Relock, Renewables, Recyling, and Retreat

Finance First

I would not be surprised to see the market end the week about where it was after the Fed announcement Wednesday (more save-the-bankers, crap).  Sent out an email to a few colleagues:

“The Wednesday close of my Aggregate Index was 0.317 percent (3-10ths of 1 percent) above a picture perfect Fibonacci retrace of the rally of the larger wave 2.

The all-time high was 29,059.63 on Feb. 19. The Aggregate low was 19,418.67 on March 23. The close Wed.) was  25,457.27. A “perfect Fibonacci Wave 2” would have been 25,376.78.  We don’t know if this small overshoot will be meaningful. The coming several weeks ought to be instructive.

Futures this morning point down 144 on the Dow at the open, but we’ll pass  on saying it’s the top of Wave 2 – except we might refer back to this mention down the road a ways.

Relock Looms

Something worth keeping an eye on:  It seems that although Germany has been “getting back to work” there’s a surge in new cases being reported as a result.

The problem, as we have been saying since freakin’  JANUARY, is that the spread of disease is halted only one way:  Reducing the interaction between people.  And that’s antithetical to the “constant growth American business model.

While it may have sounded alarmist at the time for me to have mad bold (verging on stupid-sounding) forecasts of “supply chain collapse” we are swimming in those waters riight now.  Toilet paper is still hard to find, meat is slowly coming off-line, and there are some goods that Amazon is reporting long “estimated ship times” for.,

Why?  Oh, ‘cuz our view has been correct.

Now, as states like Texas are partially going back to work tomorrow, we think governor Greg Abbott is doing the reasonable thing – a staged return – so that if there’s an impact in cases, we can manage it.  Well, except for the little detail that an outbreak can take a month to evolve and by then, more staging back to work will have happened.

Speaking of Relocks, and swimming, however, California governor Newsom is planning by some reports to be planning to close public beaches and parks.

And that gets us out into the republican loony fringe.  You see, the former California republican party chair is turning a reasonable decision on Newsom’s part into a political f*ckfest.  We think said ex-chair is an idiot. Anyone who’s watched any of the “doctor shows” on the Cyclops box knows the first-order in medicine is Do No Harm.”

You can’t solve a medical problem by turning it into politics.  Somehow, the medicine hass to work.  ‘zis so hard to grasp?  FMTT.

If pilots flew airplanes like people are making off-the-cuff decisions about CV-19, there’d be piles of aluminum falling out of the skies, everywhere.  Fortunately, a few in government are trying to act in a measured way.

Still, Your Lifestyle is Collapsing

Year’s back, I outlined what was coming as the Manufacturer’s Resource Wars – which is what CV-19 is speeding-up.  Since we have almost 13-times more cases than China, whether it’s a biowar (or not), it has the same form factor and tactile’ s plus graphics that would go with such an event.

While horrible though, this Modern Plague is fixing a lot of the talking points of the Left.  For example:  Auto use has collapsed.  With it, pollution levels have collapsed.  More people are working from homeMass consumption is down.   Even vegans gotta be partying with packing plant closures.  Exploitation of “low paid food service workers” is over – since few are going out to eat.

The pandemic is a “made to order” planet saver.  (What will the Left bitch about next?  Want in the office pool on that?)

Thing is, most people won’t see it, what – not being able to brush past the BS of the monetizing sold by crooked politicians…  This is exactly the reason we stepped-down our lifestyle to a double-wide mobile home in the woods 17-years ago.  There are too many people and not enough Planet.  We wanted land.  In the end, if you own land, you own something of your future.

When I began to espouse such nutty views in 2003, it was ridiculed widely:  “Who would trust anyone living in a trailer in the woods?”  Peels of laughter and finger-pointing followed.  But Ure who laughs last, laughs best.  Again.

Renewables: Does Michael Moore “Get It?

Under “Michael Moore Presents” there is a blow-your-socks off documentary you have to make time for today or tomorrow.  Let’s back up:  Tip came in a note from Chris Tyreman up in Canada:

“Go to YouTube and look up the documentary “planet of the humans.” Its only available for 2 more days. The lefties are hoping no one sees this. It destroys the idea of renewable energy being reliable. “

Well, hell yes, it does.  This is something Oilman2 has been blowing the whistle on around here for what…ten or fifteen YEARS?

The whole “environmental and green” movement is scammy.  Because deep down inside, all their bullshit “green answers” depend on one thing: Cheap fossil fuels.  More fossil fuels.  Fossil, fossil, fossil.

It also depends on people remaining stupid and gullible.  Well, this is ‘Merica, so got ’em covered there, right?  Buzz-terms like “biomass” is just corporate speak and Gore gibbber for cutting down trees and burning them.  We’re like a planet of ants eating everything in our way.  There’s no biomass without diesel…no ox carts taking logs to mills to then power servers of the greenies…

So go here and watch the whole video:

Recycling:  Universe Balances

While it’s true that solar panels may never produce enough energy in their product lifetime to justify their cost in terms of energy, a funny thing happened to us the same day this video landed in the inbox.

