Whack! G. D. Peeing

Shitz not good on the Gross Domestic Product front:  Biggest drop in history!

Current-dollar GDP decreased 34.3 percent, or $2.15 trillion, in the second quarter to a level of $19.41 trillion. In the first quarter, GDP decreased 3.4 percent, or $186.3 billion (table 1 and table 3).

The price index for gross domestic purchases decreased 1.5 percent in the second quarter, in contrast to an increase of 1.4 percent in the first quarter.

The PCE price index decreased 1.9 percent, in contrast to an increase of 1.3 percent. Excluding food and energy prices, the PCE price index decreased 1.1 percent, in contrast to an increase of 1.6 percent.

Was ALL the detail bad?  Well, depends if you look up how the “Personal Savings Rate” is measured:

Disposable personal income increased $1.53 trillion, or 42.1 percent, in the second quarter, compared with an increase of $157.8 billion, or 3.9 percent, in the first quarter. Real disposable personal income increased 44.9 percent, compared with an increase of 2.6 percent.

Personal outlays decreased $1.57 trillion, after decreasing $232.5 billion. The decrease in outlays was led by a decrease in PCE for services.

Personal saving was $4.69 trillion in the second quarter, compared with $1.59 trillion in the first quarter. The personal saving rate—personal saving as a percentage of disposable personal income—was 25.7 percent in the second quarter, compared with 9.5 percent in the first quarter.”

Go ahead, don’t mention the free money landed in here...just you know…gloss over the fake increases.

Meantime, German markets are down 2-1/2% (their GDP crashed, too but they were a little more open about it…) and our markets are futuring down 220-something as we click.

Predictably: Bad News Thursday

As I told you yesterday, the Fed going ahead with plans to just “print up more phony money” could not possibly be the cause of the stock shock to come.

Yet, here we are less than 18-hours later and futures are in the toilet.  Reason?  Well, depends on which paper or journo-pile you choose to ‘align with.’  Sure, blame GDP is’n you want, but….there are other ways to assess things.

For example, an erstwhile reader of  Mashable would maybe point to how STUPID congressoids are and hold up as evidence the report about how Googster-in-Chief Mark “...Zuckerberg explains to confused congressman why Donald Trump Jr. was banned on Twitter.”

Ure Proposal #1:  Mandatory I.Q. Testing for All Elective Office.  120 or not certifiable to be on the ballot.  (If you argue for lower…whatg are you saying?  Leaders should be more average?)

On the other hand, a neoclassical monetarist (like me, fer instance) might instead blame the market decline ready to roll out this morning on the coming realization that no matter who “wins” the election in 3-months, taxes are heading skyward to foot the bill for you-know-19…  Especially the Trump Derangers who think Biden can magically set-aside the laws of money.  As they read in “Tax Hike Under Biden Poses a Bigger Threat to Tech than Hearing” over here, there is no magic panacea.

Ure Proposal #2:  Make all political parties liable under “Truth in Advertising Laws” for misrepresentations (lieds) told to gain votes.

Or, you might blame this morning’s stomping of the bulls on the fact that this is Ure’s “lunch money trade day” for the week. It ain’t that hard.

An Interesting Concept

As I explained to our Peoplenomics subscribers Wednesday, I have a simple theory that says if I just do a day-trade, or three, per week, and each of them makes a percent (or two) then come the end of the year, I will outperform 99.5% of all other options.

By simply going long, or short, index options, I don’t have to worry about what the financial press says about the Zberg or Musk…I just go in long, or short, and walk off sometimes with modest profits.  Not big ones, but a burger or two per week…..adds up over time.

In doing so, even in upward drifting markets (juiced by runaway Fed printing) I like the short side because the number of times there are “negative surprises” compared with “positive/upside surprises” seems like a pretty simple statistical problem.

Take today, for instance:“Markets Are Nearing Their Limits”: Futures Falls, European Markets Tumble After German GDP Crashes.”   See how surprises are mostly to the downside?

Or, Take This Morning’s Sick News

(Off we go into deep thinking, now…)  The CV-19 numbers going through 17-million global cases seems like it could be one of the “reasons” for the markets pending decline.  (You can’t blame the making up money boyz at the Fed, right?)

No surprise – we have been telling you this was coming for how many months?  Since early MARCH is it?  (“Ure selling doomporn!” – No, we do analysis…the fallout matters, but I digress…)

Next week at this time, we will slide over 18-million globally.  And did you see where yet-another vaccine peddler (besides Gates) is admitting the disease is changing ands morphing so fast than an annual 19 shot may be necessary?

“‘We don’t know’: AstraZeneca CEO says ‘unpredictable’ coronavirus may require annual vaccinations”  Again, the obvious we’ve been screaming for how long?

Mutating too fast…. vaccines won’t work.  Like the “shot for the common cold” this is in the no-way pile.

Ure Proposal #3:  If government (or software billionaires) tells you about a “silver bullet” solution is coming, assuming they’re lying (and/or misinformed).

PurgaBiden Picks

We won’t say America will descend into Purgatory should Slow Joe win.  We’re comfortable leaving that statement of obvious to president Orange.  Which the AP flipped around into “As crime surges on his watch, Trump warns of Biden’s America” without bothering to mention who is Hungary for revolution here.

[Disclosure:  We are skeptical of ALL AP reports (despite being a stringer for years in my newsing days)  because they now support inequality.  They recently decided to capitalize black but not white…which to us reeks of overt partisanship.  Both caps or both lower-case, we don’t care…but equality in all things (except restrooms) is our motto.  Blatant pandering to social uprisers and Venezuela clone-monkeys is not what we believe in.  Did you see where the (Amazon) Post got it right?>  “Washington Post to capitalize Black, White in stories.” RFO, Wapo!  AP hasn’t been the same since Wick Temple passed..but I digress…again….]

