Velocity Crash: Weimar 2.0 Heads for Depression 2.0

The IISM Manufacturing Index and fresh Construction Spending are likely to influence the market very short-term today, but there are three socioeconomic questions that are much more important than, oh, even a pending Boeing layoff in the Seattle area coming shortly, says the rumor mill…

  1. Can the Economy “paper-over” the collapse of underlying values?
  2. Who’s behind the current attack on the [World]?
  3. Does this all lead to World War III?

Short Answers:  For a while, Global Elites, and yes, unfortunately.

“The News” spewed all over the dumb sheep like so-much data vomit, has little to do with these larger – life-changing dynamics – so buckle up, breathe deeply…then read on.

Fed:  Hyperinflation is Showing

Every week, the US Federal (though it’s not) Reserve, issues its H.6 Money Stocks Report.  This reveals to the knowledgeable investor what’s  really going on in markets.  Because when the money supply is UP, then the nominal price of stocks is more inclineed to head up.

Pretend you just poured a glass of milk.  As a liquid, it has “intrinsic value” to a human.  A little calcium, a few nutrients, and water.  Check.

Along comes the old man (me) with $5 bucks.  I offer to buy the milk for 5-bucks and you readily sell it since you’ve got another half-gallon in the fridge.  Everything’s a Business Model and you’ve learned it well…


Along comes the old man (me) with $5,000 bucks.  I offer to buy the milk only this time for $5,000-bucks and you readily sell it since you’ve got another half-gallon in the fridge.  Except, you’re now delirious, thinking me a fool.  EBM, right?

Except (as you will learn) I am NOT.  Because regardless of the  price in dollars, the intrinsic value of the milk is unchanged!

Seems simple enough, right?  Except it works with the stock market the same way.

If there is $50 dollars chasing each share of a stock the price will magically be drawn toward $50 bucks.  If there’s  zero unallocated dollars around, prices will come down.  And surely, the Federal Reserve would look bad if the economy collapsed.  So here’ss what they are doing:  Hyperinflation.

See the M1 number?  The Fed is jacking-up money (cash and equivalents) at a greater than 30% annual rate.  Which, dear reader, is  hyperinflation incarnate.

So, if the stock market should have normally have dropped by now (if there were any non-manipulated “free markets” left – and good luck finding any of  those) to only 75% of it’s all-time high.  Ergo, throwing 30% more money at the market would drive it back up.  Whee!!!  This is what has been going on since March when collapse came into view.

The Fed – already at zero interest rates effectively – can’t lower any more, but they can print like hell and worry about the results and blow-back somewhere down the road.  When all that pent-up money begins to move, prices will go Weimar.

The M2 Velocity Crash

Were there still competent financial reporters in the world (another “ good luck with that one…“) the ONLY story in the MainStream today would be about be the following chart because this is what will lead to war, likely with China, likely over Covid-19, and likely in 4-5 years.

Of course, you don’t have to wait since Futures Tumble, Dollar Surges After Trump Threatens To Restart China Trade War

Velocity of Money at M2 HAS NEVER BEEN THIS LOW.  (At least in our lifetimes.)

Velocity is the “turn-over of money.”  There is HUGE power in money…but only when it is spent.  Money  not-in-motion doesn’t create work or wealth .  It sits there dead…and we call it “dead pools of capital.”  Collapsing velocity reveals the dire Fed fact that the government is  pushing on a wet noodle.  Because in the present environment, they can print all-day long…trying to jack up prices and get some economic activity going.  But, the dark pools of capital don’t like risk…especially in uncertain times.  And these are what?

Virus: Uncertainty Prior to War

As I explained a while back, China IS going to reunify with Taiwan.  That means America will lose what precious-little of our ability to remain an autonomous country we have left.  Which is why Trump’s Make America Great Again is really codee for  Make Things Here or Perish.

Realizing opportunity, the Global Socialist-Bankster Alliance is now headlong into attack mode.  And they’re doing it by attempting to “Divide America Against Itself.”

Oh, and it’s working.

Because most people are too dumb to question the  New York Times which has been – in our unerring view – on the corporate side of China relations for a long time.

Dividing and Conquering

The depths of editorial misjudgment is AMAZING.  You can see this in how the Chinese press (Xinhua) deferentially quotes the  Times:  when attacking Donald Trump:

What strikes us as  just damn curious is that such stories leave the impression that Trump and Mike Pompeo pressing the inteel club for hard answers is somehow bad.  Out here in fly-over country, looks to us that’s  their job.

