Merry Christmas (early)

Fat guys in red suits aren’t needed; not when we have a Federal Reserve and a conflicted bond market.  Which combined this week to press stocks and bonds around like seldom happens.  Gold down, bonds up?  Come on, man!

Next week, we shall see how it will work out since imbalances in the fundamentals don’t often hang around for long.

That said, we have papered-over economic collapse from the onset of the plandemic to what would be the modern analog of December 23, 1930 in our work.  The shout-out to the elves of the Fed is well-deserved.

Sadly, we have to away Monday to see who gets the lumps of coal as the typical summer high passes.

First, a few headlines and some buckshot at the news scanner.  To be followed by some thoughts on how to learn “Economics Backwards.”

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47 thoughts on “Merry Christmas (early)”

  1. Yo Bunkie,

    Why so glum chum ?

    “Hunker In The Bunker” has alwayz been a mental challenge for the self preservation inclined type peeps.
    Have U run out of popcorn, cold beers, grape Vits, ganj, books/periodicals/diodes/youtubes…

    Come on man, this scheisse comes and goes in waves, and we still be riding the 1st wave – a left break..Kowabunga !

    ? New drug trials, including Vaccines, take upwards of 12-15 years at BEST – to test efficacy and more importantly SAFETY. We have just started the 2nd year of SAFETY Research (data collection) and WE are the Test Subjects..

    -Congratulations, “virtue signalers” – 4 doing drug research (trials) and Ure not even getting paid for it -hahahaha – geniuses.

    Better yet ! You have NO recourse, No Compensation possible for Damage or Death to U or a Loved one.
    Surprised the Vaxxed are moar contagious, moar infectious than Non -Vaxxed? Its only the begining of YEAR TWO of the Experiment..bwahahahaha

    Instead you could have been swimming in profits and riches with Ure own Call ..Buy The Faa king DIP @ $28,800 per BTC – The free est market in the World.
    Sell some this AM 43,500

    ..dont tell uncle – el pretendente.

    – BECAUSE the Bitcoin Nazi does not “cotton” one single bit to – TAXATION , WithOUT Representation .

    * BCN is currently represented by Grendel and Barrett, please stand on the clear plastic sheeting over front and and back porches when visiting Casa BCN.

    Sadly – there is in fact No Bitcoin 4 G
    …but 5G..someone say micro clots????rutrow.

    • Honestly, one would think that for a mere 90000 Satoshi per annum PN subscription, bitcoin sympathizers of all non-conformities could vacate their bunkers with confidence long before the next plague of locusts.

  2. Do you recognize the double-think?

    Plandemic Vs mRNA modifier. I chose plandemic right off the bat. Since it’s a plandemic I’ll never need an mRNA modifier.

    And we know they all lie. Earlier this year the 107 year old Viola Fletcher was propped up in front of Congress testifying to the Greenwood Massacre. I fell for the little old lady schtick hook, line and sinker. LOL

    “Mass graves/we need Juneteenth”

    We got Juneteenth. No mass graves. The mass graves was a fraud. Propping up little old ladies to lie for a day off. Scantless.

  3. When the media announces that 900 thousand plus jobs “have been added,” is there any distinction between businesses creating and opening a number of jobs and the number that are actually filled? I live in a suburb of L.A. and see “for hire” signs every where — on stores, vehicles, radio, TV. Word is there’s been a mass exodus of service workers due to Covid. But I don’t see for rent or for sale signs and traffic is back to snarling the way it used to before the lockdowns. A number of businesses are still shuttered.

    • “there’s been a mass exodus of service workers due to Covid. ”

      Out of curiosity.. stop in and ask.. I did around here.. all I got for answers was low wage and part time hours. The days where the kids followed in mom and dad and gained a job at the salt mine are long gone. They know you need to make enough to pay rent..
      The older workers that were forced to leave either had to retire and just at this point just don’t feel the desire to work part time at a low wage position that won’t even pay the travel expenses to and from work.. social security for the older wage earners forced to take early retirement due to the shut down and inability to get unemployment has a wage earning cap. Then the afirmed and dead..

    • Your liability for this is $1,923,076.92, plus attorney fees and interest. Please pay promptly to avoid added penalties…

  4. “I didn’t want to put this on the public site, but there is a simple way around many Paywall protected articles like the story cited above.
    If you [redacted by moderator who is paranoid of lawyers – sorry].”