Anyway…somewhere in this vile-bile rant here, my point was Slow Joe’s pseudo-drama of which woman to pick as Veep is really a train wreck to behold.

We can hardly wait for Joe’s “mailed in” election by stuffing victory so we can cheer on four-years of GOP hearings into Ukraine-gate.

By then, China’s up-armoring will be complete and they will launch drone wave after wave to take down America; driving up the leftist-friendly coast from Baja Chinafornia…  But, let’s not get ahead of the story…except to mention maybe global wars tend to follow global Depressions and we’re on the stoop of that right now.  Check the market for gory details as we stumble through the day.

Trump Losing It?

Lest we be accused of partisanship (though we generally support people who can read a P&L, however) let’s take a second look at Orange One: “Trump says coronavirus stimulus checks, direct payments may be more than $1,200.


90 days from an election, and there’s no chance in hell the demagogues who control the House which is where all spending bills originate will ever…. Wait!  Does that anti-malarial stuff cause aberrant behavior?

Only a raving (or twitting) idiot would believe the “mythical” Nadless or Nasty Nancy are going to let ANYTHING being held sausage loose before the electile dysfunction?  Cereally? FMTT.

Face Time?

Dr. Fauci: Americans may want to wear eye coverings as well as face coverings.  Some of us have done that since Day 1:  Glasses I figure can’t hurt.

BTW, I picked up a clear cover for my Lincoln Electric  plasma-cutting face-shield.  Shaded lens and a clear one… I call it my “Cut and Run set…”

Urban’s Department of Useless

NASA readies launch of Mars rover to look for signs of life.  We know there’s no intelligent life  here…maybe  there?

Fortune figures U.S. CEOs now see a double-dip recession as more likely than a V-shaped recovery.  Except that second dip will be the Depression, but we’ll come to that conclusion only in the rearview.  Anticipating isn’t in vogue.

You mean there IS NO RECOVERY? U.S. CEOs now see a double-dip recession as more likely than a V-shaped recovery.  More gory in Continuing Jobless Claims Spike As Almost 50% Of Lost Jobs “May Be Gone Permanently”

Lemme think…I did mention new unemployment claims were up and the world’s getting ready to end, right?

Off to chase food… Write when you get rich,









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    • Has ANYONE done a video, and inserting right before he throws it, a closeup of the ball with the words “Healthcare Policy” on it?

  1. Lol now George tell me why China would want this place,have you really took a good look at what we have become thanks to both parties who sold the country out back in 1980.We have a government that can’t operate as a government on its best days and those are few and far between,and it seems the so called silent majority don’t care which way it goes,its only began to heat up wait until just before election well that is if they hold one….

    • “why China would want this place,have you really took a good look at what we have become thanks to both parties who sold the country out back in 1980.”

      I think they have enough experience with crowd control..

      This biden moment is more concerning for me at least.


    • The Chinese don’t need Americans, for the most part, but do need land and resources. We have both of the latter and are a prize worth taking. Classically wars have been for resources and females. Many Chinese men with no hope of getting a wife could be incentivized to fight with fury over the promise of getting a girl of their own.

      We’re not a pushover by any means, but we are not as strong as we wish to believe. We definitely need to grow up as a nation and take back our heritage. Removing the obvious corruption would be a good start.

      BTW, I believe that giving a standard citizenship test to all potential voters(the one used when applying for naturalization) would be a reasonable screening test before allowing a person to register to vote. Of course, that would be after proving actual citizenship(not just a standard driver’s license).

      • Dude, you gonna have the NAACP and every Dem politician on your ass before the week is out!

        Even showing identification is taboo in half the States. There’s no way anyone who could steal an election would go for a civics test, and it’d probably eliminate the entire voting population under 50, who are not immigrants on a Citizenship path…

    • North America is rich in resources the Chinese lack. The ChiComs have no issue with eliminating indigenous populations, or even their own. What makes you think there’d be any Americans left, who were not immediately useful to the CCP? History has all-but-ignored Lenin, Stalin, and Mao’s purges. If the Chinese acquired CONUS and Xi purged the “divisive element” (that’d be all of us), the Brits and French, and maybe the Germans would howl about it, but no one would do anything, except possibly begin work on a doomsday weapon, because none of ’em would want to be “next…”

  2. Face Shields? Are you kidding me? Maybe we should go full MOP gear (those of you who were in the military in the 80’s know this term). Stop the fear mongering. I know beyond a shadow of the doubt that I will not get Covid despite the extreme fear porn and disinfo coming from Fauchi, et al.

    I post here frequently. I will post this time next year of how healthy I have been (and my family) over the past year despite the fear porn.

      • Propaganda my friends, propaganda. Btw, I live in FL and don’t no a soul who has died of so called Covid. AND – I have lots of friends, family, extended family, and business colleagues here in the state. So, why don’t I know someone who has died? AND, Why don’t my neighbors know some one (directly) who has died of Covid.

        Sorry guys, I am not buying your BS that everyone is dying and that we are all doomed. But I will post next year – I assure you that I will love to rub it in that I am still living despite many people on this site’s opinion that I WILL get Covid.