But, in the international power game, this “manufactured dissent” in America leaves China writing in Xinhua today that :

“- White House’s ill-disposed bid to blame the WHO, as well as its tactics of pressure and coercion, have exposed once again its long-standing hegemonic mindset, which seeks to put “America first,” even though doing so could hurt the common interests of the world.

– Since the United States is the institution’s largest donor, U.S. politicians believe that the UN health body should only act on behalf of Washington’s interests.

– U.S. politicians have simply slapped their own faces when attacking the WHO for so-called cover-ups…”

Meantime, president Trump claims the virus came from Wuhan “Trump claims to have evidence coronavirus started in Chinese lab but offers no details.”  Which then allowed ultra-liberal CNN to frame things this way: “Trump contradicts US intel community by claiming he’s seen evidence coronavirus originated in Chinese lab.”

Oh, but the “inteel community” seems to include former – e.g. Obama – types and who knows where they stand.

Then to tighten the noose by the press is trying to string up, along comes the Washington Post through its syndicated papers trying to make Trump look the fool repeating the Chinese mantra that there’s “No evidence that deadly bat virus escaped Wuhan lab.”  Oh?  The lady doctor stealing bugs…where’d those inconvenient facts get mislaid?

What further complicates this murky mess is that the fellow heading the Office of the Director of National Intelligence is a nominal republican, appointed by Trump.  But, there are republicans and there are republicans.  Looks to us like this one supported McCain and Romney.  Which leads us back to the  “What’s the Deep State doing in all this…???” question.

It’s a complicated stew.  We can look at the media and see the very evident antii-Trump bias.  And, looking at “story flow” we’d love to be able to collect phone records between the “six corrporation owned” national media firm’ed ediitors to review just how much of the attack and cozying up to China is really going on and if there’s coordination….

That the CV-19 “went wild” from Wuhan, though, is not even open to debate based on evidence we’ve been able to inspect.  What IS debatable is whether there was intent at any stage.  And with competing corporate media, all feeding their own masters with   their   agendas,  and with many stripes of “republicans” iin the mix, it’s increasingly problematic to “take a position” due to information “shading” by everyone in the mix.

Given the propensity of the “national media” to hide agendas behind “sources” – unnamed, of course – the murkiness grows.

Now throw in a Federal Reserve trying to save hedge funds and preserve a lifestyle…well, you can see how complicated the cross-currents are.

Our main take-outs of this morning?

  1. Hyperinflation is here, but non-apparent because the made up money isn’t going into the public’s wallet.  It’s going to the Fat Cats bank accounts and sitting there.  Which causes…
  2. The Velocity of Money has hit lifetime lows. Leaving us with?
  3. Trump’s still trying to sort out whether China iintended Wuhan as a “first-strike” and Trade retribution could follow.

While this goes on, we scan the headlines to see what pretext China will use in order to begin its assimilation of Taiwan, which we reckon to be the next big puzzle piece going into play.  With the virus impacting our military, this could be the window.

Headlines like “China threatens to halt medical supplies after Netherlands changes Taiwan rep office name– China calls name change of office ‘provocative,’ threatens consumer boycott of Dutch goods...”- underscores how the virus has become a tool of global trade and influence warfare.

Not like we’re the only ones seeing it:  Fitch has downgraded Taiwan from Stable to Negative in their financial ratings.

On the Way Down

Dow futures were down 450 when I looked earlier.  And in our line-up with the 1929 decline, here’s where we’re set to open:  (green circle)

Fed’s having a bitch of a time trying to keep the tide from running.  But with 30-miillion newly minted unemployed in America, kinda hard to “talk the tide back” – and next week we get new unemployment figures.  Life gets interesting, as if it wasn’t already.

Sheep Food

Check of the grope dope: Biden 2020 campaign rocked by Tara Reade sexual assault allegation.

At least someone’s cleaning up these days: Clorox sales jump 15% on strong demand for cleaning products, raises forecast.

Air travel is still crashing: Ryanair to cut 3,000 jobs, as lockdown pain spreads across Europe’s airlines.”

And put this in Ure pipe and smoke it: How 4/20 played out for marijuana companies across the US.

Off to another fun-filled day of adventure – more for  Peoplenomics subscribers tomorrow…more here Sunday.

Write when you get rich,

60 thoughts on “Velocity Crash: Weimar 2.0 Heads for Depression 2.0”

  1. Leaping Lizards! Gman – some honest news reporting this usual ; )

    Regards Taiwan and a Chi Com takeover/assimilation – nyet.

    That darkness that is the CCP, will find no success in any attempted military action against Taiwan, imho.

    Says here the middle east is still the hot spot for potential large flash bangy things popping off.

    Curiously frightening historical rhymes popping up in Mortgage land.

