Trump’s Razor – Biden’s Chainsaw

Covered my first “real” election in Seattle back in 1970. Wes Uhlman was elected mayor that year.  Stayed up – did the “victory party rounds’ jammed an old Sony TC-110 cassette recorder mic in everyone’s face.  Winners said the same this as today – ditto for losers.

Well, except maybe the losers then were a little more  graceful.  They didn’t set out to immediately recall, obstruct, or impeach the candidate that won.  “ The voters have spoken…” was about it.

Today, the outcome is different:  “ The voters were lied-to, and besides, they’re stupid anyway.  ME and MY Party are the only choice.  And if you don’t like it, we’ll tear down the laws, print up bogus ballots, open borders and raise the dead to prove it…”

Not following?  How many times do I have to point out that America is now “past her innocense of childhood?”  That we are a country (by Chinese longevity of nation measures), still going through our “teenage years.”  Examples?  Oh, hell yeah:

  • Petulant teenage temper tantrum was seen in the Nasty and Schifty show.
  • Petulant teen degradtion of body part with tatoos.  Did anyone beside us ever check to see if there are long-term effects of injecting ink?
  • Teens casting off authority.  Evident in that four of the U.S. Supreme Court stand-in’s think U.S. law applies to non-citizens.  (Who are these clowns?)
  • Teens – faced with bullying – burn buildings and loot.  Only to complain shortly after of “food deserts.”  Which arise as a modern analog to a teen’s allowance being placed on hold until they rejoin civil society.
  • Anyone look in a mirror, lately?  Elaine and I remember the starched white shirts and ties, mini-skirts and nylons.  Sex was a  personal marketing project.  Not some “affinity group hijack…”  Fashion was an industry.  People had shoes that could take a spit polish.  Outside of the Courthouse and Financial district, when have you seen…..

I mean, seriously, WTF?  Shiny cars (waxed, no empty fast-food wrappers in sight) and working long hours for that promotion?  Replaced mainly by a slovenly mob, set on ending big-block Hemi’s and impounding individual rights to stand-up and “do our own thing.”

Can’t do that anymore:  Digital Mob Rule –  orchestrated shaming, really – is the new Control.

61-Days (From Indcecision)

Got two candidates:  One (not a doctor) is making “new vaccine claims” all about.  Touting his economic successes.  The other (not a doctor) won’t talk about his son – and we’re still betting he will find some excuse to dodge a debate – all the while seizing on any opportunity to bash – and offer a “bigger bribe” – in terms of payoff to voters in order to squeak into office.

Who’s got the bigger non-bribe voter buy-off?

The incumbent – as in all elections, in all time – has to walk the Razor’s Edge.  There must be no gaps between  promise and performance.  Trump has to run on the 18-months he was president.  The rest of the time, he was dodging incoming legal bullets.  Has he learned  anything about HR and hiring practices, yet?

Slow Joe, on the other hand, has the Husqvarna Campaign.  In other words, he can start up his ( Rancher 455 chainsaw) and slash away on any front.  Which he’s working to the usual effect.

For voters – hell of a choice:  Guy holding the scalpel or the guy with the chainsaw?

Data:  Scalpel Hand Wobble-Time?

Will the market crash before – or after – the Election?

Trump’s economic story is largely driven by the fact that we are not (yet) in a terrible Depression.  As I shared with Peoplenomics subscribers Wednesday, the track –  Replaying 1929 – continues to amaze and astound us:

As suggested by my  consigliere – we seem locked in a dynamic hedging upcrash.

Sane people would be shorting the hell out of this market.  I’ve lost five-figures so far being the only rational guy in an irrational market.”

But, since rationalists have died-off – or are marginalized by the mob – the markets have fallen victim to financial engineering extremes.  Nuclear roulette.

We will watch – as one would a train wreck – when the Fed does it’s weekly reveal of the Money Supply this afternoon.   Laurel and Hardy meet Powell and Congress.

Challenger Job Cuts

Just our from CG&C:

Job cuts announced by U.S.-based employers in August totaled 115,762, 116% higher than the August 2019 total of 53,480, according to a monthly report released Thursday by global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

August’s total is 56% lower than the 262,649 job cuts announced in July. It is the highest total in August since 2002, when 118,067 job cuts were announced. So far this year, employers have announced 1,963,458 cuts, 231% higher than the 592,556 cuts tracked in January-August of 2019. Announced job cuts in 2020 have surpassed the previous record annual total of 1,956,876 recorded in 2001.

“The leading sector for job cuts last month was Transportation, as airlines begin to make staffing decisions in the wake of decreased travel and uncertain federal intervention. An increasing number of companies that initially had temporary job cuts or furloughs are now making them permanent,” said Andrew Challenger, Senior Vice President of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

In the ADP numbers Wednesday, the job creation fell short of the hype.  Still workable, however:

Chart 1. Change in Total Nonfarm Private Employment

But, since when has Reality mattered?