    • Stephen…it’s people like you that cause our nations number of COVID cases to rise. Denialism is the root of the problem. Wear a damn mask, shield, or what ever it takes to keep the rest of us safe. I had a talk with my 85 year old mom…still sharp as a tack and more active than ever…who stated that this “tiny little exercise” we are experiencing with the pandemic pales in comparison with the sacrifices her generation had to cope with in WW2. Men stripped of their head of household duties to serve, (407,000 US soldiers died, over 80 million worldwide )stay at home moms forced into factories to support war efforts, And kids saved ration stamps, collected scraps for production in defense plants their moms worked in, etc. It was a national effort that everyone embraced. Unprecedented national pride that has yet to be duplicated since.

      Some, but certainly not all Americans today are spoiled, entitled jerks. Narcissistic like our President they Cultishly follow.

      My mom, an extreme right Republican, is appalled at the complacency of idiots that aren’t joining together and Fighting this Pandemic fight together. She IS one of those people who will shame the crap out of anyone that refuses to wear a mask. And if you know anything about the vitriol that can come out of an Italian mother’s mouth…You Certainly wouldn’t want to be on the other end of that conversation. And in a surprise comment, she said that for the first time in her life, she will vote for a Democrat. I almost fell to the floor. Nearly 16 elections of straight Republican voting…and she will pick Biden. When I asked why, she just said…”You have to ask? What… did I raise a dummy?”

      • @MARX

        NO genuine republican would EVER vote for BIDEN….EVER..
        BUT I do believe her comment to your question..

        When I asked why, she just said…”You have to ask? What… did I raise a dummy?”

        YES she did…

      • Marco Poopo – just go get the virus like I did and quit being a wuss. Immune system update, problem solved. And if you die … lol, one more problem solved.

        “Some, but certainly not all Americans today are spoiled, entitled jerks.” Mom knows you well doesn’t she?

      • Your conversion from denial to Covid-19 true believer has been one of the more interesting conversions on this website. If only we could see a conversion from wingnut to independent.
        I figure that the first generation Covid vaccines will require four sticks a year. At this point, it appears vaccines will be made available next year, regardless of safety issues.
        I was probably exposed in mid-June by coworkers, worked from home in isolation for a couple of weeks, then continued to work at home for a couple more weeks until the July 4th surge started to settle down. I never had a fever or other noticeable symptoms beyond a little seasonal hay fever (I do live in a hay patch), and I am back working in town. I was healthier this winter & spring than I have been for the last ten years, to which I credit the latest generation influenza vaccine, Covid preps, PPE, lockdown, and dumb luck. I probably have at least some natural resistance to the bug. Some of my coworkers without symptoms got tested, but based on their feedback, if you haven’t run a fever, and don’t anticipate seeking professional medical assistance, the test centers are potentially too dangerous to risk. I will continue to work in town until another coworker messes up, or until the work gives out, or until the politicos knife me. All bets are off from October on. We do have some new work dribbling in.

    • I appreciate those that cheer they are prepared to receive a nomination for a darwin award. Taking simple precautions like washing, distancing, and mask wearing cost almost nothing in time and money. The upside could be no infections or one that is beaten more easily. None of these are perfect, but I don’t let perfect stop me from improvement. My reasoning the longer I can drag out getting infected, the more medicine learns the best way to respond. Lets say you are correct and covid is a scam. It cost me maybe 20$ for my wife to buy materials and make masks and to provision some hand sanitizer. I figure I am hopefully preventing not only covid infection but also the flu and other transmittable infections. It this saves us from only a single medical visit, the precautions have paid for themselves. I wear a seatbelt because of data showing those without it have worse outcomes in an accident then those with it, not because I believe I will get into an accident on any particular drive.

      A side point not directed at you, many deniers seem religious and perhaps Christian? They trust what people, not of the time of Jesus, but several generations later wrote and even later people consolidated and edited into a book. Today we have so much data for Covid coming from friends, family and medical experts, and yet some choose not to believe actual modern data. I don’t think I will ever understand the human logic pathways.

      • I just returned from a visit with my doctor. Had a couple of stitches removed. Both of us wore masks as required by his practice. He is quite young at 35 and only 2 years in practice but I have known him for 10 years when he was my fitness trainer. He was Canada’s male fitness athlete in 2011. He finished top of his class at med school.

        He urged me to follow the medical guidelines for COVID and not go into any indoor situation where the mask cannot be worn for the total time I am present. That means no indoor restaurants or bars. He advised me to to consider outdoor dining in off hours only. He and his wife strictly follow these rules. They have had one restaurant outdoor patio meal about a week ago.

        His final words to me were “It only takes one cough or sneeze from a carrier.” He has treated and traced several in the past 4 months.

        I hope Stephen and other virus “dissers” on this site will listen to the words of wisdom other contributors have made. Take this seriously. It is a medical, not a political problem. As Dr. Michael Osterholm states “We are not leading this tiger, we are riding it!”

    • Better in what metric? Maybe in running deficits or stock market averages? You could be correct, though recall all spending and budgets originate from the house. Republicans are awful about spending money and not paying the bills real time. Democrats are awful at starting new spending programs that never end and pass those costs to future generations who did not get a chance to agree to the confiscation of their wealth to be transferred to others.

      What about metrics of being a free human being. Which party is constantly making new laws and regulating behaviors, speech, medical care, land restrictions, energy use.

      Which party supports rioting and burning our cities. Which party tells their citizens they can have something for nothing. Which party tells us there is no differences in male and female. Which party sees individuals only based on their race, sex or disability, not their character.

      There is more to life then stock market values. Though I 100% agree, neither party is fiscally responsible.

  3. now trump is floating a trial balloon about canceling the elections. liking trump and liking the US are inconsistent with each other.

    • “trump is floating a trial balloon about canceling the elections.”