    Banks be offering some “enticing” payment deferral plans..1)skip 3 months Payments – Pay ALL Prin. & Int. at end of 3 month period -lump sum. 2) Work something out with lender. 3) Payoff Entire Mortgage – lump sum.

    Smells like a trap – that 90 Day thing is the kicker – read Ure small print in Mortgage come the Repos..Rhyming all the way to Debtors prison..whatwhat!?

    Of course none of that will confront U, if U have been following along with uncle Jorge and been working on becoming Debt Free.

    U can participate, with good odds of success, in our Capitalist System when Ure debt free. Otherwise U be on the losing side of Capitalism.

    Quote of the Day – “Capitalism – Its a Bitch!”

    Now can someone please tell coot why oh why would the CME need to to Take Out a $10 Billion Dollar Credit Line Extension, yesterday..”that smell, that smelly smell that smells smelly!

    Got Gold? Got Silver? Physical?

    • Coot you remind me of a guy walking into a casino when you say:

      “That darkness that is the CCP, will find no success in any attempted military action against Taiwan, imho.”

      Confession time: I used to walk into casinos that way, too. Came out broke every time.
      Hmmm…maybe it’s all crooked.

      So I started to study statistics, played hundreds of hours of computer slot sims…trying to get a sense of when the run I can ride is to begin.

      Studying the opinions of other is not usually the road to riches. Following your heart with an honest mind is.

      With a bunny, a million square feet of trees, and enough food to keep the weight on…how much more “physical” can a feller use?>

    • Sorry Coot, not buying that Taiwan thing. Along with Eastern Poland, The Island of Formosa (Taiwan) is the most-conquered piece of dirt on the planet. When China wants it, they’ll take it. The best the free Chinese and Formosans can do is surreptitiously build a few nukes, to take the majority of the CCP with them, when the invasion hits. They probably won’t do this, so they’ll become merely an asterisk in 23rd Century history books…

  2. M2 money supply velocity decline is as serious as George mentioned. If money is not turning over, business is gonna be hurting. Money in motion is what makes this economy great. When I was in the insurance industry, we were experts at prudently keeping clients money in motion.

    May be good, my bitcoin acct. has gone positive.

  3. wow .. that’s what I call a great news service .. yep brother George sorts out all the wheat and chaff for yah ..

  4. TV talking heads and their daily program shills are now speaking the party line from the powers that be. They are conning the sheeple herds of the world that “the Stock Market is not linked to what is happening now. The stock market is going up because it is not looking at what is going on now, but is looking forward, looking at the future 6 months out.” A true psychic with a crystal ball has finally appeared. Really? Then why the hell are the CEOs still discussing earnings and sales and expenses that are tanking during earnings season, but they are deferring giving “future guidance”. It used to be that we invested in companies making money, or with the prospects of making money. We invested in bonds because of the yields to take care of us in our retirement. We invested in silver because it was a safety blanket before it was manipulated in price. We started companies to make a difference in the way things are done, and to feed our families and because we got sick of the ass kissers in the Corporate World, the people that stifled creativity, and they finally became boss because they were the best royal ass kisser in the building.

    “Ignore reality America” the talking heads are telling us, and believe that the market reflects the future. Ignore the fact that we currently have a quarterly GDP of -4.4% projected to be -34% next quarter. Ignore the fact that over 30 million Americans are now unemployed, ignore the millions of businesses closed that will never re-open. Ignore the fact that Larry Kudlow this week stated there has been over $9 Trillion of stimulus, $3 Trillion budgetary and $6 Trillion from the phony privately owned Fed. Ignore the fact that the oil business and ranching and agriculture business is now going bust (I know because I am also in it). Out here in the Permian wells are being shut in, and cattle are now worth $300 rather than $1100++ except for the big boys who will be circling like buzzards to pick the remains they want and leave the rest to rot. To hell with the people that owned them or worked there.

    As of the end of April, the market is now UP 30% from the low a couple of months ago. The market, Dow and S&P, had the best month since 1987. Are you kidding me? All because everything will be so great in paradise 6 months in the future. The real reason is NOT because everything is so rosy 6 months out, but because we have a Federal Reserve and all their puppet banks, hedge funds, investment banks that are investing in anything and everything with free made up air money. The markets are all being manipulated. All we were ever taught or learned through experience is now out the window because the Federal Reserve and the ex Goldman Sachs Secretary of the Treasury Mnuchin are now in bed together in full violation of the Federal Reserve Act that restricts the Fed to buying only U.S. Treasuries. It is a replay of Goldman Sachs ex Paulson bailing out the banks in 2008 with Bernake and Geithner because the idiot bankers didn’t stay in their lane and do banking, they got in investment business and failed.

