MovieTone Monday – Pillow Quest

You may not be old enough to remember the MovieTone News.  It showed in theaters from the mid 1920s until into the 1960’s.  I remember seeing ’em at the old theater on the north end of Bean Hill in Seattle.  As kids, we’d go there Saturday afternoons to watch “the serials.”

Today we suffer through ModernTone News.  It’s more poorly done than MovieTone.

ModernTone News, Serial Insanity

Of course the underlying product – “the news” – has changed a lot from 60-years ago.  Today, stories are less complete, the future less certain.  And people today work longer and harder than ever before just to make ends meet.  There’s been a gender explosion, and more…

In place of going to the movies for the news (newspapers were #1 in those days) modern consumers get worked-up by things not particularly pertinent to individual daily lives.  And stories are endlessly repeated – which amplifies the hypnotic news drone of today.

Droning on?  For example, the search term “Kyle Rittenhouse” on Google now scores in excess of 6-million hits.

Yet while the Rittenhouse stories are being pushed by media, less noticed has been the killing of a black police officer in St. Louis by a couple of teenagers.  Again, a Google search for scaling:  24,300 search hits without middle initial and on 3,210 hits with.

“The ModernTone News” – as the data shows here – is seriously tilted.  Brave cop dies, no demonstrations.  Almost 1,900- times more coverage on the Rittenhouse story.

While we could speculate on  why –  obviously we suspect Rittenhouse has become a  monetization for certain insurrectionist groups – pointing this out is not our role.  We simply try to look at the  ModernTone News and offer data.

More data then? California lawmakers vote to create reparations task force.  Land’s cheap in Texas.

ModernTone News – In Pictures

Ammunition aisle at a  Cabela’s store in Tacoma, Washington this weekend hints that a longer – and sadder – chapter of American History may be upon us:

You see the mind shift in a lot of ways:  People are still stocking on PPE, prepper foods and water.  Where we shop, there’s still a limit on toilet paper, too.

Financial Divergence Matters

We’ve come to think the reason the “wheels haven’t come off” America yet is that the “magic of liquidity” in the stock market spills over into the general population’s mindset, as well.

The next six months, however, may rock America like nothing since the Civil War.  We have a contested election in just 64-days.  Neither candidate looks like a really great choice.  Biden’s has promised a debate, but his promises don’t weigh heavily.  We’re still waiting for more details on Hunter.  All dems can do is charge that Trump supporters – who mixed-it up with antifa in Portland this weekend – is supporting violence.  Resulting in pile-on stories like Wisconsin governor concerned Trump visit will ‘hinder our healing’.

All the while, entering forwards to the Joe Biden website.  And you want to see a classic “Snopes” talk-around?  See here.  Problem  is, of  course Antifa would deny, Biden would disavow, and lefties will make counter-accusations.

Pay attention here:  As we learned in  War Games (the movie) “Joshua/WOPR: A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?”

Indeed.  We’ll all need treatment for PESD – Post Election Stress Disorder – before the year’s out.

Preview of Coming Attractions

Mid-morning today, a Dallas Fed report on manufacturing might move things a bit.  However, the “reel” feature this week will be employment data.

Somewhere in coming months, the long-term impacts of CV-19 will be known, too.  Fast-tracked vaccines don’t inspire confidence, either.

Fact is, we are in a recession.  And the replacement of humans by robots is now on a roll:

Poignantly, the question came up Saturday in the Bay Area pieceWhat Is the Real Future of Work?”  Anymore, the definition of work itself has become loosey-goosey, too.  Humanity is adrift on stormy seas of our own creation.

Looking Further Ahead

When we see stories likePrince Charles ‘already prepping’ to take over the throne from Queen Elizabeth” we wonder how the Queen Mum is doing.  Really.

Wearable gardens or scum clothing? ‘Living’ clothes and algae-based fabrics can suck carbon emissions, paving future for innovative fashion design.

