary gobstopper” – slamming into a mil base(DUMB) near U soonly (august).”

      OTGLMAO… what’s funny about that is next to a professor acquaintance.. is a DUMB communications shelter and tower.. big enough to house a small city.. because of 5g it is now obsolete so the Gov’t is selling it.. we were talking and I asked how much.. of course it isn’t in my budget he said he thought nm it was around a million.. my question then was.. does all the supplies go with it..lol
      Then this morning the local truck driver.. stops at home on his journey.. he has an army surplus tank and a mobile missile launch vehicle.. both missing the guns and launch tubes of course.. I get the missile launch vehicle..almost new motor and the rest scrapped out for iron prices.. but the tank..neither one would get very good mileage..and to take the engine out of the tank would be a nightmare..whoever bought them had to have gotten them cheap..tires looked brand new on the Mobile launch vehicle..buti think they are an odd size..

    • “Dun,dun,dun
      ..Its a bird, its a plane…its a “planetary gobstopper” – slamming into a mil base(DUMB) near U soonly (august).”

      The people pulling the strings go in threes.. next three cycle is SEPTEMBER towards the end..

  18. A local Walmart is out of Doritos and most other chips. Chips are across from the Walmart bread, which they are out of too. Something is happening.

    I was looking at one of the emergency food websites.

    One of the points: “Easy-to-transport pails that you can pick up, throw in a car, and keep easily by your side at any shelter”

    And there you are in a shelter laying on top of your food buckets. Meanwhile, supply chain has been down and your shelter neighbors are hungry.


    • Lol…
      Give them a call..they work with you..on facebook look up Betty’s harvest right group.. mentioning her to harvest right I believe will get you a discount..
      The sales pitch I would use.. is the average family will toss out almost 3 grand worth of left overs in a year..
      I have two units.. add more dry time to heavily seeded items.
      I will put up fifty pounds of hamburger in September.. package them up in 4 ounce packages.. bug enough for a whole meal and you season it your way.. dont freeze dry sliced onions and don’t eat them..( you’ll eat twenty pounds of onions before it Dawn’s on you lol)

    • “A local Walmart is out of Doritos and most other chips.”
      I have one in the house that only eats golden oreos.. now I buy snack packs..they cannot get them anywhere..
      For me to buy them I have to order them from the closest vender..in NEW YORK CITY…its the same thing with bar-b-que potato chips..I called the chip company.. all you see us corn products. Theres fifty corn products and two for potato products. What I was told by one in the company is..potato chips have less profit.. in order to huy them I have to order them online from another state..

  19. Ras, Warhammer, Pathfinder Bob, and JoeNKs,

    Thank you for the compliments and additional commentary.

    Yes, JoeNKs I also think the camel is about ready to breakdown. I bailed out of short positions and puts when the market went south a couple of weeks ago. Cashed in everything. Took the cash out of the broker also. I am a few months early, but better early than late. Powell will drop that hot potato economy and run for the hills in February even though he will be re-nominated if China Joe is still in power, China goes after Taiwan after the Winter Olympics in February or sooner if we see Jimmy Carter type boycotts, hyperinflation goes to the moon, and Swine fever comes home to roost (as in Pigs get fat, Hogs get slaughtered).

  20. GIGO. Garbage In Garbage Out.

    Greetings OM’s. Be firing up the magic machine again as easily as next week. It’s been sitting long enough and I have learned much in my travels around again. I got a Audio Video Wizard as a roomate and now that I got the physical looks to match my voice. We will be doing Video Broadcasts with some interesting guest. Maybe even have my long time friend George U’re on a show.