I spied an online ad frrom an outfit in Arizona that was selling used 265-watt solar panels for $45-bucks apiece.  New panels like this are many times that price.  so I got on the phone after checking out the creds of the folks, and talked them down to $40-bucks a panel.  Adding 10-more to the array here…which takes us up to 30-panels, in all.

Downsides:  These panels are 3-5 years old.  So realistically, they will likely put out about 210-220 watts each.  Some frames may have a bend in the aluminum frames from being previously mounted.  And there was $210 worth of shipping to get a lift gate residential deliver pallet of panels to the ranch.

But here’s the deal:  With shipping that $610 for 2,100 watts of solar delivered.

Last month our energy cost here came in at $175 and our power runs around 12-cents a kilowatt-hour.  What this will do is let us sell-back to the grid for about 5-hours a day for the next 10-years or longer.  So 24-cents an hour, and figuring 5+hours a day, let’s round down to a buck-a-day.

Break-even:  2-years.  But that brings us up to al least 5 KW of solar.  Since we’ve got excess inverter capacity on the sell-side and since we’ve had a co-gen agreement since 2008, I’ll just weld-up another T-post rack and another MPPT inverter and whee!  Spin that meter backwards, bubba.

I’m doing this because EMP and the grid going down is a pretty realistic fear now…and the gracefulness of how the Universe Provides was astounding to experience:  Unmasking of the green con in a documentary the same time as providiing me benefit of nearly free solar panels…and a chance to see how the “balance in Universe” is maintained.

Do we lead a charmed life out here, or what?

Oh…forgot one little secret of solar:  Turns out, revealed one of my sons-in-law who’s a journeyman electrician, that when “solar panel output fades down over time” you can often recover 10-25% of the “lost capacity” by simply rewiring.  Because copper corrodes over time, resistance builds in the connectiions… and…hell yeah, pass me another tube of silicone electrical grease, would you?

Retreat:  Make Your Hobbies Pay

Some discussion this weekend may focus on how to turn hobbies into a grand lifestyle  But, gotta say, that in addition to slowly evolving toward energy self-sufficiency, I’ve been seriously getting into the greenhouse lately.

I don’t have delusions about being able to “eat off the land…at least yet, but think about it.   <More coming this weekend.>

Too many people get sucked in to “having the most, newest, most impressive…yada yada…”

Pass.  We want to own our life, not be in hock to some bankster leech.  Free and clear, live without fear.  Live in the city, life gets shitty,  You can’t eat paper, you can’t eat gold.  But own some land, that never gets old.  Georgie Shave.

More on the ‘morrow & write when you get rich,

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      • There was this one ad at the top of the page which had a close up of a guy picking out gobs of earwax. It was disgusting. I forgot what earwax remover system they were trying to sell. That ad started after I searched “earwax remover”. It seems like they track my searches & place ads accordingly. I dreaded that ad.

      • And THAT is why I don’t use [] for search, and have maximum privacy settings on the browser, and dump cookies every time the browser quits. I never even see the ads here.

    • I never got an ear wax ad, but I’ve been getting many about some device for shaving your testicles!

      Seriously! I never noticed the brand.

      It takes balls to do that.

      • Ahhh Haaa!

        That must be why I keep getting On-line ads with Invitations to date MILF’s with Honky Donk BaDonka Donks.

      • “I’ve been getting many about some device for shaving your testicles!

        Seriously! I never noticed the brand.

        It takes balls to do that.”

        Be careful Mike…. one slip with the razor.. and well… you know.. ouch doesn’t cover it.. and if you do visit those sites.. remember don’t eat cheeto’s and watch … LOL… then you would have wished you hadn’t shaved LOL LOL LOL

    • Since -the web – listens and whatches everywhere you go, the ads are custom to each individual reader. Isn’t AI wonderful.

  1. Frontline service provider up her In Canadia. Shelves are full of stock= no shortage of anything cheap chicken and beef but flour, yeast, sugar, pasta sauce/pasta and taco stuff sell out and are replaced daily. Is there an investment opportunity there?

    • Any idea why won’t Amazon ship from Canada to the U.S.? My wife wants to order a Viveda product only available in Canada but it can’t be shipped to the U.S…

      • Hi Joe, a lot of stuff you can get in Canada is either not licensed for the US or not legal. Cuban cigars, for example; also Kinder chocolate Easter Eggs with a toy inside; Dermakalm creme for ecsema–all can’t be taken into the US.

  2. Our future will be like Star Trek.

    Detroit is moving ahead with the tablets and Internet for all school kids. The mayor down there says all the kids in “rich” districts are already learning form home, during the pandemic.

    W/online learning the smart kids will be emailed and sucked up into Star Fleet Command (the Space Force). The stupid kids will work Earth/planet jobs or sit on UBI.

    Note: I’ve sometimes wondered if online video games is a CIA front. What better way to test IQ and strategy than Call of Duty (pick yers) online?

    • Just a side note here. The military has been testing IQ since WW1. As a result it is illegal to draft of enlist an individual with an IQ of 85 or lower. Such Individuals cannot .cannot be trained to do any task what so ever.

    • “Note: I’ve sometimes wondered if online video games is a CIA front.”

      “America’s Army.”