Another lookahead to ponder in the L.A. Times: What will the future of TV look like? 5 predictions (and a viewing guide).  Will there even be an audience left?

And one more to “chew on”Is curbside dining the future for American restaurants?  Who wants to put a little side-bet down on whether we’ll see autos migrating from having cup holder to folding  tray tables.   A “silicon cabin steward” to remind you:  “ You’re about to drive.  Please return your tray tables to their storage position to enable Drive…”

You know this means instead of a “litter bag in vehicle requirement” you’ll need proof of full-on garbage service.  The mind reels.

Bill & Ted FTM Review

Bill & Ted  Face the Music was great.  However, in order to get the full treatment, you really need to watch the first two.

“Hey!  Bozo! What About Financials?”

You didn’t get the “take the week off memo?”

Dow futures are up 60.  Markets often rally ahead of major holidays.  Especially when the Fed is pumping money into the economy faster than Henny Youngman and Rodney Dangerfield combined could pump out one-liners.

You know what would go good with these Dollars?  Something with value…

Not looking much better tomorrow.  Barring a left field event, we may have another short column tomorrow.  The employment data film festival starts Wednesday.


Proofreading continues on the Peoplenomics report on UFO’s and UAP’s for Wednesday.  So another heads-down ahead.  About 130-pages as it sits now.  It will be a .PDF download, subscribers only.  No book for the gen-pop though.

I’ll try to whittle the size down a bit, but it’s a huge topic – some personal experiences and lots of historical to review.  It’s a general of survey of the field treatment.

Somewhere toward the end is the big question:  Are we ready for – or could we handle – not being the only “smart people” around?

On the humous side of contact:  Maybe aliens are already here – and sending out junk emails?  Like this one that just popped in:

“Good morning from here and thanks for your response and I hope my email finds you good. In respect to your email, I would like you to take your time to digest my proposal. I want you to know that it took me a lot of courage before I made up my mind to write to you , Please write to me with your private mail if this message suits you.”

Our Scary Monday Thought to wrap up today’s version of the  ModernTone News is to conclude that we have made it ridiculously easy for any other civilizations “out there” to be smarter than us.  In fact, there may not be a dumber one.

Have another day of “fun on the feed lot.”

Write when you get rich,

43 thoughts on “MovieTone Monday – Pillow Quest”

  1. yeah so it just means everything goes up eh ? yeah everybody here far 2 smart for me 2 understand.. have a great ramp

    • Well times sure have changed, we can’t check out who’s throwin’ down the best parties with the hottest bands. Can’t run around footloose and fancy free. Jack and Jill must run up the hill modelling social distancing or get fined, detained, or socially ostracized.
      Who needs traders on Wall St. when they just fine tune their algorithms and wage economic warfare upon the unenlightened. Wow Bat Man, all work and no play makes life rather dull and all play and no work makes life tough.
      Looks like all we need is to get “vaxxed up” and/or take the red or blue morality pills to comply with the minimum compliance requirements to engage in the “real thing”.
      Imagine that this is not torture…

  2. Speaking of fascist caravans please reference Volcker Ullrich’s biography of Hitler, “Hitler”, Vintage Books, Oct. 2017 and search caravans.

  3. For 6 months,NJ Gov.Murphy has been exhorting us to wash our hands.Now with the re-opening of the gyms on Tuesday,he’s forbidding us from taking showers there unless the gym also has a pool.Methinks the large gym owners are transmitting some green stuff other than chlorine into Biden’s campaign coffers.

  4. George

    “A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. ”

    I and my associates played that game and we played to WIN!

    That was many decades ago and the game is still in play. The game is played by being as close as possible to 100% of your forces at combat ready. We were in the very high 90 – 99% area.

    You see, it’s a Mexican stand off kind of game. Nobody dares to blink!

    You might ask Mr. Warhammer about the game.

    Peace Was My Profession

    Rocket Mike, 373 SMS

      • Hi Richard

        You figured me out! Very good.

