Who’s There?

UAPs and UFOs are explored in this survey article. In a lot more depth than planne d – 33-thousand words worth.  Still, with end of summer at hand and little of much interest until markets begin to break down, why not expand our horizons, a bit?

A few (short) headlines and the ChartPack. With a brief discussion of runaway dynamic hedging as a market driver.

This morning’s main feature – the report -more like a book at 34,500 words, lol – can be downloaded from here.  Peoplenomics subscribers only – we like the $40-bucks a year subscription price to be worth a lot more.

On to the jobs data just out…

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29 thoughts on “Who’s There?”

  1. something just aint right around here .. you know George .. 25 year jedi and your senses are always aware .. the presence of the dark side .. gold sabers for their trickery

  2. this horse manure economy backed by smoke and mirrors is going to the horn guy.. and nothing that the dark side can invent will stop that . the dark side has produced many sith lords now .. but not one has the force with them, they are guided by the dark side and await a dreadful end

  3. Trump’s payroll tax delay started yesterday. The deferral will need to be paid back next year. But if Trump wins, “Trump promises permanent cut to payroll tax funding Social Security and Medicare if he’s reelected”

    Biden/Harris are going to give us an ongoing payday. A $20,000 direct deposit upon election, and more!

    “Under the Monthly Economic Crisis Support Act, individuals with incomes below $120,000 would receive a $2,000 monthly check, with married couples who file joint tax returns receiving $4,000 total. An additional $2,000 would be available per child up to a maximum of three children.

    Americans would receive this money retroactively to March, when the economic chaos from COVID-19 first began. Data from federal benefits programs would be used to ensure funds were sent to every U.S. resident, even those who haven’t filed recent tax returns or who do not have Social Security numbers.”


  4. It’s about time they removed all incentive to work. Get those lazy freaks out of the factories and fast foods. This will solve the problem of not enough jobs right away, with all the lazy greedy people happy to get a slop bucket each month. Just wait til they want a raise, probably around every 4 years…

  5. George, when the alien said” this one must die” did you hear it as audible English or did you hear it telepathically? If he was speaking to the other alien why would he use English? Have you ever thought about that?

      • Noticing the area you lived in, I can’t help but think your Alien was none other than Bill Gates, trying to find his way home from his lab. The stuff on his chest? No doubt an early version of his COVID-19 vaccine & hydrogel brew.

        Sometimes, when you need to solve a perplexing and nagging problem, you simply need to ask the right question. Or at least direct it to the right people (or agency).

        Not that anyone can talk yet, but there are a handful of people that read your site on a semi-regular basis who have extensive 1st, 2nd, and 3rd hand knowledge of that which you seek.

        If I were to query them, the consensus would be the identity of your basement visitor was 100% a product of a US 3 letter agency. Not the one you mentioned, but another one that is buried even deeper.

        Likewise, your four (missing) hour expedition would have another consensus, that it was a “real” encounter with off-planet (well… off-dimension) entities. The fact that you guys were not permanently damaged is testament that everyone involved in the process (3 letter agency and off-dimension) were operating according to previously established and long held protocols.

        Finally, you would be well advised to NOT pursue any sort of memories of the events. You can crack that nut (pun), but the side effects would be fatal. Not even your head-shrinker lifelong friend could protect you from those results.

        If you want some closure, or at least comfort food, read this article. Somewhat long, but it will take you on an extensive trail of rabbit holes, and provide context for what you’ve experienced.


  6. Dude – G,

    U of all peeps – there is a reason Warriors THROUGHOUT the Ages have Always worn Cold, Hard,Razor Sharp, Steel on their persons..ALWAYZ.

    Rumor has it – those “things” STINK to high heaven when Expired – nothing like road kill, deer pit/game pits, a real nasty – never evr forget that kinda smell/taste, no matta how often U brush.

    Been married 33 years to same great Women, never once in all those years questioned why I alwayz sleep with a .45 and a 6 incher – within short arms reach.

    Did some one say thirty Thou on the Dow? Might need to retract that call, and go higher.

    Seems the market is going to climb the wall of worry that is the November Not to Remember..So it looks more like that 35-40K on the Dow is in play..Long range SPY Calls..

    S&P = 3563
    Dow =28,933
    SPY =356

    *Dow =30,000
    *S&P = 3694
    SPY =369

    ** Dow = 35,000
    ** S&P=4310
    ** SPY=431

    Cost today to go in a Buy a “Lottery Ticket” on a TRUMP Landslide ?? A mere 0.33 cents Per November SPY Call – 431 Strike.