      From wackypedia:

      “America’s Army is a series of first-person shooter video games developed and published by the U.S. Army, intended to inform, educate, and recruit prospective soldiers. Launched in 2002, the game was branded as a strategic communication device designed to allow Americans to virtually explore the Army at their own pace, and allowed them to determine if becoming a soldier fits their interests and abilities. America’s Army represents the first large-scale use of game technology by the U.S. government as a platform for strategic communication and recruitment, and the first use of game technology in support of U.S. Army recruiting. ”

      My son used to play — couldn’t understand why he didn’t respawn, and why he kept getting the crap kicked out of him, then he found out the online game was a real life sim, not an actual FPS. Then he discovered he was playing against SpcOps and SEALS, biding their time in the sandbox, and learned that in a real firefight, no matter how good one’s relationship with the Almighty, “respawn” isn’t an option.

      If’fn de Army do it, who could think da spooks don’t…

  3. “Cyclops box” ROTFLMFAO!

    Never heard that before.

    You got mail dude. I dont understand why a fella as smart as you, doesnt make his own pannels??? It’s a really simple process. You can get used still intact, double pane windows for hella cheep. In some cases free! It’s just AC/DC. Not rocket science. Haul them off in the Dodge.

    I dont know what to do. Thinking is a good idea. Most dont wanna know. They just think they do. When you know. You cant unknown. You can pretend you dont know. But you know. You know? That is the nose that always knows.

    You know when that 20 years ago question you had, you finally get the answer to happens? It’s like the loss of a romance. A divorce from being married to the question. I mean, it’s like you have been putting little love sticky notes to the question on the bathroom mirror and coffee pot, taking long walks on the beach holding hands with that question, cuddling on the couch and holding hands in the car. Then the answer shows up, and well, it’s like a divorce. The end of the big question romance. Fck!

    Good stuff bruh!

    Off to grab 18 pages. We all get 24 hours a day to spend. That is the REAL currency. That is the real land you own. the real estate in Ure mind. Sure it’s a socialist protocol. Everyone get the same amount. Most just waist it. Invest wisely.

    Its country boy can survive kinda day. Only one comment a day for now. Moving forward, with as much grace as I can muster.

    • Andy: It is time to for you to monetize yourself & be a guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory or other late nite shows. I would suggest a website or Facebook page for listeners to visit, so you to sell them Andy items. Your Hopi visit is late nite gold.

      Have Mark build you a website & book you some gigs. Or hire George as a consultant. Glory is awaiting.

  4. George,

    Congrats on the solar panel buy. Although our per kilowatt price here in west Tennessee is about 7 cents per kilowatt; we are at a disadvantage when it comes to selling excess power back to the utility in my county.

    Since we are serviced by TVA through a local electric cooperative, TVA controls the buy back program. Unless you have kissed the appropriate politician’s arse, you are not getting approved for the program. Even then, the local electric co-op limits how much you can sell back.

    Example: Although I live on my farm, I have a separate meter at my equipment building 1/2 mile down the highway. I thought this would be an ideal location for some solar panels, since the power usage is random and only when I am at the location. Since that location would be a net provider of electrical power, not a user; it was not eligible for the program. Never mind that I would be a net user at my home location.
    Now even at my home location, they would not allow me to provide power to the grid as a net provider. My input would be limited to a certain number of kilowatts per month, and at a compensation rate less than what I pay per kilowatt.

    Nice government agency doesn’t want competition.

    Looked into leasing some marginal cropland that faces south to a firm for a solar farm. Good lease terms, but again TVA killed that idea, because TVA would not allow the lease firm to connect to their lines. So much for the Dems “green new deal”.

    May just be our local cooperative that has its’ head up its’ ass, because a neighboring cooperative has a different program. Not only do they encourage solar, they also have filling stations for CNG autos and provide fiber optic service for their entire service area. Easier to get approved, but purchase rate still set by TVA.

    Biggest problem we have is that our county has been under the control of the Democratic mafia for so long, they will not change even if it means getting left in the dust of neighboring counties as they move forward.

    IMHO elected officials are the most useless form of human life. Occasionally, you will find a truly good person; but there are enough political leaches to overpower them.

    Unfortunately, the democrat former Governor and strongman in our county still has control, even though he has been dead 10 years. Republicans in our state are just as bad. I guess I am just fed up with the so called ruling class.

  5. “I’m doing this because EMP and the grid going down is a pretty realistic fear now…”

    I feel that EMP thing lurking in the hallway as well. It keeps showing up in dreams and meditations, so somebody somewhere in the Hermit Kingdom is evaluating their options.

    The one thing I learned this week as I was installing Siemens FS-140 Whole House Surge Protectors, is that if you have a long run from your service pole to your house, that you need surge protectors installed at both boxes (house and service pole). The distance was over 100 feet, so doubling up on the surge protectors and High Saturation Ferrites now.

    George, if you have any tips on EMP hardening a solar power system, this would be a good week to discuss it. Inverters and Charge Controllers (battery backup) are already behind the usual protection, but “usual” only goes up to lightning strikes.

    • Hi Phil – a number of readers wanted to just “land”
      on the most recent post. I just turned it down to show most recent only.
      Loads faster on testing this way

      • I would prefer to land on the top post each time. WHY? Because then I can see who has replied to the earlier posts as I scroll down. IF I have already read them, I scroll faster. Otherwise, you have it where we start at the bottom, and I automatically go back to the top, which takes time, just so I can catch up on what others have added to the comment section (conversation).