      I believe he can.. congress passed a bunch of stupid crap years ago..
      The way I read it under a state of emergency congress can be sent home and elections cancelled until the threat is over..

    • Not canceling, postponing — Doesn’t matter. His term is over at noon on January 20th, and the next President is sworn in at noon, on January 20th. If he wins the Election, he’s the next Prez; if Biden wins, he’s the next Prez. If the Election is postponed, results are delayed, or for any other reason, the clear winner is not known, the Senate names a President Pro Tempore, who is sworn in at noon on 1/20 and who serves as President, EOP, and CiC until Election results are known.

      Quit listening to the ignorant tripe of the illiterate and the fear-mongers. You’re better than that… Oh, and RTFM!

      • thanks Ray.. I wondered how that was suppose to work exactly.. the crap I read gave me the impression that once the secretary of defense claimed the USA was in a National emergency and domestic threats that the president cold essentially take over and send congress home..
        It was just my interpretation of what was written.. I do read to much and sometimes overthink things.. bad habbits die hard..
        whats funny is I actually know a woman that reads more than me LOL.. she reads a book a day plus.. met her at the LOC years ago in the stacks..

      • LOOB, it’s in the Constitution — Go to the source, rather than have someone tell you what they think it says, or what they want you to believe it says.

  4. So Biden will be choosing between a J.A.M (Just Another Mulatto) or a B.F. B (Bona Fide Black) as a running mate. Either way it is a potential Affirmative Action presidency in the making. That will certainly be a final and appropriate flat spin.

  5. Dude Stasi G,

    Put away the Crack before the Crack puts U away. Today is set up day for BTFD!

    BITCOIN is on sale at $10,900 FRN’s this AM – buybuybuybuybuy

    Precious Metals Miners/Streamers R on Sale today – buybuybuybuy

    Pump Up the FEAR G some MOAR! – yeah lets go with dr. Falsie NOW mentioning Eye Pro – FMTT..evil lil goblin/demons and their supporters..

    – Do they have mirrors down there in East Texas outback?

    FEAR PORN ????

    PCR Covert19 Tests have NEVER been put to the Test, ever> No Large Study VALIDATING the Uniformity of PCR results, from Lab to Lab, has EVER been done – EVER.

    Dr Tish Perl – Epidemiologist -Johns Hopkins..”there are No National Data on Pseudo-Epidemics caused by Over Reliance on such molecular tests… False Positives can make it seem like there is an epidemic.”

    “Now as we look back on the Episode(1000 health care workers Furloughed- Lebanon,NH Hospital based on preliminary PCR Test False Positives) epidemiologists and Infectious Disease Specialist say the problem is they placed too much FAITH in a quick and highly sensitive molecular test [PCR] that led them astray.”

    G ee I wonder who would want thousands/hundreds of thousands of False Positives Test Results being REPORTED/SOLD to the Humans?

    “PUMP IT UP UNTIL U CAN FEEL IT” -Elvis Costello


    Nyet ! NIEN ! BITCOIN 4 Ure – can U say Seditious Treason?

    • Confucious might recommend caution before “investing” one’s life savings in an ephemeral product 50 to 60% mined in China and 7 to 10% in Iran.

    • “FEAR PORN ????”

      It truly shocks me that you are not able to see what’s coming.
      George has been giving all of us good solid advice.. none of its fear porn.

      At this point BCN it’s pretty much right in front of you.. a visual example..your car stopped on the train tracks and you see the train coming.

  6. Anyone that thought things were going to get better before the election had their head up; I mean in the sand. The Schiff show (without Adam) that went on this week is a direct indication of the left’s willingness to do anything and say anything as long as they can get on the networks to slander this administration and those in it. It was fun to watch Barr destroy these people and the hapless Nadler.

    Not only have we not felt the real brunt of the shutdown of the economy, we haven’t felt the real brunt of all the lost jobs or the real brunt of the “stimulus” money running out for the working sheeple that got and extra $600 a week in their unemployment. The Schiff hasn’t really hit the fan yet on multiple levels. If this is the beginning of the fall in the market your earlier predictions of the Dow hitting all-time lows could be on its way.

    If Trump wins, we might have a fighting chance to get through this by the end of his next term. If Incoherent sleepy Joe wins and the government is ran by all the people we know will actually be running it. We are doomed. There is a 50/50 chance either way, we are in a civil war of some sort! Hell! we are really in one now, but it is only one sided at the moment.

      • “If Trump wins, we might have a fighting chance to get through this by the end of his next term.”

        I agree with George…I do have doubts that we could pull out of the spiral..
        Once upon a time.. just after Reagan tossed out the idiotic idea of trickle down and threw the social security and middle class under the bus….the only time trickle down works is when your older and incontinence is a problem.. He assumed that everyone had integrity and community spirit..he should have go e trickle up..wage earners have to spend to survive. Anyway.. I had paid a bill with a post dated check..they went out and cashed it promptly. By the time that 37.00 check and all the other small checks quit bouncing the tab was over a grand..luckily my boss covered it by giving me a loan..
        One third to one half of the wage earner laboring population couldn’t make their regular monthly expenses.
        In a conversation a couple days ago this came up..the bank teller that just got back to work part time said she was just about ten grand behind.. the velocity of cash continued when cash flow stopped..interest penalties etc. All continued to move forward..the death spiral is huge.. even now unemployment is increasing and theres going to be a huge cut in unemployment compensation if you can get it..two hi fred a week wont even.pay the rent much less anything else..just enough to stop any chance of getting any other social program. That was already over burdened with one in two laborers being on it..
        Fall is coming and necessity supplies are limited..
        I don’t think we can pull out at this point..even if we had full tax revenue coming in.
        Even if the companies and people working day and night to avoid paying taxes paid up and paid the percentage equivalent of the wage earners..there isnt enough at this point..
        If they put tariffs on all incoming goods and tax nm penalties against Corp. .offshore hiring maybe.. but the Dem’s are not going to go for that. I think its Best to let sleepy take the job and own the collapse and destruction of America. We all loose.. millionaires wont be anymore poverty will be daily life.. remember when russia had limits on bread.. took over all industry etc.
        Restock now..its coming..I personally we wish I could move to canada.. but no one can at this point .