    ????? I ACTUALLY THOUGHT EVERYONE KBEW THAT.. I’ve done that for a very long tine..
    Load the story up from several sites and paste.. then outline the common factors. ( I don’t highlight anymore because I spot the common points quick)
    The other thing is. All news is scripted.. and like a book can be found on another news source that isn’t a subscription oriented site.

    • Unless there’s an overriding reason not to, I simply ignore sites with paywalls. Generally, everything they say is slanted one way or another, and they have massive competition from free sites.

      The only exception so far is Peoplenomics, which provides massive value. Most of that value for myself is not directly financial. Each will see this differently.

      • “I simply ignore sites with paywalls. Generally, everything they say is slanted one way or another, ”

        Absolutely.. and it all comes from the same mother source.. I have to search the world over in news to even get what could be the true story.. the slant is so huge.. Most people just don’t have time to seek it out and they don’t care.. they are to busy trying to scrape by day to day….

  5. Gotta love how TPTB in California drain lakes to lower water levels out of reservoirs under the guise of global warming, now referred to as Climate Change … and if the people don’t fall for that, tell’em we didn’t make the Dams high enough to hold that much water … and if they don’t fall for that, try “what if there’s an earthquake?” … years and years of bs. All the while, farms the water would otherwise service … go dry.

    Reading back articles, the draining continued during droughts leaving people scratching their heads wondering, wtf?

    Guess someone didn’t know when to stop the draining or was not notified to and now we have this ….

    People had complained they would eventually get starved out but, messing with the power plant is kinda, insult to injury.

    And then there was this little problem over here …

    Btw, did Fukushima ever get fixed?

    Guess, if it ain’t one thing, it’s another … as long as we don’t realize what’s really happening, I guess we’re good.

    Worlds turning into a wear house and census might be seen on some corporate radar screen. Wave if you hear the “ping” Gotta keep track of inventory somehow. I’m sure there’s an ap for that.


    • No, the Fukushima Diachi nuclear disaster never got fixed, though it’s been worked on continuously since the disaster. Fuel pool #4 was the riskiest, and that’s been handled – for now. All the fuel is now in the other overloaded cooling pools. For regularly updated information, check this site:

    • “Btw, did Fukushima ever get fixed”


      But reports from the contamination was hushed up.. reports I use to read all gone and researchers told to keep it to themselves .
      All of us have eaten a little Fukushima radiation. The last thing I read was there was a study going on to see when cancer rates started to spike in the PNW..

    • LOL – yeah the whole point of this morning (which I will say openly) is thata the bond market used to be twice the market cap of stocks. And the discussion in the ChartPack that stocks and bonds are equal market cap tells us a bitter truth about the economic future.
      Specifically that just as inventory costs were seen as “unproductive money at rest” and thus supporting the JIT “thin-ventory” movement, so too, bonds may decline in the future as they are forced to become bridge financing tools. Then government-public partnerships will face going IPO as the proceeds refill government venture coffers and transfer recurring revenue to corporations.
      Like the “company towns” of America’s past but becoming a feudal network with interlocking directorships.
      It’ll be a Merry Christmas for the winners.

      • PERHAPS, but I myself have a much larger problem; On the 3. Day without alcohol ;-(

        I ask myself: Why am I doing this to myself with relatively little life expectancy left?
        The answer is: CHOICES

        Maybe I want to meet the DUDE sober? :-()

      • Shit I will. I will have 18 months sober on the 11th. One day at a time. Lots of coffee, whining and smoking.


        True story. Good for you dude

        Oh. And LOB. I fell in love at exactly 9:48, 08/08/2021. Mark it on your calander. The Bunny Wins this little light of mine. *Flicks loves truck stop lighter and lights up a Lucky Strike Gold. Ohhhh the puns.

        Nobody loves me like she does. She has fellas with millions in the bank that want to be with her. Thousands and thousands fellas trying. I get fricken job making $25 hour moving furniture and she says, hard working man! I’m so proud of you! You are amazing! I’m so in love with you.

        She sent me a video tonight after a long dialing about my appetites and a question if they had become false Gods in my life. To Which THE DUDE said, nah. We good. I got you. Then She sent me the video clearly crying but really trying to pull it off saying she has been in love with me since December of 2019. And I got another message from other world fella I known along time saying, “you are a beautiful Human Being. You give me hope for your kind.” The 13 kinda fella.

        The odds of getting both at the same time. Who the f cares. Doesn’t matter. What matters is. She got into my heart on that one. And that is not easy thing to do for most women.