        That must have been a very scary night!!!

        We could Abort before completion of the launch sequence but you had to be all ears and fast. Once the explosive bolts go Elvis leaves the room.

        There is a missile museum south of Touson. Everything is declassified and you can visits all the complex levels.
        I’ve been there many times. I would like to visit the MM museum some day. It needs to be soon as I am getting long in the tooth.

        ACKnowledged Now!

        Rocket Mike

  5. This statement of yours made me smile:

    “Of course the underlying product – “the news” – has changed a lot from 60-years ago. Today, stories are less complete, the future less certain.”

    Jim Morrison of the band the Doors had something to say about the future being uncertain and the end always being near.

    The song would be Roadhouse Blues.

  6. The photo of the ammunition shelf of the Bass Pro-Shop/Cabala’s in Tacoma could have been taken of the store in Lacey, WA – there hasn’t been ammo (okay-there is some ammo for oddball calibers still on the shelves) on those shelves for months! There is just none to be had especially 223 or 5.56, 9mm, 40 s&w, 357 I have never seen anything like this and believe that it is being held back on purpose. Online is just as bad and the term ‘currently out of stock’ repeatedly comes up. Prior to March, Cabela’s would have sales on the 5.56 in the ammo cans and had stacks of them. Sure, you can buy a gun, but without ammo, it is not much better than a club!

    • Yeah, I was shocked back in June when I started looking for 00 buck. Ammo Seek said it had been going on since the shut down in March but I had not noticed blank spaces on the shelves at Academy or elsewhere until then. Order it when you can and take up reloading. Watch for estate sales that have ammo, usually at outrageous prices, and reloading equipment and start your own self-supporting ammo industry.

  7. George,
    If “they” are out there or if “they” are here among us like they are portrayed in the old John Carpenter film, “THEY LIVE,” it is likely humans would be viewed as we view the monkeys at the zoo. If “they” decide to officially contact us, their message is liable to be, “Gort! Klatu Barrada Nicto,” as in, “THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL.”
    Even Steven Hawking pondered whether any other “smart” visitors to this planet, after learning of our true nature, would be friendly.
    Heck, if interplanetary visitors landed near any of the rioting cities and saw what was going on there, they would probably wash their hands, get back on their craft and di, di, mau outta here so fast our heads would spin. Can’t say I’d blame them…

      • They already have – Trump (/Obama/the Bush clan, etc etc) – they’re all Reptilians! Don’t you watch YouTube or read the Weekly World News?

    • Or if they HAVE BEEN HERE all along and have managed to negotiate a safe space for themselves through successive administrations since WWII.

      There were some stories published by a man named Charles James Hall that told of a group or colony of Tall Whites that have been living in the Nellis AFB practice range since, well, forever, but the human/alien interaction wasn’t an issue until the government decided to use the area for a practice range. According to his account it was difficult to keep Airmen out there to preform the weather readings which required airmen to interact with them on a fairly regular basis because there was no frame of reference in people’s minds back then to deal with (off-world) aliens, not the ones we used to hire on the family ranch all the time. You might be able to find his books on Amazon and download them in the Kindle format. They don’t cost much and if you can deal with Hall’s self aggrandizing attitude the stories become pretty intriguing. You can also find a few of his talks on YouTube.

  8. When I learned what little I know about news, it was supposed to be the facts, all the facts, and nothing but the facts! 5W’s, etc. Today it seems that you can waste a half hour seeking a fact, and then it’s easily found to be false. Meanwhile, there’s more emotion than a soap opera!

    There seems to only be one “story” in the world each day that clogs up the airwaves and much of the net. It’s just that – a story by a storyteller endlessly repeated by many talking heads through many outlets. At least I can enjoy the silence when it’s turned off.

    In other news, the sun came up today.

    Regarding the upcoming PDF, I’m fine with reading extra words or even redundancy. Tighten it up for others perhaps, but I’m definitely looking forward to reading it in whatever form it appears.