        So, my vote is to START at the FIRST comment each time.

      • Didn’t we already vote on this? Quick Let’s call Jeb Bush in for the recount.
        OK…anyone else want it in cereal order at breakfast (he said in a painfully punny way?

  6. P. S. REMEBER: the meaning of life is 3 things.

    Nuts and Bolts and screws. Righty righty and lefty loosy.

    Clock wise, and counter clock wise.

    You can quote me on that.

      • Lemme see, here: So a black guy can all another black guy the N word.
        But a white guy can’t call another which guy whitey?>
        See the double-standard, here?
        No, afraid you may be a victim of shaming.
        My “bashing of Obama” didn’t even BEGIN to offset the lack of journalism in covering his policy errors..but hey, sure, let’s call it the “race card…”
        And as for monetizing hate…don’t even get me started on that.

        God. Next, you’ll tell me “lefty loosey” is a political slur, too. Is someone wrapped just a wee bit little too righty-tighty?

      • Lefty Loosey whats thats supposed to mean ..All Liberals are C Gobbling , rump Wrangling cowboys?

        Bunch of racist ass Crackas round these parts – Tex, bet you got a gun rack hanging in the back winder, w/shotgun and baseball bat, of the pickem up truck.

        Do U throw Ure empty Bud bottles at less desirable s you see when passing on the roadway? Damm U racist – hahahahhahaaha

      • [A]Ass, IIRC George voted for Mr. Obama.

        His “Obama-bashing” had everything to do with the illegal, immoral, and anti American actions and initiatives Mr. Obama engaged in as Prez, and the level of ignorance and complicity exhibited by the “mainstream media” in (not) covering Mr. Obama’s transgressions, not the level of tannin in his skin.

        Grown-ups realize the amazing clarity and power in Dr. King’s most-famous quote. Children use these words as a weapon, but the meaning of “the Dream” totally escapes them.

        It may be time to try on a pair of training pants…

      • * raises finger,


        I’m dont think Aabbcc knows the 3000 year old Zen Fable about an 800 lb gorilla.


        Aabbcc, an Old Zen Master ponders a question to his student. He says, “tell me young padawa, you know when your done having sex with an 800 lb gorilla?”

        His student thought, what an odd question. He finaly said, I dont know.

        The Zen Master said, when the 800 lb Gorilla is done.

        It’s a metaphor.

        We here know all souls are the same color Aabbcc. You may want to take your Acorns elsewhere before entering in the ring with Curiouse George.

        Sorry for the 4th post Tomorrow is a new day.

      • So you devolve your blog into the high school name calling contest that blogger, G.A. Stewart pointed out.

        Childishly resorting to classifying the messenger (not the message) as the problem is the classic run and hide technique for those that have no rebuttals for facts presented. Obama pulled us out of a Great Recession, Trump is leading us into a Greater Depression. Find out who benefited most from Trump’s stockbuybacks (the 2%) !

        p.s. Andy, please try some right mindfulness and right speech instead of base jokes plus gobbledygook (as noted previously by another blogger):

        Of course this won’t be posted, George prefers name calling and personal attacks…

      • Sorry, ‘George prefers reality.”

        The bottom in the housing collapse came a couple of months after O’ster came to the oval with Ms Pay to Play.

        Those policies were enacted long before O’ster got in. Bush the clown.

        Check your facts and don’t try to stir up shit with people who have you out outgunned in brains and recall.

        We don’t suffer fools and you’re in that line. One more outburst and you will be banned.

        Lookie here: Policies take 60-180 days to evolve, even fast ones. Gas prices 6-years to propagate. You know nothing about economics.

        You are welcome to stay, question and learn. But left-wing race baiting bullshit don’t play here.

        U don’t even know I grew up as an engineer in an R&B jazz station (HS and college)…with some of the greatest black studio musicians and sound engineers in the world…so you have zero standing.


        I was with the Isley Bros (and the Ike & Tina Review) when you weren’t even born, at the old B&T supper club cabaret in Seattle… GTFU
        We don’t do shame. We do brains and data. Thanks for understanding.

        Or not…

      • Ohhhh and yeah we went over the Abc codex cypher back in what??? Jan 2009??? Think it was.

        I didnt forget. I recognized it at first site in yur handle.

        If I haabe time today, I wole have a look see. I’m busy and its nap time.

        Save a post fer tomorrow

  7. ‘It also depends on people remaining stupid and gullible.’

    Well, this sentence pretty much sums up the premise of all the scams of the 21st century (to name a few):

    –911 False Flag
    –False Presidential Impeachment Proceeding (2019)
    –Plandemic of 2020
    –Green energy scam – Approx 2000 – to Ongoing

    Of course, the plandemic of 2020 is by far the largest and most comprehensive of the scams since we see a very real and severe destruction of our economy and standard of living. Here in Florida, our Governor has not figured out that his state survives on sales taxes from the travel/hospitality industry (we don’t have a state income tax), so I am not sure how he expects to fund the states services and infrastructure as we go forward.