    • Bad Lefties! Bad Biden! (Stoke that confrontation and conflict, to divert attention away from Trump’s failed leadership on the pandemic)


      ‘Trump winning in Nov..’ , very doubtful, the polls are not on his side..’Doom’ is already here (for his diehard base) without Biden winning!!

    • @ Wayne

      TRUMP is the Bankruptcy KING…

      His Plan is to let this country go Bankrupt..$4TRILLION budget plus 4-8 TRILLION in covid 19 stimulus…$200 TRILLION other iou’s from this government..NEVER can be paid back..NEVER soooooooooooo, END the FED…Give a DEBT Jubilee…and let the scumbag politicians and their masters who have looted this country for decades be exposed for what they are…

      and we still will be in a civil shooting war inside this country….no way around it now…because our currency is not going to buy anything

      • Doesn’t this new GDP number mean that the U.S. is bankrupt? Didn’t we hear back when they raised the debt ceiling (one of those times) that it was OK because the Debt was not higher than the GDP.

        Now, (reported) debt is what, $27Trillion and GDP less than $20T


        Shouldn’t the DOW have crashed right to 5000? or lower?

      • Exactly right, Hersh!

        When you have twice as much debt and significantly less income…
        But, unless someone (like the rest of world) doesn’t call you out on it, the musical chairs of finance plays on.

  7. “Doctor” Fauci seems absolutely determined to vilify and discredit anyone with clinical or other experience with chloroquine, HCQ, or any of its derivatives! While some of his ideas are good regarding hygiene and physical separation, they’re old, tried and true, and certainly not original. His remarks regarding the Frontline Doctors are inexcusable, since he referred to studies already discredited for poor design methodology and bad data, while ignoring actual clinical experience with hundreds of patients. He never mentioned zinc and it’s pivotal role in successful HCQ treatment. Science is always elusive and in flux, and there’s very little downside in allowing the use of a drug that’s OTC in most of the world. Freedom and self-reliance are what built America and a dictatorial medical monoculture is the antithesis of those values.

    IMHO, there will never be a successful “vaccine” against a coronavirus and we’d better start thinking and planning that way. I’ll never voluntarily take such a thing without years(at least) of clinical success behind it (if then). Vaccines can and have sometimes augmented rather than diminished the effects of a pathogen, and they’re always an additional challenge to the immune system.

  8. I have a lot of ideas today that I have to get off of my mind. This one is about mail-in voting. Personally, I think the conspiracy of stuffing ballots is a bunch of hoooey. The biggest problem is counting those ballots. New York is still counting ballots from an election from JUNE!!! That’s just plain inefficient and a bit antiquated anyway. Who uses snail mail these days anyway? I am 100% digital. I don’t use the traditional USPS for anything, although I noticed that they are now delivering amazon packages.

    Why aren’t we expanding the voting period to a full week including Saturday’s and Sundays when working parents can actually take the time to vote. It would help eliminate the lines and allow everyone to vote. This is our future…can’t we invest less into attack ads and more into actually funding the people’s right to vote? Extend the hours too. 6:00am- (before work) to 9:00pm…give people time to get home, make dinner, before they go out and vote.

    Instead, they give us one day, fewer voting places, and unlike other westernized countries, it’s not a day off work to help make that happen. It’s almost As if they don’t want us to vote.

      • George,
        Who do I want to win? I want it to be fair and the only way to be fair is allow people to vote in person. Use facial recognition, if need be. We have the technology to identify anyone within seconds at an airport or secure job site…We can’t do this to make elections safe and secure?

        Then, whoever wins is the will of the people…And my guess is that the real will of the people will NOT vote in Trump. And before you denounce Biden, I will bet every penny of my Tesla stock that Biden will move center right to appease this nations desire to get back to a collaborative government that works for all of us. Why? There will be a lot of MOR Republicans voting for him too. Even one ex president in Bush. Now, if we can just get Fox News to buy in on less divisiveness and more both sides working together for a better America and re-birth of a Super-Power…then its a win win.

        And if Biden is still a no-go for most of you, then please make your voice heard to get another Republican to run. This HAS to happen for the sanity of this country and the world as a whole.

      • Two of many, this year:

        February 20, 2020: An advertisement on a hacker forum has put 142,479,937 records from “MGM Grand Hotels” guests up for sale for more than $2,900. The data dump exposed includes names, home addresses, phone numbers, emails, and dates of birth of former hotel guests.

        April 21, 2020: More than 267 million Facebook profiles have been listed for sale on the Dark Web – all for $600.

        The ones which include SS, drivers license, ccard, and Medicare/Medicaid numbers sell for more money — up to ~$2.50 each for high-rollers (think AmEx Black) with verified Social Security and ccard info…

        Anyone with a Telnet client and a wire-transfer account can play. I’d bet Mr. Soros has at least one lackey who qualifies…

      • In this era there are a multitude of ways to ensure every legal voter is allowed one vote, but the dems are stone cold dead set against any of them. Why?