  9. “Where we shop, there’s still a limit on toilet paper, too.”

    The same here to.. plus your a lucky man if you can find clorox wipes lysol etc.. limits on many other items to.. they had a sale on vegitables.. a week ago.. thirty four cents a can four can maximum… they sold out in about an hour.. this week.. its eighty cents a can .. what use to sell for forty nine cents a can…and a limit..

  10. I loved Movietone News! Da kiddies can’t appreciate that THIS was how the World got to “see news” before television.

    “Ammunition aisle at a Cabela’s store in Tacoma, Washington this weekend hints that…” it may be time to lay in more .22s for target practice (or something like that?)

    “All the while, entering forwards to the Joe Biden website. And you want to see a classic “Snopes” talk-around?”

    Honestly, antifa dot com doesn’t make sense, except as a practical joke. Were I a member of an anti-American insurgent group, I certainly wouldn’t want to make it easy for DOJ to find me. With that said, forwarding the URL to biden dot com seems like a pile-on joke — maybe not, since BLM forwards its donations to the DNC and Soros orchestrates them both, which might explain why Snopes (run by The Soros Group) confirms the link, but deflects, then blows it off.

    “Pay attention here: As we learned in War Games (the movie) “Joshua/WOPR: A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.”

    I wonder if Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy realize yet that in spite of their other acting endeavors, some totally iconic in their own right (Buhler? Buhler? Buhler?) this is the movie which has made them nerd (and Internet) icons and ensured they’ll be immortalized? And BTW, it is an IMSAI, not a fricking Trash-80, despite the image on the T-Shirt! (And yes, BTDTGTTS…)

    “When we see stories like “Prince Charles ‘already prepping’ to take over the throne from Queen Elizabeth” we wonder how the Queen Mum is doing. Really.”

    I honestly don’t expect Charlie to ever become “King.” My parents told me over 40 years ago that Queen Elizabeth would outlive Prince Charles (whom, in my Mother’s opinion was weak, and too mentally frail to ever become a monarch.) I have yet to see anything which disputes their opinion…

    “Wearable gardens or scum clothing? ‘Living’ clothes and algae-based fabrics can suck carbon emissions, paving future for innovative fashion design.”

    What a great idea, since if “carbon emissions” drop much lower, all plant life will asphyxiate… no plants, no life. Hint: When the “green grass of Spring” is consistently greenish-yellow, we’ve sealed our doom, and that of every other living thing on Earth.

    “Somewhere toward the end is the big question: Are we ready for – or could we handle – not being the only “smart people” around?”

    I’m sensing there’s an oxymoron here somewhere — can’t quite put my finger on it, though…

  11. “Neither candidate looks like a really great choice. ”

    What n the world are you thinking George… you know they always give us the best that America has to offer as a candidate…. OTFLMAO

    • looking out of the box on August 31, 2020 at 12:54

      “Neither candidate looks like a really great choice. ”
      Lighten up man. These days we have the best candidates money can buy!

  12. ROTFLMFAO! I heard this lady say one of the most profound things I have ever hear in an AA meeting. “God knows the shit i dont.” That is why im always in contact with sky Daddy. I have a bunch of amazing gifts and abilities but God still knows the shit i don’t. So i ask him to tell what i didn’t know i didn’t know.

    Ya know George, the way I see it this whole life thing is about one dialog. Just me and God. Having a conversation between each other through a million different vessles. They say, “want to hear God laugh? Tell him your plans. ” hahahahahah

  13. “Another lookahead to ponder in the L.A. Times: What will the future of TV look like? 5 predictions (and a viewing guide). “”On the humous side of contact: Maybe aliens are already here ”

    Years ago.. I seen two things.. one was a three dimensional cube.. in it was the earth.. in live time.. that was in the seventies.. then I went to a science show and they had goggles.. that you put on.. you were the center of attraction.. I was standing on the edge of the grand canyon.. birds flying overhead the sound of the breeze rustling.. look left look right you would swear you were there… if someone had come up behind you and gave a little push..dam you would have sworn you were falling into the grand canyon from the cliff…