    Now you might be aware of this. But I havent got a single present for my birthday or Christmas in over 5 years. Except from my daughter and one other person. My ex the bunny. Made me dinner last year and gave me a book because she knows I love books. Ya know George. I gave out over $3000 last year on Christmas. I gave everyone in my house a boarding house a brand new crisp $100 bill. To each person that lived there and to each of their partners. And to each of their kids. I got a $800 purse for the sweet honey girl for her birthday and spent a shit load on her and her kid for Christmas. And I didn’t even get a $2 Christmas card. 5th year in a row. Nobody thought I should get Andy something. I never griped and Im not griping now but you start to notice these things especially after 5 years in a row one year I bought myself an $8 coffee cup from Walmart for myself for my birthday just a little shitty cup. So I got something. You know what? Someone stole my cup 2 weeks later. A stupid little shitty coffee cup that I paid $8 for..
    Nowww I know the gift is in the giving. I have given away cars and every damn thing I owned to someone who needed it. Many times.

    And only one person beside my daughter ever did anything for me for my birthday or Christmas is the bunny. After I all the dumb shit I ever did. That chick just loves me. I mean I took her to my parents house for Christmas one year, got loaded the next day and almost married a stripper in a 24 hour chappel 45 days later. And ya know what she says. Well we all do dumb stuff Andy. Your clean and sober now and I love that guy.

    Now I really didn’t want to date a damn porn star. But she messaged me the other night 18 days before my birthday and says, “what are we doing for your birthday? I need to plan this for you. What do you want to do?”. I balled my eyes out dude. That chick just loves me to no end. And I’m an idiot. I dont like that she is a sex symbol for a living. She is so much different than that when I’m with her. Not whatever anyone thinks. I am all out dating all these other women and she is all. I’m right here dude. Im your girl.

    So, I’m going to ask her to be my co-host and we are going to fire up the magic machine again. And I’m give it a go with her and see what happens. After all. Even she is a knock out and has 10 bazillion men who would give their left nut to be with her. She adores the shit out of me. And loves me so well. So who am I to say she’s not the one for me.

    Every oak seed has to be burried in the dark to grow. And doorfore has been in the dark long anough.

    I got a long list of people who want to do an interview. Some very famous psychics I met in the last 4-5 months. And the wizard who can pull essence out of objects.

    So stay tuned. Shit is about to change. And we are going to shake that money tree until every last leef falls in my pocket. Capiche?

    Place your bets boys. I’m going all in.

    Everything is going to change. Hahahahahah

    See ya around. And soon.

    P.S. To whome it may concern,

    Just because a bird lands on U’re head? Doesn’t mean ya have to let it build a nest.

    • Grab the ring, settle down (at least for a while) and rock the talk.

      “Greetings OM’s.”

      Really Andy? Really…?

      IIRC, you done hit the big five ooohh, son…

      That means you’re officially one of us, now.

      “Congratulations! You’re now eligible for membership in AARP – the American Association of Retired Persons…”

      Seriously, dude, ’bout time you made that call. Dorefore misses you…

      • “Congratulations! You’re now eligible for membership in AARP – the American Association of Retired Persons…””

        Yes Andy your Officially one of the senior citizens club…Lol lol lol ….and now you can get the old fogies meal discount and if need be machine softened along with free samples of denture adhesive and the good stuff the little blue pill… and ben gay for those days when none of the ladies are around lol lol…
        Lol lol I think you could get them with ladies pictures on to.. lol lol

  21. I have 2 millenial daughters in DFW metroplex, TX. 1st daughter ditched this country for Ecuador (PhD in psychology from KSU) Dean of Graduate studies in a Quito University. #3 daughter south of Denton, TX last night w/o power from 4PM until 4AM… blamed on weather/storms.

    I’m in E. TX. (90 mi NE of Ure) and my electric router has taken me off the internet 7 times in the last 5 hours. So far just ‘resets’ of breakers?

  22. An Alternative To Paypal Is Coming

    When Gab was banned from several banks earlier this year it inspired us to get right to work building our own free speech-friendly financial infrastructure. The age of financial censorship has long been coming and Gab was the canary in the coal mine on this issue over three years ago. When the financial censors came for us, few stood up to defend us. We were told to “go build our own” if we didn’t like it, so that’s exactly what we have been doing.


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