    The privately owned Federal Reserve in now investing in the stock market, making loans to big companies and governments and now “opening a window” for smaller companies to loan to directly. The Fed is buying mortgages, derivatives, indexes, Bonds, Stocks, loaning to foreign Banks, and foreign entities. The money changers have opened the same playbook they have used over and over and over since the Great Depression…drive asset prices down and break the people that owned them, and then buy them up for pennies on the dollar. And if they do not want to sell, then loan them the money and they will eventually default at a price that allows for the accumulation of those pledged assets for pennies on the dollar. Now the money changers loan people money on their credit cards at usury rates so that they can exist until everything falls in. They pay 0-.5% for the free money and charge 16.32% and they will really clean up with millions of people missing payments and getting charged 29.99%. It is immoral what these money changers are doing! The credit line on those credit cards was not created by assets held in advance on the books of the banks, but instead was created by creating money out of the air by fractional reserve banking. And the money changers raise the rates on people’s mortgages, car loans, and other financed purchases by manipulating the mysterious FICO score to be worse than it is because they have too much unused credit. It is all a con on the people.

    The stock market should not be going up based upon what is actually happening TODAY in the country, the world, and the economy. It is total market manipulation! Looking out 6 months stock market? BS. The picture 6 months out is not anywhere near as rosy as the talking heads are painting it because the chickens are eventually going to come home to roost—all 9 Trillion of them and it’s not going to be pretty. Fundamental analysis, technical analysis, support lines, resistance lines, trend lines, Fibonacci retracements, interest rates, currency, gold/silver….none of it matters when you have an entity that can create Trillions of Dollars out of air with the click of a mouse and can then use that money to manipulate and own markets.

  5. Given that the velocity is so low, it will take a while for the hyperinflation to show up in the markets for goods and then into services. One reason to get it now if you need it.

  6. Some good news. First, it’s May 1st. Hopefully, a far better month than April. Second, I am very encouraged with the many business owners who are opening despite the fascist lockdowns imposed on them. It’s a great sign when we see the best of America (our small business owners) stand up for themselves. I do believe that the lockdowns will be broken in many states this month. Perhaps, it will taken extra months in ultra-fascist California and Michigan.

    In the end, it’s about freedom. If people want to wear their little masks and latex gloves and shelter in their bunkers, they certainly have the right to do that. But the happy, healthy, and productive people must be unfettered for America be the place that it has the potential to be. I am in my 60’s now, and life gets better for me all the time. I don’t want people to determine my ‘risk profile’ or other non-sense just because I am over 60. I am far healthier now than in my 20’s when I did not know how to regulate my youthful energy to make myself more productive and healthy.

    Go forth and prosper. Let the unhealthy shelter in place or fulfill whatever their destiny is.

  7. Sorry George but the insane idea that China created this virus is way out of limits,now if anyone can come up with any intelligent reason that China would cut its own throat with its huge trade with us by bringing this country to a stand still I would sure like to hear it.Now this will go down as Trumps depression and if he deserves it or not is not the question for its been brewing for years, and he’s just the lucky fellow to be tabbed with it, and no trying to blame China won’t cut the cake and he’s foolish for even trying with all the home brewed problem in the country created by the 1% and to big to fail.!!!

      • Please try to be more original than that. Even I didn’t believe that B.S. about Hoover at the time.

      • Makes little difference if you believe it not for the mass’s do because of all of the propaganda put out by the government, and that’s all that really matters.

        Just like the propaganda being put out that its China’s fault or some one elses fault, that the shell of the economy is being broken like a rotten egg and your just getting a whiff of what’s in it.!!!

    • While I respect that you’re entitled to an opinion, I’d suggest you read Pillsbury’s “The Hundred Year Marathon” all about China’s plan for world dominance. It might change your opinion like it did mine. A stunt like this C-19 pandemic is exactly what I expected from China; these are Sun Tzu’s descendants after all and he wrote the book on “The Art of War”.


    you got the 3 card Monte! Hahahahahahhaha!

    Pay up sucka! All this talk bout that Russian collusion for 4 years and the card was China! You gots to keep Ure eyes on the hands not the cards.

    Hahhahahah! OUT FRICKIN STANDIN report today!

    Well, played mister Ure! Well played!

    Just golf is PHI. Hole in One!

  9. George,
    Another thought-provoking dialog from you. Last year you were predicting we were in the same path as pre-great-depression times. You warned and forewarned your readers that a crash and depression was coming. You also talked about inflation, velocity of money and things people needed to do to prepare for the upcoming crisis. (I am not trying to get on the teacher’s good graces) I do not believe that you had any idea that there would be a pandemic that would usher in all these things so swiftly. But they are here.