New Unemployment Bennies

Here’s another gem to polish:  Weekly unemployment filings…

In the week ending August 29, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 881,000, a decrease of 130,000 from the previous week’s revised level. The previous week’s level was revised up by 5,000 from 1,006,000 to 1,011,000. The 4-week moving average was 991,750, a decrease of 77,500 from the previous week’s revised average. The previous week’s average was revised up by 1,250 from 1,068,000 to 1,069,250.
The advance seasonally adjusted insured unemployment rate was 9.1 percent for the week ending August 22, a decrease of 0.8 percentage point from the previous week’s unrevised rate.

Since market are behaving irrationally, we can’t think of a more useful project than figuring out how Biden can back rioters on the one hand and then claim to be a law & order guy on the other.

One thing is clear to us:  The mayor of Portland and other Riot-Town mayors will all have an “in”  with the Biden HR Dept.  Will that be better’n Trumps?  Naw… New clowns, same circus.

Where the hell are the candidates we can vote FOR instead of this constant picking of the lesser of two evils?

Markets Teeter

Although the Aggregate Index is still above the rising support level, we noticed after both the job numbers this morning the Dow futures bounced positive.

What IS  a big deal is the NASDAQ futures were down more than a full percent.

We’ll report back tomorrow and we should have a sense from this afternoons H.6 Money Stocks report how heavy the Fed’s hand is on stocks and easy-money plays.

Home Town Trouble Dept:

Uprising bullshit is all fueled by the most insidious invention of all time:  Social Media!  No bomb-building license needed.  No registration.  Just remember, I’ve been telling you since 2012 how this ends:  Internet licensing.  Just like the Communications Act of 1934.  First a Depression and more outageous behavior of the mob to drive it.

Since the market is in the analog to the first week of 1930, we have three years to run on that outlook….

Catching Up With Peoplenomics

A little background here:  I started telling you about my work on the Light Crown Project in my book  Dimensions Next Door several years ago.  And, I told you how Elaine’s Age-Related Macular degeneration was halted from further advance by using low-level laser light therapy. 

On several occasions – I have mentioned that a company up in Poulsbo, WA was on the leading edge of this stuff:   LumiThera.

Damn pleased to see thsat FINALLY – the trials that have been successful in places like Europe are coming here.  So pay attention if ARMD runs in your genes:

SEATTLE, Sept. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — LumiThera Inc., a commercial stage medical device company creating a photobiomodulation (PBM) treatment for ocular disorders and disease, today announced it is a recipient of a small business innovative research (SBIR) phase II grant from the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the division of the National Eye Institute (NEI).

The phase II grant supports a prospective, randomized, multi-center human clinical trial in U.S. subjects diagnosed with Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) and Diabetic Macular Edema (DME). The Photobiomodulation Reduction In Macular Edema (PRIME) trial, which is subject to FDA Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) approval, will test vision and examine disease pathology in the eye following PBM treatments using the Company’s Valeda® Light Delivery System. Subjects will be followed for up to 6 months.  In 2018, LumiThera obtained a CE mark to commercialize the Valeda Light Delivery System in Europe for the treatment of dry AMD.

Diabetic retinopathy is the most common diabetic eye disease and a leading cause of blindness in American adults.  It is caused by damage to the blood vessels of the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye (retina). At first, DR may cause no symptoms or only mild vision problems, but eventually, it can lead to blindness. Diabetic retinopathy can develop in anyone who has type 1 or type 2 diabetes. The longer a patient has diabetes and the less controlled their blood sugar is, the more likely they are to develop this eye complication. Sometimes the central part of the retina (macula) begins to swell (macular edema), a condition called DME that requires treatment.

We’ve keeping a close eye on the other applications of LLLLT to conditions like Alzheimer’s.

Elaine and I both wear a skate board helmet into which 5-meters of red 660 nm light tape (like you can buy online for lighting a fish tank and such) and wearing it for 10 min/day to get into the 4.2-4.6 joule exposure range.  THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE!!!  (Just writing about some of the odd stuff here at Old Man Labs.)


Not planning to release “Who’s There?” – the ebook released on the Peoplenomics side for subscribers.  But I did get a “Jim-dandy” review already:

“Oh, this one’s good George, really, really good (as in I was 50 pages in before I could stop reading, so maybe you need to publicize it and have it available in bound, or at least Trade…) You might even consider submitting the manuscript to a few publishers, especially Random House. I c/p just your TOC and forward, sent them to a few close friends, and have four copies of it sold for you, already, in less than an hour — no fancy algos needed…

{Suggestion: c/p your TOC and Forward, and post ’em on the Urban side.}

Hell, if it takes off, you might get enough of Bantam’s attention that they’d be open to bundle it with a SE of “Haunted Mesa…”

And yes, I think this one has that kind of potential. The problem will be name recognition, and George Noory can help, but c2c is not the end-all — maybe hit up George Knapp and Whitley Strieber, and their links to broadcasters and podcasters — not the far-out types, but ones whose voice nevertheless covers a lot of listeners. You should want to sell books, not seek validation or fatten PN’s subscribers list.”