    • We vote in actual elections, what 1 time per year. I am not counting primaries, those parties should be allowed to vote however they want to select their candidates. Is it so onerous to set aside part of your day to show up in person, prove you are eligible and then vote? The voting bar is already to easy already to cross. I would prefer only net tax payer, citizens vote. If you will not participate in funding the government you should have less to say in how the money is spent.

      The main problem of remote voting, is no one can confirm if the party voting is being coerced. I could take the ballots or logins of people in my household and vote for them. I could steal the mail in ballots for my apartment building. If digital, I could probably set up an open man in the middle hotspot and steal the peoples voting credentials, with just minimal effort. I don’t have an issue with “early” voting, when people go to the courthouse or whatever centralized and staffed location, maybe a month is good, get their one and only ballot and go into a private setting and vote. Their name is then crossed off a list and if anyone shows up later with intention to vote under that identity they are arrested for voter fraud. It doesn’t make sense to me to staff all the little voting stations for more then a full day, though I could be convinced to expand the hours. For a national election no voting results or predictions should released from any state until all state polls have closed. So extending the voting hours would necessarily delay results.

      We cannot have the garbage like in Florida the past few times, where people keep finding new filled in ballots in the trunk of their cars. I already have almost 0 trust in government employees to be ethical to not just dispose of ballots from zip codes that have had a history of voting one way or another.

    • Biometric online voting for 24 hours with retina scan or thumbprint. Register yours when you get driver’s license or state id. Inked thumbprint on mailed ballots that can be requested online- no need for mass mailing. Inked finger for in-person voting.

      Election fraud over.

  9. George,
    Do you want to know why people are questioning the media?

    Please re-read the quote in the beginning of this article:

    It alleged that, “GDP decreased 34.3 percent”

    Let’s try some basic math shall we?

    If you add 19.41+ 2.15 = 21.56

    21.56 Trillion would be the alleged size of the economy before the recession.

    The economy according to those numbers declined by an alleged 2.15 Trillion to 19.41 Trillion.

    Let’s calculate the alleged percent decline based on the alleged numbers.

    Now divide. 2.15 / 21.56 = 0.0997

    Now multiply 0.0997 x 100 = 9.97%

    If those alleged numbers are in any way accurate the economy declined by almost 10%, which is still bad but not 34%. 10% is a very bad recession.

    The alleged 34% decline would be an economic depression on its way to an economic collapse.

    So which numbers do you choose to believe? Are we in a terrible 10 % recession as alleged by the numbers or an alleged 33.4% depression?

    Now I know from experience that if you challenge math on the internet your calculations better be right. I am questioning that quote because the figures don’t add up.

    • You need to read the whole data release – it’s a Q on Q decline

      Real gross domestic product (GDP) decreased at an annual rate of 32.9 percent in the second quarter of
      2020 (table 1), according to the “advance” estimate released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. In the
      first quarter, real GDP decreased 5.0 percent.
      The GDP estimate released today is based on source data that are incomplete or subject to further
      revision by the source agency (see “Source Data for the Advance Estimate” on page 2). The “second”
      estimate for the second quarter, based on more complete data, will be released on August 27, 2020.

      From https://www.bea.gov/sites/default/files/2020-07/gdp2q20_adv.pdf and yes the numbers do tie-back.

      The trick is statistically they annualized the rate (which assumes it will continue dropping. But, year on year we are only down 9.45 percent on actual gdp – if this continues, then we annualize into a wall and a depresssion.

      But you got to remember terms like “annual rate” when looking at a quarter figure means the rate is a a quarter or so of the fear they are selling.

    • I wish I paid more attention in statistics class. This doesn’t bode well in the short term, but I wonder if some habits of frugality will continue after this passes. That may have long term consequences to the size of the economy as well as the success of different industries. It’s been sad but interesting to see the local businesses throwing in the towel.

  10. now all the above is real and fact and integral honesty .. as always pointed out by a real gold bull and capitalist , it is a deflationary depression .. nothing can stop whats coming .. nothing .. gold , buttcoin ? yeah right um next .. only the big firework show works .. happened before will happen again.. as for markets only a value dropped bottom works to deploy capital .. all else is communism and makes lower bottoms

  11. As you may or may not know, I have had several articles published on the Pandemics affect on Real Estate both nationally and in the Bay Area. The more I write, the more I am asked to contribute to various Zoom panels. Some of my ideas have been implemented, others have reached planning stage and other ideas I shared in real time with other thought leaders who had the same ideas.

    I was on another type of panel yesterday that took a turn from socio-economics to a weird sort of sci-fi angle.

    On the socio-economic front, service workers from wait staff to retail, to entertainment, to travel have suffered the most economically. Meanwhile, white, blue and gray collar jobs have remained stable and in some cases have become more in demand due to the rise of techs role in the re-booting of America. A new paradigm of job creation from companies such as Tesla, Zoom, Amazon, Apple, Cisco, and all Bio-tech in Boston and San Francisco by far the two top bio hubs, have changed the landscape. Innovation hubs in the Bay Area, Austin, Seattle, Orange County, New York, Boston as well as Northeast, Texas (UT System) and West Coast University intellectual capital will guide the future of the American economy into the future.