    Now for the aliens living among us.. I think if the are.. and they had the intelegence to travel hundreds of millions of light years away to get here.. they would not be needing to send a stupid email like that.. ( I got the same email to by the way LOL)

    • well, I have said enough. I do want to Thank you all for my development this last decade. The harder I was pushed down the stronger I became. Even the nefarious forces, the ones wielding dark magic and placing obstacles, interference and pressing me and squishing me, tempting me, showing me with pain and strife, all they did was make me more clairvoyant, have a higher capacity for intuition, creativity, brilliance, higher intelligence, telepathy, biogenisis and become more cunning, fluid and stronger. Even helped me find skills I didn’t ever know I had. I discovered God given abilities that laid dormant in me. I grown in ways i couldnt even fathom or imagine. Forged my relationship with God to the fullest. The Holy Spirit and Christ in ways I could never even imagined before. Simply wonderful. Im so fortunate. Truly blessed. A new Creation. Born again. Resurrected from the dead. Thank you!

      The true measure of a persons worth is not in his friends but in the adversity he must over come to know himself and His God. I am known and truly know.

      It has truly been a marvelous experience. Such a delightful, wonderful and beautiful thing. Im so very grateful. Thank you all so much. I truly understand the depth of Philipeans 4:13.

      Everyone says, you should write a book. Lol

      What do you think i have been doing????

      I have been writing a book all along. We all been living it. Lol

      Off to write chapter one. which will create a whole new world. I’ve been writing the preface for a decade now titled. “Infinitely NOW!

      I think its turned out pretty good.

      Chapter 1. Titled: The birth of a new Aeon.

      Out of the ashes of a world forged in chaos and madness was born an Aeon race of men and women known only as the tribe of light. For love is a singularity. The earth in its new found humility became the destiny of God’s.

      I could not beat the game alone. All of you, especially the ones who fought hard to destroy me at every turn or tried to get me to destroy myself? Helped me win the game. I never knew I could be all and do all this. Thank you. And every day. It just gets better and better. I am bathed in beautiful brilliance. Truly remarkable. Forever blessed and grateful.

      What a glorious day to start a new life.

      Que the song. Wanted dead or alive by Bon Jovi.

      Clique 116!

      Love is a singularity!

      This concludes

      Infintitly Now!

      And as clif once said, “enuff said”. Thanks clif for playing the part as the bad cop. Along with George playing the part as the good cop. Lol absolutely beautiful.


      (Cosmic Intelligence Agency, agent 0. ) aka Andy. Lol

      No further questions. You have answered them all perfectly. See ya all in 2088. Lol

  14. ya know when my daughter was 4 years old and I had the ranch up in Lake stevens. We had 5 kids in the house between my ex wife, my roomate and me. Then we had 3 or 4 kids friends and couple cousins over all the time on weekends.

    One time i was in the kitchen and my now ex wife came in and said my 5 year old daughter was taking a dump in the driveway and all the kids were cheering her on. I said what???!!! I looked out there and sure as me winning the powerball jackpot lottery, my daughter was squated down taking a dump right in the middle of the driveway. I said what in the hell are you doing? She im pooping. I said get your but in the house and use the damn toilet. She said, the kitty poops outside and you pee outside. I said you go inside and use the bathroom! She said you said i could be anything i want. I want to be a kitty. I stood there out whitted by a 5 year old. She had me on that one. She said im done now. I said well, clean this shit up and no poopin in the driveway! I went back in the house and I saw her look around,
    then marched into the gararage like she meant buisness. A few seconds later she emerged with a hockey stick and went over and slap shot her turd accross the driveway. Then all the other kids erupted with gleee and in one voice raising their arms together, yelled, “Scooooorrrreeeee!” I was laughing so hard I fell on the kitchen floor holding my belly. My ex says you’re not gonna deal with that??? You are a parent and this unacceptable behavior. I said i couldn’t even talk i was laughing so hard. She just yelled out the kitchen window. What in all that is Holy under the sun are you doing??? Get some some TP and clean it up! Right now missy!