We’ll see.  (I also have to check what the speed bump was on Page 50…)

For now, consider it a benny of your Peoplenomics subscription.  Want an idea of the contents?  Well, sure, that we can do…not sure how legible this will be…

The book has two parts:  The personal experiences with strangeness and the survey of the field and some ideas about what’s going on.  Counting of rabbit holes.

Thanks for the nice review -and it’s on our “subscriber’s bookshelf” on the Master Index page of PN, for future referencel.

Off to chase food around the plate, then a supply run into town.  Don’t want to be in the holiday weekend madness at stores tomorrow!

Write when you get rich,

21 thoughts on “Trump’s Razor – Biden’s Chainsaw”

  1. jammed an old Sony TC-110 cassette recorder mic in everyone’s face. you were lucky-we had old nagra reel to reels with ev 635’s. I think our reel to reels even had a splicing block built in so we could edit on the fly!

    • The TC-110 with the square electret mic – a first – was even better. Light weight and they would fit on a phone line with the output from the headphone jack – great audio from the field

      • our engineer wouldn’t let us mess with cassettes cause they were not “broadcast quality”
        although I used to bring my personal deck into the music library control room at night to make the best mixed tapes EVER! (had to make up a special patch cord to patch it into the board)

        Hey Frankness-glad u liked the splicing block!

    • Ugh, hated splicing blocks.

      I learned how to splice when I was shy of 4. ‘Bought my first 3M manual splicer when I was in 6th Grade (detested the incurve cutter so I trimmed my splices with a razor blade or sharp scissors.) I wasn’t broadcast, but origination in a music studio. We spliced — lots. Dulled the blade and ate up my splicer within the first month. Art stores sold linoleum blocks (for carving artwork or logos, for set-up or platen press use.) I used a small linoleum block and an Xacto knife, which I carried (so the others couldn’t ruin them), because the splicing blocks were always cut-up beyond the point at which a decent splice could be made.

      We used an Ampex portable studio deck with an EV RE55 for intros, artist commentary, or what-not, recorded mono, then spliced into the finished master.

      ISTM the Sony portable created perfectly “broadcast quality” recordings (Sorry RTV dudes, “broadcast quality” in the ’60s and ’70s was ~100-6k until live FM became mainstream.) The issue was the response curve and inherent tinniness (and echo-susceptibility) of the stock mic. Not a problem in a controlled environment, PITA for open-air or inside most buildings. I used a Shure 575S and a homebuilt remote button switch with my little Sony cassette and got wonderful voice — mostly college lectures in “echo chamber” lecture halls. Generic “cassette” was only “good” (±3db) from about 80Hz to about 11kHz so any uni mic which was flat, or maybe a little “bright” on the low-end, would absolutely rock (considering the limitations of the media), for remote work.

      BTW, I still own that mic. Shure sent it in a foam-filled cycolac case. That’s where it still resides, on top of the PRO-4AA case on the shelf of forgotten dreams and long-ago experiences, in my closet…

  2. Now that’s a term I haven’t heard in a while and put a smile on my old face….Splicing block! oh the good old days

    • ‘splicing block’…I was a master with that in the ol college days. Great fun to take a 3 or 4 minute piece of music and cut it into a 30 sec spot..haha no one ever heard the splice..’good old days’Karen

  3. George, would you bring us up to date regarding your friend in Ecuador. I read of chicom directed insurrection in s america.

  4. Portland nicknames, they love that… Rose City, Rip City. I think Riot City sounds like a new one they’ll enjoy for years to come.

    However, the article mis-states something:

    “One person was shot dead on Saturday as rival groups clashed.”

    Actually, one person was executed after rival groups had clashed, by an opportunistic murder squad who were hunting for stragglers to shoot. But hey, who quibbles over details anymore.

  5. Who there…was very good George. It brought back lots of memories from times when I was younger and things I do not ever discuss with anybody because they would think I was a nut case. I know one thing for sure abduction is real it is also terrifying and life changing. G.W. Stuart may have it right that we’re coming to a time very soon that they show up disclose everything to the world time will only tell. Anyway I thoroughly enjoyed your writing.

    • I think if they wanted to destroy us they could have centuries ago.
      If you notice they show up around nuclear weapon arsenals and other area’s where we could endanger ourselves. Legends and ancient writings talk about the watchers keeping watch over us..
      One story revolves around a man in a mask.. when asked would he remove his mask his comment was. I wear the mask because my image would frighten you..
      Then if you go to other ancient stories they talk about good ones and bad ones and a war in the heavens..
      Theres references and legends that talk about global defense systems buried in areas around the planet.. who knows for sure the truth will be revealed in time.