    The November 369 Call (right to buy SPY at 369 in Nov) is @ $9.23 Per.

    So for small investment of $2500.00 – Crash will take a flyer on TRUMP Victory in November with 75 SPY Nov 431 Calls @ .33 (Leverage purposes = 7500 Shares SPY ETF).

    Like shooting fish in a barrel, but U already knew that…

    • * the above referenced Option (SPY) November 431 Calls @ 0.33 x7500= $2475

      Closing price November 431 Calls @ $0.047

      Math: .47 – .33 = .14

      .14/.33 = An eye popping .42%

      C. Bandicoot Rules of Trading dictate that coot either buy 22 more SPY Nov 431 Calls – think its going higher -duuh, or Sell 22 SPY Nov 431’s and BOOK the $$$.

      *Will be Selling in the AM, pure SPECULATION play – Coot ALWAYS books Profit(if & when there is any to be had)..Do not like leave to Money on the Table, ever.


  7. The Alaska Black Label sandwich sounds like a Canadian boilermaker, a double shot of Whisky and a Beer chaser, deadly combo.
    From much younger years ago. You were soon gooned .

  8. G – Do U have Netflix subscription? Might want to check with Ure crumb snatchers to “borrow” a Sign On if needed..just a taste.

    -The Umbrella Academy (entertainment) – in 3rd season..just divulged there is a Lizard on the “commission” – rutrow.

    think U will enjoy this one, if Ure not already a fan/viewer.

    BTC is on Sale today – Hooray! Silver is on Sale today – Hooray

    Now what is Theta ? no not the Greek alphabet – think Crypto..think “this is where the future of the Internet IS”.. “very interesting, but ____!”

    Nope ! still NO Bitcoin 4 U !

  9. I have had one certifiable UFO sighting in my life, and it was clearly telepathic, also. 1970’s hot August night at the Minnesota State Fair, sitting in the open-air bleachers waiting for Linda Ronstadt to sing. Mostly clear, starry night with a few puffy clouds, I was gazing up at the stars, looking for moving satellites to spot. I saw one, moving north to south at what appeared to be a good speed for a satellite movement. But I noticed that it was not the intense pinpoint reflected light normally seen from a satellite reflection. It had a yellow-golden color and was slightly ‘fuzzy’ instead of a pinpoint. After a moment of observing this moving fuzzy light I thought to myself, “I wonder if that is a UFO?”

    The thought entered my mind, as if in immediate reply: “Yes! Watch this.” The fuzzy light took an immediate, non-ballistic, right-angle turn to the west for several seconds, and then another right-angle turn and continued on it’s way south and disappeared behind a cloud. I knew without a doubt I had just had a telepathic contact and demonstration of extraordinary capability.

    • “I saw one, moving north to south at what appeared to be a good speed… not the intense pinpoint reflected light… It had a yellow-golden color and was slightly ‘fuzzy’ instead of a pinpoint.

      “…“Yes! Watch this.” The fuzzy light took an immediate, non-ballistic, right-angle turn to the west… and then another right-angle turn and continued on it’s way south”

      When a child, I used to lie on the beach with my parents and we’d watch these UFO anomalies nearly every clear night. The first one we saw which did the fancy dance was cruising South, at about two five zero (Polar, ‘cuz I was a “junior astronomer” and “didn’t need no compass”) and 75° of inclination (nearly overhead and to the right, for one facing South.) For speed reference, had it been a plane, it would’ve been traveling at ~200mph @ 30,000 feet (faster’n a satellite, slower than an airplane.) It suddenly broke East at a sharp right angle and transited the visible sky in roughly 2 seconds. When I told a local physicist about it, he explained it away as:

      It was a plane. It was going fast, but in a dive, so it appeared to be moving slowly. When it pulled out it was headed East and you could actually see how fast it was moving. Your “two seconds” were in-error — You and your parents simply lost track of time while watching it.

      Totally plausible explanation… Plausible if the “plane” were an X-15 and Lockheed was testing a relightable rocket with a flameless exhaust and utter stealth, at low altitude, with a circle of pale yellow phosphorescent paint on its belly.

      The one we saw which did the 90° chicane like yours did was a year or two later… Headed South at about 280° and nearly overhead. I always felt the little green (or whatever color) dude did this stunt so if I told the good professor about it, he’d be less-able to blow it off.