    I am pretty sure when this is all over (assuming it actually ends), people are going to say ‘what were these guys thinking?’ It’s like Green Energy. Yes, in some sense, it is well intentioned, but the path to hell is truly paved with what??

    • Politicians and Leftists; that’s what the Path To Hell Is Paved With. Florida better watch out, that State Income Tax “potential” is BAIT for the Globalists who siphon from every state. Especially with states asking for money now, and politicians wanting them to file Bankruptcy!!!

      • @IMHO

        Might be time to repave that path with some’lead’..and well wishes for the traitorous ‘travelers….as we all can see nothing else has/will stop them from their ‘quest’…I am not a slave….and the ONLY politician I have ever liked was..Patrick Henry…

  8. Would you give the name and phone number of the company that sells the used solar panels?

  9. Why do you think some oil companies give tax deductible donations to various green groups who are their opponents?

    Answer, because they know solar panels only work efficiently in outer space. Additionally, the last country to seriously use biomass fuels was the Empire of Japan who mowed down entire forests to get enough “pine root” aka turpentine to fill the tanks of their Kamikaze fighter planes. Green energy solutions like solar wind and biomass pose no serious threat to the oil industry.

    Want another reason why oil companies donate to environmentalists? Many “green” groups are opposed to all forms of nuclear power. Nuclear power is the only non fossil fuel system that creates new energy as you burn it and is capable of powering an industrial civilization.

    But wait, there’s more. Electricity generated using nuclear power coupled with catalysts may be used to make oil products. Oh gosh!

    In other words greens are taking steps to eliminate the only competition that the oil business has.

    • “Why do you think some oil companies give tax deductible donations to various green groups who are their opponents?”

      Because they’re no longer oil companies.

      They are “energy companies.”

      Check out a teevee ad sometime from BP, or Exxon/Mobil, or Shell, or any of the other big multinationals. BP is the largest supplier of solar “energy solutions” in Ure-up.

      Their motivation is “profit,” not “petroleum.” Their corporate brass doesn’t care from where it comes. They ARE actually “green,” because profits from solar (especially) are much greater than from petroleum products. “Green” (meaning “no petroleum energy”) is BS. “NO petroleum power is unworkable and inviable based on current tech, unless we want to build a few thousand more nuclear powerplants. With that said, as long as there are enough low-information proles around to buy-in, the “green industry” will boom, and the useful idiots, like certain Swedish children, will flourish on neopolitical stages.

    • Just an FYI….
      when you drive through oil fields in the woods or especially desrt or arid areas (west TX), you are gonna find solar on most of them – powering telemetry and valve switching. Even more prominent on offshore unmanned platforms.

      Solar has a place, but to really understand the limits, try to run your central air unit with it…

  10. re: Net metering or selling back to the grid. Does the local power utility have restrictions on how much power you can feed back into the grid? If it was such an easy moneymaker, there would be solar farms everywhere. Here in Maryland, you still need an account with the utility and pay the monthly service fee, and have PV installations approved before being turned on. I suspect the odd arrays I see on rooftops are based on output restrictions. The power company doesn’t like competition.

    • Joe, please take an hour and a half of your time and watch “The Planet of The Humans” documentary that George links on today’s blog. It is a real eye opener.

      • Michael Moore may be maturing into one of “us”

        Nope… ‘Still a card-carrying socialist/communist.

        I grabbed the movie (“4K Downloader” will grab utub vids with impunity) and will watch it tonight. With that said, the goal of socialist/communists is central control of everything. I have no doubt that this movie does an excellent job of pointing out problems, but I’m guessing if Moore wrote the storyboard, any solutions proposed will be of the CCP (communist central planning, not Chinese Communist Party), not the free enterprise, variety…

      • …And, I stand corrected.

        Michael Moore is the Executive Producer, and Huron Mountain, his production company, did the legwork, but the film itself is by Jeff Gibbs. This is the kind of documentary Moore himself was capable of, before he got too much stuff in his belly.

        It is a damfine documentary, and one everybody should watch…

  11. George-I just got an email from CityMD (Urgent Care in the NY area) informing of 2 different types of tests. .

    I had been very ill with Flu like symptoms on New Years Eve and had similar Covid symptoms. I never went to test for Flu cause I rode it out and was well after 1 week. I am very tempted to go get tested for the antibodies. HOWEVER, that raised some alarms and What-ifs. Will they tag my DNA in some DB (It is a blood test after-all) ? If I test -ve, will they keep a record of it ? What if THEY start collecting these info from THE DB, and make all negative people isolate ? Or force a vaccine when available ? Or….fill-in-the-blanks ……

    Care to address or share these thoughts ?

      • At 76 but very healthy and full of vitamin C and D and E, I was wondering what would I would find with the results of a Virus test. But, I don’t want to be labeled’ so, I haven’t taken the test. But CEE Pee brings up a HUGE question that is not being deeply considered. When you ONLY test people who are symptomatic and/or die, how can anyone be sure that the numbers of people not counted as sick or safe are all viral free? CP is counted in the big pool of people who are considered eligible for a potentially devastating case of Covid-19 and that is NOT the case. People under the age of 65 who keep busy and take care of themselves are largely not going to the hospital.