    One of the reasons I started and have tried to read your column consistently, is your ability to sense and feel the future of things to come. It has been and continues to be to me uncanny how close and right you are on so many levels. I know that you are not a 100% but, you hit the mark or are closer than anyone I have read or read when it comes to these things.

    My question to you is, how does the USA survive all this? Does it collapse faster with a Biden presidency? Can it survive with Trump 4 more years? When do you since the beginning of the end of this great nation in real time? Or what do you see as the “thing” that keeps it intact? Does it take a war with China to keep this country? Won’t it take something more than this Wuhan pandemic to convince the country war with China is warranted?

    • A war with China would accomplish what? What do you think will happen if China cuts off all trade, east and west, in the Pacific theater, and demands embargoes on U.S. goods and services everywhere else? Dumps U.S. treasuries and kills the U.S. dollar? Closes all of the meat processing plants it owns in the U.S. and starts an artificial U.S. famine? Enters an agreement with Mexico to block the migration of all immigrants AND workers to the U.S., depriving the U.S. of a much-needed agricultural labor force?

      The president is a distraction. The key to any change is an empowered Congress.

      • @ Joe M

        a WAR with china or anyone else is the PLAN of the Globalist…and is being considered by …the STATE dept….which if you look at info for the past 40 years the STATE dept via the CIA..which is a wing of the State dept..has STARTED every conflict every where in the world…we via the CIA start all conflicts….until the Globalist are removed from OUR agencies and CONgress we the people and this Republic do not stand a chance…as we are SEEING unfold right NOW…

      • Congress is beyond worthless without patriotic congressmen and senators. I can count those on one hand.

        I’m referring to those that are loyal to OUR Constitution and country, not any other(s).

  10. George,

    Regardless of the source of the virus, the US was asleep at the switch for two months with its virus response. The result: tens of thousands of more American deaths and trillions of more dollars lost. Since Trump (and the dog breeder) were in charge of our dismal response to the oncoming invasion, of course he wants to get everyone worked up about someone else (China). We call that the SODDI defense. Some other dude did it.

    But what bothers Conservatives is that the NYT wouldn’t play ball with Trump’s propaganda, instead reporting the actual state of the actual facts? Not the gross incompetence of our own leadership? Wow. Best, Mike.

    • WTF? Why aren’t you lambasting your Obama-led insurrections for getting caught setting up Gen Flynn, huh?

      Little too hard to face de Trute – so spin and pivot?

      China and their WHO sat on this – not Trump. In fact when you commies were bitching about isolationist and paranoid Trump he was saving, protecting and defending what country?

      You must not have a drivers to be more awake to even drive, dude…

      • Thanks George. So sick of the leftist. I had one, a city official, try to label me a Nazi because I support Trump, but she is part of the power structure enabling this extended lockdown of our state. She’s upset that Trump didn’t use that law to takeover corporations to make ventilators and PPE, just like the fascist they claim the right are. Our governor sent his family to their mansion in Florida, while extending our lockdown for 30 more days and requiring us to wear mask now. The Republicans are trying to challenge the new order but theyre not being very successful. It amazes me how easy it is to make the masses cower. Where are we heading. These business owners should be angry but I’m not seeing it.

      • If Trump was defending and saving, why was he deflecting, lying and calling it a hoax at the beginning. Why did he say that it would go away…go from 15 people to zero overnight…call it just the flu…then, after he knew he and his Fox handlers were deep in doo doo…deflected the blame on WHO, and now China.

        Why is he blaming China, when he himself was doing the very thing China was supposedly doing in the beginning…denying the existence of a pandemic..playing down the numbers. You forget that when that cruise ship was outside of the port of Oakland, Trump didn’t want them to de-board because in his own words…He didn’t “want that to add to the number of cases on US soil.” Denial…deflection, cooking numbers…That’s TRUMPS GAME, You people aren’t that stupid to buy Trumps latest round of BS are you?

        Trump DID NOT ban flights from China. They still were able to come in and did in droves…at least until mid- late April. Over 40,000 still came in after the supposed ban…then thousands more after that…It was pretty easy. The Chinese would just re-route their flight to Canada, Mexico or any other western northern, Caribbean or Central American country and then come in.