  10. deep state survival .. eh .. covid George? aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .. pump George pump. still gunna sink

  11. Some of my neighbors used to hire aliens to do agricultural and other dirty work. I never saw any evidence of telepathy, but they all had communication devices they used for gang stalking on social media, and evading the Other men in black.

  12. oh yeah da men in black .. ooo very scary ……oooooooo . cooooo cooooo lots of pigeons with these mib .. yeah we been getting gang stalked and isolated for years the real gold bulls . grrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeedddddddd everywhere . nah I love the cryptic psyops !!! USSA USSA USSA . thank god im a hillbilly .. president biden coming .. hey scary men in black better get in your rocketship with other aliens and go to tesla HQ mars

    • I think something may have gotten lost in the translation. The Other men in black are ICE. I have a US passport card which repels them.

  13. Good morning George

    Please correct me if I’m wrong about this … so I can stop thinking about it.

    Back in 1977 there came this broadcast interruption.


    Interesting warning – invitation to a more harmonious universe. Seems legit … and now we have some factual disclosures from the Air Force about UFOs. Trump creates the Space Force and NASA puts out info on very distant planets that in my opinion, could only be factual if someone went there, such as this


    I remember Cliff saying that Aliens (will/do) walk among us and, some curiosity about them would be immediately recognizable. I’m thinking, that curiosity might be facial.

    The coming of the new paradigm has brought interesting social change concepts to the table, aiming at a Wallgreen style “perfect world” as their commercials use to imply. But tptb are going about it in a dangerous and ridiculous fashion. – but seems to aim back at the 1977 broadcast interruption … and today’s fashionable mask crazy would make it easy for those with facial differences to blend in – until the reveal party.

    Vaccines are perfect for implanted identification of who is who. Who’s from here and who’s not.

    Cliff said with this greater depression, we need another planet to trade with, and I wonder if that door is being slowly opened.

  14. I really enjoyed and appreciated your column today; thank you, George.

    I had an experience, in 1994 or so, which I have already related here. Basically, and simply, a memory of being beamed up (levitated) from my bed out of the roof on a beam of teal/blue light. Then did not remember anything until a program on TV about Ancient Egypt stirred the memory and brought it back immediately with impact to my conscious mind. I, too, have never had regression therapy for that incident, because at the time, the memory seemed more like a dream and so I didn’t really believe it was possible to beam a person out of a room, through a roof, on a beam of teal/blue light in the middle of the night with the craft hovering over the house, so it did get my attention, but I wasn’t frightened out of my mind.

    But I did try to do past lives regression therapy to discover past lives, which didn’t work. What I found was becoming a more spiritually aware/practicing person brought past-lives memories to the forefront in their interesting and due time. And when one has such a ‘reveal-a -tion’ like that, questions are answered, relationships are figured out and healed, and a big wow, is so known, that the truth is right there.

    But back to past-life regression therapy for an abduction. I would try it because you might find out WHY they picked you from when you were young, and if you have looked into this, you know that that is not that unusual that they follow humans from childhood on into adulthood.

    It is IMHO that they purposely found you when you were young to SCARE the ebiegeebies of you; on purpose.

    This cemented a life-long curiosity, push for life, etc., motivation that has never left you; so yes, it could be very bad, but it also could have been very good but in a bad way. Why didn’t they just shoot to kill right then?

    Coincidentally, I was watching late-night tv last night and came across the Allagash Abductions on Unsolved Mysteries, which happened on August 20, 1976, and after one googles it, and gets past the denials, there is a video called, “The Allagash Abductions,” which is quite good AND very similar to yours’ and the Major’s experience.

    Of course, I would have to read the book to possibly find an answer to the WHY.

    Sometimes there is no why, it is all for ‘their’ science experiment.

    Another one: October 11, 1973, the Pascagoula Mississippi alien abduction.

    Which reminds us of Travis Walton abduction on November 5, 1975.

    I have an autographed “Fire In The Sky” book to send you and Elaine.

    His block would not allow any more info to be revealed.

    Your abduction happened on August 22, 1968.

    Lots going on 1968, 1973,1975, 1976. (Many more I am sure.)

    Anyway, wouldn’t want to cause you a hardship, but wouldn’t that be a fitting knowledge knowing for your life?

    You and the Major could do it on the same day, without knowing until the end – what each other revealed.

    Just a thought; no rudeness intended.

    P.S. I was revisited almost 20 years later; this time a real impression of an implant being implanted, but…..who knows?

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