        I would bet that a test of 1,000 people who have NOT been found to be sick or dead would show a 25-50 percent having Covid-19 antibodies to the virus in their veins. They have been ill without serious effects. That’s just a SWAG from an old man who is smart enough to be one of your subscribers.

    • My 98 year-old neighbor. She was one of three kids. She was the only kid that was immune AND never had: chicken pox, scarlet fever, mumps, polio, nor measles. Both her siblings had all of them (except for polio) with no bad consequences and no vaccines. She is A/B blood type. That is WHOM they should be studying, people like her. WHAT is it about her DNA/etc., that makes her immune? She has never had the flu either. Think about that.

      Just like my Dad; lived to be 85; 22 years with congestive heart failure, never got a pacemaker, nor a heart transplant (both advised)….outlived the heart transplant recipients AND the pacemaker recipients for his age group. Had life-long immunity to the flu from getting it in his teens.

      Any studies for people like him? Nope; he’s gone now, but you get the point.

      I’m in the – First Do No Harm – group.

    • We don’t want to blast 100KT over East Texas to test, but we’re pretty sure the TVS (transient voltage suppressors) from (not too bad, price-wise) will save the day.

      • @george

        If it gets that emp…solar panels will be your last concern…as the ‘boat’ might have been a better alt..

  12. that solar panel stuff was so George !! yep he da man !!! and yep my Italian mate fibbo is batting 100 !!

  13. Update from Quangdong, honorable son is released from quarantine. I went into Anchorage yesterday for 2 back up T-105 (6volt’s)for our modest system. Honda3000i, Iota 30amp pure zine wave charger and 300W Morningstar HD inverter(used in remote comm. setups ,no noisy fan!) Gotta have a back-up.
    Anyways, visited the wisest of us all(the PhD). She looked tired, her bro looked like he needed to hit the gym. All of us keeping the ” holy triangle”.
    My daughter adheres to the adage, “The more the words, the less the meaning , and how does that profit anyone?. And likes to keep a low profile (she can accomplish more).
    She heads the dental program for the State of the Dept. of Oral Healthcare. Prior visit she stated(@4 wks.ago) “You know the word is social distancing could or should be @13′.” Then she gave me “one of those” don’t go mad-dad looks. And yesterday in her authoritarian voice- ” you know at the first up-tick of cases, we’ll be cracking down harder.”
    We were uncertain of her role in all of this, since I am the proud dad type,( but I don’t like the foot- in -mouth syndrome) my wife phoned her yesterday. Turns out she is the “secret hand” in deciphering the official narrative and has been fielding calls on her personal phone from 7am to 10pm. Deep down I was right- “Father knows best!” Eh, George?
    Hang in there Cee-Pee, be well, and keep your eyes on the prize.

    • Of course they will be cracking down harder, that’s the purpose behind letting us out at 25%, for example, and the PREDICTIONS of Wave 2, and Wave 3, and ad infinitum, if they get their way! I say RESIST! Get thee outside and sun bake! Keep the winders rolled up in the car when not in it and heat the virus to smithereens! Exercise and take the C’s, D’3’s, E’s, Zinc’s, and Selenium’s.

      AND If a small business owner, OPEN THEM DOORS!!!

      And, last, but not least, pray: Psalm 91:10: There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.

  14. Dumb question. How will we get food if we can’t grow or raise it ourselves? I am not delusional either in getting it off my land but still. It makes me wonder how that will work. I’ll continue to grow stuff and learn but I feel like a lot of praying is going to be a key.

    • If/when the supply chain breaks down, we won’t.

      This is one of the underlying purposes of “Broken Web,” and also George’s preaching and “leading by example” WRT both “food independence” and “grid independence.”

      [This is an interrogatory, not a rhetorical question]: If the food trucks stopped tomorrow, how would you eat?

      If you don’t have an answer, you need to find one, and quickly.

      Ukraine is the “breadbasket” of Eurasia, and can probably feed all of Europe and the former Soviet satellite States by itself, yet the Soviets managed to starve millions of Ukrainians to death. Most years, the Dakotas to Kansas and Kansas through Ohio, can grow enough grain and livestock to feed the world. Last year that area couldn’t grow much of anything because of constant flooding, and is currently euthanizing critters and dumping milk (and culling herds & poultry stock) because the farmers can’t market them. By about October, we’re going to see an inability to purchase some foods, at any price.

      My advise is to see this coming and plan for it — and understand, a freezer, pantry, and root cellar are not a solution, only a means of purchasing time. If you can’t produce enough food to sustain your family, cozy up to someone who can, find out what they need, then teach yourself the skills necessary to supply that need…

  15. Here is an interesting thought on the purpose behind the Corona lockdown:

    Kernel: The lockdown is teaching ‘learned helplessness’ to the serfs by repeated applications of stress. So this lockdown will end, but be followed by others until we finally give up and accept that our fate is to serve our masters and exist only at their pleasure.

    I am reminded of a quote from the TV show ‘Firefly’ or movie ‘Serenity’ by actor Nathan Fillion, “I aim to misbehave.”

    Seems we are getting closer to that time when it will necessary to let the chips (or meat sacks) fall where they may.