      • Robert, not to worry about your govt. employee espousing political opinions instead of public service. I’m sure as an ideologue they wont be working in public service for free when the paychecks stop coming in. What everyone is not looking at due to the CV waste basket fire that you all are transfixed on is…? Where are Municipalities going to get the money needed to service all those muni bond payments? And Payroll? Essential services? When normie payrolls are collapsing?. Killing bricks and mortar schools with remote schooling is one symptom projecting a clear warning sign, the brick and mortar buildings will make fine food distribution hubs for the larger supply chain disruption writ large as act 2 of the perfect storm. The big shoes haven’t even begun to start falling yet.

  11. Thank you Mr Ure, I will where a smile the rest of the day. I’m off to practice my grip on a nine iron.

    Thank God we got that Race out of the way, sose, we can focus on the important stuff. Like the Tin Cup.

    Hey Rense, funny I was just talking to Les Visable the other day. Hadnt been to Ure site since I pointed that Zen Gardener fella to the confessional. Back when ya had that nasty car accident. glad your ok. Your picture always made me think of if Magnum PI and Traci Lords had a child and used Motley Crue as a nanny.

    I got a good memory. :)

    With adherence to the US knews before the snooze news of 3 post a day axiom. I will do another video as time permits this afternoon. Hawaii was the word of the day yesterday.

    You got 24 hours to spend, choose wisely

    • Andy,

      Thank you for the long forgotten reminder about les visible. I haven’t been to those sites in quite some. I always enjoy your comments.

  12. I found an interesting video series. This guy thinks a parasitic consciousnesses was inserted into our consciousnesses long ago using the “Benben Stone”. The Benben stone changed the vibration in our realm. He compares that event to the biblical learning of knowledge.

    He goes onto explain it’s possible that the parasites are teraforming our realm using counter rotating electrical fields. He goes on to link sites across the world using the Hereford Map.

    He mentions the Tower of Babel being an magnetic event that confused the minds of humanity. He also correlates historic events like the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Most likely the pyramids across the planet are remnants of the electrical system that stopped working due to vibration changes.

    In a later video he explains the WTC had to be demolished because the building had to be moved in order to line-up with a new grid.

    He says we should expect more biblical sized plagues. Cites the locusts, Chernobyl Corona, and other speculations.

    Ter-ra Forming Earth


  13. Elon Musk’s tweets prove he is crazier than Trump or Sleepy Joe. He thinks his companies stock price is too high. How many shareholders will be happy with that comment? Answer: None, excluding EM. Maybe EM is short TSLA? He is a classic nutjob.

    Add in his Covid19 tweets & he is an avid Trump supporter.

    Is Biden guilty?…Probably YES.

    • Musk is not a Trump supporter. He is a Trump suck-up for his own personal gain, but he detests Trump privately. I know this personally. Musk was privately a Bloomberg guy when that was a thing. A lot of Silicon Valley types are pushing for Mark Cuban for a late entry as well.

  14. “What’s the Deep State doing in all this…???”


    so the USA set up the doctor that warned everyone that it’s loose to beware and paid with her life doing it… stold bugs and took them to the wuhan lab.. I don’t beleive it was put out on purpose.. if it got out from that lab it was more than likely out by accident.. they didn’t let anyone know because they were trying to put out the fire before it was known..

    I don’t believe that the USA put it out.. and I don’t think Russia put it out either.. if it was put out on purpose.. I am leaning towards beleiving that a third party did it .. to destroy any positive velocity that our sitting president has made.. heck it was predicted that in twenty twenty that would be the year of a pandemic..
    and of course that is just one .. there were quite a few..
    But now.. if it was a third party..
    WHY ISN’T ANYONE LOOKING AT THAT DIRECTION TO LAY THE BLAME DOWN ON… why try to blame the WHO or the CDC , xi or puttin or the president etc..
    doesn’t that kind of look like chasing a fart in a hallway…instead of checking the ASS that did it.. to see if they soiled themselves..NONE of that makes any sense to me… why position for a war over some asshole that is probably sitting on a veranda watching the circus clowns running around like idiots.. laughing their butts off over the stupidity of the clowns.. keystone cops..

    • lootb, I don’t think it was intentional. It impacted the originating area too.

      People forget this event is everywhere. All nations are responding similarly, some even more drastic.

      • You have the same outlook I do.. I totally believe it walked out on a researchers shirt cuff..
        I don’t think any country is to blame .. which bothers me that they are playing the blame game..
        If it was a third party that did it on purpose then it would have to be someone without any morals or ethics at all that would do something as horrible as that…
        what truly scares me.. is now that the official social distancing is over.. I see signs .. we are open everywhere and the parking lots just filled to the brim with eager shoppers that are wanting to go out and mingle….