    But the biggest shift we must address going forward is education at all levels. Because of the nature of my job, I am in contact with families all over the Bay Area. They are stressed. The Bay Areas is an intellectual hot bed of dual income families. Most tech workers here met their husbands and wives at engineering school or at a tech function. 90% of my clients work in tech…and that is the case of most other agents as well. Why is that relevant? They also have kids. Their kids haven’t been at a school since early March, yet they still require education. Who takes on that burden to make sure they are following up on their assignments, logging onto Zoom education classes and paying attention? The parents…in addition to their own work assignments. They have gone from 60 hour weeks to 80 hour weeks. Work…educate and sleep…thats all they have time for. It’s time for us to re-think and re-invest in education…

    But, let’s put things into perspective socio-economically… The aforementioned families have money to provide the tech tools for their kids to efficiently learn. What about the lower to middle income families working paycheck to paycheck? Instead of giving them money, give them tools to succeed. My grandfather used to use a dog analogy…I am paraphrasing his words, because it was so long ago when he passed. (1984) But it was something like this…Giving money away to people is like putting a dog in a room full of food. Both won’t be know what to do, The human will spend it uncontrollably on non essential items and the dog will just uncontrollably eat himself to death…But, give a dog a stick and he will healthfully work to fetch all day. Give a human a tool and he will use that tool to better himself and society. The same could be said about the horse/carrot/ stick idea. The stick being the tool, the carrot the reward and the horse doing the work to get the reward.

    Nobody seems to be doing any planning here. Ideas and money are just being thrown on the wall to see what sticks for the purpose of poll numbers, re-election and ego. The one thing I am hearing over and over again from those out of work is that they all wish they had taken their education more seriously. They now realize the consequences of relying and settling on jobs in the service industry that basically require no skill…many of which were starting to disappear anyway due to Amazon, delivery services, robotics and more. White gray and Blue collar jobs for the most part require a skill set. I define blue-collar as a construction/factory/plant related job that requires vertical education in that related field.

    If there was ever a time to rethink the direction of this country…it is now. We import tech talent from other countries, not because they are cheaper….they are not. They are buying $2 million dollar homes from me. Let’s start producing our own engineers in this country. Our STEM education here in America is abysmal. Because STEM is just not for software and tech engineers anymore. It’s for all skilled workers at every level and would improve QC so maybe we could start producing the 100 year toaster at all SIC’s…How do we get there? 2020 is the year without sports…Maybe that should stick. As a guy who comes from a family in which every member of mine and my wife’s side of the family played college and some pro sports, this is a revelation for me. How much money are sports costing our education systems? Reallocate that money to make education more relevant to the jobs we need. If robotics are going to replace the service workers job, become the person who build or designs the robot. Accelerate grade schools…Make high school a 6 year program by combining the disciplines of college into high school and eliminate electives that cost money and don’t contribute to the GDP of this country. Everything is backwards in America. We force people to pay for brain boosting programs like Kumon, Sylvan, Eye Level, Mathnasium and other high level accelerated learning programs and give them Art, Film, Home Economics, music for free. As taxpayers, shouldn’t we demand that anything that doesn’t contribute to the nations GDP, be eliminated form our schools. If they desire that type of liberal arts education, make them way for it.

    As for the recently unemployed, put them into a job training program for the free money they are getting. If they want that $1,200, they must go get training for a job that is more pandemic/recession proof. Nobody is talking about this…Why? The fish stinks from the head. When you have an uneducated idiot leading this country, the numbskull nature of the leader trickles down to the masses that support him.

    More later…

    • Garbage in, garbage out.

      It doesn’t matter how much money or resources are devoted to “teaching.” If what is taught is garbage, that’s all the result will be.

      Our children have been taught garbage math, garbage science, and garbage literature, and the underpinnings of these, simple arithmetic, the Scientific Method, and spelling & grammar, have been lanced at about the 5th grade level, making it nearly impossible for children to learn anything other than the garbage they’re fed. Logic, an ability to reason, creative imagination (inventiveness) are not stimulated, or even encouraged, and cannot “grow on their own” with their basis in garbage.

      There’s a reason Messrs. Gates and Jobs allowed their children zero access to computers, calculators, or (later) smartphones. Would you care to guess why?

    • @Marx

      Education in this country..CONTROLLED BY THE DEMS…and UNIONS…

      Vocational High School programs ELIMINATED by the DEMS…

      OPEN Borders and dumbing down of the curriculum…and grades so as to not embarrass immigrant school children.supported by the DEMS

      JFK and BOBBY wanted welfare recipients to work for their pay..BOTH KILLED….By DEMS

      and your going to vote for BIDEN…a DEM

      the future…is rearing its ugly head….and it ain’t orange

    • Mark this one of the best articles you have put forward. Politics is like religion , everybody has their own views. Normally I skip your stuff, but seeing what a good writer you are wish you could stay away from politics.

    • Too bad you threw in that Trump hate comment at the end Mark. You almost had me onside after making some excellent points.

    • Mark, I’m totally on board with you regarding education and streamlining it to assure that we have qualified personnel available to operate our country. I would remind you that there are thousands of qualified American engineers who were sidelined in favor of much younger folks on H1B visas. Whether this was due to age discrimination or a massive delta in costs is debatable, but the bottom line is that many of us – George(I suspect) and myself included, decided that we had better things to do with our time than to give our all to a company we don’t own for yet another dollar.

      If we’re to motivate qualified older engineers that can keep up and are really sharp, we need to provide motivation, status, and other incentives appropriate to the need. Certainly we need sharp people in all the trades, manufacturing, product development and design, and pretty much everything else. In many cases, jobs are defined with a specific set of credentials required, even though they’re not actually necessary for the job. Skills and abilities need to be assessed and rewarded rather than credentials. Accommodation in this area consistent with decent performance can provide the “human resources” that will allow us to adapt quickly to our new reality. If there’s a specific skill missing, the current tech companies can certainly provide some training to otherwise qualified people.