  16. Funny about this virus when you do a search on the flu and the deaths you come up with the year 2017 as being the worst year, with 80,000 deaths in the U.S.,but so far the same search states that there has been only 60,000+ in this years virus/flu year, or was it the looming financial crack up to bail out (again) the to big to fail and the banking scam,something simply don’t add up.!!!!!!!

    • Dr. Chris Martenson put up a video that had an anecdotal account from an ER doc seriously questioning ALL of the flu numbers that have been published. That doctor said in all his years as an attending physician he didn’t remember anyone really dying from the flu, per se. The account starts at 17:30 –

      Is there anyone out there we can trust any more? …. Besides George.

  17. Yo Hoss,

    lovely pic of the tiny – baby plants growing in greenhouse..where is the 9 leaf, jagged edge leaves plants.. G’joob!
    I keep running into more and more “experienced” older folks everyday..seems the weed baked into cookies and what not seems to really smooth out the daily grind, and add a whole new dimension to the Friday Night Bingo Game.

    Word to the wise – if you play Bingo at a bar on Friday nights – get a partner – to help double check Ure BINGO card..
    At the BTN’s fav Bingo bar – U call Bingo and dont actually have it – U gotz to buy the “bar” a round..its a big crowd on Bingo Friday…”Ohhhhh 69 – dinner 4 two with a hairy view”

    Ure prognostication of Bitcoin going under 4000 this year (1/2/2020) was dam close – close enough for guvment work!
    The low this year was $4970 FRN’s, and today around $8800 FRN’s.
    G – that is an ASTOUNDING 77% in 4 many steak dinners and diamond G-Strings does a Man need?? The Halvening Comes soonly…

    As the old saying goes – U can lead Mule to Water – But U cant Make Him Adopt new Tech.

    No Bitcoin 4 U!

  18. HUA tribesmen sure are a stealthy bunch. A good wingman,swingman helps. You need a competent “castle guard “George to keep your BP from the deep BS.

  19. On Mother Russia tells the world what the pandemic is being used for.

    Russian Former Colonel of Military Intelligence breaks down Globalist plans:

  20. “Auto use has collapsed. With it, pollution levels have collapsed.”

    George, I question this.

    People ASSume pollution levels have dropped, but all the MVs on the planet, combined, are responsible for less than 3% of air pollution. With everybody at home, there’ll be less pollution from businesses and vehicles, but much more from homes and power plants. {Don’t give me the discredited “dolphins in Venice” link. I don’t know how much pollution powerboats drop in the canals (not much if the motors are modern), but a rèmo drops none. The powerboats WILL, however, stir up the couple-thousand-year-old silt and crap deposits on the bottom.}

    This is an “uncommon” common sense argument, and the same one I make with regard to e-vehicles: “Less cars = less car pollution” is intuitively obvious, but does the increase in pollution from energy producers result in a net-gain or net-loss WRT air pollution? Just because the energy is produced somewhere else and results in cleaner air in Bejing or L.A., does that mean the air is actually cleaner?

    Does pollution that’s not seen, actually cease to exist, simply because it is no longer seen…?

  21. A stealth hypersonic cruise missile is the best method for running an EMP Pearl Harbor on the U.S. SPACECOM tracks every satellite and item larger than a quarter and knows which country put it into orbit. If an orbital vehicle detonates an EMP, the owner will be quickly ID’d and the EMP event treated as an act of war with an appropriate levels of response. But low earth orbit (LEO) detonations wreak havoc on any non-nuke hardened satellite passing thru the debris cloud – bad for everybody using space. That leaves the most likely culprits being those with the least to lose in space – e.g. Iran, the Norks, Pakistan and India. China and Russia, both very space intensive, would be committing national suicide with a first strike EMP. Remember, all U.S. nukes and their command and control systems are all nuke hardened. An EMP will not take them down. Payback is a bitch.

    • The real question is what percentage of the US infrastructure utilities like water, sewer, electricity, gas and communications would be salvageable in an EMP environment with little chance of immediate part supply, since critical components now come from foreign sources. Are diesel electric trains EMP hardened? Paybacks are dandy, but that isn’t really going to help us recover. Has Trump’s EMP hardening initiative really gone anywhere?

      • 37 transformers, 100% of our grid. China is now the only source. They can build between 4-5 per year, assuming an EMP or HEMP isn’t loosed upon them.

      • “what percentage of the US infrastructure utilities like water, sewer, electricity, gas and communications would be salvageable”

        None, unless individual localities had mechanical backup still in place. Things would run for a few days or weeks, until the on-site diesel ran dry. Sewage gates could be opened, allowing raw sewage into the local river or canal (kinda moot, since there’d be no source of water.) Places with a local gas well and a natural gas municipal generator could POSSIBLY come online, before the diesel went away, if they had EMA contingency plans which concentrated on doing so (I know of no place which does – they take care of LocalPop first, which is admirable, but just makes it so everyone dies together a few weeks out, rather than making it so most live.)

        COMMS would work until the diesel ran out (dunno about others, Verizon and AT&T have 2-week diesel or diesel NG gensets), then they’d still work out of the local HAM shack (if this ever happens, my COMMS will be “listen only” unless talking with my neighbors…)

        That’s about it.

    • So watch out when they evacuate the ISS. That would be a major “tell” in such an event regardless of the cover story. Can you imagine the World-wide horror of a crew stranded up there? Or do they have “escape pods”?