        So. It did happen LOB and Ray.

        I will do a blog tomorrow or a podcast. Been a while. I think I’m better at it now.

        Ya we already had the dress rehearsal George. Chuches closed for Covid shut down, Walmart open. Walmart is the new Church in the dress rehearsal. Corporate owned towns? Bonds? Stocks? The Almighty Dollar? Crypt Hodal? We on earth Right? Not Saturn? Oh yeah. Right. Earth.

        Well, I will let you worry about all that George. I’m going to be happy for a while. Post some feel good stuff. Lol

        I havent got nothing for Christmas in a long time. I gave alot. So, maybe I’m due for something big.

  6. Universities need to be sensitive to the historical fears People of Color have to being injected with White man serum. We still remember when the White establishment planted low cost Cola in the hood to sterilize virile African males. Shame, shame. Universities must grant exemptions for POC so the hood does not get poison serum again.

    • If you are including White as a POC, fine. Otherwise, take racist exception bullshit and leave. Around here, REAL – not faux EQUALITY matters.
      Laws and rules that don’t apply to everyone exactly the same are racist rules and laws. We’ve fought that one through once too often already.

      • Man, you hit the nail squarely on the head with this one. Laws and rules equally applied to EVERY person regardless of stature is exactly what is needed here.

    • That kind of thinking leads to insanity like this – “Two-Billion-Year-Old ‘Racist’ Boulder Removed From UW-Madison Campus (VIDEO)”

      One mention of a derogatory name back in the 20s and things go wonky. They had to rename a Jr. High here some non-descript, lame, feel-good name because it had the name Robert E. Lee for some 60 years or more. The same is happening all over the country with Confederate statues because people that refuse to actually know history are offended. Ignorance is rewarded and the country falls into Idiocracy.

      • What about all the people who’re offended by someone taking offense at (or for) something stupid like this?

      • Their offense is officially un-acknowledged as being any officially acknowledged offense of the actions taken to remove the officially acknowledged offending item. In other words “you don’t count normie”.

  7. “Our Post Office distrust is growing: I mailed a deposit to a major national bank on July 9 only to have it returned on August 2 as “Undeliverable.””


    Currently watching a parcel which went to Ames, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and is now “out for delivery” in West Lafayette (where it was forwarded from the first place in West Lafayette they tried to deliver it.)

    FWIW, I live hundreds of miles from Purdue University and West Lafayette. HTF (How The Flock) does anyone misread a Zip code that badly…?

    • LOL LOL my package from Amazon bounced here then to the west coast back here then to the other side of the state here then to the east coast.. got it the day I would have been able to get a refund LOL LOL and as for the amazon delivery person that works for amazon they can’t read house numbers.. keeps delivering to other places in the neighborhood.. Sheesh.. they need to hire AMERICANS that can read.. at one point in time you had to be able to not only read the address but sort it into the proper spots alphabetically.. now since I have ran into desk clerks that cant speak english I think they are trying to place all the refugees in govt. jobs.. they are hiring people that not only can’t they speak our language or read it they are depending on machines to do the work.. of course that is just my honest opinion..

  8. Swedish professor says 5 shots of Corona vaxx may be Necessary 

    So bend over and take them all for a good protection.

    • I’m still waiting for my first and intend to wait at least 50 years. I have natural immunity from recovery and so do many that I know, so there’s no need to waste our government’s money on me.

    • This is an important piece of data, presuming that the charts are accurate. Those without a Christian worldview can read it for the science alone, and that’s just as scary. I generally agree with it, since we’re obviously being lied to and coerced to the maximum degree possible without forced jabs. It implies that the CCP or other macro organization has its teeth into most governments of the world. I’d love to hear perspectives from Warhammer and other serious insider and strategist types, consistent with legal disclosure, of course. This alone is enough to confirm my choices regarding the vaxx, and I have plenty of other information. The real problem we need to address is how to protect or cure those who have already been vaxxed with the big four – for whatever reason. I can easily foresee being ambushed at a doctor or dentist’s office with a jab, and then an excuse or apology following it. The pressure to do this is merciless. I may have to let go of my university affiliation if they continue to “mandate” this thing. Their offered bribe of $100 is even more reason to distrust them.

      My body is me, and I do NOT consent!

      • Jabs for Jobs is clear at this point. Those with one inkling of debt have no choice. Well, they do have a choice. Like the slave being set free back during slave days. “You’re free. Go. OR head back to the kitchen and make us some food.”