      Regarding the younger folks, many have not been brought up to have sufficient self-discipline to be fit for any job. I’m not sure how to fix this, other than a military approach, and that method has its own problems. I trust that there are those who can address this situation. It’s not my expertise.

      IMHO, spectator sports is a huge time and money sink for the nation, though some claim that it helps morale. Personally, I have no use for such things and never did.

    • “They have gone from 60 hour weeks to 80 hour weeks”

      Lol a young man can do an eighty sitting on his hands lol.. not many kis are willing to dedicate a double to actual work for any length of time..
      That’s why one on two are on social programs..
      It screws up any family life and if you have kids they are lacking adult influence.
      I personally regret working double and halves..its hard on personal relationships with your mate. Singles seek out part time wives or SB’s to fill the physical connections children are left to raise themselves or let a hired nanny do it. Country clubs become the hottest milf pickup spot on the planet. Why they don’t incorporate private lounges is beyond me..
      My guess is the kids are trying to get off the streets. It won’t last long..

      • You’ve just given me the best(and only) reason to even consider joining a country club!

        As usual, it’s better to consider starting one rather than joining one.

      • “You’ve just given me the best(and only) reason to even consider joining a country club!”

        Lol I know right.. the kids that I knew that caddied had some spicey stories to tell..
        One other one I love to tell.. is I went to the country club where they had a rewards ceremony..the meal was expensive and when it came out there was this potato the size of a great as pe a little piece of meat and three green beans and a couple of carrot sticks all shaped like a duck or turkey with a dribble of gravey around the plate. For dessert they had a tablespoon of fruit ..all of it tastey..
        A couple years later our boss at the hospital had a dinner there for a bunch of us.. we were sitting down he went in the office to manage the bill and a couple of the other workers asked me if I knew how their food was.. I said dam tastey but I hope you brought some change to get a whopper afterwards because what they feed you isnt enough to keep the mouse alive..lol what I failed to pay attention to was the waitress filling the water glasses..I was the last person to put his order in..the waitress asked..would you like a half portion ir a full portion.. I said oh I will most de ffg innately take the full portion..
        It seemed like the meal was taking a while the boss was having his round table discussions and the waitress started to bring out the food..one after the other giving each their order.. then she heads back for mine an DC iut she comes with this cart on it a brown as big as my mothers bread mixing bowl filled to the brim.. lol as she can barely lift this thing to slide it in front of me. I laughed and said..you do realize your making me look bad..it was histerically funny..every once in a while my old coworkers still bring up that huge bowl of food..enough to feed a small town lol…

  12. Hey Sheepie George, do the math, it’s 9.5% 2nd quarter U.S. gdp drop (after annualization removed)

    Also, Trump can take credit for the “Greatest’ quarter drop since 1875!


    Negative earnings, but their stock price rises (You’ll outperform 99.5% of other options??)

    Zombie’s delight (companies debt servicing costs are higher than their profits)

  13. My wife has a problem with her yahoo mail.
    So she calls yahoo, and gets a foreigner who
    says he can fix a problem with the I P address
    for $200 a year.
    Is anything real ???

  14. Last month’s Australian bailout will be felt from sewer to shingles and all levels of labor. That’s love. linky below:

    What’s a $1,200 check going to do at this point? Six months of car insurance is about it. We’re lucky to be alive through the collapse experience.

    Did you hear the coin conspiracy. Most “Western” countries are experiencing coin shortages. Gee whiz. Coins are being horded and destroyed by governments. The New Order being rolled out in January is a 100% digital system. We serfs won’t be able to maintain an economy without our paper dollars and coins.

    Govt hands $25,000 to home buyers, owners

    Australians pledging to build a new home or renovate their own are set to receive a $25,000 cash injection, as part of the government’s fourth stimulus package unveiled after the nation recorded a 0.3 per cent drop in GDP in the March quarter.

    “The cash grants are in response to a near 30 per cent downturn in the housing and construction sector, which saw new build forecasts drop from 171,000 pre-coronavirus to just 111,000 post-coronavirus.”


  15. I think I found a rhyme to modern America. It’s in PBS video form.

    During a long reign Pharaoh Pepi lost control of the country to local government agents (governors in his case). Once Pepi died, the country was torn up. The video includes cliffhangers such as climate change.

    America’s post WW2 run has ended. Like in Pepi’s country, the institutions rotted. Similarly to Pepi’s times, mayors in America’s case stand down and let our buildings be destroyed. Governors allow the mayors to do this. Local power is rejecting the power of Pharaoh (Fed).

    Egypt’s Darkest Hour

    Follow a team of archaeologists as they examine a rare mass grave dating to the collapse of ancient Egypt’s Old Kingdom when political infighting and a changing climate brought down an empire.


  16. This vindicates what I’ve been saying since February – before President Trump announced his endorsement of HCQ:


    The AAPS is suing in federal court for full access to HCQ! They have more compelling evidence than I had and claim we could possibly reduce our COVID mortality by 90%.

    • Dude – really ?!?!? U R going go AGAINST The PHARMAFIA ?

      Where is Ure sense of Rape, Profit,Plunder, Assault , Usury,Usurpation….it is not nice to mess the PHARMA WHORES.

      U R one baaaaad BOY! For shame on U – letting the “cat” outta the bag! UR as bad as the Orange Gollum of GREATNESS.

      I suppose U actually care about Human “LIFE” and “Well Being” unlike mr. Narrator.

      -its all Soylent Green in the end – right mr. masked Narrator?

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