      • Blue Kachina scenario. The house falling from the sky is a marker for the end times.

    • WH, Them Nav/Com Smart Switchs (T-routers) supplied by Cisco Systems the home the command “write/erase” were made in china for Duke Nukem in the Home of the Brave. *tips hat.

      Even though its closed loop system. See the man pushing the button only tells the other man pushing the button. Kinda like them old sound powered phones.

      There was a Big stink on that ohhhhh back bout 6- 8 years ago. Since been scrubbed from the interwebs. Its is a ponders, if ‘n they got replaced.

      Hell. I seen Super Geek CCIE, cut through 6 million lines of code and button pushing on 75% of ALL the ATM’s in south Amerca eating a Pizza pocket and drinking some Sunkist flavored water. Got all up running in about 12 minutes. $50 million dollar monthly contract and all.

      Good friend of mine. Maybe I should give him a ring. Last time I talked to him he bought one of the old Hulu Smart switches for 1.2 and installed it at the Playboy mansion for 2.1. Million that is. My geeky friend is a real person.

      Them smart switches, bout as big as a 1958 Cadillac with all the chrome ain’t cheep.

      Helluva lot smarter than me. Que the song, “low places” ~Gart Brooks ~

      Party on Garth! Party on Wayne!

      Ain’t sayin more bout it. I taint in the know. I’m somewhere else.

      I just know alot of people. my rolodex is a biggin. I knows that I might not make sense to sum, sometimes. if ya think bout it? Well, I”s to Sea and Hears to Here. Lol

      Good post WH.


    Total cases: 618 (5 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 73
    Honolulu County: 399
    Kaua’i County: 21
    Maui County: 116*
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 9
    Required Hospitalization: 70†
    Hawaii deaths: 16
    Released from Isolation: 526
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, April 30, 2020

    Three new cases on the Big Island, One on Maui, one more resident diagnosed outside of Hawaii.

  23. George, I’m jealous of the solar panel deal. Shipping nightmares to Hawaii preclude such large mainland type deals out here. I’ve been trying to get elastic band for masks, and also a small UV germicidal lamp on eBay, and there are shipping problems galore. First two UV lamps got an immediate ‘shipped’ tag as a USPS tracking number was issued for the label. But after two weeks, the USPS still had ‘no record’ of receiving the package. Opened eBay ‘cases’ and got refunds on both. Third try seems a charm… USPS reports having the package in transit. That seller at least cared enough to message me that it may take a few extra days as warehouse was running a skeleton crew and USPS package volume has exploded. But they did manage to ship within 24 hours.

    Some of these sellers contract with cheap transport services who take the packages into their own transport network to the nearest post office at the delivery end for the last mile delivery. My first elastic order went to the ‘partner’ and disappeared. After three weeks the USPS still did not have the order, so I cancelled and got a refund also. I suspect a lot of the excess transport capacity we used to have has gone the way of the supply chains in general.

    I try to get all my shipped-in stuff via the USPS… it’s the most reliable and cheapest out to here. Unfortunately, pallets of solar panels kinda exceed the delivery sizes.


      is another one.. I know sun electric has shipped to the islands so I would check with them on that… whats a phone call.. if I am not mistaken I think they might have shipments .. just give them a call..

      I do realize getting stuff from another country is tough.. I got two CEB presses built sent one to a missionary group building a school clinic thing.. and one to myself.. getting the one to myself was the challenge my god it was a shipping nightmare..
      I sent some school books to a young lady going to school in the islands and she never got the one set.. it was lost in the postal service.. good luck.. you will love solar..

  24. Lift gate residential delivery? Haven’t you built a 40 inch high platform that a truck can back up to?

  25. Prompted by “n____’s” question:

    I was in Muncie, Indiana, a couple weeks ago.

    Back when we built our own massive power transformers, they were built by General Electric in Schenectady, NY, and by Westinghouse in Muncie (‘been to both towns a number of times.) G-E got out of the biz during a hostile takeover attempt by ABB (1970s?), and sold their patent library to Westinghouse, to keep it out of foreign hands. Some years later, ABB successfully purchased Westinghouse, acquiring both company’s portfolios in the process. ABB moved its transformer manufacturing to China in the late 1990s.

    AFAIK the Westinghouse-Muncie factory lay fallow for years, but was purchased by the Progress Rail division of Cummins, 10-15 years ago. G-E’s transformer skunkworks was built primarily between 1910 and 1925, the Westinghouse factory, in the late ’60s or early ’70s. Progress bought the Westinghouse facility, because it was both big enough, and tall enough for them to crane locomotives around inside (when you’re building thousand ton transformers, a locomobubble is easy), and new enough that building maintenance would not be an issue…

    ‘Point to all this blather is simply when I drove past Progress Rail, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but 23 new locomotives, parked and setting outside — five in Union Pacific colors, the remainder, black.

    I’ve been past that factory a number of times in the past.

    I have NEVER BEFORE seen more than one finished locomotive parked outside the front entrance. Westinghouse had its own siding. PR would typically ship a new engine out as soon as it completed QC and run-in. Why do they have a parking lot full of ’em now…?

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