        But I hear the news. “The unvaccinated risk all of us” so I expect the unindebted to be blocked out of stores by January.

        This will explain the Grand Supercycle market pullback.

        I think it was Prechter who said when this baby collapses the shorts may not be paid. The old system will be walked away from and only the jabbed will be allowed into the new system.

      • C60 – greatly assists the human body (carbon based) in ridding itself of the memoryRNA “platform” s. U cant wait to see what they/globalists plan to attach to/build on to that “platform” ..with the booster jabronis.

      • Not just Christian, but also “English-speaking,” as I noted several weeks ago (when I had to search out an archive of the projection page because deagel has taken it down…) Deagel’s claim has always been “diaspora,” yet no nation or region in their charts showed a significant increase in population, let alone one significant enough to explain the whereabouts of 78% of Americans, 84% of Brits, 37% of Canadians, etc., whom deagel seemed to have “projected out of existence…”

        Those Algora charts are quite interesting, though…

  9. Here’s a goodie.

    Authority can tell us, “You can leave the U.S.A. anytime you want. We ain’t stopping you.” It’s a truthful statement so the others will go along.

    But can an unvaxxed leave? Not though the Northern Gate.

    Alaska Life Hack: How to navigate Canada’s rigorous new entry requirement

    “All travelers must log into the ArriveCan mobile app or online portal and submit their information 72 hours before arriving at the border.

    ArriveCAN is available to download as a mobile app or you can create an account and sign in online.

    Whether you’re entering Canada by air, land or boat, you will need to submit:”

  10. Saw this on FB just now and found it on the new video site

    Edinburg CISD Board Meeting more people dead from vaccine than covid

    This doctor talking to the school board gives the straight story about Covid and the “vaxxx”. The word is seeping out all over and neither Face Book, Twitter nor the news agencies can stop this information from getting out. We’ve been hornswaggled and people have died for reasons that will be known down the road. This doctor even gives out his e-mail address if you want to contact him and discuss the subject with him.

    I had a cousin send me an article that I can’t leave a link to because it wants to send you ads to read it. The article was from entitled “COVID treatment: Common cholesterol medication found to cut infection by 70%” which, if true, even more strongly points to the idea that this isn’t a virus we’re dealing with. If such disparate things like a cholesterol medication, Ivermectin, HCQ an even Melatonin knock this bug then we’re dealing with something altogether different than any corona virus we know. It’s too delicate, regardless of how high its R0 factor is, to do us that much harm.

      • Hey Bill

        Back in 2019 there was a nasty bug going around, referred to as a “Influenza-like Illness with a respiratory infection” I know, because I had it. Soon, that diagnosis label disappeared and it was called Covid-19. A lot of people died of the “Flu” that season because of that respiratory infection and/or dehydration.

        I found one key to my survival was to keep moving as much as possible … laid down, I plugged up and couldn’t breathe. Had to stay on my feet. I was prescribed meds: antibiotics, steroid pack and an expectorant. Recovered.

        That’s the way ya do it, in my opinion. What the “experts” have been saying has gone against what I learned working in health care and just making people asymptomatic with a jab that still allows the spread of the (virus) and synthetically messes with the immune system, seems to make things worse, as we watch cases increase and variants being blown out of proportion.

        Doesn’t seem like those “experts” are controlling the (virus) but rather using it to mandate control on all those it effects. Kinda easy to see that. Of course they don’t want people taking what works, cuz we might get Herd Immunity. That doesn’t fit the agenda.

        I’m sad for people who die of Covid, as I’m sad about any death for any reason … but our hearts aren’t suppose to be that big. Just for Covid. In the same respect, I’m happy for those who (survived) and had the common sense to know, that was enough and went on with their lives. I pity the foolish who think more is better.

        Always a pleasure to read your comments, Bill. You’re a good guy. Stay strong brother.


      • Thanks Bob. Much appreciated!

        “I found one key to my survival was to keep moving …”

        That’s exactly like what I had last year in March! The fever lasted for a few days (I worked through the first day) and then the congestion set in after it left. If I sat it got worse. If I got up and moved around, much better. I came very close to breaking out a few breathing treatments we had left over from my Dad-in-law’s Rx but never got to that point. It took about a month, more or less, to get rid of it. Had we known about Ivermectin at that point it probably would have not lasted as long as it did. Right now there is some congestion but if you saw our country and how it’s still in full bloom – in AUGUST believe it or not – you’d understand. With age my allergies have moved from my eyes and nose to my chest so once every day or so I’ll take a Guaifenesin tablet to help it clear out. Getting old is interesting but it still sucks!