    I imagine God probably thinks the same thing about me sometimes when I come up with viable soulutions to life’s problems with my pea brain. ROTFLMFAO!

  15. George, When I was a kid in the late 1960s, the inside door of the glove box had two indentations, a circle and a rectangle. These were to hold a drink and hot dog while at the drive-in. We also had similar trays, with metal brackets that hooked on to the window (that rolled down), so we can eat in the backseat while at the drive-in. I don’t remember what model car we had way back then.

    BTW, I live just outside of Palestine, and keep meaning to invite you for a refreshing beverage at Pint and Barrel.

  16. Been re-reading ALTA reports to try and get a more accurate timeline, as I think C.H. was about 10-20 yrs ahead on each. Although, it looks like that’s shortening based on content of 2016.

    We’re gonna all need triple strength seatbelts, soon. Buckle up.

    And yes, we would indeed be hard pressed to find a species more foolish than ours.

  17. The sad part of the election fiasco we have is as soon as this one is over the next day the new election Scream and Jump about Starts again. There is no end of it same crap different names, Stop the World and let me off/

  18. For those who doubt election fraud:

    It may well go both ways, but it seems they are more willing to do this on the left side of things. Regardless, if we had political will, we could largely stamp it out. There are many ways that this could be mitigated, including encoded ballots with holograms and other security devices, voter ID including citizenship verification, codes that are given out to registered voters for one time use when a permanent one is presented via phone or net(with controls, of course). The credit card people are very good at this kind of thing.

    We have the tech, yet we want to use systems that are wide open to abuse. BTW, an otherwise smart friend of mine with a left leaning persuasion is absolutely convinced that mail-in fraud simply cannot happen. Some people are even more dense than I am!

    At least we now know that the going price for a vote is between $50 and $60.

  19. Comrades,

    The above noted PESD acronym, post-election stress disorder, is regrettably out of step in these sensitive times. Since “disorder” now carries derogatory connotations in polite company, one should properly address such hapless souls with the kinder, gentler PESI otherwise known as post-election stress injury.

    Speaking of kinder, gentler times, the local head of public health has introduced a $486 per day fine regulation for scofflaws that fail to adhere to covid-19 self-isolation mandates when applicable.

    As for the fox hunt for Heir to the Throne, the daughter of his former mistress-come-wife still managed to marry into one of the world’s other wealthiest families. One imagines in the straight-laced goings-on of the rabble that the camillagate tapes are but a mere shooting star against the exploits of a great aunt that generated the tome “Portrait of a Marriage”.

    Tally-ho, Old Boy. May the pack speak breasts high and riot low!

  20. We’ve reached a pivotal Darwinian moment for all of humanity. How can we possibly be seen a fit and worthy of interplanetary space travel, likely confronting other intelligent life out there in the process, when we are unable to settle our petty differences on this rock? The 1951 version of the film ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ and the ‘Bill & Ted’ anthology still ring true in their own unique ways. Per ‘Wayne’s World,’ we humans simply are “not worthy!”

  21. “Tanks Move Into Minsk As Police Hold Back Massive Protest At Gates Of Lukashenko Residence”

    Finally, somebody besides me noticed the sh!tstorm in Belarus. Now, let’s see if Tyler Durden and the folks over at Zerohedge follow up in Minsk, and find the Hungarian in the marionette’s loft…

    People in Minsk noted the “peaceful riots” began, not with the re-election of Lukashenko, but with his refusal to accept a billion Euro “loan” to install a “COVID lockdown” on Belarus (which, like Sweden, didn’t lock-down…)

    …And yes, I have spent the last several hours on English language news sites in Central UreUp.

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