You may not be old enough to remember the MovieTone News.  It showed in theaters from the mid 1920s until into the 1960’s.  I remember seeing ’em at the old theater on the north end of Bean Hill in Seattle.  As kids, we’d go there Saturday afternoons to watch “the serials.”

Today we suffer through ModernTone News.  It’s more poorly done than MovieTone.

ModernTone News, Serial Insanity

Of course the underlying product – “the news” – has changed a lot from 60-years ago.  Today, stories are less complete, the future less certain.  And people today work longer and harder than ever before just to make ends meet.  There’s been a gender explosion, and more…

In place of going to the movies for the news (newspapers were #1 in those days) modern consumers get worked-up by things not particularly pertinent to individual daily lives.  And stories are endlessly repeated – which amplifies the hypnotic news drone of today.

Droning on?  For example, the search term “Kyle Rittenhouse” on Google now scores in excess of 6-million hits.

Yet while the Rittenhouse stories are being pushed by media, less noticed has been the killing of a black police officer in St. Louis by a couple of teenagers.  Again, a Google search for scaling:  24,300 search hits without middle initial and on 3,210 hits with.

“The ModernTone News” – as the data shows here – is seriously tilted.  Brave cop dies, no demonstrations.  Almost 1,900- times more coverage on the Rittenhouse story.

While we could speculate on  why –  obviously we suspect Rittenhouse has become a  monetization for certain insurrectionist groups – pointing this out is not our role.  We simply try to look at the  ModernTone News and offer data.

More data then? California lawmakers vote to create reparations task force.  Land’s cheap in Texas.

ModernTone News – In Pictures

Ammunition aisle at a  Cabela’s store in Tacoma, Washington this weekend hints that a longer – and sadder – chapter of American History may be upon us:

You see the mind shift in a lot of ways:  People are still stocking on PPE, prepper foods and water.  Where we shop, there’s still a limit on toilet paper, too.

Financial Divergence Matters

We’ve come to think the reason the “wheels haven’t come off” America yet is that the “magic of liquidity” in the stock market spills over into the general population’s mindset, as well.

The next six months, however, may rock America like nothing since the Civil War.  We have a contested election in just 64-days.  Neither candidate looks like a really great choice.  Biden’s has promised a debate, but his promises don’t weigh heavily.  We’re still waiting for more details on Hunter.  All dems can do is charge that Trump supporters – who mixed-it up with antifa in Portland this weekend – is supporting violence.  Resulting in pile-on stories like Wisconsin governor concerned Trump visit will ‘hinder our healing’.

All the while, entering forwards to the Joe Biden website.  And you want to see a classic “Snopes” talk-around?  See here.  Problem  is, of  course Antifa would deny, Biden would disavow, and lefties will make counter-accusations.

Pay attention here:  As we learned in  War Games (the movie) “Joshua/WOPR: A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?”

Indeed.  We’ll all need treatment for PESD – Post Election Stress Disorder – before the year’s out.

Preview of Coming Attractions

Mid-morning today, a Dallas Fed report on manufacturing might move things a bit.  However, the “reel” feature this week will be employment data.

Somewhere in coming months, the long-term impacts of CV-19 will be known, too.  Fast-tracked vaccines don’t inspire confidence, either.

Fact is, we are in a recession.  And the replacement of humans by robots is now on a roll:

Poignantly, the question came up Saturday in the Bay Area pieceWhat Is the Real Future of Work?”  Anymore, the definition of work itself has become loosey-goosey, too.  Humanity is adrift on stormy seas of our own creation.

Looking Further Ahead

When we see stories likePrince Charles ‘already prepping’ to take over the throne from Queen Elizabeth” we wonder how the Queen Mum is doing.  Really.

Wearable gardens or scum clothing? ‘Living’ clothes and algae-based fabrics can suck carbon emissions, paving future for innovative fashion design.

Another lookahead to ponder in the L.A. Times: What will the future of TV look like? 5 predictions (and a viewing guide).  Will there even be an audience left?

And one more to “chew on”Is curbside dining the future for American restaurants?  Who wants to put a little side-bet down on whether we’ll see autos migrating from having cup holder to folding  tray tables.   A “silicon cabin steward” to remind you:  “ You’re about to drive.  Please return your tray tables to their storage position to enable Drive…”

You know this means instead of a “litter bag in vehicle requirement” you’ll need proof of full-on garbage service.  The mind reels.

Bill & Ted FTM Review

Bill & Ted  Face the Music was great.  However, in order to get the full treatment, you really need to watch the first two.

“Hey!  Bozo! What About Financials?”

You didn’t get the “take the week off memo?”

Dow futures are up 60.  Markets often rally ahead of major holidays.  Especially when the Fed is pumping money into the economy faster than Henny Youngman and Rodney Dangerfield combined could pump out one-liners.

You know what would go good with these Dollars?  Something with value…

Not looking much better tomorrow.  Barring a left field event, we may have another short column tomorrow.  The employment data film festival starts Wednesday.


Proofreading continues on the Peoplenomics report on UFO’s and UAP’s for Wednesday.  So another heads-down ahead.  About 130-pages as it sits now.  It will be a .PDF download, subscribers only.  No book for the gen-pop though.

I’ll try to whittle the size down a bit, but it’s a huge topic – some personal experiences and lots of historical to review.  It’s a general of survey of the field treatment.

Somewhere toward the end is the big question:  Are we ready for – or could we handle – not being the only “smart people” around?

On the humous side of contact:  Maybe aliens are already here – and sending out junk emails?  Like this one that just popped in:

“Good morning from here and thanks for your response and I hope my email finds you good. In respect to your email, I would like you to take your time to digest my proposal. I want you to know that it took me a lot of courage before I made up my mind to write to you , Please write to me with your private mail if this message suits you.”

Our Scary Monday Thought to wrap up today’s version of the  ModernTone News is to conclude that we have made it ridiculously easy for any other civilizations “out there” to be smarter than us.  In fact, there may not be a dumber one.

Have another day of “fun on the feed lot.”

Write when you get rich,