      • My God, Bob. If you honestly think that the people of China mean a flip to the CCP for anything other than livestock you have not been paying attention. I treat my livestock better than they treat their people. They’re a means to an end as are all “commoners” to the elite of the World.

  15. To Elon Musk – Sorry dude. How dare you tell the truth when the fed is printing money non stop to prop up the market. Much less forgetting about the constitution. I’m sure you will be punished, can’t have this in a FREE country can we …

  16. “Hyperinflation is here, but non-apparent because the made up money isn’t going into the public’s wallet. It’s going to the Fat Cats bank accounts and sitting there. Which causes…
    The Velocity of Money has hit lifetime lows. Leaving us with?- G____”

    This isn’t left or right, it’s just racketeering and looting by the insiders in the middle of a worst case economic meltdown scenario. Likewise, the release of the exculpatory evidence for General Flynn was just a bone being thrown to keep the dogs quiet. It’s time for real change, not empty political promises and the occasional slice of stale cake tossed to the masses. If you get a chance to vote in November, vote for each race one at a time, and make your votes count.

    • “it’s just racketeering and looting by the insiders in the middle of a worst case economic meltdown scenario.”

      N____…. that is what truly shocks me..for what reason would they be stockpiling a currency that is being thrown at them ….during a time where theres a great probablility that the currency will be totally worthless….. it just doesn’t make any logical sense to me.. stockpile toilet paper I can see.. at least that has a use.. but why stockpile a currency that is out of control..that is quite another..
      you would think they would at least take a cue from history..

  17. I know this is off topic but I want to thank Ure for the tip about “Planet of the Humans” yesterday. I never thought I would see the day that I would pimp Michel Moore, BUT that documentary wrapped up the climate change / sustainable energy group in one neat package ready for the trash. Great expose of the hypocrisy and greed in the movement. Now I’m left wondering what the hell happened to Michel Moore that he did this 180 turn about?? Don’t know but glad he did. Thanks again George.

    • Credit deflation can exist simultaneously with hyperinflation, in a worst case meltdown.

  18. Borg Assimilation Status Report – Global Planneddemic – Brother Gates Progress

    -brother gates has been funding MRC Centre for Global Infections Disease Analysis.

    Nial Ferguson cofounder, Director gets 10’s of million of dollars annually from b&m gates foundation.

    turd ferguson provides wildly FALSE computer generated Imperial Reports for WHO and CDC on current Infectous Diseases afflicting the world.

    turd was responsible for the 2001 over the top, Excessive , Mass culling of Animals due FEAR Generated by one his wildly Inaccurate Imperial Reports on Hoof and Mouth Disease that was supposed to Kill hundreds of thousands of Sheeple.

    According to dr birx in 3/16 presser – the CDC relied on turd fergusons Imperial Report about Covert19 – to change their policy recommendations to Work from Home and less than 10 insmall gatherings.

    turd ferguson/MRC centre did same thing with Bird Flu and then again with Swine Flu.

    b&m gates fund turd/MRC centre – MRC centre supplies frightening computer projections of Covert19 deaths to CDC and WHO.

    b&m gates foundation gave WHO $350 million dollars this year, and have pledged $10 Billion over the next decade.

    WHO and CDC act , based on what gates wants.. Mandatory Global Vaccine (s)

    National Governments surrender to WHO and CDC = LOCKDOWNS.

    This appears to be a Covert Operation – And We The PEOPLE are the Target.

    “get back in Ure pen, and be a good little sheep, baaabaaaa

  19. Apple to buy back $50 billion in stock!!! Even a three-year-old running Apple could find better ways to spend $50 billion. No learning curve here, just same old, same old.

  20. Dear Mr. Ure,

    Local shopping mall managers are busy bees now with news there will be limited retail merchant bricks-and-mortar opening planned to commence here next week. Shopping malls are permitted one single entranceway only for venue access, and social distancing requirements must be maintained. Food court seating is removed.

    I’ll be staying well away myself, but expect there will be pandemonium in mall parking lots as starved shoppers cluster for covid19-germ deals on winter merchandise still sitting on store shelves. Personally I’m hanging onto my $$ for yuan’s future exchange benefit.

    Speaking of germs in blankets, I dusted off a circa 2000 tome – “Plague Time” by Paul W. Ewald – from the bookshelf to see how it had stood the test of time. He recounts the anecdote of the distribution of smallpox-infested blankets to unsuspecting native populations during the European colonization of the Americas. As well he makes mention of the stalled WW2 Nazi advance at Stalingrad. One of the interesting takeaways I realized from reading his “biobombs” chapter is that an intentional release of a bioweapon is ill-advised. The logic being that should such a release generate even a 20% mortality rate, the perpetuator will have made the remaining 80% population, perhaps have-nots, angry. Yuan can see reading the tone of comments here and the presentation of television edits that people are getting angry. There’s better things to be doing.