      • I personally would love to sit around the table , cup of coffee and listen to the stories of their past.. their legends. Their history. I am sure it would be full of information , drama and humor..
        What are their desires wishes and Hope’s and dreams..
        I would hope that I wouldn’t be frightened by their appearance but acceptance.

  6. I’ve not had a chance to relax and read the pdf/aka ebook yet, due to time constraints. I downloaded it and am anticipating the read! So much is going on this month that I’d even forgotten about the “holiday weekend”.

    On a different topic, I really like a girl who’s in love with tattoos. IMHO, she looks better without them, but they’re at least artistic, and I’ve gotten used to them being there. Hopefully, there will be no sequelae – they’ve been there for years and are part of her. I just hope she doesn’t get more. There’s no arguing with her on rationality grounds at all.

  7. Seems that we “throw money” when we don’t have time to fix “it” ourselves. Like at the schools, government, our health and the environment.
    If time is money, and money can buy someone’s time,but who’s time- your time, my time? Emit light…is time light, shared crimson red like blood,sweat and tears. What is time if it not shared or a experienced? Can light heal time…ask ureself. En lighten us. Will money answer all our prayers, will it buy us more time or will we “see” the light? Alladin lamps are used to hold oil that need a light to hold the light. We are are like lamps unto our feet and others’. Without light,money is useless, it cannot buy life.

    • “Will money answer all our prayers”

      ??????…. if money could answer all our prayers. And money is nothing more than an image or piece of paper. It’s not backed by anything at all except a promise from some joker that could care less about anyone but themselves . The isn’t money nothing more than an illusion of value.
      In other words all of our answers our wishes and prayers are answered by an illusion in image that we value more than anything else. We put our lives our livelihood our families lives and everything we have on a graven image..
      So the answer is nothing is the answer to happiness.

      • Looking out of the box on September 4, 2020 at 07:43

        “Will money answer all our prayers”

        ??????…. if money could answer all our prayers.

        Looking out, if money was all that is necessary to answer prayers, I’d say that the Fed has secured the whole works by printing up around 6 trillion new dollars to provide the answer for us.
        I keep receiving these DNC and RNC for money after one takes their “survey” of puffball questions. “Please $end… or “$upport whatever candidate the parties put forth. No way!
        I have the only support worth anything at the end of my pen when it marks my ballot. So do you. Not a dime for anyone willing to spend millions for a job that pays thousands.
        It is easy to decide for whom to cast one’s ballot this year, but once again, it is a battle between degrees of ‘evil.’ This year, the difference is so stark as to be unmistakable. Get this wrong and there won’t be a “next time. Assassins are in our midst and they are totally, dead serious.
        Neither candidate can guarantee what our lives will be like 4 years later…

  8. Comrades,

    Classroom teaching commences here next week for all grades of student. Masks are mandatory per the Minister of Education. Sittings of his honorable elected colleagues in the Legislature remain suspended due to a pandemic.

    “All in all, it’s just another brick in the wall…”

  9. 19-year old George managing a MIL.coms site sounds like early training for broadcast engineering! Same deal… 24/7/365 “on call”, and when the transmitter goes down, people start losing thousands of dollars per minute of lost air time. I learned that many hours of preventive maintanance would usually keep the midnight calls to a minimum. But transmitters always seem to know when it’s a holiday. Easter Sunday with the Pope on TV, the final Power Amp tube chooses to accept the blessing and go to vacuum tube heaven. Ever replace a 20kw power tube in an RCA TV transmitter inside of 15 minutes?

    As for ‘Bells Palsy’ facial half-paralysis… it can be CURED (yes… I used the ‘AMA patent’ word) with vitamn B-12 of the METHYL cobalamin type. (Not the common, cheaper cyano-cobalamin) Methyl Cobalamin B-12 is destroyed by digestion, so swallowing it us useless. It comes as a sublingual tab that dissolves and is absorbed under the tongue. It does something to nourish the nerves of the face where they come thru the skull bone. I have ‘fixed’ two friends with this condition within a day or two. It is fairly common in elderly folks of asian extraction.

  10. “teen degradtion of body part with tatoos.  Did anyone beside us ever check to see if there are long-term effects of injecting ink?”

    I am not much of a drinker.. hate getting that way..when I was but a child I was extremely shy around the ladies.. just a bookworm.. the guys in my company decided I needed a little boost got me plastered and when I came to I had an image engraved.. i couldn’t afford to get it removed so I’ve lived with it..
    Lately i read that lasers will blast apart the image and the body will absorb it and dispose it.. i finally got one of those lasers.. i haven’t played wit it yet but totally plan on it..

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