        I’m with you on letting your body heal itself and preach to my wife not to dive for the aspirin or acetaminophen whenever the grandkids have a degree of fever or more. Unless the fever’s headed North of 103+ and not leveling out let it ride! Luckily none of our fevers ever get much over 101.

        As far as The Jab goes I’ve expounded on that ad nauseum because I’m more afraid of the insidious effects than I am the purported ones. We’re still some months out on the “apocalyptic die offs” as we get into Winter and lose or greatly reduce the natural vitamin D3 our bodies manufacture so if we can save as many people as we can I’m all for it. The 2nd “Jab” is often much worse than the first and then there’s the 3rd, and the 4th and so on. Between our esteemed host’s caution and Clif’s unbounded expositions somewhere in there lies the truth and it’s definitely over on the bad side if you follow what Officialdom tells you.

        My wife just showed me another video of a FULLY accredited doctor if you prefer to listen to one of those rather than a PA –
        “Doctor calls out CDC and school board at school board meeting with truth!” The video was on FB linked to that YT video. The other one I posted was taken down on YT which is how it wound up on Censorship isn’t just suspicious – it’s a key tell!

  11. Oh how fun ny. I work for a company called Neo, which is an anagram for One. In the movie before Neo get option blue pill or red pill. Powerball or Mega Millions? He is messaged and told to Follow the White Rabbit. A play boy bunny is a white rabbit.

    Hmmmmmmmm.. when we jumped time lines. I’m didn’t quite expect this. I’m following a movie script of sorts. But I have blond hair and I’m much better looking than Ted in the Excellent Adventure. Shit that makes me Bill.

    How funny. Ok ok. We now know who the other Joker is. Still. How does Hope Lord fall into this. She has to have a part. Oh my Gawd! This is something else. Hahahahaha.

    I am completely sober and of sound mind. There is atleast 27 juxtapositions here George. Too many to be just happen stance. Hmmmmm. Perhaps it’s best to switch to decalf coffee for a few days. BWHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    The F is going on round here. Are you kidding me DUDE. 27 juxtapositions? Like I wouldnt notice.

    • Well shit. I hope I don’t have to wear plether pants. If In the One in Neo. i only wore them once was younger to this secret club in an alley with a red door. Bunch of marylynn Manson weird shit. To be honest it the material chapped my cheeks, it doesnt breath well, and over coats and plether pants are a bit too Homo for me. I’d rather wear what every day. Camo Hat on backwards, camo shorts, a black tank top and puma indoor soccer shoes. I don’t know why that is what I wear, but it’s way more comfortable than faggy pleather pants and trench coats and talking all dramatic and retarted like they did I the movie the matrix.

      No offence. Just my opinion and experience. Lol

      So if that is the script I’m following since we jumped timelines a while back. A big fat No to pleather pants and big Hell Yes to camo shorts. Thanks in Advance. A

      Andy. :)

      • “Oh. And LOB. I fell in love at exactly 9:48, 08/08/2021. Mark it on your calander.
        So. It did happen LOB and Ray.”

        Oh my…
        First off congratulations on your sobriety that is a very hard thing to beat….I personally can’t stand being cognitive mind muddled..

        You missed the point on relationship.
        It doesn’t matter on how tight her ass is or how many want her physically or how rich they are… DO YOU LIKE HER…
        In the past year from what you’ve told us is you’ve had as many women as you’ve had jobs and different cities to live in..
        Relationships start out by mutual attraction..whether its personality or looks or economic status.. where it develops is in the ability to respect,care,and work together towards a common be compassionate towards one be able to sit down and discuss whatever..
        There isn’t any drama about stupid crap in our wife doesn’t fear my anger..and vice versa.. something comes up we sit down and talk about it. Through stability and the sensitivity of the feelings of others to weather the hardships as well as the good times you start to grow..
        Physical attractiveness can be gone in a heartbeat..who you both are will be forever..the simple moments. It takes time to build a successful relationship, communication, forgiveness, blindness, to put their needs above your own..

  12. The link G____ posted to an independent statistics site with raw vaccine mortality reports is showing high incidence of adverse reactions among the elderly, primarily in the first week. That site is troubling. Physician’s assistants are supposed to be supervised by a MD. Where is the MD?

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