Every so often my consigliere will call with a pertinent observation.  When the phone range Monday, boy, was I in for a treat…

“Do you think the Fed likes socialists or Marxists?”

“Uh…well…hadn’t been the #1 thing on my “thing to figure out” list, but sure… it’s an interesting question, no doubt.  Say, why do you ask?”

Because it sure looks to me like they’re trying to keep the left from coming to power by making sure the stock market stays at record levels through the election.  Think they can do it?”

“Hmmm….why would anyone want to prevent a crazy mob, intent on ending police, making up a butt-load more money – dishing out freebies – opening our borders – and stacking the Courts by having a lock on the House, Senate, and White House – from taking control?  The answer in IQ90 America is who’s to stop it?”

To be honest, it was a sobering thing to contemplate.  Sop we’ll toss it out as  a damn-fine question, or a source of nightmares for the next two months.  Because if the Fed had any interest in putting its “thumb on the scales of voting” it would pretty much do what its doing right now:  Making up money like MAD!

Great question, no answers, but let’s see how the Left is trying to spin their bullshit, double-talk and violence back on Donald Trump, shall we?

BTW:  Still betting Slow Joe won’t do an honest debate.  You go hide Hunter Blunter….


Easy work finding the left-wing spin machine at work:  Pay attention as the  DailyCaller rolls with “DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Says She’s ‘Worried’ About America ‘Descending Into A Race War’.”  OK, Muriel Bowser is a what?  Democrat.

Since there is no real economic news today – waiting on the job numbers festival that starts tomorrow – lets have some fun. Let’s us some of that K-12 bullying experience for peaceful purposes, shall we?

“The Fault – the Finder – the Stink Lays Behinder…”

Yes, kiddie…time to play News Search Roulette.  Keyword of the day?

Let’s play the  BLAME GAME.

As in:

Had enough fun? (Yeah – kinda sick, but that’s the real world lately…)  No so fast, bubba….Whee ain’t done wit chew…

USA Blame Game  – Round Two

Naw…we can’t just leave well-enough alone.  Let’s heap on more BLAME because it’s the only thing America does much any more.  Ready?  Spin the Blame Machine!

J-School 601 Now Continues

Upper-division news readers will want to try on multiple other keywords.  Such as, oh, how about “Hate?”  Yeah…let’s get a bead on that, shall we?

(This sure beats reading press releases and 100th rewrite of CalFires, Epstein, and hating Carrot Top, don’t it?)

More column-inches (or pica-mm’s) to fill?  Hey…that’s it – let’s go PR surfing!

Everybody’s Surfin’ Now…

Some of these border interesting:

You Are As Programmed

Not to continue sharpening your cynicism, but may be a dandy example of how people do as they are told.

In order to follow this, you need to know there’s a show on Amazon about the  Last Motorcycle in the World.  Premise is environmental wacko’s ban worldwide private motorcycle ownership because of some environmental bullshit – ending all ICE vehicles and so farce.

All of which was in our “Never could happen, not on  this Earth…” pile until I spiked this: NICB Report: Motorcycle Thefts Fall Again.  Motorcycles going our of favor with the crooks?

Suckers and Markets

Off to work on the obvious:  Dow futures are down 24.  But there’s another big increase in S&P 500 and NASDAQ indices.  Which means – by our Aggregate view of things – America’s in for another day of frtantic bubbling.  Wheee!  Print us pallet of hundreds, while you’re at it!

Now, with cottage cheese pancakes are 100-feet away…

Write when you get rich, or find the extra syrup…Canadian Grade A Dark Amber, not Mrs. Buttorwhat, thanks…