    Have a great weekend.


    Total cases: 619 (1 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 73
    Honolulu County: 400
    Kaua’i County: 21
    Maui County: 116*
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 9
    Required Hospitalization: 72†
    Hawaii deaths: 16
    Released from Isolation: 532
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, May 1, 2020

    One new case in Honolulu.

    • and although humans can live on a diet that consists of beans and rice, many of their pets cannot. If there will be a serious meat shortage for humans, that does mean there will be an even greater one for our pets. And all the non-profits that promote no-kill shelters.

  22. “As Biden struggles, Hillary waits for the call”

    Hillary Clinton continues to hover in the wings, ready to step forward should Joe Biden fail.

    Don’t look now, but Joe is failing. Not only has his campaign been rocked by sexual assault allegations from one-time staffer Tara Reade, but the public is beginning to give up on the former vice president. A new Emerson College poll showed 57 percent of likely voters think President Trump will win reelection in November.

    And now George, to rock your world, a little birdie whispered to me that it was the Clinton Organization which (very surreptitiously) dug up Tara Reade. I can’t claim “scoopage,” because this is unsubstantiated rumor, but the source has proven reliable more-often than not…

    • Lol of course Trump is going to get re-elected for that’s the plan, after all would you want to be tagged as the one, the power/party in office when the depression comes rolling in.They still call the depression of 29 Hoovers depression and future history books will label this as Trumps depression,that is if there is a future that is.!!!

    • I looked TR up on the ‘net this morning. If her photos are true, she was quite a looker back then. Her bio also says she graduated from a law school? So the question begs to be asked — why didn’t she do something then instead of all these years later after the fact? I believe it’s a con. Not sure why, though. If it’s a character comparison with Donald Trump, the whole thing is moot.

      I still like the Biden-Obama-Obama theory.

    • One person accuses Biden and Biden is toast. 23 women accused Trump of sexual assault…many of rape and he gets to be President. If you forgive Trump…even if you don’t like Biden…you have to give Biden the same treatment as POTUS.

      • @Marx

        NO….since there is nothing FAIR/EQUAL in life… the liberals like to say and legislate……..let him eat cake….and you say you are a republican….you put romney to shame…wtf

    • Ray, that article cherry picks the data, here is larger sample surveyed:

      Trump ran a sharper game, plus he had the leftover angst of those who were still hoping the manufacturing jobs would come back.

      So Ms. Teade went to law school and now claims she didn’t bother keeping a copy of her formal complaint to the Senate (and the Senate can’t find it either, so it must be real?)

      And she can’t remember using harsh words like harrassment? (Sounds more like she came on to him, she was told to stop dressing so sexy)! Get a lie detector test already for both of them…

      Oh yeah George, please don’t threaten me with omitting my posts, you do that anyway.

      • LOL – actually, I don’t. You may not believe this, but I can’t find one that has been disapproved. Even your race-baiting deal was posted.

        Lookie here: I don’t sit here waiting for a post to come in. I sometimes especially when doing ranch work, won’t check the ‘puter for 3-6 hours. That doesn’t mean I have blocked a post. It’s just (since this site is free) real work gets to the head of the line. Ranch, Peoplenomics and so on.

        But, if you really want to put on the victim crown of thorns, I could delete some…which one’s would you recommend?>

      • Oh, I’m aware. My purpose WRT that article was so I could toss the rumor:

        “It was the Clinton Organization which dug up Tara Reade”

        into the etherspace, because it might be of considerable significance, come Convention time.

        531 (and RCP) are of little interest to me right now, because political polling is never important until the 3rd week in October, and it is of significantly less value now than it was before polls became propaganda tools of the Left. DIDO/GIGO.

        The blogging software George uses has its own dictionary of “disallowed” words. If it “sees” a word that’s disallowed, it will 86 the post, which will never get to George for editorial examination. The dictionary seems to me as if it were assembled by a 13yo PFY who based his decisions on whether words sounded bad to him, rather than their meaning, interpretation, or intent.

        If you were to quit using words a 13yo geek finds objectionable, your posts would, at least, make it to George’s Control Panel. If you choose not to, perhaps you should direct the snide victim-play toward WordPress instead of our host…?

  23. Aabbcc why are you even present on this site? You sound like a fundamentalist Muslim screaming to be heard in a Catholic church (or, vice versa). Do you really think you’re bringing people over to “the truth” with your continuous ad hominem attacks? Seriously, run along…and go troll elsewhere.

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